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26, Report #3636
Oct 20 2000
12:00 AM
Pep Boys took my money for nothing
I took my car to Pep Boys for an inspection. They persuaded me to purchase the Preventive Maintenance Package, failing to mention that it cost over $300 and did not include parts (the final bill totaling just under $600). The day I got my car back from Pep Boys it began overheating. I took it back to them, they said to take it to a specialist and that it was a mere coincidence the overheating problem began the day I got the car back from them. To make this very long story short, two mechanics are positive that the problem was caused by Pep Boys improperly flushing the radiator. Thus far I have spent almost $4,000 on repairing my vehicle, and it continues to overheat. I filed a complaint against Pep Boys and unfortunately ended up with a $500 settlement from this particular Pep Boys location. I then emailed Pep Boys headqaurters telling them the situation. They guarantee a response within 72 hours. It's now been 10 days and I have received no word from them.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
27, Report #4636
Mar 06 2001
12:00 AM
Pep Boys - Incompetent dolts and thieves
I too have had what seems to be a common experience with Pep Boys service, the following is what I just sent to Pep Boys via the customer comment section of their web page. To be fair I am waiting to see what their response (if any) will be and this too will be posted here. Basically they really pissed me off with their attitude and incompetence and I'm waiting to see if this is just the local policy or worse yet corporate policy. And as a special side note to the insider, I have read a lot of your responses to other people's complaints, and it is plain that you are an ass kissing stooge that hopes his deranged perspective is looked apon favorably by his superiors.... Here is text of my comments sent via the Pep Boys web site: I am sending you this AFTER cooling down for a day. I am 53 year old professional male and it takes quite a bit to get my blood boiling like it did after going thru a nighmare experience yesterday at your Southgate Michigan store. On monday night I brought my 1994 Lincoln Town car to your store for service, the serpetine belt had broken and I was quoted $80 for the repair. I also inquired about an oil change and Mike the service rep said $16.99 and then asked what type of oil I would like, I said valvoline, then he rang up the bill and it came to $111 something, and I asked how $80 and $16.99 added up to $111, first he said sales tax, then after I pointed out that 6% sales tax didn't account for the difference he stated that valvoline oil cost a little more, so I asked how much more, he said it was $1.39 a quart and the stuff in the $16.99 package was $.89 a quart, so I said that should only be $2.50 more for 5 quarts. Well Mike was insistant that I was being charged correctly but would change it to $97.00. After sitting in the waiting area for a while, Mike said, he had some bad news, that the tensioner was bent and needed to be replaced also, and he re rang the bill to include the tensioner, now the bill read $217 something and I said wow, and asked to look at the bill, now my $16.99 oil change was $29.95 and when I pointed this out to Mike, he insisted that I was being charged correctly and that it just printed out that way on the bill, by this time I was getting a little upset with this game and proceded to add up all the items listed and I was being overcharged for the oil change, but couldn't convince this dolt that I was, so finally I said just give me the regular 16.99 oil change and then the bill dropped to $201. It was obvious that I was being charged for 10 quarts of oil to anyone with half a brain, but not Mike. Well after sitting a little while longer, Mike said that they wouldn't be able to replace the belt and tensioner till the next day because they didn't have the tool to pull the fan off with, and that only the master mechanic had this tool and he wouldn't be in til tommorrow. This didn't sit too well either seeing as how the only reason I chose Pep Boys was ther fact that they were open late and Mike said he could get the job done that evening, I even left work an hour early to get there with enough time for them to fix the car. To his credit, he did arrange for a ride home for me (about 5 or 6 miles). He said the car would be ready at 1pm the next day. Well the next day (tuesday 4/25/2000), I called around 12:30 to check on the car and they told me it was in the service bay, but they had delays due to getting the wrong part and that it would be more like 2pm for the car to be ready, this didn't please me because I don't get paid for missing work ($44/hr) and already half a day was shot down the drain, but I didn't complain yet. Then Mike calls back a little while later telling me they have more bad news the timing chain cover has a crack or hole in it and that they would have a hard time putting the tensioner on and that I should just take the car to a dealer, that and he said he wouldn't do the oil change due to the car having been driven hot, which I told him the temp guage did get to the top when I drove it there, but the engine oil light didn't come on and the engine was quiet when I drove in, but I know that the oil should be changed immediately after the car gets heated like that. He kept babbling about not wanting to be responsible for changing the oil, which made no sense to me, so I told him to just put the tensioner and belt on, because by now I was getting upset with having more problems than I had anticipated. I called the Lincoln Mercury dealership across the street and inquired about getting