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76, Report #144146
May 26 2005
08:14 PM
Pep Boys Can't read a parts manual ripoff Sierra Vista Arizona
Ordered a Carburetor for a six cyliner Ford Mustang, I even brought in the old one to insure the proper replacement was ordered, paid extra for overnight express shipment. Now six days later the wrong one was ordered and shipped. Due to Company Policy I'm not sure if the correct one was ordered or not and when it may come in, if ever. WARNING DON'T EXPECT ANYTHING FROM PEP BOYS, EXCEPT THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY ANS THEN JERK YOU AROUND. JERKED AROUND and Pissed Off. Hereford, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Sierra Vista, Arizona
77, Report #12344
Jan 23 2002
12:00 AM
I'm not certain where to begin other than sheer disgust for Pep Boys. I was told by my 22 year old son, quite awhile ago, prior to what has been happening to my vehicle, NEVER TO TRUST PEP BOYS! He stated that they had a 'bad' reputation for 'ripping off' customers. After 4 bad experiences, here is my story. I am not a rich person and drive an older car, (1985 Plymouth Carravelle ... VERY well kept.) but a car which I have pampered since I bought it approx. 6 years ago. This is how cars become classics, although that was not my plan, it was basically that I wanted a reliable car. Approximately a year ago my car just quit running. I had it towed from the Greentree Pa area to the Pep Boys in Robinson Twp, Pa. That evening they told me that they would check it out the next day. The next day they called me telling me that I was merely 'out of gas'. (Sort of funny to them, as my wife was driving it, and they said she just didn't get gas!) I knew this did not sound right, but I paid them $17 for gas, and was actually happy for being such a small problem. My wife was highly upset ... stating that there was 1/4 tank of gas in the car, she swore by it. (I had no reason NOT to believe her ... suddenly remembering that I had filled the tank the night before!) The car ran alright about a week, and the day that my mother-in-law was to have surgery, we got her to the hospital early in the morning. That same day I had a doctors appt on the other side of Pgh. We went down to me. About a week later I took the car just to the other side of Pittsburgh. Parked it at my friends house, and we left for a weekend fishing trip. When I returned on Sunday evening, the car wouldn't start, AGAIN. ONCE AGAIN .... I had it towed to another Pep Boys location, by now I am figuring at least ONE Pep Boys has a confident knowledgeable mechanic who is going to fix this problem. This location was Shadyside, Pa. They diagnosed it with the problem, once again, being the fuel pump, and replaced it. I drove it home. Approximately 2 weeks later, at my home, the car wouldn't start. I had the car towed to Pep Boys in Shadyside, Pa again. They claimed...........a faulty fuel pump, this is the third fuel pump they have replaced. The car has never ran right since they started putting fuel pumps in ..... it stalls out at stop signs, red lights, intersections, etc. It is impossible to drive now. I called the Shadyside, Pa station approximately 1 hour ago, which would be 3:30 e.s.t. .. Jan 23, 2002., and spoke with the service manager Mr. Tim Gentile. (Located at 936 S. Millvale St, Shadyside Pa). I explained my problems and how frustrated I have become with the service. He finally began to lose his patience with me, not wanting to hear my story. He became very upset when I suggested that the mechanic apparently does not know what he is doing and this is at my expense. When I did this, he told me that he refused to service my car. And then he hung up. IF ANYONE LIVES IN OR AROUND THE PITTSBURGH PENNSYLVANIA AREA, AND TAKES THEIR CAR TO PEP BOYS, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY. You will return ... they will replace something, and then you will continue to return and reIf you have a similar story, or would like to rebuttal ... please respond to: annierychanek JR. RIP-OFF REPORTER Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Shadyside, Pennsylvania
78, Report #38564
Dec 18 2002
02:06 AM
PEP BOYS Caught in the act charging for unnecessary work Englewood Lakewood Colorado
Approximately two years ago, my alternator failed. I was able to drive my car to them, and had them replace it. One of the charges on the bill ($75) was to remove and reinstall a cv half shaft. The mechanic claimed that this was necessary to get the alternator out and the new one in. A few weeks ago, the replacement alternator failed. I decided to replace it myself. In no way was it necessary to remove any halfshaft. There was more than enough room to get the alternator around the shaft. To make matters even more interesting, about three months ago, I had to replace the same halfshaft. I did the work myself. The halfshaft was completely rust-welded to the brake rotor. It required enormous effort on my part to separtate the two. Based on how well they stuck together, it would be very unlikely that the shaft had ever been removed since the car was built, over a decade ago! Fyi: I replaced both half shafts within a few weeks of each other. Each one was just as rust welded as the other. I know for certain that the other one (not involved by Pep Boys) had not been removed since I bought the car, eight years ago! Considering the fact that both half shafts were equally rust welded, equally difficult to remove, this is not logical. If a mechanic had removed one of the shafts, logically it would have been much less difficult to remove, than the one that had not been touched for years more (yes?) Larry Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Lakewood, Colorado
79, Report #38457
Dec 17 2002
09:04 AM
Pep Boys Neglect and A lack of attention to Detail abused & mistreated Whitemarsh Maryland
