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1, Report #317358
Mar 12 2008
04:51 PM ripoff of $2459.88 Internet
We went on the web looking for cheap tickets. To check on dates and prices we had to give our credit card number. When the dates did not line up we cancled. Priceline charge us for the tickets and now will not refund the amount. I have found no one to help me. I did file a do not pay with my credit card company, but it upsets me that a company can do this to you. Gail Oliver Springs, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity:, Nationwide
2, Report #2626
Jul 08 2000
12:00 AM
Dear Sir, I received a gas card in the mail. I was checking out their website, when I apparently gave them the right to withdraw money from my credit card. Since I was new to this website, I wasn't exactly sure how it worked. I have sent them 5 e-mails asking them to credit back my account, but they will not respond. Their only phone number is all voice mail. I am unable to contact anyone directly. They were so quick to take my money, but it is impossible to get anyone to rspond to me. I even called AOL, but they were unable to help me. I am just about ready to contact a lawyer, but someone told me about your website, so I thought I'd try you people first. Any help you could give me regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :)
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1612
Jan 02 2002
12:00 AM =
while trying to purchase tickets at we were under the impression that we had the right to confirm the tickets that we were being offered,but unfortunatly we were given tickets that would totally screw are trip and now we must pay 300.00 or more becasue they wont let us move our departure times. so anyone out their want to protect themselves just stay away from If you want to help send a friendly shoveit to them at, thank you! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #360504
Aug 07 2008
04:32 PM
On June 7, 2008, I purchased hotel reservations thru for the following dates of June 12, 2008,Thursday with check out on June 16, 2008, Monday. gave 2 stars to Days Inn Ashland, 1423 County Road Number 1575, Ashland, Ohio 44805, 419-289-0101. On the 12 of June , my husband, child and I arrived to this hotel, and we were amazed of the condition of this hotel. Mind you, we are not familiar with the are otherwise we would have never even check in at this hotel, but we arrived and we found that the room was absolutely a shithole. The sinks, bathtub, toilet was backed up and the bed was broken. So, they changed our room to a two bed that was in the same condition. We went to the receptionist and told her that the living situation was not acceptable, but she informed us that we purchased our stay thru PRICELINE.COM. We called from the room to priceline and got a recorder that you must communicate by email and that you would get an email within 3 hours. Mind was very late at night. so, we bit the dust in that room for one night. We had to make other arrangements somewhere else, and left the other remaining days without using them, since it was impossible to use the tub, toilet, sink and the bed had a huge holes in the mattress with springs coming out. Oh.........I forgot to mention the smell was absolutely horrible, and in the mean time,prostitutes,john, truckers running through the halls, kicking the doors, yelling etc.... When we got back home, I called to get their famous recorder and that someone would email me back. Todate, no I called my credit card company filed a report and they did a back charge. Now, I have to get the response from them and I will have to rebuttle the case. I have called the local TV station and set an appointment for them to come over and review all my papers, I'm going to have them make the phone call to, so they can see what course of means people have to go through and sit and wait for three hours to get an email. I'm going to have them fill it out and follow this case. Also, I will have them read all the Ripoff Reports of numerous complaints to Priceline. This is going to be one eventful day. Isabel ISABEL-UNHAPPY PRICELINE CUSTOMER NAPLES, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1368614
Apr 19 2017
07:31 PM Be ware of biding on Nationwide
On 4/16/2017 I bid on a hotel room in Mexico international airport through priceline bedding process, what a mistake, in Mexico city , price line placed my bid of $50 on Krystal Urban Aeropuerto CD De Mexico 7 KM away which was advertising on all web sites at $51 with free cancellation , which means that price line saved one singe dollar When I tried to cancel and rebook in a hotel near the airport, I realized the nightmare dealing with priceline.I was told twice if the hotel agrees they will cancel it , and they will call me in 1/2 hour which they never did. All the hotel advertisings are with free cancellation, but price line refused to cancel and they never even called me back Beware of price line they have a horrible customer service. as soon as they take your money you do not get any help from them. this will be my last time dealing with price line.I was expecting my bid to go to Marriot , Hilton or Camino Real .the  three of them were asking between $90 and $100 but instead price line bid $50 on a hotel room asking $51 what a scam.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #623660
Jul 15 2010
07:49 PM screwd over Norwalk, Connecticut
NOTHING BUT BAD TO SAY ABOUT PRICELINE. SNEAKEY, DECEIVING AND VERY BAD COMPANY!!!! NO Respect or concern for their customers. Have their Legal terminology right their in very print after pages after pages of searching. Don't even know that they are affiliated with the site you are on without serious digging. No matter what they are guarenteed to take at least $25.00 whether you are satisfied or not!!! (Or maybe much, much more!!!! )Not to mention ruinning your vacation plans, by their lack of customer service!!!!! Signed,  Hugely Disappointed Customer
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
7, Report #927043
Aug 14 2012
09:56 AM the president of Internet
I am the creator of the ultimate rip-off. In Oct 2010 the week of my wedding I had a near death experience and ended up in the hospital having surgery. When I contacted to find out what to do about my tickets I told the change fee or refund was going to be half off my $600 purchase. When I tried to contact  people higher up I could not get the president who never returned my calls and the ruder people were to me.
