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26, Report #879770
May 08 2012
01:34 PM
Kaplan University Ripoffs Ft. Lauderdale , Florida
This school is ridiculous.  I have been enrolled for 2 years.  I am only four months away from getting my degree.  I was involved in an accident where I was run over by a van.  I tried to stay enrolled in school during this time.  My pelvis was broken and my tailbone.  I had to learn to walk again.  During this time I was still trying to stay in school.  I was on the deans list for the whole 2 years.  I ended up failing the same class 3 times.  I was academically dismissed.  I tried to appeal and I have sent the information in 3 times now.  Wverytime I send it they say that they have not received it.  Finally this last time that I sent it I spoke to a woman named CORETTA.  She gave me her last name, but the house was a little loud because my children were here.  I asked for her last name again and she refused to give it to me.  She also told me to not even bother to send the appeal in because it will be denied.  I have been tossed from person to person.  I do not appreciate this.  They had no problem taking my money or talking to me when they needed me to do something, but now that i am so close to being done they are shunning me off.  I am so overwhelmed with this whole deal.  Now they are saying that I need to take this course at another college and pass with a c or better.  I have tried to contact colleges.  They are telling me that I can't just take one course and then most don't even offer that course.  So am I getting screwed out of my degree?  Now I am going to be billed for all of this education cost and have no degree because they are making it impossible.  I think that is what all of these online schools are doing.  Some people are finding out that the degree isn't even valid...so people please check into things first.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
27, Report #870781
Apr 19 2012
02:23 PM
Kaplan University Unorganized, Unhelpful, and Unknowing Davenport, Iowa
Kaplan University is a horrible school and I wouldn't suggest this to screw over any of my enemies. It's not the schooling that's the problem, it's the financial aid department. They take your documents,Required fro enrollment, and they put them in a huge pile and say your doing everything wrong. Then they try to tell you that they lost your form and it's your responsibility to send in a completely new one. Let me ask a few questions. Is it your fault when a teacher lost your assignment that you get an 'F' on it? NO. Is it your fault that when you boss loses your paycheck that you just don't get paid? NO. Should it be my responsibility to keep re-sending these documents to the school when they can't keep things in order? NO. If by the time that any of you read this and decide not to attend, I have completed my goal. Kaplan University,  to put it plain and simple, you SUCK!
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
28, Report #456363
May 28 2009
08:27 PM
Kaplan University Beware Fort Laurderdale Florida
What I know. I work for Kaplan, and I must say, I don't agree with the telemarketing style they have. Years ago I took courses from them for the the LSAT which is for pre law, sucked. I did end up in law school but not from them. Anyway, online school is not for everyone, and as it stands now as far as I am concerned is it for the money for the schools. People need to know who are completing their degree what they have to gain from it? Don't be some person who has no clue? All online schools are the same, but I will admit Kaplan has a better program from what I have seen, as much as I hate to say it. I'm kinda of a no BS person, but what I do know if you are going to spend that kinda money it should be for the best. It is really not all that bad, and from the people I have talked to they love it. Let's be real clear about this. I do not think Kaplan is the best place to be, that is a person own decision, and you will have many to pick from. I don't agree with Kaplan nor will I. It has become a telemarketing game and nothing to do with education which concerns me the most. They hire people and they will fire people for not enrolling a certain number of students. That beings said, what does all that mean? Aviationtech Hallandale Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Laurderdale, Florida
29, Report #689893
Feb 02 2011
01:41 PM
Kaplan University Fraudulent tuition practices Internet
