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26, Report #592742
Apr 13 2010
09:08 AM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Magic Jack Product, Support and Service Sucks - No Refunds! Internet
Magic Jack is just another moneygrabbing company that promotes a 30 day money back guarantee product that is designed to accomplish a single goal. That goal is to get your credit card number. The Magic Jack I purchased did not function. I also purchased for $69.95 the extra 5 year plan. But all my clients said the sound quality was horrible! The web site is a joke. There is a bunch of instant fix downloads (that don't work). There is however, a great deal of hype about the amazing thirty-day no-risk guaranty. What is MAGICALLY missing is any way to contact this company to arrange to return the product and cancel the scheduled payment at the end of the thirty-day trial period. There is a live-chat customer support line. I wasted 90 minutes of my life there, with no solution at all. This is exactly what you can expect from a predatory rip-off company such as this. My unit never worked properly. The flatly refused to refund my costs. I intend to dispute this charge with my credit card company. MagicJack support phone numbers: Main Office: 561-594-2140 you can apparently only leave a message Billing Inquiries: 281-404-1551 open from 11am to 8pm EST Magic Jack PO Box 6846 West Palm Beach, Fl 33045
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #475663
Aug 01 2009
08:22 PM
Magic Jack Not SO Magic After All Internet
I purchased MJ last December. It worked fine for about 2-3 months and then all h*ll broke loose, so to speak. It started hanging up in the middle of conversations, the line was filled with static, and I could not depend on it working when I needed it to work. I contacted the online chat at least five or six times about this problem. I even got the next level - whatever that was supposed to mean. They had me changing all kinds of settings on my computer, all to no avail. I have a handicapped daughter and therefore needed a reliable phone service to be there when I needed it. Magic Jack was unable to be that reliable. The part of this whole mess is that I prepaid for an extra five years because of the savings they advertised. HOWEVER, when it came time to get a refund on the service that DID NOT WORK, they refused because it was not within the first thorty days. They did offer to replace the unit but I refused that because I could not wait to have a reliable phone service. I had to keep switching the usb port for the MJ unit (also during the chat sessions.) I had to use my emergency cell phone while waiting for MJ to work correctly, and ended up spending about 15-20 dollars on calls that I should have been able to make with MJ. I kept copies of all the chat sessions I had with their so0called customer service department, in case anyone needs to see for themselves what kind of c/s to expect. I do NOT recommend this company to anyone. I suspect the pro-MJ posts here are from employees of MJ. Artie **** El Paso, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #437564
Mar 25 2009
01:27 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack not Magic a Rip Off West Palm Beach Florida
I have had the magic jack since June 2008. I used to work great until about 10 days ago. I would be in the middle of a call and the line would go dead. I would be unable to release the call and had to unplug the device from my usb port. Then the problem became worst. The next time it happened I had to contact the customer support representative through live chat. After spending hours chatting and following the instruction magic jack eventually worked. Now day 10 into the problem. Each consecutive day I found myself having to reformat the magic jack just to get service which never lasted more than 24 hours before the problem resurfaced. As of today, I will tell everyone and anyone that is thinking of using this service to not buy the product. You will find your self spending a lot of time trying to get your service to work and no solution. Then, when you request a refund you had better have the original contents of the package in order to send it back for a replacement or a refund. They will also require you pay to ship it back. Which I find unfair and not worth it. They can take upto 7-10 days for you to get a new replacement. If you do you this service you had better have a backup because in the event you have to call 911 and the service is out you will probably be on the short end of the stick. I can only tell my experience and for some it may be perfectly fine but you all have been warned to stay away from magic jack unless you just want a cheap second line for kids to use. Otherwise you may end up like me a sorry consumer feeling cheated and not valued for being a paying subscriber. I think I will try skype. Happy dialing. Teko WASHINGTON, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
