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76, Report #78681
Jan 30 2004
03:23 PM
Ocwen rip off Watch Out Orlando Florida
Ocwen charged me late fee for November even though I sent payment a week before the late payment date. I sent my December payment along with the late fee even earlier. Suprise! late fee again. I sent January's payment with proof of delivery from the post office. Suprise! it only took 2 days and the payment was posted the same day. I smell a rat!!! Jon gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
77, Report #83989
Mar 15 2004
06:50 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank & Trust ripoff Orlando Florida
I was downsized in December and fell behind on my payments while waiting for unemployment. I had been trying to work something out with them via email in December because I lost my voice. They emailed me back stating they couldnt help via email. I hope there aren't any deaf Ocwen customers! If so, I hope they never have to correspond with Ocwen. Below is an email I sent Ocwen today. I find it extremely un-nerving that 2 payments I requested Ocwen to make one on 2-9-04 for $715.00 (only $15 was deducted from my bank account) and the other pre authorized charge of $565.25 scheduled to be taken from my bank account on 2-27-04 never happened. I received no phone calls, certified letters, process servers or regular mail stating any problems processing payment. But instead found stapled to my front porch on a column not by my front door (a door I don't even use) a photo copy of a legal foreclosure notice on my home. I am instead further insulted by having additional fees levied on me that no one has provided me a detail of what the charges are due! What kind of idiot do you think I am??? I for sure thought within this agreement faxed over tonight you would provide a detail of charges outlining what they were for. I've now looked into my checking account and found I have not paid Ocwen since 12-1-03. That makes me, including this month, 3 months past due and 1 month late. 4 payments total $1472. The late fees are ?...No one has told me the late fees. The attorney fees??? What might those be? Again, no one has covered those costs with me or in this Forbearance Agreement. I've asked since last year to have any Extras removed from my account but no one at Ocwen would stop assessing these 3rd party charges to my account. Im sure they have added to my interest accrual and I don't believe I should be responsible for them now. I really don't know what Im going to do. Ocwen has $1200 of my money right now and won't post a dime to my account. I now son't have enough money or time to hire an attorney. Forclosure is on 4/8/04. W Saginaw, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
78, Report #276694
Oct 02 2007
08:47 AM
Ocwen ruining my life Orlando Florida
I am very upset with Ocwen my mortgage was sold to this specific company back in 7-05 from NovaStar. I had no knowledge of this until I recevied a bill. In addition, to that Ocwen has put inaccurate information on my credit report stating I have been late. They have held my check on several occasions and reported I was late. They also told me to sell my property and put me on the foreclosure list. They are horrible what about the class action suit can anyone email me back. Oh and also the company charged me with additional fees mail fees. What is that? Neashea36 philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orldand, Florida
79, Report #135544
Mar 18 2005
02:56 PM
Ocwen Corporation ripoff Orlando Florida
My escrow company recently paid off our mortgage with Ocwen. Ocwen recieved the payment on February 11th at 8:00 am by fed Ex. Because it is standard policy of the escrow company to send three day's worth of interest to protect to closing. I quess this give's Ocwen the right to hold the payment for the weekend so they can screw the consumer out of the extra int and not return the over payment. I've been hung up on to many times to count with at least four different people telling me different fugures and posting dates. My escrow company and I have requested an investigation and still they refuse to refund the over payment. This company is a scam and has rep working the phones are in some other country. This kind of consumer fraud needs to be stoped. Nicole Snohomish, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
80, Report #326873
Apr 17 2008
04:24 PM
Ocwen unresponsive, rude, heartless thieves Internet florida