I just graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Kaplan University. I attended this school for four years. My education was decent and the teachers and classmates were excellent. I enjoyed that the Profs had real-life experience that they drew from and many truly wanted students to succeed and be educated. Hats off to them for their excellent work! The problem in Kaplans accounting practices and financial aid administrationor lack there of as the case may be. I truly believe this organization to be FRAUDULENT in their accounting roles when it comes to handling student tuition. No doubt Kaplan will respond to this saying Dont listen to this person as they do with every complaint. The truth is I have no reason to lie. I am a 40 year old college educated professional who graduated with a 4.0 GPA. My only goal here is to make everyone aware of the nightmare of a situation I have encountered with Kaplan. Starting last October I was harassed literally by no less than 3 phone calls per day asking me to pay $120. After a week I finally paid. Two weeks later I received a refund check for $678. Odd seeing as how they just harassed me for $120. I called and they stated the check was mine and I did not owe anything. Three weeks later the phone calls started again stating I owed $404. I called again, this time very confused. Accounting was unable to satisfy my interest in a full reconciliation of my account. One woman even stating I did not have access to certain files showing what I owed. January 4th I get a refund check from Kaplan for $275.00. After hours on the phone I finally gave in and made payment arrangements by returning the $275.00 check and adding $129 of my own to equal the $404. Four different people at Kaplan told me I was paid in full with nothing to worry about. January 24 the phone calls start saying I owe Kaplan a Master Promissory Note to complete my file. I explained I was already done with school as my last class was January 18. Nope, not good enoughfill out this needed form or we wont send your degree. Whateversend me the form and Ill sign it. I received one Master Promissory Note on 1-28-11 stating that I am required to pay Kaplan $747. I received another Promissory Note three days later on 1-31-11 saying I owed Kaplan $242. Since October I have had 18 documented Kaplan calls where I have called to sort things out. I have names and dates which I will gladly supply. These 18 calls certainly do not include the dozens of collection calls Kaplan has made to me. Kaplan has stated I owe $120 in October, $404 in December and Januarys totals have fluctuated from zero owed, to $242, to $404, to $575, to $747. Its a different total with every person spoke to. There is no organization and not one person can reconcile my account in a decent fashion. Sadly, because of this constant harassment and money-hungry attitude, I cannot give Kaplan a recommendation. Moreover, I plan to continue for my Masters Degree and will look elsewhere to spend my $30,000. Take it from a student who has 4 years in with Kaplan. LOOK ELSEWHERE!
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #679009
Jan 05 2011
12:21 PM
Kaplan University online deceptive tactics Internet
I was told that I owe $4552.00 now that I am in my last term and must pay in order to get my degree in 3 weeks. I am furious because I applied for a Kaplan Choice loan back in Sept. 2010 I was approved by the lender Genisis who sent me a letter requesting more information. when I called them I was told the information needed to come from the school. The loan was never funded dispite all the countless phone calls I made to thefinancial aid dept and being given the run around. now today I am told that they have a email on file saying it is my fault for not certifing my loan online back in Sept. with the lender. This is an absolute lie and the information given to me to clear this up is bogus. I am getting no help and feel disgusted about the situation. I need help.
Entity: Internet, Internet
31, Report #671409
Dec 14 2010
02:13 PM
Kaplan University Theft of funds, Internet
Kaplan University, is a discredit to all universities trying to teach on line. They lie t the students to get them to sign up and they lie to them about the support they will give. Kaplan will steal your funds and when you catch them at it they want to try and cheat you again.  I have been three (3) to four (4) months trying to get the $7,161.00 that kaplan overcharged me on my loan.  I will tonight inform the news media about how deceptive kaplan is.  And I will do everything that I can to see that this cheating university gets closed down.
