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26, Report #1029226
Mar 21 2002
12:00 AM
Just Brakes Just Brakes just wasted my time and stole my money dishonest ripoffs Memphis Tennessee
I took my Volvo to the Just Brakes on Union Avenue in Memphis on January 2, 2002, for a grinding noise in my brakes. Seven hundred dollars, four subsequent visits to Just Brakes later, the problem still isn't fixed. I'm at wits end with these people, and will never take my car there again. Juni Memphis, Tennessee
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
27, Report #425238
Feb 17 2009
03:55 PM
Just Brakes DON'T TRUST THEM!! JUST BRAKES JUST CRAP! Stockbridge Georgia
On February 16, 2009, I went to Just Brakes in Stockbridge Georgia, because the highly attractive advertisement promised customers $99.98 brake job for both front and rear brake pads! Upon completion of the inspection, the Manager told me that they only carried the front pads for my 2004 Toyota Highlander, and that the rear pads were a specialty pad, since they did not have them in stock and charged me an extra $88+ to have their source deliver them to the shop. To my surprise, other Just Brakes locations carried the same brake pads in question. Ironically, another customer came in behind me with a 2001 Toyota Highlander, so while the manager was away, I warned him of their devious tactics. In addition, both the manager and the mechanic tried to get me to cough up an extra $788 for a brake fluid flush, rear rotors and fron calipers. Oh, and did I mention that prior to this, Toyota changed my oil conducted a full complimentary inspection of my brakes and rotors and advised that I ONLY needed pads - nothing else. I have the inspectors signature to that effect. The only reason why I went to Just Brakes is because it would of course be cheaper than Toyota fixing the brakes. In conclusion, stay away from the Just Brakes shady mechanics and managers because what they'll tell you is JUST CRAP!!! Shopper-b-aware! Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stockbridge, Georgia
28, Report #208150
Aug 27 2006
01:24 PM
I went to the Just Brakes on Aug. 26th, 2006 for brakes. I knew they were completely gone since I had to use the emergency brake to stop. I go it there just fine though. I told the guy the problem and he stated that he thought it was more than the brakes but that he would put me down for the $59.95 inspection (which did not include the brakes, so if all I needed was brakes later he would then charge me $99.98 on top of that) but I said to put me down for the brake deal (yeah, right) but to call me before any work was done with an estimate. I was called back alright. One of the scammers named John, called me later and first asked if I was sitting down. (yes he did) Then he rattled off a list of problems totalling $951.77(practically a whole new brake system x 2)! The items were: $99.98 to machine the drums change only the front pads and shoes(even though the special includes front & back), $149.80 for both front rotors, $356.80 for calipers, $42.50 back springs, $39.95 to bleed the fluids, $262.84 master cylinder (new) or $197.84 (rebuilt- which he said would only be guaranteed for 90 days). My alarm bells went off so I told him to not do anything and I'd have to call him back. I did not believe all that was wrong with my car, even so it shouldn't cost anywhere near $1,000! I then called AutoZone to price the parts. The parts are: Pads (front) $37.99 or $31.99 and back pads $12.49, back spring set $13.99, Rotors, $32.99 or $22.99 each, Calipers $47.99 (front)and $32.99 (passenger), Master Cylinder $89.99 (new) or $49.99 (rebuilt). I was told the total was $187.96 before tax. The guy at the AutoZone even told me that Just Brakes charges 3 times for the parts and jacks people up on the labor. He told me I could buy the parts myself and have someone out them on if I even needed them. So I called scammer John back at Just Brakes and told him that I was not prepared for such a sum and that I would be up there to get my car. He told me that he would not ALLOW me to take my car unless I had a tow. I told him who was he kidding, I didn't need a tow to get me there. He was beyond condescending and rude. I told him that he had no right to keep my car and he then said he would and he wouldn't let it go without a wrecker. He was just mad that I was not going to let him jip me out of $1,000! So I called the Kennesaw Police Dept. who then twice, xferred me to the Magistrate Court, once after some chick told me that her officer was not able to tell me if it was against the law to keep my car. Neither if which seemed to be able to help me. But the lady at the court stated that she thought the police should be the ones to help me not the courts. Your tax dollars at work! So I called Just Brakes again and told John to have my car ready that I was on my way to get it, he told me that he would not even take it off the rack until he saw a tow truck. I cannot describe with words