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26, Report #1051759
May 17 2013
03:10 PM
Ocwen A New Fairbanks Capital Ripoff AKA Ocwen West Palm Beach, Florida
Some years back a predatory lender named Fairbanks Capital was ripping people off and stealing their homes. These complaints about Ocwen sounds very familair. We made our payments and FC refused to except them and tried to forclose on us. We had a perfect payment record until our loan was bought by FC After we made complaints to the Governor's office (Jeb Bush) was our loan transferred to another lender. FC was shut down, but not until many lives were affected and many homes were stolen. Now our loan is in the hands of, what seems to be the same type operation, Ocwen. All I can say is....file complaints with every organization you can. Getting the run around, little if no contact, speaking to a different representative each time that prvides fake names and false information, adding random charges and fees, fraudulent activity with escrow accounts, refusing payments, say one thing and doing another, etc.etc. Obviously Ocwen is nothing more than a foreclosure mill that will do everything they can to take your home, regardless of your situation. Do not believe anything they say, whatever they tell you is nothing more than a tactic to waste your time so they can forclose on you............ This company Ocwen needs to be shut down as well............  
Entity: West Palm Beach,, Florida
27, Report #1056576
Jun 05 2013
09:21 AM
OCWEN Investing OCWEN - Investor of Mortgage Internet
OCWEN is the investor who owns my mortgage loan and has been trying to foreclose on our home.  We have unsuccessfully tried to work with them to keep our home but they are uncooperative.  They modified our loan but not under the Making Homes Affordable guidelines so our mortgage payment is so high we can barely afford fuel to go to work and groceries.  But they don't give a damn about folks.  All they want is their ever loving money.  OCWEN will be punished for their evil deeds, if not in this lifetime, when they meet their maker.  I am sure OCWEN thinks they can make a killing if they foreclose and sell my home but they are sadly mistaken.  In our area, there are an abundance of homes for sale and it will never sell.
Entity: Internet
28, Report #1082976
Sep 09 2013
12:57 PM
OCWEN OCWEN is nothing more than glorified thieves!!!! Orlando Florida
About a year ago we missed a payment towards our home loan and made the payment up the next month including the late fee.  We continued to make payments only received a notice of forclosure at my door. Frantic, I called OCWEN in which I was told by someone who barely spoke english that the payments were returned to money gram and that after 30 days I could pick them up.... When asked why my payments were returned I was told that since I had not noted that the payement was towards the late payment that it was never credited to that payment and declared a defaulted payment.  I was now responsible for thousands in crazy fees and in forclore.  Eventually my husband and I found a company to refinace with and have been working with them for months to keep our home when one day we were served with a Sheriffs notice of sale. We called our refinance company who declared that OCWEN is refusing to respond to their multiple attempts to settle the account.  After contacting OCWEN countless times and getting nowhere we contacted their attourney who instructed us to try modifing with OCWEN and that would hault the sale.  We called early last week stating we wanted to apply for modification and were told they would contact us back Friday-Monday still nothing so I called again and basically told we past the 7 day grace period and the sale would continue!  SNEAKY!!!! Now our house is set to sell in 3 days and we have ran out of resources and time...  OCWEN has shady opperations and are stealing homes!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
29, Report #1114940
Jan 12 2014
09:43 AM
OCWEN Loan Servicing OCWEN Steals from your Bank Account! Nationwide
OCWEN has more than one way and method to steal from you.  Even when you are faithful in making your payments and never miss a single payment they have a new way to steal from you.  I think the reason they do this is to cause you extraoridinary debt, damage your credit or force you into illegal forclosure.  Calling them on the phone is worthless.  They will yes you but never follow your instructions!A few months ago, I filled out a card INQUIRING, not agreeing, just inquiring about their accelerated loan program.  They signed me up without my knowledge or permission and double dipped into my bank account for months making me late on my other obligations and wiping out my savings!It took days to figure out what was going on combing through bank statements and following up with days of waiting on the phone and talking with both OCWEN's regular payment processing and their accelerated payment processing center.  Their escuse was that I did not cancel the ATH when signing up for the accelerated. I never signed up for the accelerated plan!  I asked them to prove it and to send copies of the signed agreement to sign up for the accelerated plan.  