On Dec 5,2002 I took my 1994 Saturn to the pep boys in whitemarsh to have it inspected so I could get the tags on the vechicle. The vechicle was very well maintained, and had only 47,000 miles on the car. Pep boys called and reported that I needed rear disc brake pads on the car. To avoid going back and forth to MVA, I gave the go ahead to pepboys to replace the rear break pads. I picked up my vechicle on December 7,2003, which was a saturday and didn't really drive it until Dec. 9,2003 I started to hear noises in the back that sounded like my spare tire was loose, upon approaching the Harbor Tunnel I pulled over and check the rear of my car. I didn't physically see anything so I proceeded to drive up to Morvaria Rd. exit #60. All of a suddend I hear something pop and I lost control of my breaking ability. I managed to come to a stop. I called pep boys to tell them what happened and I told them I was going to have the vechicle toad back to them. Pepboys then gave me a towing company that they use all the time. Phil Blythe's Towing Inc. What I wasn't aware of is that this particular towing company didn't accept payments by insurance companies. Nevertheless it cost me an out of pocket expense of $70.00. Upon meeting the tow driver at pepboys I asked to have my towing expenses reimbursed. One of the managers kept refereing me to other managers who seemed always to be out of the office for one reason or another. On Tuesday Dec. 10,2003 they called me to pick up my car, at the same time I took my husband with me to assure that I would be reimbused. The manager was even rude to my husband, very unprofessional and lacked people skills, Nevertheless we eventually got our money back. Now after driving the car there is a noticible screaching noise coming from the car when I turn it on and accelerate the gas pedel. I intend to contact corporate office to let them know just how dissatisfied with pepboys and the services and repairs they cost me. Mortreese Abingdon, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Whitemarsh, Maryland
80, Report #106954
Sep 04 2004
08:52 AM
Pep Boys ripoff scammers, break vehicle instead of fixing it Brooklyn New York
I took my car yesterday to Pep Boys for a routine Emission Inspection. When I went to pick up my vechicle, the clutch would not go into gear. I have NEVER have a clutch problem, but somehow, after a visit to pep boys, my clutch has become defunt. Pep Boys initial reaction was to blame me, and say that I had brought the car to them like that. Ridiculous that they would attempt to get me to believe this when I can't even get the car into drive to leave their parking lot!!! They wheeled the car back into their garage and stood around it for a little bit. Then they figured it is probably the clutch that burned out and it would cost me $125 for a new part. But they weren't sure. They would need to keep the car overnight and open some box in the morning to make sure. It is now 11:45am and I still haven't heard from them. As of 8:30am this morning they were still waiting for the mechanic to come in. I am more than livid that Pep Boys has broken my car and is now taking their sweet time to diagnose it for me. I am even more livid that they told me before I left the shop that they would work something out with me. This is completely unacceptable. Final statement: Do not under any circumstance take your vehicle to Pep Boys. They are unreliable and fraudulent!!!! Crissa Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
81, Report #134407
Mar 09 2005
08:03 PM
Pep Boys Kettering Oh took car in for alignment ended up costing 546.92 Kettering Ohio
In july of 2004 Pep Boys put new Futura tires on my 1995 Ford Windstar with full lifetime coverage. In January 2005 driving on the highway I started hearing a rumbling in the front right tire. I took it to Pep Boys becausde it sounded like a steel belt had broke (happened to me once before) was told nothing wrong. The mechanic said it didn't rumble when he test drove. Took van to another place was told it just needed to be aligned, no other problems, checked the bearing, etc. Back to Pep Boys after promising the car would be ready the next day we get a phone call saying that the car is still apart, that the mechanic could not align it until he fixed tie rods, right front bearing,and right of 546.92!! The next day when I picked my van up it was still bearing to the right so I took it back, 2 hours later they inform me that I had a steel belt broke in my right front tire!! Then tried to charge me another 14.99!!! When I asked the manager why they didn't find this problem the first time he stated that they don't have xray vision to see that kind of problem. Also, Pep Boys promise to give you the parts that they take off....not true...still have yet to recieve my parts that they replaced. Dawna kettering, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kettering, Ohio
82, Report #152205
Aug 02 2005
12:08 PM
Pep Boys ripoff, lack of any experience what so ever cost me $200.00 Miami Florida
I stop by your location on 211 NW 82nd Ave Flagler , Miami Fl. 33126. on June 15 of 20005 for a oil change . My car a 1995 BMW 318 IS was working fine but the battery run out of juice and the customer service agent told me I need a new battery. The mechanics at this location didn't;t have any knowledge and lack of experience what so ever with BMW for example how to raise the car with the jack where was the battery etc.issues I told them how to handle it. I paid for a premium oil change and a battery for a total of $151.00 . They check the energy in the car and that was it.After 1 1/2 hours of waiting the car was ready 2 hours later I was stranded in the middle of the highway. My alternator was damage Item I told them to check. Now I am have with your bill, towing company $125.00 a new alternator $325.00.and rental car for $75.00 I will like to pick up my old battery that is in perfect condition and return the new battery I purchase for 89.99 + Tax from your location, my towing and rent a car expenses return. Service work order No. 1216071 Manager : Antony T. Lopez-baena Date 07/15/05 Store: 0167 Thank you for the attention on this matter. Juan miami Lakes, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
83, Report #13181
Feb 03 2002
12:00 AM
Pep Boys Cincinnati Ohio poor customer service, rudness
On Jan. 27 2002 I went to the PepBoys on Colerain Ave Cinti.,Oh to have my Alternator tested. The associate tested the unit and told me that it was fine and the only thing that could be wrong would be the voltage regulator. I did not have time to have them look the replacement part up at that time, so I came back on Tue. the 29th. Spending close to 1hr trying to locate the correct part I made my purchase,only to find out that it was not the correct part, and after taking the alternator to AutoZone I find that the alternator was defective. After a weeks worth of effort I return to PepBoys to return the wrong part, I am ignored at the return desk and 4 other people are taken in front of me. When I am waited on ,the associate tells me without a reciept he will do nothing,I ask to speek to a manager (one of whom help during that hour to find my part). The manager on duty would not listen to the problem and refused to return the amount that I had paid, after I pointed out the one associate that had also helped to find the part the manager stated that it didn't matter he would not refund my money or put it toword my purchase( I spent 275.00 at AutoZone on exhaust after leaving Pepboys). I have spent 11 years as a manager for Sears Hardware and being rude and not careing about your customer is not how I would run a store, I understand policy,stress of job, but I do not understand rudness. K. Scott Beard Cincinnati, Ohio
