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26, Report #33963
Nov 01 2002
12:51 AM
MWI Connections ripoff Connecticut
I received my credit card bill the other day, and there is a $139.95 charge from this company that I know nothing about. I called the phone number on the credit card bill and could only get a recording telling about screaming deals that the company had. I have no clue what this charge was for or how they got my credit card number. Ryan Paradise, Utah
Entity: onnecticut
27, Report #34685
Nov 09 2002
01:36 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff Omaha Nebraska
This company took $96.00 out of my bank account without my permission. After I spoke to my husband about it, he mentioned they had called him,, he denied anything they had to sell. He received a letter in the mail as well. We quickly called them wanting our money back. Said we should receive it in the next billing cycle. Very upset that they were able to charge something to my account without verbal or written permission. This company also made my bank account be overdrawn. Westland, Mi Dawn Westland, Michigan
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
28, Report #36829
Dec 02 2002
03:26 PM
I came home from work this morning and I decide to check my bank account over the phone. when I noticed that there was $96.00 missing from my account I spoke to a represenative to see who deducted money from my account they told me mwi connections. I then got on the computer to look this company up and boy was I shocked.I found out that this company have been ripping people off such as myself. This was my first time being ripped off of my hard working money. Latanya richmond, Virginia CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: OMAHA, Nebraska
29, Report #38979
Dec 22 2002
02:33 PM
MWI* CONNECTIONS ripoff rip-offs
When checking my bank statement on-line today, I noticed a charge of $109.95 from MWI Connections dated 12/19/02. There was no city or state listed, just an 800 number. I had never heard of this company until I did a web search and found this site. I called their 800 number but it`s Sunday - no luck. I have never used my ATM card to charge anything on the internet or anywhere else, so how they got my account number is a mystery. I will follow up with my bank, the company, and the police to put an end to this practice. Dave Meadville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #40231
Jan 06 2003
07:12 AM
MWI* Connections ripoff fraudulent billing Internet
I found a $96.00 charge on my last credit card bill from a company called MWI* Connections, whoever in hell they are. When I called the 800 number listed, the only options I was given were to either order something or to enter my phone number...I did the phone number... After entering my phone number, I was told that my account had been closed (what account would that be?), and that was all there was to it...never spoke to a human being, only a machine. So I went to the website they provided (, sent email To Whom it May Concern stating that I had no clue who this company is, and that I had NEVER authorized any charges to my credit card by them. I also informed them that they could remove the charges, and that I would be contacting the proper authorities about what they're doing. The scary thing to me is: How did they get my credit card number? Almost makes me think twice about buying anything online, ya know? Guy Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: Internet
31, Report #39396
Dec 28 2002
02:21 PM
mwi connections ripoff deceptive company connecticut
charged 119.95 to visa, without permission. called to check the charges. totally vague about their products or what they were selling. still do not know who or how they obtained access to the credit card number. will continue to call to demand money back. v odessa, TexasU.S.A. CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #38573
Dec 18 2002
07:31 AM
MWI Connections ripoff Internet
I was sent an e-mail for a free I Love NY t-shirt, and I submitted my credit card number to have the $6.95 shipping and handling charged to the card. I ended up NOT ever getting the t-shirt and MWI Connections took $139.95 out of my account without permission. I called them and they could not tell me what service they offered nor why they took money out of my accoutn without permission from me. They did return the money to my account within the 5 to 7 days that they told me they would, but now I am waiting for them to take more out! Who can stop this from happening? Who can keep them from using tragedies (9/11) to further rip people off? Michelle Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A. CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: Internet
33, Report #44095
Feb 04 2003
01:12 PM
MWI Connections rip-off Internet
This company billed by credit card without my knowledge for $96.00. Steven Whitman, MassachusettsU.S.A. CLICKE HERE ...*EDitor's NOTICE ..MWI Lawsuit filed
Entity: Internet
34, Report #32892
Oct 18 2002
02:10 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff Connecticut