how furious I was and still am! I arrived at Just Brakes and my car was still up in the air with the tires not even on it. Moments later Kennesaw's dumbest police showed up to support who????? Just Brakes. My sister actually saw the cop sitting in the adjacent parking lot when we pulled in so he was waiting to be tipped off that I'd arrived. I told the cop I was there to get my car and he said that I was right, they cannot hold my car but that the police could prevent me from getting on the road with an unsafe car. I told him I got it there and my sister would trail me... he gave me mad attitude and didn't wanna hear me out and flexed his muscles to try and intimidate me. I went off verbally at the scammers and the cop put his hands on me! He tells me they have no right to hold my car and then he does that to me! I began to walk to my sister's car then the cop asked me my name and I refused to which he stated he could have me arrested for obstruction if I did not give it to him. It took several minutes til I gave him my name but when he asked for my DOB I flat out refused.. But my sister and mother who were there were scared and intimidated and my mother gave him my DOB. The cop then ran a check on me! The cop then tried to prevent me from getting into my sister's car and then I told him that by doing so he was restraining me illegally. Eventually the other pigs, I mean dumb cops, he called for backup told him to step aside. My sister had called a wrecker and he came soon and even he knew what the deal was with Just Brakes. Like all this was not bad enough, when I got inside the car there was a box on my passenger seat and inside were parts from my car they did not even put back on it! But KARMA is a bad lady! What comes around goes around! NO ONE should EVER go anywhere near a JUST BRAKES! All this started because they tried to con me and I wouldn't be conned! Just Brakes is a RIP OFF of sick proportions and they should be closed down! The cops won't help you so you are on your own and so long as money is involved the cops will always side with them not you! You don't have to travel all the way to a farm to buy a PIG in the city. Any crooked grease monkey knows that. Now that I know about this site, I will check it before I go anywhere else you can believe that! Miss M Kennesaw, GeorgiaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Just Brakes
Entity: KENNESAW, Georgia
29, Report #192107
May 18 2006
08:46 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Lilburn Georgia
About six monthes ago I took our '02 Honda Accord to Just Brakes in Lilburn. I have had this grinding sound from the front. Don't know what the H-E-Double-Tooth-Picks they did. I have just noticed all the complaints about them on the internet so I will not be taking it back to them. I try not to work on my cars if I don't have to but the way mechanics are... If you have ANY knowledge of Automotive repair, time and space to do it... You should. Just a few days ago I took my Jeep GC ot them, I was told the rear brake were on backwards, the Self Adjusting Cable was STRECHED (Steel Cable mind you)Simple physics... what the F@#*, They think nothing but chumps stroll in there. AND my door hinge was worn. Presented a $475 bill to me (with a strait face). Astrunomical prices on this stuff... Shoes-80, Drums-200, Cylinders-160. If any of y'all ever shopped at Pep boys you feel me. Long story short. I told dude he must be out of his tree, put my wheel back on, and I hit the bricks. Last night it cost me $10.99 and Two hours to fix the problem. Marc Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lilburn, Georgia
30, Report #212392
Sep 23 2006
09:02 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Ocoee Florida
i recently went to just brakes to have work done, i know i was needing brakes, i had 57,000 miles on car.. mostly highway miles. so for 99.88, i figured what the heck.... i'll go there cause you all know the prices of dealers.. well i should have read these reports first, that 99.88 dollars soon was 529.00 dollars they said i needed wheel cylinders, springs and clips and new roters... i said forget it, so i went to the dealer and got brakes done for 167.00 and saved 362.00 hard earned dollars Wayne clermont, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Ocoee, Florida
31, Report #202538
Jul 23 2006
05:21 PM
Just Brakes Advertisement RipOff Clearwater Florida