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
84, Report #19074
Apr 18 2002
05:25 AM
PEP BOYS. Store#204 bait n' switch ? Fort Myres Florida
Yesterday,I was shopping for new tires and a new A/C compressor for my truck. When I entered the store there was a table set up with a sign that read 10% off your next purchase if you apply for a credit card at Pep Boys, I'm sure everyone has seen these kind of promotions. I willfully filled out an application. Then went about shopping . I picked out four tires for my truck and two for my van. Then checked on the A/C parts I needed. The truck is an 89 year model so I ask for that model part, and was given a price on it ( Pretty high - the same part at Napa was a good bit less money). I went on shopping but my brother in law who was with me checked on this part also and discovered he could buy it for almost the same price that Napa had ask.When he put the part on the counter I looked at the box then opened it and saw that it was the wrong thing. Then I ask if he could check on the 88 model year and we found that this was the correct partand the price was even a little less. I decided to buy the part after the parts counter salesman mentioned that I would recieve an additional 10% off the invoice price as I had applied for the credit card, this made the price more reasonable. Still I had over $400.00 in parts. When I went to the check out counter I was informed the clerk has lost my application and was ask if I would fill out another. Relunctly I along with my brother in law filled out the form. The clerk after keeping us waiting for the results on the card informed us that we would not get the discount because the applicatoin was not approved. The sign did not say you had to be approved nor did it say you had to accept the card I said. The manager was standing by listening to this conversation he, by the way was the one who gave me the price on the wrong part to start with said that I would not be elegible for the 10% off because the they had adjusted the amount at the parts counter. Not true! After spending two hours in the store getting the right part and waiting for this card dead I left empty handed. Bait and switch, fraud, what ever you want to call it. This was my last trip into Pep Boys and I hope every one takes a good look at the way they do business. Return to NAPA and ask for their forgiveness ! Tom Moore Haven, Kansas
Entity: Fort Myres, Florida
85, Report #19019
Apr 17 2002
11:27 AM
Pep Boys-#776 ripoff Las Vegas Nevada
I took my 1979 Cadillac to Pep Boys to have the carb,water pump,power steering pump all replaced. After 2 days and almost $1000.00, I got my car back on Friday night. I drove the car and found that the carb passing gear linkage was not adjusted correctly causing the car to shift incorrectly. When I contacted Jim the service MGR, he stated he had told me that the transmission was not operating correctly. Nothing was wrong with my transmission when I took my car to him. Jim refused to look at my vehicle with out charging me for a diagnostic check, and was very impersonal about it. I have worked on cars all my life and I know what is wrong with it, but don't have time , or the place to work on it. Jeff Las Vegas, Nevada
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
86, Report #24515
Jul 12 2002
03:46 PM
Pep Boys New meaning to One hour wait ripoff waste of time Williamsport Pennsylvania
I went to the Pep Boys location to get four new tires for my truck. I was told that I would have to wait one hour for an open space in their schedule. I entered the store at 11:03am and left the store at 3:51pm that was the longest one hour that I have had to endure in a long time. Aaron Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
Entity: Williamsport, Pennsylvania
87, Report #53685
Apr 20 2003
04:37 PM
Pep Boys ripoff business mistreated paid for work that was not needed Pensacola Florida
My Ford P/U died on the street. I had AAA tow it to the nearest repair shop. I had a hunch that it was an electrical problem because of the way it died. Pep Boys told me it was the black box under the distributor. Something to do with the spark control.the replaced it at a cost of $279.00. Charged me $60.00 just to analizethe problem. Several days later the engine started to miss so I took it to a local mechanic who told me that it was just a dirty connectoron the wire leeding to the dist. blk. box. He sprayed some cleaner stuff on the contact pins and receptical. This cleared the problem for free. It appears thatI paid for work that was not needed. Philip Pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Pensacola, Florida
88, Report #50569
Mar 26 2003
05:19 AM
Pep Boys Unsafe and Damaged false promises the business that doesnt give a dam Miami Florida
Pep Boys replaced my front brakes. Nothing was wrong with them, just time to replace the front brake pads. First time brakes were done to my 2001 Ford Van. They lifted the van up incorrectly damaging the underside of the body. They did not do the brake job correctly leaving out steps. Brakes squeaked, replaced them N/C but lots of time wasted, hours and hours on end to get them to do this, hubcap then fell off while driving as was lost due to the fact they did not put it on correctly. More hours without my car. Then the rotors warped... had the van all day but did nothing, more hours spent without a car, at the end of the day they say all they can do is refund my money... they ruin my vans brakes and want to give me $120 back so I can now take it to the dealer for approx. $500 to fix what they broke. Will see this through to the courts if necessary. Jeff Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
89, Report #51607
Apr 04 2003
11:10 AM
Pep Boys Service Dept. is incredibly weak. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Robinson Twp Pep Boys have an incredibly WEAK Service Dept. It took (4 hours) to perform a state inspection and oil change on a 2002 Pontiac (only 8,200 miles on vehicle) which passed with no repairs needed. The vehicle sat (while the customer waited) for 2-1/2 hours before they took it into the shop. It then took 1-1/2 hours to inspect and change oil. The customer had called for an appointment but was informed that was not necessary for inspection. Was told it would be ready in one hour when dropped car off. Thank goodness a major repair wasn't needed. How long would that have taken? Rose Imperial, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
90, Report #51249
Apr 01 2003
11:06 AM
Pep Boys Portage Scummy operators Pain in the Rear Horrible Customer Service Portage Michigan