They send back some B.S. form letter that showed nothing.  No proof!  They did this all on their own for ulterior motives to either force me into forclosure, ruin my credit and chances for refinancing with a credible and ethincal mortgage company and to just flat out steal from me.They took some money that was never applied to the mortgage, just taken from the account in one month and when I told them to desist and stop the accelerated payments and return the money they said they would and it appeared they returned some money but then took it out again and then some more completely ignoring my request!  They double dipped for over 3 months blatantly ignoring requests but saying they would stop it.  They didn't.   It got so bad I had to close my bank account to stop them and open a new account.  I don't owe anything till February (it should be March) and can not trust them.  How do pay your Mortgage payments without being raped and raided by OCWEN who takes money out of your account without permission?  This is the second time this had happened.   The first time it happened we had to do the same thing then OCWEN steps in with a whole new mortgage finance charging interest all over again.  I am tempted to give them nothing, absolutely nothing because who can afford to be robbed by these criminals? They source it all out to India pigeons so they can shirk their criminal activities.  This is the NEW SCAM!  Beware!  If you live in Florida and want to file a class Action contact me.  Thank you. 
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30, Report #1145921
May 12 2014
11:54 AM
Ocwen Mortgage Ocwen Mortage Con Crooks........Evil..... Flordia Nationwide
   I am a senior citizen, never missed a payment.  Ocwen Mortgage Co said I was behind in Escrow, I sent payment yet there was enough in my escrow according to my paperwork.I sent it anyways. ..than my Mortgage payment came up te next month, and I got a forclosure paper and had to pay within 4 days of getting the paper work ...to re instate my Mortgage...$787.00  or I will loose my home.   I have never been late on my payment as it is automatic from Credit Union. I called the Attoney General, and going on TV -13 with many others in Michigan. I will fight this....and no matter how old I am, I am a fighter for justice.    This company is a fraud and a crook.......NEVER will I stop fighting this EVIL. Go to Eyewitness 13 Grand Rapids Mi. and see the interviews....from people who have lost their homes. It is criminal.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #1149262
May 23 2014
05:19 PM
Ocwen Ocwen has continued to use deceptive practices florida Internet
Ocwen has continued to use their deceptive practice when they took over our mortgage from GMAC in January 2013. they threw a foreclosure on us immediately when were working a modification with GMAC. Then a fraudulant deed was used on our property the same time Ocwen threw the foreclosure. They finally rescinded the notice of default. But they still wouldn't work with us on the modification because the fraudulent deed. they said we had to wait til the bankruptcy fraudulant deed was dealt with before they can do anything meaning we had to take care of it.  we contacted the sheriff's dept who did the incident report and this was inturn reported to the FBI . FBI couldn't do much because it was a victimless crime. Yet our mortgage is growing.  We kept attemptin to have them remove the bankruptcy so we can continue the modification.  It did not happen as we continue to plead with the relationsh manager that they need to remove the fraudulent deed so we can move forward on the modification.  it took until a year later where the relations manager's supervisor removed it.  Now we have to deal with the arrears added on for the modification when they shouldn't have done the foreclosure they violated by dual tracking.  We have been getting the run around since GMAC and GMAC also used their own tactics to prolong because they were going into bankruptcy.  GMAC  was using deceptic tactics stating we need additional information on your modification. Or we didn't get it or you need to change the wording on your modification we didn't get all documents when we have proof we sent it all. we kept being dragged on and on. I feel we have been deceived by Ocwen and GMAC. We were victims of robosigning on that fraudulant deed in Feb 2013. Yet we can't get ocwen to work with us.Its been a battle to get anyone to hear us.  We can't even communicate with the relations manager there is a language barrier and she doesn't understand what we are asking . we can never get an answer on our modification on whats going on. its like pulling tooth and nail with them.  They used lack of information tactics. other deceptive practices and we still can't get a true answer.  I have all documentation to our correspondence emails. I would like to be part of a class action suit.  If I can be contacted by someone to help me get on board with what Ocwen has done.  Please give me some direction on who I may contact for any current class action law suits. my family has a good case we just need assistance in this. We live in California and we did file a complaint with CFBP and attorney generals office. our modification was supposed to be within reasonable amount to afford but instead they want us to pay 4000.00 a month when we originally were paying 1500.00. Its makes you feel they want you to fail on making payments.  how can they still get away with this. can someone direct me to where I can join the class action law suit or where I need to go or contact.  We all have to be in this togetherJeanette Nichols(((redacted)))
