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26, Report #586167
Mar 27 2010
11:48 AM
Sears Sears Holdings, Inc. Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced, Internet
We've been embroiled in a 2 month odyssey to obtain a simple $100 refund from a Sears online purchase. They never shipped the order, but charged our card within 2 days. Although they acknowledged it wasn't shipped, they refused to cancel our order or refund our money. After many polite phone calls and emails requesting the order be cancelled and our money returned, we were finally assigned an individual from the Sears Blue Ribbon Customer Service team. This person sent us hand-written emails stating that they were the only person we should deal with moving forward. Then, we heard nothing, no responses to our emails. Soon after, we starting receiving 3 form-letter emails per week stating that they were looking into the problem - these came from a different person on the Blue Ribbon Customer Service Team. Finally, this week, we received a post card that they had attempted to get in touch, and to please call them. When I called, I was told that we could only talk to the person who had been sending the form letters incessantly. I asked them to please have her call me when the issue had been resolved, as it appeared that absolutely nothing had been done to resolve the problem. When she called me, she began by chastizing ME for not contacting her, even though she never requested we contacted her. When I explained that we were told to only deal with someone else, she said it had been escalated to her. Maybe they should have told us this! Instead of addressing the issue, she seemed determined to fight about how I was at fault. When I finally was able to get her to address the original order issue, she said she hadn't followed up on it, because she didn't know what we wanted - apparently she had never read our four emails that stated EXACTLY what we wanted, even though she admitted to having them. After all this, she finally cancelled our order, and said we would receive a credit - with the warning that if they credited us more than once in error, we would be billed for the multiple credits. They can't issue a single $100 credit without making a mistake??!? There was no apology, no effort to make it right, just trying assess blame against us when she did not do her job for 3 weeks. We've spent thousands of dollars with Sears, K-Mart, and Land's End over the past several years (heck, we even registered for our wedding at Sears), but we will never purchase from them any of them again. All over a $100 purchase.
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27, Report #812626
Dec 21 2011
07:00 PM
Sears Sears Holding Corporation Failed Delivery / Poor Customer Service Internet
Customer Service Department,   I am writing to express my disappointment and extreme frustration with the experience that I have had with Sears during this Christmas Holiday season. On November 26, 2011, I ordered a Sportspower 12' Light Up Trampoline and Enclosure for two children from a low income family as a Christmas surprise for them and their parents. I specifically ordered from Sears due to the quality of the product and customer service that I had received in the past. When ordering, I paid special attention to delivery options. To be exact, I made sure that Sears could deliver after 5pm. In fact, the website stated that deliveries could be made up until 9pm. This was very important, as I previously stated, this was for a low income family with a mother that works during the day. It is not feasible for her to leave work to have a Christmas present delivered. Upon ordering, I was able to schedule a delivery date of December 13, 2011. Without my knowledge, the mother was contacted on December 13, 2011 about scheduling the delivery. At that time, she was told that the delivery could not be completed after 5pm. However, she was extremely excited about receiving a Christmas present for her children that she was not able to give them that she explained the situation to her supervisor and she was allowed to leave for the day so that she could receive the trampoline. THE TRAMPOLINE WAS NOT DELIVERED. We have yet to receive a viable explanation. While the young mother's supervisor was courteous enough to let her leave work early, the time that she took off was unpaid. It is my understanding that deliveries can only be made to their specific zip code on Tuesdays. Since the trampoline was not delivered on December 13, 2011, the delivery was rescheduled for December 20, 2011. Again, the mother was contacted and told that deliveries could not be made after 5pm. She was told that they could deliver during her lunch time and gave her a time of 12:15 to 1:15pm. She waited at home until 1:45p and took a two hour lunch. Again, the time off was approved by her supervisor but with the loss of pay for the extra hour. She waited at home until 1:45pm and then had to return to work. She received a call at 2:15 stating that they were trying to deliver the trampoline to her house. THE TRAMPOLINE WAS NOT DELIVERED AGAIN. At this time, it was agreed that they would make the delivery after 5:00pm. As of 9:00pm, there was no delivery and no phone call with any sort of explanation.  Upon speaking with several customer service representatives today, I am being informed that the trampoline cannot be delivered until after Christmas. The earliest anticipated date is December 27, 2011. This is not acceptable and is very devastating. The point of a Christmas present is to receive it on or before Christmas. Throughout my long and multiple conversations today, I was told that the reason that it wasn't delivered was because the product did not come in. Well, this just tells me that the customer service at Sears is pathetic and untrustworthy, because they were just making up things and excuses and had no sincerity in assisting me. The product was definitely in or there would have never been an attempt to deliver it. I have no patience for being treated as if I am unintelligent. Upon speaking to the third and fourth representative with the last contact being a lady named Sharmeka, they were under the impression that I wanted to cancel this order and reorder. NOW, what sense does that make?  Why would I want to cancel an order because I could not receive it before Christmas and yet order another one that I would still not receive before Christmas? Although it did not alleviate my problem or frustration, Sharmeka was very nice and informed me that she did not directly work for Sears that she worked for a third party. I asked her could I possibly get the trampoline sent to a store so that it could be picked up at Sear's. She said that I could do that but it would take 12 days! This was not acceptable either.  