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #932082
Aug 24 2012
12:33 PM ripped off by, Internet
I booked and paid for two rooms (double bed non smoking) through priceline. The hotel was filthy, we were given three towels between two room and the hotel had no more. The person at the check in desk told us to bring our dirty ones and she would try to get them washed. The carpets were so nasty that we had to wear sandles in the room to keep our feet from being black. Our first room took until almost 2 hours after check in time (3:00pm) to get. We had to get ready in this first room(king bed, 4 kids and 4 adults) we went to dinner and the hotel had a room ready when we arrived back at 9;30pm. This room flooded, including the carpets, the first time the toilet flushed. It was cleaned by the night front desk person and she exdpected us to stay in this room. Well, we finally got into another room (king smoking) well after midnight. So 4 adults 4 children spent the night on two king beds using the same 3 towels. I can go on and on. This was a nightmare. We didn't expect a luxury room but we did expect a clean place to sleep, shower and put our things while we enjoyed the beach and shopping. priceline took about a month to send me an email offering me $10.00 off my next booking. has no clue to what the real conditions are in the places they sell people on and they apparently don't care
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #1065758
Jul 09 2013
09:23 PM Don't ever use Internet
 I just booked through priceline. I stated I needed FREE PARKING in the filters section. I also bought travel insurance that was supposed to be open 24\7. Well they booked me where the hotel wants to charge me $44 a night parking for my car and small trailor. I called them to ask to either cancel that reservation, since I had purchased travel insurance for this purpose or to book me somewhere that had free parking liked I had originally asked. I was pretty much told to go screw myself. Oh, and priceline's customer service is not even in the United States. Now I either pay the $44 a nt, which I can not afford or I lose the hotel money. Either way I did get screwed. I just don't see how companies can get away with this shit. I am so tired of living in a world where you cannot live with any decent qualities. Everyone is out to get you. Wishing someone would file a class action suit against them. This is bull. Sorry for the ranting but I am so pissed.
