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1, Report #106239
Aug 31 2004
12:23 AM
Mwi*simple Escapes Mwi*connections, Mwi*premierheal ripoff-have taken money without authorization. Internet
I have been ripped off for months now by this company Mwi* (simple escapes, premier heal, and connections. I made an effort to call them and was told that the systems were down to call back later in the week. When I called back I got only a busy signal. Penelope Flintville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #45511
Feb 15 2003
07:25 AM
MWI Connections ripoff nationwide
Morning, I checked my credit card balance this morning and found something a little strange on it. A company called MWI connections was charging me for $149.00, I had heard of this company because of them billing me in the past, again for a service I did not authorize, for something and then me getting the money refunded to my card. I have all ready contacted my credit card company on this matter and I will have them do some research for me into this as well. Specifically into any other charges that I might have missed from this company. Thank you and good day Sgt James USMC James Johnstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
3, Report #61695
Jun 24 2003
02:46 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Internet
While going over my on line banking checking account I noticed a debit that I did not reconize. MWI Connections, I'd never heard of them so I called the 888 number on the statement. Low and behold it was Well I had never signed up for this and neither had my husband. I do not know how the got my checking account number? I want to find out how it happened so I can file something on them, invasion of accounts? I had the option to cancel the account and so I did. A recorded message said if I had been billed I would receive a refund in 2 to 3 weeks. I will patiently wait, if I do not receive the refund I will file another report. If anyone can help me please do, I can not afford this as we are on a limited income. Help Mary Mount Pleasant, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #64954
Jul 30 2003
10:18 AM
MWI Connections ripoff Chicago
My checking account was debited wihtout my knowledge. I was somehow a member without knowing or giving authorization Hillis Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #54963
Apr 29 2003
02:43 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Connecticut
I think it was through When I realized that the service they provided cost something, I cancelled immediately. When I received my monthly statement, a charge for $139.95 had been charged. It appears as if they entered the charge 5 days before the occurance. After several attempts, I finally got through to a person at the 888 # (888 868 6216 CT) The person I initially spoke with was very vague and gave me limited information. I asked to speak with a supervisor who seemed to have the same way about her. Denise Worcester, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut, Connecticut
6, Report #62661
Jul 03 2003
08:46 AM
MWI Connections ripoff Connecticut Internet
A company going by the name of MWI attached my savings account for $98.00 without my consent. I haven't the first clue as to who or what this company is, I simply called my bank this morning and was told that this company had processed my account for the money I told you about a few lines up. Debra Anderson, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut, Internet
7, Report #64480
Jul 23 2003
12:56 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Internet
After getting a call from my bank that I was $161.00 over-drawn I started to ask a lot of questions. My bank would only tell me the transactions that I supposedly had made. On July 21, 2003 there was a transaction to MWI Connections for $96.00 and I knew I had not even ever heard of that before. The crazy thing is, is that I had an accident that has kept me house-bound for two months so far, and I will be down until late September. I haven't even used my checking account. This seemed to be of no concern to my bank. I then had to try to take care of things myself. The number the bank gave me was incorrect, but luckily for me they had had this call before. They gave me the correct number for MWI and said they were based out of Connecticut. They also gave me the number to the Department of Consumer Protections. I am still in the process of getting ahold of them. I am now facing fees and bank charges of over $80. I also have to pay fees for the checks that did bounce after the $96 was taken out, and those fees are over $95. This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever dealt with. This so called business is a rip off from hell. If they have nothing else to do but STEAL and CHEAT people out of money they need to go to hell and leave people alone. Who knows how long it will take to get all of this mess settled. This business needs to be sued for every penny they have and every stinkin dime they stole from us. Sarah Goreville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity:, Internet
8, Report #56556
May 12 2003
06:52 AM
MWI Connections ripoff Internet
i noticed a charge of $149.95 on my visa statement. i called the number associated with the charge for an explanation. the girl said my daughter agreed to the offer when she was making a purchase for something else. this offer came as an infomercial offering free discounts at certain restaurants along with warious discounts for other products for only $149.95 per year. these people who devise these schemes should be arrested and jailed. when they get out of jail they should be made to get a real job instead of just trying to come up with different ways to rip people off i noticed there were a lot of complaints on the internet about this company. how long does it take for something to be done? bill old forge, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #61479
