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76, Report #1206823
Feb 04 2015
08:31 PM
77, Report #1142957
Apr 30 2014
11:26 AM
Instant Checkmate Deseptive advertising lack of information Internet
 Instant Checkmate claims there are no hidden fees. I chose the one month option to get unlimited background checks and reports. When my report finally processed, it contained information I can get for free on The personal information I was looking for was not available but available if I upgraded to premium for an additional $19.95. The whole point of paying my initial $20 was to recieve information not readily available. I called to complain and was told sometimes piblic records are not available to us. It all depends on the record. Waste of my money, not to mention I thought it was only a one time fee and found out it is a reoccuring monthly fee.
Entity: Internet
78, Report #1150211
May 28 2014
09:35 AM
Instant Checkmate Complete waste of money and subscription scam Florida
needed background check on someone, got suckered into doing three separate reports only to find that none of them had any current information.  after paying it tells you that you have to do a check with any aliases separately, what a joke!  zero information that was of any use. fine print says they can charge your card indefinitely until you call them to cancel so guess who just got nailed for $80 in worthless information after realizing i was signed up for a subscription?  Beware, stay away from this company and find a legitamite background check service.
Entity: Florida
79, Report #1150993
May 30 2014
08:37 PM
instant checkmate TOOK MY MONEY FOR NOTHING Internet
The person I was checking was married 8 times. The report showed once. There was no info in report that could not be found on google. A waste of money
Entity: Internet
80, Report #1151124
May 31 2014
01:31 PM
Instant Checkmate A Big Rip Off Internet
This service is bogas.  They promise you all the background information on the individuals you search for, but after you join their service, you can only receive the basic information that anyone can find online themselves, and they ask for additional fees to access the background information that you paid for the first time.  When I called in and complained that the information given was basic name and address information you can get online for free, they only said that they were sorry.  They are SORRY, really sorry for ripping off people.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #1148392
May 20 2014
06:41 PM
Instant CheckMate More than $40 for nothing! Unknown Missouri
$22.86 for what the deceptive advertising leads you to believe is a full background report. They entice you and drag you along to finally say you need to pay an additional $20 for the real background information such as arrest records. I called and complained and ended up getting charged about $11. I cancelled my membership immediately - not worth it - don't go there! Even the additional $20 got me no information!
Entity: Select State/Province
82, Report #1149437
May 24 2014
04:58 PM
Instant-Checkmate A COMPLETE FRAUD, RIP OFF, SCAM! Internet
All I got for my paid report was a name, address, date of birth, date of death.  Obviously common infromation anyone can get.  In order to receive the information they advertised over and over that you would get after paying, I was expected to pay even more!  A complete fraud and rip off.  I am trying to get a refund but from all the numerous complaints against this company I have read, we are all stuck with not getting our money back!
Entity: Internet
83, Report #1162926
Jul 17 2014
02:38 PM
instant checkmate Total waste of money atlanta Georgia
First, they have ridiculously long wait times, that are artificially put into the web site.  Second, the information they give you is total crap. I ran someone who I know has a criminal record, I even know where and the date, I just wanted to see if he had any other ones.  The one I knew about didn't even show up. Third, it was such an obvious scam site, that my first thought was, that even though I had signed up for a one month only deal, i thought it might be the kind of scam that would come back and charge my card again.  So I called and asked, and sure enough, they said they planned on charging me every month. I told them in no uncertain terms that nothing on their web site informed me of continuing charges and that I wanted my subscription canceld (15 mintues after registering with them and seeing their product was crap and fraud). They said they had canceled my account, but I will be shocked if I am not charged again next month and have to call thema gain.
Entity: Select State/Province
84, Report #1167694
Aug 05 2014
11:20 PM
Instant Checkmate Misrepresentation Las Vegas, Nevada Internet
Instant Checkmate charged me over $22 and sent me an email confirming that my, membership with Instant Checkmate provides you with automatic access to run unlimited background checks on anyone you choose........from a number of data bases at both the local and federal level. I purchased this program to run a backgrond check on myself to determine if it would be worth my time to interview for a different job. Since it was unlimited I decided to run checks on my ex and his brother because of a court ruling that they stay sober around my daughter. I also wanted to check on my son to make sure he does not have a warrant for his arrest for missing his last 2 appointments with his probation officer. This program woukld not allow me to search anywhere other than KY and what I really needed were the records from Indiana.I called the company and spoke i called the company and spoke with Alex about my concerns and told him I would like to speak o his supervisor. he told me she was busy but would reimburse me  percent. I told him that wasnt good enough, I would hold for her. he came back a few mins later and said she said she would give me a full refund. She never did come tro the phone.    
Entity: Internet
85, Report #1168658
Aug 09 2014
12:55 PM
Instant Checkmate False claims for charges Las Vegas Nevada Nationwide
Instant Checkmate acvertises a 5-day trial period for $1.00 and claims by telephone (person's name: Leah) that the trial perod gives you all the information you would get if you had a 1-month subscription.  Then, I found out that the $1 only gave me the person's birthday, address and current phone number.  Both the address and the phone number are false. In order to get further information, the site tells you (in very pale printing) the you will be charged anadditinal $19.99 to ge the information your were promised for the 5-Day, $1 trial peiod.  They had alread charged an additional $1.99.  Bait and switch at its height !  A totally fraudulent operation.       
