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76, Report #1399848
Sep 13 2017
03:58 PM Priceline False and misleading advertising Internet
I recently purchased a hotel room from through their express deals.  I was searching for a hotel on 7 mile beach in the Cayman Islands and their website indicated that the hotel was on seven mile beach.  After purchasing the hotel, which is done on somewhat of a blind purchase process (i.e. you don't know what hotel you're getting, just that your getting a hotel in the area requested at a certain star rating) it was revealed that the hotel was no where near seven mile beach.After charging my card, I was sent a hotel reservation for Holiday Inn on the other side of the island, not over looking the ocean and nowhere near seven mile beach.  When I called to complain, the staff (from an apparent foreign call center) stated that the Priceline site only represents that the proposed hotel offered is in the general area of seven mile beach.  Essentially what they are saying is that if you order a hotel by the beach, they can put you in a back alley behind a Ralphs grocery store half a mile away because that it technically near the beach. Ultimately Priceline refused to refund my money.  Now I am left with having to dispute this on my credit card and possibly filing a small claims action...what a waste of f***ing time, apparently call so they can gouge people for a few extra dollars. Not a good business model!
Entity: Internet
77, Report #79286
Feb 05 2004
07:58 AM ripoff, double charge, credit card fraud, Norwalk Connecticut
I purchased 2 nights at a local motel due to weather conditions. I had to report back to work the next morning so I decided not to drive home. When I arrived at the motel, I was told they did not have a record of my motel reservation with I showed them Pricelines confirmation but they still had no record of it. I talked them into a room for that night but they did not have a room for the next night. I went ahead and paid them for the one night and contacted Priceline the next morning. Priceline refused to reimburse me for any of my charges. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and will never, ever use them again. Ralph Westminster, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
78, Report #192591
May 21 2006
03:38 PM Misleading Website - Refusal to Refund My Money Norwalk Connecticut
Consumer Protection Information - Non Governmental Agency I am writing this note to people whom I believe to be citizen activists concerned with consumer protection issues, especially regarding Internet (e-commerce) travel sites. Based on both my own personal experience with and the numerous complaints found on the Internet by consumers, it is important to bring to people's attention concerns about's travel website. An educated consumer is the best consumer. Auction Markets Traditional (stock exchanges, art auctions) and internet auction sites (EBAY) comprise true auctions. There are bidders and sellers setting prices based on the perceived value and demand for goods, services, and investments. On the other hand, PriceLine deals in contract, opaque fares which they purchase from airlines. Specifically, PriceLine allows consumers to set a price with the assumption that the customer's bid will be matched by an offer. However, since the ACTUAL costs of the fares are hidden from the customer, the customer is given no opportunity to reject PriceLine's offer. Opaque Fares What I have discovered - as many others have - is that does not specifically state that they deal in OPAQUE fares. The consumer is decidedly at a disadvantage because he or she may not be aware that does not actually shop around and find the best travel discounts. What is actually occuring is that simply matches whatever proximate fare price with what the consumer entered as their price range. This matching does not consider the quality or value of the airline ticket relative to the most up to date market prices for airfares. Buy Directly From The Airlines - Do Not Use Discount Travel Websites Priceline is not alone in promoting their OPAQUE fares as exceptional discount deals. Nor is Priceline alone in refusing to refund money from consumers dissatisfied with the prices or itineraries (quality) of their bookings. However, it is unfortunate that Priceline is unwilling to refund the money I personally lost in a transaction with them. Nor is Priceline willing to return calls from my credit card company. Conclusion To conclude, airlines and credit card companies are advising consumers to work directly with the airlines who have an increased on-line presence. In my own case, I will feel satisfied only when Priceline has refunded the money I had demanded under Connecticut contract law. Most importantly, Priceline needs to be more receptive and willing to service consumer complaints. The punitive nature of Pricelines' refund policies is something it appears many consumers are aware of. This is especially sad when seeing the reactions of elderly people who are looking to economize and find they cannot have their money refunded if they are dissatisfied. My personal case: I lost $3300 in my dealings with Priceline. Furthermore, Pricleline would not return the calls of my Credit Card company despite the fact that Priceline stated very