Jun 22 2003
02:57 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Internet
I am just one of many who has been ripped off by MWI Connections. I purchased seom SmartScissors from Singer and was asked by a person who knew very little english if I was interested in membership in a lot of different things. At the end of each offer I responded with a loud vocal NO. I did receive the scissors which I immediately returned to Singer because they were not what I expected and then a few days later up pops a $96.00 charge for God only knows what - because I don't know what for. When I attempted to reach the company via the 800 number all I got was a recorded message that told me to go from one area to another to another. When I call to complain I would really like to get in touch with a live human being just once. I have contacted my Visa company and challenged this charge plus I gave them a lot of other information in order that they can help me begin legal action against them for credit card fraud. Virgie Roy, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #99075
Jul 15 2004
12:19 PM
MWI Connections Rip off Internet Internet
I found a charge for $139.95 in my account from MWI Connections. I had no idea where it came from. I called my bank and they gave me the 800 #, so I called the number and talked to Clifford in customer service. Clifford told me I had ordered something off of an infomercial and had also received a booklet of coupons. I told him that I had not received anything and I wanted my money credited back to my account. All he did was try to take more of my money. I finally had to yell at him and tell him that if he didn't cooperate with me then I'd just dispute it through my bank. Wonderful little Clifford finally cooperated and told me that my $139.95 will be back in my account within the next 2 business days. I will also be cancelling my credit card so this doesn't happen again. I guess The moral of the story is that if you call to order something off of an infomercial then make sure you don't accept any other offers that come with it. Why would I want to pay $139.95 for a book of coupons that probably don't even close to add up to the amount I paid for it? Be careful out there. Brook Topeka, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #99171
Jul 16 2004
05:48 AM
MWICONNECTIONS is such a rip off! I never signed up for it or anything, but they keep taking money out of my bank account. The bank cannot do anything about it, because they said I gave MWICONNECTIONS my card number! Wich I did not, because I havent signed up for that. I havent even HEARD of it until they started taking money from my account. This has been happening for a number of months now, and each time they take out 14.95. I must have lost at least $80 to $100 dollars easy, just because of this STUPID company! its a rip off! Camilla Stuttgart, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #80674
Feb 17 2004
07:04 AM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff Connecticut
keep getting these charges on my credit bill that are unauthorized. dont even know what they do, or how they got my information. called previuosly to have them stop taking from my charge account but this month $12.95 was taken again please advise as to what other cinsumers are doing to take action Patricia JOHNSTOWN, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
13, Report #74927
Dec 13 2003
01:54 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff Stamford Connecticut
About every month when I check my account I see that there is $12.95 being charged to my account by the company MWI Connections I don't know why or how they are charging me this every month but I would like them to stop taking my money every month. I can't recall how long this has been going on but I think it has been happening for about 4 or 5 months. Evelyn VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
14, Report #88691
Apr 23 2004
09:13 AM
MWI Connections rip-off! Connecticut
I received an unauthorized charge on my visa charge card. $9.95 from MWI*CONNECTIONS CT. post 03-30 tran 03-29 reference 2469216F9008ZQVNN I was in Florida on vacation when this unauthorized charge occurred. Thanks for this website. Kevin wilburton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Connecticut
15, Report #87867
Apr 16 2004
06:07 AM
Mwi Connections ripoff Philadelphia Pennsylvania
My account was entered without my acknowlegde,they had went into my account not 1 ,but 2 times and took out money . i had left my account with a balance of $20 so that it will not be close .who ever this company is ,left my account with a negitive my account will be close .not only that they charge me for some books and took my last few dollars ,but i never seen any of these books. could you please help me in getting my money back before they close my account. thanks Bridgetday philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #103164
Aug 11 2004
12:14 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Omaha Nebraska