the repair done there immediately after talking to Mike, the dealership told me they would charge $146 to replace the tensioner and serpentine belt, which was considerably cheaper than Pep Boys, plus they would be able to deal with the crack or hole in the timing case. So I called Pep Boys back about 5 to 10 minutes after I had last spoken to Mike and was told that he went to lunch, the fellow that I was talking to was Scott Dentico the service manager and I told him that I was going to take Mike's advice and have the car towed to the Car dealer across the street, and he was familar with what was going on with my car and that they hadn't done anything to it except remove the fan and cowling. So I called AAA to tow the car from Pep Boys to Stu Evans Lincoln Mercury and met them at the Pep Boys store. At first Scott wanted to charge me $33 for basically doing nothing to my car and after I complained, he tore up the bill. Well after that, I went outside with the tow truck driver(flat bed actually) and he was hooking up the car and about to wench it onto the truck when Mike came running out and told the tow truck guy to pop the hood, and guess what, there was a tensioner and belt installed on my car, EVEN though the service manager wa aware that I was coming to pick up the car and didn't want them to do anything to it. And Mike had told me that they HAD NOT done anything to it except remove the fan and cowling when I had spoke to him last on the phone. He then said I was going to have to settle up on this because they had already installed the tensioner and belt, I told him that as far as I was concerned, I told them I was coming to get the car and that they weren't to do anything else to it because I was taking it to the dealership, and how in the hell did they install this in 10 minutes? I told him, to take the stuff off then but he said sure, I'll do that but your still gonna pay me $100 for labor, at which time I really got mad and said why should I have to pay for your mistakes, and he came back and said I told him to put them on, and I told him that I called back 5 to 10 minutes later and talked to Scott the manager and he said okay no problem, with me just having the car taken over to the dealership to have the work done, this went on and on and Scott was of no help either and when I referered to Mike as being a jackass he told me that they weren't going to take any verbal abuse in a kind of threatening way (he is a big fella) so I just was totally fuming about this and told them to just give me my bill, and good ole Mike charged me even more than the night before, after a futile argument about that, I just paid the bill and left because the poor tow truck driver had been sitting waiting for about 40 minutes while I argued with these two charming individuals from Pep Boys. I was charged $190.96 for this fiasco, the dealer price is $146. I lost $352 in wages, (I am an hourly computer consultant), and a day and a half delay on getting my car back. Suffered thru having to deal with a stubborn and incompetent service representative (MIKE) who either can't operate a computerized cash register or is dishonest, I have the last two invoices he made out (prices don't match on items), and was forced to pay for parts and labor that I was assured wasn't going to be performed. I think Pep Boys should at least refund the $190.96 I was charged for the belt and tensioner that the dealership is going to have to remove in order to repair the timing case. I also think you should hire people that are at least competent to operate the computer terminals and that have the decency to admit they made a mistake and not try to intimidate the customers and cause such grief. Walter M. Short I originally filed this complaint at Pep Boys almost a year ago, still no response from these assholes, not that I expected any from an obviously shitty company.
Entity: Southgate, Michigan
28, Report #6391
Aug 28 2001
12:00 AM
Pep Boys auto rip-off repair scam
LOMBARD store # 843 851 E. ROOSEVELT ROAD (630) 792-1601 Store Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30-9:00 Sat: 8:00-7:00 Sun: 9:00-6:00 Service Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00-9:00 Sat: 8:00-7:00 Sun: 9:00-6:00 General Manager - Ken Dieden Service Manager - Joe Lambert Service Advisor - Ike Ahmad Saturday June 16, 2001 We brought our car (1992 Chevy Z34) to Pep Boys (above) for an oil and spark plug change, check the brakes and rotate tires. They (Ike Ahmad?) suggested the $69.99 5/6 Plug Tune-up special. So we said sure and left the vehicle with them. (please note the customer comments area of work order that states No running Problems/Maint.) We weren't kidding, this car has been mostly dealer maintained and ran beautifully. No problems, no leaks or spotting. It was just time for 3000 mile service. Ike calls us to let us know that the car needs trans service which includes free oil change $79.99. OK.. do this. (please note the Specs area that states Auto Trans capacity of 4 qts..) Ike calls again to let us know that the car needs a new timing belt and serpentine belt. OK.... do this too. After looking through old paperwork, we call Ike back and cancel the serpentine belt as this was just replaced March 2001 by dealer...... Sunday June 17, 2001 Ike called, car is done. Ready for pickup, but closing soon. Total due $676.98. (please note charge for Auto Trans service/3qts atf. and the other labor area of final work order: r&r A/C, cruise control and power steering interference) Well on the way home, car is BAD. Very rough idle, missing, dies out, black wet exhaust (un-burnt fuel) & noisy trans, leaking oil from around timing belt cover. Called Pep Boys, closing now bring back on Monday. Monday