contradictory explanations in their communications to me of their Name Your Price feature. I have been defrauded as PriceLine's web site is designed in such a way to sell customers unsatisfactory travel products. To add to this, Priceline takes a very punitive approach towards dissatisfied customers. My chief complaints are: 1. PriceLine promotes itself as a super-discount on line travel agency. I am not a desperate consumer, but was looking for good prices. I was not aware that PriceLine deals in opaque fares which are bought in bulk from the airlines, therfore the discount. Opaque fares are conditional - the price for the fare cannot be revealed to the consumer until the purchase has been made. 2. The Name Your Own Price feature on PriceLine's website is misleading because clearly PriceLine did not shop the price I entered around. I was sold American Airlines tickets at $590 more than competitors' comparable airfare such as JetBlue and AirTran at the time. In fact, the itineraries for these tickets were extremely inconvenient when compared to what was generally available in the airline marketplace, especially since I was traveling with my family of five. 3. On the website, I was not given the option to review the itinerary and approve the purchase. Again - the issue of Opaque fares. I believe that any expensive transaction should be conducted in such a manner as to allow the consumer to make a final decision. 4. PriceLine will not refund my money despite my mailing a letter to their Connecticut business office within three days of the transaction stating I wanted my money back [Connecticut contract law as I understand it protects the consumer when clearly a transaction is unfair]. All my follow up EMAILS to PriceLine have been extremely frustrating as PriceLine is unwilling to admit they had sold me overpriced tickets. Nicholas Needham, MassachusettsU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
79, Report #194139
May 31 2006
04:28 PM possible nervous breakdown, I am unemployed and seeking a job. Internet
I went on to find the best deal that my finances would allow. I'm a new college graduate with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Unfortunately with the job choices in my demographic area, I'm having to look outside of my state. I had the last minute chance to have a job interview with Dallas Police Department, but because of circumstances beyond my control I no longer have the interview. This is causing me to loose possible employment and financial hardship. I called asking if they would allow me to change my hotel, flight and car reservations. They refused to even discuss the matter. I am very disappointed with this company and will never use them again. I guess honest people can not get the proper help, when things go wrong. Daniel Vulcan, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
80, Report #156531
Sep 09 2005
12:28 PM Ripoff dishonest lower than snake thieves Norwalk conneticut
priceline losers should all be put on death row. I have spent my entire day trying to deal with losers who are basically stealing $350.00 from me. I decided to help a friend bargin shop for hotels. priceline told me someone accepted the offer, they did not state what chain excepted so I flip to the next page. The hotel was unacceptable, not wanted so instead of hitting the accept button I logged out. I woke up this morning to find out my rent check is now going to a the Sahara's in vegas. Priceline apologizes for the inconvience, but won't stop the transaction. I called Sahar's, they haven't recieved a reservation for me Debra Parma Heights, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #149413
Jul 12 2005
10:33 AM Ripoff unethical fraudulent ripoff confusing unfriendly unhelpful terrible Norwalk Connecticut
In the end of May 2005 I was looking to book a trip to Dublin, Ireland for June 26, 2005-June 2, 2005. I went to to get some package rates, I tried a few configurations and failed. However, in one of my attempts to secure a package that included hotel and airline I managed to get a successful transaction and booked a package. However, to my surprise, I received an e-mail some seven days laters stating that I was now able to reattempt to book my itinerary for Ireland since my last transaction had failed. I was stunned, confused and panicked since we had committments that required us to be in Dublin at the timefram listed above. I quickly went to another site and secured hotel and airlines for the trip. Upon my return from Ireland, I was reviewing my credit card statement and noticed that 3,200.00 of charges were charged to my account by Priceline. I quickly called my credit card company to file a report and immediately contact Priceline to see why I had been billed for a trip that I did not take. They stated that I had indeed booked a package to Ireland and that the e-mail that I received was for a previously failed attempt for booking the trip. Why would they send out a notice like that? It's that e-mail that caused confusion for me. Especially confusing since I am a very unexperienced traveler and had never dealt with before. There no refund policy is completely unflexible and does not allow for errors/computer malfunctions. There is absoultely NO clear communication to the consumer. Not only did I not have clear communication, I never received a confirmation or receipt for this trip. I never received information for traveling overseas, such as Passport/Visa information, Terrorism Alert, etc...In fact, I never received any other e-mails from Priceline after the one that stated I could retry to book my trip to Ireland. I have filed a report with the BBB and will continue to fight this to get my full refund! Pissed off at Itasca, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
