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76, Report #321817
Mar 28 2008
01:09 AM Is a ripoff- especially for attractive people Miami Florida Internet
I joined at a vulnerable time in my life- shortly after a breakup. I consider myself to be an attractive guy, so of course I would only seek to connect with relatively attractive women. You can create a free profile with photos, but as an unpaid member, all you are allowed to do is wink at someone and they can wink back at you. However, that's where it ends, since there is no way for you to exchange any sort of contact information with anyone. In order to email or chat with other members, you have to pay $34 a month to join the site (or you can join for 6 months at a slightly discounted per month rate, all paid in bulk, not in monthly installments.) Since I wanted to actually get something out of, I paid and joined for one month. What a RIPOFF this turned out to be! First of all, you must realize that the majority of members are unpaid members who just joined to browse. Thus, if you send emails to them they cannot read them or write back to you! The worst part about this is the fact that there is no way for you to know who the paid members are and who the unpaid members are. Thus, if you send out dozens of emails, there's a good chance that none of them will ever be read! Based on my experience on this site, the vast majority of women who are FULL (paid) members of the site are not those who would be described by most men as being attractive. I received several emails from unattractive women who I would never consider dating, while the attractive women who were alleged members of the site were impossible to reach. The one helpful service that match DOES provide is a feature that tells you how long it's been since a particular person has been active on the site. These captions range anywhere from active within 1 hour to active over 3 weeks. The indicator does not go beyond 3 weeks, so even if someone hasn't logged on to the site in 2 years, it will still say active over 3 weeks. If you browse the site you will notice that the majority of the most attractive women are described as active over 3 weeks which probably means they aren't paid members. If they were paying 30 bucks a month, they would probably be logging onto the site several times per week, don't you think? Perhaps would work if you were trying to find an overweight, homely looking woman to date. But if you are trying to find an attractive female to connect with, this probably isn't the place for you. Alex Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
77, Report #348323
Jul 07 2008
01:37 PM
WMV*MATCH.COM fraudulent charge to bank account Internet
this morning i checked my bank account online and was very short in money. I checked the recent charges and there was one titled WMV*MATCH.COM / 800-926-2824 TXUS : POS Transaction At first, I was alarmed and immediately suspected foul play by my spouse. I called the 800 number and was told he did in fact open an account. I called him at work and he had no idea what I was talking about. He called them and was told his account was locked up. He called the bank and they told us to file a police report, get a case number then they would consider refunding the money. This is a load of Carp! (intentionally misspelled) My spouse had to cancel his bank card, because that card was used to make the charge. Jenny Silverdale, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
78, Report #343646
Jun 24 2008
11:41 AM lack of customer service dating site Internet
Trouble service received. I joined and after 3 days, I was uphappy with the site. I only elected to join for only a month. I personally don't think it's worth the money. I remembered hiding my profile until I decided I should simply cancel. Well, I decided to cancel a few days later. A month later I was billed. I didn't know I was billed until my card balance was off. I called and was I was told they did not a refund policy and talked about I was going to be charged unless I cancel subscription. I feel they offer poor customer service. No concern about their customer. Instead, was told their policy and what should have populated when I cancelled. Even when I wasn't using their service they refuse to give me my funds back. My warning for you is to make sure you thoroughly read all that writing....hidden in their writings--Note: they will keep racking up on charging your card and care less to refund the funds when you are not using their site. I believe they ripped me off. Anonymous Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
79, Report #351121
Jul 14 2008
02:43 PM
Amateur Match.Com Suspected it was Bogus Internet
