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76, Report #94162
Jun 08 2004
06:29 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff nasty and unprofessional Dallas Texas
On April 2004 my wife had to go into the hospital for surgery and needless to say it coast about $35,000.00 and in May of 2004 I call Homecomings Financial to let them know what was going on and that the next few payments might be late. The lady that I spoke to was very nasty, rude and unprofessinal that I could not beleave what I was hearing. She told me that if I did not pay the full amount of like $5,000.00 (which included (2) two months payment and late fees) right know that they would forclose on my house and I proceded to tell her that I would pay the previes mounth and the late fee at that time and try to pay that months by the 15 and that I was paying a $35,000 hospitol bill also and that I was the only one working she said so we need the $5,000.00 or we are going to foreclose. My sick wife had to get on the phone because they would not talk to me and pay them for the previse month and the late fees. My mortgage has been sold 4 times in 3 years and this company is the worst one so far. I have not had good luck with GMAC or its ofilliates and I do not like them. I am in the prosses of getting a lawyer to look into this company because I feel that they are a FRUAD. Paul Woodstock, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
77, Report #331043
May 07 2008
05:48 AM
Homecomings Financial Ripped off in Maine Dallas Texas
Wow. Why does it not surprise me that I was able to find as many unfortunate people such as myself. About 3 years ago, my wife and I purchased our first home together. After about 3 months in our new home we received a letter from our current mortgage company telling us that it was being sold to Homecomings Financial Corp. Shortly after that is where the problems began. To make a long story short, this past year my wife and I ran into some financial issues and subsequently got behind on our payments. We were offered a loan re-mod, asking us to pay Oct, Nov and Dec 2007 payments, which we did before they were due and they would lock us in to a fixed rate for 2 years. Our first Payment was sheduled due for January 25th and I placed a call to them after mailing all of the paperwork I signed AND notarized, telling them my payment was not going to be done until February 1, which was my pay week. I was told That was fine, made it via western union and called them to confirm all was ok with that. I was told yes. 2 weeks later I did another western union payment for February and March's payment. All of a sudden, out of the blue I receive a letter threatening of foreclosure if I didnt pay them over $5,000.00 in arrears. The first call I placed to them I sat on hold for over 1 hour and got this gentleman who proceeded to take my financial information over the phone and then had he nerve to tell me I couldnt afford to keep my home and then said he was getting me to the loan modification department. After sitting on hold for another HOUR and 10 minutes I got a woman on the line, and she proceeded to tell me that they never received my paperwork, that the loan mod failed due to payment not being received by the 25th. I had her look at the account and she saw where I was told that Feb 1 was going to be fine. Iwas told at that point that $2400.00 of my money was paid to October November and December, which I already paid!!! She then placed me on hold (for another 30 minutes) and came back and said they were working on this for me and got put on hold YET AGAIN for 20 more minutes before conveniently being disconnected. This was a week ago and I now have yet to be able to rech them. I spend 2 hours a day in the morning before work sitting on hold, waste my lunch breaks, have sent e-mails, and yet to get this situation resolved. Now that I can't reach anyone to get this resolved, they have me by the you know whats and I have nowhere to turn. If there is someone out there who can direct me so I don't lose my home??? Bobbyg Waterville, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
78, Report #339700
Jun 12 2008
01:30 PM
Homecomings Financial Pedator Mortgage Company Dallas Texas
Everyone with a complaint about this Predator Mortgage Company, contact the Ohio Attorney General's office. I have filed a complaint with them and continued to write letter after letter. It finally paid off I was contacted by them today and was informed they have received many complaints against Homecomings and are investigating the manner. The West Virginia Attorney General took action against them and won for the people of his State. The more Attorney General's get involved the quicker they will go out. Julie Norwalk, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
79, Report #409645
Jan 08 2009
12:44 PM
Homecomings Financial Mitigation Department Fraudulent Waterloo Iowa
