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76, Report #298163
Jan 08 2008
02:39 PM
Hunt For Flowers Charged credit card more than receipt amount Gretna Louisiana
Ordered flowers for funeral on 11/27/2007. The receipt from Internet order shows a total of for $70.20. My credit card statement showed a charge of $75.20. I called Hunt For Flowers. The owner (Michael?) said I was charged an extra $5.00 because I did not enter the security code for the credit card. Said he had to call the credit card company to verify the card number and they charged him $5.00 to verify it. I asked why he didn't inform me of the extra charge. He said he did not have to because it was done through the credit card company and if I had a compaint, I should be calling them. I called the credit card company and they said they do not charge that way. If the form asks for the security number, it is not approved unless it is entered. I explained what the owner of Hunt For FLowers said. They, out of courtesy, credited my account. I believe this is an excuse this vendor uses to rip off people in times of grief and when charging over the Internet. He never asked me for my Name, Order Confirmination number, date of transaction, telephone number or address. Only the crdit card company does this if the security code is not entered. Meek Cantonment, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Gretna, Louisiana
77, Report #152877
Aug 08 2005
05:40 AM
JB Hunt employment ripoff, harassment, illegal company charges, avoidance to paying for fees Lowell Arkansas
August 5, 2005 I had to leave JB Hunt due to the climate of harassment, constant employers duress and illegal activity within the Company. For many years this Company has blamed the drivers for many, many problems but in truth the problems are at the management level. Anyone is called a manager, kids with no preparation have control over drivers in the field- causing havoc, accidents, delayed deliveries and death! But JB Hunt will only blame the drivers! Continued-daily harassment thru the obc unit to drivers since these unprofessional dispatchers are absent of any professional conduct and resulting in excess stress, anxiety and breakdown. You do not need a Company in which you make the money but, ALL other areas of the Company purposely damage your vehicule, cut back well derserved salary, are constatntly told you resolve the problem when you are thousands of miles away from home and receive no accolation for a job well done. Serious employment laws broken but when seeking help are told, follow your chain of command, to find out that the ones in charge are twenty-thirty non-degreed imbesseles as their dispatchers. One emplyment law being broken is advancement. When one applies for an internal position the dispatcher can deny it for capricios reasons, even if you have a good-clean driving record, making it a discriminatory decision and many other faults on behalf of JB Hunt for allowing such practice. The dispatchers will purposely deny payments, will purposely hold you for hours and days at a location for no reason, etc. I will need to file an EEOC complaint and Labor Department complaint because of the continued harassment by JB Hunt and its employees. I have a clean-good-clear MVR/DAC, just think this Company says there are no good drivers?? P lee summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
78, Report #340476
Jun 15 2008
03:54 PM
J.B. Hunt all that matters here is the freight Lowell Arkansas
I have been in the J9.B. Hunt lease purchase program since 4/10/2008 until just recently. The only thing they care about is the pickup and delivery of freight. For both of the months I have been in their program I have not managed to make a pay check. I carefully spend on fuel but the surcharge they offer to pay for fuel does not keep up with the actual price at the pump. Once I add my truck payment to my fuel expenses very little if any monies remain. In orientation as well when I spoke with the recruiter I was assured drivers average 2400- 2800 miles weekly. For 8 weeks I only reached that milestone once. I was also told by the recruiter try the program and if I was unhappy after 30 days I could switch to a company driver or leave and do as I please. Well needless to say that was yet another lie. The truth is I am obligated by a contract for a period of 90 days to work for J.B. Hunt. After 60 days you must give the company 30 notice of your intent to leave. I recently did just that and this is when everything really started to deteriorate between myself and J.B. Hunt. As soon as I advised my fleet manager that on July 7/2008 I planned to leave J.B. Hunt it became nearly impossible to arrange to get home. I would have to say I wanted to be home two -three days ahead of when I really wanted to arrive. When I did arrive at my home I would get messages and phone calls trying to convince me to return to work well in advance of my scheduled return to work. The times I scheduled to be home held a significance since usually this was the beginning of the month and I was home to beg borrow and steal to get help from family and friends to pay my rent and other monthly bills. On July 5, 2008 my fleet manager