I needed new brakes & I knew I'd pay at least $100.00. I saw an ad for Just Brakes Pads & shoes for just $99.88. I thought that was wonderful so I went there. Well, I knew that they would need to inspect the current brakes to see if I needed either new pads & shoes or both. BUT, I was not prepared for them to DESTROY the front brakes just so that they may emphesize thier explanation as to why I should get new ones! When I say DESTROY, They litterally used a crow bar & hammer on them because they wouldn't just come right off! I was furious when I saw the mechanic do this! Well, after he managed to litterally smash both to pieces he told me that I need new front rotars along with the brakes & I told him that if he didn't use the hammer & crowbar on them that I wouldn't need new rotars. **I had new pads put on rotars that were in the same condition before on a different car.** Granted the rotars were rusty, but they were still useable. Then came the drum brakes in the back. Again he couldn't get the assembly to release so here comes the hammer again. Then the Mgr comes out & says the total in materials & labor would be around $800.00! I told him I can't afford that price, which was true. I only had about $600 available in my checking account. He made it so that w/ taxes it came out just a few dollars under $600. John Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
32, Report #115562
Nov 01 2004
11:58 AM
Just Brakes ripoff potentially catasrophic negligence Largo Florida
I had brake work done at this Just Brakes location prior to a long trip. The sales practices documented in earlier reports were done on me, and I had about $300 wrth of brake work done. The follwing day and approximately 150 miles down the road I experienced total brake failure at 70 mph on one of Florida's busiest highways. Were it not for blind luck I could have been killed or killed others. I called the number on my reciept expecting some kind of assistance. I was told they would consider reimbursing me for repairs, but getting them was going to be my problem. I had the vehicle towed to a dealership 14 miles away. The mechanic showed me the Just Brakes technican faile dto tighten the bleeder screw resulting in loss of all brake fluid. There's not much in life to prepare you for what it feels like to be crusing in high speed traffic , put your foot on the brake and have your foot go all the way to the floor. Marc largo, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Largo, Florida
33, Report #115578
Nov 01 2004
01:16 PM
Just Brakes ripoff Albuquerque New Mexico
This happened several years ago, but I am sure it is still going on. I needed brake work done on my car, so I went to Just Brakes and got an estimate of $98. As they worked on my car, the technician would come out and tell me that such and such was bad and needed replacement. Of course they wouldn't warranty any of their work unless I had all of the problems repaired. Finally, my car was finished. And all for only $404. I felt like I had been physically abused. About 2 weeks later, I was driving and saw another Just Brakes with a big sign advertisng Free Brake Inspection. What the Heck? I went in and had my brakes inspected. Guess what? I needed a total brake job, including another new master cylinder. I told them to go ahead and fix it, since it was under warranty. They asked me what I meant by that, so I showed them my paper work from 2 weeks previous. They got mad and told me to Get the Hell out of here. I guess that tells you all you need to know about integrity at Just Brakes. Frank Albuquerque, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
34, Report #145665
Jun 10 2005
05:30 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Stockbridge Georgia
June 9, 2005 Just Brakes Store#344 5244 N Henry Blvd Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 On April 2, 2005, I took my 1998 Mitsubishi Montero to Just Brakes Store #344 to have my brakes inspected due to a grinding noise that was occurring over the previous 3 - 5 days. After inspecting my brakes, the Brake Technician stated that the brake pads would have to be replaced. The initial quote was $99.00 dollars although the price eventually escalated to $792.70. Approximately 5 weeks later, the brakes were grinding so bad that I was forced to take the vehicle back to the Just Brakes maintenance facility to get my vehicle's brakes re-inspected. Upon arrival to the Just Brakes facility, the Technician took the vehicle on a test drive to see what was causing the grinding sound from the brakes. After the test drive, the Technician stated that the brakes were fine although no additional maintenance was performed. Two weeks later, the grinding sound from the brakes was still present. Once again, I returned to the Just Brakes facility. During this particular visit, another Technician performed an analysis of the vehicle's brakes, and it was determined, according to the Technician, that the previous brake repair by their Technicians was incorrect. The Technician replaced the brake pads, and he also stated that pressing down all the way on the brakes is normal although he had just placed new brake pads on the vehicle. If I am not mistaken, pressing all the way down on the brakes is sometimes an indicator of bad brakes or low brake fluid. Nevertheless, this was supposedly a new brake job, and none of the previous items mentioned should have been present. Presently, it has been over two months since I initially had the brakes repaired at the Just Brakes facility, and my brakes are still not repaired to my satisfaction. Moreover, this is a safety hazard not only for me, but for my children that ride in my vehicle as well. Service of this type is totally unacceptable particularly for a reputable brake company like Just Brakes. In addition, it seems as if the Technicians are not competent enough to troubleshoot or diagnose brake problems especially when one of the Technicians was questioning the work performed by the Technician that initially repaired the brakes. In closing, I am going to report this lackluster brake repair service to the Better Business Bureau of metro Atlanta, and I demand immediate compensation for my time and financial loss. Sincerely, Alisa D. W. Stockbridge, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