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #1130942
Mar 15 2014
04:46 PM priceline,, hotel rooms, cheap rooms internet
 I booked a reservation on with their new express deals feature.  I didn't want to risk bidding on a room since you only get one shot at it and we really needed a couple rooms.  I was guaranteed two rooms for the night.  there were six of us traveling total with 3 adults 3 children.  When we got to our hotel the hotel informed us they had called repeatedly asking them to stop booking rooms.  They had no rooms available, I asked what do I do?  The clerk told me she didn't know call priceline.  I called priceline and after an hour on the phone I was relieved to find they had a phone confirmation on a new reservation.  I took the address and when I put it in my gps I was confused.  It was the same hotel I had just been to!  Lucky for me I had not hung up the phone.  I told him he was sending me to the same hotel I was just turned away from.  He put me on hold for another 20 minutes then came back with a new hotel.  I drove there thinking finally a place to sleep (it was after midnight by then).  The hotel there said had called and they had rooms available but the rate was too high so the priceline representitave chose not to book the room.  I called priceline back and they then put us in a hotel downtown (8 miles away).  We drove there and while enroute I asked the representitave to call and confirm the room... Nope, no room (as we sat in front of the new hotel looking like idiots telling the vallet we had a room). Finally I was out of options, we went to the only person we knew in driving distance (20 miles away) and knocked on my nephews door at 1:30 AM.  He was nice enough to let us sleep on his couch and floor.  Out of discomfort and frustration I called once again to plea with them to find me a room.  They once again claimed to have found us a room across town so we drove there arriving at 3:00 AM.  When we arrived there the front desk told us that we once again had no room, that our room was for tomorrow night!  He said the hotel was almost empty but there was nothing he could do, check in wasn't until 3:00 PM. We headed back to my nephews where some of us slept in the car (no blankets or pillows at my nephews house).  Some of us slept on the floor, and some of us slept on the couches. Thank you for such a misrable experience.  I used to be a loyal customer.. Thanks,Ron
Entity: Internet
11, Report #280365
Oct 23 2007
11:09 AM Priceline has started ripping people Nationwide
Entity:, Nationwide
12, Report #271842
Sep 01 2007
05:46 PM Robbed by, Website set to take consumer's money. Internet
On April 11, 2007 I a purchase through I tried to book a travel package from PriceLine.Com in the amount of $648.82 for airline travel and lodging in Mid July, 2007. While making the transaction, I noticed their subscription procedure does not allow one to check or verify the travel arrangements until the transaction is complete, including giving all credit card information. I assumed there would be an opportunity to say or no to the travel arrangements if they did not suit the customers needs. After completing the transaction, I noticed that the return flight time was too soon to allow me to complete the business for which I was traveling in the first place. I called PriceLine to ask for a change in the return flight for the reason stated above, but they insisted they could not and would not change the flight schedule, even though there were other available flights on the day of the return flight. I attempted to cancel the transaction immediately, in fact within minutes of the attempted online purchase. The online process used by Priceline does not afford the consumer the opportunity to be fully informed about the purchase they are seeking to make. Additionally, the way their setup works is that the consumer must furnish all credit card details before they can actually know what is being purchased. The configuration of the web page makes it very easy to inadvertently confirm a purchase without actually intending to do so. Once a computer click is registered, the sale is made and final. I explained that the return flight, which required me to be at the airport at 4:00 am would not allow me to complete my business dealings on that day, and that a later flight would be preferable. Although the PriceLine representative understood my dilemma, she refused to accommodate me. I informed her that I wished to cancel the reservation because I needed to make other plans since she could not help me. When I insisted on a change because the arranged flight was counterproductive, she hung up the phone. I then immediately called CapitalOne to lodge a complaint and to request a stop payment on the transaction. I tried unsuccessfully to reason with Priceline, and thus resorted to my credit card company for protection and relief. In the meantime, the time for travel and lodging came and went by with Priceline giving me absolutely no information about the purchase, the reservations, or any concession whatsoever for the $648.82 of which they have robbed me. How is it that they can get away with taking consumers money and giving absolutely nothing in exchange? The Federal Truth in Lending Law allows a customer to cancel any contract within three business days of a purchase. I informed the PriceLine representative of this during our conversation, but to no avail. I exercised this right immediately after the completion of the online transaction. No merchandise or service was rendered by PriceLine, and no tickets or vouchers of any kind were ever issued by PriceLine. I have heard absolutely nothing regarding this transaction from PriceLine, any airline, or hotel since the day of the transaction until now by email, U. S. Mail, or phone. For all intents and purposes, PriceLine in fact considered the transaction null and void but kept every cent of my money. Marshall New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #289163
Dec 05 2007
12:12 PM Be AWARE PRICELINE.COM rip off! Internet was recommended by some friends. So I decided to try them. I went online, picked a hotel, ready to book. Only problem - 2 people per room. So I contacted priceline. They stated to go ahead and book and that hotel would get me a room for 4. After contacting hotel, they said NO WAY. Priceline then refused to help me and charged me $800. for the room anyway. Even though it was 3 months in advance! If you choose PRICELINE.COM (I never will again), realize you must read every bit of small print and not believe any verbal statements. They have the worst customer service in the world. All we got was runaround, transfers, etc. I will never deal with PRICELINE.COM again and would recommend you be very careful if you do! Bill Deerfield Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1052322
May 20 2013
10:33 AM BUYER BEWARE - Do Not Use  Internet
 Buyer Beware!!! Situation - Booked a rental car with Hertz thru  My daughter and I were flying into St Louis 5/16/13.  I listed her as the driver; I was listed as the payor.  I am clearly listed as the guarantor of payment (my credit card etc).  My daughter had to cancel the trip due to a death in her family. I called Hertz to have my name put as the driver. No can do! With Priceline...once the reservation is made - no changes can be made.  Priceline says, have my daughter pick up the car and add me as a second driver.  Huh?  Didn't I just tell them she was no longer coming with me?   Hertz says call Priceline... Called Priceline - explained the situation.  I only needed the driver to be changed to my name. No can do! Once the reservation is made - no changes can be made. This was a minor request.  It wasn't as if I was a new person asking to be listed as the driver.  I was on the reservation already under Billing Name. $180.00 lost!! by me...gained by & Hertz Wonder how much $$$ are pocketed and or kicked back to these types of companies. I feel like such a sucker! 