Here is the letter I sent to he corporate office. I took an hour to type this up and of course I never heard back from anyone: I see that you are the person that receives the how are we doing evaluation cards from customers. I thought it might be beneficial to you to receive a recap of my visit to the PepBoys store 289 in Kalamazoo Michigan today. In this morning's paper I received a PepBoys ad flyer which offered a basic oil change for $16.88. I was planning to get an oil change today (Saturday), so I called up to make an appointment. I was told on the phone that they were busy right now but if I came in an hour later, 12:30pm, that I could get right in. At 12:28 I arrived at the service department. A middle aged man and a young girl were discussing how to find a part number or something. No other customers were present. After a wait of about 4-6 minutes, I was finally greeted and asked what I needed. I said I was there for my 12:30 oil change. They told me they do not schedule oil changes, but that they are on a first come first served basis. I explained that I was told to come in at 12:30. They yelled around asking the other employees if someone had told someone to come in for an oil change at 12:30. Another employee stated that they thought an employee who was not there right now had done so. So the male did something I don't remember, perhaps checked the schedule, and declared that they would have a mechanic stop what they were doing and just do my change, which seemed appropriate to me since I had made a special trip. I was asked what oil change services I wanted, and said I would like the oil change that is in the flyer for $16.88. I was told there is no oil change on sale for $16.88, that the cheapest is $18.xx. I said I saw it in the flyer I received this morning, which I have out in the car, and offered to go get it. They looked at it, and asked me when I got it. I told them this morning. They looked all over to find a date on the flyer for when it is valid, but apparently none is printed on your flyers, or at least not on this one. They told me this must be next week's flyer, starting tomorrow. I said that I had received it today and saw no reason to think it would not be valid today since there is no dates on it. The manager happened to wander over and inquired into the situation. The man explained it to him, and they went hunting around for next week's flyers, which they found in a box somewhere. They opened the box, found the flyers, and verified that the one I had received this morning matched the ones in their box. The manager then looked for a while and verified for himself that there were no dates on the flyer. The then conferred about what they should do about the situation, within my hearing. The manager finally told the service guy to go ahead and give it to me for the advertised price, and acted like they were doing me a favor. They took a few minutes to type up my info into the computer, took my keys, handed me some paperwork, and turned to do other business. At this point I had already been there ten or fifteen minutes, and I was thinking that if I had gone to jiffy lube or snappy oil, I would have been done with my oil change already. There is a stark waiting area near the service area but I thought that since an oil change only takes ten or fifteen minutes I would just walk through the store and see if I could find something I needed. I wandered along the end of the isles because I enjoy finding things on sale or clearance. The first and most noticeable thing was that there were plastic boxes full of merchandise, one to three per isle, just sitting there in the walking area. It appeared they had been there a along time. It looked very sloppy. I did see one person shelving some merchandise from a box in a different part of the store. Also, the store seems dimly lit, the isles are visibly dirty and dingy, the merchandise is not neatly stacked on the shelves or on the hangers, and many places there were large gaps where an item is sold out. This was early in the afternoon on Saturday, and it seemed obvious that the shelves must not have been straightened or stocked for much longer than just that morning because of the quantity of messes and items missing. I made a full circle around the outside of all the isles, then went up and down through them, which took about 20 minutes, but no sign that my car was done. I thought that since I had a sheet of paper with a price on it that I should go ahead and pay for the service and the item I had found to purchase. There were several people standing behind the counter but only one person working the register who seemed to be in no hurry. I waited in line around five minutes, showed them my paper, and was told that I can't pay from this sheet. I figured out they must be planning to give me a different sheet when the work was completed but was not ever given any instructions. I wandered over to the service area, looked through the window, and could see my vehicle was up on a hoist but no one was near it. I went back to the seating area near the service department. There is nothing to read there, so I went looking through the store to see if perhaps there was a magazine being sold or lying around to read to pass the time. All I could find was a road atlas and a telephone book. I circled the store again, checked the window, and saw that my car was now down off the hoist and it looked like someone was checking the mileage and writing it on some paperwork. I then grabbed the phone book to read and sat down in the service area, I spent several minutes thumbing through several sections of the yellow pages, then checked the window and saw that my car was no longer on the hoist. I asked the clerk if perhaps my car was done. They looked around a bit and finally found my paperwork in the completed slot. I am guessing it had only been completed a few minutes, but I had been waiting a long time and should have been told it was done. They cheerfully completed my transaction in the computer and had me sign another printout, which I did. The Paperwork said $27.73 so I asked if perhaps they might write the proper amount on there which they did. I asked if my keys were in the car, and was told, oh no they'll have them, whatever that might mean. I took my purchase and my paperwork and went back to the cash register. Same situation with three or four people standing around while one worked the cash register. I was behind three other people but thankfully this line took less than five minutes. The clerk rang up the $27.73 but immediately changed it to $16.88 without my having to ask. I paid and she handed me the keys which thankfully turned out to be in a drawer next to her cash register. I went out to my car, popped open the hood, and saw that no oil had been slopped all over, for which I am glad. I got in the car and immediately noticed I did not receive a window sticker saying the date/mileage of my next oil change as is customary. So let me