I set up a profile on Amateur Match several months ago. Since then, they have been trying to get me to join as a paid member much like other sites of this nature. The suspicious thing is that I get about 5 or more emails a DAY. The tip-off that something is strange is that a typical message will show a photo of a very attractive young woman, and a message that says Please contact me, you're just what I've been looking for or a variation. (My profile says I am looking for a casual, non committed relationship) When I click on the person's profile they are much older than the person in the photo, sometimes with different hair color also. These profiles often say they are looking for a long-term committed relationship or marriage, which means they couldn't have really read my profile. Also, there are people posting on Craigslist who give a link to this or another pay site and when you look them up, there is no such person. Musicguy St. Louis, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
80, Report #109730
Sep 23 2004
06:19 AM ripoff video service theft fraudulent billing McAllen, Texas Internet
I signed up for a free 7-day trial of's video service. I tried to cancel a few times prior to the 7-day expiration period. Each time I tried to cancel through the web site, I was redirected to a page that did not include cancellation as an option. I finally emailed to cancel and asked for confirmation that my request was received. On the 7th day, I received the confirmation that my trial membership was cancelled. However, my account on showed that I was still subscribed for one month. On the eighth day, I went to the web site and was finally able to reach a page to cancel the free trial. I was automatically billed for one month anyway. When I emailed, they responded that I did not cancel in time and they did not give refunds. I sent them a copy of their email confirming my cancellation on day 7, but have yet to receive a response or credit. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Bruce Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: McAllen, Nationwide
81, Report #269246
Aug 21 2007
05:56 PM 6 Months Guarantee Slogan BOGUS Ripoff Internet
I signed up for service (my last membership there) specifically to test their 6 month guarantee. According to their progress icons, I did all the required contacts during my first, second, and third month, and should have taken a screen shot to prove it! (They show icons indicating your progress on keeping up with the requirements to fill their guarantee.) As I entered into my forth month, the icon for the 3rd month went from Green to Red. I contacted customer service who simply said that I hadn't fulfilled my requirement for that month. I refuted. I said that the web site had shown my progress in the 3rd month fulfilled. Needless to say, I lost that argument and never saw the 6 months guarantee. These people are definitely scam artists. Doonebug Keyport, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #300789
Jan 17 2008
12:27 AM fake emails to lure subscription Encinitas California Internet
I have recieved over 15 of these apparently fake emails. They seem to be actual profiles when you look, but no one would send someone a message that had had NOTHING in it but those attributes. Not a single one asked what i looked like, nothing... Its almost as if they are using real profiles and sending fake emails from them. greg encinitas, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #292107
Dec 17 2007
04:46 AM
Amateur , is a bunch of B.S. internet
beware of Amateur!! this site is ran by a people that fraudulently send out emails to you that women want to correspond with prospective men. the catch is, one can only contact themn by paying $24.95 a month to do so. once you do, the emails stop. i subscribed then cancelled. once i cancelled, i received emails from so called women who contacted me prior to subscribing and they were located in another city then the first email. also, the women who are on there will spam you so you can sign up on their website. i contacted support they replied with some bogus email that was genericially scripted. Varena chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
84, Report #175803
Feb 11 2006
09:38 AM ripoff dishonest billing refusal to cancel subscription Internet
In August 2005, I like many millions I'm sure, thought I was signing up for a one month subscription to Almost immediately after taking my credit card number, I received a notification that there would be monthly billing unless I went to acertain site and asked NOT to be monthly billed. I did that immediately and receivced a notice it had been done. Within the month I decided that the internet dating scene was not for me and contacted customer service and requested that my account be cancelled and thatall information about me be deleted from the system. I thought that would be the end of it. And I have to say, I ignored what I should have caught sooner on this one but, in any event, 4 months later, when my credit card balance seemed to be going up each month, I took a hard look and found that had billed me for September through January. I have to say that my credit card company has been wonderful (CapitolOne) and they reversed all the charges by the end of the month BUT, come February 1st, Match charged my card again! And I had to cll the credit card company again. Thye certainly had to know that this account should have been cancelled after the credit card company got involved. I have notified the crdit card company and I'm sure that the charge will be reversed but this really is a rip off of time and is so very dishonest. And, by the way, this seems to be a new scheme witrg subscriptions out there. I had a magazine start sending me bills when I had never asked for the subscription, threatened to hurt my credit so I paid for one subscription and and then when I asked to have it canceled, ignored it 3 times! Some kind of pattern? J Newport Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #198945
