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76, Report #62373
Jun 30 2003
05:29 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc. ripoff thieves Coral Springs Florida
On April 12, 2003 - I supposedly purchase a subscription or Dirt Rider Magazine for my 11 year old sons birthday present. We have yet to receive anything. Teri Imperial Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
77, Report #46085
Feb 19 2003
05:00 PM
Palmetto Marketing fraudulent rip-off business Coral Springs Florida
On Sept 02, a young girl came to our house selling magazines, she came into the house and chatted with us while we looked thru magazines to order. We placed a $95.76 order which included 3 magazines which one was a gift to my husbands friend. The check was cashed within the week. We waited for the magazines to arrive, the receipt says allow 90 to 120 days. The days and months went on, I actually forgot about it till I got a letter from one of the companys whom I thought I had a subscription from asking if I would like to re-order. I dug up the old receipts I had and realized there was no phone number on the receipt and decided to look the company up on the internet. Thats when I realized I got ripped off for $95.76. Dont trust people going door to door, no matter how sweet and innocent they may look. Ask for Id , Another name on the receipt to look out for is D Hippley, Or L.Scott Brenda Sheffield Lake 44054, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
78, Report #45336
Feb 13 2003
02:36 PM
Palmetto Marketing fraudent ripoff lying scammers Coral Springs Florida
Two kids, a boy and girl, knocked on my door two days ago trying to sell magazines to win a trip to Cancun. I looked at their brochure to check out the magazines and they tried to get me to buy two so that both of them could get points. They said they were together because the female sellers had to have male escorts with them because of a girl who had gotten raped a while back. They were selling the same magazines but they had to sell them separately to get the points. The girl told me they were in first place for the last five weeks and that there were 200 other kids doing the samething. I bought it and bought one magazine from the guy. The magazine was $24 for 24 issues and they added $10 for processing service. They gave me a receipt that has the company's info. on it. Daina Beaufort, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
79, Report #45632
Feb 16 2003
03:25 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc. nothing for my money ripoff Coral Springs Florida
was to get 12 issues of Pre-School Playroom for my grand daughter and 24 issues of Jack & Jill for 2 great grandsons. Have received no issues yet. Juanita hutchinson, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
80, Report #47766
Mar 03 2003
04:27 PM
Palmetto Marketing rip-off Coral Springs Florida
I am writing this to get the word out about Palmetto Marketing! They are ripping innocent people off! I thought I was being a nice guy when a couple of high school kids knocked on my door selling magazines for a trip to Florida. I bought a subscription because the kids told me I could just cancel within 10 business days, and they would still get the points they needed. The address was on the back, so I wrote right away and canceled. I received a notice back saying I was not within the 10 business days which can't be true because I mailed the cancelation letter the same day of the sale. So I waited for my subscription. The receipt said allow 90 to 120 days for delivery. Now 9 months later, still no magazines. I am trying to take more action, but am getting no where. Lawrence Fair Haven, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
81, Report #47653
Mar 03 2003
07:29 AM
Palmetto Marketing, Inc. ripoff consumer rip-off fraud Coral Springs, Florida
I was approached on Dec 12, 2002 , a young teenage girl came to my door said that she was trying to make enough money to go on a trip from her school, I was not sure about buying i usuall dont read magazines too often, but i looked through them. I saw a magazine my kids would love so i decided to get one for them. It was christmas and i like to help kids raise money for different activities, I have 3 kids of mine own and i know how it is for them so i found one that i thought my kids would like and proceed to fill out the form and write out a check for it. she seemed nice enough and eager and explained how it works and how many points she was getting and told me where her trip was too. But later on i was wondering when my magazine would come and notice no phone numbers to call just a address. and it says about 90 to 120 days that is unusally long time for a magazine to arrive. So i decided to look on the net for a phone number to call to see how long before i get the subscription. BOY i was shocked to find out they are a scam and how many people have not gotten their magazines. I cant believe it ,this is shame how people will take advantage and the sad part is ,if any one ever tries to sell me stuff unless i know them i wont buy. That hurts the ones that are really trying to raise money. Cherylann tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs,, Florida