Entity: Internet
32, Report #76726
Jan 10 2004
10:18 AM
OCWEN Lying, Cheating, Stealing Orlando Florida
This is in response to a rebutal I noticed on the glowing report from a satisified consumer. It is strange how helpful they (ocwen) were to Mark after his father died!!! I contacted Ocwen shortly after the 9-11 horror as I had lost my source of income, they in no certain terms told me they would make no arrangements for a late payment, that I could not make the payment and then it would go to collections and they may work something out. I continued to make the payments at times on the last day prior to being 30 days late, since then paying 100's of dollars in late fees for going beyond 15 days only to have them report numerous payments 30 days late. A close friend also affected tried their process, only to be forced into bankruptcy to save their home. Ocwen is a vulture, when I told them my daughter needed $500-700 of medicines each month and that I did not have enough income to pay the mortgage, medicine and eat, they told me and I quote maybe you can get public assistance, but you signed a contract with us and will will enforce it, we are a bank not a social service agency. They did not pay the taxes until I was notified the home was being put up for a tax sale although they had the money in escrow, each yr the payment increases athough there is no basis. Beware they will not help, only destroy so you cannot get away before they can take your home!!!! Jerry Howell, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
33, Report #78681
Jan 30 2004
03:23 PM
Ocwen rip off Watch Out Orlando Florida
Ocwen charged me late fee for November even though I sent payment a week before the late payment date. I sent my December payment along with the late fee even earlier. Suprise! late fee again. I sent January's payment with proof of delivery from the post office. Suprise! it only took 2 days and the payment was posted the same day. I smell a rat!!! Jon gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
34, Report #169660
Dec 29 2005
10:34 AM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
Entity: Orlando, Florida
35, Report #194193
May 31 2006
11:50 PM
OCWEN ripoff Orlando Florida
We just bought our house in September and already I feel like I am in a nightmare. My mortgage was sold to Ocwen December of last year. I pre-paid the last month before it was sold because of tax reasons, so my first payment wasn't due until February 2006. I sent my payments out as usual and My 1st mortgage (which is with Chase) cashed thier check on the 11th of February. I waited couple of days and decided to call Ocwen to find out what the hold up was. Before I got that chance we recieved a welcome to the company call and was told that they saw the payment we had made and were processing the payment. So I waited another week. No payment posted to my account. Before I could call to find out we recieved another phone call from Ocwen. This time asking when were we going to make a payment. I asked them what abouth the payment you processed? They claimed there was no such payment. I then said well I would be more than happy to pay now but I would have to cancell the check I already sent to them via USPS. They then stated that they would charge me if they recieved the check and it had a stopped payment fee. So I said tht I would wait some more and see if it turned up. Needless to say I recieved another phone call on the 2nd of March saying that we were behind and that if we didn't make a payment that they would report us to the credit bureau. So I explained as I had before that I would have to stop payment on the check before I could agree to make a payment and that I would make both payments now if they agreed to not process the check. The person agreed and I made a payment the very same evening. The following morning I checked my accont and the check not only was cashed but cleared my acount! I called my bank and was told there was nothing they could do that the funds had to be returned by the merchant. So I the called Ocwen and told them I wanted my money back now. I don't know who can afford to make 3 mortgage payments but I wasn't it. The very next business day they credited the funds electronically back to my account. You would think everything would be fine, but nooooo.... This was only the beginning. A week later, maybe less, I get another phone call telling me that we still owe them money. They claimed that our bank had stopped payment on the check and the double payment we made on speedpay was used to cover the payment we missed because of the stopped payment. And that they sent me the money back