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1058053
Jun 10 2013
05:45 PM Do not book room thru Internet
Booked for 3 nights at for a non-smoking room for $138.39. Checked in at 5 pm on 06/06/2013, and we were given a room with terrible smoke. Had to ask for a non-smoking room.They did not respond to my request for 30 minutes. I finally found their manager, and he put us in a 'non-smoking room'. It was better than the first one, but that was not smoke free. My wife and I were not able to sleep because of the smoke. Our throats were irritated, and we had to leave at 11:30 pm. They said they would not refund us, and they even charged $55.87 more. And would not refund us either. I ask for city inspectors to investigate the terrible air quality, which would make people nearly suffocated. I ask to stop their business practices that rip off their consumers. I paid them $138.39 for a non-smoking room, but i did not sleep there because of the smoke.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1216283
Mar 17 2015
09:35 AM no service norwalk, conn Internet
priceline just gave me a royal flush and it was not the kind you win with.  they totally just took my money and ran. i tried to contact numerous times with very little results.  all i asked for was to speak to someone in the USA and they would not honor that request. they really do not beleive in customer service after the sale.  it is to bad they have such a small amount of respect for loyal customers.  i have used priceline many times and not had a problem and the first time i do i get absolutly no respect at all.  i do not understand why they would not  give me the time to answer my call with someone who speaks english that i can understand and that they caan understand me.  this company is very dishonest and not trustworhty to be on the internet.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1249835
Aug 20 2015
01:55 PM price ripoff Norwalk Connecticut
We purchased a room through Priceline on Aug. 13, 2015 for one night for Aug.14,2015 at the Howard Johnson Inn, 336 Odlin Road I-95, Bangor, ME. We were charged C.$141.81 plus C$11.41 for a total of C$154.22 on MasterCard. The bill appeared on our email after the trip. The price was higher then the one on which we based our decission. For further information a room at the Howard Johnson Inn, Bangor is advertised today at US $52.00. Even if you convert this price to Canadian $plus the tax of 11.41 we feel we have been ripped off. What do you think? Please let us know.