took the tradition of trying to get me back to work to another level. July 5, 2008 was a pay day and for a change I was actually entitled to $600.00 or so I thought. at 3 am that morning I checked my pay via the on board computer in my truck only to find I was only paid $240.00 so later that morning I received a phone call from my fleet manager who acknowledged that the company wrongfully omitted several items on my check. I then informed him that the reason I was home was to pay my rent and any other bill I could and the hardship this omission would cause me. I was facing eviction the next afternoon. He advised me he would speak with his superior to see what he could do. He called me back and advised me he could get me the money I was entitled to but there was a catch I would have to instantly return to work or else I could not get the money. I declined and he stated to me that I should take the $240.00 I did receive and see if my landlord would accept that. When I advised him they would not his response was oh well if you do not come back to work I cannot give the money to you. At the time of our conversation I had only been home for two days. He also aknowleged that as he stated to me You have been home since Tuesday. I told him that due to running non- stop Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning I was sleep all day Tuesday only leaving Wednesday. This conversation occurred Thursday morning and I was not scheduled to return to work until Sunday at 8 am. I spent the rest of that day borrowing monies to save my home and the next day borrowing to pay my other bills. All during this time I received repeated phone calls from various personnel at J.B. Hunt urging me to return to work but no one would give me the monies I was entitled to. Despite my best efforts I could not and still have not been able to gather all the monies needed to pay all of my bills. Therefore I extended and received acknowledgement from J.B. Hunt of a new date to return to work of 6/15/2008. The following week the calls kept coming from J.B. Hunt now threatening me with repossession of the truck I was leasing. I asked how they could do that when I was owed as much if not more than my upcoming truck payment and weekly expenses. I was told my only options were to immediately return to work, return the truck to Louisville, Kentucky by Tuesday 6/10/2008, take it to Joppatown, Maryland and incur repossession charges or they would send someone to get the truck. I told them I did not feel this was right given I was home on extended leave and as an independent contractor should not be told when to work. None the less after this conversation with the help of my family I removed all of my belongings from my assigned truck on Monday 6/09/2008. Later on that day a message was sent to me on the trucks computer *(since I stopped answering their repeated and harassing calls to my cell phone) offering to pay me $400.00 to drive the truck to Louisville, Kentucky by 5 pm Tuesday and in his words we would shake hands and part ways. But when I asked them would they fly me back home like they flew me there the best they would offer me was a bus ticket. On Tuesday afternoon J.B. Hunt sent a repo man to my neighborhood who took the truck and trailer. Now J.B. Hunt has kept the money I earned and is also charging me with abandoning a truck. Which they will probably reported to USIS and that will fulfill the threat that was made during one of the conversations with them that I would never be able to get another job in my profession as well that I would incur a substantial amount of fees and penalties for not returning to work when they wanted me to. So far J.B. Hunt is delivering on all of their threats and none of their promises. And why has all this happened? Just because I have a family and my life does not revolve around trucking. Marcus Randallstown, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
79, Report #392743
Nov 19 2008
08:33 AM
JB HUNT More of the Same (or shame?) LOWELL Arkansas
I hired on with JB Hunt in 2003 and stayed on with them for a year before I found a better job. Times were tough, and I ended up hiring on with them again in September of 2008, and quit in November 2008. My dispatcher was a little wet behind the ears, never driven a tractor-trailer kind of guy, who only knew situations that were black and white. JB Hunt knows NO shades of grey. I could never please my dispatcher on the Southwest division, even though I was ontime with every delivery and a safety-conscious driver (like JB Hunt wants to have). First he said my log books were not good enough. then he said I spent too much time in the cab. The final straw was when he came over the Quallcom and told me that I did a hard brake and told me I needed retraining in Washington. I was to drop a load in Washington and go to training. When I went to Washington to drop the load, I asked him where the class was to be held, and he told me to drop off my truck and find my own way PHOENIX!!!!! I tried to talk to his supervisor, but they didn't want to hear anything. I then told them I quit. DON'T WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! I think they are recruiting drivers fast, and, judging by the number of complaints on this board, are only recruiting for government money, then getting rid of people. Jerry Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: LOWELL, Arkansas