82, Report #32980
Oct 19 2002
11:50 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff deceptive company victimized many consumers Coral Springs Florida
A 23year old boy name lee witcher by Pitts sales co.palmettomarketing inc. came to my door selling magazines so he could get enough points to win a trip to cancun. i kept telling him that i could not afford this and could not pay anything, i kept telling him no. he was saying all this line crap about me being cute and all, and also he advised me that this was his job, i advised him that i was unemployed and that i still could not afford to help him out, he then started telling me a little bit about the job of what they do;he said that he would talk with his boss and give me a call at 10:00pm to get more info on the job. which he never called me. He also advised me that he usually don't tell anyone this but, if i write a check that i could cancel it the next day, with no charge and that they would not cash my check. so i fell for it and i wrote a check and i advised him that i would cancel it the next day and that i don't want him to cash the check and he said that, that would be ok. As i was watching my news tonight, i was hearing that this company has a bad reputation and that they are a fraud. Therefore i am going to put a stop payment on this check, and or if i don't get my money back and my check is cashed, i am contacting my attorney. That guy told me that the subscription could be cashed and that i would be getting my money back, and he would still get the points. Robyn wichita, Kansas
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
83, Report #77136
Jan 15 2004
02:40 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff, will not refund under any circumstance Coral Springs Florida
On Tuesday January 16th my door bell rang, and when I answered there were two young men probably in there late teens early 20's standing at my door, trying to sell me magazines. They told me that they were in a race with some onther kids trying to win money or a trip or something to that extent, I can't remember now. Any how I bought one and then was told that I had to buy two because there were two gentlemen at my door. I said I was sorry and that there wasn't enough money in my account. Scott (the young man) told me not to worry and that the money wouldn't be taken out of my account for 4 to 6 weeks. Two days later I went on vacation to my parents home in Boston. When I was checking my account balance one day the money had already been taken out of my account and it had only been about a week since the date that I had purchased them. I immediatly called the bank to see if there was any way to stop payment of the checks but they said no not once it had already been processed. They were kind enough to call the company PMI on 3 way calling with me to see if we could fix my problem. The woman who I spoke to who I unfortunatly did not get her name, said that she was sorry and that she could not help me with out my recipt, and that when I got back into town to call back with my recipt numbers and that I would have no problems. When I called back when I got into town on January 15th I was told that there was a 3 day return policy no exceptions. I explained my situation and again got the same responce. I asked to speak to the someone else, I was given to the to the office manager who was very rude, and unhelpful as well acusing me of making up what I was told, and that I could absolutly not cancel my subscriptoin. She continued to be very impolte and unhelpful, and would not give me a phone number to the company owner or manager. She told me that there was no one higher then her and she was not going to cancel my subscription numerous times untill I got so frustrated with not getting an of the answer to my questions, or any help in a polite manner, so I hung up and decided to see if there was a web sight and found this. Jennifer FT.LAUDERDALE, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
84, Report #79774
Feb 09 2004
03:37 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Messed up my Address and Name Coral Springs Florida
In September 2003, I bought magazines from Palmetto Marketing, Inc. I finally started to receive some of the magazines bought this weekend. Yes, they were a rip etc., but I write more for help. The company missed spelled my name and put down the wrong street in the address. The wonderful postal system somehow managed to get me the magazine which in turned help me find my solve my issue. One magazine had me listed with the same incorrectness, but gave me some valuable info with my account info. The company is also know as National Business Journal, (727)536-6624. Tammy Clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
85, Report #79466
Feb 06 2004
11:36 AM
Palmetto Marketing magazine subscription rip off Coral Springs Florida