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #447184
Apr 28 2009
12:38 PM
Kaplan University HUGE SCAM Ft. Lauderdale Internet
I started Kaplan University about 2 1/2 years ago. I was a stay at home mom and wanted to further myself, and maybe have a career. I was contacted by Kaplan, whom while looking at my records online said that with the community college I had attended I already had my associates. I would be working on my bachelors. Great. So I started school. Financial aid paid for everythng but $100 to $200 every four months. I'm thinking it's not that bad. Sure. I could never get ahold of my advisor. I was never sure who it was, I was always told that it was someone new when I called. I would talk to the next available advisor. I had requested that in my notes someone would put in that I wanted all of my general education requirements done first. This would mean to a normal person that I wanted to take all of these classes first. No I was taking all the classes towards my degree first and filling in the general education where they could. This went on for about a year, year and a half. I still thought that I was getting an education until a math class I had to take. It was basically a high school algebra class. I passed that in high school but whatever. The professor for this class turned out to be a student aid. This person knocked me down on points for showing my work like I was told (but according to them I showed too much, there was never a set amount had to be shown), or for not showing my work like I was told. Then I would go to the class. I would ask questions about what was in the book. I would get the exact same answers, word for word, that were in the book. No other explainations. My husband watched me get more and more frustraited. I would get all the home work right, but fail the tests because of this person. My husband took caculus in college, so he decided to take the class for me and see if he could pull my grade up. After two weeks of this professor I had to call my advisor. Never a call back. A few classmates and myself called the next available advisor. We were all told that there was a file started on this professor and that they would not be teaching the next semester. We were lied to. Then for some unforseen reasons I had to quit school for a while. Since I had been in class for long enough I expected about a $300 bill. There were only two weeks left in the semester. What I got was a $1700.00 bill. I was told this was what my student loan was not going to pay. So I started making payment arrangements. I was told that I would have to pay $200 every month. After 7 phone calls I got it knocked down to $50 a month. There was no way after that phone call I was paying $200 a month. Then I get my first month bill that already said I was past due. So I called they said no that went out before the payment arrangement. Okay so that day I made my first payment over the phone. No biggie. I was told that I could set it up where they would take it right out of my account if I would like. I said no. Three days later I find out that they took $650 out of my account. I called, they said that I owed it and agreed to it. It had to take a call from a lawyer and my bank for them to give me back $600. So I continued to send checks every month. Then one month I get my check back and a letter saying I was again past due. I call again. They said that I should have recieved the email that said they were no longer accepting checks. I told them I didn't. Got the late fee taken off. Then I get a bill that says put your credit card information on it. Okay no big deal there right? No. I put down that only $50 was to come off of my credit card. I check my account everyday to make sure they do not take off more than $50. Two weeks after I sent that payment in I get another you're late statement. I call and tell them I sent it. I was told that I could pay over the phone, to which I laughed, or I could have it directly taken out of my account every month by them. No other option. I hung up. For three months I did not pay. They did not send me a bill. Then I get a phone call saying I'm late. Told them to send me a bill. Two day's later I get the bill. So I start paying online direct bill pay every two weeks. About christmas of last year I stop getting bills. Great I'm done no more payments. So I stop paying. I decided to give school another shot. I called Kaplan, thinking it was just their billing department. I get an advisor who tells me that the only way I can come back is if I write them 150 essay on why I had to leave and why I wanted to come back. Then she tells me that I don't have my associates and no one there would ever tell me that! So I call another school. I get enrolled there, I want my transcripts from Kaplan. I get a denial from them saying that I still owed $186.07, and my transcripts would go no where until I paid. I was told that just because they stop sending bills does not me I quit owing. So I paid. Now they are telling me that I have to resign and refax my transcripts requests, because that is federal law. It's been over a month, and that's how it is. I reccomend that if Kaplan calls any of you or if you're thinking about that school run! Run fast and hard. For the school I'm attending now to get an Assoc. and a B.S. 4 years it's only going to be $20,000. For kaplan for the time I went which was not even three. I owe $26,000. Do Not let them enroll you. Jamie Lochbuie, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
33, Report #746497
Jun 28 2011
01:10 PM
Kaplan University Financial Aid fort lauderdale, Internet
I attended Kaplan University just short of 2yrs ago.  I was going for Medical Transcription.  I was about to get my associate's of applied science degree when all of a sudden they blocked me from classes.  I was doing my externship (8wks) and they said that I was blocked for not logging into my classes.  Once that was all straightened out and I was re-enrolled they sent me a bill for almost $1800 and said that my student loans would not cover my last class because I wasn't enrolled in enough credit hours.  Well I was before they blocked me from my classes.  I logged in all the time because I had to send time sheets to my instructor for the class so there was no way that I didn't log in within the specified amount of time.  Needless to say I don't have my degree even though I finished my courses.  They said that they will give me my degree as soon as I pay them the $1800 in full.  I don't have that kind of money and that's why I got student loans and a pell grant.  I talked to someone else that was also in one of my classes and they did the same thing to her, but she did pay whatever they said she owed and got her degree.  It took me a year and a half to find employment doing medical transcription because I didn't have my degree in hand but I found someone who was willing to accept the paperwork that I have from them showing that I completed my courses.  I had also applied to go to the graduation ceremony in Chicago after I finished and they said that they never got  my enrollment form.  Well I still have the email that I sent them to show that it indeed was sent and before the deadline at that.  I had already paid for my cap, gown, and tassel before all this happened so now I have a cap and gown in my closet that will never get used and am out another $60 on top of the over $20,000 in student loans that I have to pay back for a degree that they won't give me.  I have read over some of the other reports on here and am sick to my stomach to think that they have done this to several people and we are all paying for them being scammers.  I think a class action lawsuit should be started!