80, Report #387360
Nov 03 2008
06:44 AM
JB HUnt Terminated for an accident that was not my fault Lowell Arkansas
I was recently terminated from JB Hunt for being involved in an accident that was not my fault according to the police report. But JB fired me they stated that I was still under the 90 days. Thats the only explination I recieved from them. I asked why I was terminated and was hung up on. I have been trying to contact some one in HR but everytime I call I get hung up on. Tom Derry, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
81, Report #421700
Feb 08 2009
03:52 PM
J B Hunt calling ,scamming all drivers Lowell Arkansas
I was hired on as a midwest regional driver, the recruiter told me that i would be making $1000 per wk (1st lie). I went through orientation in columbus ohio on thursday I was told that I would be given a retal car and i would have to drive to st. louis Mo to pick up my trk and go home for the weekend. after getting to the st lois yrd I sent a msg saying that i had gotten my trk and was ready to roll but was informed that there were no lds going in the direction of home but that they were working on it. it took them till monday noon to get me rollin. life on the rd was great for the first 3-4 mnths and then miles started getting shorter and shorter. after complaining several times that I was getting behind in bills and couldn't continue driving if I wasn't going to get more miles, my fm kept saying that I was getting more miles than most midwest drivers. so I called lance dewey my fm's supervisor and he assured me that thing would change, he seemed very understanding and sympathetic. things did change for a while but then slowly went back to the same old same old, pick up a ld one day drive 200 mls and deliver the following day and the end of the week with only 1000 miles and taking home $200-$300 a wk. I started looking for a different comp to drive for, after recieving several calls from trk lines wanting me to come drive for them my fm got wind of me wanting to quit so she called me wanting to know what was wrong so I told her again, I'm not getting the miles to pay my bills, I'm not getting home for my time off. I was then given an opportunity to go to a dedicated loop from cleveland ohio to owensboro ky guaranteeing 2000-2500 miles a week, so I jumped on it knowing that that would get right by my house at least twice during the wk. After the first week and 2700 miles later I noticed they had once again managed to screw me on pay, my pay had been dropped from $.37 to $.32 per mile without them telling me that by taking this loop I would be getting paid less, so now I get more miles, get home for the night a couple times a week but still dont make enough to live on. I was told to sign up for per diem pay that i would save money but when I look at my miles and figure up my pay it never comes out right, for some reason when I drive 440 miles I get paid $88 which is $.20 per mile and then for per diem I will get $44 which is $.10 per mile any way I add it up I come up with $.30 per mile, where does the other $.02 go??? J B Hunt's pocket?? Either way you look at it the company, from the recruters right down to the fleet managers throughout the whole organazation are nothing but lying thieves who dont give a dam about anybody but themselves and their 9-5 job. you are out there on the road all by yourself working your a** off to make just enough to keep yourselves out of the homeless shelter, while they live the high life on your expense. So all in all unless you have nothing else to do sitting there debt free with millions in the bank dont depend the well being of yourself or your family to the lying cheating likes of J. B. HUNT Broke driver sugarcreek, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
82, Report #532657
Dec 02 2009
08:36 PM Corrupt school will ripoff students and disregards own employees Hunt Valley, Maryland
Sadly, this is not the first time (or as it used to be) has treated employees and students with no respect. I was also an Assistant Director of Admissions there for some years and was even told I would be able to receive a promotion just before it ended for us. There was part of a mass layoff in April. At that time, the company was not earning enough and suddenly cut over 50-60 employees. In fact, literally the day before the cut, there was a meeting for the entire Admissions Department, in which we were told that the company was growing and taking an online approach, so we would soon be divided into teams of Assitant Directors for each function. The following day, we were suddenly told that because of the loss in profit for the quarter, we were closing the admissions department and a small crew would remain to handle the final students and appointments set. Numerous Directors of Placement and Regional Directors of Placement and Admissions were cut then also. Surprisingly, the company turned around within just about 3 months and hired enough Assistant Directors to fill the