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26, Report #366338
Aug 24 2008
12:17 PM
Rent A Center RAC is a horrible place to work Springfield Ohio
I was the manager of Rent A Center's Cash AdvantEdge for a year. It was one of the worst years of my life. My job was constantly threatened by district managers. We had 4 different district managers over the course of one year. Every Dm would tell you something completely different. One time my job was threatened was when I was making collection calls and I hadn't checked my email. I received a call from the DM who told me if I didn't respond to the email within five minutes my box would be packed by the next morning. The RAC manager was a horrible person. He was constantly talking down to me and did it in front of employees. I even overheard him on the telephone with the London, Ohio store telling the manager he doesn't like me and he proceeded to talk about things that I had discussed with him that were related to our store. I was friends with his employees and I was told by them on several occasions things he had said about me. I worked by myself roughly 6 months out of the year, 6 days a week at least 55+ hours a week. I was told I needed to come in at 8 am every day to make field calls. RAC was told to make the field calls for me considering the fact that I was working alone. They refused and said that I should do my own because it wasn't their problem. That would make me work 70+ hours a week. The RAC manager also knew I wasn't religious so he would also place Christian music in the store. I turned the station after I couldn't bear it anymore and was screamed at by him saying he owned the store and I am not allowed to touch his merchandise. My DM told me I have no right to do that and I needed to apologize to him. I did not. I told her it was offensive and went against my rights. She told me that If I thought that was offensive then I'd better not want to work because that happens everywhere. She was constantly threatening me as well. She told me on a regular basis that I should be thankful I even had a job because our store was doing so bad. Our store was one of the best ones in the Dayton Region (Cash AdvantEdge). We went from 50% debt to 13% which is under the expectations. I was constantly told how great the RAC manager was and that it was just me that was causing all of the trouble. When I was hired I wasn't told anything about marketing, field calls or collections. I didn't learn about that until I was with the company for a month. We were expected to go alone (I'm a young lady) into the most dangerous areas of the town to collect money. Collection calls needed to be made 3 times a day to each customer and their 5 references. We're talking about a few hundred people plus field calls plus waiting on customers. It was a horrible experience and I found myself constantly with health issues from the job. Our store was roach infested and I watched them crawl on my keyboard, the walls and even into customer's purses. I wasn't allowed to inform customers of any of this. Many of them saw it and they were horrified. I called the corporate office, many of the people listed and even emailed them. I got no response EVER. The open door policy didn't exist. Anything you said was repeated. My DM even went to the point of having my assistant manager stand facing me and tell me exactly what she thinks of me. There was constant drama. The managers meetings were dreaded because it was obvious that everyone was going to be belittled and be made to feel worthless. There were monthly meetings for the Dayton area. The latest DM we got in made it very clear she didn't like me. She would pull the Assistant Manager into the office and talk to her. She never spoke to me alone. The previous DM went to the point of telling me he didn't like my style of clothing and thought I should go shopping with one of the girls from the other stores to show me what larger girls should wear. I was even told by him the the Regional manager didn't like me and neither did the Columbus area district manager and he was really fighting for me to stay because they wanted me gone. The last straw came when I ordered furniture from RAC. Brand new of course. I needed a money order to pay for the furniture. That's the only way they would accept it. I used a check to pay for the money order. I left my check and the money order in my cash drawer until the furniture was ordered. I didn't want to be stuck with a money order payable to RAC if they decided not to order it. I was fired for that. I was told it was a cash handling violation. Even though both of those things were in my drawer. I literally got fired over purchasing furniture. Even though I had my job threatened constantly I was never actually written up or anything. I finally got a hold of someone at HR and they said I didn't need to be written up to be let go. I would not EVER recommend someone working at RAC. It's too much stress on you physically and mentally and it's not worth it. By the time you get out of there your day is over so you really don't have any personal time. During my time there I witnessed several things that weren't legal especially when it came to collections and I even witnessed RAC not being able to sell anything for a day when the furniture was inspected by people from Sanitations. They weren't up to regulations. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from there unless you want to spend 5 times what it's worth and take home some little critters. Even if you're one day late they WILL pick up your furniture and they WILL call you, your job and your friends and family several times a day. Rentacentersucks dayton, OhioU.S.A. 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Entity: Springfield, Ohio
27, Report #17216
Mar 20 2002
12:00 AM
rent-a -center took a tower to my web pc logansport indiana
when i payed my computer off the tower went bad or something .I took it in to get rebooted like sam said to do . he had it for two weeks now. said it he had to send it off. now they don't know when i can get it back and said it would cost me. i don't think that is fair.they said it was new and was use. they lied to me.the c dive was not working right . that is what sam said to me. so i said i was going to report him in to dell. he said he did not sell me anything. he did he sold me a dell web pc. he is really a very mean i would like to know what i can do to get my tower fix for nothing. or get a new tower for my computer. thank you betsy lewellen betsy logansport, Indiana