29, Report #804329
Dec 02 2011
05:21 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack's internet $34.95 offer for magic jack plus. Internet, Internet
I spent 4 hours on live chat with 5 different agents trying to purchase a magic jack that was advertised on my magic jack screen. They told me I had to click on the ad that appeared on my screen. I did and it took me nowhere.After chatting with the 5th person in 2 days, I was told that the only way I could get it was through clicking on that ad. I informed them I had done it 19 times and it doesn't work. She ended up telling me she would send me an email when it was available for $34.95 again next week.I told her I thought magic jack is guilty of scamming people, which of course she denied. I have 3 magic jacks in my house and they have worked really well for the last 5 years. I just wanted one that plugs into the wall and the best deal I can get.Now I'm not sure I would ever buy their product again.If they can treat a loyal customer that way, what must they be doing to strangers? They have a good product but they are a lousy company to deal with. Buyers beware, there is no way to reach them by email or phone.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #548347
Jan 01 2010
07:43 AM
Magic Jack Phone Jack Waste of Money Internet
I purchased a MJ against the advice of salesperson at Staples. It worked OK for a couple of weeks then the people we were calling couldnt hear us very well at all. Couldnt use it to call the people we wanted to call long distance. Then a couple of months later, the usb port connection became loose and will not make a connection. Used online help, they wanted me to buy a new one. I said I wouldnt. Then they wanted me to pay $9.95 for shipping to replace it or authorize $39. on my credit card and if they gor the old one back in two weeks they would credit it back to me. The rep was extremely rude. Kept saying read your terms oand coditions. I wont buy another one. Too bad because I thought it was a great idea but if I have to keep purchasing it over and over then I am better off with a land line. DONT BUY ONE WASTE OF MONEY
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31, Report #947560
Sep 27 2012
02:39 PM
Magic Jack Bogus annual fee for number porting , Internet
I paid Magic Jack $19.99 to port my home phone number to them on 20 Sep 2011.  (note: other phone companies do this for free)  At that time, they said it was a one-time fee, and that no additional charges would be added. I have just been informed that I now need to pay an additional $9.95 fee every year to keep my number ported (what?).  This is unheard of in the phone industry.  The worthless on-line chat person told me that I agreed to it and that I could find the policy on their website.  I looked, and the policy was dated 06 Jul 2012, TEN MONTHS AFTER I originally paid the one-time fee. The on-line chat person told me that I could see the agreement on the website if I went and clicked on the transfer my phone number tab.  Of course it is listed there, NOW!  It wasn't there when I agreed to pay the fee.  It is also not listed ANYWHERE in their Terms of Service on there website. I am now a couple of days and $100 into a five year renewal plan, and if I walk away over $9.95, they won't refund my prorated amount, so either way I lose. And as a side note, I just found out that whey will charge you $30 to have your number un-ported so you can use your home phone number with another company.  Another non-existent practice anywhere else in the phone industry!
Entity: Internet, Internet
32, Report #1070578
Jul 27 2013
01:16 PM
Magic Jack False advertising Internet us
 Magic Jack advertises thet they will allow you to transfer any unused service time from an old magic jack to the new Magic Jack. FALSE!! When you contact them with the new Magic Jack they ask you to register it. After you register it they say you cannot transfer the old service. They hide behind a chat line and no live phone communication so your are powerless to do anything. When they get tired of answering your questions, they cut you off without warning. Terrible customer service. I will never renew my magic jack once mine expires.  
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33, Report #1072447
Aug 12 2013
07:58 AM
Magic Jack Villa Rica Georgia
Magic does not inform the customer of a ten dollar renewal fee on a number transferred when you purchase a five year agreement.  I am being told I cannot be reimbursed, tried to transferred the number over to another company after paying for five years in advance with magic jack.  The number is literally being held hostage and cannot be transferred.  The annually fee being addvertised is not $19.95 a year.  
