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76, Report #126322
Jan 07 2005
11:38 AM
JD Byrider, CNAC has an employee, Becky, that keeps harassing us. Ripoff! Toledo Ohio
My husband and I have major harrassment issues with Becky at the Central Ave office in Toledo, Ohio. At first everything was going smoothly with the payment end of the bargain. Now, Becky is claiming that we are always late with our payments, which in fact we have been on time. I walk my payment in since I only work a few miles away from them. When she mailed us our report of monies left and days late...everytime we have a 6 day lat to a 14 day late. We are trying so hard to fix our credit report and this is going to stop us being able to move up north. I am sick of repeated phone calls and threats of picking up the vehicle that I am thinking of doing a lawsuit. I am a teacher... so I am educated...do not use harrassment tactics with me. I pay my bills on time (bad credit readings from medical bills when deathly ill and student loans) There has to be a major issue with this woman b/c when I walk the payments in... there is not a single word said to me... and she knows who I am. Becky waits to you are at home, calls and threatens you, calls your family and work numbers and threaten them about me. This has to stop! Louann Tecumseh, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
77, Report #129504
Feb 16 2005
07:04 PM
CNAC - JD Byrider ripoff dishonest fraudulent overcharge crooks ignorant idiots lemons uncooperative Alliance Ohio
The biggest mistake of our lives was to get a car (actually, TWO cars) from JD Byrider. We were living on a very low income, with limited credit (not BAD credit, unestablished credit) and had tried several car lots with no luck. We had been walking everywhere for the previous 6 months, and it just wasn't working out. It took them 5 hours to get us financed, and by then, we were about to walk out the door. We should have. We viewed several cars that day, including a 1993 Ford Escort wagon with over 300,000 miles on it. Of course, we turned that down. What we did take was 1991 Grand Am with 102,000 miles. It ran fine for the test drive. Of course, they charged us $6500 plus the standard (for those crooks) 24.99% interest rate. And they deferred the down payment, with interest, and added interest to their mandatory junk warranty. The very next day, the car broke down. We spoke with them on the phone, and they agreed to pay the towing charge for the 30 miles, and fixed it free of charge. Two days later, we picked it up. On the way home, it broke down. So we called them again. They had a bit of an attitude that time, insisting that the car was fine, but agreed to fix it again. See, they claimed it was just the water pump, which they kept replacing. Anyway, they fixed it again. It broke again. Thats the third time. Now we were pissed. We demanded a rental car, which they refused, until we told them they could take their peice of junk and shove it. We got a rental, and they finally fixed the alternator(ie the real problem)at a local dealership, on our insistence. They were rather nasty about all this, but we forced them to deal with us, which we found, is how you must treat them. Over time, the car was alright, we had it for about a year, made all of our payments early, drove it in every month because they would not give us a payment book, and the hell if we were gonna trust them to properly credit it. Now, towards the end of the year, the car started overheating, and smelled very strange. We had a mechanic look at it, and it was determined that the wires were literally melting, and that the car was a fire hazard. JD Byrider didn't care. The warranty was up and that was that. The Alliance JD Byrider is owned by Courtesy Kia of Alliance, and the deal was, that after 6 months we would be able to trade up into one of their brand new vehicles. HA! We tried at 6 months, they couldn't help us. We tried again at 12 months, and though they were glad to let us sit there for 2-3 hours, they still wouldn't finance us. So we had no choice, it was either fix the whole electrical system (costing thousands of dollars) or trade in the car for another JD Byrider lemon. We chose the latter. After another 5 hours of finance work, we were approved for another car. This time, we got a 1992 Chevy Lumina, for over $7000. We made our payments early, like good little troopers, and had no immediate problems, except having to buy it new tires immediately. Two months later, JD Byrider had a talk with my fiance. It turns out that our previous car did indeed catch on fire, giving the new owner 2nd degree burns over 70% of his body. He sued, of course. Anyway, after having this car for about 10 months, it started leaking oil profusely (it had been leaking about a quart every 3 months anyway). It seems that leaks had sprung out of every gasket. Odd, wouldn't you say? We contacted JD Byrider several times. It wasn't their problem. So we kept dumping in oil (it got to the point of dumping in 4 quarts EVERY TIME we drove ANYWHERE). Eventually, the motor blew, and we made a decision. We had already paid $2,000 for a car worth only $600 (kelly blue book value) in prime condition. We would NOT pay another $5,000. So, with help from family, we bought a car straight out from a private owner, and voluntarily returned the Lumina to JD Byrider. They held my fiance against his will for 40 minutes with threats and told him he couldn't turn in the car. They went so far as to chase him out the door, still griping, with the keys in their hand, trying to get him to take them back. But we drove away, honking and waving, with his brother driving us to our waiting new car. Now they plan to auction off the car, and will supposedly put that amount towards our balance. They have added $800 in fees, which we plan to contest, and we are planning on filing bankruptcy against their ridiculous loan. The point is, if places like this were REALLY out to help people, there would be leniency, lower payments, and lower finance rates. They aren't concerned about taking a chance on people with bad credit, they make it HARDER for people with bad credit to get better credit. They will not negotiate any parts of any contracts or payment agreements. JD BYRIDER: YOU SUCK If they want to do us a favor, they can go out of business and stop scamming decent people. Raymond Boardman, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: Alliance, Ohio
78, Report #168007
Dec 15 2005
11:25 AM
JD Byrider, CNAC ripoff, put unhonest amounts on creidt bureau reports Erie Pennsylvania