June 18, 2001 We return car, Ike explains that there many many things that could be causing this that they didn't fix as it was not part of the package we chose. Possibly the belt has slipped. He will call when done with diagnosis. Ike calls back, says belt is fine, can find NO other problem codes. Says fixed oil leak. Tells us the catalytic converter is bad and needs replacing, then needs to be re-tuned/adjusted after that. We go get car, absolutely no change in performance problems..... We go straight to Merlin Muffler for new cat converter. Merlin says converter is fine. Engine only running on 3 cylinders (1,2,3 not firing). We go straight back to Pep Boys and talk to IKE. Insist that timing belt is not right, explain Merlin findings. Leave car again. He will call when done with diagnosis. Ike calls, they changed the fouled plugs, car runs better now, but NO other problem codes. Still insists it is the exhaust or converter blockage and says can't help any further until that is fixed. Car sits in driveway un-usable and still leaking oil for a week, while we figure out what to do next.... Monday July 2, 2001 Go back to Merlin again and have entire exhaust system replaced for $887.72. They insist engine is not working properly and the exhaust system is not the problem. Go back to Pep Boys and see service manager Joe (Lambert?). Explain whole mess to him. He will check out and let us know what he finds. Tuesday July 3, 2001 We call to check on as we have not heard anything yet... Ike says it is ready, they put in another (3rd) set of spark plugs as they are fouled again, a new set of plug wires and also did fuel injector service. Again, they can find NO other problem codes or leaks. Insists that timing belt is OK. We go for a ride with IKE to test drive car, runs slightly better but still not right. Ike says to try it for a few days and let it break-in the new stuff... and insists that exhaust blockage causing problem and needs repair..!!??? Struggle with car for a few days... still not right, very rough idle, still missing on cyl 1,2,3, dies out, black wet exhaust (un-burnt fuel), noisy trans, leaking oil from around timing belt cover. Tuesday July 10, 2001 Call Pep Boys and speak to service manager Joe. I re-explain the entire mess to him... he vaguely remembers the car or problems, but says to bring it in and he'll check it out. I explain that He did already and at this point I have zero faith in them. Joe says that if I am not happy with his shop, I can take it to any Pep Boys for fix within the 30 days of original ticket. I ask him about other alternatives, like dealer or other service. Nope, only Pep Boys. I tell Joe that's not acceptable as I have already spent a lot of time and money to resolve with NO results whatsoever... Wednesday July 18, 2001 Bring car to Haggerty Pontiac for diagnosis at OUR expense. $190.00 They find: 1. MAP sensor fail code. Map sensor not functioning, recently broken and siliconed back together....??!! 2. Transmission 2.5 quarts low....??!! but NO leaks. Can't diagnose further until MAP sensor replaced. Parts on order. Saturday July 28, 2001 MAP sensor replaced, finish original diagnosis $419.27. Further diagnosis reveals: Timing belt off by 2 teeth on front camshaft. (Cyl 1,2,3). Timing belt tensioner and pin forced/hammered on backwards. Timing belt cover cracked, leaking from being forced on over backwards tensioner Power Steering reservoir cracked, leaking A/C compressor, evaporator and condenser also leaking. All the above attributed to Pep Boys work/methods. Possibly related(?) other problems: various vacuum lines leaking or broken rear main seal leaking slightly oil pan gasket leaking oil pump 'o' ring leaking Thursday August 2, 2001 (ish) Call Pep Boys and talk with store manager Ken Dieden. He is not avail to meet until the next week. We schedule meeting with Ken & Joe Friday August 17, 10-11am call weds prior to re-confirm bring all paperwork and receipts etc. Friday August 17, 2001 Called Ken Dieden to re-schedule meeting as I don't have car or paperwork back from dealer yet Saturday August 18, 2001 (A full 2 months later) Get car back from dealer, all good, runs normal again. Total due $3519.52 Tuesday August 21, 2001 Call Ken Dieden to re-schedule meeting for monday 8/27 4pm. Monday August 27,2001 Ken Dieden OFF today.
Entity: Lombard, Illinois
29, Report #10549
Jan 03 2002
12:00 AM
Pep Boys Brake Ripoff Job Nashville TN
I took mty 82 Ford F100 to a Pep Boys on Old Hickory in Nashville, TN. They quoted me a price for a new master cylinder, front pads and rotors, one caliper, rear drums and shoes, and one wheel cylinder. I agreed, paid for the job, and took the truck home. Two weeks later, my foot went to the floor while trying to stop (luckily it's a standard and I was able to downshift to avoid trouble). I took the truck back to the shop where they inspected the work and told me someone had forgotten to bleed the lines. I asked them to check the master cylinder at the same time. They told me they did, and I took the truck home after having the brakes bled, no charge (how generous). One week later, my foot went to the floor again. This time, I took it back, told them to fix it right this time, or I would drive the truck through their window, since I had no brakes. I asked if it was possible the master cylinder was bad... we'll check it. Nope, the brakes needed to be bled. After checking the fluid a few days later, and noticing it was low, I took it to another mechanic who told me the master cylinder was bad. I sent all of my information to the home office twice, and got no response! It seems shoddy work, and a lack of concern for their customers' safety goes all the way to the top with these rip off artists.
