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76, Report #182498
Mar 21 2006
04:28 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ripoff Vacation Package Changed my itinerary Ft Lauderdale, Florida
I was solicited by phone in December 2004. After being convinced that this was to improve the Ramada's reputation, I agreed to the deposit. I booked the rest in December 2005. I disputed it with AAA credit card for 3 months. After they told me to send all info back to Ramada, and I had faxed them EVERYTHING and thensome, they asked for more information. I didn't have it so they dropped my dispute. After calling for days and days, I spoke with Tawanna at x4002 and she offered to change the whole vacation to Orlando. This seemed better than going on a scary cruise and I didn't like the reviews for the neighborhood of Ft Lauderdlae either. I have a 2 year old and am 9 weeks preganant. The thought of going on a nasty cruise was making me want to just walk away from all of that money. CRAZY IDEA. We are scheduled to leave on saturday. They of course didn't change my car rental and I am still flying into Ft Laudrdale, but hopefully it will be bearable. I will give a detailed report on return. This whole thing is such BS and I am not usually easily persuaded. I'm nervous and will be leaving the hotel if it filthy! Stacey croton, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale,, Florida
77, Report #167340
Dec 08 2005
07:59 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ripoff HUGE SCAM! Ft. Lauderdale Florida
In 2003 I received an offer in the mail for what then appeared to be a dream vacation - An all inclusive trip to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and the Bahamas an amazing price of only $698! However this dream has turned into an unmitigated NIGHTMARE as I have discovered that this company is running a SCAM! I was initially told that I would receive breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel as well as all-inclusive accommodations while aboard the cruise to the Bahamas. I was also assured that I had three years to take the trip. However, my trip mysteriously expired just two years later and I was told that I would either forfeit the money that I had already spent or pay $596 more for the other person that would be traveling with me on this trip. The BIGGEST form of deception came when the phone rep told me that since this was a new package that I should throw out all of the literature from the previous package that I had paid $698 for except for the voucher that guaranteed my meals since the new package only included breakfast. Imagine my surprise when I called to confirm various aspects of my package and was told that I COULD NOT USE THIS VOUCHER!!! I paid for all-inclusive but was told that I would be receiving only breakfast! To add insult to injury the arrogant and rude phone rep, after talking to a supervisor, offered me a food coupon for a paltry $25. Other misrepresentation: a slew of hidden fees, the three-hour distance that you must travel between hotels that is casually mentioned in the glossed-over DVD as well as a multitude of grievances that I have read from others who have taken the trip. This place is a FRAUD and should be immediately stopped. Kabria Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
78, Report #192040
May 17 2006
07:02 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts, Daniel Lambert ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I was also deceived by this scam about a year ago. Please help me get my refund back. What I'm I supposed to do? Sabina Oklahoma city, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
79, Report #217713
Oct 25 2006
09:48 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts scammed in college ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I had recieved vouchers in the mail for the ramada plaza resorts and 1600usd. Curious I called the 1-800 number to find out what it was about. I was given this well practiced speech of recieving this great vacation package to orlando, and a 2 day cruise to Nassua Island in the Bahamas. I was told it would only cost me $396 for two people to go. SO, i willingly gave them my visa debit card #, i was then connected to someone who could confirm the transaction, i was told it would be taped. He asked me to say that i authorized the transaction, i replied I do. Then the call ended. Later I talked to my mother about it, she very quickly got upset with me. With good reason too. I talked to her fiance Robert who is an attourney. He advised me to call my bank and put a stop to the transaction, there was nothing the representative could do. I made an attempt to call the company and cancel I never got the chance to speak to anyone. They hung up on me. Desperate, I called my bank again to try and close the account but the transaction was pending. My last option was to file a dispute. I dont know if that will do me any good as I authorized the transaction. Is there anyway at all I can stop this or get my money back? I unfortunately do not live in a State that filed a lawsuit against the Ramada Plaza Resorts. I looked up research on the Ramada after talking to my mother. Now I feel sick inside as I fear all my money will be taken from me as a result of hidden fees and I wont be able to pay rent. I am a college student now really struggling to survive. Teresa pocatello, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
80, Report #214737
Oct 08 2006
03:58 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts (RPR) Ripoff Yet another ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I purchased RPR's package through the same scam that I am reading all through this website back in April of 2003. I told them I would not be able to use it right away, so they suckered me into an extension of 18 months. At 18 months, they called me again, and asked why I had not taken the vacation. I said that I still had 18 months, they said it had not been extended. I then got suckered into paying the remaning $698 between three different credit cards, got the extension that I thought I already had, in addition to an upgrade to Cozumel. It is now October 2006. I have still not been able to use the package, and never will be able to. I am going through a divorce and my husband is wanting half of the value of the vacation package that supposedly expired in April of this year.. Is there any way I can get my money back after so long? Michelle Bothell, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
81, Report #215330
Oct 11 2006
09:59 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Vacations Ripoff! Asked immediately for credit card information Fort Lauderdale Florida