Entity: Villa Rica , Georgia
34, Report #955848
Oct 16 2012
04:14 PM
Magic Jack I was ripped off also Internet, Florida
I was also a customer of Magic Jack for about two years. Then all of a sudden I am informed after trying to make a local call that it requires me to buy a calling card. Their advertisment still says that if one buys a Magic Jack the customer can make unlimited calls. Which a blantant falsehood. I am trying to get the word put thast agic Jack is a rippoff of the worse kind. I have conatcted my local carrier and they also agree that it sounds like a bait and switch issue. I also contacted the Missouri Attornet Generals office.
Entity: Internet, Florida
35, Report #1002765
Jan 24 2013
03:29 PM
Magic Jack dont give them a card # Miami , Florida
I got a magic jack,,, not the plus but the original MJ  I first read All of the complaints about it ,but I ordered one anyways from a electronics web site it was 43.60 with shipping   When I got ready to set it up you can pick your phone # from any state you want...don't pay them to transfer your old # just pick one, you will see at least 8 offers  on good deals trying to get a card #  from you JUST SAY  NO TO ALL OF THESE OFFERS Do not pay for service in advance! The complaint I have about MJ is if you log off  the user account the MJ goes off no dial tone so just let your screen saver come on & leave your computer on All the time & it works fine..... It is clearer no static than the land line phone I had from Frontier communications That I was paying 78.00$ a month for a basic phone that did not even include voice mail.  My o pion of MJ is some of those people  they have working for them, they are the ones that charge more to your card once YOU give it to them!......... When it gets time to pay for another year I am going to pay with a pre paid debit card with just enough to pay for another year The MJ + is just so your phone will stay on when you turn off your PC  It has the adapter that it gets its electricity from, the old MJ gets it from your PC (BOTH of the MJs) still have to have an Internet connection . But if you keep those customer service  people out of it, you can set up the MJ your self because it is all computerized to set up your account & phone # & connection. So I think MJ is great so far so good ....just DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ###$  Oh, your FIRST year of service is included in the cost of your MJ....Don't give them your card #  for anything else & dont even buy the MJ from MJ you can buy it on line from electronic stores or amazon That way MJ will not have your card # ... that way they can't make a MISTAKE and bill you for 5 years of advance service or some of there other  GREAT OFFERS!
Entity: Miami, Florida
36, Report #1015868
Feb 17 2013
04:23 PM
magic jack Never received - Shipped USPS NO Signature Required, Internet
Got an email from Dan B with Magicjack on Dec 29, 2012 offering the Magicjack Plus for $34.95. Offer good until 1-1-2013. I ordered on 12-31-2012. Never received. Did receive a notice that my card rejected their charges which I had initiated after 1-31-1013. When I contacted magicjack chat, I was told I owed $81 instead of the $34.95. Then they said my Magicjack was delivered 1-4-2013. I asked who signed and they said no one. I live in a very rural area and we use the old style of mail box located on the corner of each block. I asked if they could track whether it had been activated and if so by whom. They said no. They offered to ship me a second unit but only at the $81 price. I elected to cancel the order and they said they were unable to do that but they would refer my account to the billing dept. At this point, I don't know if the device is any good or if it even works but after this experience I guess I'll never know.
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #1042603
Apr 11 2013
06:20 PM
Magic Jack Free Trial is a SCAM!!!!! Internet
BEWARE of the free trial there is nothing free about it!! I signed up for a free trial and it stated online and in my email that I would not be charged for a month. But right after i signed up they charged me in full. I tried multiple times to figure out why and every time they told be it was a bank issue and one online chat lady (Janna) actually just quit talking to me she disconnected the chat. They kept trying to tell me the bank puts a hold on it and they do not receive any money therefore they did nothing wrong! The issue is if I had known they put a hold on my money for a month apparently? I would not have gone through with the free trial. They should be honest and upfront about their charges instead of scamming innocent people. They are bunch of liars and scammers, They don't even give you a way to call or get in touch with anyone if you have an issue. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THESE DISHONEST PEOPLE!!