Entity: fort lauderdale, Internet
34, Report #971262
Nov 19 2012
08:45 AM
Kaplan University On going nightmare... Fort Lauderdale Florida
I started attending Kaplan University in March 2012. I attended only for four weeks due to during the fifth week I was blocked from the system. The reason I was blocked was because I had not logged in for several days. The reason why I didn't log in to the Kaplan website was because I found out that the financial aid department had packaged me as a grade level 1 student making my loan and payments at $700.30 per month. Based on my transcripts and credits I'm a grade level 3 student. I became aware of this matter during the fourth week during my week trial. I immediately tried to get help and called the university to inform them that I was aware that there was a discrepancy in my packaging. Financial aid office wasn't able to help me due to this matter had to be brought up to the registrars office. I contacted them and they were unable to help me. I spoke to my counselor and informed her that I was not comfortable with the high payments and I wanted to withdraw from classes if this matter wasn't resolved. I signed a document sating that I was going to withdraw from classes and submitted the document to her.  To this day this nightmare hasn't been resolved. I'm still getting calls and bills from the school. I really need to get this matter solved as soon as possible. Franky Chavez 
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
35, Report #428806
Feb 26 2009
03:07 PM
Kaplan University Run around Davenport, Iowa
Kaplan University first contacted me on Feb 12, 2009 via my online inquiry. The admissions advisor was very personable and friendly. After spending an hour on the phone with them the stated that I needed to fill out enrollment forms and forward those along with my FASFA information. I did so on the 14th and a week went by with no reply from the advisor or any one at Kaplan. I called the advisor and was told my email was mistakenly directed to their spam folder. They apologized and gave me a $1000 voucher to go towards my final semister before graduation. Basically a coupon for $1000 off the cost of tuition. I then had to take an Academic Readiness test online which consisted of 30 questions upon which you get 8 minutes to complete. They do not expect you to answer all questions in the alotted time as the questions get more difficult as you proceed through the test. I submitted the test and the following day received an email from the admissions advisor that I did FANTASTIC and to give them a call so that we could begin registering for classes. When constacted the advisor asked me how many questions I answered. Now I'm thinking if they have the test there in front of them they should know how many questions I answered. I replied that I had no idea. They said I got 26 right. I know for a fact I did not get through to 26 questions. I may have gotten to 15 but not 26. They immediately transferred me to a class advisor who was to register me for classes but was told they could not find the results of the test and that my assigned advisor would call me the next day at 1:00. By 2 o'clock a call was yet to be received. I contacted the advisor and got the impression that they had no idea they were to call me. They stalled a while and then it seemed as though they were distracted. I was then told they might have to go into a staff meeting. Oh yes, we have to go into a staff meeting. I call you back right after the meeting. These red flags along with all the report about Kaplan help me to make up my mind to un-enroll from Kaplan University before I was out thousands of dollars like I have read about on Ripoff Report.com. Thank you everyone who has been kind enough to share your Kaplan misfortunes with the rest of us. I'm sorry for your struggles but will pray that the Kaplan reaps what they sow! Emma Wise to the scam, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
36, Report #925802
Aug 11 2012
07:36 AM
Kaplan University Rip Off upcoming graduates Online College, Florida
I am currently an online student at Kaplan University. I only have one term left to graduate (2 classes) and I was hit with a bill of $1,600. I was not given sufficient time to find out the details because I was told only a couple of months before my completion. I had a friend that went through the exact thing and could not finish. I have been a student since September of 2009 and I have invested too much to have my education in jeopardy because of money. My only income is SSI which is why I was eligible for financial assistance plus loans. They have been calling me off the hook because they expected an $800 payment on August 1st. I don't even get enough money to pay my bills and not to mention food for me and my son. Why do they do this to everyone right before graduation? I need help! I want to graduate. Going for my Bachelors in Science of Criminal Justice. What should I do, or do I just throw 3 yrs of college down the drain? Someone has to put a stop to this or there will be many in poverty that already suffer financial burdens. Thanks!