Jun 30 2006
12:55 PM
MATCH.COM SCAM ARTISTS AND CROOKS San Francisco California uses fake profiles to get you to subscribe and disguises there policies to rip you off. I cancelled my subscription with thier 3 day no questions asked refund policy. Then I called thier customer service department and they told me I would be refunded. Then they sent me an email saying the subscription was cancelled. They NEVER refunded the money and when I confronted them they said that the email onlyu confirmed it was cancelled not refunded and they refused to refund the money in spite of the 3 day guarantee and that I NEVER used the site or even filled out a profile. Now they want me to fill out a 3 page thesis and send it too thier headquarters for a lengthy appeal in which they may or may not decide to refund the money. MATCH.COM ARE LIARS, CROOKS AND SCAM ARTISTS. THEY ARE A JUST BUSINESS THAT WANTS TO MAKE MONEY AT ALL COSTS AND HAVE NO ETHICS WHATSOEVER. THERE ARE LOTS OF OTHER DATING SITES OUT THIER. AVOID MATCH.COM AT ALL COSTS. Michael El Segundo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
86, Report #195322
Jun 07 2006
06:25 PM ripoff dishonest fraudulant billing, renewed after cancelation Internet internet
My son used my Credit Card for what was supposed to be one month of logging on to I was charged for another month and I called and canceled. I figured that was the end of it. This was in 2004. I don't receive my credit card bills they go directly to my accountant. When preparing my taxes she ask me what this monthly bill was for This was yesterday! After cancelation in 2004, 3 months later they renewed the account on their own, without my permission and have been charging me ever since. The amount I have figured out that was charged was in excess of $500.00. I was told yes, they had my cancelation in August of 2004 but the account was renewed. My Son says he never renewed anything. Which he couldn't without my Credit Card and he didn't have it. They have offered to reimburse me for 3 months. Come on Class Action Lawyers this is a cake walk. I would wager to say they have ripped off everyone that is fool enough to give them a Credit Card. Kaye Glasgow, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
87, Report #199615
Jul 05 2006
08:32 PM Ripoff scam Merrick New York
I received a letter in the mail supposely from, stating that they were giving free one month subscriptions to people who had subscribed to between the period of June 2001 and September 2003. They made it sound like it was the result of a lawsuit about their billing policy. Basically, they say that if you did not cancel more than 2 days in advance, you would be charged for the next month. So for those of you who tried cancelling during that 2 day period, you are receiving this offer. To participate in this offer, they instruct you to send an email to with Free One-Month Subscriptioin Offer #XXX in the subject line where XXX is a personalized offer number assigned to the person receiving the notice. Also included in this email should be your full name, your complete address, telephone number, your username (optional) and your personalized offer number. I emailed my information on June 25. A few days later, I called's customer service to see if my account was activated. I was concerned about whether my credit card was charged. The rep assured me that my credit card was not charged. She also said that the notice I received was from a different division or group of and I had to wait until further instructions from that group. The more and more I think about this, the more I think it is a some kind of scam. The letter looks somewhat like a genuine class-action suit letter but instead from a lawyer, it's from with a Long Island address. Offer 2003, P.O. Box 9000 #6441, Merrick, NY 11566-9000. Another strange thing is that there is no phone number on the notice. J Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Merrick, New York
88, Report #146652
Jun 18 2005
08:15 AM will charge you even after resignation! Ripoff Spokane Washington
