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1, Report #21983
Jun 02 2002
04:14 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Pompano Florida
My husband and I were approached my a young man at our home. He asked us to help him get something (I don't quit remember) by subscribing for some magazines. He said I would receive them in 4-6 weeks. I wrote him a check for $58.00 on March 7,2002 and now it is almost 3 months latter and no magazines have arrived but I did receive the return check where they had cashed it at Admiralty Bank in Boca Raton FL. Tracy edgewood, Maryland
Entity: Pompano, Florida
2, Report #32253
Oct 10 2002
02:53 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff liars victimized us Oceanside Florida
A young girl came to my house and sold me a subscription to further her collage career. little did i know i got scammed. sal oceanside, New York
Entity: Palmetto, Florida
3, Report #31214
Sep 26 2002
03:15 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff deceptive company Palmetto Springs Florida
I never recieved the magazines this so called company was selling. I do not believe that these poor students or who ever they are will ever receive their trips and I want my money back. Heather Missoula, Montana
Entity: Palmetto Springs, Florida
4, Report #67820
Sep 29 2003
12:28 PM
Palmetto Marketing Deceptive marketing lying stealing Clarksville TN
I was woken up on a Friday morning by a knock on the door. A man, no more than 25 years old explained that he was trying to get votes for a trip to Cancun. I told him that I didn't want to buy any magazines. He assured me that I wouldn't have to buy a thing. I stepped outside and he started telling me how he had to go around and get people to vote for him. He pulled out a laminated sheet of paper and handed it to me. He laughed and said, I lied, you do have to buy magazines. I thought I was going to get paid more than I did this month, so I ordered a subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine for $60 plus $10 that he didn't mention until the very end. He hands me the two tickets that he wrote up the order on, tells me that there is a number on the bottom of the ticket to call if I wish to cancel my order, and assures me that they will not cash the check for AT LEAST two weeks. Later that day, I picked up my check and realized that I had barely gotten paid enough to cover the magazine, much less food and toilet paper for two weeks. I scoured the ticket for a number to call, but no such luck. On the back there are instructions for cancelation by mail and the name of the company. I called 411 to get the number for the company. There was a very rude woman on the phone who told me that it was IMPOSSIBLE to cancel the order by phone and I would have to mail it or fax it in. The next day, after depositing my paycheck, I went to the ATM and discovered that my check to Palmetto Marketing had already gone through and bounced. I was left with -99.70 in my account. Meg Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
5, Report #78794
Jan 31 2004
05:20 PM
Palmetto Marketing RIPOFF FRAUD Coral Springs Florida
Smooth talking kid come to our nieghborhood today selling magezines for his school, and we bought 74$ worth of magazine for our daughter. He wrote down address wrong so we tried to contact them through their website only to find others have been frauded by same scam for several years and all over U.S. Do not buy from these people and I hope this helps someone else whom these people have hit Brandon pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
6, Report #79218
Feb 04 2004
05:23 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
One day two young boys come to my house claiming they were selling magazines to help them win a trip to Cancun and to learn how to have good social skills. They said they were really close to winning. Being a young adult myself, I thought that would be nice to help them. Boy, was I so wrong after seeing Inside Aditions T.V show on this particular scam that has been going around for awhile. Then I decided I would check online about this company and to my dismay I found all these complaints about them. Unfortunatly, they were able to scam me for 78.00 for two magazines subscriptions. I believed them because the receipts looked real. Now I know I will probably never see those magazines. I will never trust any sales people again. People beware! Nichole Lakeland, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
7, Report #79227
Feb 04 2004
06:42 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A boy who said his name was Wes Hotalen who was trying to earn points for a group trip by selling magazines came to our door on December 3, 2003 asking for our support. we agreed to purchase two magazines from him. Later after he left we realized he had over charged us by $30.00. We still have no magazines and the check was cashed a couple days later. I would like to take action against these scam artists! I am not sure how many other people where cheated in our apartment complex by these so called magazine saleman. Tiffany sanford, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