JD Byrider ripped me off. They sold me a car for $8,999 at 23% interest rate. They actually video taped me making the sale! Then after I put $1,400 down on car and paid for it for about 6 months, I decided that making a payment to them and only getting credited for half, becasue the rest was to interest that I would give them the car back. So then they sold it for $1500. So you mean to tell me that they sold it to me for $8,999 and after 6 months it is only worth $1500? The car sucked, and they are incompetant rude individuals. The supposed district manager basically said to me, Yeah, we screwed you over. They had the nerve to say they are helping people with bad credit. They are preying on people with bad credit, like voulchers. Class action law suit is exactly what they need. They have poor business ethics. Please all of you, do not talk about how they wronged you, but do what you need to do to make them suffer. Chandra Erie, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Erie, Pennsylvania
79, Report #285584
Nov 19 2007
10:10 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC Pensacola Calling All Pensacola Customers with Totalled Cars Pensacola Florida
All Byrider Customers that bought cars between feb 2002 and Seot 2004 and their car got totalled, be sure to make sure your credit reports aren't showing a charged off amount from CNAC. All cars bought between this period had GAP policies on them and your credit report should show the account closed or paid off. If your credit reports show a charged off amount then they didn't credit the GAP check to your account. If you totalled your car within a month or so of buying it and they put you in another car, ask them to show proof that they credited your insurance check to your new account or the old car account. Trust me all you customers need to go take a look at this.You'll be amazed. Insider Pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
80, Report #303041
Jan 24 2008
01:50 PM
JD Byrider Would Not Honor the Warranty I Paid For Cranston Rhode Island
i purchased a vehicle from jd byrider to try to improve my credit. the car kept breaking down and when i called them to come and get it to have it repaired they stated that the vehicle was on their lot. thats funny seeing how it was in my driveway. after a second call and the same answer from them i told them to come and get the car. they called this a repro even though i told them to come and get it. the placed a bad credit mark on my credit report. After they sold the car they placed another bad credit mark on my credit report. they are very non professional, but very good ripoff artist. antonio is very rude and threatful towards customers. i know a person who works with me that worked with antonio. this person stated that cnac personnel where not to be polite to the customers - that they (cnac) were doing them a favor by giving them financing. i do not know is cnac is the finance company for all of the jd byrider company - but if they are its hard to believe that they could get away with this type of business. Robert WARWICK, Rhode IslandU.S.A.
Entity: Cranston, Rhode Island
81, Report #320057
Mar 21 2008
05:40 PM
JD Byrider unfair practices Spartanburg South Carolina
My husband and I took my vehicle to JB Byrider's service department on Feb 21, 2008 in order to determine why the 'service engine soon' light was on. I also informed the service department rep that the car was leaking anti-freeze as well as the fan not working unless it was turned up to the highest setting. After the mechanic determined the problem, I was informed that the 'intake gasket' needed to be replaced. I was given an appointment to bring the car back on Tuesday, February 26 because it would be a 4-5 hour job per the service department rep and we were also infomred that it would be about $500 for the repair. (The service light was off when we left that day). We returned the vehicle to the service department on Tuesday and left the car for repair. Later that day the service department rep called to inform me that the car would not be ready until possibly the next day because they had to order a part (which I understood was to be ordered on the same day I initially went to have the car checked out). On Wednesday I received another call from the service department rep to inform me that the part ordered was not the right part and they would have to order the correct part for the car. On Thursday, February 28 I was informed another part (heater control) was needed and should be there by the next day. On Friday, February 29 I called and was informed they were still waiting for a part to come in, but the car should be ready by later on that same day. I again called later that afternoon and was informed that the car was being worked on and would be ready later. I picked the car up on Saturday, March 01st. The total cost of the repair was almost $670.16 (after being told it would be 'around $500). When we looked at the itemization of the charges, I'd been charged for the oil being changed, oil filter, valve cover gasket, plug wires, spark plugs, a radiator cap, and heater controls (which were used, filthy and cost $150). There was nothing wrong with the heater controls that were on the vehicle and if they were to be replaced why weren't they replaced with new controls. I did not ask for any of the above mentioned repairs to be done. My husband could've done all of that but he could not replace the intake gasket because he doesn't have the necessary tools to perform that repair. My car was paid off as of Feb 22, 2008 and now I'm left with the repair bill which means I won't get the title until this bill is paid off. Why should I have to pay for repairs that I did not ask to be done? roslyn tryon, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Spartanburg, South Carolina
82, Report #320886
Mar 25 2008
10:35 AM
JD Byrider 24.9% interest, $4-$7K mark ups on cars, and unbelievable harassment!!! Lansing Michigan