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #1084277
Sep 13 2013
12:59 PM
Magic jack 'Charged my card multiple times again Internet
i went to the Magic Jack website to renew my device for another year. It asked me to input the security code for the credit card on file, then a message popped up that the payment could not be processed, enter a new card, which I did, then clicked to place the order and again it tells me the payment can't be processed, enter the card again. I did this three times before it successfully placed the order, and then I received 3 alerts that the same amount had been charged to my two cards three times! So that error message is bogus, as it does make the charge...I guess they hope you won't notice until you get your statement weeks later or maybe not at all. Lucky I have alerts set up but still I have to now go through disputing the charges with the credit card companies. I was assured by the live chat person (not in the US) that the additional charges would be dropped, but I remembered that this same thing happened last year when I renewed and I had to dispute the charges. He tried blaming me for having too many cards on file with them but THEY save the card information each time you are prompted to enter it! What a completely predatory way of doing business. I wish I had remembered last year's problems, but I know now I will NEVER forget again nor will I renew this device again....who needs this hassle? It's obviously designed to work in a fraudulent manner since it hasn't been fixed in a year!
Entity: Internet
39, Report #1094360
Oct 24 2013
02:12 PM
Magic Jack took payment, did not acknowledge recieving it internet
**My experience with Magic Jack Phone service**[] I have a Magic Jack phone. It is a VOIP phone. Just buy the box and make a small credit card payment (34.39$) for 1 year of service. It has voice mail, call display, and free North America long distance too. Sounds great…right? That’s what I thought too…until now anyway… I don’t have a credit card…don’t like them, so I bought a prepaid American Express card to pay for the phone. No problem. My subscription was to expire on November 06 2013. Uh oh! Better buy another pre-paid card to pay it off. I got a pre-paid Visa this time. I logged on to Magic Jack and selected the option to renew for 1 year. I entered my credit card info and numbers…so far so good. I clicked on “Process Order” and waited for the hour glass to stop. The site tells me “Unable to process your payment method. Please try another card.” WTF? I must have mis-keyed the credit card info. I tried it again making sure to be extra careful, and not make a mistake. Again it said Unable to process your payment…WTF? I had checked this Visa before hand, online to make sure it was activated and had funds. Kind of confused, I checked the Visa online again. I see a payment had gone through to MAGICJACK.COM for 34.39$. OK what the hell! I log back on to Magic Jack and see if there is a phone number for customer service. No number, but there was a “live chat” option. OK…better than nothing, I’ll try it. An agent came online and I explained my problem. She asked for my info, asked what kind of credit card, she asked if I was certain there are funds on it. I replied that there are no longer funds on it because a payment had gone through to Magic Jack. She seemed puzzled and asked a bit more about the credit card. When she found out it was a prepaid card she explained that they don’t accept prepaid cards. (What? Are you kidding me?)  She inquired about why I wasn’t using a “real” credit card. (Really? How is this any of your business?) She advised me to find a friend and use their credit card for payment (So now I’m supposed to start begging my friends for help?) I explained to her that my original payment WAS made with a prepaid MasterCard, and it went through without a problem. I also told her that the payment WAS deducted from my Visa. If they do not accept prepaid cards then why was I billed? She told me that the funds would be refunded…it would take between 2 hours and a week. (REALLY? You can’t be serious! WTF?) This was about 2 hours after I was billed. She advised me to check with Visa again. I did this and found the payment was still there and there had been no refunds. I was getting quite pissed by this time. I advised her that I would be taking legal action if the money was not refunded. I also made it clear that I would be blogging LOUDLY and everywhere possible about my frustrating experiences in dealing with Magic Jack. **Some advice for Magic Jack**If you DO NOT accept prepaid credit cards then state it CLEARLY on your website.If you DO NOT accept prepaid credit cards then simply decline the transaction. DO NOT bill the customer then promise to refund the money.Get a customer service phone line. None of this “live chat” instant message bullshit! You ARE a phone company act like it! I should be able to talk live to a real person if I have questions or concerns.Don’t question me about why I don’t have a “real” credit card. It’s none of your damn business.Don’t suggest that I start begging around for a buddy with a credit card. This is my experience with Magic Jack, and I want EVERYBODY to know about it! I want everybody to feel free to repost this blog ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. In fact PLEASE repost it![] Thank you! That is my rant for today!