I am writing this response like others to the experience they have had with Ocwen. It started when I could not refinance, and could not make the payments after my 2 year interest only mortage. I spent countless hours on the phone with these people getting the run around, one time spending 3 hours of I have to transfer you to, holding, to I cannot help you with this, I will have to transfer you again. First off you cannot understand them as they are based in india, and when i had repeatedly asked for someone in the states they said there was no one! My forbarance agreement was so open-ended; 1:they wanted 3 months down payment2:impound my taxes after i had already paid them3:pay insurance when i already pay it.4:and if u agree to these terms and we found out u make more we are going to take more. Who in there right mind would subject themselves to that. Also after all that i said i wanted to do a short sale they sent me the paper work and said they would contact me in 3-5 days they never did and my realtor did 2 1/2 weeks later and they are now not taking any short sales. they never call u when they say they will or send u the paper work they say they will unless it is about getting their money!!!!! Kendahl Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
81, Report #245140
Apr 21 2007
01:55 PM
Ocwen ruining my life Orlando Florida
Greetings to all who have had to deal with ocwen.. we have been with ocwen since 2000... since then we have paid our monthly mortagae payment. plus some... they sent me a letter stating that they were going to forclose on me if I did not pay tem $4000.00.. as so with much help from friends and family ( I have a family of 8) I made the $4000.00 payment. they could not explain why I owed them this money but I did. told me this $4000.00 would make my loan current. for 6 months this keep them satisfied.. then I get another letter in the mail telling me they wanted $9000.00 on top of the $800.00 payment that I made the week before and the $800.00 I made the week after.again they ould not give me an explaintion on why I owed this much money.so you would think this would make them happy... nope. within 5 months I got another letter wanting another $4000.00... so once again with a little help from my friends... ok so in Dec of last year I signed a forbearance plan with them for 2 years on a $1352.00 balance that I owed them (so they say) ok so now its april.. I should by the caclations only owe them $300.00 right.. nope no it's $1472.80.. I sent them my usually payment and the other day I got a friendly reminder that my payment was due... huh thats funny since I sent the payment two weeks before and they cashed my check...I called cusmor service and they said they have not recieved my payment yet. I explained that the check was already cashed.. they said i would have to send the canceled check in to the research department... research department said it woud take 15-30 days to invesagaite... in the mean time they can start forclousre proceedings... great huh? the other is when your on a forbearance plan they can still charge you late fees and report to the credit beaur that your late. I have ben sending in my late charges on top of payment.. thy are still charging me etra....PLEASE SOMEONE ANYONE HELP... I ontacted a lawyer.. he said the best thing for me to do was refinance.. I can't noone will touch me due to ocwen... I have used all my resources.. anyone who can give me contact info on a lawyer or anyone would be great.... Johna meadville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
82, Report #246423
May 01 2007
04:16 PM
OCWEN Crooks Orlando Florida
I purchased a home in April 2006. My loan was bought out by OCWEN within a month. I ran into some financial trouble and became behind in my house payment. They were unwilling to work with me and would not accept what money I did have to pay the monthly payment. I became current with all the back fees and everything in December of 2006. After paying that I was told that I was covered up until January 2007. At the end of December 2006 I sent a partial payment for the month of February 2007. They told me they would not accept this as a payment and applied it to my principle. So, January 28th, I made the February house payment. In march I made two payments to cover the costs of the march house payment which they have put in a suspense account because they wont accept a partial payment. So now, even though I paid enough money to cover the march payment, they wont use the money i sent to pay it. When I called them, they were unhelpful, rude and now they are saying that I am missing the January payment, the March payment and they are charging me $1000 for a title search that was paid with the money sent in during December. I have tried to refinance several times but have been unable to due to the negative credit rating i have because of OCWEN. Kathleen Ladera Ranch, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
83, Report #424447
Feb 15 2009
05:52 PM
Ocwen got my home Orlando Florida
like all the other folks on here ocwen has done the same things to me also, feb 18 2009 they got my home and put me on the street. i tried everything to deal with this bank all they done was lie to me sent back payments and keep raising the cost of my mortage payments and interest until i could not make my payments anymore. this home i lost to was the place i grew up and lived by my 75 year old dad, which i take care of. they are going to kick me out in a couple days. they also put my credit in the trash can.. i work every day and all i wanted to do is pay bills. i would also be interested in filing a class action suit again this bank. i tried everything possible to work with ocwen and all they did, is lie to me... Chris**** bluffton, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