Entity: logansport, Indiana
28, Report #25754
Jul 30 2002
06:45 PM
Rent-A-center is a ripoff that abuses & mistreats consumers. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
I have been dealing with Rent-A-Center for 2 to 3 Years, they don't do what they say they are going to do. I was renting a computer from them, there contract sayes they fix what they sell and that is a lie. they don't fix what they sell. Rent-A-Center is not certified to work on anything they sell mainly their computers, The computer I was renting had problems with it and they would not fix it just because it had windows xp on it and it was a COMPAQ. I had to put alot of money it the computer to get it working and could not pay on the computer. Plus they would not work with me. Rent-A-Center was also called all of my relitives and friends who was on the list. which is against the law in the state of PA, I took everything back and told them to shove it up their ASS. (not in there word). the Person that was having problems with there is Amaury Rodrigues (Mario)( Exective Mamager)is his title. and would not work at all with me. I have turned them it to Comsumer Protection Bureau, Microsoft, and the Better Business Bureau. and I am ready to get a lawyer if nothing is done about this problem. I would like to be contacted about this problem and get my computer back free and clear and this other one to that belongs to JIM BLACK. If not a lawyer is going to be stepping in with oin 1 week. and will cost Rent-A-Canter a furtune. and to get ride of the person I am complaining about. thank you for your time And I better Get a Reply with in 1 week . Brian Duncannon, Pennsylvania
Entity: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
29, Report #44770
Feb 09 2003
10:02 PM
Rent-A-Center ripoff the business that doesnt give a dam Eldon Missouri
To finish what I had started on the proceeding page. I know that we was 5 days late. But rather then wait till the 18th of Feb to recieve full payment of $114.oo they wanted $25.00 for 1 week. Now You would thin after being a relatively a good customer, and paid on time for almost 2 years, that for me to choose between a 5oo dollar trip to say good by to a family member, or a $114.oo refigerator payment. I think I would put my family ahead of the refrigerator, even if the is dead. She still comes first.RAC could not wait 14 days for a make up payment. I will continue to rent from them but not with the friendship I thought we had with them. Tha so called friendly smile will leave a lot to look at. Eleanor MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Eldon, Missouri
30, Report #406515
Dec 30 2008
10:41 PM
Rent A Center A total ripoff, they want paid twice! Scottsbluff Nebraska
I got a camcorder at Rent A Center in November 2004. I paid it off in January 2005. Almost 4 years later they are claiming that I didn't pay it off. According to the manager, I own $579.02. He told me today that I need to prove to them that I paid it off or they will proceed to small claims court. I got my income tax check back and cashed it at my bank. I took in the cash and paid to to one of their employees, got my receipt and left. I haven't heard a word from them until today when they say it must have slipped through the cracks of their system, but I must not have paid. Of course, not a single employee is the same from when I rented or paid off the stupid camera in 2005. The manager told me today that it's pretty much my job to find proof or I will need to come up with the money to pay it off. I have since rented and paid off more then one item from them. I will have a laptop paid off from them in Feb of this next year. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Heidi Harrisburg, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Scottsbluff, Nebraska
31, Report #26799
Aug 13 2002
08:42 AM
Rent -A-Center ripoff abused & mistreated Irving Texas
I'm not writing about a rip off I'm writing about the treatment and harrassing telephone that I receive on my job. I have a home number and I do respond back when they call to let me know when I'm due for a payment. I owe $205.00 on the merchandise that I am renting. Okay, I will admit that I have been late on a few occassion but I'm in the store every Friday what ever late fees I owe I pay. My buy out is $105.00 and I will take care of this on August 16, 2002. But the customer service treatment I have received is unbelieveable. I don't have all the names but I will get them. Management change every 90 days. I can take the phone calls at home for being late with a payment but not on my job on a daily basis. So Mike Stop calling me at work. Cheryl Irving, Texas
Entity: Irving, Texas
32, Report #28913
Sep 03 2002
07:33 PM
rent-a-center false ads ripoff deceptive rude tricked and lied slime-ball Covington Kentucky
i previously rented a washer and dryer from rent a center i recieved a letter from them saying that they appreciated and missed my business along w\ the letter came a voucher for the use of applying money from the washer and dryer to a previously rented item when i took this voucher to the store i had already rented a computer from them i asked if i could apply the money (they so generiously returned to me in the form of a voucher) to the computer i was told no i told the rep behind the counter that the voucher clearly stated that i could use the voucher tward any previously rented item the computer being a previously rented item i thought i could aply it there but noooo it had more terms they were not on the voucher form but they are made up as thw employee's of rent a center see fit nicole covington, Kentucky
Entity: covington, Kentucky
33, Report #67186
Sep 18 2003
06:10 PM
Rent A Center Doug ripoff Fort Worth Texas
Ihave rented from rent a center for many years and paid off many things a few weeks ago I was late on a payment(2 days)and they started calling me at work and home my family and ref. I used that they never called In the past even for a ref. they were very rude they liked calling me a thief I would not ever rent from them or any one like them again!!!! James Ftworth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