I've been suffering with Homecomings now for 2 years. This last scenario has been by far the worst. In Oct 08 I lost my job like many people. I knew that we would not be able to make our payments as they shot up recently due a nice 9% interest rate hike. It took me over 30 days to get in touch with someone who would help me FIND the paperwork. I spoke with 6 different people in Customer Service and finally was pointed to the data. I completed all the paperwork and mailed it on 11/18. I called today because I've heard nothing regarding the status. AGAIN it took 6 people, over an hour, each one wanted to know WHY i wanted to talk to Loss Mitigation, I explained each time that i was trying to check the status of my paperwork. They kept telling me that my Jan payment was passed due...no kidding. I was then told by the 6th person that i needed to contact the Mitigation Dept at 800-799-9250. I called this number, spoke with Desire who needed to transfer me to collections. The collections person told me i was late on January's payment. Are these people serious? I again explained that I'm trying to check status. She then very slowly asks Do you need me to send you the paperwork to file for a modifiation I explained again, I have already completed this paperwork and it has been mailed. I ask again, What is the staus? She then tells me she can't help me and that I need to contact Loss Mitigation. I told her that they transferred me to her. She then provided me with same number the previous gentleman had given to me 800-799-9250. I asked her, Is there REALLY a Loss Mitigation Dept? NO one at Homecomings Financial can give me a straight answer or connect me with someone that can help me. I've completed the paperwork and they are completely giving me the run around like some conspiracy!!! I have 2 folders filled with various issues, 30-40 min hold times, activating an Escrow account in error-TWICE, the list goes on and on. This is ridiculous, this company should not be allowed to continue these types of practices. I just want help, this shouldn't be this hard. Jessicap Blackstone, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
80, Report #434397
Mar 15 2009
08:02 AM
Homecomings Financial escrow set up no notification Louisville Kentucky
I have ben with homecomings since 2001, i had no issues until i lost my job due to a back injury in 2003, i am a single mom of 3 boys and was tied up in a worker comp. case but still managed to make my payments though slow..i had set up arrangments in dec of 2003 for my january of 2004 and sent in 1 and 1\2 payments to homecomings with a over the phone verbal agreement with a customer service rep. that my account would be fine until i cold do remaining balance at end of January, My check was returned and my house placed into forclosure ..It cost me over 6,000 dollars to save my home which i did ..thanks to my parents loaning me the money before my settlement money came in...now this year i lost my mom suddenly in september of 2008 , and was only 256.00 behind on my property taxes and had set up a payment plan with my county auditor to get the rest payed ..come January when i went to pay off my back taxes of 256.00 they informed me that homecomings had payed it and the next 6 months as well...! Imangine my surprise ! iIcontacted them and after 1 1\2 hours on phone being transfered to here and there a customr service rep. ed me that i could try for a reversal and needed to send in all proof i had prior arrangments , i also had them with drawl the 788.12 from savings account for the money they payed with out my knowledge... 1 week later i got a denial letter from them stateing that the reversal was denied and that the money i payed went to my escrow account and still my payment will remain now 157.83 more each month , i work 30 hours a week and have 3 boys ages rangeing from 17 to 11 ..i told homecomings that the jump in my payment would be harder then ever in these hard times ..THEY DID NOT CARE ! My home means everything to me and my boys not to mention my family as the home has been in the Mendenhall name since the day i was born in 1961 !!! I do not undertand how a company would rather a homeowner lose there home then try to help them save there home !!! Kimberly warren, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
81, Report #391053
Nov 13 2008
07:01 PM
Homecomings Financial Frauders Dallas Texas
I live in Cedar Hill Texas. We were in our home for nine years and scamed out of home. The law states if you are behind in your mortgage but have enough equity toorbsort the delinquent balance the mortgage company can pull from your equity and save your home. We has never had a equity loan and this information was hide from us until after the fact. The bottom line of our situation is in challenging the courts for two years .we finanial got the home back into our name we have a valid Judgement and a active Writ of Possesssion but the Dallas constables has refuse to execute the Writ. We need help!! Lois Duncanville, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas, Internet
82, Report #384570
Oct 24 2008
04:37 PM
Homecomings Financial Say they foreclosed Margate FL