82, Report #148829
Jul 07 2005
10:10 AM Ripoff Priceline Is Fraud, they ripped me off Herndon Virginia
I made an offer with, after they rejected my offer since it was lower than the fair prices, they sent me new offer with a lower price however with 2 connection stops. I was interested in the price, I clicked on the price link to see the itinerary, and there I was commited to buy the ticket, my credit card was charged immediately without having the option to see the itinerary. The major problem is my itinerary, I'm travelling to attend my brother's wedding on Sunday at noon, and they booked my return on Sunday at 7a.m!!! I tried to contact them, only the automated system picks up. I talked to United airlines they told me to talk to priceline they have nothing to do with it. I sent priceline an email with no repsonse, I paid $700 for me and my wife to attend my brother's wedding they ruined my whole plan, I will only be there for 24 hours. This is so unfair. Imad Belmont, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Herndon, Virginia
83, Report #139470
Apr 19 2005
07:18 PM
PRICELINE.COM Ripoff! Overcharges on hotel rooms, Bad customer Service. STAMFORD Connecticut
I recently booked a hotel room with They claim to guarantee the lowest price on hotel rooms. Not true. After agreeing to the price of $100.00 for a room in Chicago I discovered upon registration at the hotel that the standard room rate was $85.00. I contacted Priceline later that evening to inform them of the discrepancy. After finally making contact with a Customer Service Rep. I was put on hold and then continually routed from one rep to another. Once I returned home 2 days later, I attempted to contact Customer Service again... only to be told I have 24 hours to file the complaint. I explained the situation. Their response was a rude... you should have kept calling and or waiting. I will be contacting the Attorney General, FTC, BBB, ETC. Kelly HAMILTON, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: STAMFORD, Connecticut
84, Report #284653
Nov 13 2007
05:42 PM Unjustified delivery charges for ticket Norwalk Connecticut
This is a copy of what I sent to Priceline. So far the customer service is horrible. You have to navigate you several prompts before you can actually reach a real person. After arguing for 40 min, I temporarily gave up. This is not a lot of money, but this is a matter of I am writing you regarding being charged the delivery fee of $19.95 again since my tickets were returned to you. Fedex came to the front door of our house to deliver the tickets. We have a sign in the front that says Go to back door. But they obviously didn't. Both of the door tags (Door tag # DT1013 4531 3090 and Door tag # DT1014 5447 6510) were left on the front door, were we don't have a doorbell. We were home when they came by both times, but if they don't go to the back door they will most likely not be noticed. FedEx claimed they came by a third time on November 2, but no door tag was left behind. Then I received the email saying my tickets had been returned to sender. Someone from customer service said We have to charge you the 19.95 for shipping and handling if we ship them out again. I feel this is very unjust, since I feel the courier should have done a better job at delivering. But I can't get the money back from FedEx, because they are not the ones who are charging me. This is my first time using to book a reservation, and I'm feeling quite disappointed. When I bought the tickets originally, they were supposed to be e-tickets. Then one of the reps informed me that my ticket is only available in paper form. I just want to receive my tickets and have the unjustifiable shipping charge reversed. I understand that it is not your policy to refund a delivery charge as one of your customer service reps informed me, but when a mistake is made by someone other than the customer, customers should not be liable. Mark Blue Island, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
85, Report #271602
Aug 31 2007
11:00 AM They Don't Tell You About the Resort Fees!!! Internet
I booked a room theough priceline at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center at a price of $65. When I got to the hotel they hit me with a $16 per day resort fee. If I wanted to pay $81 I could have gotten a much better place than this old dump. Four stars my a**. Priceline said they couldn't do anything about it. I think I'll just use in the future. At least you know what you're getting and can always call the hotel first to inquire about any additional fees. I'll never do business with priceline again! Bill Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
86, Report #352958
Jul 18 2008
05:45 PM