Entity: Internet, Florida
37, Report #1087604
Sep 26 2013
03:17 PM
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38, Report #1192644
Dec 02 2014
07:15 PM
Kaplan University Financial Aid rip-off Nationwide
I went to Kaplan and before I started I was told money would not be needed until i graduated, so prior to graduation they claimed I owed them $ 3000.  so when I told them I did not have that, they withdrew me, but I still owe student loans for a partial education with no degree, they never told me I would have to pay if the semester went over 10 credits, they simply said at least 10 credits was necessary to get financial aid, i feel lied to and cheated I was 14 credits away
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #1201179
Jan 12 2015
04:50 PM
Kaplan University Over charging Davenport Iowa
I have been attempting to work through the student loans I have with Kaplan University for 2 years. After completing my education, I recieved my student loans that I would be paying back. Which equaled out what was due according to tutition fees. I have now companies calling me stating I still owe over 20K more than what the US Dept of Education state is what the orginal documentation submmitted to them via Kaplan Financial department.  Now being threaten with garnished wages by a 3rd party collection agency due to being over charged. Not only this they have sent this to three different collection and all agencies are trying to obtained the same amount.  According to Kaplan University, they are trying to obtain 60K (in total) from me as well as the 60K that was already paid in student loans with the Dept of Education. 
Entity: Davenport , Iowa
40, Report #1214988
Mar 11 2015
01:17 PM
Kaplan University False statements Davenport Internet
Upon signing up for Kaplan, I was told that financial aid would cover the cost of my education.  They also stated that I qualified for two scholarships.  However, they said that I needed to sign the promissory note in order to start my classes.  I asked the financial aid advisor if they would be tapping into the loans for education.  The response I got was no. Since Kaplan offers 10 week courses, I asked how long would the financial aid carry me until the renewal for the Pell Grant.  Financial aid said that it would only last for 2 terms and that i would definitely have to pay for summer classes.  My response was that i do not want to repay any loans so I would not be signing up for summer classes.  I was told that I would not have too.  I advised them to play the recorded phone calls. As of 3/11/15, I spoke to Leslie S., one of the managers at Kaplan in the Financial Aid Department.  She informed me that the person, I spoke with did not work with Kaplan anymore and they did not have access to the conversation.  They will have to go through the Information Technology Department to see what they could pull up.  Leslie informed me that they had forms that students needed to fill out when they do not want to use loans on there website.  Unfortunately, this was not an option given to me and I was not directed to the site during enrollment.   I am highly disappointed with this representation of Higher Education!  Waiting on updates...
