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26, Report #967029
Nov 09 2012
02:33 PM NO REFUNDS or CREDITS Internet
Be aware of booking with priceline on a pre-pay because you can not only not get a refund, you can't even get a credit for a future use either at the vendor or pl.  What a ripoff.  Avis was willing to give me a future credit until I mentioned it was a pre-pay via Priceline.  It seems they would have been able to give me some kind of credit, so I won't use either of them again....
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #986551
Dec 24 2012
10:22 AM Priceline scam, bait and switch , Internet
Priceline offers the choice of booking a 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, 2 star, or Resort. When you look at the resort hotels and what the word Resort catagory includes, each one states: All-Inclusvie Resort  I looked at an area in Cancun that had 7 hotels listed under resort I then choose to bid for the catagory resort in the same location. The disclaimer said that there could be additional hotels in that catagory offered that had not been previously diplayed. I was ok with that since the 7 I saw all had the same ammenities and were in the same area with the same quality. After my purchase, I was pleased to see that I had been assigned the Westin Resort and Spa in Cancun. That was great! I had seen that in one of the original 7 and liked the hotel. Upon calling to request a King size bed (as suggested on my confirmation page) I was informed that I had only purchased a room and that priceline did not booked an All Inclusive package. I was very confused. I called Priceline back and spoke with a customer service rep and then was transfered to a manger. Both would only read from a script, just repeatin the same sentence stating that they had the right to assign a hotel of their choosing that may have not been originally seen. I get that part! But the scam comes from choosing a catagory Resort, then showing 7 all-inclusive resorts advertising them as all-inclusive and then not booking them that way. No one will help us and we are traveling tomorrow. This is Fraud!
Entity: Internet, Internet
28, Report #1020562
Feb 26 2013
01:44 PM Bogus Reservations Internet
I recently made a hotel reservation for vacation.  When I received the confirmation email, there were two hotel reservations for the same city and date.  I did not make one of them.  I did purchase cancellation insurance. Less than 30 minutes after I made my reservation, I talked to multiple people at Priceline as well as the insurance company.  They all indicated that even though I had cancellation insurance, and the reservations for the same date and same city, different hotels made no sense, they would not cancel one of them. I believe that one of the reservations is bogus, and that they added one reservation which they can force me to pay for because they already have my financial information from booking my reservation.   In addition to the dishonesty of this action, obviously, they can deem their cancellation insurance void, for some reason. Lori Maryville, MO 
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #1072629
Aug 02 2013
07:21 PM Misrepresentation of hotel Internet
I have been a Priceline customer for over a decade and have generally been satisfied when i have booked a hotel through their name your own price.   Recently, I checked for a 3.5 star hotel in the location I was staying (Oklahoma City) and submitted my information.  They accepted my offer, but  I was frankly more than surprised to see the hotel listed as a 3.5 star hotel in the OKC area.  The hotel has a Crowne Plaza flag which sometimes can mean good hotels, but in this case it does not.  The building is an old Hilton that was built in the 1960s.  In the late 2000s, the flag was changed to a Crowne Plaza, they moved the front desk, gave it a minor facelift and called it good.  I stayed there a couple of times after the renovation, but became disgusted because of the lack of upkeep of the property.  I would not rank this particular Crowne Plaza much above a budget hotel.I called priceline to express my discontent, and was given the standard company line.   There rankings are based on people feedback gathered over the years and they are confident I will enjoy my stay.  When I explained to them how familiar i was with the property and that I felt that it was being mis respresented by priceline as a 3.5 star property, they of course stated there was nothing they could do.  I asked to speak to supervisors and got the same company line.  I am certain I know the property better than them at this point.I understand that I took a risk, but I also put faith that priceline accurately maintains their rankings of properties to ensure the categories maintain there integrity.  Of course, they were not able to say when the last time a priceline reprsenetative inspective the property.  They directed me to write a letter to corporate (which I found as just another barrier to reaching someone who could address the situation-I am certain it is raret hat someone takes the time to write out a letter and send through snail mail.)  I managed to find a phoen number in an article from the Santa Barbara Newspaper that provide more information than priceline agents could give me.While I did enter an agreement with priceline once I confirmed the hidden purchase, I believe that priceline has a responibility to accurately rank the properties so that a customer is not surprised by a sub par property being ranked in the same category as two beautiful well maintained Marriott Hotel properties with the same locale in the city.  