BUYER BEWARE! is EXTREMELY MISLEADING. I did not know that airline tickets cost MORE on, NOT LESS. I just bought three round trip Jet Blue airline tickets on, and they are $30 MORE than if I had purchased them directly from the airline. The top of's home page states boldly in caps, SHOP FOR DISCOUNTED TRAVEL. Discounted from what? is the question. If my tickets were $30, MORE, what is the price discounted from? Boy, was I naive! I did not look on Jet Blue's web site first, because I was under the ERRONEOUS ASSUMPTION that ticket prices on would be equal or less to the individual airlines.'s home page also states, NAME YOUR OWN PRICE... GET DEEPER DISCOUNTS. Silly me to assume that if you don't name your own price, you run the risk of PAYING MORE than what the airlines charge. How could I have not thought that? I looked on Jet Blue's web site one minute after my Priceline reservation was confirmed and saw that if I purchased them from Jet Blue, I would have $30 more to feed my family. I feel like a fool for not checking the Jet Blue web site prior to buying tickets from Priceline. Priceline has nothing by disrespect and contempt for consumers. They may count on our stupidity and I played right into their hands, by believing their hype of discounted travel on their web site. I IMMEDIATELY called Priceline, one minute after my reservation confirmation, as was told that the only price guarantee is if you purchase tickets through Name Your Own Price, not through Freshly Negotiated Travel Deals. (How does Priceline define the word deal?) Where does it say on the web site that prices may be higher than the airlines? Does Priceline have an ethical obligation to state this, if they use the words Discount Travel at the top of their home page? I am a documentary filmmaker and do quite a bit of traveling. I also book tickets for my crew. You can be rest assured, I will never book any travel on Not if they have that much contempt for the consumer, by posting deliberate misleading wording on their web site, and then not making good on a Discount. (Very poor descriptive wording on their part.) RJM Boston, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
87, Report #340502
Jun 15 2008
07:23 PM Priceline put my family in a dangerous hotel Waco, Texas Internet
I booked a hotel room from the web page, using the name your price feature. I requested 2 rooms, for 3 nights. I submitted my price request for a 2 star hotel. Here is what occurred when we checked in the room. *The room was dirty, with stains all over the bathroom. *We then found a used condom between the nightstand and the bed. Upon seeing the appalling condition of the hotel, I left the room to report this to the management. When I walked out of the room to talk to the hotel management, I was approached by a man who aggressively requested money. I refused him and quickly went to the hotel reception. When I reached reception, no one was there. I waited for 20 minutes but no one was available at the front desk. I returned to the room. When I returned to my room, there was a knock at the door. When I looked out the window, I did not know the person and did not answer. He began shouting at my door, asking if I had jumper-cables. I shouted back that I did not. He persisted and made a strange request and asked if I would go to my car and double check and see if I had cables. Again, I told him no. He then asked if I find some jumper-cables, will you give me a jump. I told him NO! I became concerned about the total lack of security and for the safety of my wife, daughter and myself. We waited for the person to leave my door and then my family and I made a quick exit to our car. As I was driving out of the parking lot, another person (appeared to be another transient) jumped in front of my car trying to get us to stop. I backed up and drove around him and did not look back. I prepaid $450.28 for a 2 star room. Later, I looked at the hotel that priceline booked for me and saw that it is a 1 star hotel and not the 2 star that had been contracted for, Upon leaving the hotel, I contacted priceline service and was told that there was nothing they could do. As we were desperate for a hotel, I booked a room with the priceline reservation group and paid with my credit card. I have repeatedly contact the priceline service reps, but have been met with evasive and obvious disinterest. *I paid priceline for a 2 star hotel and was given a 1 star. Upon reading the other horror stories in this forum about, I feel that dealing with these people is hopeless. Any suggestions will be appreciated. OFT Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #259264
Jul 07 2007
08:23 AM offers services and attractions that are not available Ripoff Internet