At this point, my only solution is to cancel my order and request a refund. Sharmeka told me that she could not cancel my order but would put in a request to cancel my order and that it could take 3-5 days for me to receive an email about my request. From there, it will take 7-10 days for a refund. I paid $291.02 for this trampoline! So, where are we now? I have 2 children that will not receive their Christmas present for Christmas and a low income mother that can't afford to buy her children anything other than a few items from the dollar store for Christmas. To add to this grotesque story, she has now missed approximately 6 hours from work that was unpaid that I will now have to reimburse her for in addition to my rapidly building expenses. I am out $291.02 until Sears decides to refund my money. It is curious that you quickly charged the price of trampoline when I ordered but now it sounds like I may be looking at around 2 weeks before I get my money back. So, in order to get these children something for Christmas, I have to have the $291.02 tied up in your process and now I have to expense out of pocket for another trampoline from another retailer that will hopefully have a little more competence than Sears.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. I can't even find the words to express what I would like to say to you. Unacceptable, ridiculous, incompetent, unreliable, untrustworthy, and inexcusable do not even begin to describe this entire incident. Needless to say, I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN whether online or in-store. I will advise anyone I know to do the same. And I will post this Christmas Story on every website, social media, and blog that I can find and I assure you that it will be many.  Respectfully,  Paula Landry 
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28, Report #998128
Jan 16 2013
06:35 PM
Sears SEARS - Not honoring our bed warrantes! Pembroke Lakes, Florida
We purchased two Sealy Posturepedic beds from Sears that came with ten year non-prorated warranties: A twin sized bed and a king sized bed. Our twin mattress is sagging beyond belief and has a large crater in the center of it. In addition, Sears' own salesperson recently informed me that Sealy failed in their core support and they (Sears and Sealy) know all about it. Sears sales lady also claimed they had many, many, returns on these beds. Our king sized mattress has metal protruding in several places. In addition, the entire mattress has sagged. Our backs are killing us. The king bed makes strange popping sounds. In addition, the box springs on both of our beds squeak and squeal at the slightest movement, no matter which area of the bed you are laying on. Long story short, all of these items are covered in the Sealy warranty booklets that came with our beds. And, the independent bed inspector Sears sent to our home assured me that both beds would be replaced by Sears. He showed me the reason our beds are squealing is a failure in the main support beam in the box springs. He assured that the metal protruding out of our King mattress is definately covered under our warranty, and also said that our twin bed (with the large crater in the middle) is the worst he has ever seen. Long story short, Sealy's warranty dept is now claiming the inspector submitted a report that our beds are fine. This is not what he told me and I know Sears is not being truthful with me.  Our beds have bad, warranty-covered problems and all we want is what we are entitled to under our warranties. But apparently Sears couldn't care less.
Entity: Pembroke Lakes, Florida
29, Report #1033014
Jul 12 2007
12:41 PM
Sears Kenmore AC Unit From Sears Buyer Beware! Ripoff Miami Florida
Kenmore AC Unit From Sears Buyer Beware! If you are planning on purchasing an AC unit for your home, read what happened to me when I purchased one from Sears in 2004. Not only does the brand Kenmore not stand for quality, as it once did, but also the Sears employees are rude and unprofessional. They don't care if you go without AC for days. My mother-in-law went through a similar issue with Sears, but with her refrigerator. The technician who went to her home to fix the refrigerator on 6/29/07 told her that she needed to wait for a part to be ordered from China. When I called Sears, on 7/12/07 for my mother-in-law to find out the status of the part order they informed me that a part was NEVER ORDERED BY THE TECHNICIAN. Is this Sear's concept of Customer Service? Please read on, and buyers beware! I installed a Kenmore AC unit in my home in 2004. Since then it has clogged up three times writing the period of May 2006 and May 2007. Every time it clogs the AC leaks all over my wooden floors and I have one to two days with no AC. The first time the unit was repaired I was not charged. However, the second time it was repaired the service man did not want to do the work and Sears charged me 360.00, (I have the receipt). I asked the Sear's service man how I could avoid this from happening again and he suggested that I purchase a custom made filter from Sears for 99.95. I purchased the filter and waited from December 6, 2006 to December 22, 2006 with no delivery or contact from Sears. When I called Sears to inquired about the filter several customer service agents hung-up on me, and finally when I reached a supervisor he informed me that service man, number 0010355, indicated on his report that he had left the custom made filter at my home the day of the order, December 6, 2006. Finally I received the filter. I have cleaned it as indicated by the AC unit and technician's advise. Yet, yesterday, May 10, 2007 my AC dripped all over my wooden floors, causing them to become soft and turned off for the third time in a year. Upon calling Sears to get a technician to service my AC I was hung-up on again by Merilyn, and finally when I did get a competent customer service professional who informed me that I must wait until Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm to get someone to service my AC. All of Sear's customer service people and management speak to me, the customer, as if I did something wrong. They are unsympathetic and rude. When they speak to me it is as if they were doing me a favor by answering the phone. I waited 40 minutes to speak to someone today in Sear's customer relations department. Her name was Tamy and finally when I did get to speak to her she put me on hold for over 5 minutes to finally get back to me to explain that her manager, Ernie Garcia could not speak to me nor would he approve my air handler being replaced. She explained that I must wait, more waiting. The once reputable company, Sears, does not believe in customer service, nor do they stand behind their product, Kenmore. I am trapped with a $5,000.00 AC unit that is a lemon. I feel as if I have no rights and that Sears could care less about me a paying customer. I want the public to know that the once reputable company is no more. People should know that the Sears name, along with Kenmore are synonymous for incompetence. Ania Miami Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