Entity: Nashville, Tennessee
30, Report #10552
Jan 03 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: LANCASTER, Texas
31, Report #6645
Nov 15 2001
12:00 AM
Pep Boys - Home of Apathy, Inexperience and Worthless Parts
I've been asked to expound upon my experiences and knowledge of Pep Boys by the site owner, so here goes...(Please keep in mind that I'm only repeating what I've been told) I seem to have really bad luck with cars. Alternators go out, radiators spring irrepairable leaks, water pumps stop pumping, master cylinders name it, it's happened to at least one car I've owned. Of course the flip side to that is the fact that I've had incredible luck with mechanics. I've only been overcharged once and that was in an emergency situation. Otherwise I've been very fortunate to have mechanics who not only treat me like a knowledgable member of society but also take the time to explain exactly what's wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. I've had 3 mechanics in my life and several friends who work as shadetree mechanics on the weekends that I've used repeatedly. Many times to save money I'll go looking for the part myself and usually find it. All of these people have warned me repeatedly against buying Pep Boys parts. I've heard them called anything from 'pieces of shit' to 'worthless junk made by kids in a Tiawanese sweatshop'. The way it was explained to me is that Pep Boys uses the cheapest materials available to manufacture their parts and then to top it off they use the cheapest labor available to put them together. The end result, I've been told, are parts that might last a few months at most and if you're lucky you'll need a replacement, if you're unlucky you'll end up with a huge repair bill. Before I was made aware of Pep Boys' reputation among honorable mechanics I took a car there once to have the alternator replaced. I got there when they opened. I was told it would probably take 2 hours, so I waved good-bye to my ride and settled down in the waiting room confident I'd make it to work on time. Five hours later my car still hasn't been moved into the bay and I go up to complain and ask when this is going to be done since I'm missing valuable time at work that I won't be compensated for. I'm told by a very apathetic, mumbling employee that they just 'got real busy' and that I'd just have to wait. They closed at nine and that's when I finally got out of there with my car. No apologies, nothing. I was just presented the bill and sent on my way. That alternator lasted 4 months and even though it was under warranty I was told that it was my electrical system that caused the alternator to go bad and that I was just SOL and 100.00. I took the car to a REAL mechanic who told me that my electrical system is fine and that it's the alternator that's bad, not my system. He replaced it with an alternator that actually was less than the one I'd gotten at Pep Boys and 5 years later when I sold the car the thing was still working. This is where my education about Pep Boys began and it's been the same tune over and over again. I see by this site that it's the same everywhere. So take it from me and several mechanics...Pep Boys' parts are junk and the mechanics there are generally idiots just waiting to clock out for the day. They don't care if your car is fixed right or not, why should they? They don't have to listen to you complain and they'll get paid either way.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #10912
Jan 07 2002
12:00 AM
Pep Boys to my fellow employees IT'S MANAGEMENT
I've worked within the system of Pep Boys, and there are only a few managers and Techs & Mechs I would truly step up to bat for do to 20 years in sales/service. Pep Boys Yuba City gave me a chance to work with them and they also had the best benefit plans as compared to other companies. I was promoted and sent to Vacaville to help the Service Manager with his work load. I was told by the district manager this guy I was to work with is the best service manager in the business and that he was his asst. way back when. Well I arrived and was settling in to kick some royal service We can do it butt the only thing I recieved on the first day was a service manager that no showed and me standing in front of several pissed off customers. My first week I found out that shop had married at least 3 customers vehicles, and that I was not actually the service managers assistant but his fall guy, aka.'the man behind the shit maker, caring the shovel' In three months time I had lost 25 pds. due to lack of coverage to send me to lunch. I really put the subway sandwich guys diet to shame. I was on the Pep Boys high stress/no lunch program. And to think I had to smile and tell customers. I really enjoyed working for this company. April of 2001, the service manager transfered to southern California, and I figured I would be given the reins of the service dept. and try to give our customers the benefit of the doubt. But NO! I was passed over, even my coworkers, (retail and shop), Said I was the best man to turn that shop into a moneymaker. During my 8 months at that Vacaville location I've gone through 3 Service managers. One even lasted a whole week. I had excellent working knowledge of each of the shop employees, but I was not given the chance to prove respect is earned, not bought. I had to leave the Vacaville Pep Boys because of a family members illness, I tried to transfer to another store but of course since the DM's fall-guy has left, we'll just use our influence through-out the district to insure his position is filled in all levels and see if Pep Boys can force a Volintary Resignation. Well they got their wish. Now I'm taking care of my ill family member and I'm making sure every customer knows, at the company I'm working for now, there are auto repair facilities,'THAT TAKES CARE OF THE CUSTOMER, AS WELL AS THEIR EMPLOYEES.' Happy employees bring back the satisfied customers. P.S. I've gained 5 pds. and have been given a 1 hour lunch break while clocked in at work. I'm also receiving a nice bonus every month because of my part in sales and service. This special request goes out to my fellow employees that still work for Bud, hang in there, because there is hope, open your eyes long enough to know that your not alone. If you are going through a similar experience and your in the Sac district, E-mail me. Maybe I can help you regain your sanity. Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: vacaville, California
33, Report #47506
Mar 01 2003
03:24 PM
PEP BOYS rip-off Altamonte Springs Florida