before the bank stopped payment. ???????????????????????????????? I had a cancelled check from their bank(thank somebody for online banking) and confirmation from my bank stating that there was no stopped check and this went on and on and on for weeks and weeks. I have spent several hours and spoken to several people who claim to help and don't. I have a whole file of names, dates, times, emails, confirmation numbers, phone records, letters. I am truley fed up so I googled Ocwen lawsuits and really got paranoid and asked if I could refinance before they decide to take my house too. So thats what I am doing. I am tired of dealing with them and frankly give up. The last statement I recieved said I was 2 months behind. Even though I speak to a person and they say I am all caught up. I can't trust that this is true because it is now June. They say they are doing something but I am afraid to loose my house, I mean I just got it. They are horible and I just want my life back! Quashinna Hopatcong, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
36, Report #106864
Sep 03 2004
12:09 PM
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
37, Report #132901
Feb 26 2005
08:43 AM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
I didn't know all about this till I happend to come upon this site, we started with Ocwen in July Litton loan transfered our account, since then our payment has gone up almost $200.00 per month. We owe so much on our house and we pay now 1200.00 per month in morgage. There no way to get out of this w/o forclsure I feel like. I know that forclosure is not a way out but after reading all these messages I am afraid to continue with them and giving them money that I don't even see a decrease in.I owed a 115,000.00 4 years ago and to this day I still owe 115,000.00 nothing has changed(where is all my money going to?) Any adivice will be greatly appreciated Dee hardin, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
38, Report #135544
Mar 18 2005
02:56 PM
Ocwen Corporation ripoff Orlando Florida
My escrow company recently paid off our mortgage with Ocwen. Ocwen recieved the payment on February 11th at 8:00 am by fed Ex. Because it is standard policy of the escrow company to send three day's worth of interest to protect to closing. I quess this give's Ocwen the right to hold the payment for the weekend so they can screw the consumer out of the extra int and not return the over payment. I've been hung up on to many times to count with at least four different people telling me different fugures and posting dates. My escrow company and I have requested an investigation and still they refuse to refund the over payment. This company is a scam and has rep working the phones are in some other country. This kind of consumer fraud needs to be stoped. Nicole Snohomish, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
39, Report #114580
Oct 25 2004
08:42 PM
OCWEN ripoff Orlando Florida
Folks! Listen closely! If you ever do a mortgage loan, before you sign on the dotted line, be sure to write in a clause to the contract that reads: THIS LOAN MAY NOT BE SOLD TO OCWEN FEDERAL BANK OR ANY OF IT'S AFFLILLIATES! And if the company doesn't accept the clause, don't do the loan. If you do, and if the loan is sold to Ocwen, you are F**Ked! Plain and simple! Ocwen will start reporting your payments late from Day One. They will try to get you into foreclosure as fast as they possibly can! (They are in the business of selling foreclosures, by the way.) They will charge you HORRENDOUS fees for being late and then they will call you and harrass you repeatedly; but when you call THEM back, they will hang up on you. Repeatedly! Here are just a couple of examples of my experience with Ocwen. They bought my loan in June of 2003. On June 7th, I received a Welcome letter from their company. On June 11th, I sent in my first payment. They IMMEDIATELY told me the payment was 60 days late. HUH?!!! I tried for weeks and weeks to resolve it. Weeks turned into months. It's been 16 months and the issue is STILL unresolved! Meanwhile, they've been reporting to the Credit Bureau that my payments are 60-90 days late, month after month, for 16 months. (Can you imagine my credit score? I tried to refinance out of the company and was denied by my own credit union... which, two years ago... gave me 2 loans on 2 different houses I have, the total of which is over $400,000. The credit union's reason? You've been 60-90 days late for almost a year and a half. And actually, because I made double payments in several months to Ocwen, just to get ahead, I should be 120 days ahead. Instead, they STILL have me 90 days late and on the verge of foreclosure! Here's another example: When you call the company to resolve anything, you first have to type in your account number. Once you do that, the answering computer shows the answering-service-person that you are a marked account. So what happens is the person on the other end won't even talk with you. What they do instead is pick up the phone and then just hang right back up on you. Last week, I spent 45 straight minutes getting hung up on like this. I was calling to see if a payment I had made earlier in the day had been posted. Guess what? It wasn't posted! It took several days for them to post the payment, even though it was made over the phone directly to them. Folks, listen. This company is CRIMINAL! DO NOT BE BLINDSIDED INTO DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM!!! Write in the clause! I have contacted every known authority on this issue--the FBI, the FTC, the Supreme Court in many states, the Attorney General, the SEC, etc. etc. etc. There are so many class action suits against this criminal enterprise. Anybody starting a federal class action suit out there? I want to be involved! OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