8, Report #76602
Jan 08 2004
09:58 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Looks like I may have been scammed too. A young girl came to my door Jan. 8, 2004 with a very good spiel about being able to take a trip to Cancun and being among 200 students who just graduated high school in this contest. I am not a person to fall for these door to door scandels, for one there is no soliciting aloud in the apartment complex I live in. However, I merely felt sorry for the girl and wanted to help. I was a little disturbed by some of the things she said to me and I did ask some questions. She told me that she was from Tennesee and was one of 2 teenagers who get picked from each state to do what she was doing. She said she had family in TN that she really missed and couldn't wait to get home and that she would be taking 3 of her family members on this trip to Cancun. (yeah right) That disturbed me being a mother; this is what pissed me off - she told me that if I didn't have a check or enough cash she got extra points if I took her to the ATM with me to get cash. I was furious that any supervisor would allow that none the less encourage it. She told me she had gone with a young man on a motorcycle not too long ago to the ATM so he could get cash and another man in a car. I asked her why she would do that and wasn't she afraid to do something like that?? She told me that she would not go with any older men but younger men and any age woman she was comfortable with getting in a car with. (Wonder if her mother knows this??) She said that she had good instincts and doesn't go anywhere with anyone she's not comfortable with. Weren't we all like that as teenagers? I mean really I know I had no fear but that is beyond!! I will be calling and sending in for my money and cancellation. Hopefully, I'll get it back, if not there's always the newstations :) But, more importantly I'm praying this poor girl has a safe return to her family! Julie Holiday, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
9, Report #78596
Jan 29 2004
08:02 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
We ordered magazines from two high school students back in November. They were trying to win a trip to Cancun. Bought 69.00 dollars in magazines, one which was to be a christmas gift promised to be delivered by christmas if we were to pay part of the cost in cash. We have as of Jan. 29 not received any magazines or even a notice of any to arrive. Looking at the receipts to call and find out what happened to our magazines We find that there is none. After being told that the phone number was on the receipt if we had any problems. Janice Tomball, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
10, Report #170965
Jan 08 2006
02:55 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs, Florida
The following is a letter I wrote to the Georgia Govenors office of consumer affairs after being ripped off by Palmetto Marketing. Governors Office of Consumer Affairs 2 Martin Luther King Dr SE Suite 356 East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing about an issue with a marketing company in Florida involving door to door magazine sales. On November 18, 2005 I received a solicitor selling magazines. After I signed up for the magazine I researched the company and found them to be listed in scam sites. I was unable to contact them by phone so I stopped payment of the check I had given their representative. I considered that to be my right of cancellation. Specifics of my case: November 18, 2005 Signed up for magazines. November 22, 2005 Stopped payment of check (3rd business day) December 21, 2005 Received first letter from Collection letter requesting $62. Not just the $32 that I had originally signed up for. Palmetto Marketing had never tried to contact me to discuss the issue. They had my name, address and phone number. December 30, 2005 Sent registered letter to Collection Agency stating that I had found Palmetto Marketing Listed on scam sites and considered them to be undesirable to do business with and that the check I had written was stopped by me. January 5, 2006 Received another letter from Collection Agency stating that the matter was being turned over to the State Attorney's Office to be handled by their Worthless Check Division. January 6, 2006 I contacted Collection Agency. They gave me the number of Palmetto Marketing. Collection Agency indicated they would put the matter on hold for 30 days and I have to take it up with Palmetto. I then contacted Palmetto to explain that I did not want to do business with them