35, Report #157764
Sep 20 2005
03:40 PM
Just Brakes ripoff, false advertisement Garland Texas
Just Brakes is running an ad on the radio stating they'll replace front and back pads and turn rotors for $99.88. I pull in one day and sign up to bring my truck back in two days. Signing up consist of my name, address, telephone number and vehicle description. When I arrive two days later, the manager (Tim) tells me they don't stock pads for my vehicle. They'll need to call and get a quote for the pads and then he'll quote me. At this point I'm wanting to know why I wasn't informed of this when I signed up two days before. Tim comes back with a quote of $180.99, so I asked him why I wasn't informed of what they had in stock when I signed up. After all, the brake specialist that took all my information knew what type vehicle I was driving. Tim tells me, he probably didn't know, so I stated he might want to train his people better. Tim says ma'am, don't talk to me that way, and I say I'm making a phone call (calling my brother regarding the cost), and I'll let him know if I'm going to have my brakes worked on. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. I asked Tim for his managers name, but he didn't want to give me that. I mentioned he didn't need to give it to me, I'd get it. Tim tells me I insulted him when telling him to train his people better, because he takes pride in his job. I had already priced pads and they're $80 for both front and back, and turning rotors are $36. When I mentioned this to Tim, he didn't have much to say. He did apologize for saying what he did, and I did tell him, I didn't like their way of doing business. He mentioned the ad states $99.88 in most cases, but I informed him, the brake specialist knew it would cost more, so why didn't he just tell me? I understand Just Brakes needs to make a profit, and I wouldn't mind paying if it wasn't for the fact of them KNOWING they DID NOT stock the pads for my truck. Here's something I don't understand. My vehicle is a 02 Dodge truck, which is a VERY popular vehicle, so why in the world wouldn't they stock the pads? When the brake specialist signed me up, he could have told me then it would be more than $99.88, but I guess that's how they get you in there, and in most cases people will pay. IN MY OPINION, JUST BRAKES SUCK! T Garland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Garland, Texas
36, Report #138031
Apr 08 2005
08:00 AM
Just Brakes ripoff Austin Texas
I had my brakes inspected by a small repair shop because they had been making a grinding noise. This mechanic said the rotors needed to be resurfaced and that it would less labor expense to have them done at a shop that had the equipment to do this without removing the rotors from the vehicle. Went to Just Brakes, explained the situation, and signed off on a $99 quote to do the work. 20 minutes later, the Just Brakes mechanic leads us back into the shop area to show us uneven wear on the calipers (in fact, said the left side rotor and calipers looked fine when the first mechanic I saw said both the left and right needed work...). It was explained that the uneven wear was due to a problem with the hoses, and of course those needed to be replaced. Another part needed to be rebuilt and the hardware on the back brakes needed to be replaced. $99 quickly turned into around $500 with tax, and then I get a call saying my CV joints are looking kinda bad and they could replace those while they're doing the brakes for $75 each. The CV joints don't NEED to be replaced right now, but according to Just Brakes it's going to be so much cheaper for them to do it right now while they have access to them... Just makes me wonder when I go one place and have one problem, then go to Just Brakes and they find problem after problem. I also noticed a rather defensive, rather angry, essay framed on the wall in the waiting room at Just Brakes. It was a general defense of mechanics against a public perception of dishonesty and a mechanic being less than human. It went on to compare mechanics to doctors and chide people for being suspicious and demanding when dealing with mechanics. Though it made a few good points, the overall tone was much too angry. I have a general idea of what they might have been going for by putting that on the wall but I don't think it has the effect they intended. Glad to see the link to this site comes up first on a Google search for Just Brakes. Wish I'd seen it sooner! Anonymous Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