34, Report #75953
Dec 27 2003
09:02 AM
Rent A Center RAC ripoff, racist acts, unfair business, third party disclosure, Jacksonville Florida
This paticular company is a poor excuse for the company . I never expericened such rude manners. Third party disclosure, unfair business tactic. And refused to follow up and correct matter. reps likes to call customers and play games excusing customers of theft or degrading me Frank jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
35, Report #206082
Aug 14 2006
02:15 PM
Rent-A-Center ripoff, bullies, untruthful, dishonest, Newport Tennessee
When I first signed my Agreement it wasn't with RAC. Rent-A-Center bought the old company out. We previously purchased a 32 TV from the old company. Never had a problem. We were late with payments but always called before the payment was due to make arrangements. After we paid that agreement we stupidly signed on for a bigger TV. We have been late with payments on this one also but always called. The problem is our payment came due Saturday and we had every intention on paying it but it slipped our minds. We live about 30 mins from the store. This phone is ringing as we walk up to the door and while trying to locate the cordless phone(at least 10 rings).The guy at RAC tells us if we don't bring in the payment before he leaves the office he'll come pick up our TV on Monday. It's around 5:45 pm and they close at 6. He said he was staying around waiting on more payments so he could just wait on ours. My family and I had been to the Flea-Market all day and I did not look foward to ,another second in the car or the hot sun. Our paymnet is due on Saturday. Why would they call on Saturday right after close demanding payment or they would pick it up? First thing this morning I was there 15 mins before they opened. I asked what my pay-off was. This idiot told me $4500 on a TV I've paid on for 2 years. I asked were they throwing in a free plasma or something. Then he says oh my mistake its $1300. I told him to show me it's still $1300. Finally a manager comes out sucking on an apple and punches a few buttons and the total is magically $243. I tell them I want to pay it all off. This idiot tells me he has to get it OK'd. WHAT? One employee actually had the nerve to say let us pick it up so I can buy it. Needless to say I had to pay the payment and then the payoff. THE FINAL INSULT was those idiots actually having the nerve to try to get me to sign a new contract. My final words were You will never see another dime from me and have a good day. So for anyone thinking about buying from Rent-A-Center DONT DO IT. They aren't those caring people trying to help you get those nice items in your home. If you are thinking about renting you are better off paying yourself those payments every week and buy it off that auction site(you know the one). Before I buy from RAC I'll do WITHOUT. Kelley Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Newport, Tennessee
36, Report #208405
Aug 29 2006
07:03 AM
Rent A Center Rude and DIshonest, Ruined my carpet! ripoff Acworth Georgia
I am writing to advise people not to do business with Rent a Center. Yes, I know they raise the prices blah blah, but they are also rude and incompetent. I really needed a washer and dryer but i owed too much money to get credit. (My ex-husband was giving me child support but since we weren't legally divorced, in paper my name was on tied to a lot of debt.) Well first they didn't come to deliver my washer and dryer when they said they would. I had taken a day off from work so I lost money there. When they finally came I remember asking them if the washer and dryer was ready to go. He turned it on and said SURE THING, BABY! I remember exactly what he said because I could not stand this little flirty guy. He eventually got fired I think. Anyways, the washer wasn't even hooked up to the hose! I turned it on and of course water went everywhere during the rinse cycle. I had to shop vac my carpets and it was just a big mess. That wasn't the only thing that company has done. A few months later the dryer broke! It would just make this awful sound when I turned it on. I called the store and the guy said he was busy and would call me back later. He never did. I called back two days later and he treated me like an idiot. IS THE DOOR CLOSED? I know a few people make stupid mistakes like that but, come on...TWO DAYS LATER? He finally said that on Saturday someone could come bring a loaner. (This was Monday). Well no one showed up until Thurday of the NEXT week after I called and called. Of course I made payments all ths time on a non-working dryer. A few months later I forgot to make the payment on that Saturday. On that Monday they were calling and calling. Sure, they harass you when they need a payment, but when the customer needs something they throw you to the side. One more thing, I have a friend who rented a sofa for her apartment. She had no credit and was using the sofa as a bed/sofa in her studio apartment. She found a huge manilla folder underneath one of the cushions a week later. It contained a few paystubs, bank statements, a birth certifcate (like someone was getting ready to apply for a loan). If they missed a THICK manilla folder that was just sitting directly under the cushion, how well could it have been cleaned? GROSS. She returned it right away. She slept on a pile of blankets until she saved enough for a new sofa bed. Bottom line, don't do business with them. They are shady and a bad bad business to deal with. Stephanie Woodstock, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
37, Report #171105
Jan 09 2006
06:01 PM
Rent-A-Center RIPOFF Refuses Refunds Roseburg Oregon