I refinanced with Homecomings Financial about a year to six months before I was transferred to Cairo, Egypt. When I was notified about my pending assignment, I decided to sell my house which is located in Margate FL. I left Margate and went to Washington DC for training before leaving for Cairo. By actual departure date was July 2005. I arrived in Cairo at the end of Aug 2005 and worked with the realtor to complete the sell of my house long distance. The house was purchased by the new owner in Nov 2005. Recently I went to Fairbanks, AK where I intended to buy a house for retirement. The deal fell through because I found out on my credit report that the house in FL was foreclosed on, but paid off. I cannot understand how this happen especially when I did receive about $20000 from the sell. After reading the reports on Homecomings, I decided to write this. What I want is for Homecomings to clear my credit report so that I can but a house. Because at this time, I cannot. Ed Dulles, VirginiaKazakhstan
Entity: Dallas, Texas
83, Report #431060
Mar 05 2009
10:26 AM
Homecomings Financial Terrible Business Practices! Dallas Texas
You are not alone.. before this all started with the housing market downfall I was a victum of this company and it's practices. We had purchased our home in Aug. with an arm (I know bad idea) after 6 mos. of paying we were to re-finance with a fixed rate. After 3 mos. my husband left me with all the bills. I could barely make the payments on my own and got behind. Like others here I was told by Homecomings that if I agreed to the re-payment plan they would work with me to re-finance so I could afford my home. Wrong! I stuck with the plan, sent the payments via Western Union and absorbed the costs of their lawyers but they did nothing. I got one month behind again and I again tried to work with them but went into forclosure again. In the mean time I had 2 cars repossessed. I then had to pay 12,000 to bring my loan up to date. I filed bankruptsy payed the amount (borrowed) and tried again to keep my house. I called told them about the bankruptsy they said no, don't pay right now wait until the bankruptsy is done and then start paying agin. By this time my loan had gone from 1,100 a month to 1,800 a month. When I called to make my 1st payment again after the bankruptsy period I was informed I was in foreclosure again because I hadn't paid even though I was told by them not to!? I gave up! No one could help me at that time because the mortgage crisis hadn't hit yet. I had to leave my dream home, lost my good credit on various levels and I am renting now. I have all the documents for this issue. I have filed with the BBB but Homecomings just said that they did everything they could and that is pretty much the end of it. From what I can tell they are still doing to others what they did to me. If anyone is starting a suit with these people I would love to join. It would be the only ray of hope I would have had out of all of this mess. To this day (4 yrs later) I still do not have the money to divorce the sob who helped me get into this positon, nor can I buy a home, or a car. Homecomings says they try to work with you but they don't they live up to their word and make promises they have no intention of keeping. They are after your home and any fees they can collect. I have advised all my friends and family of their business practices and now I'm advising you. Do not work with them or let them have your loan! You will pay like the rest of us! Sherry Imperial, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
84, Report #423290
Feb 12 2009
09:38 AM
Homecomings Financial Poor Customer Service Harassment Waterloo Iowa
I refinanced my home two years ago with Homecomings Financial. I did this to help finance my business. Since that time, my business failed and I have struggled financially since. Homecomings Financial uses an automated calling system when your payments are 10 days late. It calls and calls until you respond with a payment or speak to a customer servce representative and give them a date when you will send a payment or give a payment by phone. I have requested to refinance but with house values down, that will not happen. Homecomings makes it very difficult to contact a manager or supervisor to renegotiate a mortgage. I do not have an adjustable rate mortgage but the rates I have on my two mortgages are 7.5% and 9%(2nd). I would hope that I could speak to someone regarding lowering my interest rate and allieving my financial burden. I cannot seem to get through to anyone. Owen Lorain, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
85, Report #208829
Aug 31 2006
10:13 AM
Homecomings Financial Homecomings Financial Rips Off Way too Many! Dallas Texas
My boyfriend has a homecomings loan. It was a 2nd mortgage. He was paying more than the amount due and the principal was never going down. He recieved notices that he owed $0. and kept paying his monthly amounts due to notice the acct was not decreasing. He got a cust. service rep on the phone once he got a note stating he owed $6 or $7 for some random thing. The acct rep told him that he had $$ in escrow and they were going to apply the payment. He was told he did not need to make a payment for the month ahead. that seems to be rectified. However, we recently switched banks. Started making the payments electronically from our account and homecomings has no record of it. Calls stating it will negatively impact his credit have started to come in. Our bank has provided necessary paper work showing they have the $$, We have provided the paper work, etc. We're still waiting to see what happens. He has now set up auto debit to our checking for the monthly withdraw. The acct. rep today said yeah we have all the paperwork but it hasn't gone into the cashier dept for investigation.. I left the guy a message that got your fax and told him to send it to the cashier dept. They have had the fax for 4 days. What is acceptable? We were told to not worry about the credit report that they would take care of all of it if it is their mistake. How can these employees not see or realize what they are doing to cover up bad business practices? S Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