JD Byrider is not a bad place to get a car if you are desperate for a vehicle, have a low paying job, multiple repossessions, and no money down. Otherwise, there a lots of other places to go to get a better car, with a warranty, for cheaper without the turmoil. I bought my car there in Feb. 2004 and it's paid off now but boy was it a pain in the rear end. I used my tax return to get my first financed car and I paid 24.9% in interest and come to find out...my credit was NOT THAT bad (with my $1500 down payment and only medical bills on my credit, I was told that I could have gotten a car lots of places)!!! After 2 years, I still owed $7k on the vehicle and I wanted to trade it in for something newer. Come to find out, the 1998 Chevy Cavalier with 102000 miles on it was only worth $3500( go to Kelley Blue Book.com before you ever go to a place like Byrider) in 2004, so how can I owe double what the car was worth when I was paying on it for two years??? I will tell you. They get a cheap car, put a $5-$7K mark up on it and tell you it's for the warranty and building your credit. HOGWASH!!! Taking a $3500 car, marking it up to $10K, and then adding 24.9% interest on it is borderline insanity!!! My total cost for the car was over $15,000 which means I paid for the car 4 times over AND SOME CHANGE before I was done and that is ridiculous!!! Lastly, over three and a half years, I was late on my payment exactly three times due to a payroll change from weekly to biweekly and a job change. Each time, I was harassed at home and at work and was talked to as if I was a child , multiple times per day, (why are you late, your contract says you must pay at this time, you better have some money here today or drop off the car), not a paying customer. You would think that they would be more appreciative for a customer who paid them on time 99% of the time. I paid the car off and lost the headache. The way I feel as a first time buyer, hit me on the interest or the mark up but not both. This was legal sodomy. And the warranty that they raved about didn't save me any money. Even if you have bad credit, save up $500-$1000 and go to RPM or Shaheen and they will help you. Why pay $400 a month for almost four years for a 8-10 year old car with 100,000 miles when you can get a 4-6 year old car or truck, with less miles for less per month (and you can buy a better warranty for $20-$40 PER MONTH)? You may ask why am i writing this now? They sold a car to my 19 year old neice, who could not afford the car and was certainly not ready to get a vehicle without a co signer, and now she was repossessed and her credit is ruined. They put people behind the 8 ball. Now my neice will have that on her credit until she is way older and this will stop her and her daughter from getting a home in the near future all because JD Byrider wanted to make a couple of bucks off a naive teenager. Stop the insanity, predatory loans, and borderline illegal usury and let's send JD Byrider back into the hole that they came out of!!! Dontgetripped Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Lansing, Michigan
83, Report #240820
Mar 26 2007
12:34 PM
JD Byrider, CNAC Dishonest, Ripoff, SUCKS Decatur Georgia
I purchased a vehicle from JD Byrider in August 2006 and it have broken down more than 4 times in less than 6 months and twice within 2 days of getting the vehcile repaired. I have spent over $600 dollars in repairs and towing, and that is not including the bi-weekly car payment in less than 2 days. JD Byrider does not honor service warranties, makes you pay for towing and service repairs including labor. JD Byrider refuses to fix your vehicle but threatens you for your every two weeks payment. JD Byrider is a rip-off they charge you double the price of what the car is worth and will not revoke contracts even if it is required or allowed by law. I was told by one of CNAC representives that they will garnish my paycheck if I do not make a payment and they do not care about a lawsuit that they will never loose and that the consumers is the stupid ones for entering in a contract with them. They do not care about the consumers they just want the consumers money. I will like to join or file a class action lawsuit against this company so that they will know that they cannot take advantage of consumers. Monique Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Decatur, Georgia
84, Report #221161
Nov 17 2006
08:31 PM
Jd Byrider biggest mistake I could ever make ripoff Joliet Illinois
I was in dire need for a vehicle. I had bad credit so I chose jd byrider because they approved me for a car. with a 22 percent interest rate if that wasnt bad enough they failed to inform me that it was 22 percent per day. They jacked up the price of this 6 year old piece of crap by 10 times. And it already had 75000 miles on it i bought the extended warranty which did not mean anything because everything they did to my car was a lie. They said they had changed my battery. When I brought it home I noticed that it was the same battery i had previously had. Not even 15 thousand miles after purchasing the vehicle I drove into a building due to failure of my brakes. Destroyed my whole front end and put me in a lot of debt. Paying a 1000 dollars for the deductible and new brakes. The company that fixed my car said it looks like there was a lot of previous damage to the car which the dealership failed to tell me that it was in a flood. So I went to jd byrider and complained. The manager said dont worry about the payments for a while until you get caught up. He didnt tell me dont worry the next time you pay none of it will be going to the principle. 2 days after I got my brakes fixed my wheel well started on fire. The guy who looked at it said that it was some thing with the brake line. I have driven my car 30 thousand miles now and had to change my brakes 3 times. 2 weeks after buying the car I had to get all new tires. After being stranded in joliet because of 2 tires blew out. I was really busy and was late my payment 6 days. Ok 6 days I dont think is that bad for paying more than half the car off in a year and my payments all being on time. A man came to my house, I wasnt home, my mothers boyfriend answered the door and he said to him are you her father and he said no. He continued to lie to him and tell him I was very behind on my payments, I have missed 2 payments and he is coming to repo my car. He shows up at my work. I had asked him why he went to my house and disclosed that information, and he quote said I thought he was your father. So now he thinks he can just tell my personal business and lie about it to any joe shmoe off the street. I said I have paid my payments I have reciepts and the last payment was paid that morning and there was no communication even though it was 8 hours after I had made the payment and the guy was sent out. He refused to tell me his name and claimed he had no business cards. He called my account manager to clear up the payments while I was there and he said quote I thought it was november 17th and mind you it was only the 7th of november when he came to my work. This place is a joke. It advertises to help people establish credit and get out of debt. I have put myself in more debt than done any good. Today I was driving and my car stalled and the check engine light came on and the car overheated. When I had asked them before when my car was under warrenty why my tempurature gage reads so hot, they said it was a gliche in the computer. Well now I have no warranty. I feel that they told me that so they wouldnt have to pay for it to get fixed. Please help me I still owe 5500 dollars on this car and I want to be sure nobody goes to this place and get ripped off like I did. Kristin New lenox, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Joliet, Illinois