department again. Now, they have again laid off half the department and upon checking their website, they have closed about half of their campuses. You see now, why they didn't call the same employees back. This company is intent on using people to earn money and nothing else. Students and potential employees should see that this company does not have their interest at heart when they eliminate the staff dedicated to placing students into jobs, rapidly change the curriculum and tution, and hire and lay off staff without any planning, thought, or consideration for the people affected. knowingly admits students who don't have the computer experience and background to get into the careers they advertise. Then, they take their money while cutting the training and support they need to succeed, close campuses, throw away employees, and run. While there have been many serious and dedicated employees working for the right reasons, the actual company is a ripoff to all involved.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
83, Report #352989
Jul 18 2008
07:47 PM
JB Hunt Company dispatchers and recruiters are liers Lowell Arkansas
My husband has only worked for a week and they are lieing to him already. First they start off by saying that the southeast region drivers will be home every week thats a lie. They tell you in orintation a bunch of lies like you will get 2500 miles a week and they only give you 1200 or less. They treat there drivers like crap. They get you out there and mislead you most of the employees are complaining everytime you talk to them. They barley even care if you get a shower or food to eat. Just beware of the lies and if you join you will see and i hate to say i told you so. Please people dont fall for the lies. I dont want what happened to my husband to happen to you. anita valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
84, Report #352379
Jul 17 2008
12:13 PM
The Toy Hunt inflates MSRP Deceives Customers Watertown Tennessee
The website deceives customers by inflating MSRP prices and offering what looks like a huge percentage off - which is a lie. Here is just one example. The Toy Hunt advertises a Mickey's Clubhouse Party Dinner Plate 8 pack at a regular price of $4.70 and a sale price of $3.29. The manufacturers website shows the actual MSRP of only $3.49. The Toy Hunt has inflated the MSRP by $1.21 to give an apparent 30% discount, when in reality the discount is much much less. Here's a link that shows it (as of July 17): Consumer Reporter Washington DC, District of ColumbiaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Watertown, Tennessee
85, Report #359768
Aug 06 2008
07:14 AM
Galaxt Merchants - Denise Hunt Job on line scam Hartfield United Kingdom
Here is the e-mail that I received. GALAXY MERCHANTS, LONDON, U.K. Office 67, washburn mall, FN2 4HL Hartfield United Kingdom email: Good day! I got your e-mail from a US database and i'm hoping you can be of help to our company, We are offering you a job position with our company. Your task is to coordinate Payments from customers and help us with the payment process. The customer receives and sends payment to you. Your tasks are: 1. Receives payment from Customers 2. Cash Payments at your Bank (Upon the paper instruction enclosed in same Envelope alongside the cheques) 3. Deduct 10% which will be your commission/pay on each Payment processed 4. Forward balance after deduction of commission/pay to If you are interested, Kindly send to me the listed informatio n below: #your full name: #your full homes address: number and street city state zip code #Occupation: #direct contact telephone number (VALID AND WORKING): #your email address: ONLY SERIOUS AND INTERESTED PARTICIPANTS SHOULD PLEASE REPLY. WARMEST DENISE HUNT Susan s Larose, LouisianaU.S.A.
86, Report #379006
Oct 07 2008
11:15 AM
Hunt & Henriques Law Office Harassing Tactics San Jose California
I received a notice from this law firm demanding 1500.00 for an old account I had had with Sears. I spoke with a nice lady on the phone who informed me that their office has had this account since July 2008. She stated that they had called me numerous times (they never did nor did they leave a voicemail on my phone) and had sent me a previous letter (which I never got and the letter I did get was sent regular US mail NOT certified) and that they were going to start legal proceeding to sue me for the amount due. I informed the lady that I am currently out on disability and am on a fixed income at this time. I offered to pay 100.00 per month but was told that they would only accept 380.00 down and then I could pay the 100.00 a month. I turned the account over to a credit management company. This law office stated that the account had to be paid in full with 6 months and wanted 260.00 a month from the credit management company ( again they would accept 100.00 from me after the down payment). When I called them (the law office) today the balance had gone up (they stated that I was being charged a daily interest rate). I want to rectify this matter but don't know what to do. Mike Roseville, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
87, Report #452063
May 14 2009
10:20 PM