40, Report #119881
Nov 26 2004
01:03 PM
OCWEN FSB Ripoff Orlando Florida
This month my payment to OCWEN was lost - I mailed it out on on about 4 Oct for 1 Nov payment date. Approximately a week ago, I receive a phone call at work from a lady with a very thick Indian or Pakistan accent asking for payment. After much difficulty in trying to understand here, and the crackling of the phone line I asked that OCWEN either fax or email me information regarding the late payment - and documentation that they tried to get ahold of me. My concern was if the payment is due the 1st, and based on a review of my payment history, I am never late - why didn't they call or email me (which they have on file). The lady assured me that I would receive an email and/or fax with the information I requested. When I didn't recieve a response from them by Thursday (yesterday) I sent an email requesting the same information. So, what happens? Another (or perhaps the same lady) calls me at work wanting me to give her my check number, etc. Well, I don't walk around with my check book - she recommends I pay on line - I told her I would. I went on line and OCWEN Charges a $10.00 fee to do an electronic payment - What a Rip Off! The lady that I spoke to stated that even if I mailed the payment overnight to Orlando Florida - it would be late and I'll have to pay another late charge (since all of their offices are conviently closed until Monday, 27 Nov). I'd be interested in knowing how many other folks have been ripped off is this manner by OCWEN? I tried to refinance at a lower rate, through VA - OCWEN charged me the fee for the paperwork and at the last minute refused the Subordination. Rochelle Columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #165960
Nov 27 2005
10:07 AM
OCWEN ripoff Carol Stream Illinois
What a Nightmare. I can't believe it is happening to our family. We refinanced our home in through New Century Mortgage and then our note was sole to Owen. When we got behind due to me getting ill with our note for a few months they put us on a forbearance plan with the amount of from $500 a month to $600 a month with owing hicked up fees of $2,000 for 10 months which would be $6,000 but your fees would still be up. We got further in debt due to my illness which lasted for some years. They put us on another plan and added $4,000 more to our loan. The last time due to Hurricane Rita our home was damaged and in Houston and we had to leave the city. I called Owen to tell them about the situation. I was not able to pay the $600.00 and they sent a bill for $1,200 for December. I will only be able to pay $600.00 due to having to pay for changing the utilies over. The house has mold in every room and leaking in every room of a 3 bedroom house. Then they sent a letter where they uped the amount of the forebearance to $8,000. They are rip-offs and crooks. They have been sued in Texas but people need to get together to go against them again. They want to ruin what little credit that we have. We need help quick. Jeanette Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Carol Stream, Illinois
42, Report #159292
Oct 03 2005
01:53 PM
Ocwen Federal ripoff Orlando Florida
I lost a home with the Ocwen deceptive practices. I contacted Ocwen and informed them of my hardship in making mortgage payment. They didn't won't to work with me. I believe I was only 2 months behind. I tried to make a payment but they sent the money back. I was charged late fees, attorney fees and all other kind of charges. To my dismay I lost my home to foreclosure because I couldn't pay what Ocwen was wanting. Lashondra daytona, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
43, Report #148511
Jul 05 2005
08:36 AM
Ocwen missing payments Orlando Florida