Look out Washington State. I received an envelope that came in the mail with part of the return address in big letters Records Division. The envelope was stamped with red letters all in capital letters - Final Notification. Also above the window was the statement: Please Verify Contents: Registered Documents Enclosed. I thought this was some legal notification about something very important. My daughter's husband is from Florida and I thought this was some notice regarding them as they were traveling at the time to his family in Florida. What a joke when I opened the envelope. I called the toll free number just to confirm the scam and refused the offer. The first thing they ask if you have a credit card and what is the account number. DO NOT give any information. Bad choice. It is a real shame that the name Ramada is used as I have stayed in Ramada Inns and thought they were ok for the quick stay travel and a respectful name. This company is a HUGE ripoff. Beware!! Beware!! Jeanne Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
82, Report #129293
Jan 28 2005
03:32 PM
Thursday, January 27, 2005 I recieved a letter in the mail. I opened it and it was a credit voucher for $1600. I decided to ask my parents what they thought about it, if it was real or not. They just said check it out. So while I was at work I happened to find this website when I put in Ramada Plaza Resorts. This was a huge warning sign for me. Even if I didn't look at this website, I wouldn't have gone for it anyway, only because I know that there are people that will rip you off and not care about the people they hurt. I decide to call them and just play around with them. When I called that number (1-800-550-9559) or (1-800-978-0999) the phone was answered by Donald James Carmen. Well, I sat there and listened to his spill about how great this vacation is, while on the internet looking up the staute laws in Florida. He said that I would only have to pay $698 for me and $698 for my passenger. And if I wanted to bring more people along then the price's would be as followed: 2 and under - $79 each 2 to 12 - $99 each 13 and up - $198 each He also explained to me that this only includes the resort stay..not the cruise. Also, he said that if I wanted to change the date of when I take the trip that it would be a one time fee of $9.95. He did say that there would be other charges as far as the car rental and at the hotel I would pay the taxes and service and phone calls while I am there. On the cruise I would pay for Beverages other than tea and coffee, phone and tips. At the end of his jiberish he said to reserve my place that I would have to pay something. I explained to him that I was reading the Florida Goverment website about Telemarketing Staute's and he said no that paying over the phone by credit cards is not illegal, that if it was then the HSN would be out of business and that airline companies would lose a lot of business. I told him I don't have the funds right now (even though I did) So he said Oh, but that's ok, once we run your credit card # and it declines it, it will keep going down until it does go thru, even if it very little. I should have told him can I just do a dollar then...ha ha ...but I didn't want to give anyone my credit card # over the phone. I know what kind of people are out there. ( No offense to anyone else) Well I asked him if I could send him a check or money order and he said and I qoute Maybe you didn't hear me, I said Ramada accepts Visa/Mastercard or Discover. I said, No, I heard you just fine. I am just looking out for myself. He said no problem. He started going into this whole thing about how the letter was sent first class and that it had to be verified by Florida and Texas before it was sent to me...inspected by the General Post Master. Whatever. So then he asked me if I had the credit card with me...and I told him I still don't feel comfortable with this and then he said ok, there is a phone number on the back of your card, after I post the payment then you or I can call your card company and verify who and how much was charged to your card. I told him that it doesn't really matter...that I have insurance on my card anyways...I said...no..I don't think I can do it for that much. He asked me if $698 was too much. I said yes it is too much. He said well hold on for one moment while I see if Ramada has special deals they can work out for you. I hung up the phone after that. I didn't like listening to him anymore. Besides, I just wanted to see what they say so I can post it for everyone to see. I typed everything that was said. Part of it is in exact words and some may not be. But everything that was said is here. Don't be a fool...do your homework like I did....Before you go, that's the important part. Maggie Arlington, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: FT LAUDERDAL, Florida
83, Report #105375
Aug 25 2004
01:29 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff - dishonest employees - fraudulent - breach of contract Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I recently booked a vacation with Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale Vacations. I was very disappointed with this vacation, as it was advertised as a spectacular vacation package and the vacation of your dreams. This could not be further from the truth. The original document sent to me was a $1600 travel voucher (*voucher based on full retail value of all components purchased separately). The difference I paid for the vacation to Ramada was $1396. This means that Ramada is advertising a $2996 vacation package, but the value of our vacation was nowhere near $2996. I also looked up the retail value of the components of the vacation separately, and Ramada seems to be making quite a profit off of this spectacular vacation. Ramada should not be advertising a $1600 travel voucher because customers are paying every penny for this vacation package. When my husband and I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale, Ramada Plaza Resorts, it was a junky hotel 25 minutes from the beach. They checked us into a dirty room with the tiles falling apart in the bathroom, no towels, opened mouthwash, no shampoo, and paint was chipping on the walls which were supposed to be white but were yellow. Might I remind you that the representative that sold me the vacation over the phone, Matty, told me it was a new resort. My husband requested to be moved into a new room of course, and 30 minutes later we were still in the same room so I decided to tell them instead of ask to be moved. They immediately moved us into a better room but we repeatedly requested towels over the next couple hours and finally decided to call a manager. The towels arrived after speaking with the manager, but I thought at a resort, room service