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76, Report #808865
Dec 13 2011
02:55 PM
Magic Jack MagicJack customer service Morons Internet, Internet
I started using MJ three years ago. Over time the service dropped to 50 percent working. I thought it was a bad internet connection, or a bad Magic Jack. Then a couple weeks ago, I got the brillant idea to plug the jack into my USB port without the cable. Problem solved pretty much. I started to shop online for a replacement USB cable, but could not find one like the original issue USB cable which looks like it is shielded to prevent interference, and is only 6 inches long, instead of the typical 6 feet unshielded USB cables. I don't want to just leave the jack plugged in because I'm going to knock it off accidently. So I get on a web site chat to try to order a replacent USB cable. After waiting to connect to customer service for around 15 minutes, Natalie Moron advised me to go to the store and buy an ethernet cable to replace the USB cable. Escalated to a stupervisor and was told to buy one at the internet store. MJ is turning back flips to sell more products, but they don't offer even basic support for the products they have sold and long term customers. For that reason I withdraw my previous recommendations to buy MJ. Bad business model, I hope they fail, but they don't care, they will just get bought and hopefully the new owners will step up to the plate and support their products.
Entity: Internet, Internet
77, Report #801399
Nov 24 2011
06:04 AM
Magic Jack Fraudulent free trial billing Internet, Internet
I tried availing the Magic Jack Plus free trial a couple of hours ago, I basically filled out their application (2 steps). First I indicated my information (name & address), once done you'll be directed to a page where you will choose to provide your debit or credit information. I provided my credit information thinking that it will be used to ensure that they will bill me once I don't discontinue my trial and continue using my account after 30 days (which was also indicated in their website).What happened here is that after clicking submit, there was an error posted in the field beside the card number, I thought it was an honest mistake that I wasn't able to input my card number correctly so I tried again, it still didn't work and had the same error. I then switched to using my debit card since maybe my credit card wasn't working due to technical issues. When I clicked submit order using my debit it still didn't work, now I was kind of concerned so I checked my online statement and just like magic, I have 2 pending bills posted in my credit card from magic jack and 2 debit transactions also from magic jack amounting to $81.64 each. I tried contacting the support desk and the person said to me that they don't have it in their records so I would have to contact them again in a couple of hours. The good thing here is that the person provided a ticket number that I can refer to when I follow it up.This is such an inconvenience, I'll be in the process of disputing those transactions with my bank just to make sure, and I'll be in the process of cancelling my order with Magic Jack once they get a view of it in their system. The misleading part here is that they're offering a free trial, yet I was already billed even if I didn't get any web confirmation that my trial request was successful. Very poor web interface and hopefully this was caused only by a bug in the system and that I can get my money back. Again, why am I being billed on a free trial. Total ripoff!
Entity: Internet, Internet
78, Report #836472
Feb 09 2012
11:00 AM
Magic Jack Worst customer service, poor billing Interne
4 years ago I bought Magic Jack for my sister as a gift.  A year later she died.  I called a few months after she died and said I would like to keep the Magic Jack service but change it to my name.  They absolutely refused to change the name on the account.  I was so upset I said to cancel the account and I had no wish to ever do business with them.   2 years later. . . I was going over my expenses and I noticed that there was a charge from Magic Jack for $20.91.   I went to the website and found that I could still log on to that account which was supposed to have been cancelled.  That status was deactivated and it did not even show any phone numbers being active.  I went to the support section on their website.  (Very well hidden in small print on the bottom of the page.)  Clicked on the link, and it took me to FAQ page.  I looked all over the web page for a link to talk to Customer support and there was not any.  Out of curiosity I read through all the FAQ questions and when I got to the last page, (about 1000 pages later) lo and behold there appeared a link to start a chat session.  They couldn't have buried it any deeper on their webpage.  So I have wasted about an hour so far just to get to the point where I can begin my communication.   I start the chat session, which didn't take very long about a 10 minute wait.  I explained the situation to the Customer Support Expert.  Who said he would have to transfer me to someone higher than her who can help resolve my issue.  Bradley then took over the chat session and said he could help me.  Several times he had to ask me to wait.  Then he asked for me to post the transaction details of the bank transaction.  I had been prepared for this and I pasted the transaction details from my online bank account.  I had already had the bank online to get more detailed information.  I gave him the Approval Code and Transaction number.   He said he could not find any details in his records about the transaction and he would forward it to the accounting dept and they would email me in the near future.  I decided to ask again if I could change the name on the account from my sister's to me.   He asked for the phone number.  I was starting to get a little irritated,  I had already given him my card #, social security# the account number, and most of the answers I was receiving was please forgive the delay.  I finally found the number and gave it to him.   I informed him I was getting a little irritated, so he quickly gave me a canned response about I should use their chat service, (which I was already using) and it asked for my Operating System and Internet Browser information.  I was starting to get even more irritated.  My issue had nothing to do with my computer, operating system or my browser.   I asked to speak with his manager. My manager is not available at this time I also asked for an address and a phone number so I can call HQ at Magic Jack.   after about an hour of constantly asking for this information and getting delays and canned responses.  (Yes I am a little stubborn)  I got the address and email address, but they refused to give me a phone number. me: Are you telling me that phone company doesn't have a phone number? MJ: We are only using support chat at this time. I was pretty furious after wasting almost 3 hours with the worst support I have ever experienced.   Why would anyone want to do business with a phone company that refuses to give you their phone number?