84, Report #319587
Mar 20 2008
07:36 AM
Ocwen CHECK DECEPTION Orlando Florida
I sent a partial mortgage payment in the form of two separate checks in December of 2007. Both checks have the account number written on them for proper payment publishing (I have to mortgage accounts with this company). Instead of Ocwen posting the payments to the correct accounts they posted it to one account. I found this out after they claimed to have no record of payment for the larger mortgage. I contacted my bank which gave me documented proof that Ocwen did indeed cash both checks. The bottom line is that they refused to correct their mistake, and now I have to pay a month of back mortgage payment that was made current in January 2008. I even filed a complaint with the BBB of Florida. Ocwen claims that I should have sent in the payment stubs. I would like to know where it is written in their policy that not sending in payment stubs gives them the right to rip people off. I still have all the documents to prove my account was current. As of now I'm trying to catch up AGAIN!!! Starr New Castle, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
85, Report #344776
Jun 26 2008
07:04 PM
Ocwen lied, deceptive, theives Centreville Alabama
the loan was approved for the payoff, but ocwen would never give us the payoff. our lawyers were talking and we were talking to ocwen's broker, who stated that he could not understand why ocwen did not except the payoff. because ocwen would make more money on it. then suddenly we were told to get out of the house. all this time we were thinking that a payoff was just around the corner. we were also informed that we were dealing with someone in india. this was told to us by their lawyers. who also tried to get their client to except the payoff. ocwen lied and said they were never informed of the approved loan. so, our family was kicked out of the only home we ever knew. someone please help us. June centreville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Centreville, Alabama
86, Report #56706
May 13 2003
06:29 AM
Ocwen ripoff Palm Beach Florida
Well here I sit and re-read all the rip off reports on Ocwen. If only my husband and I had half a brain when our mortage was first taken over by Ocwen. But unfortunately we had no idea that there were companies like them out there. I guess we were pretty nieve. We were 5,000 behind in our mortgage. It sounds like a lot but it isn't. We were making our payments and quite actually were getting upward and onward in our financial situation. We were hit with this and our life spun out of control. We were harassed with phone calls, etc. etc. The only way out that we could see was a Chap. 13. We tried, we tried so hard but we couldn't do it. We were dismissed after 1-1/2 years. So, we tried to find some company (any company) to help us. The one that would even try charged us $700 (precious money to us it was) and was unsuccessful. Ocwen kept increasing the amount of money that they wanted from 4000 to 6000 to 8000 (I guess interest and penalites accured). So we found another attorney to go Chap. 13. We wish someone had told us that there were other alternatives. But they didn't. It was/is a nightmare. This time we lasted about 2-1/2 years. But paying 1000 to the mortgage and 1050 to the trustee on what we actually netted out of our pay left us virtually no money to pay our other bills. We did bounce checks to them (unfortunately) and just couldn't make up the back balance. So here we are again, in the throes of a possible foreclosure. We are trying everything to get out of it but I think our choices are done. Our attorney wants us to declare Chap 7. Great -- the only major debt in our lives is the mortgage. We have skimped so much that we virtually have no other bills. Our house is falling apart because we don't have the finances to get it fixed. Our son is starting at a trade school and that will cost money. My mom is sick and has no money to loan. We are absolutely dead in the water. All because we were actually on a payment plan (unfortuantely not in writing) with the prior company and Ocwen wouldn't honor it. My marriage will dissolve because all my husband and I do is work and fight and fight and work. It's a total nightmare. The only way to solve this is to check out. We are so tired of fighting. I apply to loan companies and then get so depressed because they all say the same thing: Yes, we can help but then they can't. Or they say Oh Ocwen we are not allowed to touch Ocwen loans. THis is my home, our home and because of some stupid company we are going to lose it. There are no lawyers that are willing to fight. I am on depression pills, in poor health and getting more stresssed as the days go by. I'm sorry but I am so sad that there are companies like this. I guess we are just not intelligent enough to get out from under this company. If anyone has any ideas great -- if not, thank you anyway for giving me a forum to write to. Vickie Dublin, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Palm Beach, Florida