and I had stopped the check. They told me that since I had not notified them within 3 days that I would have to take it up with the Collection Agency. I have now contacted the Federal Trade Commission and opened case #7421830. I am also contacting you (The Governors Office of Consumer Affairs) to ask you for action against Palmetto Marketing Inc. and undesirable business practices. I have not received any magazines from Palmetto so, they have not fulfilled their obligation and I want no further contact with them. I do not owe them anything. Please let me know how you will proceed with this case. Enclosures: 3 letters from Collection Agency and the original contract with Palmetto Marketing and the letter to collection agency from me sent December 30. Regards, Stephen Atlanta, GA. 30306-3206 CC to: Palmetto Marketing Inc Check Game Solutions, Inc(Collection Agency) 7522 Wiles Rd Suite 112 1230 43rd Ave Coral Springs, Fl 33067 Vero Beach, Fl 32960 Phone 954-341 8135 Phone (772) 299-1787 Steve Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs,, Florida
11, Report #168404
Dec 18 2005
02:16 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I too fell for this scam. Now I am out over $90. I ordered magazines for my kids for the holidays. I am planning on contacting the Attorney Generals office in Arizona and filing a complaint. I know that not all door to door sales are bogus, but with companies like this, it will hinder all other companies. Is there nothing we can do to retrieve our money? Has anyone contacted the magazine companies? That is my next course of action. I still have my reciepts and my returned checks. This is getting ridiculous. Cynthia melissa Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
12, Report #132499
Feb 23 2005
12:13 PM
Palmetto Marketing,inc. ripoff! Coral Springs Florida
A young woman came to my door on 11/29/04. she said she wanted to win some trip and was selling magazines. so I bought a magazine for 29.95. I have never received the magazine nor has my check cleared. I thought it might of been a scam and I think she new I suspected. Dawn ENGLEWOOD, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
13, Report #134892
Mar 14 2005
09:44 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Sarasota Florida
My 91 yr. old Mother living with us had just passed away and I was vunerable and stupid. Boy and Girl with story about winning a trip sold me magazines I never received. $64.00 that I hope helped them in some way. What a world we live in!!!! Marykay Sarasota, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sarasota, Florida
14, Report #134806
Mar 13 2005
10:09 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
They are using the kids to sell magazines for school.I thought I was helping the kids but, I've yet to see the magazine that was ordered in 1/15/05. It is now march and decided to find more information and discovered that it was a fraudulent company. But my check was cashed for $40.00. Please let me know how I can go about getting my money back. Antoinette tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
15, Report #134413
Mar 09 2005
09:01 PM
Palmetto Marketing misrepresentation ripoff! Norfolk Virginia
Young white man (claimed to be 22 years old) came to door when it was dark and porch light was not even on. Claimed to be Roger Smith who just moved in down the street next to 7-11 and wanted to meet the neighbors. Next thing he said he was a new student at Norfolk State University (a predominantly black school) in Mass Communications and Radio - but only been in town 5 days - a bit odd as the semester began long ago. He even claimed to work at the Norfolk State Radio Station and we could listen to him tonight after 10:30 on 88.1. (there is no such station at Norfolk State) Said he wanted to go on a trip to Germany where he'd be training with the BBC - couldn't explain what BBC was doing in Germany. He needed help on his school trip to Germany so was offering for us to buy a magazine. We said we already had too many magazines and in fact turned down free subscriptions we have on our many frequent flyer miles. He said we might consider giving a child's magazine called Arthur, to the Children's Hospital. Roger claimed he scored 1580 on his SAT (took it twice) and had attended about 5 universities around the US, was now a Junior at NSU after driving from Missouri 5 days ago. He said his Mom, of Design Pro bought 200 magazine subscriptions and he just needed a few more to go on the trip. Although the magazine prices were quite high, we thought we'd buy one subscription for $40 to help Roger. We completed the form, wrote our check. He saw we were skeptical, so he wrote his mother's phone number (just a block away), but he said she used a Phoenix phone number. Once he walked out the door, my wife and I compared notes, and felt this was likely a fraud. Thus, we