I owned a nice laptop that I basically wore out. I wanted to buy another. A good friend told me about RAC and that they had several brands of newer, top of the line laptops that students rent for a few weeks at a time, for writing reports, thesis, etc. They rent for a couple of weeks and then they return the rented laptop. She thought that maybe I could get a good deal on a used, up-to-date model. I thought it bore looking into.... I went in to my local RAC to check out what they had to offer. They had three different ones, all had been previously used (I specifically requested used). I was also offered two weeks of free rental if I would pay for two weeks of the rental charge up-front. I was told if I wanted, I could also exchange each laptop out for another to try, if I wanted, upon return of the current rented laptop. And if I decided I wanted to return it, whatever portion I didn't use would be refunded in full. So far so good..... I was COMPLETELY open and honest with the sales-rep. in that I wanted to try it out, but was not sure if I wanted to go into a long-term contract by purchasing with them. It was purely, as far as I knew, a short-term rental. That I was on the fence as a new customer. The guy was totally cool and responded with, that's great! So if you decide to return it and only have it for the two weeks of free rental period, you'll get a full refund of the two weeks you paid, and you'll have gotten to try it for free! So I paid almost $100.00 up-front, IN CASH, for the pay two weeks and get get two weeks free option. This would, in essence, give me a full 4 week rental of the laptop; two weeks free, two weeks paid in full. I used it and loved it! My husband and I were not familiar with 'the rent-to-own' theory, so we looked carefully at the dollar figures. When my husband and I did the math, however, based on the contract terms, I would have ended up paying over $3,000.00 for a laptop that would cost me, brand new, only $1,200.00 I made, of course, the choice to buy the laptop from an electronic retailer, from whom I received a great sale-markdown, and on top of that, a large rebate which dropped the price down to $800 something. I returned the rented laptop, within the two-week-free rental period; with receipt in-hand, and the contract. I was anticipating a refund of $97.00. Upon presentation I was told we don't give cash refunds. Also that The refund will be for store-credit, only. They were keeping my $97.00 cash!!!! What kind of a high-end merchandiser does that kind of thing????? It's futile to go into how upset I was and am! We journeyed through a year of my placing phone calls with no production of the refund. They were rude on the phone, and condecending. I have never been treated that way by any business, that they basically anticipated or expected me to spend more money, in order to get my money back; I had to go about figuring out how to get my money WITHOUT spending more money. The end of the story goes like this: after calling them several times throughout the course of a year, demanding a lawful return of my money to absolutely no avail, my husband and I finally went into RAC. We didn't NEED or WANT anything, and specifically, we didn't need or want anything RAC had. But we knew we had almost a hundred dollars on the books and we were being forced to buy something or leave it behind. We decided we could maybe buy one new bedroom-lamp. They refused to sell a single lamp, that they only come in matching pairs. The pairs were all DRASTICALLY over priced with what I would call new merchandise pricing. They were very expensive pairs and would have forced me into feeding more of our hard-earned money into their food-chain. My husband, thinking logically, requested to see lamps that were previously owned. I was flabbergasted! Over half of the sets ALREADY on the show-room floor were used, but not one tag revealed that to the average customer! And the sets all had new pricing! My husband started negotiating the price of one previously-owned set, with the sales-rep. Because he couldn't give us the price we wanted, he pulled in the manager, and we all agreed to $97.00 for the pair, cash-out, take-'em home, done-deal. They, of course, did not realize that we were purchasing off our so called store-credit. The manager was NOT HAPPY when it was brought to his attention, as this cash-out purchase coupled with store credit required his approval for the sale! He seemed to have gotten a little frosted-up and became VERY cold, even turned and went into his office and shut the door without so much as a wave. Tough luck, eh big-guy???? LOL Chances are, when you go into any RAC store, anywhere, you are already looking at previously used merchandise, but with a new price tag. Establish with the sales-rep that you specifically want previously owned. You'll be amazed at how much stuff they have on their show-room floor that is previously used and they are selling as new! Suffice it to say that they lost a good customer with a solid credit rating and history! I WILL NEVER, EVER AGAIN, GO INTO THAT ESTABLISHMENT, AND IF I HEAR THAT SOMEONE I KNOW IS CONSIDERING IT, THEN I ENLIGHTEN THEM! It always results in another individual being spared the Rent A Center AMBUSH and sorry, sour, business practices they have to offer! Also of course, resulting in lost revenue for Rent-A-Center. Sooner or later, as you, RAC, are inclined to keep up the customer clientele of the desperate, naive (like me) and criminal, your doors are destined to close! You are, after all.... YOUR REPUTATION.... And I think yours is being served rightfully, given this forum! Gina Roseburg, OregonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Roseburg, Oregon
38, Report #212441
Sep 23 2006
02:21 PM
Rent-A-Center poor customer service, employees not well train Gaithersburg, Maryland