After spending a 6 months on I knew it was no longer the place for me. Unfortunately I downloaded some adware on my computer before I could resign my membership, I was charged for another 6 months. That was my fault and thought maybe giving it another 6 months would do the trick. Several dates later, still no match. I was meeting more men offline, hanging out with my friends than online. So, I turned off the autopay feature in my profile, just incase I was unable to resign again for some wierd reason. Nothing came up at the end of my membership so I resigned my membership. No more profile and autopay turned off, they won't charge my account, right??? Wrong, promptly on the first of the month I was charged...agian. $65.00 for 6 months. The best part came when I called to get a refund. I told the first gentlman I spoke with that I had turned autopay off months ago, and he replied... there is no such feature! He also told me has a strict NO REFUND policy. I asked to speak to a supervisor, no one was available of course and I pledged to hold until the end of the millinium. After about 10 minutes my phone hung up, I have no doubt it was my phone , not theirs cause it's a bit quirky. So, I call back and talked to a rep who sounded weary, no doubt he's heard tales like mine all day. At the same time I had logged on to and the screen told me I had resigned my membership and asked if I would like to reactivate. I had my ammunition and was ready to shoot. The weary rep took my info, then I related my story to him, and he promptly promised to issue the refund!! I was estatic! Now of course I just have to wait until the money actually shows up in my account. Can any insider's tell me if this just a one-time quirk or company policy? Also do reps get kick backs for refusing to issue refunds? I have to say I only had one really horrible experience on And that's outside of the dirty old men stopped winking at me (I'm talking 50 and 60 I'm 25, overhill on the internet I guess!) I would join again in a different city with more diversity, that is unless I'm unable to cancel when I want to. So at the end of the day, keep your eyes on your bank account when you cancel because there may be no safegaurds against thier charges. Oh, and keep any e-mails and letters they send you associated with your cancellation. Better yet pay by check or a card you intend to cancel soon. Neicey Spokane, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
89, Report #327649
Apr 21 2008
09:44 AM
I disenrolled, I complained, I disenrolled some more-they are STILL charging my credit card! Will not refund and I have no clue how to get out of this. Lousy matches (I'm a smoker-no one they paired me with smoked), I don't drink-never once someone who didn't drink. I just want out! Cynthia MILLERSVILLE, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #326408
Apr 15 2008
09:26 PM Abusive Overbilling Scamming AutoRenew Ripoff Dallas Texas
As yet another of victim of's disgusting business practices. To all who sign be warned. THEY WILL RIPOFF YOU OFF, WITHOUT YOU EVEN KNOWING IT. autosubscribes you to an auto renewing policy. Even if you are successfuly unsubscribing you will still get billed. If you call them after you catch them auto billing. They will tell you they have a NO REFUND POLICY. If it is there mistake, they will tell you, that you did not unsubscribe properly. I caught them auto renewing me within 4 day after the charge got posted to my account. They would not remove the charge. After calling them, they tell you, its all legal and in the fineprint. I will have to cancel my debit card, just to ensure it doesn't happen again next month. Anyone caught in this grotesque Ripoff please file a complaint with the federal trade commision at this link$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01 or google ftc complaint. ONCE AGAIN, IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER OR THINKING ABOUT TRYING THIS SITE, DON'T GET DUPED. THEY ARE A RIPOFF!! ps. When I furiously called them, i told them i wanted everything deleted from the garbage servers. The customer service rep told me she did not have the ability and it will delete itself 1 year after unsubscribing from the system. So my question is ... what good is a pyle of dead user profiles. ??? .. It sends chills down my spine to think about what they do with this information.. Rippedof141 Waterford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
91, Report #328855
Apr 25 2008
09:57 AM charged my credit card after I have cancelled my account. Internet
On 4/19/2008 I cancelled my subscription to the on-line dating website At the same time I got an e-mail confirming my cancellation and saying that I wouldn't be charged anymore. See attachment A. On 4/21/2008 I was checking my baking account statement and saw that they charged me $89.94, as below (on 4/21 was showing as Pending with transaction completed on 4/22): 04/22/2008 CHECKCARD 0421 WMV*MATCH.COM 800-926-2824... -$89.94 I contacted their customer service thru their website (they don't post a phone number or direct e-mail on their website, by the way) and they replied back saying that my account was never cancelled and that is why they were charging me. I replied back with the copy of the email I got (attachment A) and they didn't reply me back. I contacted their 800 number (1-800-926-2824), which I got thru the banking statement, and they said the same thing, that my account was never cancelled. I told about the e-mail I got (attachment A) and after putting me on hold for a while they said that they would send my request to a supervisor and that they would do the courtesy of giving my money back. Then I got an e-mail confirming this (attachment B, notice