37, Report #262691
Jul 23 2007
11:59 PM
Just Brakes Bait and Switch Dallas Texas
They baited and switched me like everyone else. Whatever you do, please DO NOT use the links below to seek out Bennett Cloud the company CEO and commit an act of vengeance upon his greedy a$$ !! http://investing.businessweek.com/businessweek/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=4362310 http://www.americanexecutive.com/spotlights/sl_03_07_JustBrakes.asp happy motoring people ! hahaha Huufarted Rodchester, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
38, Report #320025
Mar 21 2008
03:18 PM
Just Brakes Consumber Beware Houston Texas
I went to just brakes on march 7th of 2008. i went in because of the false special they have 99 dollar pads etc etc. This is just not true. this was actually the second time that i have taken a car there and shame on me for that. they did the same thing that they did last time which is once they get you in there you have to sign a paper stating that you agree to pay the 99 dollars to have the brakes done. then they take your entire braking system apart and bring you back into the repair bay. at this point they tell you how all of this stuff needs to be done. my total went from 99 to 452 quick. i told them all i had was 220 so they stated that they would do all the work to the front and put pads on the back but that i would need to come back. instead of going back i went and had a free brake inspection at another reputable company who in turned took a look at everything and stated that my brakes were fine. they also tole me at the reputable place that they have ALOT of customers coming in after going to just brakes for the same reason. they are the biggest rip off of them all. if anyone out there has a class action lawsuit going against this company i would love to be apart of it. Consumber beware do not go to just brakes. Dan katy, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
39, Report #314485
Mar 04 2008
05:38 AM
Just Brakes work not needed Brandon Florida
daughter went in for $99.00 brake special,upon safetry inspectionwas told she needed $600 additional brake work. she declined all repairs and picked up the car.when leaving there were problems with the steering. Just Brakes never tightened the lug nuts. when the car was taken to a company other than Just Brakes all that was needed was brake pads @ $40 plus labor. Marv orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
40, Report #336357
Jun 02 2008
10:28 AM
Just Brakes $99.00 Ripoff Bedford Texas
This place is a rip off. When I called regarding squeaky brakes they assured me they could fix the problem for $99.00. They later called me back and told me the bill was going to be $463.35+tax. When I told them I could not pay that much, they told me that they could get my car back on the road for $299.35, but that it would not fix the problem. They charged me $299.35 and made me sign a waiver that I knew they didn't fix my brakes properly. Sue Watauga, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bedford, Texas
41, Report #255213
Jun 18 2007
12:22 PM
Just Brakes ripoff fraudelnt Deltona Florida
I warn everyone in the Orlando area, STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM JUST BRAKES!!! They get customers in the door with their $99.88 advertised low price to do all four wheels IN MOST CASES is the key word. If you drive an '05 Chevy Malibu, it's not $99.88 because of a non-stocking fee that they assess and it varies in price from an additional $50 to $600. I am a former employee of Just Brakes and worked as a manager and had to keep sales high in order to keep my job. As you can see, I am no longer employeed because I didn't sell enough. This company could care less about the customer, all they are concerned about is amking money. In fact, their company national average for sales $350 per vehicle. If they come at you saying you need to rebuild your calipers, replace from disc hardware, rear return springs, bleed, fill & adjust and any other long list of unnecessary repairs that is over $350, don't buy it!! They constantly have classes over in their West Colonial store (#623) about selling strategies and never concentrate on customer satisfaction. Don't go to the store in Casselberry off S.R. 436, the managers, Mike & Drew will pressure you & bully you into buying unneccessary repairs and will insult you intelligence (ironically, they are the #1 store in the Orlando market). When I worked there, I had a customer come in who had visited my store over a year ago, when another set of managers were there, and was so unsatisfied, he was going to call the media. That was one of the many reasons why I was let go because I wanted to make him happy and try to fix his stated problem which was never