this company has tried to charge my debit card on 2 occasions through paypal. both times it was denied due to lack of funds available. they are trying to charge me $139.95 on Oct 13th and 16th. i dont know what to do to keep them from getting the money from my account. The paypal transaction id numbers are as follows: Debit Card Purchase (ID #7VV75307R67715800) Amount: -139.95 Date: Oct 13, 2002 Time: 22:30:36 Status: Denied Name on Card: Dee Tison Merchant: MWI*CONNECTIONS 800-568-2386 CT Reason: Insufficient Funds Debit Card Purchase (ID #1LK07221N0742702W) Amount: -139.95 Date: Oct 16, 2002 Time: 6:24:25 Status: Denied Name on Card: Dee Tison Merchant: MWI*CONNECTIONS 800-568-2386 CT Reason: Insufficient Funds This was the information that was listed on my paypal account. I now have enough money in my accout. Now i am afraid that it will be deducted once they try to get the money again. what can i do to assure this doesnt happen? Dee Macon, Georgia
Entity: Connecticut
35, Report #31028
Sep 25 2002
08:33 AM
MWI Connections ripoff fraudulent business Connecticut
I don't even know where it came from, just they charged me $139.95. For what ??? I want my money back !! Egle brooklyn, New York
Entity: Connecticut
36, Report #30904
Sep 24 2002
01:07 AM
MWI Connections ripoff Omaha Nebraska
Hi, I feel so provoked by MWI connections that I personally want to go to Omaha and smack each & every scheming representative. When I saw their charge of $139.95 on my card statement, I didn't even know who the hec they were! I was wandering why my credit card bill was so high. Because of them, I couldn't make a purchase with my card 'cause it had gone over the limit! I'm caling them today to remove the charge from my visa & tell them if they try to bill me again I will deal with them personally! Cryssy Dickinson, Texas
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
37, Report #31504
Sep 30 2002
04:37 PM
MWI Connections ripoff fraudulent business
My Daughter's bank Debit Card account was charged 139.95. For what she didn't know. She just turned 18 and just got her bank account. She knew she had't bought anything for that amount. We went on the internet and looked up MWI Connections. That's when we saw all the reports about people being charged for things they did not get. Or ordering something being charged for it, yet also getting other charges. Then we figured out what had happened. My daughter had purchased some cell-phone accessories-which had already been debited to her account several months ago. Now evidently they have taken money out of her account-for nothing. We have called MWI and didn't really get any answers, They say her account will be credited in the next 10 days. But reading the reports on here that will probably not happen. We will contact her bank tomorrow to report this and ask them not to allow any more charges from this company. Donna Stephens City, Virginia
38, Report #25815
Jul 31 2002
11:36 AM
mwi connections ripoff fraudulent billing Nebraska
My daughter ordered a subscription for a magazine from MWI Connections about a year ago. They started sending her many subscriptions and deducting everything out of her account. Try and she did, they would not cancel her subscriptions. She finally closed her bank account to stop them from taking her money. I don't know how they did it, except that we use the same bank with the same address, but they took $119.95 out of my account. As of today, 7/31/02, they told me they would credit my account with a refund, but it will take 3 to 5 business days. Doreen Chalmette, Louisiana
Entity: Nebraska
39, Report #29485
Sep 09 2002
12:16 PM
Mwi Connections ripoff fraudulent billing Hartford Connecticut
After seeing a charge to my credit card for $96.00, I called the number listed. They claimed I requested their discount services as a free 30-day trial and that if I hadn't notified them after 30 days, they charged me. I told them to remove the charge and remove my name and address from their database. After several minutes of waiting, they claim they will reverse the charge. ASK FOR A CONFIRMATION NUMBER AND NAME IF YOU GO THROUGH THIS. I'll wait and see what my next bill looks like next month.... Margo Templeton, California
Entity: Internet
40, Report #29699
Sep 11 2002
04:12 AM
MWI Connections ripoff
One day, I went onto my bank's internet site to see if my paycheck had cleared. While I was there, I saw a debit in the amount of $84.00 to MWI*Connections. I spent a few minutes trying to remember what I bought for exactly $84. I decided to go to a search engine to look up the company. When I typed in MWI*Connections, I got this site, Apparently, I became the latest victim of Internet Fraud. Douglas Owasso, Oklahoma
Entity: Internet
41, Report #29712
Sep 11 2002
08:23 AM
MWI Connections ripoff unsolicited bill Connecticut
I found a billing entry in my American Express account for MWI Connections. Neither my wife nor I had made any request for their service. When I called the 800 number listed on the billing entry, the woman indicated they would remove the billing but she would offer no explanation for how that bill had appeared on my card. Based on what I have read here, this company apparently submits unauthorized requests on credit card numbers it has been able to acquire from other online purchase requests. I would appreciate any help in acquiring information for reporting this issue to the authorities. Barry Apopka, Florida