how they say that they usually don't give the money back -- they don't assume that was an error from them). As of 4/25/2008 I got my money back, as shown below: 04/24/2008 CHECKCARD 0423 WMV*MATCH.COM 800-926-2824... $89.94 So if you want to cancel your subscription my best advice is to do this over the phone (1-800-926-2824) to avoid this kind of trouble. Their system is bugged and they don't seem to care to acknoledge that this is happening nor did give any hint that they would be at least checking if their on-line cancelling system is defective. Also their service sucks, but this is a completely different story. --- ATTACHMENT A --- LookatMe!, we’re truly sorry to see you go. We hope you have been successful in your search for a match. Rest assured that your account will NOT be automatically renewed. Once your subscription expires on 4/20/2008, you will no longer receive the benefits of a subscriber. Under no circumstances should your account be charged after your subscription expires. your account at any time prior to your account expiring on 4/20/2008 Your registration information(username, password and email address) will be saved in our records for one year. If you should decide to come back and reactivate your membership, you will be able to use your existing registration information. All you have to do is log in again. Remember to check back at, we’re constantly adding new features and functions to help you find the love of your life. Our members are going to miss receiving your emails! Thank you for using, Customer Care For immediate answers to most common questions, please visit our HELP section at: --- ATTACHMENT B --- Dear Member, All accounts are set up for auto-renewal. The auto-renewal information is supplied at the time a member subscribes, under the ??Billing Details??. See below: Continuous Service Rates Continuous service rates apply to credit/debit card payments only. All amounts are billed in U.S. dollars at the beginning of each renewal period and will appear on your credit card statement as 'wmv' Your subscription will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected at the then-current non-promotional subscription rate. To change or resign your subscription at any time, go to Account Settings. If you resign, you'll enjoy subscription benefits until the end of your then-current subscription term; your subscription won't be renewed after that term expires. However, you won't be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fees paid. This email confirms you've resigned your subscription. We've flagged your account as Do Not Renew to prevent future billing. Note: does not offer partial/full refunds or credit for unused time. However, as a one-time courtesy, a refund of $89.94 has been issued to your account. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for the transaction to process. We're truly sorry to see you go but hope you've been successful in your search for a match. Sincerely, Gene T Executive Team Nerdking Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #97932
Jul 07 2004
10:30 AM ripoff! Provide no way to resign from the service. Internet
I signed up for the service in January for a three day free trial. They billed my credit card after I sent them an e-mail within the three day trial period declaring I did not wish to continue with their service. They billed my credit card for a six month subscription at that time. I went to their web-site to cancel the subscription before they bill me again and followed their instructions for resignation. Their resignation instructions take me to a screen that requires me to agree to terms to continue. The terms state that I will automatically be renewed at the prevailing rate when the current subscription expires. When I agreed to the terms so I could continue with the resignation process, no means were presented for resignation, only their different rate structures. RIP-OFF. FRAUD. THIEVES. Sighs Hell, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
93, Report #418078
Jan 30 2009
07:26 AM
WMV* Hacked, Rip-Off, Thieves Internet
My husband and I have a joint account and when I checked it yesterday, WMV* had debited $34.99 on January 27, 2009, without authorization. I called the 800# listed and it was, the dating website. They did not have me or my husband's name in their system nor any of our banking information. I'm guessing they retreived my our debit card number through our online purchases. We had to call our bank to have the charge removed and cancel the card. This is very scary, knowing it's not safe to make online purchases because of crooks like WMV* Ebony Wilmington, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
94, Report #12194
Jan 22 2002
12:00 AM
Read the fine print before you sign up with Plano Texas ripoff
This firm has an automatic renewal policy. You are not given any notice that your time is up nor a warning that you are going to be charged. I signed up for one month and was charged for another after the 30 days. The only way I found out about it was when I called my credit union and they confirmed that my debit card had been charged.