I have been a customer of Rent A Center for 11 years. Yes, I have overpaid for some items and I have also got great deals on some of my merchandise over the years. For the most part the managers have been very helpful, if needed something fixed, they did it right away, if I had a payment problem, they worked with me, and if I had to return something because I was going thru a crisis, I was able to get it back where I left off. But recently in the past year, my store has been thru 3 managers and the quality of service has been very poor and inconsistant. I had a laptop that was having problems, they took into service and even got me a brand new loaner. However, they had my laptop for 7 MONTHS!! When I got it back, they had wiped out my hard drive. They paid to fix it, and I decided to keep the loaner, which I now had for 7 months too, they gave me a discount and I paid off the 1st laptop. The manager claimed that service had my laptop for seven months and he had complained. I later learned from the new manager, that my laptop probably sat on their shelf in the back room for 6 of the 7 months. I then started having problems with my battery cords, they either did not work or were overheating. After several weeks of asking to have this fixed, they finally went to Best Buy and brought me a cord for both my computers. When I had to return the laptop because I was not working, when I went to get it back, they had given my computer cord to someone else. Again I made them give me discounts for the inconvience, and when I did not get immediate action, I reminded them that I they had gotten atleast $50,000 out of me over the years. I finally got another cord after 4 weeks of asking, however, they gave me the wrong one and it cause my laptop to overheat and I gave it to them again to service. They had this laptop for 7 weeks, while I had another loaner, I go to pick up my laptop today, and I was informed that it had been stolen out of their back room. The manager assures me that he has a camera on that area and will be investigating it. I told them I was picking it up, they call me 2 days ago.The manager tells me that he can not control everything and I should not be mad because I am not out any money, I still have the loaner. The money was not the issue for me. The laptop has alot of my personal information and programs that I paid for to be downloaded. He says if he finds out an emmployee stole it they will be fired. BIG DEAL!!! How does that help me? They need to do something for me, I don't know what, maybe help me replace the programs I downloaded on my other laptop. Either way their employees seem to be incompentent and not trained well. I will end my relationship with them if they don't come up with a reasonable solution. Beverly Montgomery Village, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Gaithersburg, Maryland
39, Report #212691
Sep 25 2006
06:01 PM
Rent-a-Center Rude, Dishonest Cheaters Merced California
I have been a customer of Rent-A-Center for several months now and I have decided to add my 2 cents to the mix. I would like to start by saying that I make all of my payments before the due date and I have purchased every item I have rented. My experience as a customer at the Main Street RAC is that the customer service is lousy. When you enter the store they do not greet you.. (even though they are standing around doing nothing). They try to cheat every chance they get. Either they give you back an incorrect amount of change when you make a payment, the price on the agreement is different than the price stated five minutes before, They give you a different balance than what is actually due, etc. The reason I deal with them is because you can usually find a good price on some of their used merchandise. I have several rules for dealing with RAC and if followed anyone can get a good deal. 1. BUY USED... you can get a good price and I believe a lot of their NEW merchandise is really used anyway 2. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU CAN PAY OFF WITHIN 3 MONTHS. All RAC offer 90 days same as cash. If you can pay that item off within the 3 months you only pay the cash price which is usually pretty good. For example a $250.00 TV if purchased within the 90dys is only $250.00 after 90 days they tack on add'l 250.00 in interest or whatever they call it. 3. PAY ATTENTION!!! listen very carefully to everything they say if you're not sure about something ASK make sure before you walk away from the counter your rental contract reflects everything agreed upon, including cash price, pymt amt, pymt due date, when you make your pymt pay attention to the money given and the change counted back. 4. ONLY GET ONE ITEM AT A TIME!!! 5. UPON DELIVERY make sure everything is present all cords, remotes,etc.. and make sure the item works. Don't let them set the item down have you sign and walk out. Let them stand there while you try the item out for a few minutes BEFORE you sign anything. 6.RETURN what you cannot afford. If I rent something with the intention of owning and something happens financially I return the item ASAP that way I don't have to worry about anyone calling or knocking on my door or something. When you return the item make sure you get a RECEIPT and they note all accessories were returned as well and make sure they sign it. I have not had any major bad experience with RAC yet financially because I follow my RULES and if something is amiss I make sure it's corrected before I leave the store.. My complaint is the employees are rude and do not acknowledge customers, Also if you call RAC and inquire about an item they will give you a price over the phone and when you get in the store the price is different and always a few hundred higher. I have read a good deal of complaints on here and just thought my rules may help someone dealing or planning to deal with RAC. Good Luck to all !! R. merced, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Merced, California
40, Report #204385
Aug 03 2006
01:32 PM
Rent-A-Center RipOff Fraudulent Rude Un-Professional Constant Harassment Las Vegas Nevada
I have been renting to own a 51 Hitachi Big Screen with Rent-A-Center for over a year now. I have been late on my payment several times, but as of now I am past due $16. I asked them to pick up the merchandise because I pay over $200 a month and for over a years time they say I still owe them over $1500. My main problem is they call 6-8 times a day for $16. I tell them i'm out of of town and can't get back until a certain time and they call my grandmother and mother after I repeatedly went into the store location and asked them to remove my mother's number because I haven't spoke to her in over a year. They assured me at the store level that her number was removed yet they call her and my grandmother 6-8 times a day still. I asked the store manager why they would lie and keep the number and his rebuttal was why did I lie and late my account become late. Things happen but over $16 is ridiculous. They are harassing me and my family and i've asked them to stop and pick-up the merchandise now and now they aren't calling i'm not sure what to do from severe harassment to nothing. Now I wonder if they are going to take me to court. There manager is very rude and argumentative with me and i'm not sure how to approach this anymore? Thailer Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