should be automatic. People should not have to contact a manager to get towels to take a shower. Also, our air conditioning in the new room smelled like a skunk and the water from the shower was dirty before we got in it. I was tired of complaining and spoke with other people staying at the hotel. They validated my complaints, as they had dirty water in their rooms also. This should be a health code and is not spectacular at all. Every day and night at the Ramada, the buffet food that was supposed to be hot was cold. I could not believe Ramada would tell me my vacation was booked at a resort, and give me a dirty hotel. The video Ramada sent that advertises the vacation package says these words exactly: First Class Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale vacationVIP Treatment you deserve We took a tour of a resort property while staying in Ft. Lauderdale we knew we had to do the tour and it is in the contract and our itinerary, so that was not a problem. We were excited about the cruise and excited to get out of our horrible hotel, which was advertised as a resort. We had fun on the cruise the service was excellent and the food was delicious. Our room, however, was like sleeping in a box. The Frequently Asked Questions Page Ramada sent to us clearly states that: Accommodations on the cruise ship are cozy staterooms featuring a private bath We had a showerhead in a 3-foot by 4-foot bathroom, but no bath. The representative who sold me the vacation, Matty, also told me to visit Atlantis while in the Bahamas, but when we got there they said that Atlantis was a private resort and we could not go there. The cruise ship also advertised shore excursions on the Bahamas, which we purchased for $53 per person because they told everyone on the cruise ship that all beaches were privately owned and if we wanted to go to the beach we would have to book a trip through them. When we got to the island, there was a public beach, Paradise Island, so I was disappointed that we were lied to. When we arrived in Orlando, we stayed at the Amerihost Resort. It was a nice hotel, but still not a First Class Resort. The part of this trip that was the most disappointing was when we checked in at the Amerihost Resort. In the Ramada Plaza Resorts Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale Vacation Package, the contract clearly states: INCLUDED IS A CHOICE OF EITHER TWO (1) DAY PASSES FOR TWO ADULTS TO DISNEY OR TWO-2 DAY PASSES FOR TWO ADULTS TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO (RECEIVED AFTER TOURING A RESORT PROPERTY) Ramada breached this contract because they refused to give us the passes to Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios Orlando. The manager, Bill, refused to give us the passes unless we took a vacation ownership tour in Orlando. This is not part of the terms and conditions of the contract we agreed to. We took a vacation ownership tour on the second day of our vacation in Ft. Lauderdale as stated in the contract to receive the passes. We contacted the travel agent from the Amerihost about this issue, and the agent transferred my husband back to the Amerihost Welcome Center. This is completely unacceptable behavior by Ramada Plaza Resorts employees. We paid for ourselves to go to Magic Kingdom and want to be reimbursed for this excursion. It clearly is included in the vacation package, and Ramada broke their obligation to supply those passes to us. The vacation my husband and I took was far from spectacular and we feel that our vacation for the year was wasted on mediocre travel. We would love to take a spectacular vacation, and plan to do so in the near future. If Ramada decides they do not want to handle this issue, we will never be booking through Ramada again and plan to take matters into our own hands with the help of a lawyer. The total amount we spent on this vacation package out of pocket was well over $2000, completely unacceptable for the value of the vacation supplied to us. Nerissa Waldorf, MarylandU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
84, Report #115209
Oct 29 2004
10:46 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Advice For Getting Your Money Back ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Am I ever glad to have come across this website! Thanks to all those who gave advice on getting your money back (especially those in Canada!) Luckily for me I found this website just hours after I agreed to their offer, so I had a good read on all the related complaints, and was ready when I called them this morning. My conversation with the rep actually went quite well. The representative did EXACTLY what most of you have already indicated: 1) She mentioned that this was non-refundable, and when I gave them my CC that was my commitment 2) She tried offering to use my paid amount as credit for future trips 3) she offered me cheaper packages (down from $698 to $298) 4) she offered to give me a partial refund 5) then she finally gave me a full refund... pleasantly the exchange took only 15 minutes, and I was only forwarded to a different person once! Here are my main points of argument: - I am a student on student loan, up to a 5-figured debt - I cannot afford this trip financial - I was talked into this offer by their representative when I really didn't want it - I had time to think this over and regret this decision As suggested, I remained calm throughout the conversation with one goal in mind: getting my full money back!! Be polite, be consistent, and try to touch their soft spot! Whenever she tries to mention about how great the vacation is and what alternatives she can offer, just go back to your original argument. Even if you end up with a not-so-pleasant representative, just remind yourself that you're trying to get her to work for you, not against you. One last thing: Act fast! I'm sure my success also has much to do with calling within 24hrs. Hope this helps! Ted vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
85, Report #132074
Feb 20 2005
07:22 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts/Imperial Cruises ripoff Fort Lauderdale, Florida