summarize, and hopefully my experience will allow you to revamp your store into one in which regular people would wish to patronize. I had been specifically told to come in at a certain time as though I was being given an appointment then when I did so was told that the store does not have appointments for the service I wanted. I had to prove the advertised price was in fact the correct price and was looked upon suspiciously. The store is dark, dirty, messy and badly stocked. The ratio of cashiers to folks sitting on their thumbs is 1:4 or 1:6, meaning an uncommonly long wait to pay. My oil change took over 45 minutes during which time there is nothing to do, not even an old magazine to read. I was not ever told that I should expect to have to wait that long, when to pay, where my keys would be, or that my work was done. I arrived at 12:28, and left at 1:31 or so. My oil change cost me over an hour of my time! Plus several other details which I will not repeat but are indicated in the more verbose part of this letter above. I am not writing to complain about the Kalamazoo PepBoys, but rather give you this feedback for your benefit. In this age where the customer is King, I wonder how much business you have lost to customers who will never come back a second time. I certainly don't plan to. H Kalamazoo, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Portage, Michigan
91, Report #3831
Nov 12 2000
12:00 AM
Pep Boys consumer ripoff .. run around for 3 months then they destroy my car
I went in May to replace my battery. They charged me $65 to diagnose the problem when I told them I knew it was the battery, but I agreed to it. I'm a 19 year old female and the bastards took me for all they could! When I got my car back, I noticed I had a dent in the top of my hood. I opened it and saw they had put bolts in that didnt fit there and when they closed the hood it put a hole in it. The ass holes give me the run around for 3 months and then they tell me they can't fix it because I took too long to get back to them. Thats a bunch of bull!!!! If they hadn't given me the run around for 3 months!!! It's not my fault but theirs!!!!
Entity: Sandy, Utah
92, Report #2999
Aug 21 2000
12:00 AM
Pep Boys under educated poorly experienced teenagers working on unsuspecting owners vehicles
I don't own A Pep Boys, but I have a repair shop just a few blocks away from one here in New Orleans. I run a very honest business, sorry I cant say the same for other repair centers. I see this kind of rip-offs from the shop in question on your web site all the time. So what's new? If they can get away with it they will. Every time I stop in at Pep Boys for a look around the repair shop, all I see is under educated poorly experienced teenagers working on unsuspecting owners vehicles. ONESTOPQZ@EARTHLINK.NET
Entity: New Orleans, Louisiana
93, Report #2846
Aug 06 2000
12:00 AM
PeP Boys where mechanics get away with bad work!
I am seeking reimbursement for cost of labor $187.61, payment to have my truck's transmission serviced and a rental car, if needed, because of poor and negligent service done by PEP Boys on May 30,2000. I had my transmission's fluid exchanged by Merchant's Auto&Tire Centers on May 24,2000. My car ran fine. I then drove to Decatur,Ga from Chesapeake, VA on May 25,2000 with no problems from my jeep. On May 29, 2000 I was going to leave GA. After noticing steam from my radiator and checking my car's fluids (including my automatic transmission fluid which was fine) I decided to take it to the nearest auto center. Unfortunately, that was the PeP Boys located at 2726 Candler Rd. #0096 not far from my moms. I was told by Terry (the mechanic) that I needed a new radiator. Because they were out I arrandged to purchase one in the amount of $200 from Advance Auto Parts on Columbia Drive in order for Pep Boys to install it on May 30,2000. I returned to PeP Boys to have it serviced. I asked them to please be careful because I had been there a year before to have an oil change and they broke my oil sensor gage (though they denied it) and sent me on my way to Virgina eventhough you could clearly see my meter wasn't registering (it did Before). I thought that was okay, but I'm not a mechanic.The mechanic didn't say anything. My truck leaked oil which I paid another auto center to fix it(about $150+). I didn't know about this website then . PeP Boys assured me the job would be done professionally and carefully. When I returned to pick up my truck they said everything was fine. Before I left the parking lot I noticed everything was not. My jeep rumbled badly when I stopped. I immediately turned around and told them. The guy at the desk sent me to Terry. He quickly informed me that changing the radiator would not cause that. He checked my oil but did not check my transmission fluid.Eventhough it rumbled when the A.C. was off (of which I informed him) he insisted that my compressor was about to go out(so I didn't burn the A.C.). He also thought it had something to do with me turning my tires. I trusted him and PeP Boys as experts,HA. I told him there was nothing wrong with checking his work. I asked him if they guaranteed their work. He assured me his work was good and it was guaranteed. He was aware I was about to do a 9-10 hour drive with a newborn to Virginia. On the highway my truck started slipping and continued to slip. I put gas treatment in it in Chester, SC thinking it may have been the gas. It wasn't. On May 31, I called Merchant's, they told me to bring the truck to the shop. The manager checked my transmission fluid and saw that it was too low (turns out two quarts to low, it holds four). The mechanics could not find a leak anywhere and then asked me if I had just gotten a new radiator(without me saying anything). I responded, Yes, just yesterday. I was then informed that is where my other two quarts had gone. I asked them to explain how the transmission and radiator worked together. They told me how the radiator cools the transmission fluid and when the old radiator was taken out it still had fluid in it. The fluid had not circulated out of the radiator and the mechanic(Terry) should have topped it back off. I informed 1-800-Pep Boys on June 2 and Ms. Shirley Sharpe wanted me to give the store manager Derk Standish a chance. It took three days and he still didn't call me back. I spoke to him on June 1(before I called 1-800) He proceeded to give me the run around (Of course) and stated he wasn't going to do anything and to call the 800 number back. I need my transmission checked because it is still slipping. I am afraid to drive my truck and they don't care because they're a company where mechanics get away with bad work! This is the second time they've done a poor job and they still don't want to be held responsible. I have documents of everything.