JB Hunt Transportation Worst shop ever!! San Bernardino California
I want to start off by saying, out of my long career as a mechanic, this shop is the worst shop I have ever worked for. Though, some of the mechanics are good mechanics, some of the mechanics are self-proclaimed, self-righteous know it alls that do terrible work and glorify themselves with stickers all over their tool boxes. A mechanic that puts crappy stickers all over their tool boxes is very generic. The shop manager and upper management treat their experienced mechanics like school children coming fresh out of UTI. They treat their experienced mechanics like they don't have a clue as to what it takes to do certain jobs on both tractors and trailers. SRT times are over-rated and ridiculous. Policies, procedures and Safety are also ridiculous. This is a company where you cannot expand your job knowledge in the trade. If you are looking for a company that is always hiring all the time, and you are desperate for a job, and don't mind working for a-holes, JB Hunt is the right company for you. JB Hunt does not care for their employees. You will spend more time looking for equipment and following their impossible safety procedures without any idle time, than actually working on the equipment itself. The yard is highly unorganized and small, with the shop being large. They expect you to have a SRT time of 85% and above. Examples of their SRT times - 1. They require 20 minutes for one tire replacement and any tire after the first tire is 6 minutes. That includes airing up the tire and torquing lugs to their specs. So, to replace all ten tires, you have 62 minutes. 2. A wheel seal is 45 minutes 3. Brake replacement on one axle, you are given 1 hour. The list goes on. To trouble-shoot and diagnose any problem, they expect you to snap your fingers and magically the problem is solved. It is like telling your barber to cut your hair and do a good job, but they only have 10 minutes to do so. For a large volume shop and have such high and strict standards, you would expect quality overall. This shop is such a high stress shop for any mechanic. A shop with such high expectations, in the end it makes for a danger to the safety of its equipment and health and well being of its employees. Joe Rancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Bernardino, California
88, Report #448954
May 05 2009
12:00 PM
Entity: LOWELL, Arkansas
89, Report #476328
Aug 04 2009
11:42 AM
Hunt & Henriques constant calling last was Sunday 8-2-09 8:03am San Jose California
Sears account had evidently been turned over to them.(according to them) Tried to get me to pay $555.00 per month for 18 months. (which would make me pay over what I owed Sears. In May I paid Online to my Sears card online site, the min payment suggested of $1050.00. In June I paid the min suggested of $1000.00 on my Sears online site, which put me under my credit limit. Hunt and Henrique kept calling several times a day that I should be paying them and not Sears. The Sears site had been accepting and posting my payments. In July I paid 300.00 the min was 290. and I just paid 140.00 for August, minimum was 132.00 I still got a call on Sunday 8:03am by a automated operator asking I call Hunt and Henrique at 800-496-5048. Vcke456 Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California
90, Report #476349
Aug 04 2009
12:35 PM
JB Hunt destroyed our loads and then denies responsibility Dallas Texas
We had JB Hunt deliver a few loads for our business. They were delivered totally destroyed. We have pictures, filed all the documentation they required and 10 months later they state they will not take responsibility for their actions. They are the most unprofessional organization I have ever dealt with and will never hire them again. Jc123 Frisco, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #473792
Jul 27 2009
12:32 PM
JB Hunt Completed Orientation then sent home with not truck Lowell Arkansas
Hello, I just want to say what JB did to me.. twice! I went to orientation last week 7/20/09-7/23/09. I passed everything was given my comdata card, toll card for ohio and my little letter saying i was qualified to drive for JB. Well on Wednesday 7/23/09 about 4:30 in the afternoon they took all the otr and regional guys in a room and said you passed orientation but we are sending you home because we have no trucks. What no trucks!? Why did they send us to orientation if they had no available trucks for us. The only people that got trucks were the guys for DCS Accounts. Then to top it all off we had to find our own way home. I live in the detroit area and we were in columbus,oh. Why should we have to find our own way home?? They should have at least paid for a bus ticket as they did for getting down there. I could see if I failed my drug, or road test or did something wrong but I did not. I would have drove my own car but was told no you cant you will be in a truck on Wed or Thurs. So I found someone to come and get me, now I still have no truck. Called today they sd sorry no trucks yet. Back in Sept of last year the same thing happend except I was at the local terminal and I drove to orientation daily. I figured I would give it another shot since I am laid off right now and need work and I got burned again. So this is just to let other people know what happend to me. I will update this post if and when i get a truck or find another company to drive for. Paul Eastpointe, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