I was approached in my home by a girl named Ashley Pake. She was just a couple of subscriptions away from getting her trip to Cancun. Just like a sucker, I bought a subscription, and it even says it supposed to be for 2 years. Needless to say that was last year ('03) sometime and I never received one magazine. Now I've been getting bills from US Weekly stating it was only a one year subscription and I need to pay the other half. My check was cashed almost instantly so I'm just out. I think there could be a case here somewhere. We all need to find a lawyer who would want to take this Vincent Pitts (his name is even on my receipt) on and make him pay. Elizabeth Nederland, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
86, Report #77855
Jan 22 2004
07:15 PM
Palmetto Marketing rip off Coral Springs, Fl Florida
About 6 pm on Sunday there was a knock at my door with this, I assumed, High School girl selling magazines for a trip to Cancun. She was so exited and bubbly. I decided to order 1 magazine. The cost was $70 for a 2 yr subscription!! After she left I tried to find the company on line & tried to find the magazine on line. I had a bad feeling. The next day on the news there was a report of this magazine fraud in the Orlando area. I immediately called the bank & put a stop payment on my check. To my surprise today I recieved a letter from this company stating they no longer offered that magazine & for my inconvenience they would give me 2 magazines for the price of one. I'm assuming they havn't tried to cash my check yet! I guess I got them even if it did cost me $15 for stop payment. Beverly Titusville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
87, Report #77552
Jan 20 2004
04:21 PM
Palmetto Marketing - Gemini Sales Co. ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A young man was walking around our neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions to get some kind of prize. Gave him-Shane Zahner(name on reciept) with Gemini Sales Co., a check for $32.00 for a X-Box Nation Magazine for $32.00 on 08-29-03. I was wondering why we hadn't received the magazine yet, looked on the receipt for a phone such luck. Sad thing is they have my checking account routing, etc...and to use young kids to pull it off... how stupid can we be James Toledo, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
88, Report #75992
Dec 27 2003
05:25 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff sell magizines that you never get Coral Springs Florida
Kids claiming to be going on a trip come to your door to sell you subscriptions. They charge you a discounted price then add 10.00$ for processing. The boys tell you that they need to beat the girls and the girls tell you that they need to beat the boys in order to get you to buy. In 6-8 weeks you will recieve your magizines, but months later you're still waiting... RIP-OFF SCAM!!!!!!!!Beware!!!!! Tom weatherford, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
89, Report #167157
Dec 07 2005
11:09 AM
Palmetto Marketing Ripoff Altered Check Amount Coral Springs Florida
I fell for the teen earning points to win a trip routine and subscribed to a magazine from a young man at my door.I asked him to point out something for $25.00, as that was all I was willing to spend. I selected a childrens' publication to be sent directly to a hospital. As he wrote up my order, he hit me with a $10.00 processing fee. I told him no, that was a deal breaker. He then said I will 'eat' the fee, go ahead and make the check out for $25.00, which I did. When the check cleared, it appeared on my statement as $35.00. I called the bank and when they looked up a copy of the check it had clearly been altered, and they refunded the $10.00 to my account. I don't know who altered the check, but in my eyes the final responsibility lies with the firm. Their receipt to me clearly stated the amount of the check as being $25.00, and they deposited the check. Sharon St. Peters, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
90, Report #171125
Jan 09 2006
08:52 PM
Palmetto Marketing Incorporated - Premier S.S. ripoff Have Not Received Items Coral Springs Florida
I ordered 2 magazine subscriptions in October 2005 via door to door salesman and have not received those items yet. I did find them on the BBB database and it appears that 59 of the 172 complaints against them in the past 36 months has been closed, as of today Jan. 9 2006. Stupid me for believing the kid. Laura St. Charles, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
91, Report #166586
Dec 01 2005
09:42 PM
Palmetto Marketing scam and rip off Coral Springes Florida
This group is nothing but a scam and rip off do not let these kids get away with it they have a way of making there way into your house and distracting you and taking advantage of you to order these magazines,talk about feeling pressured and not even getting any reciepts for your purchase just some stupid excuse that they will mail you a reciept in a few days. After i stopped payment on my checks. Then later recieved notice from collection notice from check game solutions with more than 60.00 in occured charges Virginia Tucumcari, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springes, Florida