Entity: Internet
86, Report #1145200
May 08 2014
07:18 PM
DO NOT waste your tiome or money  info is incomplete, out of date and inaccurate no marriage or div info for myself or my wife (this is our 2nd marriage)  no criminal records for 2 people who have long records and are currently in jail  had people related to my wife that we never heard of.  the list of issues goes on and on.  all they want is yourr $$ and they keep tryign to upsell you. 
Entity: Internet
87, Report #1172283
Aug 25 2014
07:18 PM
Instant Checkmate Fraud, deceptive, scam Las Veges Nevada
Recently, I read an article describing how Instant Checkmate was able to provide accurate and descriptive background checks.  The article went on to reveal background information that extended beyond the statue of limitations. So, I look at the site. After reading about the services available and provided by Instant Checkmate I thought I would subcribe. Since, Instant Checkmate does not offer a free trial offer, but had been given a rave review by a (what I thought was and independent) reporter I thought I would pay the subscription fee.  After following all the steps to become a bonifide subscriber, I started with looking into my own background.  And to my surprise the information is incorrect and inaccurate. So, I ran a background check on those closest to me.  Those that I could almost with certainty verify their background (son and daughter) and found the same kind of errors in their background.  Errors such as date of birth, relatives, date(s) of marriage, date(s) of divorce, and other information that is a matter of public record and easy to verify through state and county records. And what's even worse is there is not visible way correct the errors. Instant Checkmate / is a scam, a ripoff, a fraud, a stick-up artist!!!
Entity: Select State/Province
88, Report #1166979
Aug 02 2014
08:13 PM
Instant Checkmate Cancelled report, tons of spam now... Internet
I created a report and when they asked for money, I cancelled - after I submitted my email address.  I now get so much spam in my email...  Coincidence perhaps?  To confirm, I created a brand-new email account and started another report - which was also flooded with spam after I cancelled my report. So I would think twice upon entering your email address on this site.
Entity: Internet
89, Report #1163322
Jul 19 2014
07:20 AM
instant Checkmate useless completely outdated info Internet
This site is complete Rip Off Totally Useles and Outdated Info Don;t waste your money! I paid for the $1 trial memebership which immediately was charged the reg fee of close to 24.00.  Once they have your credit card number they will charge you 19.99 for each individual you search---that is for additional info other that address and DOB.  They call this a Premium Search    Information in the premium search is totally outdated.  Marriage licenses, divorce records, misdeameanor and felony charges I knew of a person were not in there. Some info over 5 yrs old. Sue Panama City,Fl
Entity: Internet
90, Report #1239062
Jun 30 2015
11:13 PM
Instant Checkmate bait and switch Internet
Talk about a rip off! Total bate and switch. They say they are going to give you all kinds of information on people that you look up. You have to pay to see the report and then when you open it, it has no real information. I could find more information just doing a google search.   After you pay they ask if you want to pay more money to get it in pdf form. Then, you open the report with no information and they tell you if you want more, you have to pay another $20?!?!?!?!  Do not waste your money.  If you did get this subscription, make sure you call right away and cancel it or they will continue to charge you!     
Entity: Internet
91, Report #1288511
Mar 05 2016
04:24 PM
chkmate instant checkmate rip off Nationwide
I have used this website once. I have been billed for months that I didn't use the site again. I had unsubscribed the same day. I kept wondering where I was losing money until I really looked into my bank statement.
Entity: Nationwide
92, Report #1246982
Aug 07 2015
07:18 AM
Instant Checkmate Does not provide basic information Internet
 I wanted to check verify if a particular gentleman is married. Basic information - married, kids etc is missing from this report.  BUT all the sex offenders that live 60 miles away in a different city are listed.  I don't care about that information.  It has nothing to do with the person. The report was filled with information that had nothing to do with the person and then no extra information is given beyond the free information.   Bait and switch?  bad advertising?  I felt ripped off.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #1255010
Sep 15 2015
10:34 AM
instant checkmate what a scam!!!!! Internet
this site is a scam! it promises to let you see who the person has texted and literally gives you just the address and everything else was viewable for free so you pay 5 bucks just to see someones address or info you already know!!
Entity: Internet
94, Report #1259238
Oct 05 2015
11:47 AM
Instant Checkmate Worst background check ever Internet
I just tested the Instant Checkmate service by researching myself. Their report is inaccurate and they linked me with people I have never met. I use other services for gathering information on potential business associates. Instant Checkmate is the worst I have seen.