92, Report #455879
May 27 2009
02:55 PM
Hogan Auctioneering Don't pay unless you hunt down your $$$ Hunt Valley , Maryland
1st, I'll say that the Hogans have been auctioning in the area for a long time. I enjoy attending their auctions. My problem is with the follow-through on paying the clients. I have consigned goods with this auctioneer a few times in the last couple years. On each occasion, I did not receive payment in the mail. I had to go to the office and ask about it each time. They would pull up the record and write a check out. That is annoying and inconvenient and a poor business practice. What was worse, a family member passed away several years ago. Hogan Auctioneering was hired to clear out the house and sell off the furniture and goods. A check was never received for any of it. There was not much follow-up at the time, due to figuring out other family issues with the death. So they basically pocketed our grandmother's goods for their profits. I'm over the fact that our family took a loss back then, and as I noted, I have consigned with them recently. This is a warning to anyone that is inclined to consign with them now, just be aware with their practices when dealing with them. Don't expect a check to just show up for your stuff. Bigspender Timonium, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Hunt Valley, Maryland
93, Report #429606
Mar 01 2009
09:16 AM
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
94, Report #433988
Mar 13 2009
04:06 PM
Jb Hunt posted bad info into my dac report Chicago Illinois
Cynthia columbus ohio. I went to chicago ,Ill to hire on driving semi for jb hunt intermodal from columbus ohio to chicago. They said they would pay me $300.00 for the trip on a bus. They did do this. I was placed in a motel for the night and the next day went for the being of the physical dot part. I went into the room with there people striped down to underwear. They went over my body wanting to know what the scares was from. I told them 1. right knee surgery, 2. left knee cleaning, 3. right shoulder spur removal and cleaning of it. I take a pill maybe once a month hydrocodine when i am home not driving normally of a winter when i am in alot of pain. They wanted me to take a bus home to get a document from the doctor about the surgeries and stating that my doctor would not give me anymore hydrocodine. Then come back on a long bus ride. I told them i was not interested in taking this any further. They paid me the $300.00 they owed me then went on my dac report and stated that i did not complete my dot physical. I was told by companies after that they would not hire me unless jb hunt would take that off of my record. This really hurt my 28 years of driving semi career for a decent job. I am still suffering from it now 1 and 1/2 yr later. I have tried to get them to take this off and no luck. dac just states that I can make a reply . What difference do you think that will do... None Think about it before you fall for this abuse from them. Cynthia azle, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
95, Report #441689
Apr 07 2009
06:22 PM
Vincent Hunt - FOREX Ichimoku Seminar paid for but never received. Albany Georgia
Vincent Hunt advertised/promised a seminar dealing with the Forex currency market and the Ichimoku Strategy. Attendance was required to be prepaid in the amount of $500. After making my payment, the seminar was cancelled. However, my tuition was never refunded. Phone calls and letters to V.Hunt did not produce any results. Michaelb lake oswego, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, Georgia
96, Report #590952
Apr 08 2010
12:55 PM
J.B. Hunt Transport Reporting Unverified Information on DAC Report Lowell, Arkansas
I was recently terminated by J.B. Hunt for supposed calls to the Safety Department from the 800 How am I Driving Number on the back of their trailers. They denied my unemployment due to violating company policy and now have put this on my DAC reportmaking it impossible to obtain employment by a reputable company. Upon my first safety review, there were two calls that the Safety Department agreed would be removed, One incident occurred while I was under a F.E.M.A load under police escort and a motorist called in on me. The other was determined to be false because I was not in the state the motorist called on the date the caller made the report.How can these lowlife companies get away with this illegal activity? If J.B. Hunt does not want a driver to work for them fine, fire them. But, why report unsubstantiated, sometimes anonymous calls from motorists, other ticked off truckers, or better yet, disgruntled ex-employees like myself from calling on every J.B.Hunt truck I see and filing a false report. Be prepared J.B.Hunt Safety Department to start receiving a lot more calls.Note to Current or Potential J.B. Hunt Drivers: Cover up the 800 number on the back of your trailer as part of your pre-trip inspection.