We just returned Monday from the vacation from Hell. Our brotherinlaw, and sister in law had arranged(bought) this super, 'dream vacation pkg. of a lifetime', and wanted us to join them. We paid them our share(?), paid for our airfare, and we arrived at this seedy hotel called the Ramada Plaza on Commercial Blvd. Fort Lauderdale. The door was hangin off the hinges, there was a big hole in the bed spread, and filthy spots on the carpets. and that was just on the first glance. It didn't get better!! We had to do the sales presentation, or no vouchers for the cruise. It was a 6 hour, grueling, hard sell presentaion. but we got the vouchers and proceeded to the crusie the next day. the Imperial magesty is an old, read very old boat that is a rabbit warren of rooms. we were to have a port hole cabin our sister in law had arranged. Good thing we didn't get a porthole, as we were well below the water line!!! Bunk beds and a dresser and closet in a space the size of a normal hluse closet. the pool was 8x7 and there were 2 hot tubs. I do have to say that the food on this ship was excellent. In their defence the food was good. But the rest was a disaster. After the cruise we were off to Orlando for the rest of our 'dream vacation' and we were really apprehensive about what that would entail. It was of the same low class, rat trap, flea bag hotel status. we had a nightmare of a time, and ur relatives were mortified that things were so awful. we are out about $3000. for this experience. that is one expensive weeks vacation!!! Treva Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
86, Report #135006
Mar 14 2005
09:02 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts in the process of getting refund ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I am the neive stupid college student...lol. I called the company today and told them that I couldn't attend the trip and that I wanted a full refund. The lady on the phone, at first was rude and said that I couldnt get a refund. I then said that they were in violation to the florida sellers of travel act. The rude lady then turned into a even ruder lady. She said she know that I have the right to a refund and has hear it all before. She then asked me the real reason and I told her it was because I didn't want to be scammed anymore. She said what does that mean. Well I said I don't want to pay anymore money and go on this trip from hell just to get bother about time share the whole time. She said you read that on the internet right and do you beleive everything the internet says miss? I said I just want a refund in full please. She then tried to talk me into letting her jsut refund me half and that way I could still go for half the price!!!! I was laughing at her while she was trying to scam me again!!! I said no so she finally asked if I was sure and gave me a full refund that will be charged back to my credit card in 5-7 days. She then said they were going to send me to orlando for three nights for free for the trouble... I asked if I had to pay anything and she said no its complimentary and that she will send me a broucher. When it does come I'm shredding it into a million pieces. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. DON'T FALL FOR IT!! At least I was able to get my money back {fingers crossed!!} Chantel Etobicoke, OntarioCanada
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
87, Report #116952
Nov 09 2004
05:20 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts - Florida Travel Network ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
To Whom It May Concern, Ten years ago I purchased two vacation packages from a company called the Florida Travel Network for $500.00 each. Since then I paid approximately $50.00/yr. in renewal fees. The vacation package was to include 4 days and 3 nights in Ft. Lauderdale, a dinner cruise to the Bahamas, 3 days and two nights in the Silver sands hotel in the Bahamas and an Alamo rental car. In 2001 I traveled on one of these vacations and had to pay up to $700.00 to be allowed a cabin onboard a very old and unkempt ship and beachfront accommodations instead of an inland hotel. The company I was dealing with was no longer Florida Travel Network but had been changed to Ramada Plaza Resorts. For the last three weeks I tried to book the second vacation and after quite a lot of argument with sales personnel was allowed to pay another $595.00 for (allegedly) the same vacation package. I called Ramada Plaza Resorts under an alias and was offered the same trip with the upgrades of a cabin on the ship and beachfront accommodations plus 3 days and two nights in Daytona for $650.00. My question is why did I have to (essentially) purchase a second package when I had already paid (counting renewal fees which Ramada accepted and for which I have bank statements for) nearly $1000.00 already. Where is my original $500.00? Where is the justice in this? Today I logged onto the internet and found that class action suits have been filed in other states and settled. I also understand that class action suits may be underway in my state. My wife and I have already scheduled our vacations and we must travel December 10th. What can we do? Should we take the vacation and hope for satisfaction at a later time? Should we kiss our hard earned dollars goodbye? How can we get included in the potential class action suit? If there's anything you can do to help it would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Ronald K. Butcher The address of this company is: Company Ramada Plaza Resorts Address: 2419E. Commercial Blvd For Lauderdale Florida 33308 U.S.A. Phone Number: 800-405-6112 Ronald Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
88, Report #117571
Nov 12 2004
07:29 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts HORRIBLE ripoff, half-scam, bad vacations, bad feelings Fort Lauderdale Florida
I worked for Ramada Plaza Resorts for a gruesome few days. I'm sorry to say. I was sent home with an ump-teen page script describing a dream vaction. Now everything sounded good, (as it does to a consumer) I didn't have time to research though, I needed money-and fast. Work there was like a second grade classroom. People running around, people screaming, music more important than your phone calls etc... I actually managed to do well-I apologize for this now mind you. I woke up one morning and decided I didn't want to go in because something wasn't right. I knew it sounded too good to be true, but at the time I was just doing my job. I was quite upset at the so called promotion managers because they are put on the phone to help close the sale. Well if you think about saying no, the phone is hung up on you and now you are the stupid one for not taking it. I have always worked in customer service and found their practices just down right dirty. If you read further reports there is a rebuttle from an employee Bob. Bob states that all of us are adult credit card holders and are capable of making our own decisions. Well thank you Bob, but it was nice for you to present it in such a way that we are pieces of crap, and for us to finish the fight we started. Really-if you can find his response read it, it's a hoot. I'm now reading all this information about this company and am ashamed to say that I was on the horrible sales staff, and I did personally make sales. It's funny because I was actually scammed