called his mother's phone number which was, of course, bogus. We contacted the neighbor he said he would visit next. He said he only had 6 days to sell several hundred magazines (his Mom had bought 200, yeh right!). He needed to complete his sales in 1 hour and turn in receipts to his NSU professor. We decided to check if he was still in the neighborhood. Fortunately, we saw him sitting in front of the 7-11. When we confronted him, we said things didn't add up and we weren't happy. To begin with, the phone number he left was bogus. He somehow instantly remembered he'd given us the wrong number and gave us a new one, his grandmother's with an entitrly new (and distant) area code. We'd had enough and said we'd like to cancel the deal (the receipt said we had 3 days to cancel). He obligied and returned our check. My wife insisted he invalidate our order, which he voided. He said he couldn't return the form or tear it up or his company, Palmetto, would charge him $100. I've taken the time to write this to let others know of the unscrupulous tactics used by such con artists purporting to work for Palmetto (aka National Magazine Seller Assn. or whatever). For identification purposes, the four numbers Roger said identified our sale are: 041 4183949 JW (his boss's initials) R Smith (his name) He said the magazine we ordered (since cancelled) was New York Magazine for 92 issues. I doubt if we hadn't acted right away, like many others, we'd never see an issue, based on the host of lies that this young man dished out in such a short time. It should be obvious that someone with a 1580 SAT would not be selling magazines and bouncing around from one school to another. We are used to dealing with honest people in our work and neighborhood, and when one interacts with someone like Roger, there's a tendency to take him at his word. This scam takes advantage of sincere people who trust others. Hopefully, sharing this scenario may help protect others frolm this scam. Olaf Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
16, Report #119593
Nov 23 2004
09:40 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I was coming in from work yesterday when a young man and woman approached me.Immediatly they were very talkative and asked if they could come in and have a seat i replied no. They then asked if they could take a seat on the front porch becasue it was raining, so i let them. They proceded to tell me about a trip that they were taking and they only need 1,680 more points to get there and that with my help and the rest of the neighborhoods help they would possibly be able to win this trip.They said it was for communications skills and all i had to do was to buy 2 magazine subscribtions and handed me the list to look over.I had no cash and told the people this and they refused to take no for an answer.I thought ok well this is helping college people out for communications and it would be my good deed for the day, not to mention magazines are great to have at work. So i wrote the checks out and gave it to them. When i got in my house i realized this is Christmas and i didn't need these magazines right now i could get them some other time. So i decided to call the number on the ticket to cancel my subscribtions. The phone rang for 10 minutes with no answer. This made me suspicious and so i thought to search and see if they had a website online. This is when i found that they are scam artist.I have heard that the kids who do this are being scamed to, and they may be but they know exactly what they are doing.They are being lied to, and being told to tell some fake story to people to get there money and i just dont think it is right. Amanda decatur, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
17, Report #117299
Nov 11 2004
11:37 AM
Palmetto Marketing, ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I like others wanted to help someone earn a trip to Cancun. Now I have a disappointed son still waiting for his X-Box demo tapes he was promised by this individual if we ordered the X-Box magazine. This was in July 2004 that they were knocking on my door. It may not have been the person selling thems fault but I do pitty the next so called salesperson who comes to the door. This is sad for there may be someone who is actually trying to earn something and now they just need to go on down the road. Robin Somerset, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
18, Report #165994
Nov 27 2005