86, Report #343819
Jun 24 2008
04:56 PM
Homecomings Financial, Homecomings Financial predatory lenders with no soul! Waterloo Iowa
Homecomings Financial is about to foreclose on my house too. Starting at the beginning, they pulled the old bait and switch....told me they could lower my payment by at least $300.00 then when the time came to sign the papers they informed me they had to break it up into a first and second mortgage. I should have told them to take a flying leap then, but it was too late as I had purchased a car thinking I would be saving money (this was my own fault). I had no choice at this point but to go ahead with it. They charged me for insurance that I did not need for 6 months until I threatened to report them to the BBB. Also, because I am paid every 2 weeks and not on a certain date I incurred many late fees because my payment was a couple days late and these kept piling up. They were unwilling to work with me around my payment schedule. Then the worst thing happened, my mother who I had been caring for passed away and I had funeral costs that made me late again. I sent them a check for a half payment to be put toward my account. It was put in some holding pattern and never applied to my account. I instead had to make a full payment and a half to get current...plus more late fees. Finally, I was out of work for 1 month with tendonitis in my wrist causeing me to fall behind on everything. I have been trying to catch up but now they are threatening foreclosure because I am not able to keep up with the payments any longer. I have been trying to work out a plan to make up the payments and the best they could give me was 3 double payments to stop foreclosure. I secured this by giving them a check by phone. They took out a full payment which was supposed to come out starting 7/13/08 on 6/16/08. This caused my checking account to be overdrawn and now there is no possible way to make the next payment, when you add in the $300.00 in over-draft fees that I incurred as well. I am at a loss as to how to handle these people but I hope they enjoy their stay in Hell because they have put me, my 5 and 10 year old daughters and my girlfriend there now. If anyone has a suit agains these people I would love to be a part of it. I cannot believe that business practices such as these are allowed to happen. If you deal with these people I feel sorry for you, as they have no pity. Chris o. Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
87, Report #311302
Feb 23 2008
06:43 AM
Homecomings Financial, Homecomings Financial Have Not Treated Us Very Good Dallas Texas
we contacted homecomings about getting our mortgage ARM intrest rates lowered as they are sky rocketing, they took our infomation after putting us on hold many times and we faxed all our personal infomation to them and all we ever got was charged a 100.00 to our bill of which they never mentioned when completing our applcation call. we got no call back from anyone. we were very hurt as i have worked for General Motors a long time and this is a divsion of GMAC. Anytime that we were ever late on a payment we always payed our extra fees. their rates to us are still going up & we would not advise doing business with them because of our experiences. we also told them about all the bad we have read about them on the internet and they said we don't care about that. We were shocked. I guess its Buyer beware. Den portage, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
88, Report #200797
Jul 12 2006
09:32 PM
Homecoming Financial is A coldhearted company. I want to do a law suit on them if anyone have any information let me know! I was happy to buy a home now they go up on my interest every six month I'm barely making it. Depressed everyday. It's unreal. I need help bad! PLEASE HELP ME NICOLETTE Crossett, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: CROSSETT, Arkansas
89, Report #180322
Mar 09 2006
07:22 PM
Homecomings Financial ripoff Dallas Texas
homecomings served us with forclosure notice in 9-05 said we had not made payments in three months.we proved to them we had and they sent us a letter that they had been applying payments to another loan and they did not know how this could happened but we should disregard the forclosure they had corrected there fault.they sold our house to themselfs on 11-05.to our surprize we recieved an illegal detainer summons on 12-05.we retained a lawyer and threatened a suit and disclosed the letter they had sent us they responded by saying that in 18 months we had entered into 5 repayment agreements and did not follow them and that the letter was a forgery.we never entered into a repayment agreement with them. we are forced to file suit against them to try and prove that they were at fault and hopefully we can save are home. Phil port hadlock, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