by them when I was in college. I was just too busy to ever follow up on the measley $50 I put down. Now that I read these comments I figure it probably wasn't worth fighting that hard. BUT FOR YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE PUTTING DOWN HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS-DON'T GIVE UP. GET AS MANY NAMES AND NUMBERS AS YOU CAN. The funny thing is that they won't get you your refund because it will make them look bad (they already look bad...see pages 1-15 of their report), they'll give it to you because they just consider you a pain in their ass. My advice: go with the people on your side-the bank. Another thing is that in the eyes of the law they aren't doing anything wrong. This Jim character is a dirty, lying, cheating man-but he's smart. He's smart in the sense that he has covered his ass all around the board. I mean, a hotel room was given (regardless of what a crap hole it was), and things that weren't given are stated in the fine print - AKA the fast speaking shipping and verifications department. But they have you on tape authorizing the credit payment. They use this to cover their ass later. So what can we do? Get it on the news-probably been done. Go to the head - you can't talk to him...he's on a private cruise on a nice ship, not the Imperial Majesty. We can only really get the word out and save more people from wasting their money. I'm sorry to anyone that I sold, and anyone that gets sold. Concerned Pompano Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
89, Report #117282
Nov 11 2004
09:59 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ruined Our Honeymoon Fort Lauderdale Florida
I won't go into lengthy detail about our miserable experience with Ramada Plaza Resorts except to reinforce that this is the biggest mistake you can make if you choose to use them for your vacation plans. The hotel rooms all have foul smells, the service is poor, and the cruises are cancelled with little or no notice or explanation. In our case, our cruise was cancelled due to mechanical failure but there was no general announcement made. We all sat in the waiting room for several hours before we found out by word of mouth. We rescheduled our cruise for two days later only to find out the next day that cruise was also cancelled. The call came from the Welcome Center and had no explanation as to the cause (turns out they needed more than 2 days to fix the ship). I think Ramada is only interested in taking your money and is banking on the fact that most people don't do their research before their trip and probably don't do anything about it afterward when they come home dissatisfied. I assure you that after only a couple of hours of research I found stacks of info and testimonies about other people who have had the same problems as we did. Probably the best thing to do is this: Address your letter to Dan Lambert and fax it to him at (954) 567-9339. Write a letter (addressed to same) in reasonable detail (out letter was 3 pages) explaining what happened start to finish. Tell them how much of a financial loss you suffered, then threaten to contact various agencies like the Better Business Burueau of SE Florida, the Florida Attorney General's office, the Mayors' offices of the cities in which you were, etc. We got our money back within ten days of our request; probably the only thing Ramada did right. Only by writing and faxing letters of complaint directly to Dan Lambert, VP of Ramada, did we get any results. We only asked for the cruise portion of our money back but instead got half our money back. What set us off was the letter they sent us was written in a way that had no trace of an apology or sympathy. In fact, they wrote that no vacation organization or cruise line should ever be held responsible for mechanical failures. If not them, then who is to blame? Anyone who thinks this is a good deal needs to see Complaints against Ramada Resorts on the search line. If you're not convinced by the overwhelming evidence NOT to take this vacation then you are doing yourself a disservice. Good luck and good hunting! John Carpentersville, IllinoisU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
90, Report #112565
Oct 12 2004
11:42 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Liars Who Rip-off People! FRAUDS! Dishonest! Cheap! Fort Lauderdale Florida
I received a promotion in the mail for $1600 towards a vacation... including a cruise, and 3 other planned vacations. I talked on the phone with a guy names Frank for 30 min, I was a little sketchy about it so as we were talking i went online and found this ripoff website. AFTER i gave him my credit card number, i hung up the phone and he kept calling back... I told Frank that I wouldn't be able to afford the trip so could the money be taken off my credit card and he said he only could deduct $300... but then I told him i wanted to cancel the trip so i needed all of the money taken off the cardit card. He said it would be off of my credit card within 3 days. Lindsay Shakopee, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
91, Report #112568
Oct 12 2004
11:46 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts rip-off! Fort Lauderdale Florida
I got sucked into agreeing to buy a dream vacation. They wouldn't let me take the time to call my boyfriend, said that I had to pay for one of the tickets $698.00 over the phone or I would lose the vacation. I said that I didn't have the money on my visa, which is overdrawn. They put a man on the phone who assured me that they could get visa to put up the money... he got my visa info and put me on hold. He then came back on the line and told that visa had agreed to put up the money AT NO INTEREST! That I would be paying visa $58.00 a month until it was paid off. I accepted all of this, my boyfriend was livid, and I was starting to wonder why visa would authorize money with no interest when I was over my limit.... I phoned visa today and asked them to tell me why they would finance this with no interest.... they informed me that no such call or transaction had taken place. Naturally I immediately cancelled my card. They had actually put me on hold and pretended to talk to someone in the finance dept. at visa, came back and started blatantly lying to me. They completely compromised my card, I am so glad that I came accross this website, so I can share this experience. I talked to them last week and my sales person Yolanda was actually quite nice, albeit condesending at times, she did not mention time shares, and she did put alot of pressure on the sale. I am an intelligent woman, I didn't figure that they could get visa to finance the trip, so I said sure, go ahead and try... thinking this will do them no good at all. When they returned with the Good News! I was quite surprised and very nervous. Thank goodness I called today and didn't wait for money to start disapearing mysteriously. I know they are a scam, to what extent I have no idea. They lied to me about my VISA company.... that's a pretty big lie.... they never even called! Anyways, if you were unsure before about this company being a scam.... let me assure you... It is. Bobbi vancouver, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