85, Report #260737
Jul 13 2007
04:53 PM
CNAC JD Byrider This is Crap Ripoff Augusta Georgia
I bought a car from JD Byrider and 3 days later returned it because the engine in it blew. they said that it was a voluntary reposession and that i would have to pay to get another car because that was not covered under their warranty. well the state that i live in sued them and they went bankrupt here, now on my credit report it says that i involved the car in a bankruptsy. now i can not get a loan for anything because of it. i tried to disput it and they said there was nothing i could do about it. i cant believe that they are allowed to do this to people. now i cant even call them because all of their numbers are disconnected Michelle kellerton, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Augusta, Georgia
86, Report #233530
Jan 30 2007
11:30 AM
JD Byrider Rif Off - Gives New Meaning to BUYER BEWARE!! Pinellas Park Florida
We recently went to the new JD Byrider in Pinellas Park; they had just had their Grand Opening and the place seemed to draw quite a variety of clientele! We went in to just look but were soon lured in by the quick-talking salesman! We went thru the normal rig-a-ma-role (fill out paperwork, test drive, etc)!!! Our problem ran in RIGHT BEFORE WE SIGNED THE FINAL DOCOUMENTS! Are you ready for this!!! Hope you sitting down! After we got the tour, and after we asked several questions....WHICH WERE TOTALLY SKATED AROUND...NEVER GOT MY QUESTIONS - ANWERED...NOT A ONE! We were led to the back of a building to watch a JD Byrider tape! We were placed in a room where we were video taped, audio recorded, and locked in a room....thats right people.....you read it right.....while watching this tape we were locked in a room! The door had a handle that did not work AND a key code pad!!! The only way the door could be opened is by reaching your hand thru a window and turning the handle on the other side of the door! At this time my husband and I started to become extremely uncomfortable and we told the finance man, when he decided to join us...AFTER THE TAPE WAS DONE....that we wished to leave and possibly return tomorrow; we would say anything to just get out of there....we wanted OUT! At this time the finance gentleman seemed to become very, very irritated and he said that he would let our salesman know! Well, next thing we know we are being PRESSURED by SEVERAL people to stay and just fill out the paperwork! That experience gave new meaning to HIGH PRESSURE sales tactics! However, we stuck to our guns and left! THANK GOD! Believe me when I say no car is worth being locked in a room, being video and audio recorded without prior knowledge or consent, and being berated by EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE in the shop! All I can say to you is RUN don't ride at this car lot....BUYER BEWAREEE!!! V Largo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pinellas Park, Florida
87, Report #66768
Sep 10 2003
12:13 PM
JD Byrider ripoff, dishonest, negligent. Does not deliver what they promise. Sells unsafe vehicles. Amherst Ohio
I am ashamed to say that I was duped by these people. I bought an Intrepid from them eight months ago. Since then I have had so much trouble with them trying to get them to repair the problems that I have had. The Cruise control comes on all by itself and then the engine dies. Then the turnsignals and the blower for the heater and the airconditioner does not work. The front end shimmies so badly that when I try to stop I fear the wheel will come off or worse. I spoke to them Monday 9/11/03 and was then told by the manager of CNAC that the problem would be taken care of and that she would see to it that the service department would call me. They did in fact call and promise that they would take care of it on the following Monday 9/18/03 and that I would be given a loaner. They called me today 9/13/03 and informed me that they were not going to be able to furnish me with a loaner. Without a loaner how am I supposed to get the money to pay their outrageous monthly payments on this piece of junk? The man from the service department apologized and said he couldn't help me. So here I am scared to death to drive this car because it is totally unsafe. I fear for my life every time I have to drive this car I've nearly had 7, yes seven accidents due to this vehicle. I need to find out who I can talk to about joining in on some sort of a class action lawsuit against these people before they kill someone with their unsafe vehicles they sell. All I can say is buyer BEWARE of JD Byrider they get you when you are in dire need and they know that you really need a car. I WILL NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN. As for other people who are thinking of buying from them I only have one word RUN. Thank you for the chance to put this statement on your site. Joy Elyria, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Amherst, Ohio
88, Report #60772
Jun 15 2003
08:52 PM
JD BYRIDER rip off swindlers TAYLORS South Carolina
well jd byrider struck in two ways! they say if you refer some one to them they'll pay you $200.00 thats a crock. i refered my ex that has my child to them. when she went down there she told them i sent her. that day she bought a car from them. she got home and called me right away. so after that phone call i called jd byride and asked them about the referal fee. i told them the name of my ex.they replyed sorry can't say she bought a car today i told them she called me and told me. they still was saying the same thing. so i went down there and talked to one of the sales rep and told him what was going on. he went to talk to the sales rep that sold her the car. when he came back he said she was refered by another dealer i told him i was the one that refered her, he told me to tell her to call down here to talk to the sales rep that sold her the car and tell him and he will get it stratend out and he told me that i wouldn't get the $200.00 in till she made he first pay ment. so that means i would have