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1221051
Apr 07 2015
07:05 PM
Kaplan University Transfer of class a scam Urbandale Iowa
I attended Kaplan University in Urbandale Iowa from 2008-2010 in the Medical Assusting Program.   I had spent 25+ years in the bookkeeping and accounting field and after losing my job twice, decided to go back to school.  I met with the counselor at Kaplan in Urbandale and agreed that Medical Asssiting would be the best fit for me.  I was terrified of the price of the classes but was assured I would be able to find a job with no problem.  I have been working in the field since graduation but I am no where close to making the amount of money per hour that they said I would be. I am making my student loan payments every month and at times that is a real struggle.  I am looking into going back to school to get my RN and am now being told that I will have to start over from step one.  I was assured that all classes would transfer to any other college.  Now all the other colleges I'm talking to tell me nothing will transfer.  This was a complete waste of my time and a huge waste of money.  I am 53 years old and really don't want to have to start over again.  I buckled down at Kaplan, graduated with honors and have a job I love.  I want to get my RN degree but I feel like I've wasted the last five years of my life.   Can you please help?
Entity: Urbandale, Iowa
42, Report #1259202
Oct 05 2015
10:14 AM
Kaplan University Education and financial scam! Davenport Iowa
I graduated from Kaplan University in 2011 with a BS in Criminal Justice. I my debt is over $40,000. I can only apply for jobs that takes HS diplomas because I have been told by countless employers that my education is not accredited so I do not meet their requirements. I paying back these loans for a useless piece of paper. If there is a class action suit against these people I please contact me!
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1281058
Jan 19 2016
05:17 PM
Kaplan university  Chicago online campus Nationwide
I took Kaplans online psychology program they told me with my degree I could get licensed in my but when I tried to get my license I found out I would have to go back to school for another year and I already owed over $100k they lied to me now I am stuck with the debt and need to go back to school to use my degree.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1292010
Mar 06 2016
08:50 PM
Kaplan university Paralegal studies Stockton Internet
I took classes in 2010 2011 paralegal studies and after I completed it I asked was I going to get some assistance for on job placement and they told me yes and here it is 2016 they won't return my call or help me with placement with my course that I graduated from and they haven't done anything but they want them they want me to pay my loan back and I feel that they owe me money or they should pay off my loan
Entity: Stockton, Internet
45, Report #1299516
Apr 13 2016
09:58 AM
Kaplan University Unfair Davenport Iowa
     I have been attending Kaplan University since 2012.  I had 4 classes left Sept. 2015 and expected to graduate Oct. 6th 2015. I got a $1400 charge slammed to me out of the blue. The school told me I had to pay before i moved on to my next classes and the charge was because I wasnt finishing out the semester and financial aid wasn't going to pay anymore. I told them that isn't my fault because they moved my graduation date up from March 2016. If I would graduated in March then every thing would have been paid for because that is a continued semester.      When it was time for me to finish up and graduate the finance office told me that I could not graduate with my class until I paid them $4800 for technology fees. I could not even finish my last two classes without paying. They gave me warning, no 30 day notice, it was just as soon as I was going to my last classes and they threatened to lock me out of my classes as well.       I begged for help and they finally allowed me to apply for an extended payment plan which was $136 a month for 36 months. First I had to apply for an education loan and be denied before they put me on the payment plan. It was on my credit and it took longer for me to buy a house and I told Kaplan that I would in fact be denied the loan. I was already $64,000 behind on student loans. After I was approved I paid the first month and checked on it regularly. I soon got a part time job at a hospital and they offered tuition assistance. I received the funds quickly and paid Kaplan $1900. My next payment wasn't due until Feb. 2017 and I thought I was Okay while I save up to get ready to pay the rest off.      I recently got an email from FAFSA telling me to complete my application for the next semester and that made me check my Kaplan account. When I checked it had a zero balance so I contacted the school's finance office to see what was going on and they told me i did not pay the entire amount on time and therefore the balance went into collections. I asked why would it go into collections if I am on a 36 month payment plan and I just paid you all $1900? She said well there is nothing we can do now that it is in collections. They never sent a notice or email stating they were going to do this and no one still can tell me why.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
46, Report #1297764
Apr 04 2016
04:47 PM
Kaplan University Financial Aid Fraud Davenport Iowa
This is becoming a huge headache for me with Kaplan University Financial Aid Department. I've been trying to get my situation resolved since my last term. I know I should be receiving the rest of my student loan amounts which is more than $7,000 and Kaplan has refused to send me anything except more problems. My financial aid award letters prove the amounts I was approved for. Since Kaplan is so discreet and sneaky by not sharing this information with their students on their approved amounts the letters are all we have to show proof of.    I finally get through after being on hold for 45 minutes to an hour and every time the agent wants to discuss the things I'm not concerned about to cause confusion instead of answering the direct question which is about my stipend. I have to repay the loan amounts back to the government regardless and I should not have anyone at Kaplan deciding on what amounts I should be receiving. This has been an ongoing problem for me since day one when it comes to Financial Aid and Kaplan. Let me remind you I'm a 4.0 student who takes great pride in his work, but I refuse to just continue to sit down and allow Kaplan FA department to walk on me and not give me my money. This will be investigated to the fullest extent. 
