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76, Report #1398058
Sep 05 2017
05:03 PM
Home Depot failure to accept return, failure to do job in timely fashion Arnold Missouri
Would really like to thank you for wasting both months of my time and now thousands of my dollars. Everything about getting new floors was a disaster now after waiting for well over a month for the product to be picked back up for return im being told its unsellable and I wont get any money back. This was nearly 4000 dollars in my money down the drain. Might not seem like alot to you but im a disabled veteran and I live on a fixed budget. this was nearly a months income that I saved for this. I came to you guys because I had previously had good luck in your stores, but now I will never step foot in a home depot again. I will urge my brother and sister veterans at the local VFW to shop at lowes. I will do everything in my power to make sure people know. Fool me once shame on you, you wont fool me twice because you will never get a dime of my business ever again.   This all started back in march when I got hardwood for my house. then your installers tell me they cant install it with the subfloor I have , then after complaining they say they can, then they cant. finally I give up cancel the order and have carpet installed. However John at the arnold home depot took well over a month to even get the flooring picked up. i moved the flooring from the house to the garage. John calls me after pick up that it is covered in animal urine and chewed up. well one box was opened by the installers I dont know about chewed up maybe banged up from being moved as far as urine it wasnt coveredi n it when we moved it to the garage. It doesnt really matter at this point, it shouldnt take a month to set up a return on a product. maybe if he had done his job the day we had these issues I wouldnt be sending this email right now. But as it stands im contemplating legal action, calling my local news teams and probably going to be out in front of the store with a protest sign tomorrow. I am a disabled vet this is a lot of money to me and I have nothing better to do than sit in the front of the store and tell every single person who will listen just how you ripped me off . I wont give up nor will I back down. The ball was dropped so many times and at so many levels that if anyone had done their job right the first time we wouldnt be having this converstation. 
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #74277
Dec 06 2003
02:00 PM
Home Depot over charge Concord New Hampshire
Bought 10 ft. of 1/2 in. sched. l pipe for $4.96. Ran short on project and went back to buy a 5 ft. section and low and behold it is the same price as 10 ft. piece, which they will cut for free. nothing like double charging!!! I worked for a co. which sold lbr. to HD. They do not buy by NELMA grade, which controls the quality of Eastern White Pine, they use a grade they call APG, which means apppearance grade. As long as it looks good it meets their specs. What does that tell you about other products!!! Special order something and see how long it takes you to pick it up. Try an average of 45 min. even if you follow their instructions to call at least 2 hrs. ahead of time. MY TIME is valuable too. Francis loudon, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Concord, New Hampshire
78, Report #120543
Nov 30 2004
06:44 PM
Home Depot ripoff employee pay and benefits Dalton Georgia
I was employed at the Dalton Home Depot for over 1 1/2 years. I requested that I be moved from full time to part time as of June 28, 2004. Judd Kennedy, Manager had my status changed to part time as of June 14, 2004 (while I was still working full time). Also my insurance was canceled as of June 14, 2004 even though payroll deductions were made through June 20, 2004. He then had my pay decreased retroactively back to June 7, 2004. The front end supervisor, Thomas Armstrong, was supposed to turn in personal time, and never did. When I tried to talk to the Human Resource Manager, Gary Penn, he was never there and would never return my calls. I sent a letter to Tim Milligan at the Southeast Division Office and, guess what, never heard from him either. In all Home Depot screwed me out of approximately $ 350.00. This is a sorry place to work. Beware. Jennifer Tunnel Hill, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dalton, Georgia
79, Report #125513
Jan 03 2005
11:46 AM
The Home Depot ripoff Stealing from their own Customers Phoenix Arizona
It is Home Depot's policy to not reissue the gift cards they give in leiu of refunds. If you've lost one of these cards they can tell you whether or not the card was used, how much money is remaining on it, and they can cancel the card for you. But they will not reissue the card. The customer is simply SOL on any money remaining on the card. Their own customer service department will admit that this is a stupid policy but have been directed to not escalate the card. One customer service representative simply hung up on me. I've worked for retailers and know the handling of these cards is the same as a gift card that is purchased yet gift cards that are purchased can be reissued but not gift cards that are given instead of a cash refund. Dannett Peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
80, Report #72050
Nov 15 2003
08:20 PM