90, Report #216502
Oct 18 2006
04:51 PM
Homecomings Financial fire destroyed house and homecomings does not care.forclosed Dallas Texas
here we go once again homecomings financial has really done it now. not responding to my needs and putting force placed insurance on me . get this i apeak with a steve lawson a rep for homecomings and though they were going to finally work with me through my hardship which was by the way in may 2005 i lost my house to a fire and i lost everything. well after all that my insurance company cancells my personal property claim and just rebuilds my house. now i had to hire an attorney that was not cheep get an apartmemt pay for it as well as my mortgage and when i contact homecomings financial all they want is there money. icome up with the money at that time so they would not forclose .this happed in nov of last year now one year later back in the same situation and as i said at the beggining i spoke with mr steve lawson and i though he was working with me ,but a couple of weeks later i get a letter in the mail saying nothing what we discussed and now here i am again stuck like chuck. homecomings is a rippoff from h--- do not trust them. Eric SHELBY, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #132049
Feb 19 2005
09:49 PM
Homecomings Financial Ripoff Homecomings foreclosures seem to be epidemic in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas
Where do I sign up for the class action suit?!? For the second time in less than a year we are fighting a foreclosure action by Homecomings Financial. The first time was the result of a single late payment (bounced a check, my bad) followed by a bill for $6,000 for unspecified late fees, legal fees, etc., and when I called to try to work things out (and find out what the $6,000 was for), nothing but full payment would satisfy!! This resulted in our filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to prevent the foreclosure. We have not missed any payments since, and yet this company has filed again, requesting a removal of the bankruptcy protection so that they can proceed with the foreclosure, stating that we are 90 days in arrears on our housepayments and delinquent in our taxes! The most recent statement from them states that we are $12,000 behind in our payments. Our lawyer has forwarded copies of all of our payments since the loan inception and still they proceed, even with no grounds or proof of any of their claims! We have only owned our house for 22 months, and we did not start out with Homecomings -- we were unfortunate enough to have had our loan sold to them by the original mortgage company and our life has been a nightmare since! I have been online all afternoon researching this situation, and I have seen an alarming number of similar stories to mine all across the country, but especially in the DFW area. So sign me up, or tell me where to go -- I will be a willing participant even if not a dime comes our way, simply to be rid of these leaches and for the privilege of seeing them punished! Karen Arlington, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
92, Report #271337
Aug 30 2007
10:29 AM
Homecomings Financial Adding to Rip Off Info on Homecomings Dallas Texas
We have our home loan with Homecomings and when we tried to pay it off, we were told we would have to pay fes in excess of $40,000 dollars. This is after they initally told us we would only have to pay $12,000. Sam waukesha, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
93, Report #319853
Mar 21 2008
03:30 AM
Homecomings Financial Homecomings won't provide accounting or explanation where additional payments are being applied Dallas Texas
My problems with Homecomings has been ongoing since 1/07 when I fell one payment behind and attempted to make arrangements with them to catch up on the payment. I spoke with numerous reps and faxed over my financial information several times. They all said they never received the information. When I did get a hold of someone I believed would help me, I faxed over the info again and was told someone would contact me within 24-48 hours. Since no one contacted me, I contacted them again but got the same answer - they never received the fax and they could not discuss the account until they received it. I continued to make my payments each month and sent in extra when I could in an attempt to catch up. In 05/07 I received a letter stating I was in default and owed 2 payments. I contacted Homecomings and was told they could not talk to me until my payments were current. On 8/2/07 I attempted to make my payment by phone and the rep refused to accept the payment. She said I had to pay $7500 + or they wouldn't accept anything from me. I told her I wasn't prepared to make that payment and she hung up on me. On 8/6/07 I contacted them again and the rep agreed to accept $2600 by 8/24/07. On 8/24/07 I tried to make the payment online but the account was locked. I called them and was informed they could not accept my payment and was transferred to a different department. Someone picked up the phone and blurted We're closed and hung up. I called back and was told there was nothing they could do and I had to speak