to wait three more weeks she was making payment`s on her down payment still. that was fine with me, i called her to tell her to call the sales rep that sold her the car,her 2nd payment was comen up so she said she would talk to them then.she went down there and told them i was the one that refered her. they said ok but they all ready put in the computer that a dealer refered her but they was willing to still use me as the one who refered her. but they would have to put me down as a john doe because that info was all ready loged in. i was ok with that so i waited,well her first payment got payed. they should have sent me a check? nope no check came. iwent down there to talk to some one in charge. i talked the manger of c.n.a.c i asked for the headquarters phone# she said she would take care of it.and she would call me in about 2 days to let me no whats going on. well its been 2weeks now. i havent heard nothing from them.im going to see a lawer tomorrow i hope thay can help.now to top it off the car my ex bought.it has,not been running for about two weeks the engine was blown. now thats a hole new story that im shore you`ll all here about. i would never refer anyone to them again! Eric travelers rest, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: TAYLORS, South Carolina
89, Report #61202
Jun 19 2003
02:18 PM
JD BYRIDER ripoff abused & mistreated ripoff business from hell Indianapolis Indiana
I purchased my vehicle on 5/20/03, on 6/11/03 my air bag deployed while i was driving and the problem, their was a recall on this car in 2000. they are not paying for the rental car or my glasses that got broke, my medical bill from the hospital, i had 3rd burns, and my ear drums were ruptured. THen they repoed the car because i made arrangments with them and they went back on their weird, and then they have this car fax guartnee well i payed money for this car fax, the recall was on the one i pulled off the internet, why did the car fax show nothing when they pulled the report. i am sick of this jdbyrider and my personal opinion is that if you need a car don't what so ever go to jdbyrider, they will do nothing but screw you.. Rachel INDIANAPOLIS, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
90, Report #59744
Jun 05 2003
07:59 PM
JD Byrider LLC fraudulent ripoff business sells lemons Aurora Illinois
J.D. Byrider L.L.C fraudulent ripoff business, they sell lemons Aurora Illinois ..... I am a single mom and I baught my car from JD Byrider. I had no idea what i was getting myself into. The car was one way over priced. The car is blue booked at 3500 and i paid 8100. I paid $4000 too much with the warrenties and who knows what else. The car broke down only a couple months after I had it. I use it twice as day i drive 6 miles in a day. I just spent $5000 on fixing this crap car. I would have baught a new car but I still have $7000 i owe on this one. I have great credit now and i used credit cards to pay for the repairs. One thing is for sure I will never do business with them again and will stop anyone who tries to. Mary San Marcos, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Aurora, Illinois
91, Report #58812
May 29 2003
08:21 AM
JD Byrider And CNAC ripoff, dishonest, misleading, unhelpful, con artists Duluth Minnesota
My husband and I purchased a 1992 Buick Century from Jd Byrider. We went through them because they always say in thier ads that they helped with the credit challenged, and that thier vehicles were covered under an excellent warranty. We even bought extra coverage for repairs if we needed them. Not even a month after we owned it, the car blew it's air conditioning unit wich ended up siezing the whole engine... After that fiasco, it was in the shop every other month for work on it's fuel sensor. Every time something would happen to the car, it would never be covered under any part of the warranty. We would have to shell out $300.00 out of our own pocket (not including towing ) to have this fixed... by a garage that Byrider took it to. After the third time it went down, the garage we had look at it said that the senser was put in wrong. We had just gotten back, not even a week went by, and ( I must add that we were financially strapped so CNAC offered to put the car repair on the end of our loan ) the car's fuel line blew off the gas tank at a corner stop leaving my whole family stranded with gasoline POURING all over the block. That was the last straw. After thier mechanic looked at it again, they said that they had no idea how that line could have come off but guess what... now it needs an engine... We talked to the district attorney here in Minnesota but he said the lemon law in this state only covers new cars. It's still at the garage it was towed to by CNAC (yes, they offered to replace the engine and put the difference at the end of the loan) but I refuse to use anymore money to fix this lemon... I'm paying for a car I can't use and STILL riding the bus... I got screwed on this deal... I hope that someone reading this will take this into consideration,... No matter how bad you need a car, no matter how bad your financial situation or your credit report is,JD Byrider and CNAC IS NOT the way to go.... Lynette duluth, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Duluth, Minnesota
92, Report #58202
May 23 2003
07:42 PM
JD ByRider ripoff the saga of me and the great SATAN Houma Louisiana
I bought a car from JD ByRider in Houma, LA. At the time I bought the car, My other car burned up and I was in need of a car to get to work. I work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico in the oilfield and only have to have a ride every two weeks. But I have to be at the office at the given time on the day I call in for crew change. I could not find a ride that night and only managed to get a ride to go look for a car. I was told that JD Byrider financed and went there with my ride. This is where the saga of me and the great SATAN started! OK now to begin with, I didn't have bad credit and only went there due to my ride telling about this DEMON I knew nothing about. First i was given the what I want from you and what I will give you in return for your soul ritual and then taken out in the lot and showed 2 or 3 cars that were in my budget. $303.50 a month and a 90 day warranty(Hint: it was as good as their word and service and the attitude of their people). BTW, only three more payments due till he gets the blackeye I promised him for his arrogant and accusatory attitude when I talked to him and told him of what I found out about the car and he insulted me and called my mechanic and asked about