Home Depot ripoff, did not receive change from self service check out Covina California Nationwide
On 10/30/2003 I Purchased some plastic to cover my parents roof because we are in the process of replacing the roof and it started raining so I decided to use the self check-out. Since I thought this would be quicker. Well for starters it wouldn't scan the items. Then I finally got the total which was $25.64. I put two twenties in the machine($40). My change was suppose to be $14.36. Well I got the 36 cents but not the $14.00. I told the lady at the help desk right next to the self check-out and she said that there was nothing that she could do because its my responsibility to retrieve my change from the machine. Which was not possible since it didn't come out in the first place. So I then talked to the manager (Idiot) and he said the same thing. He also told me that he can't just give me $14.00. I tried to get it through his empty skull that the $14.00 never came out to begin with, but he just in so many words called me a liar. So then he says I can give you 10% off your next purchase and I told him well I'm never shopping here again. Then to top it off I get home and call regional office and they tell well we can file a report but as far as getting my money back sorry we can't help that is a manager decision. I tell the lady on the phone the if you had a competent manager I wouldn't be calling you in the first place. Michael covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Covina, California
81, Report #80514
Feb 15 2004
11:55 AM
Home Depot ripoff delivered damaged appliances late blamed us for damage Cadillac Michigan
Purchased a refrigerator, range, and dryer from home depot on 12-27-03. Told at time of purchase that the range was not in stock so it had to be ordered, but not to worry it would be in with in 5 days. I called them after 5 days and was told that the estimated arrival date on the range was 1-6-04. I was also told that they would send a fax to the installer when the range came in and then I would recieve a call from him within 24 hours. I never recieved a call so about 3 or 4 days after the estimated arrival date I called home depot, only to be told that my appliances had been sitting there all week and no one had faxed the installer. The installer didn't call me for about another 4 days. When he did call he was only willing to deliver between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. I work 2nd shift so this time frame was unacceptable. I had to call home depot and complain. The installer called the next day to say that he would be there at 9 am on 1-16-04. the installer took the appliences out of the boxes outside on the sidewalk and hauled them into the house on a dollie. the installer is one man and a cart to move six appliances! After the installer left I noticed a large dent in the side of the range and two large dents in the side of the dryer. It was to late to call and complain because I had to go to work. First thing the next day I called to tell HD about the damage and they were very nice about it. A new range was order and 10% compensation was offered on the dryer which I accepted. A week later I recieved a call from HD asking if I was going to be picking up my new range or would I like to arrange installation. I told her that I already paid for installaion of the damaged range so I expect free installation of the new one. About two minutes after this phone conversation, a manager called back and asked me to tell him exactly how the range became damaged! A few days later the new range was brought in by the same man and it had an even bigger dent in the side. The installer was damaging the appliances with his dollie! I again called HD and now they didn't want to talk to me , everytime I called they would transfer my call about 15 times to people that had no idea what I was talking about. Not wanting to go through another long phone conversation I went to HD to get everything sorted out. While I was their I noticed that they keep records of our phone calls in a computer file. Half of the info in this file was wrong or had been exaggerated. Finally I told them to come get their range and to give me my money back. It took them about two weeks to come get the range. Now I am left with out a range because I have to wait for them to put the money back on my debit card. Lesa cadillac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Cadillac, Michigan
82, Report #1381426
Jun 26 2017
04:17 PM
I purchased exterior home shutters from Home Depot in Daytona Beach.  Home Depot gave my phone number to their installer who came out to install.  I saw that he was having difficulty with the type of drill he was using for screws in concrete block.  He also did not use the screws that came with the product.  After he seemed to complete one window I noticed the screws popping out and realized he caulked all around the shutters as if gluing them because they couldn't stay attached the way he screwed them in.  I told him to leave.  He started throwing obscenities at me which was frightening.  I immediately went to Home Depot with pictures and told they would take care of it.  I've gone  through nearly 16 communications in an attempt to be treated courteously and have this resolved and as of today I have lost all patience,  am disgusted with the runaround, the ineptness I have seen with Home Depot installer and Comsumer Services. 