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79, Report #836239
Feb 10 2013
02:36 PM
Magic Jack Plus Telephone Service Internet
I signed up for the FREE trial on Sunday, February 5 at about 7:30 pm and got an error message-- credit card invalid, use another card; however, when I checked my credit card account, it was charged twice for $81.26, total of $160.52, even though I was NOT suppose to be charged at all--its a FREE trial. I went to the on-line live chat the same day and nobody came on-line, I waited an hour and no one came to the live chat line. The live chat does not come up at all now. So I called Magic Jack Billing at 561-594-9925 on Monday, the next morning and got an operator, who told me that the trial did not go through and I should wait until tomorrow to get a confirmation or the return of funds. Well, the next day it did not credit my account and I did not get a confirmation email. I called again on Tuesday and talked to a Supervisor who told me that it would take about three to five days to drop off of my account, because it is not a charge just an authorization--they do not have the money. I asked in a very polite manner whether she could write a letter to my bank stating that they would not collect on the charge and then I would be able get my funds reversed. She told me that she could not do that I would have to wait the three to five days. So I asked if there was another manager or someone with authority to talk to, she got extremely rude and told me that she was as high as I could get and that I just had to wait. She said, We are going in circles over this and she had nothing else to say. I'm sorry I did not check this ripoff report first before ordering this scam deal. I will get my money back.  
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80, Report #872058
Apr 22 2012
09:40 AM
Magic Jack Bait and Switch and False Advertisment Internet
I had purchased this magicJack Plus unit at Best Buy here in Orlando, Florida. We bought it because the packaging clearly states Free Your Own Phone Number and Free International Calling, neither features were free. I was charged $10 to keep my old phone number, and when my wife tried to call Italy the telephone companies recorded message stated that the call could not be completed because we did not have a paid service for international calling. I'm really surprised that this company is allowed to do this, magicJack is not a new company, they have been around for a number of years now and still the various state attorney offices and even the Federal Trade Commission still allows this to go on? I guess until such things affect our congressman and senators personally, nothing will get done.
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81, Report #900139
Jun 20 2012
06:17 AM
Magic Jack Charged to Port MY Phone Number, Internet
My complaint stems from a Magic Jack experience involving porting my phone number to another carrier. In short they charged me $31 to move my number! I had read the entire service agreement and it says nowhere in it, that I will be charged for porting a number to another company. Magic Jack did their level best to prevent me from transferring my service! This started a week ago when I was sent a notification about my phone number not being paid for?  Come to find out Magic Jack says my number was a Vanity Number and I had to pay a separate fee for it. Not sure what contitutes a Vanity Number since i pulled the number from their website when I signed up 3 years ago and this is the first time I have been billed for the Vaity Number, go figure. After jumping through no less than 5 hoops (pin numbers, email address, passwords, address, zip codes, you name it) in the end Magic Jack said it would cost me $31 to port the number! Magic Jack continues to reveal what I perceive to be criminal practices and they know the average person does not have the backing to fight the good fight and make an example of their shady business practices. Not sure this complaint will involve anyone else, or if anyone will even care, but you can throw my hat in the ring for a responder to a lawsuit against Magic Jack anytime, anywhere. I have had it with corporate stealing the consumer blind, 5 cents at a time!!!
Entity: , Internet
82, Report #965140
Feb 09 2013
05:50 PM
Magic Jack Plus Magic Jack Shady 30 day free trial , Internet
This is my transcript of the chat episode with two different agents, who both pretend that they don't believe that a trial involves trying something.  IT speaks for itself: Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Julius'Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554084668744X Julius: Hello, how may I help you?Jeff: Hi,Julius: Hello Jeff.Jeff: I haven't receved my magicjack stuff yet. I don't care when I am billed and I don't care when it comes. But I am concerned that I have enought time to give this service a fair try.Julius: Sure. May I have the order number?Jeff: xxxxxxxxJulius: Thank you for the information.Julius: Please wait while I check that for youJeff: I would like, please an e-mail taht says I will get thirty days of actual service to try it.Jeff: Otherwise thirty day trial is a misnomer.Julius: Yes, you're correct, there is a 30 days free trial for magicJack.Jeff: So i can still return it after thirty days of USE and get a refund.Julius: No, you cannot return it after 30 days.Jeff: Your answers are too brief to be helpful.Jeff: So am I to return it the day it arrives so that I still have the right, since your company would not give me a fair chance to try it ?Julius: I do apologize, but is is stated in the Terms of Services. Please click here to view your reference.Jeff: So is that a yes.Jeff: Pretty shady.Julius: Yes, please return it within the 30 days free trial.Jeff: It is not a thirty days trial while it is in the mail.Julius: What do you mean? When placing the order online, it says 30 days free trial.Jeff: Yes, that's what it SAYS, but what is it that I am trying while it is in the mail.Julius: The 30 days trial will start when you have place the order.Jeff: that is not a trial of anything.Jeff: You have not been helpful.Jeff: maybe you don't understand.Julius: One moment please...Julius: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.Jeff: Could I have another agent please ? Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.You are now chatting with 'Mark'Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554084668744XMark: Hi there, this is Mark.  