41, Report #134322
Mar 09 2005
11:10 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Pontiac, Waterford Michigan
I was a customer of Rent-A-Center and I purchased a washier and dyer from them some years ago and I brought and Paid for the Merchandise and it is now mine. I went back to get a Livingroom set and a Diningroom set and I was making payments on it and it was almost mine as well and I fell on hardtimes and I was not able to make payments on my Merchandise, so I asked them to come and pick it up. At the time their Store Manager was a very Good Manager and was loved by all customers, but then he some how left the Company and they have had many turn overs where employees just don't seem to stay with their Company. Well to try to make a long story short. I got the Merchandise back and there was like only $300 left on one thing and $500 on the other one, well I was making payments and got behing again because one of their employees was taking my payments and not applying them and then there was also another employee that came to my home and picked up $200 dollars from me in cash and then they want $200 dollars more in another two weeks so I told them to come and get it because I had just paid them $200 dollars and then gave them $188 dollars when they claimed that I was late again and then the employee at that time said that he would make arrangements with me so that I wouldn't be due until Dec.4, 2004, But some how he was either fired or quit the company and then they would not honor what he had promised me verbally. So once again I told them to come and get it because they wanted another $200 Plus dollars for my Mercahndise that was almost mine anyway and now they will not allow me to redeem what was already just about mine anyway, after they sent me coupons to say that I could have my Merchandise back and they would give me that money that was on the Voucher to go towards My Merchandise. So now I have spent I would said a thousand dollars Plus with them and all that money has been wasted because they will not give me my money back and their employees were messing up my accounts by not putting the money towards my accounts and by their Managers making Promises that they were not Authorized to make. I also had to deal with them coming to my home threatening my Children when I was not here tryning to get more Money from me. So I thought People should be aware not to do Business with this Company and if they do PLEASE KEEP UP WITH ALL OF YOUR PAYMENTS AND YOUR RECEIPTS BECAUSE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. Tonderlayo Pontiac, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Pontiac, Waterford, Michigan
42, Report #156879
Sep 13 2005
07:09 AM
Rent-a-center ripoff Galveston Texas
not what they seem to be! Jeneen galveston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Galveston, Texas
43, Report #150929
Jul 22 2005
07:05 PM
RAC Rent -A- Center ripoff Buena Park California
First off let me say I used to be a satisfied customer with RAC up until last year. We have purchased 2 refrigerators, 2 washers and dryers, Stereo System, Microwave, printer, 4 computers, a couple of TV's, a big screen TV, a bunk bed , queen size matress set and we have rented a couch. I'm sure there is more but I am too livid to remember all of it right now. The trouble all began when I purchased a Dell Computer from RAC. We paid 45 dollars plus some change weekly for this. Well the first computer I crashed and was able to call Dell to have them walk me through fixing it. It was great, but then the second time it crashed Dell told me they could no longer help me with my computer since RAC still owned it. So I was advised by the manager Traci to bring it back. She would send it out for repairs and I would have it by the following week. Meanwhile she loaned me a Hewlett packard tower. I went in several times and the computer was not there yet. Traci left her job and Kendall took over. When I went in to see Kendall about my computer he told me Traci had switched it out, which meant they lost my computer! So he says to me no problem we can have another brand new one here next week. I had been renting it for quite awhile and only owed 500 dollars on it. He says we will get you a new one and you can just pay off the 500 dollars. That was the second week of June of 2005. I came home told my husband RAC had lost my computer and that Kendall was getting me a new one and that we would just resume payments when it got her. Meanwhile I'm still renting the loaner. So my husband calls Kendall and Kendall says Oh no I never told her that but we work something out. I was so livid I took the loaner back and told Kendall I was done. Kendall then told my husband he would get the new computer in a week and told him the same thing that we could pay off the 500 dollars we owed on the original contract. Now meanwhile my son is renting a big screen TV from the same place. my son lost his job because he got real sick. He lapsed on his payment (He lives with me) Because he lapsed on his payment they would not reduce his payment while he was so ill. Even though he had paid on the thing more than 3 quarters of what was owed. In fact there was only 800 dollars left owing in it. I went in while my son was in a recovery home and made the payments, caught him up, explained to them what was happening with my son but they never lowered the payment. Now I had the money to pay off the TV. I forgot when the thing was due. It was due on the 2nd of July and I flaked. So they came while I was not at home and TOOK THE TV. That was last Wednesday. Yesterday we went in and I handed him my ATM card and said pay it off! Kendall then said oh please keep it open because it looks better on the store. So I said okay fine. Kendall said they would bring the TV here between 11 and 1 today. When it did not arrive I called the store. Herman who hates my guts said I can't deliver the TV to you because you have to pay it off. I said Let me speak to Kendall. Herman never said a word just put me on hold. 5 minutes later he comes back says Kendall is on a