Entity: Daytona Beach, Florida
83, Report #213553
Sep 30 2006
12:55 PM
Home Depot rebate rip-off Green Bay Wisconsin
On april 29,2006 i purchased kitchen cabinets, granite countertops and appliances from the home depot store on taylor st in green bay. i was going to purchase elsewhere, but they had a $400.00 gift card offer with the purchase of kitchen cabinets, so i went ahead and ordered. i filled out all of the rebate information, and sent them a copy of the special work order, as instructed, with the specific amounts highlighted. then i started the waiting game. after about 9 weeks, i casually mentioned the tardiness of the rebate to Dennis, the designer at home depot that i was dealing with. oh, he said, that can take up to 16 weeks, due to the high volume of requests. ok-i'm by nature a really patient person, so i wait some more. june and july pass-still no word. finally in august i get an email-your request is being processed! YES! Uh, NO-after 9 more weeks ( its now Sept 29th, folks)i get a nice little note in the mail stating that my purchase was not eligible WHA? i specificly purchased those cabinets in that store because they WERE eligible. oh- theres and 800#, i'll call and see whats up- 12 minutes on hold later, i get Jennie on the line. she explains that in order to review my request, i need to fax the whole 14 pages of fun to a number she gave me- but she cautions me-it may take several attempts to send it because its always busy- i ask if its that busy they must have alot of issues with unpaid rebates. this gets no response. i ask if i can't just fax it to her directly or to her attention- no the fax machine is in another state and it will probably take some anonymous person 2 weeks to get it and then process my the review of my request. i'm given another number to call in 2-3 weeks to see if my information has been received. this is the LAST TIME i will ever shop at home depot, we spent nearly 30K at this store on our remodling and the experience over all, was lousy. this is just the icing on the cake. i'm a realtor by profession, and i talk to ALOT of people considering a remodel, usually prior to listing their home. i will tell them to not even CONSIDER working with Home Depot - whom i now call HOME DESPOTS! why doesn't our department of consumer protection do something about rip-off rebates? i can't be the only one! Amanda Green Bay, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Green Bay, Wisconsin
84, Report #175890
Feb 12 2006
06:58 AM
Home Depot Bad Quality, bad customer service! ripoff Port Charlotte Florida
We ordered Windows in Dec paid about 700. got them in Jan. Because most of the measurements were off & the quality so bad it took my husband days to install. After he got them in when we went to pen the window the inside track just broke off so we can't open it & have it stay open. There was also a small hole in one screen. I got in touch w/Home Depot Corp office & was ignored. I called the store & a man named Greg told my husband to come down & see another man to help him & show him what to do. He went down today & the man was not there, told to come back next week. I am so fed up with the product & customer service we received. I am thinking of writing in to the paper esp with Lowes coming in soon! Joy Port Charlotte, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Port Charlotte, Florida
85, Report #192476
May 20 2006
02:36 PM
The Home Depot ripoff - Poor Customer Service Capitol Heights Maryland
My Husband and I purchased a floor model refrigator from this store on April 28,2006 to be develivered on May 1, 2006. When we purchased the item it was in perfert shape. When the item was delivered, it had hugh dents in all three of the doors. I went back to the store within 48 hours of delivery. (it was a store to curb delivery). My husband called the store within 24 hours to report the dents and spoke to one of the assistant manager by the name of Paula. She promised to send some one out to check the refrigator. After waiting another 24hours we went to the store and asked to see Paula, she spoke to one of the sales persons and told them to give us 10% of, she refused to come out and talk with us. The salesperson DJG000 was very helpful, she told us the LGC customer service was very good and would send us replacement doors. I called the LGC appliance number and way treated very well. The LDG Company sent a repair person out to inspect the refrigator (Work Order#019350). The person inspected the doors and found not only were the doors damaged but the cabinet was also damaged. I called The Home Depot Corporate Office to complain about the refrigator. I spoke with with someone in India. H gave me some options 1. For me to take the refrigator back to the store and find me another one at another store. 2. See if the company would replace the doors. 