87, Report #89008
Apr 26 2004
12:27 PM
On January 9th, 2002 we refinanced our home. The closing agent informed us that we in fact did not have payment due before March 1, 2002. On February 12th, 2002 we received a letter informing us that Ocwen Mortgage would be our new company and the first payment was due March 1, 2002. Payments were made every month and sometimes were not paid until the last minute but always before the 30 day limit to protect us from being reported to the credit bureau. On November 30th, 2003 I made my payment by phone and was told that the payment would be recorded to reflect the payment date to avoid being over 30 days. I was given a confirmation number and felt safe that it would be posted as stated. Upon checking my credit report it in fact had been turned in over 30 days late. I contacted the ombudsman website, gave them the date and confirmation number. They responded that it would in fact be corrected with the credit bureau to reflect not being late. Needless to say as of todays date (4/26/04) it has not been corrected. It takes them one day to report but heaven knows how long it will take them to correct it. We sold our home on March 31, 2004. We were suppose to close on March 26th but due to closing problems it was delayed. My March 1 payment had been included with my payoff figure and the closing agent felt I would be Ok not making the March payment. Boy was she wrong. The closing agent informed me that Ocwen had included interest for February 1st payment in the payoff. How could this be since I had made February payment. The closing agent couldn't explain it so I said I would take it up with Ocwen and not to stop the closing since financially we needed to get it done. On March 31 I received a call from Ocwen and was told to make the payment or they would report the payment as late to the credit bureau. I explained that the payment was included in the payoff and that they would have there check by 10:00 AM the next business day. This was in the AM and I told them I would call them back. Upon returning from the closing I called Ocwen and again was told that if the payment was not made it would be reported to the credit bureau. I made the payment. I asked about the additional interest from February and was told that was there procedure. How can that be when in fact they did not get my loan until 3/31/02 and all payments had been made within the month they were due. I'm happy to see Ocwen not being able to get away with what they are trying to do to the public. When I will see my refund of the monies I don't know but I will continue to try and get it back. Joe/sylvia loxahatchee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Nationwide
88, Report #100691
Jul 26 2004
09:21 PM
Ocwen FSB False Credit Reporting Orlando Florida
I had a loan through ocwen fsb which ended with them trying to forclosue on my property. I offered them a quick deed in leiu of forclosure. which they took. But know my credit report says I am $10,000 behind on my mortage to them. I have contacted a attorney and am giving them 15 days to retract there report from my credit report. My advice to anyone wanting to get the word out about them is to file with the florida bbb. Ocwen is already listed with them, and the report is not in their favor. Daivd Clay City, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
89, Report #100424
Jul 25 2004
07:24 AM
Ocwen Bank ripoff Irvine California
I had a business failure in 1992 which caused my home mortgage to get behind. My mortgage company sold the loan to a Texas collection company. I was able to negociate a forbearance agreement with the company shich stated that as long as I kept current on the new agreement everything would be normal as if I never fell behind. Sine entering into the forbearance agreementI have never missed a monthly mortgage payment. The Texas company sold my loan as a performing loan to Ocwen Bank. This is where my nightmare with Ocwen Begins. I was never informed of this transfer and kept making my mortgage payments to the Texas company. Ocwen was sending notices of the transfer to my old closed business address WHY THERE AND NOT MY HOME. I finally found out when my home was posted for sheriff sale. Yes a large bright yellow poster attached to my front door so all my neighbors to see. When I contacted the Texas company they told me that they would take care of the mistake and forward the funds that I paid to them to Ocwen. Ocwen is still charging me an attorney's fee for starting the forclosure. Last year I attempted to refiance my home and ran a credit report on myself on the very first line of the credit report it states HOME IN FORCLOSURE BY OCWEN BANK!!!! I contacted the bank and they said they would change the wording and of course to this date they never changed anything. I asked for a payoff statement from the bank and when I received the statement I was shocked to see outragous fees as follows. Attorneys fee $1681.00 Monthly late charges totaling $8023.00 Inspection and property evaluation $512.00 It is a shame that this bank should be allowed to exist. I am trying to find a Penna. attorney that would take my case. It would be nice to start a class action suite in Penna.. Please someone help me. John Holland, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