18, Report #1225291
Apr 27 2015
07:54 PM Rental Car Best Rate Ripoff Nationwide
 Buyer beware. Read the fine print carefully - PRICELINE reservations cannot be cancelled or changed even if you get the chance to read before you buy. This is true for ALL RESERVATIONS, not just the name your own price stuff. I was booking a flight on PRICELINE in a hurry and a pop-up window appeared saying the best price to book a rental car was with the airfare. DON'T DO IT!!! I paid 4X the daily rate by combining the reservations! And what was PRICELINE's response? We can't cancel and you agreed before you paid!  No acknowledgement that over $200 for a one day car rental was not the BEST PRICE and cheapest way to book a rental car. I have been a loyal PRICELINE customer for at least 6 years, booking cruises, airfare and hotels - I've probably spend over $10K with them. I will never, ever use PRICELINE again and I am returning and cancelling their credit card.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1376721
Jun 02 2017
09:16 AM Ripped me off Internet
I went online to rent a car.  When it came time to pay for my rental it gave the option of a credit card or a debit card.  I slected debit as I do not have a credit card.  The information told me if I used my debit card, I would have to have my itinerary confirming my travel dates.  I did have the information.  When I went to rent the car Hertz told me they did not take debit cards only major credit cards and could not help me, I would have to call priceline.  Priceline told me they did not do refunds and I told them they could not charge me for a service I did not use.  They did give me a refund minus a cancellation fee.  So in other words they just tricked me out of my money. 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1399848
Sep 13 2017
03:58 PM Priceline False and misleading advertising Internet
I recently purchased a hotel room from through their express deals.  I was searching for a hotel on 7 mile beach in the Cayman Islands and their website indicated that the hotel was on seven mile beach.  After purchasing the hotel, which is done on somewhat of a blind purchase process (i.e. you don't know what hotel you're getting, just that your getting a hotel in the area requested at a certain star rating) it was revealed that the hotel was no where near seven mile beach.After charging my card, I was sent a hotel reservation for Holiday Inn on the other side of the island, not over looking the ocean and nowhere near seven mile beach.  When I called to complain, the staff (from an apparent foreign call center) stated that the Priceline site only represents that the proposed hotel offered is in the general area of seven mile beach.  Essentially what they are saying is that if you order a hotel by the beach, they can put you in a back alley behind a Ralphs grocery store half a mile away because that it technically near the beach. Ultimately Priceline refused to refund my money.  Now I am left with having to dispute this on my credit card and possibly filing a small claims action...what a waste of f***ing time, apparently call so they can gouge people for a few extra dollars. Not a good business model!
Entity: Internet
21, Report #78378
Jan 28 2004
12:25 PM RIPOFF Internet
On December 22, 2003 I ordered airline tickets through priceline for a trip to jamaica for me and two of my friends. The total came to 1334.43. On January 2, 2004, I received a call from my bank for unusal charges to me debit card. I told them I had mad a big purchase for 3 airline tickets on the 22 of December. The bank representartive then asked me did I order anything else from them on christmas? I said to her Christmas I was out of town and I have not touched the computer since the 22. The bank representative then informed me that Priceline had charged my card the same amount on Christmas! The bank representative told me to try and settle it with them and call her back, and if I could not settle it with them she was going to snatch the money back. I called pricline and was told that they saw the mistake but could not do anything about it because the accounting department would have to take care of it and they would have to email the accounting department! Are you kiddin me that makes not sense. Priceline said they would get back to me the next day. They did not call me the next day, so I called them and informed them that I would be placing a claim against them for stealing (because that is what it was STEALING)! through my bank and that I would have my money back through my bank because they were going to take it back. I called the bank back to tell them that priceline was dragging their feet with returning my money that they basically STOLE! The bank told me that my money would be back in my account within 5-10 days. If it were not for the bank checking things closely and their dedication to their jobs it is no telling when I would have received my money that was stolen from me. THANK YOU Philadelphia Federal Credit Union! Portiaguess Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #130047
Feb 03 2005
06:31 PM ripoff Connecticut
I am extremely disappointed in Priceline. I have used this service in the past and never experienced a problem like today. I must say that I've noticed over the past two years that their hotel selections *seem* to have been reduced. (I used to get numerous Hyatt rooms - they seem to have disappeared, and this is telling). In any case, I asked for a hotel room in 4 specific areas of downtown Chicago - four nights! - and wound up with a hotel in the O'Hare airport area, way outside Chicago. My call to customer service was almost laughable. They are so rigid and scripted that every time I asked a question or commented that the area I received was not what I checked (selected), I heard, The user changed the original request. They couldn't even refer to me as you - I was only the user. Asking to speak to someone further up the food chain was a joke. I was told repeatedly, this is a valid contract...the user changed the original request...this is a valid contract...I am not prepared to change the request... I repeatedly told them that the areas they included in the contract were not selected by me, but like a broken record I heard, The user changed the original request. I will send you a copy of the contract you initialled. Why would I even suspect they would include areas I didn't want to stay in in the contract I initialled? I was ready to barf. I have contacted my credit card company. I don't know if I'll get satisfaction or not, but I'm sure as h*ll going to give them a run for MY money. Dave Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Sheton, Connecticut