3. It was not The Home Depots responsibility. The idea of getting new doors appeal to me since I had purchased all new appliances from the same store and it was a matching set. The person in India got the assistant store manager on the phone she told me I could have the refrigator picked up which would cost me $75.00 and get my money back. I asked her if Home Depot was willing to pay for the new doors, she said definatelly not, because she had asked her delivery men if they damaged the refrightor and they said no, so the only thing she could offer me was to bring the back and get my money back at this point she hung up the phone. I asked the person in India if it was possible to call other stores in the area to see if they had the same item he said no. I asked if they had a computer that the inventory was store in that he could check and see if there were other sores with the same refrigator, he said no. During my conversation with Paula, I asked her the same question she said no. I paid $75.00 to have a new refrigator delivered from The Home Depot to my home it was damaged in route. Now is it fair for me to pay again to correct their mistakes. The Home Depots has the worse customer service I have ever encountered. Dorothy Upper Marlboro, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Capitol Heights, Maryland
86, Report #195434
Jun 08 2006
11:03 AM
Home Depot ripoff had furnace installed that leaked Carbon Monoxide into Senior's Home Winnipeg Manitoba
Home Depot installed furnace without connecting the exhaust vent. Carbon Monoxide almost killed 2 seniors. When I complained to Home Depot's Head Office (in the US) I was told that It would be better off if you both did die, then we wouldn't be in this predicament. They refused to do anything unless we signed a release agreement and removed the story from Maurice Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
87, Report #310018
Feb 19 2008
04:24 AM
Home Depot got a quote from d****e millwork asst. Santa Maria California
so first of all i was skeptical of going to home depot in the first place so i decided to give it a try. All the other employees were very polite and helpful except for this tall goober douche named kelly from the millworks desk. When i finally received service after hitting the customer service button 3 times he arrived. He was in the middle of an argument with another customer talking very rudely. He literally told this handicap women to handle her own sh**.(now you understand why he is such a douche!) So when he sat down and confirmed he had a rough night i began to give him my order. He said no problem maam let me just take care of this other situation(by this point im extremely frustrated and irritated with the whole experience)and i'll be ready to confirm your order. So you think thats bad i get to home depot to pick up my order and its completely F up(excuse my french). So through all the bogus nonsense he tells me he only missed 6 points on his bar exam and says go to OSh you illegal strawberry picker i dont have time for this I will never ever in my lifetime spend a dollar at this scummy racist dirty home depot again( by the way i wasn't even hispanic in the first place douche bag!) sincerely, (the worst experience to home depot ever!!!) sammylaylow3345 santa maria, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Maria, California
88, Report #176752
Feb 17 2006
12:16 PM
Home Depot ripoff sold a bogus warranty and refuse to honor it Atlanta Georgia
In May of 2004, I purchased a Maytag washing machine from the Home Depot in Greer, SC. I also purchased what was supposed to be a 4 year warranty. The receipt said 3 year warranty and they cashier explained to me that the 1 year factory warranty plus the 3 year Home Depot warranty made it 4 years. It also took her a good 15 minutes to find the proper SKU to enter for the warranty. I paid a total of 607.00 for the washer and warranty. I moved from SC to IN in October, and the washer was still working fine. In the First week of February, 2006, it started spewing water on the floor when it went to spin. I pulled the lower cover to see if it was a leaking drain hose, and the water appeared to be coming from the Tub seals. Hoses were all dry. I contacted Home depot's warranty office. They claimed that they had no record of my warranty. I dug out all my receipts and faxed them over at their request. When I called back to verify they had received the info, I was told that the store I purchased it at would have to fax it, as they could not accept the info from the consumer. I contacted a Lisa James at the Home Depot store in Greer, SC, and she had me fax the paperwork to her. She then faxed it to the warranty people and they told her we would be contacted to set up service within 24 hours. When I did not receive a call back in 24 hours, I contacted the warranty office myself. They told me they had no record of the washer's warranty. After I explained the above, they found a note on the account showing the paperwork was received, but they only handle 2 and 4 year warranties, not 3 year. They stated a company called Assurant sponsored the 3 year warranties and that the 3rd party company would have to enter the warranty info into Home Depot's system before I could get service. They said on the note it was scheduled to be downloaded to their system that within a week. I called the next week and was met with the same BS. I again contacted Lisa James at the SC store and she contacted the warranty company. Lisa also told me that the cashier had entered the wrong SKU, as the 4 year warranty was for 4 years AFTER the expiration of the factory warranty for a total of 5 years. She said the price I paid, 79.99 was indeed the proper price for the 4 year warranty. She stated that she was sending the PROPER SKU number etc back to the warranty people and they told her I should receive service within 24 hours. 