I own a 96 Kia sephia Recently my car broke down and I needed an alternator replaced so on February 21, 2003 I called PEP BOYS located at 71 S Semoran Blvd Altamonte Springs Florida (407) 249-3888 and spoke with Sean, he adv me that the part would have to be ordered because PEP BOYS did not stock the part and it would take 2 3 days to get the part from Georgia and the cost would be $169.99. I advised him that I worked in Altamonte and he said I could take it to the store located at 1020 E Altamonte Drive Altamonte Springs Florida. I asked Sean if the price would still be the same Sean said absolutely! We are a corporation. I was still concerned so I called the store Sean referred me to and they concurred on the price of the alternator. Friday February 22,2003 I had my car towed to the store finding that the store was closed I filled out the envelope and put my keys in and deposited it into the retrieval system located at the front door. Saturday morning I called to let them know that the car was there they adv me that they would call me back. I spoke to the mechanic in the service center and he told me that when the4 alternator seized it had broken the belts and I advised him that I was aware of that situation and I also told him I was more then prepared to wait till Friday the 28th to pick up my car because I knew they had to order the part. Tuesday February the 25th I went up to PEPBOYS after work because I hadnt heard anything and to see if I needed to pay anything on the parts and to get the final estimate mind you to this date I had not signed anything estimate or other wise nor had I been told any prices other then 169.99 for the alternator and $53.00 for the labor totaling $223.00 imagine my shock when I was told that my car was finished and the total was $474.92 this price included an alternator that escalated to the cost of $292.00 I told Steve in parts the price that I had been quoted of $169.99 he advised me that the part had been ordered from California I told him I had never authorized that price his answer was that they could remove the alternator and I could take the car (nice customer service wouldnt you agree?) I left the car and still didnt sign anything I called every PEPBOYS in Orlando six to be exact and was told 2-3 days to order the alternator and $169.99 for the part I spoke to Debbie at the pep boys located at 601 N powers drive (407) 295-5553 and was compelled to tell her my story she called the other store and told me to call Wayne the manager this morning and the error would be fixed. Wayne has now advised me that they will take out the alternator and order another one and it will be 5-7 more days. I am a single mother of five am I happy with your corporation? No I am not so I called Kevin Alvarez and let a message with Becky in customer relations no call back yet three hours later. I am fully prepared to contact the Consumer Protection agency as well as the Department of Professional Business Relations with my grievance I cant be the only person this has happened to and your code of ethics clearly states the opposite of all practices I have experienced dealing with one of your stores; the main one below Jeanne ORLANDO, FloridaU.S.A.
34, Report #727035
May 08 2011
02:10 PM
Pep Boys Bumbling Employees Temecula, California
I ordered a part. When I went to pick it up, I discovered that they had ordered the part for the wrong engine for my vehicle. They could not apply a credit to the proper part, so their procedure is to refund and then repurchase the correct part. I did not have my receipt with me at the time I went to pick up the part so they could not do the refund. They kept the part. I was told that upon my return that there would be no problems. I returned with the receipt but now they have misplaced the part and will not refund me. I waited for 45 minutes while Bill Johnson and staff tried to locate the part.Bill Johnson kept telling me it was his job on the line. I guess everyone is at Pep Boys is fearful of their job. Their job takes precedence over customer satisfaction. Keep doing this to customers, you will loose them all and no one will have jobs. I know you already lost me as a customer. I was a long time customer.Resolution Sought: Immediate refund of $159.84 in cash as paid plus compensation for time spent at store waiting and travel to store.Date Problem Started: 5/8/2011Date of Transaction: 4/17/2011Amount in Dispute: $159.84Invoice Number: 080010100884520
Entity: Temecula, California
35, Report #823026
Jan 15 2012
06:59 AM
Pep Boys Rebate Ripoff Holmdel, New Jersey
This is the second time that I submitted rebate paperwork for items purchased at Pep Boys. Both times I recieved a post card stating that the store reciept did not show the rebate item. I know that the paperwork was complete and correct.It is not worth spending hours of wasted time on the phone, trying to convince Pep Boys that I am right. Instead I will bite the bullet for the $20 that they ripped me off for. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT PEP BOYS AGAIN !!!There are six auto parts stores within five miles of my house. They all charge around the same price for parts or are less expensive than Pep Boys after you calculate in the the fact that your rebate will never be paid to you.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
36, Report #824569
Jan 18 2012
12:05 PM
pep boys Allignment Fraud brookhaven, Pennsylvania
Pep Boys should never be allowed to work on your car!My father took his truck in for a wheel alignment. He was quoted $79.99. The tech said that a front end alignment consisted of Toe, Camber and Caster.He got a call that they wanted $200 to do the alignment because the camber needed adjustment. The camber is adjusted on this model by loosening the upper control arm bolts and prying the arm a fraction of an inch to ensure that the wheel is in the correct position to vertical. Smelling the scam in the air, he said just do the work you quoted me for. We had an interesting conversation when we went to pick up the truck. I grilled the guy about the difference between a wheel alignment and what he admitted Pep Boys calls a Toe & Go. Basicially screw you if we need to do a real wheel alignment, we are going to charge you for an additional hour of labor and a parts kit. Well there is no parts kit. GMC's have a cammed bolt that gets turned and that's it. The General comments on the invoice say VEHICLE HAS CAMBER ISSUE, CUSTOMER DECLINED ADJUSTMENT, VEHICLE MAY STILL WEAR TIRES, ALSO STEERING WHEEL OFF CENTER DUE TO CAMBER SETTINGS BEING OFFSteering wheel centering has nothing to do with camber settings. The steering wheel is off center due to the fact that the tech adjusted the toe incorrectly.Thanks Pep Boys Please contact me if you have a shop you wish to send me to for a correct alignment.I forwarded this to Robert Sammons Pep Boys corporate Vice President