I want to address the fact the MWI charged my husbands bank account $12.95. I had tried to order something ,not from MWI, in April 2004, the charge was denied as my name was not yet on account. I had called original company to advise them to just cancel WHOLE order. Now that it is August 2004, we get this charge for $12.95 from MWI that put his account in overdrawn status. We called the bank to find out what was going on. Thaey stated that MWI Connections had taken this amount. My husband had told the bank that this was unauthorized since my original purchase was canceled back in April. MWI said to me when I called them that, they were given my ok to purchase what ever it is they are trying to sell. I told the lady I was speaking with that I canceled all orders back in April. She then advised me that the other company may have canceled their portion but MWI was never canceled. I asked her why I was never notified by phone or mail about this purchase before we were billed. I told this woman that I was never notified and she said that MWI is not responsible for that. This woman told me that they had refunded the $12.95 om Aug 3,2004 I asked her how since it wasnt actually taken until the 4th of August. She didnt sound like she knew what she was doing or saying, she kept stuttering and repeating herself. I advised her that if my monies were not put back in my husbands account by Friday Aug 11 along with all over draft fees and fees incurred by my land lord for my rent check bouncing, Her company would be hearing from my attorney. I was searching internet to get address for this wacked out company and found this site. I'm sure there is alot I'm not adding in here but I am so mad right now that this company can do this and not be repramanded. Jeri Aloha, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
17, Report #54565
Apr 26 2003
12:00 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff Internet
Entity: Internet
18, Report #29282
Sep 06 2002
09:47 PM
mwi connections ripoff business Connecticut
i was charged on 8-17-02, no idea who this company is o what the charge wass for. Called card company, they will send a form to fill out, says if we ordered from a company that owns this one, they share card information. Once the for i returned the credit card company will contact mwi an rquest voice verification of an orde and if the have none, demand that they refund. We need to find out who owns this company. wayne elkhart, Indiana
Entity: Connecticut
19, Report #28412
Aug 29 2002
12:45 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Omaha Nebraska
On August 12, 2002 I was charged to my bank account $96.00 because some how MWI Connections got access to my check card number. I never heard about the company and I am now in dispute with my bank because I never ordered services/goods from this company. I was surprised to find this website while searching for the company name. I too, hope that Congressman Lee Terry of Omaha, Nebraska can help put a stop to this sort of fraud. Cindy Piscataway, Nebraska
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
20, Report #28529
Aug 30 2002
12:18 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Omaha Nebraska
Could not believe this...I was ripred off for 109.95 also...they are hitting texas now...called company with # found on this web site...they said they would credit my account (we will see)...they said that someone from my home phone # called an unknown info-mercial (lie) and was offered something and that I was supposed to get $500 worth of coupons. darrell alvin, Texas
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
21, Report #24030
Jul 05 2002
03:16 PM
MWI Connections ripoff fraud business Internet Internet
The other day I was at home when I got a phone call from the bank. Well, a lady told me that I should come down and check out my account. I inquired over the phone and she said that I had overdrawn $96. Because I hadn't yet made my deposit I wouldn't have consciencely bought something. I went to the bank and found out that a company named MWI* Connections had made the transaction against my account. I filed a report with my bank and went home to investigate. It seems that I am not the only one to get scammed this way. Through reading some reports on this great site I realized that this company was fraudulant not only to me but to many before me. I called them up and got this ditzy receptionist that just kept on trying to sell me more. That infuriated me so I demanded my money back then. She said that I would have it within 5-5 business days. Then, she kept trying to get me to buy more crap from the crummy business. Stay away from this business! Brent Calhoun, Georgia
Entity: Connecticut
22, Report #24074
Jul 06 2002
11:26 AM
MWI Connections ripoff theft
I discovered a charge on my bank debit card by this company. I had never even heard of them and my bank had no info about the charge or the company except their name and the amount they took from my account. I found them on the internet, got their phone number and called to find out why they had taken my money. They of course gave me the run around saying I had signed up for some free trial membership (by the way the couldn't tell me what I was supposed to be a member of by paying this money) and didn't cancel within 30 days. The $109.95 debit resulted in $200 in bounced check fees on my account. I told them I had never heard of them so couldn't have possibly signed up for anything. I demanded my money back - the $109.95 and the $200 - and told them if I didn't get it they would be hearing from my attorney. I don't know how these companies get away with this. It just amazes me that it was that easy for them. I don't even know how they got my check card number - which of course I had to cancel because I have no idea who else has it. I have since gotten all my money back after a wonderful man at my bank did whatever it was he had to do. However, I am disgusted that this occurs so frequently that there is a massive web-site dedicated to reports of this happening to people. This must be stopped! Caryn Nashville, Tennessee