30, Report #392356
Nov 18 2008
10:31 AM
Sears Sears M/A Rip off Nation Wide Nationwide
If you have a cap 40 M/A watch out they want you off it.I took my vcr in to the store last nite to be serviced.To my surprize it was expired. After I was told it was good till april of 09. So THEY lie and give you bad service just to get you off of it. They move your Due dates I have had the cap program for app 21-22 years and they have had to do alot of repairs and replace alot of tv, vcr, dishwasher no wonder they want me off . But why do they lie and give the worst service.If they don't want you to have it just refuse or take everything off it one at a time as they have been . JUST DON't Shop at sears Vickie8206 Benton City, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
31, Report #391306
Nov 14 2008
01:01 PM
Sears repairing tv using sears Beaumont Texas
Sears tv repair they set times but do not keep apointments set with customers. Most people in america live by apointments. But sears tv repair made sure they where paid in full. Called 4 hours before appointment and claimed no one was home, but of course no one would be because we were told the repair technician wouldnt be there before 1pm.The evening before they where called and appt. was set from 1pm to 5pm. Due to there mistake we have to pay for it.We are now told it will be another 4 days before services are rendered. Ray lumberton, TexasUnited States Minor Outlying Islands
Entity: Beaumont, Texas
32, Report #646819
Oct 02 2010
07:50 AM
Sears Sears refuses to return payment for cancelled order! Internet
I ordered a Sears riding lawnmower online and later that day (5 hours) changed my mind on which one I wanted and looked up the Sears return policy and it allowed me to cancel the order with no penalty. I called and did so and the Sears employee helping me ( From another country apparently) refused to give me a cancellation number and tell me when I would get one. It was like the TV commercial when Peggy is on the phone. First thing is they said my phone number was not good and when I gave them my confirmation of the order that had the exact phone number on it they said that they did not have access to view my confirmation number?  lol   Took me an hour of debating before they found it.  After trying and getting no help I then called and asked to speak to a manager and we directed to another Sears employee who also seemed to be from outside the USA. She was a manager and also refused to help me and I asked for a simply email from Sears justing stating that the order was cancelled and she advised it was against Sears Company policy to do so. I then emailed the complaint dept. and one week later have not heard back from them either and as of this morning they still have my almost $2000.00 and refuse to give it back to me. I have lost $2000.00 and still have no riding lawnmower!
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33, Report #668775
Dec 06 2010
09:32 PM
sears sears steals christmas!!! huffman estates, Illinois
took my vehicle in for a simple oil change on november 19th, went to pick up my car, several technicians watched me as i got into my car and tried to start it. it made a huge noise like it was going to blow up. i turned off the key and jumped out of the car and looked back and the techs had all scattered! they let me get into the car knowing that it would not work!. i went back into the shop and after several exchanges between myself ,the man that handed me the keys and the tech that actully worked on my car i left the shop and told them to repair my car and i was not taking it until they did. the men that worked there would give me no names or phone numbers to call a manager or area manager, they insisted they did not have numbers or did not know their names! the next day i went into the shop and the manager was there , he told me dont worry maam i will fix it i told him thank you so much, i was so worried that you were not going to repair it!!! he said he would take care of it. several days went by and after no word from the shop i went back over and was told by the manager his area manager was coming down to authorize the repairs on the car. i said ok just please have it repaired by thanksgiving i need to drive it and i am borrowing another car! ok maam i left. the next day the manager informed me that the area manager said it was merely a coincidence that when they drove my car into their bay,  it suddenly broke down and they were not going to repair it! i became very upset and left the shop once again! after an hour went by the store manager called my cell phone and said maam we have decided to go ahead and take your car to a third party shop to see whats wrong with your car. at this point i am telling them to do whatever they deem necessary to get the car repaired. the monday after thanksgiving i noticed that they had not moved the car anywhere and i called their executive customer service line and then suddenly early that morning they took the car to the third party shop( a shop that sears refers work to all the time). this shop reported back to sears that the repairs would be well over 2500 dollars and that i could purchase a whole new engine for less than that! sears destroyed my car and they have no intentions of fixing it! they have now assigned an insurance adjuster to the case who when i spoke to this person was also saying already that it was a coincidence and no fault of sears . i believe they drained the oil out of my car and did not properly put oil back in and started and drove the car with no oil in it! it is now december the 7th and i am still waiting for a repaort back from the insurance adjuster. i cannot purchase christmas for my children because i dont know what it will take to fix my car or if i may have to purchase another car!! sears stole our christmas!!