fixed and he spent over $2000 on his vehicle. The market manager, Jeff Turner, told me over the phone when I was confronted regarding this that there are hundered of other parts that could fail on the vehicle and it could have worn out when he left the shop and WE didn't notice it; basically encouraging people to come back and spend even more money out of them. They also live by their phone track which is 2 8.5x14 papers that you are supposed to say verbatim when a customer calls. In fact, you have to memorize it and write the whole thing down in 10 mistakes or less or you don't have a job there. Another reason why you can not trust this company is because they hire people who are convicted felons and on probation from things such as theft, possesion & DUI. These ones steal from the company and will steal from you. The store in E. Colonial by Dean Road has been reported to the BBB over 30 times within the last year. The N. Orange Blossom Trail store has incompetant technicians who have no idea what they are doing and the management changes like the seasons in the year. Same thing for the Winter Park store (only 4.76 miles apart from each other). My advice to all Central Floridians, stear clear of Just Brakes, if you want to save yourself the headache & aggrevation (not to mention being insulted) of Just Brakes. Chris Deltona, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Deltona, Florida
42, Report #220348
Nov 13 2006
01:07 PM
Just Brakes Performs unnecessary work. Houston Texas
I almost went to Just Brakes after hearing their radio commercial for their $99.88 brake job. Fortunately, I read these comments first and then spoke to a guy at work, Brian, who told me about his experience. Brian told the guy at Just Brakes he wanted the $99.88 deal and to not to find anything else that needed to be done. Long story short, his $99.88 brake job cost $200 and they wouldn't warranty the work because he didn't do all the unnecessary work they wanted to do. Brian said he never had any problems with his brakes without all the extra work Just Brakes tried to do to his car. Brian also said that he didn't see one person come in after him who paid $99.88. Some of the prices he heard were in the thousands, $1,200 to as much as $2,000! Sure, some people actually do have have additional problems with their cars which do honestly require more work, but, every single person who walks in the door? Be real. I just got my brakes done at Brake Masters Total Car Care, 4546 FM 4546 RD, Friendswood, TX, 281-996-7878. The price I was quoted on the phone by Ron Hedman, the owner, was the price I paid. Ron is super nice and I highly recommend him. Brake Masters only uses premium brake pads and they only do the work that needs to be done. Imagine that! Sure, Ron could have told me I needed rear brake pads too, but, he didn't. Instead he told me my rear pads are at about 50%. I paid $147.91 with tax. Ron showed me a copy of a Just Brakes estimate for one of their $99.88 jobs which was brought to him by one of his customers. The total cost was $614.79 and all the additional work was not necessary. I found out that when Just Brakes first opened in the Houston area there were so many complaints to the Better Business Bureau that a red flag went up and Just Brakes was busted in a hidden camera sting. It sure seems as if they are still up to their usual tricks and getting away with it. If you need brakes in the Houston area go see Ron at Brake Masters Total Car Care, 4546 FM 4546 RD, Friendswood, TX, 281-996-7878. Tell him Fred sent you. Fred League City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
43, Report #252581
Jun 05 2007
11:34 PM
Just Brakes Bait and switch ripoff Pflugerville Texas
I went to Just Brakes in Pflugerville TX, because like most of the customers i heard about the $99 brake job deal. My brake pads were making ocassional noise(squeeling) I drop my vehicle off in the morning around 9. About 12 pm i get a call from BILLY stating that i needed the calipers, the hardware and other items totaling $554.00. I stated i only wanted the pads on all 4 discs done. Then BILLY used scare tactics trying to get me to believe that if i didn't get the work done he recommended my brakes might not even stop the car eventually. I said fine do the brakes and hardware. I pick up my car around 7 pm after they had to work on it after closing. I noticed on my way home the brakes were squeeling anytime i even tapped them.( before it was only occasionally.) I go the next day and explain to BILLY he says we will look at it, they looked at it and said that it was the brakes that hadnt been worn in yet. ( i have another vehicle, that after a long trip the brakes were so bad that they were grinding without even applying the brakes, and all i did was replace the pads: PROBLEM SOLVED. And here is this person that takes people for idiots tellling me that its just the pads. 200 plus miles later still squeeling. I will keep posted after i go in and talk to BILLY. for the third time WHAT THE HELL EVER happened to getting something you pay for? I and many others work hard for their money only to get it stripped from us by these thieves. this is truly one of my pet peeves. It seems JUST BRAKES IS A RIP OFF AND BILLY is just the LACKEY that does the dirty work of doing the ripping off. Adam Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Pflugerville, Texas