Entity: Plano, Texas
95, Report #684167
Jan 18 2011
07:46 PM 6 Month Guarantee Rip-Off Dallas, Texas
After my 6 month subscription expired, I called and was told that I didn't email at least 5 people a month. I didn't find 5 people a month I was interested in on Seriously, I thought the idea was to be matched. I could randomly email 5 people a month and save my money. Why didn't I see any criteria for this guarantee until I called To be fair, could program a status update or something to let me know I was expected to email undesirable persons. How cruel. In other words, email 5 loosers a month and lead them on just to get a free 6 months, even if they aren't interesting. No thanks.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
96, Report #719716
Apr 19 2011
10:58 PM Keeps paying customers who sexually assault women Internet
I met a man off who seem like someone innocent. First date was ok. Second date he sexually assaulted me. I emailed Match about my complaint. I never heard a word from them. They are responsible for screening people on  background checks whether they're married or not. Married men who cheat may be violent to other women. It's about the money and Match won't stop to check. I'm a paying customer. This is ridiculous!!! I've already read the story of the L.A. woman and her alleged rape. Her story is similar to my ordeal. The internet is not safe. So is Match!! Other predecessors follow.
Entity: , Internet
97, Report #742204
Jun 17 2011
04:26 PM
MATCH.COM IS A RIPOFF DATING SERVICE.They read your private mail you send to other people.Because you are usng their data bank, they claim they havethe right to read your private mail.There are far better dating services. Problem is, it has become speed dating in all its Glory.If you think for one moment that the guy or girl is going to just see or talk to you, you are in for severe dissappointment.The women are ho's in every sense of the word. They will use you like a rug. After the 3rd or v4th date you will have holes in your pocket where your money use to be. It is an endless trip to your bank, or pulling out your CREDIT CARD paying for everything. All you will hear is, I'd like, I need, I want, I'd like to go to, I could use... holy SHIT... your paying for a whore believe it or not. Then... you try calling, and the phones bizzy.. and bizzy and bizzy.If you go on Match and just look at NEW people... you may be suprised to find the ho' on line chatting away on line..... still searching for others while they claim they want to see you.Then.... after two or three weeks of chatting, and you make a date... you are suprised tosee this so called size 7, 9, 11 really a size 14, 16, 18... or one giant CHALUPA... WITH A muffin top, sanging a**, double chin and jelly rolls under her chin that you have to ask your-self if those chip munk cheeks have food stuffed in them.i've also seen e-mails coming in where they claim people were interested.soooo, you respond to this FAKE interested people who have NO IDEA who you are, or claimthey never e-mailed you... I say WHAT THE H**L is this crap ?Match is only interested in your money.There data base are filled with women who have been divorced two and three times, are older than their photos, who use men for their lonliness, who are on a constant feed bag let's go out for dinner ... who see a line of men but don't tell you.Most women out there in 2009- 2010 - 2011 because of the economy are out of work, losing their homes, on unemployment, and have grown kids moving back into a house that is in FORECLOSURE.... so your having to put up with her kids... throw me under a moving bus please !!You are better off buying  a dog, or a few blow up dolls and different color wigs... at leastthey won't ask you for money, bust your balls...or ask you for money.When you get tired of them,... throw them in the washing machine and spin dry is fun watching them spin around in the dryer- tumbling away like crazyAh women... what is it about men who are so STUPID that in order to get in their pants... you have to buy them a diamond ring, a home, credit cards, a CAR, clothes, and then comes the other fringes they want..., gas for that car you bought her, so when you are standing in front of the mirror shaving, and think about what you are paying for to have sex... just keep that straight razor cutting across your throat.Women are like boats... you keep throwing money in that hole and its costing you dearly.I'm telling you... buy a dog... they are more loyal and should you leave them... you won't be paying and paying and paying for something you couldn't keep.A women and especially marriage is a death sentence. Marriage is nt what it was 25 years ago. Today.. she stays with you as long as you give her what she wants. When you havea hard time beccause you lost your job, the economy is bad... trust me... the BV I T C _..will be out the door so fast that the tail wind that just went by you will knock you to the gives women the opportunity to SCREW most men over and over and over again.Be smart... when you find out bsomeone you are interested in... get her last name.Once you get her last name, you can check COURT RECORDS with the clerk of the COURTon that person.... You will be suprised what you will find out that they won't tell you.Then, its time for you to walk away... no.... RUN wants your money, and what you do with these TRAIN WRECKS is supposedto be your business.... but.... trust me nothing is private... nothing.... what you say toa person will eventually come back to bite you in the a**...DO  NOT  TRUST  MATCH.COM under any circumstances... and before you stick yourhand in your pocket for some women... and it comes out empty... check her out.Phil from Lakeland, Fl.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
98, Report #842283
Feb 20 2012
03:12 PM
WMV*MATCH.COM Charged my Discover Card Fraudulently Internet, Internet
Two charges showed up on my Discover card today for WMV*MATCH.COM.  They were for $35.99 each.  There were also 3 charges for $1 each to Netflix and 1 for another $1 to AppleITunes and 1 for $1 to Blizzard Entertaiment/WOW. I called Discover and closed my account.  They put all the charges aside as fraud and opened a new account.  Looks like whoever got my card details started at WMV*MATCH.COM and went from there.