Entity: huffman estates, Illinois
34, Report #980449
Dec 11 2012
07:01 AM
Sears anyone But Sears Hoffman Estates, Florida
We purchased--in the last 18 months from SEARS--2 dishwashers (1600 dollars); 2 microwaves (550.00 dollars) and 1 refrigerator 3,000 dollars). This was to complete 2 remodeling jobs. One diswasher--which was purchased for our new house-- was not used until September 2012, when we moved in. The unit came with a defective digital control panel. We noticed that food collected in the bottom; dishes were not clean; dishes were still wet; the door and inside remained wet, after the drying cycle was complete. We called Sears, and then sent a repair person out four (4) times in 10 weeks. The repair person made a number of suggestions; use a different detergent; increase the washing temperature of the water, which we did. Still, no changes occurred with the aforementioned problems. The repair man said that the unit was defective. He also said that if he made that claim, I will lose my job. We brought this matter to the Customer Care Division-Sears Cares. WHAT A MISNOMER!!. It was like the company that says, Your call is very important to us, but fails to open more phone lines or hire more staff members to take the important calls.We started posting our concerns and maltreatment on the Sears Facebook Page. We got a series of form letters back, all stating the same thing, with different names signing them.Sears Cares commented on Sears's Wall post. Sears Cares wrote: Jay It is so inconvenient without a working dishwasher in the home. We truly apologize for any added stress or frustration this matter has caused you. We would like the opportunity to be assistance. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number used at the time of the purchase, to Please include your FB screen name (Jay G. Zaslaw) so that we may expedite your request, and we look forward to assisting you. Thank you - Zenaida.This unit cost us over 800.dollars We have nothing to gain by trying to swindle Sears. All we want is a well-functioning unit. We spent over 5,000 dollarsin 18 months with this company, and all we got was confirmation that Sears, in fact doesn't care; dosen't stand by their products and, of Yeah, THEY DON'T EVEN MAKE THEIR OWN PRODUCTS. That's right; the refrigerator is made by LG Electronics, So, thinking highly of Kenmore is a farce; thank LG for the product and Sears for the deception. And, you now know why they are in financial straits. You have to ask, when Sears crashes, who will honor your warranty? (CIRCUIT CITY ANYBODY) ARE MANY OTHER SOLVENT COMPANIES FROM WHICH TO PURCHASE GOODS. LET SEARS DIE A WELL-EARNED DEATH, AND DON'T WORRY ABOUT WARRANTIES THAT WILL EVAPORATE.We have received many similar stories, as a result of our Facebook posts. In fact, complaining about Sears LACK OF Care is shared.(((ROR REDACTED)))
Entity: Hoffman Estates, Florida
35, Report #979519
Dec 08 2012
11:11 AM
Sears Appliance Sears Repair Service , Internet
Well I purchased a Whirpool Washer from Sears & Co. approm. 5 years ago, I also purchased the Service warranty as suggest by the salesman which gave you some benefits for yearly inspections and free service & parts when needed. I had a service call in June 2012, which the spin cycle didn't work, so Sears came to my home and look at the machine and order parts, came back 1 week later to repair & replaced the parts. Remember if you advised Sears that the parts arrived they (Sears) dont call you and your appt. gets cancelled. About 6 months ago today the spin cycle dont work again, 2nd time, Sear repairman came to my home on Nov. 21 and this repairs guy dont carry parts, so they order the parts, 3 parts, Sear Warehouse sent out each part separately and arrive each day, now I call to advised Sears that the parts arrived, The Repair told me the the parts the Warehouse sent me were defective??? Well he had to another another part which they dont carry parts on their vehicle. So the parts arrive and the Repair told me that he would come this Sat. December 8, well I got a Saturday date of January 5 which was not the case. So after many call to Sears repair 800 line, getting the run of around finally i was able to get someone to come to my home to fix the Washer. Sears gave me time window 8-12 pm well no calls til 12:45 that he on his way to repair my machine after waiting 4 hours still no repairman, Folks do yourself favor dont by the service plan, If you are PSEG customer buy their worry free plan, That's what I am going to do after this Incident with Sears, its 3 weeks and my washer is down, they have no compassion at all with the customers.Totally not a customer friendly company. I am going to write to the CEO of Sears and complaint about Service.
Entity: Internet, Internet
36, Report #936447
Sep 03 2012
08:31 PM
Sears PartsDirect Sears PartsDirect National, Nationwide
Sears partsDirect charged me for a part they knew was not in stock. Each week they gave me a new ship date but it appears they really have no idea if the part will ever become available and are just stringing me along. I requested a refund a week ago and expected that it would be immediate but they wont issue it for another 7 days. In my experience with them they are so incompetent and deceptive that I expect I will have to call 3 or 4 more times before the credit is issued.