Entity: Connecticut
42, Report #47298
Feb 27 2003
08:32 PM
MWI CONNECTIONS ripoff thieves Akron Internet
They stole 109.95 from my bank account- 1-800-568-2386 ..... Today I discovered an unauthorized debit to my checking account of $109.95. When I called to investigate the charge the 1st thing that I had to enter was my phone number. After many other delays an operator asked me for my address for security purposes. I don't even believe this company had either my phone number or my address before my call- only the unauthorized possession of my bank account information. The operator made several attempts to convince me of my bad memory and that I had authorized the charge for discounted restaurant use, movies, etc. I mentioned that my next call was to the Ohio attorney Generals office and he quickly agreed to reverse the charge- I don't even believe that will happen- theives steal and spend! Anybody or attorney in Ohio want to join me in a class action suit? Jeff akron, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #48388
Mar 07 2003
06:20 PM
Mwi Connections Internet
I received a 96.00 charge on my credit card bill not even aware of what mwi connections was, or how they got my credit card #. Never hearing of the company I knew that someone had billed me incorrectly. Curious of what the company was I ran a search on the net only to find out I'm not the only one this has happened to . Something must be done. Marty Allentown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #46517
Feb 22 2003
02:40 PM
MWI Connections rip-off Internet
I recieved my American Express bill with a $139.95 US charge for something I knew nothin about. I reported this to American Express and they are investigating. I told them that there were 43 pages of rip reports at this site alone. Bill Goderich, OntarioCanada
Entity: Internet
45, Report #49796
Mar 19 2003
06:46 AM
MWI Connections ripoff fraud business NATIONWIDE
Stuffed a $119.95 bill on my credit card. Bob Pratt, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Other
46, Report #49818
Mar 19 2003
10:08 AM
Mwi Connections ripoff Nationwide
I had 139.95 electrically withdrawn from my checking account . I donot know how this company got my checking account number . Bruce Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A. Bruce Schenectady, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #49410
Mar 16 2003
09:02 AM
MWI Connections ripoff fraudulent billing Internet
I have been charged $99.95 to my Visa credit card without my knowledge or permission. I've never heard of MWI Connections. I called their toll free number (800-568-2386) but it was Sunday and there was no one to talk to. I tried to log on to their website (www.veal but got a message that the site was closed down. Cathy Braintree, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #50664
Mar 26 2003
06:54 PM
Mwi Connections ripoff Internet Worldwide
I received my credit card statement and there was a charge from mwi connections for 79.95 I don't even have the slightest idea who they are and how they accessed my account.what can I do,I see there are lots of other complaints. Shawn bondurant, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1034320
Jun 26 2004
12:41 PM
MWI Connections ripoff Omaha Nebraska
On 6/26/04 when checking my bank statement I noticed a withdrawal from my Visa Debit of the amount $159.95. to MWI Connections. I had no idea who this was. There was the number 888-868-6216 there so I call it. I asked what this withdrawal was for. I was told it was for my membership. I advised Don 17392 that I did not request a membership there and had no ideal what their services were. He told me that I had been a member since last year when they charged me $133.00. I told him that I wanted my money back from last year and that I wanted to file a complaint. I was told to write customer service for this. I was also told that my membership 569771510 had been cancelled and I would receive my refund in 2 business days. He stated that I signed up for this when offered a free cd player. I told him that I never gave them this information and I wanted to know how they got it. Pamela Shannon, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska
50, Report #45789
Feb 17 2003
08:10 PM
Mwi Connections ripoff charges Omaha Nebraska
Mwi*galleria Usa, Mwi*valuemax ripoff, charged my account without any notice. only signed upfor one of these companies and shortly after cancel, have no record of how to contact ripoff thieves victimized many consumers ..... I was chared by the three above companies without any notice. They took a total of $289.85 from me. I have had no luck tracking these companies down. They never sent me what I have learned are ripoff coupons. I want my money back. Kristen middleburg, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Omaha, Nebraska

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