Entity: Decatur, Nationwide, GA
94, Report #18111
Apr 03 2002
12:00 AM
pep boys ripoff idiots lauderdale lakes Florida
on 2-12-02 I brought my car to pep boys for my air conditioner. It cost me $270.00 dollars. On 3-20-02 I brought it back with the same problem. They kept my car for 3 days. when I picked it up. It cost me 678.61. On the 28th of March it stopped working again. I called pepboys to be told that it was Easter If I could bring it in on Monday. I worked as a waitress right though till Monday. I took the car back 4-1-02. Today is 4-3-02. My car was out in the parking lot, and other cars were being worked on. I blew my top. He went into his comperter, and told me my evaporator was leaking,and that it was going to cost me another $519.00. I told him to give my keys, and that I was going to call his district manager. He said he was sorry I felt that way. My car is as hot as hell. I will not give them anymore money. I don't know what to do all I know is I was ripped off. martha lauderdale lakes, Florida
Entity: lauderdale lakes, Florida
95, Report #17422
Mar 22 2002
12:00 AM
pep boys ripoff fraudulent ripoff business tricked and lied to us miami Florida
car towed to pep boys 2/19/02 to be repaired for engine,shut off at slow speed or stopping.2/20/02told i needed a new engine.advised not to have mine repaired or rebuilt.was told that anew engine was ordered and work to be completed by3/1/02 i told them not to begin any work on my car if if couldn t be completed by the 1st of march.3/4/02 was told that they were sent the wrong engine,and that they removed my engine and sent it out to be fixed,due to the fact that the enginei needed wasn t made anymore. [a lie] informed that work would possibly be finished by 3/8/02 i inquired why the price of the new engine and mine that was now out of my car would cost the same to be repaired. 3/8/02 ipicked up my repired car at 8:45 pm .the entire time my care was being worked on 3/2/02---3/8/02 i had to pay to stay at a miami hotel,and shell out for food phone calls and transportation., i paid $2117.00. for the repair,and my car stalled out 5 time on the trip tolakeland.[not fixed correctly.]3/9/02car driven to lakeland could not be seen until3/12/ was transfered to chrysler,for them to detect the problem. 3/21/02, told that i need transmission work.really didn t need the $2117 engine.they want to give my car back stillbroken and unsafe to drive .i m told that the car needed the motor anyway and the transmission,problem,is not going to be taken care of.i have no problems with the pep boys in lakeland,they have been nice and helpful,especially,kim the service s a shame that the same company in a different location needs to lie cheat and steal from people to get business .they started work on my car ,when they knew it couldnot be completed,they lied about the engine not being available at other locations,or even made anymore..this is the worst service i have ever received especially after paying over 2 thousand car has been at a pep boys excluding the few hours i had it back now for over 5weeks totally unbeleivable .i am not from the area and am not made of money , if anyone can help,please e mail me @ superstar laural va beach, Virginia
Entity: miami, Florida
96, Report #17034
Mar 18 2002
12:00 AM
Pep Boys Managers abused & mistreated They don't want to be responsible for their mistakes marietta Georgia
This is a letter that explains my problem with them : To Pep Boy's : I took my car to Pep Boy's , store 0106 , located on Cobb Pkwy , Marietta , GA to get it repaired on 10/10/2001 . Among all the services done on my Honda Accord 1988 LX , it had a CV Axle replaced .My car , after that , started to have serious problems that I thought to be transmission problems . On 11/03/2201 , I took my car again to Pep Boys , because I always had good faith with them , and I explained to them the problems with my car . They suggested me to do a Tune-up . And that's what was done on 11/03/2001 . Right after that date , my car was still having problems . I decided to get my car to have its transmission checked up . I decided to take it to another mechanic for several reasons : I couldn't afford to have Pep Boys fixing my transmission ; I didn't suspect Pep Boys had caused any damage in my car ; I wanted to try another mechanic , because it is my right to do that ; I took the car to be checked on 30/11/2001 , and the transmission needed to be replaced . I authorized the service . On 12/20/2001 , I went there to pick up the car , but I couldn't get it that day because they found out that the CV AXLE installed in the car was wrong . It would be a couple of more days to replace the CV AXLE , that pep boys installed, for the right one . Upon checking the 1988 Honda Accord of Mr. Daniel Dantas , the following facts were found : Damage to the trans-axle on driver's side ; Wrong CV AXLE had been installed . AXLE was too long to fit into the transmission correctly; Transmission clutches were burned due to the improper fit of the axle which caused loss of fluid ; Transmission needed to be replaced ; CV AXLE needed to be replaced . I knew then that Pep Boys was responsible for all the damage caused to my car , installing wrong CV AXLE . By the way , I still have the CV AXLE pep boy's installed. At the end of december I took all the necessary documents to file a claim so I could be reimbursed for all the money I spent because of Pep Boy's mistake .. Frank, the manager that day , copied all my documents , or at least he said he did , and faxed to whoever was responsible to handle that kind of situation . He said that would take a week for me to have an answer , because of all the holidays , and he said that somebody would contact me or he would call me . He never called me . Nobody ever called me . I kept calling to the store because I was expecting at least a phone call to let me know what was going on . They always told me to wait . Then I went personally to the store several times to speak to Frank . He told me to wait more . I went back there and I told all the problems to Dave Shuttz and he looked throughout all the paperwork and system files and he said that my claim wasn't registered . Frank never took any action on registering my claim . He didn't even fax my paperwork . They lied to me for over a