I booked a vacation to Orlando, FL thew only because they were offering special packages on attractions and services. One was for round trip transportation to and from the airport to hotel for $30 and another for 3 day hopper passes to Disney World for $64. After I submitted my credit card info and pressed Buy My Vacation Now a page came up stating that the extra packages were not available. I immediately e-mailed priceline stating that they were frauds and wanted the whole transaction canceled. i received this response back: Thank your for taking the time to send us an e-mail. We apologize for any inconvience and understand that you had selected attraction and services that were shown available to you. After you submitted your credit card information, your were advised that they were not available. You would like to cancel all your transactions. Per our records our system was unable to process your request10xxxxxxxxx9, Please note that you have not been charged for it. Our booking system is linked to our travel partners' booking system just as any other Internet travel service or travel agency. Regrettably there are occasional time lags, which impact true reservation system database at the time we access it. The time lag is common throughout the travel industry and is not unique to us. While it is rare that this happens, it appears that due to changing inventory the reservation we offered was no longer available at the time we attempted to book it. Please review the list of remaining itineraries and try again, if the itinerary you had selected is still listed, please be aware that it may or may not be available due to changing inventory. Also we are unable to manually remove or delete any request or request data submitted on our website. All customer request data is systematically removed via an automated process within certain factors. Since your request 10xxxxxxxxx9 was not processed, you are under no obligation and no further processing of your request will be attempted. If you do not wish to continue with your request, simply disreguard it and do nothing - unless you enter the last four digits of your credit/debit card or intials when requested and click the Buy My Reservation Now button you will not be charged. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this information is helpful to you. Sincerely, Saumil P. Customer Service Specialist No where in this reponse does Saumil P. ever state in plain english that they will not cancel the whole package. After reading the second from last paragraph and never receiving any confirmations or itinerary from priceline, I assumed that the whole transaction was not processed and book another vacation with When I received my credit card statement i was shocked to see that there was a charge of $591.64 from priceline and two $201.56 charges from United Airlines. I called my credit card co. They got United to remove their charges, but after 2 attempts priceline would not budge. The first time they stated that i did not have any complaints while staying at the hotel. That's because i never stayed at that hotel. The second time they said that, Priceline Vacation Package is non-refundable and non-changeable. And that I agreed to the terms and conditions of the purchase. So, they are saying that, you the consumer, can not change anything, but they can change whatever whenever they want. I agreed to the terms for the package i picked, with the extra attractions and services, not the package they gave me. Why isn't there a law that allows consumers at least 3 days to back out of these contracts. Or, Priceline should be made to notify us of any changes before we commit to purchasing the package, not after. We should have the right to back out if any changes are made that we don't agree with. As far as goes, all i can say is Buyer Beware!!!!! Erika Buffalo, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Internet
89, Report #257178
Jun 27 2007
10:07 AM Refused to cancel reservation after 48 hr deadline. Internet
I made reservations at a Quality Inn in Lafayette, LA. for June 14th. I arrived in the city much earlier than antipicated and went to the motel to cancel, thinking we would travel 4 or 5 more hours. The motel manager called Priceline and was told reservations had to be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the reservation time. I can find nothing on their website to indicate this, and would not have used their service had I known. Additionally, when checking to see if I had received a discounted rate, as Priceline promises, I found I would have fared far better by calling the motel myself and making my own reservations. I was going to have to pay the room rate, regardless of whether or not I stayed, so I elected to take the room and kill the afternoon doing something else, rather than paying for this room and another one further down the highway. I will never use Priceline again and will recommend to everyone who will listen that they do the same. William Gulfport, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
90, Report #247191
May 06 2007
07:46 PM Ripoff $25 cancelation fee make thme rich me poor Internet
My son graduates Bootcamp on 5.11.07. I was advised incorrectly that he leaves on 5.12.07. Today when i found out that he can come home on 5.11.07 i called to cancel the hotel room and was advised priceline has a $25 cancelation fee for everyone. I wull never use their services. The $25 could have been used for groceries. I even explained to the girl who sounded so polite and firm that my son is graduating. SHe then explained the policy of how my money will be released $44 in 5 to 7 days. I know some smart ass is foing to say it is in the small print about the cancelation fee but let's be honest. The small print is not always read, and some one who is already rich is getting rich off keeping $25 of a poor person's weekly wages. I'll be sure to spread the word of how proceline profits from the working class, we barely make paycheck to paycheck. This was the only vacation i was going to get with my daughters and son before he leaves home for good. The only ways priceline can make this right is refund the whoule amount taken 69.00 Chriss Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