Entity: , Nationwide
37, Report #1002906
Jan 24 2013
07:36 PM
SEARS SEARS Chases Customers out of the Store! Albany, Oregon
Would it make any sense at all for a store to literally chase customers out of the store, yelling at and threatening to sue them? Believe it or not, that's what happened to me on September 28, 2012 when I went to the Sears store in Albany Oregon intent on purchasing a replacement washing machine for the business I managed. I specifically told the sales associate: I need a machine today. With his help, I made a selection and told him that I just needed to call my regional manager to get a credit card number. But when I turned around after only about one minute talking to my manager, the sales associate had disappeared. I looked around and saw no one at all in the appliance department, but there were three Sears employees nearby in the Automotive departmentleaning on boxes, talking and laughing while ignoring me and several other customers in the area. Frustrated, I used my cell phone to snap a photo of them to perhaps show to their manager at a later time in order to document their poor work habits. When they saw me take their photo, one of them asked in a sarcastic tone of voice if they could help me, I responded that it didn't look like they could. When I asked for a manager, they told me there wasn't oneto which I said that explained why they were goofing offto which they replied that they weren't goofing off, they were waiting for customers. As we exchanged comments and their attitude worsened, I decided I wasn't willing to argue with them or support such poor service, and would instead buy the washer from a retailer who valued me as a customer. As I turned and began to walk away, a woman from the group yelled that she had better not see the photo on the Internet. I ignored her and kept walking but she followed me, repeatedly commanding me to stop and tell her my name. I kept walking but felt as if I would be violently seized at any momentas if I were a shoplifter! Just before I reached the exit, she yelled after me that if she saw the photo on the Internet she would sue me! I was quite humiliated and upset by the encounter and couldn't believe that I had been literally chased out of the store and threatened with a lawsuit when I had gone there intent on purchasing a major appliance. After I gained my composure, I decided to find a manager to report the incident. The manager was cordial but defended the actions of her employees. When she scolded me for taking the photo, I responded that there was no signage stating that photos were not allowed and that other shoppers often take photos in order to comparison shop, or to show a product that they're considering to a family member or friendso that the only problem with me taking the photo was what it revealed. She later apologized (for the incidentbut not for the actions of her employees), and offered a 5%  discount on the washing machine. I responded that I had reported the incident to my manager, and he instructed me to go to Home Depot instead. When I told the manager that this had not been the first time I've been ignored when attempting to shop in her store, she responded that I should have reported those prior incidents to her. But why should the customer need to tell the store manager what the employees are doing  (or NOT doing)? A good manager would know what her employees are doing. Moreover, the fact that the employees felt free to openly stand around and ignore customers indicates that the manager either didn't stress the importance of customer service or actually condoned the bad behavior of her employees. Before leaving her office, I asked the manager for the phone number of her regional manager, and she wrote a toll free number on the back of her business card. I later called the number, which turned out to be a call center. I spoke to a very cordial and sympathetic man who listened intently and promised to have the district manager contact mebut not surprisingly, no one ever called. Incidentally, when I first met with the Sear's manager, I introduced myself as the Account Manager for the mall's housekeeping contractor. As a result, she later reported me to the mall's general manageras if I did something wrong-- and apparently to cause trouble for me. Therefore, I not only bought the washing machine at Home Depot, but I will never again enter a Sear's store! So that's why I believe (and hope) Sears will soon be out of businessnot because of economic conditions, and not because they can't attract customers to their stores, but because their arrogant, lazy associates ignore, insult, threaten, and literally chase customers out with the full support and encouragement of management! 
Entity: Albany, Oregon
38, Report #1175083
Sep 07 2014
03:22 PM
SEARS Complain against online order placement on Sears Website. TALLAHASSEE Nationwide
Complain against online order placement on Sears Website.I had purchased a range for my kitchen from Sears recently, since the company was on my mind at the moment, I went perusing through their website.  They had a special on wiper blades going on, so, I placed an order online for four sets (Order #  718210238).  I confirmed the order.  Sears sent me an email confirming the receipt of the order and shortly thereafter another email confirming that the order was ready for pick up.  The pick up email included instructions of how to use the online pick up kiosk at their store.  First thing that went wrong (albeit small still annoying) was that after I tried to find my order using their online kiosk nothing would come up, after I finally got a real human being to come out and talk to me they explained that all car care items, no matter how small, had to be picked up from the car care center.  Nothing about that on the pick up email though.  So, I went to the car care center, there I was told that fisrt, the item was out of stock because it was on special and it went out fast (that should not matter, I placed the order online and it was confirmed for pick up, so, the item should have been put aside waiting for my retrieval).  The item was not put aside because the order was received at the car care center but never initialized.  They were wondering if I had really received a pick up email, I sure had, and still had it on my phone to show to them.  It did not matter, the item is not available so he (I have to say, very nicely asked me if I wanted him to call and get my money refunded).  Yes, I did want him to, but regardless of who got my money back that goes without saying, of course I am going to get my money back.  What I am not going to get is my item, bought on special, promised to me by their order system to be ready and waiting for me, and I am not going to get my trip or time back.  Why would anyone ever bother to purchase something online with them, waste precious days when the item could have been bought at another online store, just to go to pick up your purchase and find out that you had been lied to?  This is not how online ordering works, this is not how customer service works, and this is not how you keep your current customers.  If Sears is trying to make inroads on the online shopping community as it seems that they are based on their seemingly pretty fancy and useful (as long as it is not a car item) online pick up kiosks, this is definitely the wrong way to go about it.