month . But Dave said that he was going to take care of that situation . It never happened . I had to go back and forth to the store 0106 so many times to hear that my case wasn't solved yet . They never contacted anyone about that case otherwise I would have received at least one phone call from Pep Boy's regarding my claim . At the end of February , around March , I explained my problem to Roy Rathle . He searched for my claim also . He couldn't find anything registered . Dave also never filed anything . I felt like a clown after all this people lying to me . At least I expected Roy to handle my problem . That is what he said he was going to do . One more time , another manager ( Roy ) copied all my documents and the proofs for my claim . That was the 3rd time somebody was copying my papers and receipts. He tried to take advantage of my ignorance , my little experience with law , my age (21) , and the fact that I am an immigrant that is not fluent with english . He mentioned something about the timeline on this documents are not correct - he tried to get away . Then I explained everything to him and he said that i wasn't getting refunded because I did not take my car's transmission to be fixed in Pep Boy's - he tried to get away one more time . I had to tell him that : How could I bring my car here to get its transmission fixed if I didn't even know that was their fault( Pep Boy's ) all the damage caused in my car . And I had all the rights to take my car to elsewhere and all the rights to take it to the price better convenient for me , since I did not know Pep Boy's did a big mistake in my car. Anyway , he told me he was going to contact me in two days to let me know. It took two weeks until I had to go there and ask him what happened because he never called me . He acted like he did not remembered me , he had a very bad attitude and he gave his back to me . He never showed me any paper , neither any document , neither any witness , and he said I wasn't getting a refund because he researched through the system and he found out that Pep Boy's didn't do any mistake . I believe that he was lying . And he was. I said there was no way , because I have all the receipts with me , and every proof , and some witnesses . And I said : I want my refund . He said : Ok ! We can refund you just for the axle ! Not for the damage on your transmission . He caught himself in his own lies . I thought : He just said they didn't do any mistake and now he is offering ,to shut me up, refund just for the axle . Something is not right . I told him I was coming back with my attorney on the following week , on 03/19/2002 . I realized those people never worked professionally and never contacted any responsible party . That's the reason i wrote this letter for whoever this may concern , corporate office manager or district manager . And I hope this time I will have this problem solved without having to take any further action like taking this case to COURT . And I hope to be in contact with the person responsible to handle this situation . I need what is mine . I don't have to pay for Pep Boy's mistakes . I need to be reimbursed for all that Pep Boy's made me spend needlessly .Please , call me . I don't want to be ignored or mistreated again and I've been patient . Thanks , Daniel smyrna, Georgia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: marietta, Georgia
97, Report #20622
May 10 2002
02:44 PM
Pep Boys ripoff Hackensack, New Jersey
I recently bought a car (91 Cougar),and then 2 days after I had it...I decided I would go ahead and put new brakes on it...when doing the brake job, I noticed a leak by the rear wheel cylinder.To avoid possible damage to the brake lines,I figured it would be easier to take it and get a new one put on...(bad idea on my part). I took my car to Pep Boys--Hackensack NJ around 1:30 pm and was told problem....should not take very long to do that .I told them I needed to be home by 5-5:30.So I wait....Finally at 3:00 I see my car is still on the lift and no one working on it. So I inquire about it...and they tell me your brake lines seem rusty they may break if we try to loosen them...I ask to see. Seems they have already broken one. So I tell them...ok...go ahead and replace them if neccesary.(now my total is up to $312.00 from initial estimate of $170.00) Now it is around 5:00 and the car is still not done.I go back to look at the car to see what they have done....and what do I see?A dent in the car....right behind the drivers side door...I go to take a closer look,and the guy working on my car (who speaks no english) sees me looking and motions to me to go back outside(meanwhile his girlfriend or female companion is in the shop sitting on a lift talking to him as he works). So I go to the service desk and explain the dent and get permission to enter the shop and look at my car.I look at the drivers side and there is another dent in the bottom of the door where the door had apearantly been pushed open and hit the lift it was on....(same size dent as the lift arm) 2 dents.I go to the passenger side...and stare..another dent where my car was appearantly lifted wrong and concaved in on both sides in the same place.I ask to see the manager....not there...come back on monday. I ask them to make a report on my reciept...that I noticed this while I was there and that I didnt leave and then discover it.He obliged.Now on my reciept is writtencustomer says car was damaged by lift. So now its 7:30 and I am still there trying to get my car back...(took 6 hours now) So I finally get my car back at 8:05 and pay and start to leave ,knowing I have to come back on monday. Monday.....The store manager looks at my car and says no way could we have done that I try to explain to him that I have had the car less than a week and when I brought it to them it had no body damage.he says sorry...walks away and tells me if I dont like 1800 pep boys. So I go home and call them...I get voicemail box after voicemail box for 5 straight days....finally I get a person and they tell me I need a claim number from the store and they should have given me one...he says he will call the store and I will be able to call the next day and get that then call the 1800 number again. So I call the store and I get...we decided that we feel we didnt do the damage to your car and we are not giving you a claim number Not good for me....So I call back the 1800 thing and get voicemail again...then I get an operator...ask for a supervisor...they are all busy I am told....I ask for another number that I can call (home office by chance)and I get told the supervisors are the only people who can give those numbers out Hmmmm.....So now here I am stuck with a car that I bought last week that now has 3 dents in it..... thanx alot pep boys!! If anyone has the corporate number for pepboys email me at Jeff New Milford, New Jersey