In February of 2004 we re-financed our home through New Century Mortgage. Our loan was with them for two months, we made two payments to them and then our loan was sold to Ocwen. Somehow, when Ocwen took over the loan, we were two payments short. We could get no information from Ocwen. We fought with them for over a year and finally filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy so they could not take our home. In 1996 someone stole my husband's social security number and racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad debt. (We had perfect credit before this. And, at the current time our only debt is our mortgage.) We became aware of the fraud in 1998 and have been fighting it ever since. Simply re-financing was not an option for us due to the erroneous items on our credit reports. Working with Ocwen was virtually impossible. Every time I called I was routed directly to the voice mail of Jasmine Gomez. On the rare occassion I did talk to someone, the information I was given was so far off from reality it wasn't funny. I've read all the reports and things that have happened to everyone else in similar situations. The pattern has been established. How can we stop this? What do we do? Is there anything at all we can do? Are we at the mercy of Ocwen to pay what they say we owe with out any documentation? They realize most of us are not in positions to outright sue them. So, anyone....please...what can be done now? Thanks, Kim in La Luz New Mexico Kim la luz, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
44, Report #139594
Apr 20 2005
02:30 PM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando florida
I just became the owner of 3406 w. 135th st., in march of 2005. This property was currently my mother-in-laws and she passed away one year ago and the property was left to her children and then we agreed to keep the home in the family so they signed the home over to me. I have done a quick claim deed on the home to put it in my name as the sole owner and I have been trying to get a refinance with a cashout because that was what someone at the company told me to do over the phone once I have faxed all of the documents over to them and they recommended that I do a refinance with some other bank or institution that has been about two weeks ago since I have heard from them at ocwen. I have tried to refinance with a cashout through several places and they said there has been some descrepencies through ocwen. They said because the value of my home is $24,719 it was refinanced through my mother-in-law before I got the payoff balance is $45,194.36 and also they said that a home can only go up to 80%of the value which this is not right. Kimberly robbins, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #138040
Apr 08 2005
09:30 AM
In August 1995, I remodel my kitchen with Home Builders. They had me under 2 different Mortgage Company which they went out of business. Then Ocwen took my account over. It was to be a 5 year mortgage and I'm still paying them. First of all the interest rate went up and they are comstantly harrasing me. I sent them 3000 to apply to my account each month. They told me that they are not allowed to add my money to the account each month. As of today I owe them 1544.94 I know that I'm paying them only the interest of my loan. They are nothing but ripe off artist and I'm glad they are under investigation. Sandra Carolyn PHILADELPHIA, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: PHILA, Pennsylvania
46, Report #319587
Mar 20 2008
07:36 AM
Ocwen CHECK DECEPTION Orlando Florida
I sent a partial mortgage payment in the form of two separate checks in December of 2007. Both checks have the account number written on them for proper payment publishing (I have to mortgage accounts with this company). Instead of Ocwen posting the payments to the correct accounts they posted it to one account. I found this out after they claimed to have no record of payment for the larger mortgage. I contacted my bank which gave me documented proof that Ocwen did indeed cash both checks. The bottom line is that they refused to correct their mistake, and now I have to pay a month of back mortgage payment that was made current in January 2008. I even filed a complaint with the BBB of Florida. Ocwen claims that I should have sent in the payment stubs. I would like to know where it is written in their policy that not sending in payment stubs gives them the right to rip people off. I still have all the documents to prove my account was current. As of now I'm trying to catch up AGAIN!!! Starr New Castle, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
47, Report #245140
Apr 21 2007
01:55 PM
Ocwen ruining my life Orlando Florida
Greetings to all who have had to deal with ocwen.. we have been with ocwen since 2000... since then we have paid our monthly mortagae payment. plus some... they sent me a letter stating that they were going to forclose on me if I did not pay tem $4000.00.. as so with much help from friends and family ( I have a family of 8) I made the $4000.00 payment. they could not explain why I owed them this money but I did. told me this $4000.00 would make my loan current. for 6 months this keep them satisfied.. then I get another letter in the mail telling me they wanted $9000.00 on top of the $800.00 payment that I made the week before and the $800.00 I made the week after.again they ould not give me an explaintion on why I owed this much money.so you would think this would make them happy... nope. within 5 months I got another letter wanting another $4000.00... so once again with a little help from my friends... ok so in Dec of last year I signed a forbearance plan with them for 2 years on a $1352.00 balance that I owed them (so they say) ok so now its april.. I should by the caclations only owe them $300.00 right.. nope no it's $1472.80.. I sent them my usually payment and the other day I got a friendly