Entity: Internet
40, Report #1065743
Jul 09 2013
08:20 PM
Magic Jack MagicJack is a scam - user beware Internet
 I bought and installed MagicJack on june 22, 2013. I also made a mistake of porting my number from my previous carrier to MagicJack for a price of $19.95 + tax. My magic jack worked for couple of hours after install and it was downhill from there. there was no dial tone on the phone, I contacted MagicJack via online chat which is the only method of contacting their only customer service/Svc tech, i went to all the levels of customer support they have. I had about 8 trouble tickets in three days, each of those tickets lasted an average of 3 hours each with MagicJack. By the way one of the things magic jack did well was to remove time stamp from its chat...on two of the chats the service techs abandoned me - on one of them while I was on hold i made dinner, took an hour walk,  took a shower, ate dinner, put the kids to sleep  and still no response from customer service. when I tried starting a new chat session, I got Our hours of operations are 9AM-10PM EST Monday-Saturday and 10AM-7PM EST on Sundays. Please visit us again during our hours of operations.  You can also also browse our FAQ section for the most common questions and asnwers at So apperently the service tech did not have the courtesy to tell me it was time to shut down. Quite unlike me I did not give up after this, I was determined to make magic jack work for me. So the next day, i go on MagicJack chat again.I spent about 3 + hours with the service tech this time, I gave her permission to remote into my computer. She uploaded, downloaded, we plugged & unplugged, still magic jack did not work. she said she cannot help me and rudely asked if I needed help with something else. she blamed the issue on my internet service.Still determined,  i contacted my internet provider, My internet provider came to my house, checked everything on the network, network was working properly. At this point I contact magic jack again, I might have been blacklisted because the next rep  abandoned me yet again - i was on hold for more than 4hours. the next day i decided to find out if the problem was actually magic jack or my Internet service like MagiJack claimed. I bought and installed Nettalk. Nettalk worked properly like a phone should and has been working well since July 1,2013. I now decided to get my old number that never worked on Magic jack back, MagicJack sent me a $30 porting fee before they can release my number to Nettalk. i pleaded and explained to the reps but all that fell on deaf ears.  despite the fact MagicJack did not provide me any service, they only provided nightmare and furstration. MagicJack sold me e a defective product that they told me they cannnot fix and when i told them i want to move my number to another provider they offered to replace their defective product for $11.80. if this is not a scam I do not know what is. There's got to be a way to stop MagicJack from ripping people off.
Entity: Internet, Internet
41, Report #1080964
Sep 01 2013
05:20 PM
Magic Jack false advertising poor quality service Internet
recently started with magic jack over a year ago. Saw it in store and online figured $20 a year wasn't bad for home phone service. Found it to be the worst experience I have ever had.   They do not explain that you should really only have it hooked up for one phone in the house. If you have it connected to multiple phones it may not work depending on the ren of the phone. Then when it came time to renew I ended paying more than the $20 advertised, and now they are telling me I have to pay an extra $10 to keep my number. Why didn't it say that when I renewed it.   I'm getting rid of it and I guess i'm losing the money big amount of money I paid up front.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #1113876
Jan 08 2014
10:51 AM
magic jack plus offers a 30 day free money back guarantee which is a rip off, after 1 week of tring magic jack plus i returned it, it will not work for multiple phone lines, I also made the largest of all mistakes by what they call porting my old phone number from at&t to magic jack, (DO NOT DO THAT), after I returned the unit at my expence, they charged me a one time fee as they decribed it of 21.55 to have there service, then another 3.34 for 911 service plus a charge of 32.34 for porting my number back to at&t,  and on top of all that after having been an at&t  customer for the last 40 years at&t charged me for having my account as a new service, which included a reconnect fee totaling 167.80. I reget ever tring it DO NOT TRY IT
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1142656
Apr 29 2014
11:23 AM
Magic Jack Holding Phone Number Hostage Nationwide
After switching my service to a new provider, MJ delayed the request to transfer my phone number until my 6 month contract expired, then refused to transfer the number until a one year renewal fee was paid. After three months of trying, they are still holding the phone number hostage that I had had for 30 years. This is extortion. 