nother line and said the corporate office wants it payed off before we can deliver it to you. I said Kendall wouldn't let me pay it off when I was there last night. He says well that's okay, you can pay it off now. I said I'm not dealing with you people you can deal with my husband. And I hung up. I still don't know what I'm going to do about this or if there is anything I can do. About harrassing customers. Let me tell you something that guy Herman is a real piece of work. I became disabled a few years ago and had 2 surgeries. My husband is a flake so he hardly ever made the payments on time so of course I would get phone calls. I'm not talking one phone call I'm talking 3 or 4 a day! I begged them to call when my husband was a home and please don't call me I'm very ill. Herman went out of his way to harrass me with 3 phone calls a day for over 3 months plus other people in the store would call until I was forced to change my phone number. Now that's just not right. I wish there was something we could do about it all. We have been very good customers to those people. We are the working poor so we dont have a lot of options for owning anything. It's just not right what they did and still do. Janet buena park, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Rent a Center
Entity: Buena Park, California
44, Report #139670
Apr 20 2005
11:24 PM
Rent A Center ripoff, inconsiderate and rude Los Angeles California
Once my payments starting gettin close to getting almost finished on these over priced couches that I brought, I lost my job. I was having a hard time trying to make my payments on time but I made them. The later you are the meaner they get. I have been paying for these couched now for 2 1/2 years and I still owe $276. for a $2000.00 couch set that I could have gotten cheaper at rent to own which is a family business that works with you. Rent a Center does not work with you. The reason why they call so much is that, they explained to me is because the corporate office yells at them and they get in trouble for us not paing on time. Even if you tell them that you will make the payment at a certain time. Now Rent to Own is a different company but they are family operated and they work with you in such cases like mines. They do not barge up tp your residence threating to call the police on you nor do they pester you with phone calls. What they do is ask if there is something that they can do to help with the payments. RAC needs to take ta step back a look at that company that is right accross the street from them. Genielle los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
45, Report #139870
Apr 22 2005
11:26 AM
Rent A Center ripoff Port Huron Michigan
We did furniture cleaning back in feb. 2005 and still have not been paid, everytime we call them they give us the run arounds. We own a carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Business. Everytime we call the 800 number they give us a new reason or excuse about the check. We rent things from them and everytime our bill is due they call a million times aday for payment.... Hey Rent A Center... We would like to get paid too... Than we can pay you... Mad In Michigan Trina Marysviile, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Port Huron, Michigan
46, Report #273135
Sep 07 2007
03:18 PM
Rent A Center insurance fraud Ripoff Medford Oregon
I have purchased numerous items from rent a center and had gold member status when one of the items we were purchasing was stolen. I knew I would not be liable for the item because we had theft insurance on the item. they insisted i could not be released of liability but the item would be replaced. I continued to make normal payments on the other item we had in our possession and found out shortly that they would not apply the payments to anything other than the stolen item and if i didnt also pay for the furniture they would come and get it. they said i had to keep paying for the item that was no longer in my possession or i would be guilty of committing a class d felony. after paying more than a hundred dollars in payments to them since the theft of one item they still would not apply my payments to the property i still wished to purchase. eventually i talked to someone who appologized for the horrible treatment i was receiving and he had not realized I had been such a good customer to them and he would apply all payments from date of theft to the property i still had and wipe out my obligation for the stolen item. the very next payment i gave was again applied only to the stolen item. then began harrassing me and my daughter stating that they knew we were in possession of stolen property and demanded entry to my home. my daughter refused to let them in and they said they would be back with the cops in fifteen minutes. they never came of course but are continuing to try and pick up couches they say i have not paid for from my fifteen year old daughter who is home alone while i am out of state. Janiece medford, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Medford, Oregon
47, Report #317954
Mar 14 2008
01:14 PM
Rent A Center Harrashment Englewood Ohio
I am renting a compact washer, computer and camcorder. I have been renting these idems since March 2007. I am payed $78.00 per week for these idems. I got laid off my job in January 2008 and continued to make my weekly payments on time. In March 2008 my finances had became very tight so I missed 1 week payment, which my payments were due every Saturday. Around noon on Saturday March 1 2008. They called me and asked me what time was I coming in to make a payment and I told them I didn't have the money this week and could I get a extention. They told me no. On Monday they called and left a message saying they need to schedule a time to pick up there merchandise. I told them that that was not fair because I have already given them a total of $4000.00 for those thing's in a year's time and all the thing's that I rented from them was used. Now they call me everyday, bang on my door (not knock politely). But, I have been ripped of mentally and financially. These people have no moral's for the honest and faithful customer's. Donna Englewood, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Englewood, Ohio
48, Report #321722
Mar 27 2008
05:08 PM