90, Report #653265
Oct 20 2010
12:09 PM
Ocwen can have my house... Orlando, Florida
I have been fighting with these idiots since my loan was transferred to them by Bank One (now Chase). For about 5 years we have gone round and round about being late/not being late, bogus fees, applying escrow when I pay my own taxes and insurance, you name it. Well, unfortunately my husband's job is tied to the housing market, so he has lost half his income in the last 2 years. So, as of now, we ARE late. Of course so are all the other bills, but they don't want to hear it. We decided to file Chapter 7 to get rid of the debt. Ya know what? I don't even care anymore. My husband and I bought this house to totally redo it, and there still is a lot of work to be done on it (finances have not allowed us to do all we wanted). We have built a new front porch, put in a sliding glass door in the back (where there were 2 small windows high up) and put in a back deck where there was no porch, exchanged plaster for drywall in 2 bedrooms, kitchen, hallway (walls and ceiling) and put in new countertops and ceramic floor in the kitchen. Still, there remains enough work to keep someone busy for quite a while. We owe $60,000 and if it's worth half of that, they're lucky.  So, we get to live here until the foreclosure is finished (I found out you don't have to leave until it's all finished and the title actually goes into their name), without paying them a dime. According to our lawyer that could take 6-9 months. Meanwhile, we can save money to rent a house. Do I feel bad? Kinda-we've lived here for 11 years since my girls were young, but, it's only a house, it could be worse. I feel kinda happy, getting to stick Ocwen with a house they're not going to be able to sell in a trashed housing market. Let it sit here, it'll do them good.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
91, Report #642335
Sep 20 2010
06:40 AM
Ocwen too many! class action suit!! Internet
We need a class action against these crooks! I had my mortgage with Taylor Bean & Whitker, I was in the process of a hardship modification because my husband died unexpectedly. TB&W gave me the run around for 4 months, in that time, they received TARP money for my loan and was not supposed to be allowed to foreclose. Soo to get around that rule, they sold my mortgage to Ocwen. I informed Ocwen that I was having a hardship modification done, they assured me, over and over, how much they work with home owners to help!Well, they would NOT find my documents for modification, so they make me start all over again. Over and over I sent in paperwork, forms, documents.. always receiving a letter in a few weeks that I was still missing something! Forget about getting anyone on the phone with at least ONE braincell, or who understands english and at one point, there recorded message said You can not talk to anyone about your modification, you will be contacted on your status and there is noone to leave a message to. wtf???This goes on for months and months, they start inspecting my property and went so far as to have it appraised multiple times! I receive a default document in the mail ( i was not upside down and have  equity above what I financed, responsible homeowner. I have owned property for over 20 years and my credit score before all this happened was 850!) they send back all my good faith payments (which they told me would prevent any forward movement on foreclosure) and preceed into forclosure process.I have been harassed for not having insurance (2months to finally get them to remove an addition 4k charge for insurance(3times what the policy actually was) and get my policy on record, and now..surprise, again Im getting the insurance runaround!!All of the programs I was able to be approved for, they stalled and stalled so that I am over the time limit. My state started a law with manditory mediation on foreclosures. Guess what? They will NOT modify anything, they refuse any offers and are going forward with my foreclosure! The lawyers just sit there, on the phone supposedly with the bank rep, and say, No, they can offer you nothing.So they get paid 2 times for my mortgage AND take my house! I wish I had a triple return. It will be years and years before any of these people get investagated and I'm sure I wont be getting any compensation for being ripped off and made homeless over their GREED! SOMEONE HAS TO JUMP IN AND HELP! If the president wants to impress me, stop feeding the pockets of your friends and HELP THE PEOPLE THAT VOTED YOU IN! THIS IS WRONG! OUR PRESIDENT IS ALLOWING ITS CITIZANS TO BE USED, ABUSED AND TOSSED ASIDE FOR POWER HUNGERY MONEY GRABBING CORPORATIONS LIKE OCWEN!