06:23 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Friday I had a knock at my door from a very energetic female who introduced herself as Tracy. She went on about how she was selling magazines to help purchase her school books next year at Ohio State. She asked if she could come in and use my table to write some things down. I let her in and next thing I know I am buying a subscription that was $36, but was charged a $10 processing fee and my total quickly turned into $46. Tracy insisted that I pay cash for the magazines. I didn't have enough cash to pay for the whole amount. She began to say that she needed cash in order to get credit for her points today. I ended up giving $10 in cash and a check for the rest. After she left I felt uneasy about the whole situation. I began to research on the internet and found that others had the same situation. Thankfully I work for the bank where my check was written from and didn't suffer a total loss. Please be very careful! Annie hendersonville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
19, Report #165388
Nov 21 2005
11:11 AM
Palmetto Marketing, ripoff scam Coral Springs Florida
Today I had two gentlemen come to my door to sell me magazines (Chad Dyer and J Calby). They seemed really energetic and excited about a trip that they were going on. They seemed really pushy and wanting them to leave, I decided to go ahead and allow them to sell me a couple of subscriptions. Yes, the price did seem very high ($38 for Readers Digest and $32 for Glamour), but I thought that I was doing my good deed for the year by helping them out! As soon as the two boys left, I called my mom and let her know about it. She told me that she had read in the newspaper that some kids were going around selling subscriptions as part of a scam. So, I got onto Yahoo and searched the name of the company and found all kinds of rip-off reports. I then decided to call my bank. They did charge me $25.00 twice to stop both checks that I wrote, but at least these kids and the company won't be seeing my money! Kristina Bowling Green, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
20, Report #165686
Nov 23 2005
02:35 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I had the kids come to my house. I bought 2 magazines. I then got buyers remorse. I called the next day to cancel my check. They said they would not cash it as long as I sent the receipt back signed post maked for 3 business days. I followed up with the company to verify they recieved my reciept. They had, however cashed my check. They said it was thier mistake and I needed to fax to them a copy of the front and back of my check to prove that it had cleared. I did that also. I followed up 1 one more day and asked when my check was going to be refunded. The server went down. It has been a week and I have followed up again. The server is still down. NO CHECK RETURNED. Buy with a credit card. Nancy Manchester, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
21, Report #162899
Nov 01 2005
03:53 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff CORAL SPRINGS Florida
TWO COLLEGE AGE PEOPLE, ONE MALE ONE FEMALE(NAMED TRACY PARDON). CAME TO MY HOUSE HALLOWEEN NIGHT, AFTER 6:30 PM. TOLD ME A STOY THAT THEY WERE SELLING MAGAZINES FOR THEIR COLLEGE TO RAISE MONEY TO PAY FOR BOOKS AND IN RETURN THEY WOULD GET A PAID VACCATION TO CANCUN... THEY WERE REALLY CHEERFUL, TOLD ME THAT THEIR WERE GROUPS OF TWO IN THE NEIGHBORHOODS IN OUR SMALL ILLINOIS SUBUBUAL AREA, (CARMI, ILLINOIS) TRYING TO RAISE THE MOST. THE MALE TOLD ME HE WAS FROM PA AND WANTED TO GO TO COLLEGE IN KNOXVILLE, TN. SHE DIDNT SAY. I ASKED THEM WHERE THEY WENT TO COLLEGE AND THE GUY SAID, SIC, OUR LOCAL COLLEGE. I FELL FOR IT AND BOUGHT A MAGAZINE FOR MY DAUGHTER AND PAID WITH A CHECK. THEY LEFT AND WENT NEXT DOOR. 20 MINUTES LATER I GOT A CALL FROM MY NEIGHBOR WHO IS A SECRETARY FOR THE WHITE COUNTY SCHOOLS ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, SHE SAID SHE DIDNT BUY, AND WANTED TO KNOW WHAT I THOUGHT, TOLD HER SUCKER ME I BOUGHT. SHE SAID SHE DIDNT BECAUSE THE GUY TOLD HER HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS WENT TO SCHOOL IN CARMI. SHE ASKED HIM, OH, WHO ARE THEY AND AFTER HE SAID THEIR NAMES SHE NEW. SHE TAKES CARE OF WHOS REGISTERED IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT. she new their were no childeren registered in those names. she told them to hold on she had food on the stove, she went and called my number. my internet was left on and i never got the call. She wanted to tell me if i bought those magazines I could come over and get my check back before they leave. After I seen a missed call I called her back and thats what she told me. I GOT SUSPICIUOS AND GOT ON THE INTERNET AND READ ALL THE NEGATIVE FEED BACK FROM NOT RECIEVING MAGAZINES. PEOPLE LIKE ME.. SO I JUMPED IN MY VAN AND OF COURSE THEY WERE NO WHERES TO BE FOUND. WORRIED MORE ABOUT THE IDENTITY THEFT OF MY CHECK THEN THE 34.00 I WROTE IT FOR, THE NEXT MORNING I CALLED THE POLICE STATION. THEY ASKED FOR ME TO BRING IN ANYTHING I HAVE LIKE RECIEPTS, SO I DID, AFTER I STOPPED AT THE BANK AND STOPPED PAYMENT ON MY CHECK. AFTER I GOT TO THE POLICE STATION THEY HAD ALREADY HAD LOT'S OF COMPLAINTS AND PEOPLE WHO HAD GIVEN CASH IN TOWN. I of course gave