44, Report #95445
Jun 18 2004
11:56 AM
Just Brakes ripoff on unecessary brake work Tampa Florida
in september 2002 my husband and i took my toyota 4runner to just brakes on n dale mabry in tampa florida. the mechanic removed my brakes and after about 10-15 minutes of inspection we were told that the vehicle needed over $500.00 of brakes work. we were taken back by his price because we were going in for the $99.00 special. we wanted the brakes put back on the car. ( we were going somewhere else for an inspection but did not inform just brakes of that ) the mechanic told us that if the brakes were put back on the vehicle would be unsafe to drive. neither of us wanted me driving an unsafe vehicle so we had the work done there at just brakes. after 20,000 miles my brakes still squeek and pull. Vanessa riverview, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
45, Report #99736
Jul 20 2004
12:02 PM
Just Brakes rip-off! Brandon Florida
I went into the Just Brakes in Brandon Florida to have only my front pads changed on my brakes and take advantage of their advertized $98 brake job. I was VERY specific that I only wanted my front pads changed and nothing more. I even stated that I do not authorized any additional work on my vehicle except for my brake pads regardless of what they claim they find. Well, I went off to run some errands and when I return to claim my vehicle 2 hours later, I am given a bill for $758 worth of work they claim my vehicle needed. I became very irrate and asked who authorized this work. I was very specific about what I did and did not want done to my car. I demanded that my car be returned to the original condition it was when I first brought it there because I was not paying for any of this work. They told me they could not put back all my original parts because they had broke them. So this left me no choice, I had to pay for this bill or I would never be able to drive my car again. My car was fairly new and did not require any of the work they claimed they did. I know pretty much about brakes having done them plenty of times before I was just trying to save myself some time, and I know for a fact that my car did not need any of this work done. Not only did they rip me off, now my vehicle is in WORST condition than before and I'm going to have to get my car worked on because of they messed up. Anton Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Brandon, Florida
46, Report #80635
Feb 16 2004
05:49 PM
Just Brakes ripoff Mesa Arizona
Iam a fellow Just Brakes employee and I must tell you that company is an heel hole to work for. All they care about is the money not customers or employees. Managers are paid a base salary of up to 500.00 weekly but they make alot of commission especially gross profit precentage. There are several managers in Phoenix alone that make over 100K a year that is no lie. There so called brake specialists are 6.00- 9.00 an hour guys, that walk in off of the street with no knowledge that they put to work. (They do help the total gross profit for the store though) There parts are some of the cheapestr around. They have some rotors that cost the store as low as $13.33, but in just brakes parts book it says to sell them between $60.00- $90.00. this is also the truth they have a set guide to charge for parts. Do not let them rebuild your calipers my ex-boss Roger Hobbs always ripped my butt for not selling them enough Its our biggest profit maker I was always told. Every care needs them. Thats bull, they dont. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SCAMERS AROUND Robert Gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
47, Report #67974
Oct 01 2003
08:42 AM
Just Brakes #340 ripoff Woodstock Georgia
took my vehicle to have the brakes checked they took the wheels appart and told me that i needed cilinders, brakes, springs, etc. the 99.95 job turned out to be $450.00 wich i refused and the reduced it to $ 380.00 witch it was still a ripp-off. whent to auto parts store were they got the parts and i was charged $39.95 plus labor for a $5.95 part X 4, plus brake pads, etc. will spread the word around this touwn about this ripp-off company. Angel woodstock, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodstock, Georgia
48, Report #73592
Dec 01 2003
11:58 AM
Just Brakes Put Lives in Danger Lakewood Colorado