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1125434
Feb 21 2014
01:00 PM
magic jack save YOUR money nationwide
You will spend more time with customer service (if you can get them) then you will spend using your phone system and it will still not work. I lost track of how many hours I wasted trying to get them to fix it.
Entity: Select State/Province
45, Report #1133615
Mar 25 2014
05:53 PM
Magic Jack Post Account Creation New Charges Internet
After about 4 years of having the service the company annually creates new fees.  This years' the new fee is that the number I selected in the begining, has magically become a Premium Number, and now carries a Porting Fee of $3.00 a year. The number was selected from a Magic Jack Pool of numbers so no Porting was involved. Last year it was something else. Using the Live chat is a waste of time as it always resolved to Read the Contract or some such thing.  They will never tell when, how or why the Contract MAGICALLY changes.  That must be the Magic part of Magic Jack.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1184065
Oct 21 2014
08:57 AM
Magic Jack Misleading, false charges Nationwide
I have used Magic Jack with no problems the past seven years or so. I always renew for a year at a time. This year however I could not afford to do so. On August 18th my service for the year was up. I went without for a short while. On September 18th I paid on my phone service to turn it on, I had the option of paying five (5) dollars for one month of service which I chose. Yesterday, October 20th my service went out again so I opted to pay five (5) dollars for another month. Used my phone all day and night with no problem. When we woke up this morning I found another email from MagicJack confiriming an order that was placed around 3am while we were asleep, renewing my phone for a year and charging it to my card. I contacted MagicJack about this and was told that I turned on the auto renewal feature. ......  I did not. Not only did I NOT turn it on, there is absolutely NOTHING on the page named 'Auto Renewal on my account page with them. They assured me they would cancel this 'order' and that I needed to turn 'auto renewal' off. No way shape or form of doing this on their site. So I got the confirmation email that this order they made was cancelled. Went to use my phone because I paid for another month yesterday......and was prompted to pay if I wanted to use my, 6 months, etc... I contacted them again which I kept a copy of the entire live chat conversation. I explained that yes I contacted someone to cancel the 'unrequested' order  but that I had paid for another month and my whole account has been cancelled now and I want credit for the month I paid and have my phone on. Well needless to say I felt like a rocket scientist trying to teach rocket science to first graders. I finally called and got through to someone higher up, was on hold for quite a while, finally she came back and this is what I was told..........Your account expired August 18th........on September 18th you paid five dollars for one month........that month was from August to September......yesterday you paid for a month which was from September to October so your account has expired. When your account expires we give you a 120 day grace period in which you can pay. Paying five dollars per month Ms Vaughn you are really spending way too much for your phone, YOu would save more money buying six months at a time.....and so NO WAY  does it state that the five dollars I paid for was BACK PAY. NO WHERE on my account does it say that there is a 120 day grace period. The five dollars I paid per month ran from september to october. They turned off my phone and pulled this out of thier rears when I called them out on a false charge. They are making up 'false statements' of service as they go. NEVER in the years I have used them have I had this horrible experience and NEVER has anyone EVER made up rules etc. about a service I have used, ever. How can they get away with this?