24 hours later, I received no calls. I again contacted the warranty people and was told that again she had faxed over the 3 year info, not the 4 and it would be another 24 hours before Assurant entered the info into their system. This morning I called to talk with Lisa and she was out for the day, but the Manager on duty was going to contact her and find out what is going on. I have received no calls back, and have now been without my washer for over 2 weeks and cannot seem to get them to honor the warranty that they took my hard earned cash for! This is flat out FRAUD. At this point I want Home Depot to come get this piece of JUNK out of my house and refund me my full purchase price or I will take them to court for breach of contract and Fraud! David Sellersburg, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
89, Report #219239
Nov 05 2006
08:58 PM
Home Depot-Rebate Fraud Obstacles-Fraud Wichita Kansas and Nationally
We too are having rebate problems. Home Depot claims that they cannot read what we sent them for a $100 gift card. Plus, they did not send a $25 gift card for opening up a credit card account. Beware Home Depot rebates-the biggest scam going around. Deborah Wichita, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
90, Report #241752
Mar 31 2007
07:46 PM
Home Depot a dangerous, dishonest store to shop, ripoff in North Hollywood California
I bought a set of solar powered outdoor lights from this Home Depot. Usually I am reluctant to go to this particular store as I have been robbed there beore, had my car broken into twice and they have dozens of vagrant migrant workers lurking in the parking lot. Against my better judgement I bought the item. I gave my receipt to the door checker who checks to see if you've stolen anything. She did not give my receipt back. When I got home, I opened the box of lights only to discover that these lights had already been sold once before and and already returned. Uncertain if all the parts were in the box, I decided to return the item. I paid $99.99 for this item plus tax. Arriving at the store I was told they would ony give me $79.99 for the item on a gift card, although I had bought the item only 45 minutes before. I explained the reason I didn't have a receipt. This made absolutely no difference to the person at the counter. I asked for the manager and he refused to do anything about it. So now I will file a lawsuit in small claims court for as much as the law will allow. Most companies give you a receipt or the product is free. It is the most common store rule I have ever encountered. Don't expect the same good treatment you get at McDonalds at Home Depot. It is a dangerous place to shop. I have had thousands of dollars of tools stolen from my vehicle at Home Depot on more than one occasion. If you're looking for a good, honest hardware store to shop where you don't have to worry about being ripped off, robbed or assulted by vagrant migrant workers, -stick to (((competitor's name redacted))). Mary North Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: North Hollywood, California
91, Report #244012
Apr 14 2007
12:25 PM
Home Depot not special enough for there sale.... Ripoff Peterborough Ontario Canada
Home Depot....Rip Off I bought a product from home depot 2 weeks later in the flyer the product went on sale I took back my receipts to receive the difference They told me the sale was for special orders only.... I bought the product off the floor and was not entitled to the sale price ( I was not a contractor)....I wrote a letter to the store mananger with copies of my receipts and received no reply....I don't spend enough there to be a concern... Every Customer needs to be entitled to the same discounts Robert peterborough, OntarioCanada
Entity: Peterborough, Ontario
92, Report #299641
Jan 13 2008
12:41 PM
Home Depot The Kitchen Project From Hell Santa Fe New Mexico
The Kitchen From Hell Project. I purchased Kitchen Cabinets, counter tops and the of the installation of the cabinets and counter tops from Home Depot on August 9, 2007. The entire job was paid for in full by us on August 9, 2007 but our Kitchen was delayed for over 5 mos. by Home Depot. As a result we were not able to use the kitchen at all during the entire Holiday Season because we had no cabinets or running water. Home Depot measured the space incorrectly not just once but 3 times causing the cabinets to be re-ordered 4 times. Home Depot also ordered counter tops that did not fit the space and then told us we would have to pay the re-stocking fee on the original material which was ordered by Home Depot. Our cabinets and counter tops were just completed in January 2008. We received an invoice for the cabinets purchased on August 9, 2007 but we have not received an invoice for the the cabinets or counter tops that are actually installed in our kitchen which are different from the original order. We have fewer cabinets and a thinner counter top due to Home Depot's measuring errors. Although we have fewer cabinets and a thinner counter top material, we have not received a reduction in the purchase price. I have made numerous phone calls to the Steve Andognnii the Store Manager as well as the management staff of Home Depot and recerived no response to my requests for corrected documentation or refunds due to the delays caused by Home Depot. Although it may appear that Home Depot is a reputable business, our experience has been the Home Depot does not stand behind their products or services. So buyer beware, a membership with the BBB does not mean that the company will actually deliver the goods or services they are paid for. Betty Las Vegas, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Fe, Nationwide