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #928849
Aug 17 2012
05:49 PM Bait & Switch, Connecticut
I bid for 6 rooms in Las Vegas with (four nights per room) I was prepaying for 24 nights of hotel service. In my bid, I specified 4 star rating on the strip- hotels like Venetian, Treasure Island, Belagio, Wynn's, Mirage, Paris are in the 4 star range. What I got was Tropicana, a run down, hotel from the rat pack era, that is overdue to be torn down. Tropicana is not even 3 star, no way in the world, is it rated 4 star by anyone except the people who misrepresent their hotel guidelines, Priceline. I contacted an associate from Priceline, who cut and pasted canned propaganda, claiming Priceline can award star ratings as they see fit, they refused to make changes, took my $2400 and told me, politely, to go to hell. When you bid hotels on Priceline, they can start at 1 star, then two, three, three and 1/2, then 4, then 5 star. Tropicana is no 4 star hotel, I prepaid for something that was pure deception. Is there a recourse? 
Entity:, Connecticut
31, Report #1037481
Mar 23 2013
08:43 PM Misleading Trip Insurance, Internet
If you decide to book a reservation using Priceline, not recommended, do not waste your money on Priceline's trip insurance.  I had to check out of a hotel early due to a snow storm and Priceline refused to consider honoring a claim.  Their website is very vague regarding the trip insurance and the customer service rep advised that the insurance is only good in the event of death or severe illness.
Entity: Internet, Internet
32, Report #1097709
Nov 07 2013
02:55 PM Rude Ridiculous and will not Compromise Internet
My husband and I went on to reserve a hotel room for Montgomery, TX.  We went to the name your price part, put in an amount, it was rejected so we tried to put in a higher amount but it wouldn't let us submit until we added another area.  Next thing we know we have booked a room in Conroe, TX.  We didn't want Conroe, TX.  We wanted Montgomery, TX.  We spoke to 2 separate customer service reps and emailed with 1 and none of them could help us because it was non-refundable.  We didn't want our money back, in fact we were willing to pay more just to get the room in the town we wanted in the first place.  NO ONE WOULD WORK WITH US, so our credit card was charged the full amount and we are screwed.  I have never dealt with a business that wouldn't work with you.
Entity: Internet, Internet
33, Report #1067186
Jul 15 2013
01:57 PM False Advertising and Deceptive Practices Internet
 Priceline advertised through the use of their Apple I-Phone App that they could provide best pricing on Hotels in the area. My grandson was in a downtown hospital admitted through the Emergency room for possible emergency surgery. Rather than traveling back I went to the priceline app so that my wife could stay in walking distance hotel by the hospital. Priceline booked her at a Hotel nearly 2 miles away and refused to do anything about movign her to a closer room even though we offered to pay any difference in room price. Through their false advertising, failing to respond I was damaged for the price I paid Priceline and the cost of another hotel (cheaper than what priceline quoted) next to the hospital in the same grade. (4 star hotel). I received an email and was told there was nothing Priceline would do, I also called their customer service area and again was told that 2 miles was a reasonable distance for someone to walk.....    
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1112247
Jan 02 2014
09:34 AM express deal, travel insurance, cancellation Internet
PRICELINE IS A RIPOFF if your trip changes!!!! Quick scenario:  Single Mom - training for work.  Found very good deal on hotel near training.  Purchased deal and travel insurance.  Due to approaching inclement weather in Oklahoma - training cancelled.  Priceline will not refund because it was Express Deal.  I asked for my dang $5 back for travel insurance because THEY SHOULD NOT OFFER IT at ALL for Express or Name your own price - nope.  He knew exactly where to look in fine print.  Seems they deal with this a lot. I have deleted the phone app, deleted out of my mind.  I will never use them again and I will be CERTAIN to tell others.    