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
97, Report #599994
May 04 2010
12:46 PM
J.B. Hunt Transportation Ilegally Terminates their employees if they are hurt on the job Lowell, Arkansas
On Febuary 16, 2009 I put in my arrival at rail yard message. Since I was in the middle of a freakish snow storm that the area I was in was not supposed to have gotten, I put on my required snow cleets before getting out of the truck. I began to climb out of the truck using the 3 points of contact. When my right foot hit the ground it inverted inward to the point that I was standing on the ball joint of my ankle. When I was done screaming in Agony I regained my composure, hobbled around the best that I could to release the trailer from the tractor, got up in the tractor and began letting everyone know by Qual-Com and phone of what had just happened. Thank God this happened 7 miles from my house.They had the truck towed to the drop yard and it was agreed upon that I would go see the DR. at Concentra first thing the next morning due to the bad weather. When I went to the Dr. at Concentra he said that it was a slight sprain. I knew better. A slight sprain you can bare down on with pressure. I couldnt walk. Since I was based out of Illinois I was under Illinois Work Comp. My case manager through Liberty Mutual told me that I had 2 choices of Drs. I went to my Doctor the next day with Xrays in hand.When my Dr first looked at it he could have sworn it was broken. He ordered more Xrays and classified it as a Severe Grade 3 Sprain. When I asked him about the healing time he said that it would be atleast 3-4 months before I could drive. 3 weeks had past and no change in my ankle. During this 3 weeks  I recieved paper work from my dispatcher for FMLA. When I called him about it he said that it was just so I could keep my benefits. I expressed to my Dispatcher that this was a work injury not a family medical issue. And he agreed. The second visit to my doctor, I handed him the paper work. He even questioned it. I told him what my dispatcher told me. He filled it out and faxed it back to them. About a week before my last visit with my Family Dr, I recieved noticed that I didnt qualify for FMLA but I did qualify for Med Leave. Again I called my Dispatcher and told him once again that this was an ON THE JOB INJURY. Not an injury that happened outside of work. He gave me the same bull line about its so I can keep my Benefits. I took those papers back to my doctor. He filled them out. Since I was already 3 weeks into this he put down that I would probably be able to return to work in 8-10 weeks. My next visit to him he reffered me to an Orthopedic Specialist.That following Monday I received a letter stating that I was approved for 6 weeks Med Leave. And if I didnt return by the end date (March 29th) that was posted I would be terminated. I called my dispatcher once more. He said that it was policy. I hung up from him and called human resources. The girl that I talked to said the same thing.  The more I thought about it the more I got upset. I grabbed my policy handbook and began investigating. Nowhere in the policy handbook that they hand out does it state that IF AN EMPLOYEE SUBSTAINS AN INJURY WILL IT BE PUT AS FMLA AND/OR MED LEAVE. I called the girl back in Human resources and began my argument process. She said that it was their policy to put employees who are hurt on the job on FMLA and/or Med Leave. When I told her that it was not in the Policy book she said she knows that and not all policies for the company are. I knew then I was working with idiots.My first Ortho appt I told the Doc the time line we had. 6 weeks. He honestly told me that he doubted if I would be ready in 6 weeks but we would try. He ordered an MRI, a Boot and 12 Physical Therapy Visits. Work Comp Ok'd the MRI right off the bat. But it took them 1.5 weeks to OK the Boot and P.T. Now we had 4.5 wks before the dead line. The MRI showed a stressed Nerve Bundle and Very stretched out and irritated tendon. He wrote JB a letter explaining to them the severity of the injury. He also stated that surgery was still going to be an option providing that the Nerves and tendon did not heal correctly. About a week before the dead line I received a letter in the mail from Corporate with a Med Leave Extension Form. They told me to take this to my treating Physician and have him fill it out if more time was going to be needed. I took it to his office, he filled out and his secretary faxed it with me standing there.On April 10, 2010, My P.T. guy asked me if I could drive wearing a sports brace. I told him that I would find out for him. I came home and immediate called Chicago Safety. As I talked to the Safety Director about this issue she told me absolutely not because I could not pass the endurance test that went with the DOT recert. Little did she know I could pass and still can pass the endurance test because those are the excercises that I was doing for P.T. She said nothing about termination. I hung up from her and called my dispatcher and asked him for his fax number. When he asked what for I told him that by law I had to log every visit to the Dr. and P.T. and I needed to fax them to him. It was then I found out that I had been terminated due to the injury. I became IRATE. He then told me that he put me down as a rehire and when I was released by the Doctor to call recruiting and get set up.On Friday, April 30, 2010 I was released to go back to work at full duty. When I got home I called JB's recruiter and she had me all set up to go back. When the scheduler got on the phone he told me that YES I was eligible for rehire but I had to drive for another company for 6 months. When I brought up the fact of the reason for my termination to begin with he said that it wasnt his problem and hung up.Do I have grounds for a lawsuit and if I do, What kind would it be?