Please hold for a moment. Let me read your chat with your previous operator so that I can assist you right away, okay?Jeff: Hi mark, can you see my exchange with Julius above ?Mark: yes please hold.Mark: As I have checked here on our end. Order Number: xxxxxxxx Order Date: 10/28/2012 . For US, Standard Shipping orders will typically be delivered in 3 - 10 days after shipment. However, since you are in Canada it will take longer. (Note: Rush shipping is not applicable. If purchased it we can refund it)Jeff: Yes,. Thank you.Mark: You are most welcome..Mark: Is there anything else I may help you with today?Jeff: The question I asked, which Julius did not answer, was What is it I am trying while the equipment is in the mail ?Jeff: Or ois it just a trila of my patience by your company ?Mark: Please wait while I check that for youMark: Once the MJ device is with you and if it is still on the 30 days trial if you decided to send it back, no questions ask we can issue a refund and a return link for the MJ plus deviceJeff: This, again, is not an answer to either of the questions I asked.Mark: would it be okay if you will clearly state your question?Jeff: I should tell yu, I am copying this chat for quality assurannce and to show potential customers the kind of service they can expect.Mark: Yes you can do that and it is up to you.Jeff: Do you speak english?Mark: Please do clarify your questionMark: yes I doMark: Please be specific with the questionJeff: What is it that I am trying (trial) while the equipment is in the mail ?Mark: Please hold..Mark: May I know what you mean by that?.. are you referring on the 30 day trial of the MJ device?Jeff: yes. I am a trial is an opportunity to try something. What is it I am trying when the device has not arrived ?Mark: I am little confuse about your question. Please clarify it so that I can answer it clearlyJeff: Could I have a senior supervisor please, whos first language is english.Mark: I am the supervisor here JeffJeff: Are you the only one, because my question is clear. Perhaps you have some junior members who can help interpret it for you if your englis his not strong.Mark: The trial means is that if you wish to return the MJ device that is with in 30 days trial period we can issue a refund on it no questions ask. The 30 day trial means that if you are using a credit card, we will not take those amount on your bank instead the bank will put an hold on it, then after the 30 day trial will end, that is the time we will take out the money from your bankJeff: That is not a trial of nything except for my patience. Your comments poleaseMark: it is called trial period because you can still free use the MJ device within 30 days trial within the time spandJeff: no, you can only use it after it has ARRIVED, which is NEVER thirty days.Mark: About the 30-Day FREE Trial Offer magicJack is pleased to offer you a 30-Day FREE Trial Offer. If you use a Credit Card: Your credit card will not be charged or billed during your trial period for a maximum of 2 (two) magicJacks and/or the standard shipping and handling charge. Your credit card company may place a temporary hold on the transaction amount for the 2 (two) magicJacks and/or the standard shipping and handling charge. PLEASE contact your credit card company if you need more details or have a specific question regarding the temporary hold on your credit card account. The following purchases or options will be charged immediately after placing your order:     Additional magicJacks, more than 2 (two)     Extra years of service; the first year is included free     Rush Shipping If you do not return the magicJack within 30 days from your purchase, you will be charged or billed upon the end of the 30 Day FREE Trial Period. If you use a Debit Card, Bank Card, or Check Card Your debit card, bank card, or check card will be charged or billed immediately after placing your order. You have 30 days to return magicJack for a full refund. If you choose to return the magicJack within 30 days from your purchase, your debit card or similar form of payment will be credited within 3 - 10 days after we receive the returned product. You will not be credited for rush or expedited shipping charges. NOTE: All customers are responsible for return shipping charges. To learn more about the difference between a credit card and a debit card: CLICK HERE Jeff: I see, I'm not surprised you don't wnat to talk about it.Jeff: I ill post this conversation online.Jeff: Let your boss know to expect it.Mark: I am explaining what is 30 day trial means JeffJeff: Good luck to you.Mark: Okay it is up to you.Mark: okay.. they are aware what 30 day trial means
Entity: Internet, Internet
83, Report #987862
Dec 27 2012
06:55 PM
Magic jack Magic jack failed to ring on incoming calls when connected to router. Internet
Magic jack would not ring my phones on in coming calls when connected to the router. The help desk told me I would have to rewire my house so that I could connect each phone at the magic jack using a splitter. I told them I wasn't going to do that and would go back to my old carrier. Magic jack wants 30 dollars to switch my number back to my old carrier. What a rip off.
Entity: Internet, Internet
84, Report #1028712
Mar 14 2013
12:26 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Does NOT Work and no fixes.... wasted 5 hours / 4 chats to fix...nothing Internet
here's my conversation from two chats.... it says it all... still no fix...  Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Paolo' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094969350X Paolo: Hello, how may I help you? Janice: We have had an ongoing problem w/ caller id not working. this is my 3rd time during the past few months. It hasn't worked for some time. Paolo: Hi Janice Paolo: Okay I see Janice: I've rebooted, changed the port, running out of ports to try. I think the unit may be bad. we've even had issues w/ not hearing. Paolo: Please try plugging your magicJack into a different USB port. Janice: already did Paolo: Try using a different telephone with your magicJack. Janice: we have 6 in the house. same issue for all of them. it worked before Paolo: Some phone may not be compatible with the magicJack caller ID, the problem is that the phone should be able to recognize the digital signals from magicJack Janice: please send a new magic jack Janice: it worked before.... why would it all of a sudden stop Janice: after a magic update, it stopped working. I can't afford to just go out and get another phone. like I've said, it worked before. Janice: are you there?? Janice: my telephones are not even 1 year old Paolo: Okay can you please unplug everything then plug it back and let us check if you will still have the same problem Janice: what is everything? Paolo: I mean the magicjack from your computer and as well as the caller id. Janice: the caller id is in the phone.... please be clearer....... I don't follow Janice: for how long? Janice: hello Janice: why the long delays? Janice: ?? Paolo: Please unplug the magicjack from your computer after 15 seconds please plug it back again to your computer.And as well your caller id from your telephone then plug it back after 15 seconds.Thanks Janice: same problem Janice: ?? Paolo: Okay please hold Paolo: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you. Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator. You are now chatting with 'Mark' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094969350X Mark: Hi, Good Day, This is Mark and you may address me as so, Just give me time to review whats the issue all about so that I can have a background on the problem. Thank you Mark: Thank you patiently waiting Janice, As I have check here your caller ID is not responding on your dial pad. Is that correct? Janice: yes Janice: it is on the computer, but not the other phones in the house. they are all fairly new Mark: Just want to clarify, your caller ID on the dial pad on your screen is not responding right? Janice: I DO see the caller ID of the incoming call on my computer, NOT on my telephones Mark: Okay, I see. May I know if you are using corded or cordless phone set? Janice: the main one, that is tied to the magic jack, is corded, and the others in the home are cordless Mark: Please check if the phone set is securely plug in to your MJ device Janice: yes, it snaps in. Mark: Okay Mark: One moment please... Janice: I unplugged all of the phones in the home, except the main corded one attached to the magic jack and computer area. Janice: we need a new device Mark: Okay Thank you for that  concern Mark: hold on please Janice: I can't be kept waiting in between. I have work to do. I don't like these long delays. Mark: May I know if the device is on the computer right now? Janice: I'm VERY disappointed that I've spend probably over 3 hours dealing w/ this w/ magic jack tech people Mark: >>> Please click the START(WINDOWS LOGO) button and select Control Panel. On the upper right side please click the dropdown menu next to View by and Select Small Icons. then double click on the Device Manager. Janice: the device is plugged into my computer and does appear on my monitor Mark: Nothing to worry I will address that issue  that you have  right now Janice: okay, then what? Janice: ??? Mark: On the device manager, please click on the + sign for DVD/CD ROM Drives. You should see YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet CD-Rom USB Device there. Janice: I see YMax then what Mark: Please double-click YMAX MagicJack USB Device or TigerJet HardDisk USB Device  >>  Then go to Details tab. Janice: okay Janice: then Mark: In the drop-down list., please choose Device Instance Id or Device Instance Path . Janice: I only see Device Instance Path Mark: can you see something like USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_ TIGERJET&PROD_ HARDDISK&REV_ V2.0\7&1335DE08&0&A9210503028182&0? Janice: I selected... then? Janice: yes Mark: Please click on that value to highlight it, then copy the information by pressing the CTRL and C keys on your keyboard together. Then right click on this chat and select Paste. Janice:USBSTOR\CDROM&VEN_YMAXCORP&PROD_MAGICJACKPLUS_CD&REV_3.00\8&26211F69&0&A113100300EC68&0 Mark: thank you so much Mark: may I know if  what type   of  telephone  set you are using? Janice: Uniden Mark: may I know if you have other telephone set? Janice: what do you mean? Mark: I mean the telephone set that you are  using may I know if you other extra phone? Janice: I'm switching. my concern is that this worked initially. the issue should NOT be my telephone. it was after magic jack did an update Mark: Okay Janice: still a problem. just send a new device. this is such a waste of time. Mark: Okay I will explain to you Mark: If ever  I will replace you we cannot  assure that the issue  will be  resolve   but if  you insist I can replace you Janice: I have run through most of these same tests and still the same problem. Mark: okay so you want to have replacement? Janice: yes.. if it persists, then I will do more trouble shooting Mark: oksy Mark: okay* Mark: I will issue your replacement. please inform me if you agree in the statement below: Mark: The Replacement magicJack will be free.. However, there will be a $10.73 non-refundable charge (includes Shipping and Handling charge + regulatory expense and/or administration cost). You will not need to return the defective magicJack to us. Instructions on what to do when the replacement is received will be included in the replacement.. Janice: I should NOT have to pay anything. Mark: The device is FREE  however the  shipping  it will be tru USPS Mark: and it  cost $10.73 Janice: I'm not paying the shipping I already did once. the issue is not any of my newer telephones in the home or my computer which is 14 months old. it's the device. Janice: the part is defective and shipping should be covered. Mark: okay  unfortunately since your  request for   the replacement  it cost $10.73 Janice: What. don't understand your comment Janice: is there a supervisor I may talk with? Mark: You are  talking to a supervisor right now Mark: the  shipping cost $10.73  for the replacement  and the device is FREE Janice: May I talk w/ your supervisor, than Mark: and we cannot waive that one since it is  tru the USPS Janice: my device is defective. we've had issues almost since the beginning. I should not have been shipped this in the first place. it's your issue. not mine Mark: Okay Janice: Okay, what? Mark: the device is not  defective  please  do not assume  we are  here to help you  not  ruin your  device alright I am  giving you some  fixes but you want  to have a replacement I  refer you  replacement and  you  dont  want to pay for the  shipping what is plan now? Janice: all of the time I've spend attempting to trouble shoot and being put on all of these long holds.... what fixes have you given me. none. I've gone through all of the plugs / unplugs / change phones & ports. still the same thing. Janice: no caller id. what else is there to try. I suppose next you will suggest a new telephone and computer Mark: I understand  that  you are  wasting your time  base from your perception  but   it is  wrong   I can offer you  some  fixes Janice: okay. give them to me . without the long waits in between. Mark: Plug your magicJack into an AC powered USB hub that is connected to a USB port on your computer. Mark: or Try using a different telephone with your magicJack. Janice: done and done Janice: what else Mark:  Please click the START(WINDOWS LOGO) button and select Control Panel. On the upper right side , click the dropdown menu next to View by and Select Small Icons.. then double click on the Device Manager. Janice: we went through that Mark:  On the device manager, please click on the + sign for Universal Serial Bus controllers. Janice: then Janice: then what Mark: >>>Tell me which one you see in there TigerJet USB Composite Device or USB Composite Device or Unknown Device or USB Mass Storage Device. Mark:  Now, please right click on the first entry for Universal Serial Bus controllers and select Update Drivers Janice: I see 4 USB composite Device Mark: Now, please right click on the first entry for Universal Serial Bus controllers and select Update Drivers Janice: that is not an option to update Mark: may  I know if  what is the  option? Janice: so, select the 1st USB composite Device or the 1st entry under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers Janice: search automatically? your directions need to be clearer Mark: follow these options for the update driver>>>Browse My Computer For Driver Software >>Let Me Pick From A list Of Device Drivers On My Computer >>> Next >>> Close Janice: done Janice: next Mark: Please update the rest of the entries for Universal Serial Bus controllers and inform me when you are finished or if any updates successfully Janice: I right clicked on USB Composite Device the 1st of the 4. then did the Browse my computer Mark: >>>Browse My Computer For Driver Software Janice: am I updating all of the entries under universal serial bus controllers? Mark: Yes please Janice: not just the usb composite devices? Mark: all the  drivers on the device  manager Janice: the 4 I mentioned? Janice: there are 16 various choices under the universal serial bus controllers. I don't need to do all of those updates, do I? Mark: You need to  update all of them Janice: then it's asking for me to reboot.... Janice: even my HP Office jet printer? what does that have to do with my magic jack Mark: later we wil reboot Mark: The  HP  printer do not update that one Janice: what is going on here??? unbelievable. do you know what you are doing????? Mark: Yes I  know  it janice Mark: I will refresh it here also Mark: so that everything will be okay Janice: 1st you say all of them, then no, not that one. are you wasting my time? Mark: No  I am not  so that the magic  jack device  will  be compatible to your  computer Janice: it's stuck on an Intel driver update for usb host controller Mark: okay Janice: I have a few more to go Mark: hold on Mark: Inform me once done Mark: so that we make your device  working Janice: what did you say? Mark: Inform me once you are done  updating Janice: done Mark: all of  them? Janice: yes, including the printer ones Mark: okay Thank you Mark: hold  on please I will  refresh it here in our end  again Mark: so that  the device connection will be okay Mark: Please click the link to download and run the magicJack upgrade: Mark: Mark: run that link please Janice: done Mark: okay now  try to make a test  Janice Janice: not working Mark: please do restart your computer, USB Internet phone by Tiger Jet is the driver software that magicJack uses for you to be able to use your handheld phone set. your computer and magicJack will only be able to use this driver software after you restart your computer. Mark: please do not hesitate to come back to chat if we have the same problem... You may ask for me but if I am not available when you come back, you can use the ticket number that was given when this chat started, for chat reference... LTK554094969350X Mark: so that the  fixes Janice will take  effect Janice: I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS... THEN I WILL HAVE TO START ALL OVER..... Mark: no  just use that  chat ID    2nd agent 3.14.13 Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Julius' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094974181X Julius: Hello, how may I help you? Janice: see my notes for my 90 minute chat .... still issues Julius: Please wait while I check that for you Julius: Thank you for waiting. Julius: Are you referring to your caller ID? Janice: yes Julius: Please confirm if 763 xxxxx45 is your magicJack phone number. Janice: i did when i logged in..... please don't drag me through all of these questions Janice: yes, that is my number Julius: Thank you for the information. Janice: and don't keep me on hold Julius: Have you tried to use another telephone set with your Plus device? Janice: I guess you didn't read ALL of the notes... did you. it's there Janice: i did... unplugged rebooted new ports different phone. Julius: Caller ID feature availability will depend on the phone that you are using. Some customers will see the number repeated twice on the phone, while others may only see the numbers and not the names. Janice: it worked before .. all of them Julius: Do you currently have the device with you? Janice: I'm ready to throw it out... yes, of course it is here..... Julius: Please plug the device to this computer for technical instructions. Janice: i was told i would not have to go through all of the same questions... why, why, why Janice: what Julius: One moment please... Julius: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you. Janice: great Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator. You are now chatting with 'Kyle' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554094974181X Kyle: Welcome to the Highest Level of Support. This is Kyle . Kindly hold for a second as I review your previous chat for the prior fixes on the issue. Thanks Janice: k  Kyle: Is this for the magicjack plus , right? Janice: yes Kyle: At this moment , where is the device has been plug tour router / modem or to your computer ? Janice: computer Kyle: To make sure , are  you having an issue for your caller ID? Janice: yesa Kyle: I see Kyle: Please wait while I check that for you Janice: k Kyle: Did you save then number first on your dial pad along with the caller ID? Janice: read the notes Kyle: One moment please... Janice: i'm giving you 2 more minutes... then I'm blogging about the 5 hours i will never get back w/ trying to get my magic jack to work properly.... this is so ridiculous!! Kyle: Please give me a few moments to double check it here for the appropriate fix for this. Janice: I've heard that 4 other times..... still nothing.... I think my device is defective. i'm not paying for shipping. Janice: I have all of my conversations saved..... Kyle: One moment please...  it ended with them telling me it was my phone... it worked before.  so I ended the chat.