92, Report #165141
Nov 18 2005
06:07 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Scammed But Got a Refund, Here's How Ripoff Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Anyone who is reading this has already been duped so I don't need to rehash it. I too am embarassed, but feel obligated to write this up. I just today got my refund on my credit card so it is possible. The approach that follows will likely help some of you but not all. It will help people who have got duped using a credit card payment and are within 30 days of getting that gut wrenching feeling. Here's what you need to do. 1. Act on this right away. Don't waste another day. If you're like me, your gut tells you there is something fishy here. Your gut is right. Don't wait for the promotional materials to show up. They aren't worth the paper they are printed on. 2. Call 1-800-203-9783 or the number by their charge on your credit card statement or any of the multiple Ramada Plaza Resort numbers to be found on the web. They have lotsa numbers. 3. Ask to speak to someone who can deal with a refund request. Be VERY firm despite their insistence and often obnoxious efforts to have you do something different. Stay focused. 4. Tell them that you wish to cancel any agreement you may have entered into with them under the terms of the Florida Seller's of Travel Act which states that you have 30 days from the date of the charge to do so. Try to get a refund confirmation number from them. In most cases you won't get one at this stage. 5. Next - Get your bankcard company involved as a third party. Call your credit card company's customer service line. Tell them that you have a charge that you are disputing with the merchant who made the charge. In my case they referred me to a security/dispute resolution area. Ask them to call Ramada Plaza Resorts with you on the line. Ramada will likely say that you have already called. Great - they know you're onto them. Be very focussed at this point and ask them with the bankcard people on the line for the evidence of this transaction. They will likely start to get very unprofessional but will not be able to produce the evidence at this point. Demand that they give you a refund confirmation number that both you and your bankcard service person record. The bankcard people know this outfit. What you are doing at this point is serving notice that if Ramada Plaza Resorts doesn't play ball with you, they could have their merchant charging privileges revoked. The gave me and my bankcard people a number - for what it is worth. Leave it at that for the moment. 6. Check your promo package. (In my case, my promotional package arrived within days of my call. I think they are timed to arrive so you have about 4 days before the 30 time period is up.) Note that there are no phone numbers for Ramada Plaza Resorts BUT on the very back page of the Reservation Forms Book you will note the only place you will see a Cancellation provision. It is near the bottom part of the very last page. 7. Send notification of cancellation. Fax a notification letter of cancellation/refund to them at any one of their multiple numbers. I used 954-331-4180. Follow it up with a certified mail notice of cancellation as prescribed in the bottom half of the last page of the Reservation Forms booklet. 8. Continue to follow up with your bankcard company. I believe you have a good probability of getting a refund if you get the above done within 30 days. The last thing these scam outfits want is for a major credit card company to revoke their merchant status. It spreads like a plague. I firmly believe it is pressure from 3rd parties, banks, lawyers, government or whatever that gets their attention. 9. For those of you beyond the 30 thing - keep working with the bank. The bankcard company can lean on these guys. You need to convince them that it is in their interest to look after your intersts here. Ramada Plaza will respond to bank pressure. It is their lifeblood. 10. If you have made a deposit and can't get it back. Cut your losses. Under no circumstances should you ever go on one of these vacations or be sold something else. Trust this helps Byron Victoria, British ColumbiaCanada Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ramada
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
93, Report #143071
May 17 2005
12:46 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts - Orlando Ft.Lauderdale Vacations ripoff Ft.Lauderdale Florida
I recently received a phone call from this company saying I won a trip. All exciting about the trip I paid the $698 on my credit card. After talking to some of my family my husband and I realized it was a scam. I called my credit card company to cancel payment but hey couldn't do that. I called Ramada Plaza Resorts the next day and tried to get out of it but wasn't allowed. Instead they lowered the cost of my so called free-trip and refunded part of my money. I then called my credit card company back and told them that they would not refund me all of my money. I talked to one of the senior account managers and was told that they have had problems before with this company. The lady I talked to at my credit card company told me that what Ramada Plaza Resorts does not tell you is when they send you their brouchures and reservation forms there is a cancellation policy written in there somewhere. What they credit card company told me to do was to read everything over and send it all back saying I don't want it. Then call the company to make sure they received the returned package and get a confirmation number. If they haven't refunded my money shortly after then I am to call the credit card company and they will call Ramada and dispute the amount on my card. So I don't have to pay and I get all my money back. I hope this will help some of you out there. Amber Rocky Mountain House, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Ft.Lauderdale, Florida
94, Report #145133
Jun 05 2005