with loss mitigation. I called loss mitigation and no one answered the phone. I called customer service again and was transferred to loss mitigation again, someone picked up the phone then hung it up. I made several calls to them from 8/24/07 thru 8/28/07 to make the payment and find out why it was being refused but no one could help me and no one would accept the payment. On 8/29/07 I finally got a hold of someone that I thought was going to help me. She said I had to fill out a financial statement and fax it back to her, which I did. After discussing the matter she informed me that I would have to pay $2700 that day via Western Union and $2465 + each month (in excess of $600/mo over my normal payment). I sent the payment via Western Union as instructed and they acknowledged receipt. I believed the matter was now going to be resolved. On 9/8/07 I got a call from a real estate agent asking if I wanted to sell my house before the foreclosure went through and was informed Homecomings filed a NOD on 9/5/07. I called Homecomings and they said they did file the NOD but it was on hold so long as the payments were made. I sent numerous letters confirming phone conversations and requesting an accounting. I finally received an account history print-out and after reviewing it (totally confusing), I wrote to them requesting explanations of charges on the accounting, especially unapplied funds and why only the regular payment was being credited and not the $600+ being sent each month, along with disputes regarding late charges and other charges when the payment was made and posted on time. They have yet to fully respond to my letters from 10/2/07 and thereafter or provide any explanations of the charges. I also noticed they did not credit my 05/07 payment and I sent them a letter with copies of all the payments I made. To make a long story shorter, I made all payments as agreed and my payments were current. . . that is, until they returned my 02/08 payment and a letter stating the repayment plan was canceled as the payment received does not represent the correct amount as specified in the repayment agreement. Today I received a letter from them informing me they can no longer accept monthly payments and the entire balance of the loan is due and the full payoff will need to be remitted. I contacted them and they said disregard the letter, it was computer generated and my account is current. I would just need to make my February payment (which is now late) along with $1074 in late charges along with the March payment and the April payment is due by 4/10/08 and everything will be fine. My payments were due on the 29th of each month and they said since they canceled the repayment plan the payment is due on the 1st of each month so now my March payment is late. I have received contradictory information from them throughout and am at my wits ends trying to deal with them. They made it impossible for me to refi, my credit score has dropped substantially because of this mess and they continue to charge me late fees even though my payments have been made on time and other charges (without explanation) each month in excess of $700. The real kicker is they sent me a letter in 11/07 informing me my payment would increase $100 per month because of a negative escrow balance. My statements say I owe one amount ($290 more) and the online account on the website says I owe a different amount ($392 more). In 01/08 they increased the interest from 6.1% to 7.6% but won't clarify what payment amount I am supposed to make - the one stated in the letter, the one on the statement or the one on the website. I was told if I made the 02/07 payment via Western Union or mail it would be the lowest amount but if I paid it on the website it would be the highest amount. Also, according to the website, there are no late charges being assessed but on the statements they are charging over $800 for late charges even though I've made my payments on time each month. I sent ccs of all letters as well as letters directly addressed to Cyncoya Dillingham, Voice of the Customer, Homecomings Financial (BBB said to contact her to resolve disputes) but have not received one written response from her since I started writing letters in August 07. HELP!!! Anyone that knows of a class action suit I can get in on or has suggestions on a way to resolve this nightmare, I'd really appreciate the info. Even though I was current before they returned the payment, I don't feel like they're ever going to quit manipulating the payments and threating me with foreclosure as long as my mortgage is with them. Kris Fontana, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Homecomings Financial
Entity: Dallas, Texas
94, Report #314254
Mar 03 2008
12:53 PM
Homecomings Financial Include me in Class Action Lawsuit - Homecomings Took My Home!!!! Dallas Texas