the condition of the car(this is after the fact and he wanted to know if the car was clean and washed and the inside vacumed)to get dirt to use against me. So now I only have three payments due and they had the nerve to call me and ask me if I wanted to trade the car in for another one. Excuse me JD Byrider, But i think one Citrus Fruit you call a car is ENOUGH!!! Where was this care on the 8 differant occassions it broke down and I was left to foot the bill, even when it was under warranty? I think if nothing else, the 800+ dollars I spent less than 60 days into the so called warranty gave me reason not to like or trust you and your so called care. Make sure to look out and look at me as I and all the people you have screwed in Houma stand across the road from your lot and run your future business off through the signs and boycott. Don't think that the poor people you have ruined and taken advantage of will not be there, I plan to support them with my own money. JD Byrider better think again if they think they got all my money! Guess you messed up and signed on someone with money on the side. I'm sure the add in the local paper asking for anyone screwed by you to contact me will look good for your business. I have made the payments through all this and will not go unheard as I have told in the past. As I have found out, CNAC is AKA JD Byrider. Guess that is how they get you, if you complain to one, then the other gets to do the dirty work. I for one will fight to stop people from falling into the scam and let the word out! JD Byrider has made an enemy for life! I am giving thought to making a websight dedicated to people who hate JD Byrider. I plan to discuss their actions soon with the local and state levels, and get some lawyers to help. The better business bureau is a joke and on the websight, seems to believe that all actions are cleared with JD Byrider in all states and never says a bad thing about them. Well I say to hell with them and JD Byrider! Donnie Houma, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Houma, Louisiana
93, Report #101562
Jul 31 2004
05:10 PM
CNAC - JD BYRIDER ripoff Rude and unprofessional Louisville Kentucky
The people at this loctaion called when my payment was less than 24 hours behind when they called I told them I would come then. I said that it took 45 minutes to get there. Then the man asked my it took so long to get there and he knew where I lived and it shouldn't take so long. He then talked to me like I was trash. Then I called back to make my payment over the phone; after the payment was made the man returned on the phone and told me next time I'll come get your car. Then I called back talked to a nice young lady and then was put on hold and a lady got on the phone and I asked if my payment was made and I never got a confimation number on the transaction. They said yes and another gentlemen was on the phone and I said that I would like to talk to the nice lady agian and she said no she just answers the phone. The man said were you on time for your payment after I told him that I have been treated like dirt. I said no it was less than 24 hours late he repeated over and over gain very rudely make your payment on time over and over again. I'm sure that that there was something illegal with not giving me my confirmation number after my debit transaction. These people got smart with me and treated me like dirt. NO ONE USE THIS COMPANY. I asked to talk to someone that owned the company and they said that the rude man was the manager and I never got a number or name from anyone. Jackie louisville, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
94, Report #99958
Jul 21 2004
03:12 PM
Jd Byrider Aka Cnac ripoff Emmaus Pennsylvania
I bought a 96 Dodge Caravan that ran good for almost 3 weeks. I have had it fixed on several different occasions. I have been lied and given the run around on the problems and now they want to make me happy because they received a complaint from the BBB. I would love just to drive it through there front window and take back the money I put into the piece of @#$$. any suggestions?? Michele bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
95, Report #93445
Jun 03 2004
12:02 AM
Jd Byrider Aka Cnac ripoff and harassment they just prey on the little person Canton Ohio
Last October I purchased a car from Jd byrider for 9000 dollars in the hopes of getting better credit and the piece of mind that they would fix the car if anything went wrong. Boy was I ever wrong.... The first thing that happened 3 weeks into this, was my tires would mysteriously deflate so I called them, well you quessed it, not covered under warranty, so I set up an appointment with the tire shop for later that week. A day or two passed and I was comming home from work and the fron tire blew throughing me into a curb and ruininf my front end. I called them again and thet said it wasnt their fault. I ended up paying for this at arout 300 dollars. Second thing was the brakes... I took it up to their so called service tard center and they said it was fine a month passed and they where horribly squealing so I made an appointment. They put new brakes on but the squealing returned, flustered I pulled off the front passenger tire and noticed that I had missing inside caliper pads on the front of the vehicle no new rotors and my suspension I had payed them to fix look liked I came from a salvage yard. third thing was the exhaust... I had a heat shield loose so I brought it up there again and they fixed it for free! great I thought, ahhhh not really, they just simply put a hose clamp around the heatshield to hold it together. Then my flex pipe was leaking, well after 3 attemps at their shop they finally helped me out and had me take it to a muffler shop wich they fixed. During this time, since I had to take off work to get the car fixed, I got let go from my job because mysteriously they are not open on weekends late enough for me to get it there, 12 noon on Sat. Sun CLOSED. So I get caught up and back on track and then a week behind again, then is when the phone harassment started. I told them to quit calling, I have already paid you or worked someting out with the manager and they would threaten me. They even said that they woould put a boot on my vehicle beind 2 days behind (LINDA) said this. I was even told that I was probably a welfare person and that I was not a man and not respnsible. I get it now JDBYRIDER, you set up your service contract so that people cannot make the appointments. You set up the payments so you cant pay off the car. In the last year almost, my balance is at 7000 dollars owed. Just plain rediculus if you ask me. I could have bought the same car but a GT for 1800 dollars. I wish people would exchange E-mails and join up in a joint lawsuit againt this company and their terrorist cnac phone antics to sue that pants off these people or at the very least put them out of buisness. They just prey on the little person. John 44221, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Canton, Ohio