93, Report #101444
Jul 30 2004
06:12 PM
Home Depot ripoff unethical payment processing policy costs consumers The Lakes Nevada
On May 15th I made a $1,000 payment to my Home Depot credit card (on a $2700.00 balance). On the 25th of May a payment posted to that account from a balance transfer I had made, leaving me a balance of just over $200. On July 6th I received a call from Home Depot Credit Department, telling me I had missed a payment and they were going to charge me a late payment fee. I pulled my records and gave them the information from the 2 recent (May) payments, certain that they would then correct their records. To my astonishment I was told that because I did not note that either of the 2 payments was for June, they were both applied as May payments and I still had a missing June payment. No amount of logic could sway the rep I spoke with. I was incensed that I could pay almost my entire balance and this company regard me as late. I sent a check, on that same day (July 6th) for $300.00, knowing I had charged a few small items since my last statement. Then, on July 12th my assistant sent another $25.00 check for the July 20th payment due; failing to realize that the minimum payment due amount was my entire balance (which included almost another $200 worth of purchases). Two days ago I went to Home Depot to buy a bag of potting soil (for $10.88) and 2 small plants; for a total of less than $25.00. The cashier said she received some sort of message to call in and did so. She told me that she was hearing all my credit info: the fact that I had a $7,000.00 line of credit and that I had a current balance of $85.20. She was certain there was some mix up with my account. When the credit representative asked to speak to me she handed me the phone. Again, I was amazed to hear this person tell me that I had an $85.20 balance and a late payment due - of $85.00. He said they could not authorize my charge. When I explained about the amount of money I had owed - and paid- in the past 2 months, he said it didn't matter. Yesterday I spoke with a very nice woman at the credit department who reviewed my files; spent 20 minutes talking with her supervisor (leaving me on hold); and came back to tell me that what her supervisor explained to her made no sense at all...that they did, in fact, show my total balance as $85.20 and it was, as of yesterday (not the day before when I tried to use my card) past due. I told her what I thought about Home Depot's credit policies and the way they were treating a very good customer (I purchased over $20,000.00 worth of merchandise from them in the past year) and she replied, Now everything YOU'RE saying DOES make sense!. I bought my potting soil at Loew's and was pleased that it was actually $2 less than the Home Depot price; but at that point I would have paid double. At 22% interest I try not to carry balances with this company for long, but when they accept 4 payments from me in 3 months and tell me I'm late and refuse to authorize a purchase, I know I am doing business with the wrong company. I will be paying my balance in full to Home Depot, when I send them my credit cards and cancel my accounts! Pam Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: The Lakes, Nevada
94, Report #255967
Jun 21 2007
11:47 AM
Home Depot Watch installers - No product support from company! Edmond Oklahoma
Is it too much to expect product support when you buy a product from someone? After waiting over a week to have my new dishwasher installed, the installers showed up one hour after their scheduled window of time was over. They completely took out my old dishwasher, loaded it up, and installed the new one. After completely finishing the job, I was told (very politely I must say) that they had broke off one of the support brackets that hold it into the cabinet, but that it shouldn't pose a problem. If it gave me any problems at all, I was supposed to call them within the next few days because he knew they wouldn't let him leave me this one while a new one was being ordered and he hated to leave me without a dishwasher. (Keep in mind that my old dishwasher that still worked fine was sitting right there on the truck and he could have re-installed it!!) So, he wrote a note of what happened on the receipt and had me sign it. One week later the dishwasher begins to come completely out of the cabinet. I looked to find that the only bracket holding it in was now bending because