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #1194370
Dec 10 2014
08:44 AM
Sears Sears Home Services Duct Cleaning ripoff Coral Springs Nationwide
The duct cleaning industry has a reputation for having shady operators, and of bate and switch promotions. Because of that, I wanted to deal with the most reputable company available, and I chose Sears. Never again will I deal with this company.I ordered the 20 duct special to have my ducts cleaned. The service was to cost approximately $200, and include the cleaning of up tpo 20 ducts and 2 returns. They sent a crew which arrived hours late, and when they arrived the crew chief tried to sell me various add-ons which would have brought the total cost to over $1000. I declined the add-ons one by one, and finally the crew chief agreed to do what I had contracted for, explaining that he would do it because he could not handle dealing with another complaint. By then it was so late that we decided to reschedule for another time. We were told it would take as much as 4 hours to do the job.Three weeks later a new crew arrived, and the new crew cheif began his sales pitch. He was rude and arrogant, and early into his pitch I explained to him that i had already been through that, and that I wanted to decline all extras and have him proceed with the duct cleaning. At that point he told me that he would use his machine to suck out the dust at the point the returning air entered my two air handlers. I pointed out that the price I agreed to pay included cleaning 20 ducts, but he rudely told me he would not clean any ducts unless i agreed to pay for the extras, so I asked him to take his crew and leave.I then called the Sears toll free number. There the customer service rep profusely appologized and asked me to hold while she contacted the manager of the crew that came to my home. After a minute or so, she came back on the line and asked me if I wanted to continue to hold or get a call back. I asked to continue to hold, and she left me on the line for over 26 minutes. Finally i gave up, hung up, and called back. This time a guy answered. He was very applogetic also, and this time I gave him my number and asked for a call back. A couple of hours later a manager called me, I explained what happened, and he appologized and asked me what he could do to make things right. I suggested that he send out a crew which could do a professional job of cleaning my ducts without the sales pitch for additional services, and that while I was not insisting on a price adjustment, it would be nice. We duscussed rescheduling, but the subject of a price adjustment never came up again. Because of the dust stirred up by the cleaning process, I wanted to make sure our cleaning lady was there the day after Sears, so the manager gave me his number and we arranged to me to call him to reschedule once I new what days were onvenient. I have called him several times since then, and he has not bothered to return my call.It seems that this is not the Sears that I grew up knowing, I will never deal with them again, and I recommend that everyone reading this stear clear of them as well.
Entity: Nationwide
40, Report #1132777
Mar 22 2014
03:57 PM
Sears Outlet Sears Outlet Has misleading Warranty Policies Nationwide
In a nutshell, we purchased 3 seperate refrigerators over a two month period and have nothing but an unwarranteed broken refrigerator for $2000. All refridgerators were floor models with minimal cosmetic damage but are supposedly supposed to be fully functional.Our first refrigerator arrived with broken front wheels which makes it unusable. We did not allow them to unload it off the truck. We located another one and arranged for delivery.Ten days later fridge number 2 arrived. Looked fine. Delivery people set it up. It appeared to be working. Next day we realized that it wasn't cold. Called Sears Outlet. They sent out a repairman a week later. It was deemed unrepariable. At first they were not going to refund our money stating that their policy stated no returns. Finally they agreed to allow us to purchase another floor model. Waiting another ten days for delivery. Received a call from the warehouse stating the back wheel had come off. They had requested a service call; couldn't say how long it would take. It took 5 days. We were never allowed to speak directly to the person at the warehouse. It was supposedly repaired and we were again scheduled for delivery (another 4 days).Fridge number 3 arrived with doors that wouldn't line up and seal close. We refused delivery.We then decided we would try to go through Samsung since we had registered fridge number two with them and we still had it at home. Another week and they sent out their own repairman. It was deemed unrepairable.It is also unwarrantable because Samsung has not contract with Sears so they will not replace their product nor will they refund the purchase price because they consider a floor model to be used.Sears will only refund our money with another purchase from them.So, we have an unrepariable refriderator for $2000. 