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
35, Report #1086379
Sep 21 2013
07:13 PM web site fraud Norwalk Connecticut
Beware!!Recently while trying to book a Flight and Rental car on I ran into a bit of a problem while using their online site. I went through the system as normal, filling in my information and selecting an airline and rental car. It was at the confirmation page that I relized the dates were wrong for the reservations, so I used the back button on the their site page to go back and put in the proper date. After puting in the proper date I then used the foreword button to move ahead since all my personal information was correct. When I finally reached the confirmtion page the dates shown correct so I confirmed it, but when I got my confirmation letter a couple of seconds later I relized the wrong dates had been repopulated and was now booked. I called their Customer service to explain the problem and attempted to get them to change the reservation and keep a customer, but they refused to alter the reservation without me pay a fee. I refused and told them the error was in their site and they should be responsible and fix the reservation without charge, again they refused.I wrote an email to their customer service and they responded back providing me with a link to the confirmation notice. However the link only shows the confirmation page with the wrong dates, and not the dates that were shown on the confirmation page prior to when I clicked confirm. I have attempted to get this resolved by contacting their customer service via phone and email but each time they refused. I have since contested these charges with my Credit Card provider. Now even though I advised them in writing and verbally of the problem and advised them to cancel my reservation they still charged my Credit Card. After the Credit Card company declined their charge they rebilled it under the name of the airline.They obviously know of these system errors in their system, but I belive they are not corrected in an attempt to generate errors for which they charge their customers fees for changes and cancelations. Which is very deceptive!!If you decide to use their site beware of this behavoir and I would advise to go else where.
Entity: Internet
36, Report #1086329
Sep 21 2013
01:14 PM Stole my $1300.00 Internet has a policy that stated that if you do not arrive on your check-in date your reservation will be forfeited. However, they do not state that they will keepevery dime that you prepaid for a room or rooms. I booked 2 rooms for 6 nights a piece at a hotel in New Orleans for business. My work got postponed the day I was to travel to New Orleans through no fault of my own.   I called the hotel, Sheraton, and explained my situation and they said someone would get back to me. Noone ever returned my call. Priceline now says that I was a No-Show ansd therefore forfeit my reservation and the $1266.00 that I prepaid to them. A cancellation fee is understandable but not the full amount. The hotel knew we werent coming and could therefore resell those rooms.   I cannot believe that it is legal for a company to charge you for a service that you never used and still keep your money. I will never use Priceline again and because the Sheraton wouldn't even call me back I will also avoid all Sheraton and other Starwood Hotels. I am a small business owner and I feel I was ripped off by Pricelie and disrespected by Sheraton. If I charged my customers for work that I never did I would be out of business.
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1100112
Nov 17 2013
03:00 PM $200 ripped off web web sales agent advised me that my child was on the ticket and that everything was paid for. When we got to the airport, my child was not on any ticket, so he forgot to add the child, and we also had to pay $200 for his ticket.  Screwed!
Entity: Select State/Province
38, Report #1100801
Nov 19 2013
09:10 PM bed bugs akron ohio
Be aware!!! I booked a hotel through that was infested with bedbugs, smelled aweful and was very dirty. We called priceline immediately abd were told no refund would be given unless the hotel manager approved it. I explained the conditions and was told that was their policy. We let the hotel and booked a new one directly. We will never use them again because it is ok to leave customers staying in bedbugs.
Entity: Select State/Province
39, Report #1121042
Feb 05 2014
08:10 AM Rude and inconsiderate Maryland
I called Priceline 5 minutes after I got my notice of acceptance for a offer for a hotel.  I use ther map service to locate a hotelat Lynn University and there map showed the correct location but Priceline booked the hotel in a area 1 hour away.  I called to ask them to refund because the map was not accurate and they charged me 100.00 to cancel the hotel. I explained that I would except be willing to relocate to a hotel closer but they said they arnn't authorized to do that I would have to cancel and try again and risk losing anoth 100.00.  What a Rip off!!!!!!  PriceLine you should be ashamed of your self for your poor customer service.