of the amount of weight! I called Home Depot and explained that the bracket wasn't going to be enough support. I wanted them to replace the dishwasher with a new, un-broken one. After speaking to a supervisor who said he'd contact the intaller and then call me back, a girl called back and said that she just wanted to let me know that she was waiting on the intaller and she would call me back later that day. I never received that call. 12:30pm the next day - I call Home Depot again. This time I speak with Rodney, a supervisor. He has this same girl contact the installer again only to tell me that they've ordered the part and will contact me next Wednesday to come fix the dishwasher. I told him that was not acceptable. I didn't buy a broken dishwasher and I wanted a new one. I also didn't feel that I should have to wait another week to have a working dishwasher. He was very rude and said there was nothing he could do. I asked for the Store Manager. He said he wasn't there. I asked for the district manager's number. He told me that they were the district headquarters ???and that there was noone else to call. I said, Do you think I'm stupid? I know there is a corporate number I can call to talk to someone over your head. Finally, he gave me the customer care number. I called customer care and talked to a very nice person but he passed me off to someone in another area over deliveries. That person proceeded to call the same store I had just talked to (Rodney again) who basically said the same thing - that there was nothing they could do. After going back and forth with them he offered me 10% off. This amounts to about $40. I said, No thanks. I want a new dishwasher, not a broken one that has to be repaired. I finally gave up and asked the customer care guy, Scott to be sure to record my comments about the rudeness of Rodney and lack of support I had gotten. He said, Mam, I haven't heard him be rude. I think he's been nice while I've had him on the phone. I said, Of course he has since this is being recorded. Did you get that he told me there was noone above him that I could talk to? Rodney replies, Mam, you were too busy ranting and raving to let me give you that number just like you are doing now. I said, That's fine if this is how you speak to your customers. I have about $5,000-$7,000 worth of appliance replacing to do over the next year and I won't be purchasing them from you. So, not only did they do absolutely nothing to solve the problem, I still have a broken dishwasher that I paid full price for. Don't expect Home Depot to provide you any customer support if something goes wrong on a Home Appliance you purchase there. They won't take them back so they know that you have no options. Beware of accepting anything broken, even if it seems to not be a big deal and even if they put it in writing that it is their fault. The store only blames the installer (who is contracted by them). If I had bought the same dishwasher in the store that had the same item broken and repaired, they would have taken off at least $100. Robyn Edmond, OklahomaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Home Depot
Entity: Edmond, Oklahoma
95, Report #389476
Nov 09 2008
03:20 PM
Home Depot Defective slate tile Small dots started appearing throughout the installed tile. Jacksonville Florida
Slate tile S0401 SKU516-378 Motif S pattern copper:color name Copper Slate Several months after installation, I noticed that small black dots started appearing randomly. Calling the store brought a service man to the house who took pictures, scraped it washed it and said he had no idea and would send the specialist out, which he did. The specialist did exactly the same thing and also said he had no idea but admitted that there was something wrong with the tile. I suggesed he call the manufacturer or some other customers to see if they had the same problem. I got a phone call and the manager, Rick Anderson said he didn't know what the problem was and that they had some cleaner and sealer for sale that I could try to see if that helped. I am 75 years old and I can not get on my hands and knees to try out an expensive product with no guarantee that it would help because I have scrubbed it with only water myself and it didn't help. I asked if he would send someone out to try it for me. His answer, I don't know if I have anyone who can do that. That answer seemed strange to me because Home Depot has sent people to install carpet, install bathroom and kitchen tile, install bath fixtures for me without any problem. That was just a big put-off and I have never heard from them since. I had just spent nearly $7,000 with Home Depot and was treated in such a uncaring manner. They talk like you are an important customer when you spend your money with them but they do not stand behind their products. Myra Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
96, Report #372866
Sep 14 2008
06:42 PM
Home Depot Cracked glass installed in special order door Virginia Beach Virginia