01:40 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts RDeceptive, Misinforming, SCAM-ARTISTS Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Last week, I was naive and fell for this luxurious vacation. I got that stupid voucher in the mail, saying I get $1600 towards a vacation. I should've known it was b.s. when they said I could only call once and I had to decide right then and there, on that phone call, whether or not I wanted it. Well, I am a huge skeptic and I was literally on the phone for an hour and a half asking hundreds of questions and trying to make sure it was legit. Once my husband was convinced, (I should've just listened to him in the first place), we decided to purchase it. I didn't want to pay the full $698 up front, so I told them I wouldn't buy it unless I could pay less. So they let me pay $349 up front. Well, when I check my bank account the next day, they took out $396. I was livid. I asked them several times how much they were taking out and then they go and screw that up. That's when my skepticism flew through the roof. I got on the internet to check out their official webpage, but for some reason, the website was down. The pictures were unavailable, and it kept telling me to try back later. The next day I checked again, and scrolled down and saw this website. I should've listened to my female intuition in the first place...but 8 days/7 nights, including a cruise, for 4 people, ALL inclusive meals on the whole trip for all of us for only $698 for the first 2 and $198 for the next 2 adults sounds great. While on the phone for 90 minutes, they kept trying to get me to buy it, so they kept adding on perks. They extended it for 3 years, blah blah blah. I worked for the company, Cendant, who actually owns this whole thing, and I had telemarketing insight on how these people lure you in with their professionally written script about utopia. Well, after reading all of your comments on this page, I decided I would like to cancel. I actually don't mind attending a timeshare presentation for getting the vacation. It would certainly piss me off if I had to be there 5 hours, instead of 1. I would rather be windsurfing or scuba diving. The thing that trips me out is the crappy cruise ship, the dirty hotel rooms, all the extra expenses they don't tell you about, and all the driving all over the state of Florida you have to do, from one place to another, instead of getting to enjoy your vacation. Besides, we would have to fly all the way from Utah to Florida. That's quite a bit of airfare, plus the initial vacation fees for 4 people, when I could take an all-inclusive cruise to the Bahamas for 4 for the entire week for $200 dollars less than this (www.travel.yahoo.com). That's on an awesome Carnival cruise ship, with an upgraded cabin. So I called today and after talking to some fricking foreigner who can hardly speak english, who insulted me and called me names because I wanted to cancel this vacation, I finally got the vacation refunded. I had my tips on hand from people on this site, but I didn't even have to pull them out. I was prepared to use to Florida State Sellers of Travel Act but I didn't even need to. I just kept arguing my point after getting transferred several times, and they said the money will be put back into my account within 7-10 days. If it's not, I'm going to loose it on those jerks. Chelsea Clovis, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
95, Report #144457
May 30 2005
11:43 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff refund IS possible Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Well, if you're looking at this report, chances are that you have also goggled for the Ramada Plaza Resort and ended up being like wtf... after you found this website. Unfortunately my friend, I hate to break the bad news to you, if you're seeing hundreds of negative reports about this traveling package, what did that tell ya A: You have just been scamed... or should I say been misled and misinformed about certain information over the phone when you were with that person that you talked to You probably have already read the other reports, similar things happened, and this is what happened to ME: One day I got this little thing in the mail, something like, You have just been choosen for this thing blah blah blah and we're giving you $1600 for traveling credit... Then during those lines it mentioned you must act NOW to take on this offer, so being the completely idiot I am, I, of course, called. And after like 45 mins of their sweet talking me into it, I finally got suckered into paying $698 for myself to reserve a place. Then the next thing I did was of course, went online to see what the hotel looks like, I mean if I'm gonna be staying in it for a week and all. And of course the only thing I was hoping I wouldn't find was reports and complaints like this site, but then again I was glad that I found it. So to cut to the chase, two days later, I immediately called them back today: 1.) Dial that 1-800 they gave you, it's at the top of this report 2.) Gave them your registration number (if you don't remember or didn't write it down, no worries) 3.) Told them you wanted to cancel my trip, they problly would transferred you a bunch of times before talking to the person in charge 4.) Be persistent and say you want to cancel your trip, the keyword is to cancel, then if they wont, pull out the Florida State Sellers of Travel Act (http://www.800helpfla.com/pdfs/SOT04.pdf) and state section 559.933 (page 7), there stated that It shall be unlawful for any seller... (you get the idea) 5.) They probably would give a couple more times of those bs No you cannot cancel you trip because it was a promtional trip, But why did you send up for the trip in the first place if you were going to cancel it, Did you hear anything from the media or internet that changed your mind, or (this is a good one) I am not going to be able to give you a full refund but how about I give you $524, which is 75% of your money Remember do not give in to any of their crap and just saying you wanna cancel the trip and eventually they will do it, at least they said they will credit me back the money into my credit card And call you credit card company to notify them the situation, they will help you any way they can to resolve this bs keep in mind that the FL state sellers of travel act only state that you're entitled to a full refund within 30 days of purchase, and that was what happened with my situation... if you bought it more than 30 days ago this article might help http://badbusinessbureau.com/Resorts/Ramada-Plaza-Resorts/ramada-plaza-resorts-ripoff-va-Q7F5Q.htm I also followed the instruction from Jennie - Boonville, New Yorkv (third to the last rebuttal), and it worked, hope this helps someone, down with RAMADA, these people have no shame Vincent West springfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
96, Report #141418
May 03 2005
02:52 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Money back ASAP!! Fort Laderdale Florida