Entity: Select State/Province
40, Report #1216283
Mar 17 2015
09:35 AM no service norwalk, conn Internet
priceline just gave me a royal flush and it was not the kind you win with.  they totally just took my money and ran. i tried to contact numerous times with very little results.  all i asked for was to speak to someone in the USA and they would not honor that request. they really do not beleive in customer service after the sale.  it is to bad they have such a small amount of respect for loyal customers.  i have used priceline many times and not had a problem and the first time i do i get absolutly no respect at all.  i do not understand why they would not  give me the time to answer my call with someone who speaks english that i can understand and that they caan understand me.  this company is very dishonest and not trustworhty to be on the internet.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1249835
Aug 20 2015
01:55 PM price ripoff Norwalk Connecticut
We purchased a room through Priceline on Aug. 13, 2015 for one night for Aug.14,2015 at the Howard Johnson Inn, 336 Odlin Road I-95, Bangor, ME. We were charged C.$141.81 plus C$11.41 for a total of C$154.22 on MasterCard. The bill appeared on our email after the trip. The price was higher then the one on which we based our decission. For further information a room at the Howard Johnson Inn, Bangor is advertised today at US $52.00. Even if you convert this price to Canadian $plus the tax of 11.41 we feel we have been ripped off. What do you think? Please let us know.
42, Report #1225291
Apr 27 2015
07:54 PM Rental Car Best Rate Ripoff Nationwide
 Buyer beware. Read the fine print carefully - PRICELINE reservations cannot be cancelled or changed even if you get the chance to read before you buy. This is true for ALL RESERVATIONS, not just the name your own price stuff. I was booking a flight on PRICELINE in a hurry and a pop-up window appeared saying the best price to book a rental car was with the airfare. DON'T DO IT!!! I paid 4X the daily rate by combining the reservations! And what was PRICELINE's response? We can't cancel and you agreed before you paid!  No acknowledgement that over $200 for a one day car rental was not the BEST PRICE and cheapest way to book a rental car. I have been a loyal PRICELINE customer for at least 6 years, booking cruises, airfare and hotels - I've probably spend over $10K with them. I will never, ever use PRICELINE again and I am returning and cancelling their credit card.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #1376721
Jun 02 2017
09:16 AM Ripped me off Internet
I went online to rent a car.  When it came time to pay for my rental it gave the option of a credit card or a debit card.  I slected debit as I do not have a credit card.  The information told me if I used my debit card, I would have to have my itinerary confirming my travel dates.  I did have the information.  When I went to rent the car Hertz told me they did not take debit cards only major credit cards and could not help me, I would have to call priceline.  Priceline told me they did not do refunds and I told them they could not charge me for a service I did not use.  They did give me a refund minus a cancellation fee.  So in other words they just tricked me out of my money. 
Entity: Internet
44, Report #1164458
Jul 23 2014
Been an enthiastic Priceline customer since the beginning 1998.  Love the bid for a room concept.  Win/Win.  The hotels get to fill their empty rooms and you get a great price.  Decided to go to Palm Springs last weekend so I bid for a room. To get the price I wanted I had to stay 30 minutes from Palm Springs. But once you've had your bid accepted you cannot cancel. They have already charged your card.  I wasn't thrilled but knew the rules so I figured I was ok even though I would easily spend as much in gas going back and forth as I saved on the room. Then I arrived at the hotel and was informed they had a mandatory resort fee of $28 per day which covered such things as wifi parking and a continental breakfast....all things I could have gotten at any Motel 6 for free.  I was stuck. I couldn't cancel the reservation and get my money back. My only choice was to pay the resort fees. When added to the price of the room, it was not as good a deal as I could have gotten booking a room actually in Palm Springs,  either with the hotels directly or through Exxxxxx or Txxxxxxxxxx or others.  I tried to get Priceline to realize this policy was tantamount to opening your wallet and saying take what you like which no intelligent person would ever do.  As I expected they referred back to their disclosure that the hotel has the right to charge such fees.  My fault for not reading the details. Given I had been a customer 16 years I didn't think I needed to.  Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice...shame on me.........There won't be a second time.  You decide if you're ok with allowing them to put their hands in your wallet and take what they like.....for me, THAT'S NOT HAPPENING.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #973870
Nov 26 2012
01:05 PM False Adverstisement and cancellation practices, Internet
I have used priceline before with good results till now.. I made a reservation using the best guarentee deal. The parameters were set for a Hotel.. I was given an INN.. a roach motel to say the least.. when I saw this I called to transfer my reservation to a Hotel for the same price same area.. I was told no. I was tranferred to the next level to be told no.. No matter how I try to get this canceled. There are no Cancellation policies in place for their Best Guarentee Prices.. and we are sorry that it is not up to your satifaction is what I am told and we cannot do anything about it..... I bid 45.00 Dollars I was Charged 69.00 plus Taxes for a total of 86.. for an INN. Not even a Hotel as was set in the parameters. Then I was told that if I could find it online for the price I paid that I would be refunded. but the price of that Inn doubled overnight.. They will not cancel it for any reason.. and this needs to be revised. I have an ad on craigslist so I dont lose my money because priceline does not believe in customer service. This is the Guesthouse Inn In Asheville, NC if anyone wants to read reviews and see pictures of it..