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1200920
Jan 11 2015
02:57 PM
Sears SEARS = Sucky Excuses and Repulsive Service Nationwide Nationwide
4 years ago I bought a new boiler with installation from Sears for $15,000. It has already broken down twice. The latest incident occurred during the day on Thursday. I was down in NY for business, and my wife returned from work to find the house down to 47 degrees. We live in Massachusetts where we have been having daily temperatures in the single digits. When I purchased the boiler, at the same time I also purchased a 7 year service warranty which covered all service, parts, and labor. Because I was out of town, my wife called Sears service around 6PM Thursday and was told they would send someone out in 24 to 48 hours. She explained that we had no heat and hot water (the boiler also heats the hot water heater) and the house was already down to 47 degrees. The Sears customer (dis)service rep replied in a snotty tone that wasn't their problem. I returned home on Friday, and first thing on Saturday morning I called Sears to find out what time the service tech would be coming that day, as the 48 hours would be up in 9 hours. I was told their independent service contractor doesn't do calls on weekends, and wouldn't be at my home until Monday. I told them we were told 24 to 48 hours on Thursday so they needed to get someone out to my home that day before the pipes froze. They told me there was nothing they could do, that the 24 to 48 hours didn't include weekend days (again, totally absurd and the first time we were told this - apparently your products from Sears can only break down during normal business hours on weekdays only). I told them this was completely ridiculous, that I spent all of this money on the new boiler and service warranty so that I wouldn't be in this position, and I was told too bad, the best they could do was have someone come out on Monday. I asked if they were going to reimburse me for a hotel room for the next two nights and they transferred me to another department so they could discuss what concessions they could offer. I explained everything to this next person and she told me that I was talking to the wrong department. After being bounced around to 4 different departments and being told again that I was talking to the wrong department I told the person that I have spent the past hour explaining my situation and everyone keeps telling me that I'm speaking to the wrong department. I asked him to please transfer me to a manager because I was tired of getting jerked around. I was then transferred into someone's VOICEMAIL which is completely pathetic after the ordeal that they had put me through. This was 10AM Saturday morning. I left my information, and it is now 4:25 on Sunday afternoon and this so called manager still hasn't returned my call. My house is now 38 degrees, and there has been no heat or hot water for 72 hours. The biggest waste of $15,000 that I have ever spent. I would've been better off going to the bank and getting 15,000 one dollar bills. I would have had more reliable heat by burning those bills than buying this hunk of junk from Sears. Is it any wonder why Sears is in deep financial trouble? I had previously bought my refrigerator, range, washer, and dryer all from Sears before this boiler purchase. After this fiasco, I will never give Sears, Kmart, Land End, etc another dime of my hard earned money. RIP Sears. Your days are numbered.
Entity: Nationwide
42, Report #1149875
May 27 2014
08:50 AM
Sears Sears Leasing Program Complete RipOff - Beware Orlando Florida
 I just wanted to post this hoping it will maybe help at least one person not make this mistake. We went to Sears in the Florida Mall and applied for credit. We were told that we got approved for their leasing program which is just like Rent A Centers rent to own. This was the same story we received from three different Sears employees. When we chose the washer and dryer that we wanted to purchase, we were reviewing the payments and told that it would be $250 for six months. We decided to think about that because that is a chunk of money each month. I am so glad we decided that.When we researched this program we found that the leasing program is only for five months, at the six month payment we thought we were paying off the washer and dryer. No. We would be paying their leasing company $1250 then have the option to re-lease it, another $1250 or buy it. So in all, for a $1500 washer and dryer set, if we did not have a way to buy these items after 5 months, we would have generally wasted $1250. If we bought it after the least, we could have paid $2750 for a $1500 set.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
43, Report #1160890
Jul 09 2014
08:37 PM
SEARS - Kmart - Sears Holdings Bait and Switch RIPOFF Chicago Nationwide
Sears is a RIPOFF, do not purchase items online. FALSE ADVERTISING. Here is a link for a NFL display they list on and listed as HOT BUY. Ad says Riddell 32 Piece NFL Match Up Set with Display Case. But what they sent me was a set for 3 Year olds and up, and it's listed everywhere else at about 20% less than Sears and it wasn't even close to what I was supposed to get. Some HOT BUY.They sent me thi: I would never have purchased this. It's a young boys toy, I ordered what was supposed to be a gift for a 25 yr old man. Thanks for ruining that too. I called the store at Superstition Springs in Mesa, AZ and the sales associate Lois told me Marilyn the store manager said I can't return it there, I called the online customer service and the associate from somewhere in the Mideast told me they would give me a $5 sales adjustment for inconvenience and they would contact management about false advertising. Obviously I'm very displeased with this purchase and I highly recommend to everyone you DO NOT PURCHASE from them. This is their 3rd strike within a few years. Basically I did not get what I sold to me so I guess my next step is to call my bank and dispute the charge of $60.54 to my visa card, luckily it's not a Sears credit, that's another nightmare to deal with.SEARS RIPPED ME OFF AGAIN - Do yourself a favor NEVER APPLY FOR A SEARS CARD - Employee's are spiffed ($3-$4 per sign up) and threatened to lose their jobs for not getting quotas of new credit cards.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1234145
Jun 07 2015
06:51 PM
Sears Sears Home Delivery HOME DELIVERY FAIL Fargo Nationwide
Almost three weeks ago I purchased and paid for a furniture set to be delivered and assembled.  Tonight--the night before delivery they email me with a totally different time.  I had to wait 55 minutes on hold to speak to someone and she refused to explain why they changed it.  They seriously offered me a 10% off coupon!!!!  I went to a lot of trouble to make arrangements for tomorrow, and now I had to make new ones for Wednesday.  Their customer service is unprofessional and I would highly encourage people not to shop there and especially not to use their delivery service.  Ugh!!!