Entity: brookhaven, Pennsylvania
37, Report #825235
Jan 19 2012
12:16 PM
Pep Boys Brake Repair Ripoff Peoria, Arizona
Here is another blatant ripoff attempt. My  daughter (8 months pregant) takes her car into Pep Boys to get an oil change. When she goes to pick it up, the tell her that they refuse to release the car because the brakes need to be fixed.  They tell her that it will cost $260.  They will not give her the keys unless she pays for a tow to another service station or hand over a credit card. When she insists they tell her that they will call the police. (My daugther breaks down into tears) I had to show up and confront the service manager, Bryan.  He insist that the brake pads are to thin and it is a hazard driving the car. (Note my daughter's fiance is a mechanic and he is waiting at their apartment complex to replace the brake pads. Parts dealer says the enrie brakes need to be replaced. Our mechanic says just the pads need to be changed. The service manager will not back off until I insist that the police be called so that i can document the case so that i can personally sue  Bryan for extortion.  He finally backs off and releases the car. What is almost as bad is that when i called customer service, the 1-800 desk says they will take the complaint and send it to the service manager for a response. They will not allow me to talk to ANYONE else... not anyone in customer support, no managers, not even the help desk supervisor. Calling corporate HQ is not better, all telephone numbers only have recordings. Corporate offices you need to dial an extension or type in a name. (So i looked up the PEP BOYS Annual report on the web, looke dup the Officers of the company, the executive staff and the names of all the VPs. Dialing into the corporate phone directory, I proceeded to leave messages for the CEO, CFO< 6 executive VP, half the board of the directors and the top 16 shareholders of the company. Finally, the CFO called me back, put me in touch with a person, who apologized and offered me a $350 free brake job in recompense. Bad news, they see a young pregnant girl as decide she is an easy mark. They tell her she has to fork out $260 or they will impound her vehicle and call the police to have her arrested. Worse news is that their customer support system is designed to prevent customers from reaching anyone except the help desk and the manager that tried to extort the poor girl. Good news, is that if you cant work from the bottom up... start again at the top and work DOWN You would be amazed at how much attention you can get. Last item...  never did figure out why they removed the tires to see worn brakes when se went in for an oil change.  Fishing? Witch hunt for work? or changing good pads for old to justify extra work Not a good place to deal with. Stay away. p.s. the real number to get through to customer support for Pep Boys is 215-430-9897 Executive Director Customer Service...don't waste your time at the help desk  
Entity: Peoria, Arizona
38, Report #906092
Jul 03 2012
07:33 AM
Pep Boys state inspection rip off Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I dropped my car off at Pep Boys, 4571 McKnight Road, 15237? for a state inspection. The car was well taken care of and I didnt expect any issues. An hour later Ricky from Pep Boys called to tell me that the check engine light came on and it will cost me $90 to diagnose it. He was extremely rude, tried to educate me on Pennsylvania laws regarding state inspection, and even implied that I lied about the condition of the car when I dropped it off. I asked Ricky what is the error code and all I got was a sleazy response that it gives us an idea where to look at and that I really need to pay for it. I refused to pay for the diagnosis but was still forced to pay ~$30 for the failed inspection. When took the car home and googled the error code I found out that it is a coolant temperature issue, which could have a number of possible causes, none of which seemed worth $90. Long story short, I checked what I could myself (temperature sensors, thermostat, etc), couldn't find anything wrong with it, cleared the errors triggering the check engine light, used the car for about 2 weeks / 500 miles, and took it to another place for the state inspection. It passed the inspection without issues and 2000 miles later the check engine light has not come back on. I can't help but think that Pep Boys mechanics triggered the error code somehow - maybe just by being clueless but possibly deliberately (unplugged the sensor perhaps?). Such attempts to coerce customers into paying for fixing nonexistent problems are disgusting. Even though my financial loss in this interaction was small (the cost of the failed inspection), I will stay away from Pep Boys from now on and will advise anyone I know to do the same.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
39, Report #683532
Jan 17 2011
09:45 AM
Pep-Boys Misleading, dishonest, shameful conduct. Monrovia, California
I went toPep-boys, monrovia to take advantage of their 4 tires for the price of 3 after my son had telephoned them to check pricing,Iliked the price$120.99 each, and agreed to have an oil change done as well,when I finially paidtheinvoice they had added $132.80 to the total, which I was to find out was for tire insurance, install etc. at no time was I informed about these charges (until I complained), and no signs weredisplayed to inform me. My concerns; my son or I were never told about the additional installation package, there were no visible SIGNS stating this charge. No paperwork was given to us (until after the job was completed)stating the charges.I told Alex and the manager that his assistant manager was not being Honest about telling me or myson on the telephone about the extra charges. This happened and I was over $130 out of pocket, to me it is not about the money, it's about honesty in advertising and other people who do not have the money available, being totally mislead and stretching themselves as they have no other option as the work has been done. This is easily fixed with a sign large enough for customers to see and Pep-boy salespeople making it clear that they charge an additional fee for install etc.