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #1399848
Sep 13 2017
03:58 PM Priceline False and misleading advertising Internet
I recently purchased a hotel room from through their express deals.  I was searching for a hotel on 7 mile beach in the Cayman Islands and their website indicated that the hotel was on seven mile beach.  After purchasing the hotel, which is done on somewhat of a blind purchase process (i.e. you don't know what hotel you're getting, just that your getting a hotel in the area requested at a certain star rating) it was revealed that the hotel was no where near seven mile beach.After charging my card, I was sent a hotel reservation for Holiday Inn on the other side of the island, not over looking the ocean and nowhere near seven mile beach.  When I called to complain, the staff (from an apparent foreign call center) stated that the Priceline site only represents that the proposed hotel offered is in the general area of seven mile beach.  Essentially what they are saying is that if you order a hotel by the beach, they can put you in a back alley behind a Ralphs grocery store half a mile away because that it technically near the beach. Ultimately Priceline refused to refund my money.  Now I am left with having to dispute this on my credit card and possibly filing a small claims action...what a waste of f***ing time, apparently call so they can gouge people for a few extra dollars. Not a good business model!
Entity: Internet
47, Report #78378
Jan 28 2004
12:25 PM RIPOFF Internet
On December 22, 2003 I ordered airline tickets through priceline for a trip to jamaica for me and two of my friends. The total came to 1334.43. On January 2, 2004, I received a call from my bank for unusal charges to me debit card. I told them I had mad a big purchase for 3 airline tickets on the 22 of December. The bank representartive then asked me did I order anything else from them on christmas? I said to her Christmas I was out of town and I have not touched the computer since the 22. The bank representative then informed me that Priceline had charged my card the same amount on Christmas! The bank representative told me to try and settle it with them and call her back, and if I could not settle it with them she was going to snatch the money back. I called pricline and was told that they saw the mistake but could not do anything about it because the accounting department would have to take care of it and they would have to email the accounting department! Are you kiddin me that makes not sense. Priceline said they would get back to me the next day. They did not call me the next day, so I called them and informed them that I would be placing a claim against them for stealing (because that is what it was STEALING)! through my bank and that I would have my money back through my bank because they were going to take it back. I called the bank back to tell them that priceline was dragging their feet with returning my money that they basically STOLE! The bank told me that my money would be back in my account within 5-10 days. If it were not for the bank checking things closely and their dedication to their jobs it is no telling when I would have received my money that was stolen from me. THANK YOU Philadelphia Federal Credit Union! Portiaguess Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #130047
Feb 03 2005
06:31 PM ripoff Connecticut
I am extremely disappointed in Priceline. I have used this service in the past and never experienced a problem like today. I must say that I've noticed over the past two years that their hotel selections *seem* to have been reduced. (I used to get numerous Hyatt rooms - they seem to have disappeared, and this is telling). In any case, I asked for a hotel room in 4 specific areas of downtown Chicago - four nights! - and wound up with a hotel in the O'Hare airport area, way outside Chicago. My call to customer service was almost laughable. They are so rigid and scripted that every time I asked a question or commented that the area I received was not what I checked (selected), I heard, The user changed the original request. They couldn't even refer to me as you - I was only the user. Asking to speak to someone further up the food chain was a joke. I was told repeatedly, this is a valid contract...the user changed the original request...this is a valid contract...I am not prepared to change the request... I repeatedly told them that the areas they included in the contract were not selected by me, but like a broken record I heard, The user changed the original request. I will send you a copy of the contract you initialled. Why would I even suspect they would include areas I didn't want to stay in in the contract I initialled? I was ready to barf. I have contacted my credit card company. I don't know if I'll get satisfaction or not, but I'm sure as h*ll going to give them a run for MY money. Dave Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Sheton, Connecticut