Entity: Internet
95, Report #1257439
Sep 27 2015
10:09 AM
Instant Checkmate results were totally innacurate.  They did not deliver even 2% of the info requested.  Instant Checkmate even had the wrong picture of the person we were searching for.  I called the company within 5 min of joining and  did get my full refund.  I would not have cancelled if I got all the results promised.  I shall see in 3-5 business days if my account has been credited as promised today.  This company is a total rippoff..
Entity: Internet
96, Report #1283480
Jan 30 2016
09:00 AM
instant checkmate ripped off https://www.ins
Don't waste your time and money. These people are like snake oil salesmen. Keep you hanging on performing background checks, looking like a professional information service. Then the start asking for the money. Deleting only gets you popups to try a one dollar free trial for five days. Try and pay for it with paypal and they still want a credit card linked to your paypal.  Hmmm?  Maybe so they can keep charging monthly premiums even if you try to cancel?  Seems I've been a victim to similar scams in the past.  Stay Away from these con artists...................Stay Far Away!
Entity: Internet
97, Report #1308036
May 27 2016
07:14 AM
Instant Checkmate Illegal charging on paypal account Nationwide
I initially used Instant Checkmate for the free one month trial and cancelled soon after I registered.  They charged my paypal account for 2 months before I caught the fact that they were charging my account.  I immediately called them and told them about my cancellation.  This was 15 months ago.  Yesterday, I got a notice from Paypal that Instant Checkmate had made an approved withdrawal from my account.  I immediately called Paypal, and they won't do anything about the withdrawal, they said I have to contact the company.  I contacted the company and am still waiting for a refund of, not only one month but two months of illegal withdrawals from my paypal account. If you cancel your subscription with Instant Checkmate, it does not mean they will not in the future try to charge your credit card or paypal account.  BE Careful!  
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #1354429
Feb 06 2017
06:25 PM
Instant Checkmate Deceptive practices from A to Z Internet
I was planning to obtain the aggregated data from public record, and was willing to pay Instant Checkmate's advertised price. When I started the process, he price increased, so I navigated away from their page. Their sticky banner popped up offering me a $1 trial for 5 days for unlimited reports. That was okay, so I clicked it and filled out the form. I ran one report that held a lot of bad information (someone else with the same name). Another banner said that to get accurate and deeper result (I'm paraphrasing because I doesn't remember the exact wording), to click here. In all, I wound up with two bogus reports, 80% for the wrong people, and they tried to charge me over $50.00. When my credit card company sent me a message regarding fraud, I asserted that I did not authorize $19.99 and then $29.99 and another $2.99 - and they pended the charges. I called Instant Checkmate, and a rude lady told me to let her speak! I did, and she explained she would refund all 2/3 of the charges, and that I was mistaken in thinking I signed up for the $1 for 5 day trial. She interrupted me whenever I tried to talk, but I finally told her she was wrong. I signed up for $1.00, and that's all I would pay. She kept telling me I was confused, and since they had to pay the state for the records (which was another false statement), they couldn't refund the last $15 or $20 (whatever that amount was). I called her out, because they don't have to pay for public information. After telling me I was confused and that I never signed up for the $1 trial, I explained I had retired from a law enforcement agency, and knew she was lying. After researching this site, BBB, and other boards - turns out many, many people go through what I did almost verbatim. Their website keeps changing the dynamic, and you end up getting charged exhorbitant amounts for nothing. The information they aggregate (for free) is terrible, and they try to keep a portion of your money when you catch on - giving you some back to calm your angst. I've been a programmer for almost 30 years, and will return to the PC I ran this on to capture their pages - meaning I can prove they manipulate their website through simple forensics. This info will go to friends at the FTC and to the BBB. Avoid this company unless you want garbage at a premium price.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #798096
Nov 14 2011
11:25 PM
Instant Checkmate LLC Instant Checkmate Totally Inaccurate info and cancellation routine is a scam Internet
Although I wrote this email to the offending company, the email I sent was bounced back as not able to be delivered. Here is my experience with Instant Checkmate: When I spoke to the Checkmate representative on Friday she said I would receive an email within 45 minutes confirming me cancellation of this service. That did NOT happen.As I told the Rep. your service revealed very outdated information for myself and others who I know well. The only reason I even agreed to what I believed to be a free 5 day trial offer was because your website suggested that I had some kind of criminal record (again incorrect/misleading info) so I was intrigued to discover what that info might be. No such records were found and I feel this was just a hook to get me to proceed with a membership.Your service is misleading and inaccurate in the details it provides. Something as simple as my own salary info was easily dated 5 or more years and was grossly understated. The Rep. said that updates to info are done every 48 hours which is completely false. People I know with minor criminal records came up clean in your reports and those who have no criminal records were made to seem questionable or your results were inconclusive. This service is worthless and I do not want to pay for inaccurate/useless information. The fact that I did not even receive the cancellation email that I was promised from your company is just further proof that this service is a scam.
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #970682
Nov 17 2012
02:42 PM
Chkmate Instant Checkmate Instant Checkmate One time fee is really a subscription Internet
Fee is represented as one-time, but is actually a monthly subscription that gets charged to your credit card.
Entity: , Internet

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