23, Report #25476
Jul 27 2002
11:46 AM
MWI Connections I ordered what? consumer fraud ripoff
I just noticed a charge of $96.00 on my account, debited by MWI Connections. Since I really didn't remember charging anything for that amount, and certainly didn't recognize the name, I did a search on the internet to find information which may help me contact them. What I found was innumerable sites dedicated to spreading the word about the fradulent nature of this company. On these sites I found contact information, though only one of the several numbers provided me with any help in 'resolving' the issue. The following are numbers I called, and the responses I received: 800.809.3795-the automated message from this number asked for my telephone number or a membership id. I entered my telephone number and the automated service replied that my membership was already cancelled and I would be receiving a refund shortly. I thought this odd, since I had not yet called to complain about the service and the so-called membership was initiated only the day before. My theory, and keep in mind this is only a theory, is that they may put all numbers into this system, thereby allowing a dissatisified consumer to feel as if the issue has been easily resolved. 866.993.9663-this office was closed on Saturday, the day I called. 800.808.3785-this office was also closed on Saturday. 800.503.4052-Finally, a person on the other end of the telephone! Unfortunately, AMANDLA 14776 (the individual I spoke with) did not have a good command of the English language. He reminded me of what it was that I 'ordered' -- a TRIAL version of some discount travel stuff, which was accompanied by a couple of free movie tickets and dinners out. That would have been nice, had I ever received the trial, but I had not. He said that he will resend the information and I could then cancel the trial if I didn't like it. In a state of frustration--both from waisting my Saturday away and from not being able to understand him--I said send it and I will cancel it later. My misguided logic was that, since I actually did consent to a trial on the initial telephone call, I figured legally they may have a case if I do not give their product a chance. Not very smart of me, I know...I should have cancelled then and not rely on a later opportunity. A couple of minutes after I hung up the phone with Amandla, I came to my senses and tried call him (or anyone) back at that number to just tell them to disregard and that I do not want to try anything, I just want my $96 back. Oddly, the number was not allowing me to speak with anyone, as a totally different recording was played. Very odd...and my frustrations are only growing. So, I thought I would try some of the other numbers. 800.568.2386-A message machine said to hold, so I held. After a couple of minutes I was disconnected. 800.270.6902-This number is one I actually got of this site, linking a periodical subscription company with MWI. I called and spoke with CARMELLA. She denied any affiliation with MWI said that she would pass my name and number to her supervisor who would call me soon. I am still call. Finally, I started calling the numbers I had again, hoping that I would be able to get through. I hadn't any luck until calling 800.503.4052. I spoke with HOPE 15016 and described the situation. She said that she see's my earlier contact with Amandla and asked what the problem was. I told her of the communication barrier between Amandla and I and that I found numerous reports online about fraudulent practices by MWI. I further stated that I wanted nothing further to do with the company and that I wished my monies returned, with no trial period and not to send anything. She put me on hold for a bit, and when she returned she said that was doable. She said in three to five business days, the funds would be refunded to my account. I asked Hope how this company got my credit card information, as I have a rule not to give out personal information to anyone on the telephone unless I initiate the call. She said I must have given the information to IDEA VILLAGE, the company whose promotion the service was provided through. I asked for contact information for this company, and she said that she did not have any--no website, no telephone number...nothing. I found that odd too. Anyhow, I will update this (if it is possible) to let you all know if and when I get refunded. This isn't over yet... Free Arlingon, Virginia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on MWI Connections / MWI Homeswork / MWI Essentials
24, Report #37574
Dec 08 2002
07:58 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Connecticut Connecticut
I was charged $109.95 for an unauthorized purchase on my credit card just like hundreds of other consumers on this web site. Cindy Bechtelsville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: Connecticut
25, Report #33616
Oct 28 2002
12:04 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Oxford Connecticut
I ordered a set of knives from an infomertial. I never did receive the knives, but was charged $96.00 to my credit card the next month. I have had made a couple of calls to get them to remove the charges and have filed a dispute with my credit card company. Brad Denver, Colorado
Entity: Oxford, Connecticut

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