49, Report #163475
Nov 05 2005
02:03 PM ripoff, name your price Internet
They just got me on the name your price for over $320 I was going around checking all prices for flights form Lubbock texas to dallas from 11-5-05 to - 11 20 05 . I was just looking for the best price and comparing with other site. expedia and so so I had like 10 total in my que that i had checked i seen 2 of them had green checks to them. and i had been reserved, no other site works like this that i checked. I called about this. Now i have 2 Flight for the same person being charged on my credit card. I mispelled the name of the person flying also. Wasnt sure howto spell his name, didnt care at the time just checking prices. This was the correct spelling Jedadiah ****- On Flight 1 i spelled it Jediah **** and flight 2 i spelled it Jediahah **** Tuff one if you dont know. Ok i expained i was not aware of this and the dates are defintly not right i need a flight but didnt expect to be charged for both if any just checking prices. They told me there is nothing we can do. I told them look at them there is no way one person can fly out on both flights... nothing they would do... Hung up and called back. Well since im stuck with 2 flight for one person can i canceal atleast one of them... they told me its is 2 diffrent names and that is not justified even if they could do something. Hung up agian with no proggress. Ok im now really upset , So i called back Can i atleast correct the spelling of the names so that i can call him and tell him he has 3 hours to catch a flight so his name can be correct since im forced to take this flight or take a total loss. They would not even do that. I just dont know what to say about them.. That not a way to do buisness Joey dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #59473
Jun 03 2003
05:50 PM ripoff victimized many consumers Internet
I was trying to book a 4 star hotel for our Hawaii vacation and after working on this for some time- I was persistent and only wanted 4 star hotel. Without realizing before too late somehow the star rating got changed to a 3 star(without my noticing or intending) and of course was accepted at a 4 star price. The accidental flick on the mouse without notice and hitting the wrong button and I am unmercifully committed to something I never intended to buy- an unsuitable hotel for our dream family vacation to Hawaii! now we are forced to stay in this spe hotel I would never have selected. The real kicker is this- In their 3 star rating description they say Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton or other independent comparable hotels. The hotel they put us in isn't in the same category at all. When I went to check out the hotel on various review sites. One of the first sites came up avertizing this hotel for Gay vacationers!! Totally unsuitable for my FAMILY/children. I pleaded with them at priceline , as did my husband (to 2 different supervisors) to at least let me add more money for a different hotel- I wasn't even asking for a refund but to add more money for them to get me a more suitable hotel and he gave the standard answer they've been trained to give. I'm sorry, but regardless if a company state -no changes or refunds - the fact remains that in the real world nothing is pat and without exception. Life is changes and refunds and mistakes and corrections. Their attitude and refusal to listen to individual cases is a recipe to self destruct a business. What happened to listening to the customer and making the customer happy?? Making changes when mistakes happen (which they will no matter what your rules or terms clearly state) is what American business success is all about. The long term end result is happy repeat customers thus making happy wealthy businesses that continue to thrive. Then the result is everyone is happy. If Walmart had treated their customers with this unbending, no exception policy they would be going out of business like Kmart and like priceline will eventually unless they listen to the American public. If your customers aren't satisfied it doesn't matter how much of our money you keep and don't refund, the fact is that pretty soon the well will run dry because I believe most people are like me and once burned, NEVER AGAIN. Sheri Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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