Entity: Lowell, Arkansas
98, Report #564552
Feb 04 2010
01:53 PM
Hunt & Henriques Law Office Scare tactics and harrassment San Jose, California
H & H are notorious law violators.  They use scare tactics to extort money from a debt they purchased for 10% of your amount owed.  They call after acceptable business hours.  The falsify documents of when they were served and do not follow through with notification.  Do not adhere to them.  Let them know via cross complaint that defendant intends discovery pursuant to the California Rules of Civil Procedure.Wait til 2 days are left to file your cross complaint.  Apply for a fee waiver so you don't have to pay.  Report them to the  Take away their ability to operate by reporting their violations to the bar. 
Entity: San Jose, California
99, Report #726916
May 07 2011
09:33 PM
Hunt Plumbing Damaged carpet, left a mess, and lied to older couple Birmingham, Missouri
9/16/09-We called the company and they sent out a plumber to fix a backed up sewer drain in the laundry room.  When he arrived, I explained to him that I had put Clorox in the bathroom toilet to mask the smell.  He was frustrated from the beginning because they sent him to this call and the length, according to him, had to be longer than his to reach the problem.  The plumber that had it was on another call.  He had to leave our house to meet the other plumber at QuikTrip to get the other machine.  When he returned, he asked to use the restroom and I reminded him that I had put bleach in the toilet and that he shouldn't flush it.  I was outside the door when I heard him flush it and curse.  The toilet overflowed.  He saw a mop and pail that had been moved to the rec room---brand new still in the cardboard without asking.  He took the new mop and pail and tried to clean up the bleach water mess.  When he exited the laundry room he dripped and tracked bleach water on my blue carpet and put the mop and pail on the carpet resulting in permanent bleach drips, a shoe print, and a pail ring which is bleached out.  He made a huge mess, left the washer and dryer in the middle of the floor, the floor was filthy.  My husband and I have numerous medical issues and had to clean it up and move the washer and dryer back ourselves.  I called Hunts Plumbing asking for the owner and told him the story of what happened.  He said that we should call our homeowner's insurance who would contact his insurance and they would take care of the problem. He said that he had insurance for that.  Our adjuster came out but they ended up refusing liability.  Their plumber said it never happened even though his work boot print is outside the bathroom.  It went to arbitration but it was the plumber who lied's word against ours.  My husband was 64 and I was 57 at the time.  I believe they saw us as an easy target and thought we wouldn't do anything about it.  We had to have our insurance pay for the damage AND had to pay the company for poor work and clean up their mess. 
Entity: Birmingham, Missouri
100, Report #731377
May 20 2011
07:52 AM
JB HUNT promised 2500-3000 miles a week, i might get 1200 lowell, Arkansas
  owner operators avoid JB HUNT,  when i first got my own authority they called me three times a week and promised me 2500-3000 miles a week. I hauled for them for 5 months and i am only getting 1200 miles a week, I sit and wait for a day or two inbetween loads and have to drive hundreds of dead head miles to pick up ther next load. I have never been late on a load and have no claims against me, my csa score is perfect and they treat me like dirt. I am sitting aroung waiting for freight and are watching there company drivers pull in fuel up and take off. If you are new in this busines STAY AWAY FROM JB HUNT! What they say when  they are trying to recruit you and what actually happens are two different things. Because of this i am behind on my truck payments and cant afford my insurance, they dont care about you or your business, take a few minutes to research them before you decide to haul for them. whether you want to be a company driver or an O/O, the same complaints seem to show up, no miles, lying fleet managers, and load planners you will never even get to speak to because they wont let you!! STAY AWAY FROM JBHUNT, please learn from my mistakes, I wouldnt want anyone else to go through what i have been through
Entity: lowell, Arkansas

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