Yes, I 2 fell into this scam from these losers. I too was offerd this wonderful package $698,$498, 5 weekend getaways, etc etc etc. Like so many of you after I hung up the phone I instantly had a bad feeling so I went online and much to my surprise the first thing to come up was not the company's website but this site. Surprise.... its a scam! Embarassing yes, you feel cheated yes, but please don't sit back and let them take ur money... if your hard earned money has any value to you at all be persistent and cancel his trip it is possible and heres how I did it the day after I signed up for this wonderful value. After reading all the comments on this site I did not even bother calling Ramada Plaza customer service I went strait to the source of who was actually paying for this at the time.My credit card company! I explained my situation to the women in customer service and she put me through to a wonderful women in billing whom I told the story to in total honesty and explained I wanted to dispute the charge that was pending on my credit card, she with out hestitaion dialed up Ramada Plaza Resorts (the number appears on your statment so your credit card company will have it) with me on the phone as well she was patient with the 3 different people she was trasnferd to before speaking a supervisor. Who attempted to sell us verious other deal and vacations and when I said 5 times I want to Cancel my trip for personal reasons she interogated me on why I authorized the purchase to begin with, at this point the billing associate from master card stepped in and said on behalf of master card we will not pay for this charge at the request of the customer, so myself as well as my customer is requesting it be canceled, of course they did the typical muffling around the loud office and put her on hold but soon enough it was agreed upon verbally (taped recorded from my credit card company) that this deposit would be credited back onto my credit card I was given conformation number and the billing associate for my credit card company commented to me that she wished more people were aware that this was an option because these companies are awful and eventually something will be done about it. Just save yourself the trouble don't bother with this deal,it taught me a lesson and I fourtunatly got my money back!!! And to those of you who work for this company I hope you sleep well at night knowing that the people that you are whole heartedly ripping off are the people that are paying for your welfare checks and food stamps and you could have a far more rewarding career mopping the floors of this place rather than selling this pitiful vacation!! Darcy Amherst, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Laderdale, Florida
97, Report #159088
Oct 01 2005
07:58 AM
Ramada Plaza Resorts Ripoff completely ripped off Ft. Lauderdale Florida
I followed other's information and contacted the company. I spoke with them for two and a half hours and nothing was accomplished. They told me that becuase I lived in North Dakota, I had three days to cancel with no penelties, not thirty. I told them that I would not be able to afford this vacation package now or anytime in the near future. They told me they would be able to refund me 20.00 but no more. WHAT THE HELL!! Twenty dollars? Are you kidding me? I want the word to spread more and more now that this vacation pakcage is bull shit. I will NEVER work with Ramada Plaza Resorts ever again. Megan Williston, North DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
98, Report #157757
Sep 20 2005
03:13 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff on my vacation package Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I'm also buying package from them. When they sold me on the phone, they said I can breakdown to use the car rental. But when I book it, they said I could not do it. And I made reservation for 3 times to get this done. Everytime I called and made reservation, my reservation is missing even I already have confirmation. I got charge for my son that only 4 years old for $99.00 I think they took advantage from person who not clear in english. So pls do not buy anything through the phone. Because they not tell you the truth and not the whole thing. When they sell to me they said I can do. SO don't buy anything from RAMADA PLAZA RESORT Jariya fall river, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale,, Florida
99, Report #125619
Jan 03 2005
09:29 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts ripoff, deceptive and unfair trade practices Fort Lauderdale Florida
I was contacted to take part in receiving a cruise vacation; the deposit was for $495.00. After reviewing the organization for more information, I discovered that Ramada Plaza Resorts is not what they appear to be; they are not involved with the Ramada Inn (as they lead individuals to believe with their look alike logos and similar name) nor are they affiliated with the Imperial Majesty cruise lines. I decided to take part in the vacation offer because I thought I would be dealing with organizations that I was familiar with (i.e. Carnival and Ramada). After I discovered that I was swindled and taken advantage of, I decided to not invest any more of my money into this money pit of lies and deception. Because I did not want to go further in pursuit of the vacation I contacted the Ramada Plaza Resort only to be told that I could not cancel my cruise reservation, that I would be offered an indefinite extension, and that I could not receive a full refund of my deposit. Because their marketing tactics and telemarketing sales pitches are meant to be misleading, I feel that my situation should be brought to the attention of those that can do something about it. I did not lose a lot of money, but I did lose enough money for me to be angry and determined to see this company put out of business. They (Ramada Plaza Resorts) are intentionally deceiving people and this should be stopped. I would like my $498.00 deposit refunded and I would like to be placed on their DO NOT CALL and DO NOT CONTACT lists (permanently). Denise Beaufort, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
100, Report #126486
Jan 08 2005
01:54 PM
Ramada Plaza Resorts refuse to give refund Fort Lauderdale Florida
I may a payment of 656.00 to the ramada plaza resorts it was my understanding that it would cover two people and when I call to make my plans. I was informed otherwise so when I ask for my money back they refuse told me to sell my trip on ebay or have someone else pick up the payment. If I would have know about this web page sooner I would have never pay my money. I feel like a fool can you help Felicia chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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