Entity: , Internet
85, Report #1033336
Nov 13 2008
05:51 PM
Magic Jack Contacted Magic Jack and cancelled order. Associate promised cancellation. Order sent anyway. Internet
After reading the ripoff report and the fact that my unit had not shipped three days after ordering, (eating ever more into the 30 day free trial, since it starts the day you order), I contacted majcjack and requested to cancel my order. The cancellation process was as discribed by others, long and tedious, but in the end jamie said it had been cancelled. One hour later I recieved and e-mail stating my majicjack was on its way. Everything about this companies business practices, for example the 30 day free trial that starts on the day you order and if you want to return it has to be back to MJ within that period to the return e-mail address that is disconnected,sing scam. It might be a good product, but I'm not going to take a chance on it with my computer, I will turn it around and send it back and file a dispute with my credit card company. I feel mislead by all those reputiable news organizations that touted this product without thoroughly vetting it. If you want to try it fine, but don't let Grandma install it on her computer unless you want to buy her another one for Christmas. Tom Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #951526
Oct 05 2012
10:18 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack took my money, product doesn't work and they won't give money back Internet
I bought the new Magic Jack +, which is supposed to work without a computer.  It doesn't. I spent two and a half hours on their help chat, with five different people.  None of them fixed the problem and each kept telling me to do the same thing the others did. One of them said they would get a rep to log on to my computer to fix it, then hung up on me.  They hung up repeatedly and the last one I got said he was a supervisor (name Ezekiel); he got really rude with me and hung up as well.  Nobody fixed the problem and they said they would not refund my money.  Now I have a seventy dollar piece of worthless plastic, no way to contact the company and evidently no recourse.  Do not waste your money dealing with these sheisters, they are outright crooks ripping off the unsuspecting public   and now I am left with no phone at all.  If I had money I would sue these bastards for every dime they stole.
Entity: , Internet
87, Report #950769
Oct 04 2012
10:48 AM
Magic Jack, sounded good in their ad, bought two M.J.+ Jacks and a 5 year service plan at $99.  I've had numerous problems connecting to local phone numbers that return this audio message: TO CALL A CONFERENCE LINE OR A PLATFORM, YOU MUST LOG ON AND PURCHASE MINUTES....  Well, that sucks!  Also, NO FAXES possible over this portal.  I love the ability to call what normall would be toll calls inter and intra-state.  Many do work but some do not and they never even hinted in March, 2012 that many phone numbers are not reachable without purchasing more stuff from M.J.  I hope somebody files a class-action, please include me in that effort.  Customer support sucks, good product idea but lots of hidden and non-disclosed faults.  FAIL!  
Entity: , Internet
88, Report #955800
Oct 16 2012
03:19 PM
Magic jack Florida United States Phone: 561-594-9767/561-594-9925 Just got off the phone with magic jack billing and will not refund my money AND HUNG UP ON ME. It's been more than 30 days. Device not working. Tried numerous occasions to contact live chat and they could not get the device working. SPENT TWO DAYS ON LIVE CHAT TOTAL OR 10 HOURS? Thought is was my computer and bought another and device still not working. Also have this number for tech support 561 594 9767 A RECORDING COMES ON OF THE MAGIC JACK INVENTOR SAYING PLEASE HOLD FOR SUPPORT BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO PICK UP. CALLED DURING THE HOURS IT SAYS. IF ANYONE CAN HELP. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Entity: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida
89, Report #1040494
Apr 03 2013
08:40 PM
magic jack magicjack, magicjack plus, magic jack plus, magicjackplus Sells low cost internt phone service. Internet
Today, Wed, April 3, 2013, my magic jack (not magic jack plus) stopped working.  Though the blue light was on in the actual magic jack USB plug in device, the magic jack window said please connect to the internet and click here.  Error 3.  I tried it several times and it didn't work.  This was at about 5 pm PDT (CA time). So I opened the magic jack chat box.  Until about 8 pm I was chatting with, in succession, jason, blake and nigel.  They had me do a huge number of things, none of which worked, and including plugging my magic jack into different computer usb ports, and changing all kinds of settings on my computer.  These changes included turning off my microsoft MSE security system for most of this time, which gave me the creeps, changing my firewall settings and security level, adding trusted sites, adding ports, and other things.  Many, many times I waited for many minutes for the chat person to return.  My case was obviously not a high priority, even after I complained that I had already been on for hours and requested that the chatter stay with me rather than keep going to other callers. By about 730 pm they had put me in a totally different computer state, while each chatter had assured me they'd bring me back.  They never did.  I struggled another half hour to retrieve what I'd done and try to reconfigure my settings as they had been before the chat.  I'm still not sure if I succeeded. Despite my ongoing and increasingly concerned complaints about the times they were putting me on hold, and despite the fact that I had just send in another message one or two seconds before, suddenly the chat terminated at 8 pm, alleging I had stayed away too long.  I could not believe my eyes.  My last efforts to try to re-establish my former computer settings were after being left alone completely. My magic jack problem is not even remotely close to being solved.  Apparently all I can do is try to re-open a chat tomorrow.  But, I'm not feeling very good about this whole thing, or about magic jack by this time.  I had purchased 6 years of service on my magic jack, and it looks like the next 5 will probably be useless.  I'm probably going to see if I can get a refund and return my magic jack. Customers, think twice before you even THINK about getting a magic jack (or ESPECIALLY a magic jack plus).  I don't know now when or if my magic jack problems will ever be solved.  Apparently they don't care much.  What can I say?  If you buy a magic jack, you'd better be very, very sure you're never going to have problems with the system.
Entity: , Internet
90, Report #1065952
Jul 10 2013
02:18 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack discontinued call forwarding without prio notification and will not re-instate feature  Internet
I have used Magic Jack Plus since June 2012 and had seamless service which provided call forwarding to my cell phone. The account was paid for one year, and then it cancelled without notification. When I discovered it had been cancelled (2 week lapse), I quickly renewed the account. I then found out that the call forwarding feature was not working. Call forwarding to my cell phone is vital to my business; I've lost business due to this issue.  After three attempts to get my call forwarding re-established (via on-line chat) I am still not able to get call forwarding. Their response is:  We understand how important the magicJack call forwarding feature is. However, the feature is unavailable at this time. We don't presently have any further details about this matter. We do expect the feature to be available again in the near future. Please check our website periodically for updates. Via on-line chat they informed me that they will not give me a refund. This is their response (names redacted): XXXX : I have recently renewed my account and now want to cancel the account and get a refund because you can't provide call forwarding. I need to port this phone number back to my land-line provider. I have already determined that Magic Jack cannot provide call forwarding as was previously provided.XXXX: Thank you for waiting, I am afraid that we are not able to cancel the said order as the order was used alraedy and almost 1 month after it was purchased which leads us not able to cancel this one and have it be refunded. I must now follow a series of steps to port the number back to my land-line provider (I'm out the $43.02). 