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1217953
Mar 24 2015
07:34 PM
Magic Jack FALSE advertising breech of contract bait/switch Internet
When I purchase my Majik Jack device a few years ago sales pitch was free call anywhere, anytime for $20 a year, for life. Today, I discovered thier defination of LIFETIME: ==== Unedited CHAT session, 03/24/2015 - 9:20 EST === Please wait for a site operator to respond.You are now chatting with 'Russel'Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530181323070XRussel: Hello, how may I help you?Donald Hrascs: My Legacy MJ hardware is trying to install drivers/software for the current produc.Russel: okay Russel: May I know where your magicjack is plugged at the moment?Donald Hrascs: Directly into a USB port. Not through a hubRussel: okay Russel: please click on the link above, download and install upgr980.exe on your computerDonald Hrascs: This for the legacy devices?Russel: That is your magicjack driver Donald Hrascs: It is installing.....Russel: please let it finish Donald Hrascs: I do not remember my password!Russel: Please inform me once the magicjack dial pad appears Donald Hrascs: I clicked the remindme button for my password, no mail yetRussel: okay Russel: please check again after 2 minutes Donald Hrascs: Hey, it says $35 to renew....When I purchased it the deal was $200 for life. I am not dea yetDonald Hrascs: $20Russel: There is no $35 for life deal Russel: Originally the renewal was $19.95 but that was a few years ago Donald Hrascs: I don't care. My DEAL was $20 for LIFE as advertised.Donald Hrascs: And it was not suppose to change, part of the sales pitchRussel: If you wish to reactivate your subscription you can Russel: but it will have to be the $35 renewal Donald Hrascs: I gues I will need to sue you. Clas Action, I will file as a poor person so I do not have to pay the court feesRussel: Renewal plans are subject to change depending on the market trends and by no means it is permanent Donald Hrascs: BS, that was not my dealRussel: It's your choice Russel: Have a pleasant eveningDonald Hrascs: I will start by making several post in PUBLIC DOMAINRussel: It's up to youDonald Hrascs: You have an attitude. In any event I finally got my password.Russel: okay Russel: Have a pleasant evening Donald Hrascs: Thank you for your help.  And your attitude is not okay.Since we haven't heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:   Donald Charlotte NC    
Entity: Internet
48, Report #1240629
Jul 08 2015
07:06 PM
Magic Jack False advertising Internet
I have been using Magic Jack for ther past 2 years, never had an issue like this before and suddenly they want me to prepay for calling certain numbers within the USA.  They can not tell me what numbers or why, and the fact I was able to call this number before means nothing to them.  This is deceptive advertising because they just randomly decide to charge by the minute and that was the reason I gave up my landline and paid to have this number ported.  I think I don't need this anymore  My cell phone works just fine.  Good bye Magic Jack.  I won't be sharing anything good about you anymore...
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1312695
Jun 21 2016
05:23 PM
Magic Jack customer DISservice Customer DISservice! Stay away! Internet
I have just gotten into a fight with the customer DISservice idiots at MagicJack. Calls cut out constantly and therefore does not work well. I have contacted them many times to no avail. The idiot today wanted me to plug the MagicJack into a wall outlet for power. The unit is USB powered by the router or computer. Anyway, I told them that and also that thwey were stupid. Things really got bad from there. I told them what I thought of them and the MJ idiot kept trying to goad me further. She eventually told me she was going to report me to MJ then dicconnected. Stay away from these idiots as they have no clue and are the worst out there. I hope they want to continue the fight. I will win, GUARANTEED!  
Entity: Internet
50, Report #1147997
May 19 2014
03:19 PM
Magic Jack Major rip off! palm beach florida
Magic Jack's quality sucks major dog b****.  Constantly being cut off or parts of the conversation cut out just like old fasioned dialog cell phones.  I got ahold of them and wanted a refund and they refused to give me one.  They got away with 55 dollars worth of service i didn't use.  Plus their international plan sucked to.  You paid about 5 bucks worth of international servive but only got about 20 cents worth. And good luck trying to argue with them.  And when you chat with them, they can't even speak proper english, even though they're from the US.  Its almost like calling India for customer support.
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