Entity: hackensack, New Jersey
98, Report #21423
May 23 2002
02:45 PM
Pep Boys ripoff using wrong parts jerry rigging false battery testing Hollywood California
I used to have all work on my car done by Pep Boys because it was minor stuff (belts, hoses, tune-ups, etc) and they were conveniently located. They even rebuilt my carburetor, or so they said. When my carburetor troubles continued, Pep Boys charged me $70 to tell me that I needed a new carburetor. I began to get that feeling of a jerk-around so I towed my car to a carburetor wizard. He found that Pep Boys had unsafely jerry-rigged my carburetor, left the timing belt guard off, and had used ordinary fuel line hoses to replace the hoses that should be form fitted hoses, resulting in kinking and reduced performance. In my opinion now, I wouldn't take mountain bike to Pep Boys.. Marc Hollywood, California
Entity: Hollywood, California
99, Report #44246
Feb 05 2003
11:19 AM
Pep Boys ruined my paint job dirty SOB's Annapolis Maryland
I took my ar to Pep Boys, Annapolis, MD. for a simple brake job. This simple brake job cost me well over $600.00. Thats not even the part I am upset aobut. After picking my car up ( 4 hours after the time it was supposed to be ready) I noticed about 8 big scratches on my roof and down the side of my car. I spoke with the manager on duty, he told me I would have to come back in the morning and show the car to Todd Hailey, store manager. So I did and Mr. Hailey flat out called me a liar and stated that his mechanics would have told him, had they done such a thing. He refused to buff the scrathes out. Thats it, my new car all scratched up and nothing anyone will do about it. Kara Edgewater, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
100, Report #37846
Dec 10 2002
10:04 PM
Pep Boys ripoff The worst oil change in history! screwed others too Merced California
This is in response to Pep Boys The worst oil change in history! ripoff Port Jefferson New York posted by Ivy of Setauket, New York. After reading this ripoff report I just laughed. I, too, took my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am to a Pep Boys in Merced California. They had a special in the paper for a Preventative Maintenance Check and oil change for $24.99. I thought wow what a great deal, I would get all my fluids checked and topped off, an oil change, tire rotation, and brake inspection. The Service gentlemen, Leonard and service manager Val, were nice and said it shouldnt take too long so I walked around to nearby stores and window shopped. About an hour or so later I returned to see my car in the engine bay, up on the lift with the oil drained and tires off. I thought, great my car is almost done!! How wrong I was. Apparently they are strict on lunch schedules so they sent the brilliant mastermind working on my car to lunch. I say he is so brilliant because he left and did not tell anyone what he had done.well you would think, a car up on the lift with an oil pan underneath it and no more oil draining out would not have any oil in it, so you would automatically think to refill it once you can reach the top of the engine. Again I was wrong. Whoever put my car back together, didnt pay any attention to this, he just put it back together. When I got in my car to drive away, the oil light immediately came on. I turned and went straight back. Well I may be a girl but I think I know enough about engines to know when something isnt right, so I lift the hood right in front of the engine bay and saw that there were no finger prints on my oil cap (engine was dusty and cap obviously was not touched). So I go inside and tell the service manager that his mechanics failed to put oil back in my car. He ordered it right back in the shop for oil and instructed the mech to check all my fluids and make sure they were all full. This also was not done because, shortly afterwards I had my brakes done and my brake fluid was low and I have had these checks before and they always refill your wiper washer fluid, which mine is STILL empty. So I went to the store manager, Doug Martin. Now I know Doug personally as we were former co-workers at another job and he handled the situation very well even refunded my money. So with this I thought you know, Doug wouldnt let his mechanics or service department screw me so I took my car back at a later time because my water pump blew. My warranty covered the water pump and also my window motor, which had gone bad. So I asked them to replace both parts at the same time. Several days later, I get my car back and my window doesnt roll down. They stated that the old window motor went bad because the regulator was bent. I never had any trouble with the window going up or down, the motor just fried. Talked to Pontiac and this is a known issue with the motor, but the regulator never bent. So I go back to Doug thinking he will get it straight, since it seems as though one of his mechanics, bent the regulator when re-attaching it to the motor, but nope, they say that if their mechanic would have bent it, he would have admitted it and they would have fixed it. Sorry that is a load of bull. So I had them disconnect the brand new window motor so no one could roll down the window and render it off track or have it shatter. I will never go to pepboys again, I will never refer anyone to pepboys again, and if anyone asks, I will tell them this story and tell them how to find this page. After reading all these stories I am surprised I dont have more problems!!! Good luck to anyone who is still trying to resolve their issues with Pepboys.I am done! Alicia Merced, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on PepBoys
Entity: Merced, California

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