reminder that my payment was due... huh thats funny since I sent the payment two weeks before and they cashed my check...I called cusmor service and they said they have not recieved my payment yet. I explained that the check was already cashed.. they said i would have to send the canceled check in to the research department... research department said it woud take 15-30 days to invesagaite... in the mean time they can start forclousre proceedings... great huh? the other is when your on a forbearance plan they can still charge you late fees and report to the credit beaur that your late. I have ben sending in my late charges on top of payment.. thy are still charging me etra....PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE HELP... I ontacted a lawyer.. he said the best thing for me to do was refinance.. I can't noone will touch me due to ocwen... I have used all my resources.. anyone who can give me contact info on a lawyer or anyone would be great.... Johna meadville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
48, Report #246423
May 01 2007
04:16 PM
OCWEN Crooks Orlando Florida
I purchased a home in April 2006. My loan was bought out by OCWEN within a month. I ran into some financial trouble and became behind in my house payment. They were unwilling to work with me and would not accept what money I did have to pay the monthly payment. I became current with all the back fees and everything in December of 2006. After paying that I was told that I was covered up until January 2007. At the end of December 2006 I sent a partial payment for the month of February 2007. They told me they would not accept this as a payment and applied it to my principle. So, January 28th, I made the February house payment. In march I made two payments to cover the costs of the march house payment which they have put in a suspense account because they wont accept a partial payment. So now, even though I paid enough money to cover the march payment, they wont use the money i sent to pay it. When I called them, they were unhelpful, rude and now they are saying that I am missing the January payment, the March payment and they are charging me $1000 for a title search that was paid with the money sent in during December. I have tried to refinance several times but have been unable to due to the negative credit rating i have because of OCWEN. Kathleen Ladera Ranch, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
49, Report #65401
Aug 07 2003
09:40 AM
Ocwen fraudulent ripoff business Orlando Florida
I was wanting to know if anyone has had the same situation about Ocwen filling an incorrect lien with their local records office? My situation is this: One, I have already filed and am a memeber of the class action suit currently underway. Second, in doing some research yesterday, I found that my local records office says it is fraud if a record is filed illegally. My situation is this. My former common law husband left. Ok, got my common law divorce. Proved to HUD I had a legal right to live in the property, even though when the house was bought, I have never signed anything. My name is not on the note, security deed, (or whatever it is called), nothing, nada. Many attorneys have stated since my name is not on anything and that I am not contractually liable in anyway, I could walk and Ocwen is stuck. I do however have a general warranty deed which gives me 100% interest in the home. Now, I don't want to move, I love my home and have been here for 15yrs. My payments are current, I pay taxes and insurance myself, therefore, I know they get paid. My question is this, since my name is not on anything, and Ocwen has filed an illegal Lien against me in Deed Records, how do I get them off, and would I loose the house if I did? I think they call this a loop hole. Hey, I would do almost anything within the law to sitck this organization. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pat miserable (I hate), TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
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Aug 27 2003
08:48 AM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
I have had some hail damage. My insurance company Nationwide has no problem paying my roof claim. My problem is this... Nationwide needs to put me and Ocwen on the check.... I am scared to death that if they do that that the contractor/roofer won't ever get paid because I don't think Ocwen will sign off on the check. If they don't, and he doesn't get paid, does Ocwen have any legal recourse against me in paying the roofer? Lord knows I don't want to get involved in that!!! I don't want to screw the contractor out of his money! Does anyone out there have any suggestions or advice about this type of situation? It would be greatly appreciated. You see another concer is this... If Ocwen won't sign the check and I don't get the roof, then Nationwide has the right to not include my roof in my insurance... and Ocwen will want to force coverage, when they would be the ones that caused the problem and I would have to pay for it... Please help! DR TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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