91, Report #251843
Jun 02 2007
10:29 AM Fraudulent charges terrible customer service A MAJOR RIPOFF!! Internet
I had tried booking a flight through priceline. I read and filled out the information carefully. When it came time to purchase my tickets a message popped up sayin that my card had NOT been charged due to the unsufficient funds in my account. I was curious about why it was saying that because I had more than enough in my account. I checked my online bank statement and I saw that Priceline had taken out two or three random charges of $20.20!! I had not purchased anything and I checked my e-mail to see if anything ahd been sent to me, yet I had recieved NOTHING! My bank said nothing could be done until the charges were final. I insisted they stopped the charges immediatly or block them from being made, but they declined! I was furious and tried calling pricline but sat on hold for 45 min! My advice is never use any online airfare! I later that night was yet agian a victim of fraudulent charges by CHEAPTICKETS.COM!!! But that time they completely wiped out my accout!! NEVER USE THESE ONLINE SERVICES!!! Natalie Surprsie, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #275820
Sep 24 2007
10:16 AM
Priceline, is a missleading deceptive online hotel booking site Internet
I used Priceline to reserve a room in a 4 star hotel in Las Vegas Nevada, After several tries they were unable to meet my offer. I checked a 3 star Hotel to be included in the search to make it easier to find a hotel for my Offer, knowing a 3 star hotel is almost as good as a 4 star hotel. Moments Later they booked me at the Riviera hotel at the end of the strip which in my opinion is less than one star Hotel, for the money I paid for this hotel I could have stayed at a much nicer hotel. Their rip off policy is none cancellable none refundable none transferable. That was my only time I used and the last time I will used it. Teri Tracy, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #190348
May 07 2006
11:34 AM
Reservation Reward & ripoff Internet
I bought a hotel reservation on After the reservation was made, I noticed a link on e-mail I received from site saying click here to claim your $10 cash back offer for your request today. I clicked on the link which brought me to a website called It said that I would get $10 back on my next reservation with and merely asked me to provide my e-mail address and to click yes. Below the yes link, it was written I want my reservation rewards discounts plus my $10 dollars cask back. I received an e-mail from reservation rewards stating: WELCOME TO RESERVATION REWARDS Renaud, you've made a great decision to register for all the valuable benefits of Reservation Rewards, our premier travel discounts and protection program! You can save money every time you travel and right in your own neighborhood... plus see below for instructions on how to get your $10.00 Cash Back Award on your next reservation! This email is your Membership Kit and contains everything you need to access the Reservation Rewards site and start saving right away! Make sure to save it and print it in case you need it for future reference. Here's what you'll find in your Membership Kit email: **** Log-In Instructions **** Membership Benefits **** $10.00 Cash Back Award Claim Details **** Your Contact Information **** Offer and Billing Details **** Customer Service I did not read any further and did not worry about that, as I had never been required to give my credit card information to reservation rewards. However, when I saw that reservation rewards charged me $10 in my next credit card statement, I reviewed their e-mail which stated almost at the end: For your records, this confirms the Offer and Billing Details for your membership in Reservation Rewards: Enjoy your $10.00 Cash Back Award on your next reservation, plus 30 days of all the money-saving discounts and valuable protection of Reservation Rewards through 05/04/2006 for only $10, billed to the credit or debit card you authorized. It's a Special Reward! If you are completely satisfied during the next 30 days, do nothing. All your Reservation Rewards discounts and protection will automatically continue for just $10 a month billed by Reservation Rewards to the credit or debit card you authorized (MasterCard, Last 4 digits: xxxx). For your convenience Reservation Rewards will use the contact and credit or debit card information you authorized for billing and benefit processing. In the event your monthly membership fee were to ever change, you would be notified before you are billed. Reservation Rewards benefits may be enhanced or modified at anytime without prior notice. Your monthly fee will show up on your card statement as billed by WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.COM 800-732-7031 CT. As I had another hotel reservation to make, I proceeded with my reservation on and claimed my $10 back from reservation reward by doing excatly what was indicated on their website, that is to say send an e-mail to the e-mail address mentionned with the reference of the coupon