96, Report #80928
Feb 18 2004
10:58 PM
JD Byrider ripoff, liars, harassment, makes consumers go broke Milwaukee Wisconsin
We purchased a 1995 Oldsmobile Royal from JD Byrider about a year ago. Since then we have had nothing but problems. The interest rates are high. They over price their vehicles. The harass you on the phone at home, cellular, and work. About 6 monthes after purchase we have had to replace the motor, transmission, brakes, and shocks. We have put so much money into the car. The extended warrenty we paid 500.00 for was not honored and we are at our wits end. We heard there was a class action lawsuit against them. We would like to know more about how we can join into it. We need to do something otherwise we will be in debt forever. Our credit is going bad. The pay dates they promised us they dont go by. We are being charged late fees all the time. This company is doing this to everyone. CNAC is the financing company involved also. I encourage anyone and everyone to NEVER do business with them. We learned the hard way. Amy Sheboygan Falls, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
97, Report #84305
Mar 17 2004
05:54 PM
CNAC=JD Byrider ripoff harrassment false statements including managers Louisville Kentucky
I was prior military and had imperfect credit. I seen an ad in the local newspaper from JD Byrider. I drove 85 miles to the car lot. They were like vultures. Everyone wanted to help. I fell for it. I was the director of nursing at a large medical facility, I had been a nurse for over 20 years. I was very active in the community and in the school programs. I was only shown a few cars and when I insisted it had to be a truck, they went to the back of the building and got a 1994 Nissan Pick up. They said it was a recent trade in and they had not done the complete check. Also, because I was married and lived in Kentucky I had to have my husband co-sign the loan. My husband was a 1SG in the U.S. Army Reserves. So I left the truck so they could finish their elite safety check and I was to bring my husband back to co sign. We came back the next evening and signed the papers. They said that since it was a truck their manager required a higher down payment. But that was OK, because I could write them a post-dated check for the next two paydays to cover it. I also had to give them names of people that knew me. I told them that my family was very small and I was not from this area. They assured me that this was only for a reference only. So I gave them 12 names of people that knew me. The doctors, nurses, parents at the band boosters, and my son who was in the Army stationed in Hawaii. About one week later my electric was disconnected and the water company was at my home to disconnect my water. I called the bank the next business day, which was Monday, and CNAC had turned in the post dated checks the next day after I picked up the truck. My family had to go to a Motel 8 for the weekend, we had no electric or water. All of the meats and foods in the refrigerator and freezer were ruined. And I was extremely embarrassed. Their employees were very rude and hateful when I called to question this. They called all the references and asked them where the truck was and that I was not paying my car payments. I was not close friends with these people. I was terribly embarrassed when the doctors that I worked for told me they were calling there homes. I asked them to stop numerous times, they continued. My husband was called to active duty in January 2003. All our creditors were notified. According to the Sailor/Soldier Relief Act the interest was to be lowered to at least 6% while he was serving our country. They stated that he was not on the account and sent a financial request to my employer wanting to know my salary and bonuses. (We had the loan for 20 months at this time). I denied the request with payroll, called the State Attorney, and the BBB. Well, I'm still making payments, I quit my job, I do not participate in any community events, and they still call and harrass me. In 20 months the truck is serviced as recommended by our machanic, it has had a new clutch, new brakes, a water pump, a drive belt, and a NEW motor. They stated that I did not give them a payment for this payday. (with only 8 telephone calls), I personally took them a replacement check Friday, I got a message today from my bank that I was overdrafted AGAIN. The original check had been run through the bank as well as the replacement check. IMAGINE THAT!!!! I have just a few more payments! If they don't repossess it before then. I have paid over $9,000 and $4,100 in repairs for this 1994 NISSAN Truck. I can not afford to let them take it back, the attorney said that they will sue me for an even larger amount. PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!!!!! DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THEM WALK, RIDE THE BUS, RIDE A BIKE, OR MAKE A DEAL WITH A PRIVATE SELLER!!!!!! THEY ARE RUDE, HATEFUL, AND DISHONEST PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR A RIP-OFF COMPANY. Thank You, Revenia Munfordville, KentuckyU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on JD ByRider
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
98, Report #92313
May 20 2004
03:39 PM
Jd Byrider AKA Jekel and Hyde car sales ripoff Emmaus Pennsylvania