Entity: , Internet
92, Report #873163
Apr 24 2012
02:22 PM
ocwen Fleecing of america Internet, Florida
This company is a big ole rat. fellow americans my wife and i have submitted paperwork over and over again. when we call they told us they didnt received them. we will have to resubmit them ,this we did numerous times but nothing so they are claiming papaerwork got lost .  btw this is for a modification since last December its now april soon it will be may  ....i wish the government could step in on this Rat run company i wonder how many people done lost their homes to them .
Entity: Internet, Florida
93, Report #926190
Aug 12 2012
11:45 AM
Ocwen Misplacement of funds Internet
I filed Chapter 13 in 10/2006 at that time Saxon Mortgage was my lender, then in March 2012 when out of chapter 13 Ocwen bought my loan without my knowledge and every since then I have had a problem. My payment were made though the bankruptcy court to Saxon, before I could take over payments my account was reviewed and I was up to date. I made my March payment to Saxon and had been since November 2011 and made a payment every month, Ocwen took over my loan in April 2011 and I have been making payments to them every month. Now they are saying that I owe an additional 368.00 and they can't explain why I owe this money. It is funny to me that you make a house payment every month and you are still behind how does that happen especially when you are paying more than what your house payment is. I bought my house 8 yrs ago for 90,000 and according to the bankruptcy court I have paid 54,000 on my note but, according to Ocwen I still owe 87,000 on my house. I really don't know how that is even possible. I asked them about it and they said it was because of taxes and insurance really! They need to have a class action law suit against there company to show them they can't push around hard working people who are just trying to make a living. Is there anyone who can help?   
Entity: , Internet
94, Report #783911
Oct 02 2011
03:31 PM
OCWEN Rip-Off Mortgage Company, Internet
I am posting this rip-off report for a family member who is, most unfortunately, dealing with the OCWEN mortgage.  The kid's mortgage started out well, but was sold a couple of times, withouth their assent, and ended up with these thieves.  At present I am just getting acquainted with this company's practices, which angers me after reading only one page of paperwork from them. We are just now attempting to find out how to deal with a company that CHARGES YOU JUST TO TALK ON THE PHONE OR ROBO.  In their Fee Structure the Agent Assistance Fee is $19.50. To go through their Automated Phone System the fee is $12.50. In the latest foreclosure threat and settelment paper, the Certified Mail Fee is $32.50. They have other fees tacked on, such as Previous Inspection Fee ($21); Current Property value fee ($115); Previous Property Value Fee ($115). This stuff is not verifiable, and should be illegal.  I am in Tennessee and their website does not even show TN as one of their licensed states!! The kids want to get caught up and do what's right, but how can they do it with theives like OCWEN. Several posts on the internet show this company has has class actions lawsuits against it plus lots of other negative reports and suits against it. Any guidance through this mess would be appreciated. Has anyone else contacted the Federal Trade Commission?? Thanks
Entity: , Internet
95, Report #1033043
Jun 05 2003
10:00 AM
Ocwen FSB ripoff Orlando Florida
What a joke My wife and I are trying to buy a home and Ocwen Federal has us under a foreclouer and we have never even purchased anything with this company. Trying to get this removed from our credit report, need some help on this . What a rip off!!!! William covington, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
96, Report #438275
Mar 27 2009
11:38 AM
Ocwen is a rip off Orlando Florida
My husband and I have a mortgage through Ocwen. They have forclosed on house even though we we put in to a forbarnce agreement and the payments were made to the. We had a sheriff sale date but we had stopped it but 2 days after we stopped it they had sold the note. We have tried to call and talk to them and everytime we talk to someone they either give us the run around or they put us through to someone different and it would also be nice if they would have people that wood speak english. We have left alot of messages for people but they do not want to call us back. This company is nothing but a rip off and something should be done with them. The goverment should get envolved and do something with them. Kimberly Damascus, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