Entity: Internet, Internet
99, Report #678230
Jan 03 2011
05:36 PM Fraudulent Charges to My Debit Card , Internet
I got online today to check my bank account & found a charge from WMV* for $34.99. I have never been on this site so I knew immediately that the charge was fraudulent. The charge was then immediately refunded to my account (both transactions were pending simultaneously). I have no idea who got ahold of either my card # or my acct. # or why it was refunded. I did some research online & apparently this has gone back to 2008 & this person or people are still getting away with it. According to reports, when is questioned by individuals regarding their charges, they give them the run-around & refuse to issue any information of the issue without a subpoena. Something seriously needs to be done about this! It is a serious security issue to everyone because it has been happening for 2 years & nothing has been done! In this day & age, we all use credit/debits cards to make purchases in stores, to pay bills, to shop online, etc. Someone needs to find out how this is continuing to happen & put a stop to it. should be held responsible for their part and take action. Even if it is an outside person using the money to set up fake accounts on their site, they need to be proactive and handle the issue instead of sweeping it under the rug & hoping it will go away. Obviously it's not going away!! I would like to see this issue resolved once & for all. *EDitor's Suggestions on how to get your money back into your bank account that someone wrongfully takes it from you! EDitor's Suggestions on how to et your money back! HERE IS WHAT RIP-OFF REPORT SUGGESTS YOU DO: Go to your bank within 60 days of the charge, or as soon as you know about the charge, don't delay, and tell them that there has been fraudulent activity within your account. Explain that you wish to file a dispute, and demand that they assist you in accordance with Federal Regulation E. According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days. If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist you properly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to deal with it, take the loss and reverse the charges. Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on Rip-off And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent! DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get. And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state. Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the charge(s) to your account; no matter how long ago it was. Be sure to call the Media if necessary so you are telling the truth. If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics should still work. The bank can easily fax or mail to you the Federal Regulation E dispute form.
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Jan 03 2010
10:27 AM Misleading Guarantee + Uptight Profile Guidelines + Too Expensive Internet
I have been a member of off + on for several years.  When I started it was $99 for the entire year.  It was fun.  As time has gone on it has become more expensive and now I am told it is $60 per month.  There are many other better websites out there such as, which is free. has a misleading website that says join for free, however you can't e-mail anyone for free.  Also, they claim to give you 6 months free if you don't find your match.  What they don't clearly tell you is that they give you the NEXT 6 months free, not the 6 months you just paid for.  They are a total rip off!!!!!!  I also had several problems with them in the past where I canceled my account and it was their fault but they kept on billing me.  They are JERKS!!!Also, my profile was one day mysteriously removed and I am not sure why.  I suspect it was because I asked the men to wink at me (for free) if they are interested and they probably want men to e-mail so they get more money.  When I wrote to customer service they asked me to send a subpoena for the records of why my profile was removed.  WTF?They are more interested in MONEY than LOVE.  I hope a class action attorney gets in on this for their misleading false advertising.
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