Rent A Center Serious harassment from account managers. Threatening bodily harm. Indianapolis Indiana
I want any and all of you to take heed to this statement. Rent A Center (RAC) employs felons, undereducated and violent people from society. They WILL come to your home if you are delinquent on payment of merchandise. Granted, I should make my payments on time. But does it warrant an account manager literally trying to destroy your door to get you to open it? Two men from RAC came to my door but not 15 minutes of me reporting this to authorities, 1 hour from reporting this on here. The two account reps continued knocking on my door for approximately 20 minutes, saying things like we know your in there, just open the door. After holding my ground, the demands turned into threats. Open this fuc*%ing door, or we will kick the mother fuc*er down. Immediately, I called my community security officer and local authorities. They cowardly rushed back to the RAC truck and sped away after I deliberately spoke loudly so that they knew what i was doing by making these phone calls. I can say that I took pleasure in seeing them hasting away from my property with a look of concern on there face. The security officer stopped them at the gate and asked them what was going on, they fed him a load of crap, a typical tactic of RAC. Not but 30 minutes later, they are at my door AGAIN! This time the security officer notified local authorities. Oh man, what happened next is priceless. The police officers showed up and actually heard the gentleman saying things like Dude, you better open this door or I am going to find you and take what is rightfully ours, i will come to your work, i will go to your friends and tell them how much of a low life piece of shit you are.... Then I heard a HEY! It was the cop. The officer said, you guys must really want to go to jail tonight. The security officer said that he indeed told them not to come back onto the property or they would press charges of tresspassing. They pretended that the officer said no such thing and was actually REFUSING TO LEAVE MY PROPERTY after the cop DEMANDED that they do so or they are going to jail. After about 2 minutes of bickering and saying things like thats our TV he has, the officer told them not to ever step foot on this property again or they will go to jail. Then I get a phone call about 7 minutes later, and its the guy that was at my door spewing these threats, he calls to apologize, and then says sorry.....we just realized your only 5 DAYS LATE! Can you believe this crap? To anyone considering renting from RAC, think twice. If you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO RENT TO OWN, go to XXXXXX, they actually do criminal background checks on there employees. Come to find out, the dude at my door, was a repeat sex offender and the cop knew exactly who he was. I cant wait till the day that all RAC's close there doors forever, so people like you and me dont have to go through this garbage. Dave Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Indianapolis, Indiana
49, Report #356990
Jul 29 2008
12:21 PM
I had called the corporate office in regards to a driver that I have seen in a rent a center truck that was smoking a joint. I called the Corporate office in regards to this. The person from the Corporate office said that they Manager from the Local Office would be calling me the next day. Well instead of the next day, he called not even 10 mins after I got off the phone with the man from the Corporate office. Next thing I know, I get a phone call from an employee that works there. He called and informed me that Rent A Center Corporate office gave him proof of what I had told the man, then the man sent him (the employee) something stating that I said he was a drug dealer. HOW can you people put something in my mouth that was never said. You can listen to the recording again, cause I know you have it, and you guys need to tell ME where I said that. I know that I can sue Independence RAC for letting drivers smoke marijuana while they are on the job, I can sue them and coporate office for giving out information when they were told NOT TO SAY MY NAME! THAT is a break of CONFIDENTIALITY! 2nd I called the same number that I made a complaint at which is -800-422-8186, and they told me this time that I couldn't have made a complaint through that number because only customers can make a complaint. The man I talked to knew I wasn't a customer and he took my complaint. I wanted to know where I said any of this information and how YOUR PEOPLE gave confidential information out. SOMEBODY better please e-mail me or call me to consult me about this. NOW i KNOW there was UA'S done at this time right after I got off the phone with the Local Office, but I KNOW some of them had warning about a UA being done! BECAUSE my brother in law used my dads urine before on taking his UA. I KNOW HOW HE KEEPS IT WARM TIL THE UA IS BEING DONE! I told the man at Corporate office and Jeff from Independence about what he does with the urine. WE HAVE ENOUGH DRAMA in this family already WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE! SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE...SOMEBODY PLEASE DO SOMETHING... NOTHING IS BEING DONE BY THE CORPORATE OFFICE OR INDEPENDENCE KANSAS RENT A CENTER. April xxxxx Cherryale, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Independence, Kansas
50, Report #357753
Jul 31 2008
11:51 AM
Rent-a-center Prepaid Mastercard prepaid mastercard ripoff Perryton Texas
I loaded a prepaid mastercard with $1,000 to go on vacation to use for motel and eats. My card was declined several times and that cost me .50 for each denial even though the money was there. I had to come home from vacation early because my money was tied up in this card and I could not use it. The company was unsympathetic and had no reason for the denials and verifyed the money was there. They closed the account and told me they would send me my money back. I received half of what I had int here because they said the fees to close the card. Go to your bank or wal-mart to get a prepaid card I have never had a problem with those. Tammy perryton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Perryton, Texas

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