92, Report #171958
Jan 16 2006
01:52 PM
On December 2, 2005 a young man knocked on my door wanting to sell me a magazine subscription. He was dressed in jeans and dress shirt. I don't remember his name but he acted very professional. He clamed if he got the most sales out of his group that he would win a cruise to the Bahamas. He further went on to tell me that the proceeds went for a good cause. People who were down on their luck would get the profits. While I normally do not fall for a sales pitch like that I thought well maybe just this once. I didn't have much money in my bank account but thought it would at least be a good birthday gift. So I bought a subscription for $54 and some change. The young man stated that I would recieve my first issue by Jan 14,2006, maybe even before then. Ten days later the check cleared my account and after the first of the year I wondered why I hadn't seen my first issue yet. In fact I called the number on the back of my personnel check that cleared. They only operate M-F. I called today only to find out that the phone number they provide is fradulaunt as well. A woman answered the telephone who had no idea what I was talking about. She simply stated that I most definatley had the wrong number. I did some research on the internet to find out other people have been scamed as well. Although I'm sure that I cannot get my money back I filed a police report and called my bank. I also placed a call to the magazine company themselves. From now on I will be buying my subscriptions directly from the company. In the end I can say that was was professionally scamed by a company that doesn't really exist. Julie minneola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: CORAL SPRINGS, Florida
93, Report #203160
Jul 27 2006
09:26 AM
Palmetto Marketing Magazine Subscription Ripoff Magazines not sent Coral Springs Florida
On November 21, 2005 two young ladies came to my door selling Magazines. Now I have bought magazines form someone about 4 years ago and in fact recieved them promtly. Two ladies said they were college students trying to win against the boy team to win a trip. So I look at their list of magazines. The list was hand written and laminated. There were no pictures of the magazines like previous sellers had. I did get a strange vibe from them that something just wasn't right but they were charming my infant daughter so I brushed it off. I ended up ordering 'Disney and Me' magazine for my daughter and they said my ordering that I would get a free subscription to another magazine so I picked 'Country Weekly'. Months later we moved to another residence in March. I still didn't recieve any magazines in the mail. In the second week of April we finally get 'Disney and Me'. After looking at the reciept I noticed that it said 90 to 120 days for delivery. I was wondering when my 'Country Weekly' would be arriving. I forgot all about the magazine (too busy with moving), until this past week. I ended up emailing 'Country Weekly' and I got a response yesterday informing me that I am not being shown in their records. I spent $35.00 with that ridiculous $10.00 processing fee. Amber Smyrna, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
94, Report #135616
Mar 19 2005
07:36 AM
Palmetto Marketing Inc Ripoff Fraudulent Magazine Subscription Company Coral Springs Florida
BUYER/CONSUMER BEWARE! Thinking I was contributing to a good cause, and now realizing I am part of a multi-million dollar fraudulent scam makes me both angry and disappointed. Like others on this website, I would like to make it known that Palmetto Marketing INC misrepresents the selling of magazine subscriptions. Two boys posing as high school students going door-to-door trying to raise money for a trip to Cancun Mexico. The boys were both charming and believable (AKA conartists). Like many others, we purhased 3 magazine subscriptions at an inflated price and have yet to receive them 4 months later. I only hope that a lawyer will find interest in this case and bring this company and it's deceptive staff to JUSTICE! Rita Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
95, Report #131985
Feb 19 2005
12:45 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff no merchadise sent for check paid Coral Springs Florida
Young salesperson came to door and sold me a magazine subscription that looked legit. Have not received any word from anybody concerning the product that I ordered. I have a copy of my cancelled check to Palmetto dated 26,Nov.2004. Travis Harvest, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
96, Report #135625
Mar 19 2005
10:01 AM
Palmetto Marketing rips off with magazine subscriptions Ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I had 2 kids who sold me magazine subscriptions I bought one for me and the other for a children's home at inflated prices.. the check was cashed 2 days later in January and I'm yet to receive any magazine. People beware i tried contacting the company through email and i have not received any response. BEWARE!!! Jay Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