check. Police said that they had had these guys and let them get away. The police had stopped a suspicious van with a group of college age people that had Florida plates. One got smart so they arrested him and kept him for the night finding after running a check on him that he was wanted in NY. They called NY and told them to come get him and they didnt want him! They let him go early that morning and he disappeared as did the others they run out of town earlier the night before, not knowing what they had been doing or they could had investigated it more. Well I did my part by going to the police after reading all the testamonies about their scam, following my suspicions, and wanted to share it with others. They wont be getting my check money, i stopped payment, I closed my checking all together for fear of identity theft and opened another. Now I still have to do something about my drivers liscense was on there so im going to have that changed too. Hope that telling you about my story can help stop these guys from scamming people just like me! Debbie carmi, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: CORAL SPRINGS, Florida
22, Report #142363
May 11 2005
01:25 PM
Entity: CORAL SPRINGS, Florida
23, Report #158231
Sep 24 2005
10:28 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Teenagers were going door to door selling magazine subscriptions to earn class trips they said. I bought a subscription for my 5 year old daughter. It costed $35 for a disney princess magazine for 6 issues. I paid in cash and received a copy of the order form. It says it will take 90 - 120 days for delivery. The date I purchased it was May 20, 2005. Jessica Romulus, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
24, Report #158387
Sep 26 2005
12:51 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A young man came by my residence one day selling magazines, he had one I was interested in and it looked like a good deal. I wrote out a check and he was on his way. Not two minutes later another sales person came by. I told them I had already contributed to thier company and I described to them the magazine I had purchased. The second sales person told me that the magazine I had purchased was no longer available. I sent them packing and cancled my check. I recieved a letter in the mail also stating that the product that I had purchased was no longer available. Then Palmetto sends a collection agency after me over not paying them for goods they did not have for sale! I tried calling them and when I did get to speak with someone, they gave me the runaround and told me it was not thier problem I had bought something they did not offer. They also went on to state that it was between me and their independent contractor who sold me the magazine to work it out. This company is one of the biggest rip offs out there. John Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
25, Report #130424
Feb 07 2005
12:18 PM
Palmetto Marketing, Inc. ripoff! Coral Springs Florida
On 11-23-04, two young men came to my door selling magazines. I thought they would make good Xmas presents for my daughters so I purchased a 1 yr. subscription for Teen Vogue for the amount of 34.00. They put the name and address as follows, Robin Madaris, 216 Turkey Hollow Rd. (I live on Turkey Hop Rd, and didn't notice this error until later). Holly Pond, AL 35083 The seller was named Brent Kennedy and both young men said they were selling them to win a trip. Reciept #(041)4128652 The second magazine was a 1 yr subscription to Disney Magazine for the price of 32.00 sold by Dion McNutt. The name on the reciept was Ashley/Alissa Madaris 216 Turkey Hollow Rd. (again, wrong address) Holly Pond, AL 35083 Reciept #(029)4128656 Both reciepts say to allow 90-120 days for delivery, but I had asked if these would start earlier, as they were Chrismas presents, they assured me they would, and I would recieve something in the mail confirming the subscriptions within the next few days. Since they put the wrong address, I don't know if they magazines are going to the wrong place, or if it was just a rip off. Either way, I was ripped off here for 66.00 and I am not happy about it. We just purchased this home in August and I don't appreciate anyone taking money that would have went for actual gifts for my daughters. If the magazines start arriving, I will come back and delete this report, but I do feel I was scammed here, as I was guaranteed delivery by the holidays. I have ordered magazines before for gifts and always recieved a gift tag of some sort, on this, I didn't get anything, and this is such a small town, I don't think the post master would have missed that it was the wrong street adress and fixed it. Thank you for your time on this matter. Robin Holly Pond, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida

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