Homecomings Financial placed a Forced Placed Insurance Policy on my property when I already HAD Homeowner's Insurance. As a result of this outrageous charge ($897.11 PER MONTH!!!), my monthly mortgage payment came up short each month. In September 2007, Homecomings placed my house in their foreclosure department. I've been dealing with them since then and have had NO success. I was able to get the foreclosure stopped once by making payments but when I've tried to get a detail of my payment history, it took months. When I submitted my reinstatement application, they declined it because they were still charging me $897.11 per month when they agreed that their Insurance policy was a mistake and was to be refunded! The straw that broke the camel's back was I was told by one of Homecoming's loss/mitigation reps that the foreclosure had been stopped because I had a credit of $1,613 on my account and an additional $1,500 that they could not find but said was refunded to me but it was not. I told the rep I would wire in additional money but when I called him (at least 10 times) to get the wiring instructions, he never called me back. I then received a notice stating that Homecomings had sold my house and I'm now in the process of being evicted. If someone could contact me immediately, I would greatly appreciate it. I've been told there is an eviction hearing on March 28th where I would like to appear to and appeal my case. Gabriel Bristow, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
95, Report #334578
May 24 2008
06:23 AM
Homecomings Financial: A GMAC Company Homecomings sold my home and didn't notify me! HELP! Dallas Texas
Homecomings sent me a letter on 4/30/08 asking that I send them documentation so that I can work with them on my mortgage. I did this and called 8 business days later to see what had happened. They sold my home! I did receive a foreclosure notice telling me it was going to foreclosure, but not that they had actually foreclosed or sold my home. I was going to pay all that I was behind and next months payment and set up autopay for every month here on out and they told me they sold my house two days ago. Arent they supposed to let me know? It seems to me like I was intentionally mislead. Instead of getting together my paperwork for a workout with them, I would have petetioned to put of the sale date, but I didn't know about it! I knew I was getting the money to take care of this. Don't they have to tell me! Christinam Davison, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
96, Report #348487
Jul 07 2008
06:38 PM
Homecomings Financial MY HOUSE IS WORTHLESS - according to Homecomings PO Box 205 Waterloo, Iowa 50704 - Homecomings.com nationwide
I'm alittle bit different - my accounts are all current and my equity line balance is not even close to the amount of the line - however on 7/1/08 Homecomings decided that my homes value has decreased and therefore they are closing my line of credit. I just applied for this line on 10/17/07 - I paid over $2800 in closing costs - and today (7/1/08) not even 1 year later they are closing my line - no advanced warning - no nothing - just it is necessary to suspend your line of credit - if you want to disbute this PAY for another appriasal (from their 2 companies) and we will let you know - the bad part of this - my 1st mortgage is with GMAC ( Homecomings PARENT COMPANY) - it is also current - will they be calling it due now too! The government says that it is trying to help the people - but the only ones being helped is the BANKS! How can they do this to us - are you telling me that in 20 years my house will still be WORTHLESS? Are you telling me that the economy is never going up and that my house will never be worth anything? I pulled my house up on one of those websites - what is my house worth - adding the total of the 1st and the total of my equity line my house still is worth more NOW - so who decided that my house is not worth my line? Their new AVM - thats an automated valuation method - decided - NO ONE looked at my account - no one looked at my checks - no one looked at my payments - just a COMPUTER decided to close my account. I went looking for a site to vent on - I hope I hear from someone as what to do if anything about this - I have emailed Homecomings as well as GMAC. Please someone help me! This is so unfair - Barb Groveland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #297971
Jan 07 2008
11:51 PM
Homecomings Financial Homecomings Stole my house, Bankruptcy 13 and 7 Cincinnati Ohio
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
98, Report #267918
Aug 16 2007
07:48 AM
We refinanced our home with Homecomings Financial 8/05. We thought that they were going to be a great reliable company, since we heard good things about GMAC financial. That is when our nightmare began. Our very first payment which we made on time, was misapplied to someone elses account, and reported 30 days late to our credit bureau. Several months later after having to take a leave from work to take care of my Father, who had parotid gland cancer, and my father-in-law who has Lou Gherig's disease, we fell on hard financial times, and set up a repayment plan with Homecomings. That was 10/06, we set up the repayment plan on auto-draft to come out on the 30th of every month, which it did until May of 2007, when a customer service person there informed me that due to their new computer system and new account numbers at Homecomings somehow CANCELLED EVERYONE'S REPAYMENT PLANS! How could this happen to the people who are trying to make things right with them, and needed that security the most. The worst part for us is that on May 30th the payment was deducted from