My wife noticed that her brakes were beginning to squeal. We live in the mountains outside of Denver and do some very treacherous driving to and from work each day. We called just brakes and set up an appointment. After reviewing the car, they quoted us $887.00 to replace the brake pads, roters and callipers. We said no because we thought the estimate was outrageous. We did ask them to just put on the brake pads for around $100 which they did. The next day my wife called me and said the car sounded horrible and was scraping. We immediately called the Mitsubishi dealership where we bought the car and asked them to look at the brakes. Later that day, after dropping it off at the dealership, they called and said, Did you know your brake pads were put on backwards? You've been grinding metal to metal. We asked them to repair the work and they did. The entire cost, including new roters, was $337. A far cry from the nearly $900 we were quoted by Just Brakes. We asked the dealership to put it in writing that the brakes were installed backwards and they did. We took the car back to Just Brakes and, of course, they claimed they certainly didn't do it on purpose. Come on guys, you only do one thing -- BRAKES. They gave us a Customer Service 800 number and said they could not refund our money at that site. It had to go through their Customer Service. Obviously, the scam is that when people refuse to pay their outrageous prices, they put the brakes on incorrectly, hoping you'll come back in and agree to the deal. They didn't expect us to take it elsewhere. Consumers beware! Had we not immediately gotten the car to someone reputable, we could have been injured. We are planning to sue this company. As of yet, we cannot get through on their Customer Service 800 line. Mark Evergreen, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Lakewood, Colorado
49, Report #74497
Dec 09 2003
06:46 AM
Just Brakes scams Lilburn Georgia
I own a 2001 Ford Mustang with less than 50,000 miles on it. I needed maintanence on my brakes and I knew it, so I went to Just brakes for the special that is always advertised. Needless to say, that was just to get you in the door. The mechanic completed a brake inspection and told me that I needed all rotors replaced, the front and back brakes replaced and that my calipers needed to be replaced for the low price of $725.00. When I refused, he stated that because it was at the end of the day, they could complete the work for $650.00. I still declined and instructed them to put my car back together and I would go to the dealership. The mechanic and his manager showed me some brake pads that were worn down on one side, stating that he want ed to show me what he discovered regarding my brake pads so I wouldn't think he was trying to get over. I told him I did not care, I would go somewhere else. I watched him put the worn brake pads underneath the counter, which is where he probably got them from to begin with, because when I left I had brake pads on my car. Hmm!!!! How could those be the same brake pads from my car, and I left with my brakes doing the same thing as before I pulled in. I went to the dealership and discovered that only my front brake pads needed to be replaced and my rotors turned..... A whopping $179.00 Dana Lilburn, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lilburn, Georgia
50, Report #86580
Apr 04 2004
09:34 PM
Just Brakes ripoff Decatur Georgia
I'm filing this report to make the residents of the Atlanta area aware of the Just Brakes scam. Please do not patronize this business, especially the Covington Hwy location. The store manager 'Chris' and the shop foreman are experts at lies and deceit. I was ripped off this Saturday (4/3) for $670 in charges I didn't authorize. The wording on their service contract doesn't clearly state what services are being authorized and they apply extemely high prices for parts and services you really don't need. In fact, I told both of them I didn't want any of the additional services perform, just the $99.88 special. They performed the work anyway because I sign a line that states I CERTIFY THAT I AUTHORIZED THE ABOVE TELEPHONE REVISED ESTIMATE. I did not interpret this statement as giving authorization to PERFORM any additional work. There was also a line that gives you a chance to accept or decline the estimate. After I told the 'Chris' I didn't want any of the additional repairs performed, he nelected to instruct me whether or not to accept the revised estimate in writing. Upon reading all posts about Just Brakes and experiencing first hand their way of doing business, I'm proceeding with legal action against Just Brakes, plus I'm having an attorney review their service contract. It was very misleading and the store manager didn't get all the signatures needed to perform any additional work. I would advise anybody that has been ripped off by Just Brakes to review the botom left corner of their contracts to see if the store manager obtained the necessary signatures to perform any additional work. If anything appears shady, contact a lawyer, don't just let them continue to steal our hard earned money. Just a concerned citizen Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Decatur, Georgia

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