The door and sidelights were installed in March, 2008. I was told the glass would be re-ordered and replaced immediately. I have been to the store 4 or 5 times, only to be told that it would be ordered right then, which didn't happen. Then I was told that the original salesperson wasn't in that day , but she would call me the next morning. That didn't happen. So, I called customer service and was told that they just ordered the glass and it should be in within a week and would be installed within 48 hours. That has been over 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I'm paying for an expensive, damaged door. Anonymous Virginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
97, Report #360113
Aug 06 2008
07:23 PM
Home Depot Partners with companies that use fradulent advertising Anytown, USA Internet
I am highly disappointed with Home Depot and their choice to partner with a company that is fradulent in their advertising and customer promises. National Home Protection (http://www.nationalhomeprotection.com) advertises that with a purchase of their home warranty you are provided with a $50 Home Depot Gift Card. I should have looked at RipoffReport.com before dealing with this company, but I chose to purchase a home warranty with them solely because they were providing Home Depot Gift Cards. To date, despite several attempts since February 2008, I have yet to receive my Home Depot Gift card for $50. I am disgusted that NHP is ruining my thoughts toward Home Depot because they chose to partner with a company as disgusting as NHP is. They refuse to acknowledge that they advertise for the gift card - see their website - and they continute to refuse to provide me with my gift card. This makes me think twice about shopping at a store for a company that would support false advertising and lies like this. I am trying to email Home Depot to let them knowhow their business partner is runing their reputation. The website is having errors and will not accept emails...go figure. Nikki xxxx Genoa City, WisconsinU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Anytown, USA, Internet
98, Report #360299
Aug 07 2008
09:39 AM
Home Depot Special Order Exterior Door - 4 inches too short Roanoke Texas
We have been updating our exterior doors with new energy efficient ones. We were scheduled to have a new exterior door installed this morning. Installers were on time, however the door was 4 inches too short. The installers informed us that when Home Depot placed the order for this custom door to the manufacturer they provided incorrect measurements. They installed the new too short door while we wait 14 business days for the correct door to be manufactured and delivered to Home Depot. They used wood to cover the missing part. Needless to say we cannot use that door until the correct one is installed. I have submitted an online request that they please contact the manufacturer and have the replacement door expedited and also requested they refund part of the door price and/or at least the installation charges as the mistake was their responsibility. As a side note this is the second door we have had replaced by Home Depot and we did not have any problems with the first one. I will keep you posted as to what I happens Laurie Haslet, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Roanoke, Texas
99, Report #466391
Jun 30 2009
11:15 AM
Home Depot jacks up interest rate to 75% Warner Robins Georgia
My husband closed our Home Depot account so we could pay it off. He just received a statement, and they have increased the interest rate to 75%. What a ripoff! Where's my bailout? This was supposed to be a way for us to decrease our debt, not increase our interest rate and therefore increase our debt. What a bunch of cheeseball misanthropes... Jonesy Warner Robins, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
100, Report #470864
Jul 17 2009
03:35 PM
Home Depot Canada kitchen nightmare providers Charlottetown Prince Edward Island
We ordered and paid in full for a complete kitchen including installation in October 2008. Installation started on December 8th, 2008. Here we are now July 17th, 2009 and our kitchen is still not complete. They have gone through ordering 7 sets of cabinet doors and drawers to replace the damaged ones and we still have 1 door that is not to be found. when we have spoken they have promised to repair to our satisfaction but to no avail here I am writing in frustration. We paid in full for our cabinets and the answer that we have just received is that the store has bent over backwards for us I think this statement is quite funny as I feel it has been us that has been bent over and royally screwed!!! I have always believed that when there is a problem with product it would be looked over but all we hear is how we understand but guess what that does not finish my kitchen. I may not have spent $40,000.00 on it but I still paid more than enough for the quality that I have received. The designer was great and the installer was good as well but as far as the rest of the dealings we have had it has been one lie after another. To be told that they have bent over backwards is beyond reprehesible and beyond belief. If you are thinking of doing any work to your home I would think twice about whom you deal with. Florence kensington, Prince Edward IslandCanada
Entity: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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