23, Report #163475
Nov 05 2005
02:03 PM ripoff, name your price Internet
They just got me on the name your price for over $320 I was going around checking all prices for flights form Lubbock texas to dallas from 11-5-05 to - 11 20 05 . I was just looking for the best price and comparing with other site. expedia and so so I had like 10 total in my que that i had checked i seen 2 of them had green checks to them. and i had been reserved, no other site works like this that i checked. I called about this. Now i have 2 Flight for the same person being charged on my credit card. I mispelled the name of the person flying also. Wasnt sure howto spell his name, didnt care at the time just checking prices. This was the correct spelling Jedadiah ****- On Flight 1 i spelled it Jediah **** and flight 2 i spelled it Jediahah **** Tuff one if you dont know. Ok i expained i was not aware of this and the dates are defintly not right i need a flight but didnt expect to be charged for both if any just checking prices. They told me there is nothing we can do. I told them look at them there is no way one person can fly out on both flights... nothing they would do... Hung up and called back. Well since im stuck with 2 flight for one person can i canceal atleast one of them... they told me its is 2 diffrent names and that is not justified even if they could do something. Hung up agian with no proggress. Ok im now really upset , So i called back Can i atleast correct the spelling of the names so that i can call him and tell him he has 3 hours to catch a flight so his name can be correct since im forced to take this flight or take a total loss. They would not even do that. I just dont know what to say about them.. That not a way to do buisness Joey dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #59473
Jun 03 2003
05:50 PM ripoff victimized many consumers Internet
I was trying to book a 4 star hotel for our Hawaii vacation and after working on this for some time- I was persistent and only wanted 4 star hotel. Without realizing before too late somehow the star rating got changed to a 3 star(without my noticing or intending) and of course was accepted at a 4 star price. The accidental flick on the mouse without notice and hitting the wrong button and I am unmercifully committed to something I never intended to buy- an unsuitable hotel for our dream family vacation to Hawaii! now we are forced to stay in this spe hotel I would never have selected. The real kicker is this- In their 3 star rating description they say Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton or other independent comparable hotels. The hotel they put us in isn't in the same category at all. When I went to check out the hotel on various review sites. One of the first sites came up avertizing this hotel for Gay vacationers!! Totally unsuitable for my FAMILY/children. I pleaded with them at priceline , as did my husband (to 2 different supervisors) to at least let me add more money for a different hotel- I wasn't even asking for a refund but to add more money for them to get me a more suitable hotel and he gave the standard answer they've been trained to give. I'm sorry, but regardless if a company state -no changes or refunds - the fact remains that in the real world nothing is pat and without exception. Life is changes and refunds and mistakes and corrections. Their attitude and refusal to listen to individual cases is a recipe to self destruct a business. What happened to listening to the customer and making the customer happy?? Making changes when mistakes happen (which they will no matter what your rules or terms clearly state) is what American business success is all about. The long term end result is happy repeat customers thus making happy wealthy businesses that continue to thrive. Then the result is everyone is happy. If Walmart had treated their customers with this unbending, no exception policy they would be going out of business like Kmart and like priceline will eventually unless they listen to the American public. If your customers aren't satisfied it doesn't matter how much of our money you keep and don't refund, the fact is that pretty soon the well will run dry because I believe most people are like me and once burned, NEVER AGAIN. Sheri Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #110632
Sep 28 2004
06:35 PM is a ripoff website Internet
My husband & I browsing the web for airplane tickets to have his sister come to stay with us, so we could deal with a family issue. A friend had suggested While browsing and thinking we were just checking out flights, come to find out we had actually made arrangements for her on two different flights coming into two different airports on the same day. (Checking to see which one might be cheaper) After calling our credit card and realizing that indeed both tickets were being charged on our credit card for a total of $374.50, I called five different times, After being hung up on 3 of those times trying to get ahold of a real person which is not a easy job not to mention they are very rude. They assured me that nothing could be done. Talking with supervisors didn't help either. I spent two hours calling between my credit card and priceline.. and it seems that we will be paying for two plane tickets that no one will be there to use. The way they have the website set up, is easy to get sucked in and not even realizing that you have actually purchased plane tickets. There should be a law against something like this. I'm hoping that maybe enough people will complain and get this site off the net, it's definately a ripoff. Spread the Word!! DeAnn mattoon,, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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