Entity: Internet
91, Report #1116466
Jan 17 2014
07:05 PM
Magic Jack Total Scam - Do Not Port Your Number To Magic Jack internet Florida
Beware - DO NOT buy Magic Jack.  It is the biggest scam out there and they should be put out of business. The call quality is so poor that I got cut off all the time or just plain couldn't hear the person on the other end. I resorted to using my cell phone since the sound quality was so poor with the Magic's not worth a penny. If you are able to dig up one of the 2 phone numbers out there for customer service, it goes to an automated system which disconnects you after you make your selection.  You can't get a live person. Your only option for customer service (if you can call it that) is to have a live chat with someone, who inevitably will banter back and forth with you and then say thank you before they disconnect the chat. Customer service does not exist with this company and it is the most frustrating experience as a customer. Once you port your number to them it is almost impossible to get it back. If you opt out of the service, DO NOT pay the $30 that they request.  Ignore the request. They will get you again if you give them your credit card for that. It is beyond me that a company like this is allowed to stay in business. It is the biggest scam out there, that is unless you don't intend to actually use the phone!
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
92, Report #1247693
Aug 10 2015
07:53 PM
Magic Jack No warranty on new Magic Jack, must pay $149 for support Florida
On June 15th 2015, I bought a Magic Jack GO with a one year contract. I bought a splitter, as a chat person told me I needed for hooking up the GO MJ. Of course, she didn't know what she wes talking about. I called again to get help hooking it up and was told I needed to pay $149 more to get technical support, according to supervisor Andy. Beware: the five years for $149 is not the same thing as five years of prepaid service. I asked where on the website they explained their product did not come with any technical support and was told there was no mention of zero technical support with the new product. However, there is NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WITHOUT PAYING ANOTHER $149 FOR HELP TO GET IT GOING.  
Entity: Florida
93, Report #974802
Nov 28 2012
05:31 AM
Magic Jack Greedy Magic Jack blocks all prepaid phone card access numbers, Internet
Greedy Magic Jack blocks all prepaid phone card access numbers in order to force customer to use their prepaid international phone service while they claim FREE Local & Long Distance Call. They now basically control which numbers you can call. I hope someone initiate a law sue. They dont deserve the business.
Entity: , Internet
94, Report #975648
Nov 29 2012
02:11 PM
Magic Jack magic jack plus on a voip modem will not allow call logs to be viewed Internet
Phone pranking is back in full glory thanks to the stupidity of *67! Magic Jack is allowing it to happen to their customers on their plus system when using a direct internet conection with their voip modem! It allows the caller to prank all they want even threaten to kill your family with their number masked with the word Anonymous! However what the pranker does not know is the phone companies call logs save the actual number in their log. Now to get that number requires access to that log. Cell phone logs are 100% accessable. Magic jack plus is not if on a voip modem. So if you use their voip modem you allow the prankers or real murderers to mask their number. I called the police. Guess what they said? The police say they can't do anything without a phone number! Sorry! Sorry if your 10 year old daughter is tramatized! Sorry if she gets murdered when the phone number could have stopped the would be murderer. They will be able to help when the dead body shows up! Grrrrrrrrrrr! magic jack plus will not allow call logs to be viewed if it is directly connected to a high speed voip  modem. I am pretty sure the calls are still logged on the phone companies logging devices that magic jack uses.   Magic jack needs to fix this problem of not being able to view the call logs when using their voip modem on their magicjack plus sytem!  Call log viewing is only allowed if you connect it to your conputer and leave the computer on 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Yes just when we thought we could stop doing that! I have an actual real family emergency right now at this writing as someone called and threatened to stab my daughter and one of her friends to death. Now I could not view my call log to see who the caller is. I am pretty sure the call number is still logged somewhere but no matter how much I begged Magic Jack live help, they would not allow me to view it unless I proceed with legal action to view it. So apparently it can be had but it would take weeks and a lot of money. By then my daughter and her friend may be dead! So this is your warning! Use magic Jack Plus with their voip modem and you can put your family at risk of prankers or worse. Phone threats aren't always pranks... many times they are real! Is your prank call real? Do you know what the really sad part is?  Magic Jack could have stopped it before it happened. All I asked them for was for that one number. It came in at 4:22 PM on November 27 2012. My 10 year old daughter answered the phone. The caller said I have a knife and I am going to kill you! I asked for the number. Magic Jack said NO! I pray to God that my daughter is still alive!