Entity: Monrovia, California
40, Report #548798
Jan 03 2010
08:46 AM
Pep Boys Rebate Ripoff Skokie, Illinois
On a number of occasions I've purchased car stuff from these guys and applied for the rebates (as advertised). They never pay off. Nothing. An acknowledgement saying the products purchased do not qualify. I'm an experienced rebater and I know the drill very well. Calling the fools doesn't resolve anything. I even had the cashier verify the purchase and items qualified, got the proper forms, etc. etc. They are a THIRD RATE RIPOFF! I own three cars  and do most of my own repairs and all of my own maintainance and I assure you I will not shop there ever again. Avoid this company like the plague. Reading the rest of the complaints should give you an idea about their incredibly poor service and management. Whatever products or service they sell, you can get it somewhere else for less.
Entity: Skokie, Illinois
41, Report #996720
Jan 14 2013
01:52 PM
I found this coupon for 69.90 for a keyless starter for a car, when I called the phone number of a store near me, they told me that only super stores honnored that coupon and they gave me the number of a super store near me, just to find out that I had to pay for intallation and some other int face products' that' WHEREN'T COVER BY COUPON, WHEN THE COUPON SAID ' INSTALLED AND NO OTHER STIPULATIONS
Entity: KINGWOOD, Texas
42, Report #968054
Nov 12 2012
11:39 AM
PeP Boys Signal working now not working Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Brought my car to get inspected. They gave me a list of things that needs to be done about 2,000.00 at first, Now would b about 3,000.00. I had a dianostic done for  my highbeams which does not work (paid). This is one of the items that needed to be repair which was one of the last items on my list that I was getting done. I had a friend bring it up there  he called me to tell me that the part was not in & to bring it back. Then we brought it back to find out that was the wrong part (didn't fit) & had to order another part 200.00 extra dollars & bring back in 2 days. Brought it back and my friend was there all day (8hrs) to find out that now my lights (Highbeam, Fog lights & signal) may not work unless I get another part (800.00). But mind you I have had that car since 2003 & the signals work. All of a sudden inside Pepboys while in their Bay the car signal lights no longer work (excuse me I don't believe that). I call the store Manager advise him of my complaint he said that he was going to have the Auto Manager call me (NO ONE called). I believe that the Mechanic knows what he is doing but I believe that he did something that made the signal no longer work & told me NOW I needed to get an ECU.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
43, Report #951082
Oct 22 2012
09:36 AM
Pep boys Unprofessional Lawrenceville, Georgia
I went to the local pep boys the other day due to my daughters car not running correctly, and the check engine light being on. The person behind the counter listened to my concerns and wrote up my vehicle for a diagnostic, as I would assume they do for all people looking to have their cars serviced.After a very long wait I get told that they can't do the diagnostic on my car because its older than 1996. At first I was furious due to the fact they made me wait so long just to tell me this. Then I started to kind of feel like they didn't want my business because I wasn't driving a shiny newer car. I will admit I was obviously upset.At this point the service manager came out to talk to me and a man came out from behind the counter to inquire why I was unhappy. The salesman named William told me he was very sorry for the misunderstanding, and after clearing it with the service manager, told me he would personally do my diagnostic free of charge. I explained I had to pick up my other child from school and didn't have any more time, to which William replied that if I could come by after he would take care of me immediately.Upon returning to the store, William met me in the parking lot before I even made it away from my car! Took my keys and pulled it straight in! He performed the diagnostic and explained it to me in a way I understood. He told me best and worst case with my cars issue, and recommended a tune up. Unfortunately he found I also had a low cylinder in my car. He said the tune up would help, which he was correct about, but that I was looking at a more major issue that I would need to address soon. He was very nice, explained it all in language I understood, and even made it a point to show me the old parts so I didn't feel like I was being taken.If you need help with your vehicle talk to him. Otherwise be careful who you talk to in this store. Money is too hard to come by these days and time is equally valuable.
Entity: Lawrenceville, Georgia
44, Report #1054167
May 27 2013
02:16 PM
Pep Boys Poor customer service Santee California
I arrived for my scheduled appointment on Monday. Was then informed that the A/C tech only works on Saturdays. They never even checked the appointments in their computer.  