our bank account, but never posted to our Homecomings account. I have since then, called them 3 times a week since June 1st, faxed our bank documentation, showing that in fact they did receive our funds, and THEY STILL HAVE NOT CREDITED our account, and have been reporting us late. We are in the process of deciding whether or not to file for bankruptcy--this has greatly affected our home life, our work life, and basically everything we ever believed about the great American dream of home ownership. My husband has since developed high blood pressure, and the constant nagging to them on my behalf to credit the payment to our account, has caused tremendous stress, and taken time away from my 3 year old son, who doesn't understand, that instead of reading a book to him, I have to spend 3 hours a week on the phone with Homecomings to try to resolve this issue. This has been going on for 3 MONTHS! This is also not the first time they have misapplied a payment -- it is the THIRD! I am at my wits end on what to do, and we are seriously considering hiring an attorney to take care of this matter. Brooke Midland, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
99, Report #339489
Jun 11 2008
11:13 PM
Homecomings had us 3 days from being vacated out of our home and they gave no notice of default, foreclosure, and never sent statements. We would have been without a home. We paid our mortgage in full in CASH and now they won't release our deed even though they agree to do so in writing. the home is ours paid in full and they are still playing games!! We were charged with erroneous fees (drive by inspections in excess of 6 per month) we were not notified of an increase in our rate but they sure took our money! If anyone knows what can be done to obtain my deed which is rightfully mine now that I have paid them off, please respond. The people at Homecomings, and GMAC do not give a hoot about taking people's homes from them illegally. I am not quite sure how these people sleep at night. D in ca San Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Waterloo, Iowa
100, Report #418546
Jan 31 2009
12:28 PM
Homecomings Financial Homecomings has PUMP FAKED ME AGIAN!!! Sunrise Florida
After dealing with these crooks for months, making phone calls,going to HOPENOW and finally using a Loan modification Company. I have realized that this company is simply in the business of keeping people in trouble with their loans. After reading scores of complaints on RipoffReport.com, how can it be that no orginizations news or whatever, has made an effort to expose Homecomings of these fradulent and misleading practices? I for one, after fighting, negotating, paying lawyers and a loan modification company, have become numb to their threats of forclosure. Its my experience that no matter what deal you strike with them, they find a way to alter it (i.e. taxes, extra fees, forced place insurances etc.) for some reason they always make honoring terms of the deal impossible for the homeowner. Yet the continue to operate nation wide without scruntiny. Customer service reps are rude and condsending, arrogant and I believe are trained to belive that YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! After a year of trying to get my loan modified, I was offered a settlement. Mind you it was through this loan modification company. I would not recommend a loan modification company without doing an extensive background check. Most of them were mortgage brokers who pushed the same loans the are now charging stressed people to modify. I was charge $1400.00 up front by them after extensive coaxing. I was told by them that the reason I could'nt do this myself was that the mortgage co. saw me as the problem. They also claimed that they knew how to get to the right people to get the modification through. So I took the bait. The modification took about 5 months. It was suposed to lower my intrest rate from an 8.9% adj rate mtg., to a lower 30 year fixed rate mtg. When I recieved it the intrest rate was lowered to 5.75%, however it was still an adjustabe rate mtg. When I called the loan modification company, They told me to look at the bright side. The loan was now current all arreages were tacked on to the back of the loan an you lived in the house a year for free. So not looking a gift horse in the mouth I signed the agreement. Even though it was an adjustable loan it was fixed for the first 5 years and taxes an insrance were to be escrowed. Well, after taking the deal my first payment was Jan.1, 2009. It was 2351.61 and was to include taxes and insurance. I made the payment thinking what a relief its over and everthing was back to normal. 29 days later I recieved an an escrow analysis statement saying I was in arrears. They added forced placed insurance and this increased my monthly payment to 2851.61 for the month of Feb. 2009. This means that the entire problem has started from the begining and I've lost a year for nothing. So I've given up, thrown the towel in,waved the white flag. I refuse to fight with them any longer, there seems to be no getting around Homecomings and their practices. Done with this Harold Sunrise, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunrise, Florida

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