My husband and I had just gotten out or bankruptcy and of course wanting to try to better our credit, we got suckered into buying a car from jd byrider. At the time they were having a sale were they figure your taxes for you and they take a part of it and put it towards the car. Well, we let them do our taxes and they told us we would be getting about $5000.00 give or take and that we would need to put down 3000.00 to get the car that we wanted. As innocent minded as we were, we thought well, even though it is alot of money it is helping our credit. I told them that I needed every dime that would be left over so that I could go back home and see my family because I live very far away and had already planned my trip. They assured me that everything was fine and I could take the car that day. It would be about a month before my tax money would be back. In that time frame they had us to make deffered payments which at first they told us would go towards the total that we would be putting down, so not as much would have to come out of our taxes then we found out that was a lie. It only went to the HUGE amount of interest they charged us. So Finally our tax money was about to come in and when they got the notification of how much it would really be... OOOPS it ended up that we only got back $2700.00. Which would mean that we would have to come up with $300.00 out of pocket and also NO MONEY left over.They went back on everything that they told us and then tried to say that well it was an estimate and we are just trying this whole tax max thing out we were not sure how accurate it was. How ever when we told them that in spite of the over $400.00 in payments that we had made, we did not want the car..they put it on our credit as a REPO. When I had gone with my husband to turn in the keys the car salesman got loud with me in the waiting room in front of many people telling me that another car that we had previously bought from them was going to get repoed too in spite of the fact that we had made all of our payments on time. He also made smart remarks like who knows what else could happen. JD BYRIDER IS A BUNCH OF LYING SNAKES. THEY FEED OFF OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE FALLEN ON HARD TIMES AND ARE DESPORATE FOR A BREAK. IT IS PREDATORY LENDING AND THEY SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS. ...BUYER BEWARE!!! Kelly bethlehem, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Emmaus, Pennsylvania
99, Report #89748
May 01 2004
07:54 AM
Jd Byrider , Cnac ripoff bad echeck Amherst Ohio
hi i had just bought a 96 ford explorer i put 1000 down made 1 payment of 153.00 .took for echeck failed engine light is on .took back to have fixed.they call and say that it is fixed.i pick it up. the next day same thing light is on.i take it back to them tell them idle is going up and down .i said maybe bad injector .i get call once again. they say idle is fine its pump coming on and off normal .tell me they did some things and to drive it 60 miles to reset computer.so i drive it 60 miles take it back to have tested they say computer is not reset yet.failed. so i drive it some more then engine light comes back on.ok drove it for a day light goes out.? so i take it back for yet another echeck test.once again computer not reset well ive put 136 miles on it.now all this time im driven on a dealer tag its been abought two months .they have been calling wanting a payment.which i say no not until this is fixed and i can get some plates of my own.also they have called abought the dealer tag they leave a message that says if i dont get it back by 5 oclock they will call police and have it reported stolen.now the deal is i have to make a payment befor they fix it only one week behind.every time i drop this thing off no loaner car.ive missed 3 days of work already which i make 240 a day.i say can i take it to to a garage of my choice they say no but we will have it shiped to a garage not connected to jd byrider.also the front wheels need shimes thier slanted out and the air dont work.for the money 10,500 it should be in working order. any ideas ? Chris lorain, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Amherst, Ohio
100, Report #74583
Dec 09 2003
03:48 PM
JD Byrider - CNAC It's a rip-off DON'T DO IT Milwaukee Wisconsin
I've read quite a few of these rip-off reports and I concur... JD Byrider is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now it is a given that people buying a car from this company have had or currently have some credit issues, myself included, but to be blantantly misled is wrong. I bought a 1991 Chevy Lumina Minivan in 2001. It only had 66,000 miles on it and appeared to be in good condition. I did test drive it and it did seem at that time to ride ok. Fast forward to December 2003. To date I have replaced the transmission, the heater core, the alternator, the starter, the battery terminals, the brakes (front & back), the water pump and the radiator. This has all occurred in a 9 month span and to make things interesting, the engine went out on it back in October. I contacted JD Byrider who gave me the run around. I asked them how I could accelerate/reduce my pay out because I only had 3,000 left on it to pay. I spoke to 4 different people who gave me 4 different answers. I was finally told that they couldn't make that decision because they sold my account to another company. When I asked the name, address, telephone number and name of the account rep, I got nothing. I was told that I couldn't deal with him directly, but that the Byrider rep would email the new company rep and pass my information along. This process took a month with me calling back daily to find out what was going on. I have never missed a payment. I have not stopped paying on the vehicle yet, even though I can't drive it. I finally went to the Better Business Bureau with my complaint and proof! all of a sudden I was sent a letter from Byrider giving me the name, address and telephone number of the company who bought the loan. To make a long story short, the company is EMCC in New York and the offer they gave me was: I pay another $1000 in payments, pay them $1,000 up front and surrender the car for them to resell at auction. They were serious and that is why I still have my car. I can get an engine put in for $2,000 and still have my car. If I pay them $2,000 AND give up my car, what do I have? One last thing, I was mailing my payments in anywhere from 1 to 3 days BEFORE the payment was due and you know what they are doing? They are holding the payments an extra day or two which applies more of your payment to their interest and less to your principal amount. This usually is only a few dollars, but it is still wrong. I caught them doing this on 3 separate occasions and again I went to the BBB with a complaint. Within 2 weeks I got another letter from Byrider saying that the amount they collected (due to the unreasonable holding of my check for 2 days after my payment was due) was reversed out of their interest amount and applied to the principal amount. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS, CHECK YOUR BALANCES EVERY MONTH!! For those of you who needed a car, I understand why you bought it here, but if you care about your friends, family members or co-workers who may be in the same boat, steer them clear of JD Byrider. D. Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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