Entity: Santee, California
45, Report #1043473
Apr 15 2013
03:34 PM
Pep boys Unexceptional pricing and WRONG PART Nightmare!!!! Internet
I'm new to Georgia and was having car trouble on Saturday.  I slowing drove into Pep Boys and was advised by them I needed a Control Arm.  I was given a 641.10 quote which was itemized (Labor 448.59, Parts 93.24, other 90.29, tax 8.98) 641.10.  I called around and found a mechanic who towed my car from Pep Boys 55.00, the part Pep Boys said needed replacing was incorrect and the part the new mechanic purchased was 36.90 and he charged me 200.00 to fix my car- total 291.90. And since I'm not from Macon I was not aware of the horrible reputation Pep Boys, Macon had.  Everyone in whom I mentioned this horrific  ordeal ALL said ... Never go there!              
Entity: , Internet
46, Report #1090820
Oct 09 2013
08:29 PM
Pep Boys Misleading Advertising Ventura California
 I went into this location with a coupon ( $19.99) that promised a free multipoint inspection and tire rotation. I was told by the manager that it would take an hour. My vehicle sat in the parking lot for over 30 minutes as I waited. The manager kept trying to sell me other parts ( engine filter, wipers) but I was in a hurry so I just asked for the service promised. Finally my vehicle was pulled into the garage, but the mechanic who was working on my car soon left it to work on another car. After another 30 minutes, I asked when my car would be finished. My vehicle was finally pulled out of the garage and parked. I asked why the tires had not been rotated, and I was told that they only rotate the tires every other oil change. I also never received any report on the multipoint inspection , which I expected would cover fluids, tires, and brakes. I Have the impression that the intention of Pep Boys oil changes is to sell customers other parts. If you don't buy extra parts, they delay service to work on other cars. I won't be going back there again.
Entity: Ventura, California
47, Report #1119998
Jan 31 2014
07:20 PM
Pep Boys diag ripoff Santee California
My 1986 Toyota failed smog test.    I heard Pep boys had smog diagnostics.  Spent $139 for diagnostic.( Work Order 08982082115).  Got a Quote for $851.08Took the truck to a shop that replaced the EGR valve and clean up emissions system for a couple hundred bucks.  Re smoged and passed.Wasted 139 bucks at Pep boys,  and didn't need to replace the catalytic ConverterYour diagnostic was a waste
Entity: Select State/Province
48, Report #1154337
Jun 12 2014
02:31 PM
Pep Boys Could have been prevented! Tujunga California
   I took my car to be serviced at the Pep Boys located at 6511 Foothill Blvd Tujunga, CA 91042 earlier this week to change the spark plugs and get the coolant flushed, which was recommended. I did not have any problems with my car prior to bringing it in. Today as I was driving to work, I saw steam coming out of my hood and I immediately looked at the dashboard and saw that the temperature gauge was already in the H area, red. I exited the freeway right away and parked and opened the hood and there was coolant everywhere. I called Pep Boys and spoke with Gus (the original person who helped me, and store manager) who told me to bring the car in and suggested I call AAA. I called the roadside assistance that I had but I was only covered for $75 so I would have to pay the rest. When the car arrived at the shop, Gus was there and told me that they would inspect the car and if it turned out to be Pep Boys fault, they would take care of everything. He ended telling me that the hose was cracked and would need to be replaced and that that wasn't the fault of Pep Boys. How could that not have been their fault if my car's cooling system was fine before all of this? Plus they told me they supposedly inspected my car, so wouldn't they have found that hose in the beginning and we would have prevented this? I got my car taken there to prevent this from happening in the beginning. He offered to fix the upper hose for free but told me that I would need to fix for the lower hose out of pocket, which I couldn't do since I lost $300 of wages from missing work that day and had to pay a tow truck an extra $70. Comes to find out that Pep Boys has their own towing company which would have only cost me $30. This was never even mentioned to me by Gus and that was another thing that upset me as well. When me and my husband were speaking with Gus, he mentioned how it was important to change the hoses when servicing a car for 100k miles..Well then why didn't he tell us when we did go there to service our car with the 100K package service? If we had known the hose should have been changed when they flushed the cooling system, then we would have changed it.  
Entity: Tujunga, California
49, Report #1128129
Mar 04 2014
08:42 AM
I went to Pep Boys for a fluid check ( $35)  I had a puddle of oil under my truck. They came back with an intake gasket leak and A/T pan gasket leak. They also tried to push 2 new tires and a serpentine belt. I did not ask for this. After backing out the belt and tires the cost was $1070. I picked up my truck. I called 2 more repair shops. One a small regional and one a local guy. the local guy $730  good price would have no issue with this. but the regional shop $570.  conclusion   and its not the first time..... Pep Boys is way over priced and they push repairs that are not needed or asked for
Entity: BEDFORD, Texas
50, Report #1211405
Feb 24 2015
03:10 PM
Pep Boys Hollywood LAZY Workers hollywood Florida
 This is the second time Ive had issues with this pacticular Pep Boys go in for full brake job Service Manager says oh you only need front brakes rear brake shave about 3 months left LOL 2 wks later and rear brakes are grinding terrible terrible company.
Entity: hollywood, Florida

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