indicated on their website. I received a check for $10 one week later. When I realized that they charged my credit card for $10, I immediately sent them an e-mail stating: I would like to know how you got my credit card information and how you managed to bill it. All was indicated on was that I would get a 10 dollars coupon, but I never logged in reservation reward, never accepted your conditions. I therefore never signed in for a free trial period. But even assuming that I did, I understand from your e-mail of April 4 that the trial period is of 30 days and you charged my credit card before the expiration of the trial period. I therefore request you to cancel any services and refund the 10 dollars you fraudulently charged on my credit card. I also inform you that I will report your fraudulent activity to the US department of Justice as well as for providing your company with my credit card information. Within 2 hours, I received the following e-mail from reservationrewards: This notice confirms that your membership in Reservation Rewards has been canceled as of 05/04/2006. Your cancel confirmation number is: 13171815. We have issued a refund of your membership fee. This refund will appear as a credit to your account within the next 3-5 business days. The most blamable party in this is, which gave my credit card information to another corporation without my consent. Renaud New Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on
Entity: Internet
94, Report #322337
Mar 30 2008
10:35 AM Deceptive advertising of star hotel ratings Internet
I also bid on a 4 star London hotel, only to discover that many of the reviews, some going back a couple of years, were negative and almost unanimously state the hotel should have been rated a 2 5 or 3 star. Even ones that were positive claimed it was ok for a 3 star hotel, but definitely not a 4 star. I understand that the star ratings are not consistent among the various web sites, but Priceline purports to assign them per the following info, copied verbatim from their web site: Per our Quality Experience Guarantee, your hotel has been star-rated by priceline according to our rigorous rating system. This means that our hotel staff has researched your hotel, reviewed customer comments and compared star ratings assigned by other rating services. The hotel you get will meet priceline's strict quality standards. This is deceptive and fraudulent advertising. Apparently they did not bother to take into account their customers' comments. If I wanted to stay in a 3 star hotel I would have bid on one. I have already registered complaints with several consumer agencies. I would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against them. Maur341 New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
95, Report #53248
Apr 16 2003
07:31 PM bought false promises ripoff liars Norwalk Connecticut bought ticket under false information given by Priceline representative that 3 year old could fly without ticket sitting in lap, NOT TRUE Norwalk, CT Norwalk, CT ..... I am writing this on behalf of the person who purchased the ticket. She asked if a separate ticket was needed for her 3 year old and was told no- she could sit in her lap. A few days later received a letter from Priceline that this wasn't possible since the US was at high level of security and that she would have to purchase another ticket. her ticket cost 200.00, price for the child's 1000. Since there is no way she could afford the ticket she asked for a refund. Was told no via email, called on the phone and was told she was confused no one told her the child did not need a ticket and would not refund her money. A third attempt via email, explaining that this was Priceline's error and no fault of hers, they still did not have the intergrity to refund the ticket or provide a voucher for use at a later time. Penny Wrightsville Beach, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #28020
Aug 26 2002
12:50 PM
According to you can file a complaint against with the Stanford CT BBB since that is where their company HQ is located. WALTER roanoke, Virginia
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #377380
Sep 30 2008
02:22 PM makes money of cancelations period Norwalk Connecticut makes money of consumers who need to cancel or change their reservation. It is a profit that is greed, and bad-business. I made my reservation online today at 3pm for the Double Tree, Asheville, NC. By 3:45 I was told by my boss that I would need to book that trip a little later, becuase we had an unexpected conference with our very important customer the following day. I called the 800# on Priceline (all three of them) only to be connected to an automated only system that would only confirm my reservation. I had to research this company myself, and get the corporate number myself, and demand to speak with a live person. After speaking with someone - they advised me that I would have to pay $177 for an early cancelation fee FOR A RESERVATION THAT I MADE 45 MINUTES EARLIER!! I advised the lady that I would not pay such a dumb fee, expecially since the hotel (Double Tree) would allow this advanced of a cancelation, and charge no fee directly with me. She advised me that the company, and hotel are under and agreement, and that I would have to pay this fee. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and she connected me with another (equally as non-helpful) lady who advised me the same things. I told the lady Look - I booked this 45 minutes ago - I always stay with Double Tree, and they would allow this cancelation directly with NO FEE to the customer. Secondly, they have not even received the request yet. What am I paying your company for? I would just assume eat $177 than give it to you for nothing!. She read off (verbatim) the their policy AGAIN as though she had no personality, and was in fact, a robot. I asked to speak with her supervisor, and was told that any further questions would need to be presented in an email to their management department. She then refused to give me any emails, and directed me to the website to find it. Priceline sucks. I am so sick, and tired of not being able to trust any company. It is so sad that business cannot be done with a handshake anymore, and greed, and poor customer-service is all you get. I will never do any business with the company again. After further invesitgation on this company... I have determined why they are so adament on their cancelation policy.... Jeffery Boyd, President & CEO Compensation Salary $545,833.00 Bonus $0.00 Other Annual Compensation $0.00 Long term incentive plan payouts $0.00 Restricted stock awards $2,623,084.00 Security underlying options $0.00 All other compensation $7,212.00 Option awards $ $47,708.00 Non-equity incentive plan compensation $1,350,000.00 Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings $0.00 Total Compensation $4,573,837.00 I am mearly a consumer complaining about a company - however, if I were a shareholder in this company - I would have concerns just in this alone. The company is clearly built on greed, which historically will only bring its failure. The CEO is making $4.6M a year, and something tells me he is more than satisfied with his companies CANCELATION POLICY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PRICELINE.COM Thanks for your time. Brucepalmer1 Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Norwalk, Connecticut
98, Report #363376
Aug 15 2008
04:20 PM priceline ticket bid scam screws consumers Internet
I bid on a same-day round trip ticket from Los Angeles to San Francisco - the priceline info said the outbound flight would occur between 6am and noon. No option or prompt was offered to specify the return leg. The bid was accepted - I went for it - BIG MISTAKE (warning to other unsuspecting innocents). When I looked at the itinerary, the outbound flight wasn't leaving until 12:31 PM, arrival at SFO shortly after 2pm, and return to LAX at 4pm. So I guess I'm just supposed to sit in the airport for 2 hours and catch my flight home - NFW! I was going to the Japanese sword show at the Airport Marriot less than a mile from the terminal, but I'd need more than 2 hours to go, see stuff, and get back for my flight. The whole priceline thing was ridiculous in concept. I called and begged for forgiveness and was given a lethal dose of T.S., pal - have a nice day. So I called my credit card company and stopped the charge. I have to stay on top of it through Sept. 9th to ensure they don't repeat charge; if they do, then the thing goes into dispute. To my mind, they broke contract by scheduling the flight after 12 noon - there were plenty of early morning and late evening flights available. Does anybody know if I stand a chance in this? Ltitbld west hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #362965
Aug 14 2008
03:33 PM
Priceline.Com Bait and Switch Tactics Hillside Internet
Priceline.Com is so dishonest. I was Looking for a flight and car deal. Use the name your own price. When I made a bid, for the flight and car, Priceline accepted the for flight and car. Once I got the Final Confirmation, it showed only the Flight was given. I immediately call priceline, not even Five Minutes passed. They refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing. I explain to them step by step what was done and they just refuse to even do anything to correct the situation. They claim there is nothing they can do, even if it is their fault. I ask for a Refund and they said that is against the Policy. Priceline is totally wrong for leading people under false pertents. If they want to make things right it is totally in they power to do so. I am now out $471 dollars, because the flight is no good to me as well. We as consumers near to put a stop to this practice. Class Action Suit is the way to go. Caldwell Hillside, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hillside, Internet
100, Report #407186
Jan 02 2009
11:04 AM Ripoff, taking money by saying claim your reward Website Ohio
In Summer 2008, I booked a flight through After confirmation they offered claim your 15% reward back. As soon I clicked link, It asked for password and city name. then they asked to buy something from them, I just turned off that link. Now for last 5 months they are charging my credit card for 11.99. they are not refunding my money, nor listening any thing. Price line is accomplice of this fraud as they provided my credit card number and other information. Is there anybody to help this poor man? Munawar MEMPHIS, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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