97, Report #481623
Aug 18 2009
08:30 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Blacklisting Honest Employees Internet
Ok lets forget for a moment the allegations of corruption such as employees using tax payer money from the VA to repair homes and then purchasing those homes for themselves at huge discounts. Lets forget about the alleged kickbacks that some of the asset managers and employees of Ocwen were receiving in return for handing out listings. Lets forget about the alleged bogus repairs that contractors where paid for. Lets just put all that aside for a moment and talk about the BS Michael Moreland put all the VA asset managers through. But before I do that I want to make one more comment on the alleged corruption part. If you think I am making this stuff up simply follow the paper trail through public records on the Ocwen asset located at 3227 Saint Lucie Drive S. Casselberry FL from Augus of 2004 through February of 2005 which was purchased by a Mr. Piana who at the time not only worked for Ocwen as an asset manager during this period but this asset was in his portfolio. Can you fog up a mirror? Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent fixing up this property on a golf course prior to it being purchased by Mr. Piana. It is also alleged higher bids from the general public were ignored. Now for a small sample of what we had to endure under Michael Moreland's Management. First we were instructed to put thousands of assets on the market as fast as we could without regard for their condition. We did this for approximately 6 months when suddenly Michael Moreland began reprimanding the asset managers for following orders and putting properties with no repairs on the market. We are talking about homes with lead based paint, asbestos, mold, wood rot, unsecured pools and so on. Keep in mind when we were told to put these properties on the market there was no repair policy and were doing as we were told. The scolding went on for weeks and of course all the asset managers kept their mouth shut and sucked it up because we did not want to loose our jobs. Then the repair policy was finally implemented which opened up another Pandora's box. I began having agents authorizing and making repairs without my knowledge when they were clearly told the proper policies regarding repairs was to allow the asset managers to have 3 repair bids from 3 different contractors prior to any repairs being authorized and completed. I and other asset managers had numerous agents making unauthorized repairs even after we told them this is not proper procedure and you run the risk of not being reimursed for these repairs.  So what would the agents do? They called Michael Moreland and complained who in turn reprimanded me/us for doing my/our jobs.  We were told we were being to hard on the agents when I/we told the agents by not following proper procedure we cannot guarantee VA will reimburse them for the repairs. I have no doubt many of those repairs were bogus since I/we was never given the opportunity to gather bids, never saw any before repair pictures and did not know about the repairs until they were done. It was not long before we had agents calling us complaining they were not being reimbursed for expenses they incurred while securing , winterizing, cleaning and sometimes repairing the homes. It was very difficult to get my job done because I was constantly fielding complaints from agents about expense reimbursements they had been waiting on for months. One agent told me it had driven him to file bankruptcy. Then there was the broker/agent who would not respond to my request for feedback on the activity and repairs of an asset he was assigned to list and sell. After being ignored numerous times for several weeks I told the agent if he did not cooperate with me I was going to request the asset be taken away from him. So what does he do? He complains to Michael More who in turn reprimands me and tells me to leave the agent alone and let him do his job. Being a good soldier I no longer threatened to take the listing away from the agent and I gave him several months before I requested another status report. I was ignored again until I decided against Michael Moreland's wishes to have an agent from another real estate company swing by this asset and see if he could give me a status report. When the new agent arrived at the property the asset was in complete disrepair, falling apart, broken windows, had never been secured, cleaned, winterized and appeared to