97, Report #136219
Mar 23 2005
10:32 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff, scam, fradulent, Don't let them take your money! Coral Springs Florida
A 24 year old guy, Matt Sharp, came by my apartment just after 7:00. I usually don't buy things from people but I thought he was a student at my university and I was under the assumption he lived in my apartment building. He seemed really honest (a good talker) and he really wanted to win a trip to Cancun, I thought it wouldn't hurt to purchase a magazine. He practically invited himself into my apartment. At first I wanted US Weekly--which oddly he was out of I then, selected a magazine, Gourmet, for 2 years for $48.00, which I thought was a little steep. As we were talking I found out that he wasn't student. He also didn't live in my apartment building--which I found weird--as my apartment building is fairly secure. I gave him a check (and not cash thank goodness) and then sent him on his way. Twenty minutes later two other guys came up to my apartment and asked me to buy a magazine--they told me that Matt was in a different program and that it was weird he didn't have US Weekly So I then asked for a number to cancel my check--they told me I could just go to the website they insisted on that--but I insisted on a phone number (I told them I would need to cancel that order before I would even consider buy something from them). I ended up obtaining this number 954-341-8135. I told them I had to make a call and they could come back. I checked the number and it was correct and I told them I wouldn't be purchasing a magazine. I went on this website--I had some suspicious feelings considering they did not want to really give me the number and I found this site. I immediately put a stop payment on my check less than 2 hours after writing it and I will be calling and emailing and sending the receipt in tomorrow as well. This probably sounds extreme--but I want to cover all my bases--I do not want them making money off of me! DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOUR MONEY! Tell them No, thank you. Everything about the situation was odd--but I didn't realize that until after I'd written the check and just thought about what had happened--thank goodness I caught it in time and got a number from them. Majella Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
98, Report #117312
Nov 11 2004
11:59 AM
Palmetto Marketing, J.Ohrstion ripoff, bought espn magazine for son Coral Springs Florida
Joe ohrstion came to door soliciting he was running a race with other co-eds to see who could sell the most magazines to win points for grand prize. each magazine he sold gave him x-amount of points. He was very aggressive and convincing even played upon my son to persuade me to subscribe. I told him i didn't have the money he said okay i can take a postdated check and it won't be processed until an idiot i did. Alice searcy, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
99, Report #120161
Nov 28 2004
05:36 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Total scam Doesn't care about employees Coral Springs Florida
Hey all, Ok, first off I would like to say that, I am a former employee of this so called company and you all need to know what goes on behind the scenes when we aren't going around ripping people off. The first time I found out about Palmetto was through a classified ad newspaper that made the company sound like a dream come true, Travel the USA representing Fashion Sports and Celebs! and get paid! Well, of course I've always wanted to trvael the US and I was in desperate need of a job and I really wanted to leave Alabama. So I called the number and talked to Lucas Schwahn the manager of one of the many teams who worked for Palmetto, I found out there were a bunch of other teams and we were all suppose to be competing aginst each other for this contest or somethin, but he had told me that I could make about 600.00 in one week! Well, you know my mom was having financial difficulties and I thought Wow 600.00? I could send mom that money and help her out a bit So I signed up he paid for my greyhound ticket and I travelled out to AZ. He met me out in Tuscon and we drove out to Phoenix. The first day was cool. I got to sleep in my own room for the rest of the day and all. But I was told that we might have to leave for Texas because our team was so small, we weren't bringing in enough sales. The next day I was out for the work, I had a trainer (and of course it had to be the boss' girlfriend) and she was all spunky and great. She told these people about the contest and trying to sell magazines. She sold about 7 that day and I thought, Wow I can do that! I got paid that night we had to bring our sales in and all and she gave me one cause I was only out training. I got 20.00 so I spent it on food and cigarettes. That following day more