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #377944
Oct 02 2008
01:09 PM
Magic Jack Magic Jack Rip off -they steal your money, lie terrible customer support Internet
I bought Magic Jack based on Clark Howard. It worked okay at first but you could not be on the computer as the same time as the phone because you could hear the computer through the phone. Then recently the magic jack asked for my password and email. I put the info. in but it would not let me log on. I contacted customer support and they could not find my info. and kept me waiting almost an hour as I talked to various people in the service dept. via chat. Finally they said they would e-mail me a new password in an hour. That was over a day ago. The magic jack doesn't work and they lied to me to get me off the chat. I feel totally ripped off. Don't ever buy this product. It is a rip off. Doesn't work well, has not real customer support and if you need help they will lie to you and leave you with an product that doesn't work. Ripped off customer Monroe, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #361060
Aug 09 2008
09:29 AM
Magic Jack/ YMax Corp Magic Jack Customer Disservice Internet internet
I recently purchased a Magic Jack, installed it on my computer, and began enjoying the free long distance and budget-conscious international phone rates. Despite several fuzzy and disconnected calls, the savings were tremendous. However, when it totally stopped working, the Magic Jack became a nightmare. Trying to chat with their tech support/customer service people was a horrible experience. After 4 long chats, I had achieved absolutely nothing. My Magic Jack no longer worked and no one could communicate with me or understand me well enough to help me. I understand the economy of using overseas help, but not when that economy devastates the effectiveness of what they are supposed to be accomplishing! I finally figured out for myself (by attaching a flash drive to the USB extension cord) that the extension cord was defective. No one suggested I test it. I simply got tired of doing the same downloads, upgrades, diagnostics, etc. that these poor people were instructing me to do. As I attempted to explain via a 5th chat, my problem was resolved because I solved it on my own, not because Magic Jack's customer service assisted me in any way. It's very apparent that these people don't even have a good enough grasp of English to clearly converse, let alone think outside the manual. It took no small effort to even locate this mailing address: P.O. Box 6785 West Palm Beach, FL 33405, and I intend to post it everywhere I can. Magic Jack has irrefutably the poorest customer service I've ever come across and that they hide any other means of contact as though they were in witness protection. I have yet to understand why I was told that I must replace the defective USB extension cord that came with my Magic Jack, but that's what their customer disservice people have informed me. It isn't the price of the cord it's the principle. Magic Jack must have something to hide because they're so very good at doing just that. Judy b Dora, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #361850
Aug 11 2008
08:06 PM
Magic Jack .com magic jack is taking unauthorized money from bank account... West Palm Beach Florida Internet
Purchased Magic Jack in the latter part of May,2008. On June 3 2008 magic jack requested and recieved 46.90 for payment of the Magic Jack including shipping and handling. On July 11 2008 they requested and recieved 46.90 for the second time. This July 11 2008 payment was not authorized by me and I am not able to to contact them. Magic Jack seems to not have a phone number of there own (unless you want to purchase) nor have I been able to find an E mail address. I firmly believe that I am not the only one this has happened too. this could add up to some big $ for some one.... The money was with drawn to a bank or financial inst. in West Palm Beach Fl. Barry coolidige, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
98, Report #382441
Oct 18 2008
04:52 AM
Magic Jack, i took a chance on the magic jack Florida
ok i read all the reports on the internet and figured what the heck a few reports on these guys out of the thousands they must have sold?? gotta happen right???...anyway a little backgrond on a microsoft accreditited service tech....went to school spent thousands of dollars....i know what im doing i work on computers all day heres my the magic jack in the mail...tried to install it on the first computer....crashed it immediatly.... i figured ok its just the computer......went to the second computer ...after 8 hours of trying to install it and talking to several of their service techs i realized it wasn't gonna install on that computer.....i figure ok went to a third......after some time and patience i finally got it worked...i was so up this morning turned on the computer and guess what?? it i go to their live online chatto see what they have to say about this...(m still amazed a company pushing long distance had no contact number...but thats beside the point) the person ...explain whats happened their first bit of advice is disable the firewall and anti virus.....and then had it explained to me that magicjack won't work with now im supposed to run my computer without protection in order to use this thing ...i think not... after that failed the service tech wanted me to go into the computer registry and start changing settings... i realize most people who read this aren't that advanced (for lack of a better word ) in computer knowledge but ill tell you ...go into the registry and change settings and you do 1 wrong thing yur gonna have a paperweight on your hands...anyway its my own fault...i read the reports did the research and decided to try it anyway...... now i have 3 computers that have to be reformatted ( hard drive wiped clean and windows reinstalled ) it cost me 50 bucks to learn a lesson but guess what ..DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY....and for everyone thats filed a report that ive read touting the marvelousness of this product??? all the computer techs??? i say bullshit....i think they're put there by people who work for magic jack....have a nice day...and thank you to the people who run this site for giving us a sounding board.... Onester london, OntarioCanada
Entity: Florida
99, Report #406951
Jan 01 2009
12:32 PM
Magic Jack 1 year plus 5 year plan = 6 years total -- Magic Jack can't count! Internet
I bought FOUR Magic Jacks, all with extended 5 year plans, bringing the total to 6 years of service. I argued up and down with the live chat agents, including the supervisor, who wrote, I told you already that the Platinum plan - is an additional 4 years which entitles you to have a total of five years service. When I threatened to go to BBB and asked to speak to a supervisor, he said, Okay, go ahead. Sad to say but I am the Supervisor. I saved the email that said I bought SIX years of service, but because I have no option but to chat with their agents, I can't get through to anyone to take care of this! There is NO customer service I can contact, either by phone or email, so I guess I have to resort to Better Business Bureau again. I can't believe Felix has a job title of supervisor when he provides such poor customer service. I think he ought to be demoted or fired for being so rude! Dan Borislow, how about some REAL customer service options??? N. Cognito Anywhere, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
100, Report #331087
May 07 2008
09:45 AM
i only ordered 1 and got 2 and when on line to find a number to call them and send one back they say there is no number for them and i feel like this is a joke so i dont wont either one now and my 30 days is up today the 7th and they took the money out april 7 and again may 6th this is not fair and this company should be fined and have to pay to turn everyones phones back on this really makes me sick Mckinneybaby winston salem, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida

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