have never been stepped foot in by the listing agent whom I had reported several times for non compliance. This was the last straw for me and I decided to leave Ocwen. Shortly after leaving Ocwen I began getting anonymous phone calls from individuals asking to speak to RAT then hanging up. This was a clear attempt to intimidate me, scare my family and make me keep my mouth shut regarding anything I might know about corruption. Now remember this is a company hired by our Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Government. I and many other good honest patriotic asset managers have been blacklisted from the industry and have had difficulty obtaining any employment because Ocwen has either been giving bad references or no references at all. I can only speak for myself but the companies I have been blacklisted from made it very clear they had been in contact with Ocwen and I have no doubt I had been given a bad reference. Lets face it, how many job interview do you go on where the interviewer makes you drive 8 hours for a face to face interview, insults you during the interview and then never even bothers to call you later to let you know you did not get the job. Not only that but the interviewers made reference to things only Ocwen management would know. I and my family have suffered a great deal for standing up for the American people and doing the right thing. I never imagined that I would suffer from the hands of corporate and government terrorist right here in my own Country.   Even knowing the price I have paid I would do it all over again. As for those who blacklist good honest hard working people I would say this, I would not want to work for someone who is dishonest enough and corrupt enough to do dirty work for the likes of Michael Moreland and Ocwen Federal Bank. As for our Presidents past and present, VA, Congress and Our Justice System if you are serious about cleaning up our Great Country and protecting its citizens then for God Sakes do something about this monster you have created.
Entity: Internet, Internet
98, Report #453745
May 20 2009
01:17 PM
Ocwen Loan Modification, tax and insurance ripoff Florida
We got a loan modification when my husband got laid off last year our balance at the time was $189,000 the loan modification increased our balance to $200,000 but we never received any cash out. Our payments were reduced and included taxes and insurance, I received notice that my taxes weren't paid for 2 years and that insurance was going to be force placed on my property in the amount of $2215 after all this is suppose to be taken care of with the escrow account set up by Ocwen employees. I have tried several times to reach the company and I am referred to the web site not able to speak with a human. I was laid off in February 2009 and wanted to make some kind of arrangements due to my unemployment not being as much as I was making at my job but can not get intouch with anyone. We are behind on the mortgage and finally received a letter stating that we would have to catch it up or foreclosure procedings would start unfortunately neither I or my husband are working so we will probably lose our home because no one will help. Lil Ooltewah, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
99, Report #469462
Jul 14 2009
07:55 AM
OCWEN Insurance ripoff Springfield Ohio
This month OCWEN added $1690 to my escrow account to cover insurance for 2007. My homeowners insurance company continues to verify that I had valid insurance during this period yet OCWEN continues to claim that I had no insurance even though each time I receive these letters, OCWEN confirms that they received proof of this insurance. OCWEN now has added $1690 to my escrow account and increased my monthly payment $60. I have talked to people in India that have programmed responses. They have refused to remove these charges. THIS IS A FRAUD Eileen s Westwood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Ohio
100, Report #1047162
Apr 30 2013
08:40 PM
ocwen cannot handle payments Internet
in january ocwen raised my house payment $200 a month saying that i owed taxes that they had not charged me with so up until that point i had been making just 1 lump sum payment but when they raised my payment i was having to split it into 2 different payments.  Then they gave me a late fee when the paymet wasnt even late. I called and they said i had to write to get this fixed they are the ones that made this big mess it really ticks me off that they cant take care of their customers  
Entity: Internet, Internet

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