training, but the thing was, I started to feel uncomfortable. The boss had told me on the phone there was going to be no use of drugs, and I am an ex drug addict, so it's kind of hard for me to say no sometimes. But we were invited into this guys house. Yeah ok Melissa sold four magazines to him, but she also shared some pot with him as well. I wanted some but I told myself no, that's when things started going down hill. That following day I was out on my own. I had no luck selling anything, but there was another worker that had been there for about a week and also having trouble selling things. They cursed at him and made him even more frightened then he already was. I felt bad for him, but it seemed he had pretty much a bad attitude about the whole thing anyways. I got paid that night, but I didn't think the 600.00 a week thing was going to happen, which pretty much upsetted my mother and so I told her, If you can wait two weeks I'll have atleast 300.00 but I knew that meant I would have to starve and go without cigarettes. The following day was even worse. It was raining really hard and me and Scott (the guy with the bad attitude) went off selling magazines. I was cold and hungry. I hadn't eaten anything for breakfast and I was soaking wet but I tried keeping a straight face and a good attitude the whole time. I didn't get paid that night although I did make one sale. I thought that was kind of suspicious but I was informed that if I made at least 3 sales after training I was to get 20.00. I was hurt and angry, and also bumming cigs from everyone, so I went to bed last night with hunger pains, and homesick. So Friday we leave for texas. Once again I eat nothing for breakfast and I was feeling grumpy because I had no food. I felt cramped and very sick but they still made me do a few drops that night when we went into Las Cruces, this nice couple let me have something to eat cause they could plainly see I hadn't eaten for almost 3 days. So anyways I fall asleep, and wake up the next morning in the van and find out we got stuck in Ft Stockton, and we were going to be there for quite sometime. I was only focusing on my hunger right then and there and not any work we were going to do. So I scrounged around in my purse hoping that I could maybe find a little something to sustain me, but I found my checkbook instead. I know my account was closed but I didn't want to die from not eating so I got up, and ran to the gas station and sure enough they took out of state checks. So I grabbed anything I could get my grubby little hands on and wrote a check out. I also did this for walmart when we finally got up enough money for a hotel room. So of course I felt better with cigarettes and food. But the guys that night (this was halloween) got some cocaine from a guy from the next room over. I sat there helplessly almost with tears in my eyes while I saw them do lines. (I use to do it a logn time ago, temptation can be a vile thing) but as hard as it was I said no. Anyways, we went out the next morning to sell magazines, and a cop had stopped me. He had informed me that the company I was with did NOT have a permit to sell magazines here and we couldn't do it anymore. I also found out that day that my friend got beaten up by some people just because they could. This was getting bad, and I was getting more scared then ever. So we head out to Houston as soon as we got whatever needed fixed fixed, and when we get there I find out I was fired because I didn't WORK for my money to buy food, and they said if I wanted to eat I had to work for it. I got pissed, I literally punched Lucas out and just walked, he bought my ticket back home and I will tell you I took my shoes off and i had alot of calisus on my feet. Ok so this is what happened. The magazines are scams yes but the reason why for this long story was to tell you all what went behind the curtains. Everything happened drugs, betrayal, and lies so don't trust palmetto. They lure unsuspecting people in to sell their magazines and if you don't do it the way they want they'll shut you down Rachel Ozark, AlabamaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Palmetto Marketing
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
100, Report #166132
Nov 28 2005
07:08 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff door-to-door sales girls Coral Springs Florida
2 teenage girls came to my door in June of '04 selling magazines. Very friendly, saying they are trying to sell enough mag subscriptions to earn a trip. Didn't really have the extra money but thought I would help them out and order magazines for my boys as a gift. As of today, November 28, 2005, have not received any of the magazines for which I paid $72.00. This makes me furious. How can they get away with this. They have no phone number and no web address. I wonder if the girls even got anything out of their efforts. This is criminal. Isn't there something we can do??? Jo Mansfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida

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