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1306398
May 18 2016
05:58 PM
Kaplan University Lied, Scamed Internet
I went to Kaplan University from 2007-2009, and I am now in a repayment plan for my loans. I heard a few months ago that there was a law suit, and I'd like to get more information about. I called them to have my loans explained and broke down from semester to semester, but the amounts do not add up at all. Then suddenly a new old loan popped up after I have consolidated my loans, and have everything squared up (so I thought). I will never be able to pay them off if new things keep showing up. I was going for my associates for paralegal, and when I was having issues not only in school but personal they didn't care. I wasn't doing good with a class, and had to repeat it, but when I asked to change classes, I was told that I NEEDED THAT class to move on. It was a waist of my time, and I'd like to find out some information, not to get rich just to have my loans for that worthless school taken care of.If anyone has information that they can help me with you can contact me at lcaratzola@yahoo.com
Entity: Internet
48, Report #1363621
May 17 2017
11:44 AM
Kaplan university RIPOFF! Davenport Internet
 I was registered for MS In Arts of teaching. When I registered I knew they weren't accredited so the person who registered enrolled me on the MAT-Classroom pathways bundle program which is the American board in which who partnered with them because they were not ncate accredited. 4 months of classes went well. Then after my course ended in December, my advisor, whom at which was suppose to register me for classes in advance never did. So I waited around while getting messages from a professor saying I was behind but I was not registered within this course. He forgot o pre register me. Had to do a leave of abscence in which the waived the re enrollment fee. Although they re enrolled me, they took my MAT-classroom pathways bundle program off. They said they contacted me for a month to see if I still wanted to be in the program but I never received an email. Why not send a letter if your not getting a response? Obviously I wasn't getting the email. Once my last course came I started inquiring about the American board and when I would be starting. This is when I found out they cancelled it. They told me I had to pay $2,850 out of pocket to the American board to be on track for certification. Fast forward to a whole year later. I am trying other direction to getting certified and I needed to do a college verification form for my application. My advisor tells me he can't fill it out because they aren't accredited. If he would have pre registered me for my courses like he was suppose to then I would be ok. But he didn't and they are telling me it's nothing they can do because they tried to contact me. If they did try I didn't get it. Either way, it is their fault because the advisor should have scheduled my courses in advance so that I wouldn't have had to re enroll and do a leave of absence and they would have never had to question whether I was still interested. P.S if I was interested and told the representative my expectations on becoming a certified teacher after my degree was awarded when I enrolled from the beginning, what made them think that I would have not been interested after they had to re enroll me?
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Jul 04 2016
12:20 PM
Kaplan university-davenport Crooks Internet
 I'm in my last semester and they blocked me from my classes. Claiming that I have not communicated with them and they tried with me. I have emails to prove I tried plus I tried calling, they leave you on hold for hours with no response. Kaplan is crooked and roped me off not only by my education but with my financial aid.
Entity: Internet
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Jan 14 2017
07:24 PM
Kaplan University Completely ripped off Davenport Iowa
This school lied to me several times throughout the course of my enrollment. I ended up having to take several courses again after them not accepting transfer questions. They had me in the wrong program three times and after all was said in done, I have a huge student loan debt, with no degree. I would like to join in the class action lawsuit.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa

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