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1238793
Jun 29 2015
07:28 PM
Sears Home Services Sabotaged by Sears Nationwide
I purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator, bottom freezer model # GI6FDRXXY010 from Sears in April 2013.  Around approximately May 15, 2015 I noticed that my refrigerator was leaking water from the bottom.  I called Sears Home Services and on approximately May 20, 2015 they sent out an A&E Factory repairman.  The repairman was in my home about 20-30 minutes.  He melted all the ice in the bottom of the freezer and showed me a small black piece that was filled with lint and dust and sticking together, unable to open as he said it should.  He said the best fix was to just completely remove this piece and I wouldn't have any more issues.  The repairman told me that even though he had only been there a short period of time, the cost would be $264, and however, I had options.  He stated that I could purchase a home warranty through Sears at $54.99 a month that would cover everything in my house including all appliances as well as the heating and air conditioning and that I could cancel this warranty at any time.  He stated that my particular fridge was known for the control board going up which would cost approximately $800-$950. He stated if I purchased the warranty I would receive a discount in addition to the 20% off coupon I already had and the price would only be $116.  I purchased the warranty and paid the $116.  The fridge stopped leaking. About two weeks later, upon my return from the grocery store I noticed that the food in my freezer had thawed, water was leaking from the ice maker and the fridge and freezer were not as cold as they should be.  It immediately appeared to me that the refrigerator was no longer getting cold.  I called Sears Home Services twice that night.  The first time I waited on hold for 90 minutes before I hung up, the second time 45 minutes until I was finally able to speak with someone.  The representative set me up with an appointment the next day.  I put all of my food from the refrigerator and freezer in coolers and filled them with ice I purchased from the store ($40).    The next day my boyfriend stayed home from work in order to try to get this problem resolved in an effort to save our food.  The same repairman from A&E Service Factory returned.  He told my boyfriend that the control board had went up, the cost was $450 or he could wait until the warranty went into effect in two weeks (there is a 30 day waiting period from purchase date) and only pay a $60 deductible.  He told us to unplug the refrigerator and let it defrost and after 24 hours to turn it back on.  He said the refrigerator would then work and should last the two weeks but then it would still need to be repaired.  We unplugged the refrigerator and let it defrost.  We went and bought dry ice ($50) to try to keep our food cold another 24 hours until we could plug the refrigerator back in.  The next day we plugged the refrigerator back in.  The refrigerator reached approximately 65 degrees and the freezer reached approximately 40 degrees.  A refrigerator should be around 35 degrees and a freezer 0-5 degrees.  We threw most of the food away and decided to wait the two weeks.  We purchased a chest freezer ($169) during the mean time and kept some food in there.  Over the next two weeks I checked the freezer temperature daily using a thermometer, it seemed to get warmer with time.On June 17, 2015 the day my warranty went into effect I called Sears Home Warranty.  After calling many time and being placed on hold for 40 minutes or more each time I was finally able to speak to someone.  I was able to file a claim and the Sears representative set me up an appointment with Dobbins Appliance Repair the next morning.  Again, my boyfriend missed work in an effort to finally get our refrigerator fixed.  The service man was supposed to arrive between 8am-12pm (June 18) and finally arrived closer to 12:30.  The two men asked my boyfriend for an extension cord for the hair dryer they were using to melt the ice as they did not have one.  Sine we did not have one either they had to turn the refrigerator around closer to the electrical receptacle.  They melted the ice and quickly diagnosed the problem, there was a wire disconnected from the defroster and the evaporator fan was bad.  The reconnected the wire and stated that they would have to order the fan which they did not believe would be covered by the warranty.  My boyfriend paid the $60 deductible and they said someone would be in contact with me to install the new evaporator fan once the part came in. The refrigerator began to get cold again but the freezer was still not as cold as it should be, it was approximately 22 degrees at this point. The next morning (June 19) I called Dobbin’s Appliance Repair to find out exactly what would happen next.  I was told that they would send off a report to Sears Home Warranty and once the new part was authorized with 24-48 hours it would be ordered and they would contact me with a date to install the new part.  I addressed my concerns with the person on the phone about how the repairman were not prepared for the job and did not have the proper tools they should have had, such as an extension cord and a steamer to melt the ice.On June 25, 2015, a week after the repairmen came to my home, I still had not heard back from anybody regarding my refrigerator.  I called Dobbin’s Appliance Repair to get the status of the part.  I was told that the report should have been sent out the next day on June 19th but it was not sent out until June 20th and then it would have been 24-28 hours and that the earliest the part could have been ordered was June 22nd.  I reminded the man on the phone that it was now June 25th and I had no new information regarding my fridge.  I asked them to follow up with Sears regarding the part.  He assured me they would follow up and give me a call back the next day.  A 30 minutes later I received a phone call from Sears Home Warranty stating that the part would not be covered because I called in on the day that the warranty went into effect.  I expressed my frustrations and concerns with the woman who called from Sears and she gave me some a few phone numbers to call.  I called one of the phone numbers a few hours later and it was A&E factory.  I informed the representative that I had a complaint and asked if she could help me.  She said she could and I told her the sequence of events as stated above.  She said she was unable to help me and transferred me to another number.              The number I was transferred was Sears Corporate Compliance department.  I asked the man on the phone could he help me and he said that he could.  One again I told him the sequence of event.  I stated the following concerns:Was the price of the original repair supposed to be $264 or do these repair men receive commission for selling me the home warranty?How did the defrost wire become disconnected?  The only person to touch the inside of the refrigerator was the A&E Factory repairman.He told me a control board would break and two weeks later when he returned he said the control board was broke.The second company said it was a defrost wire and an evaporator fan.  Who do I believe? Both of these companies were sent out by Sears.The representative from the Sears Corporate Complaint department agreed that this was an unfortunate series of events. He put me on hold while he contacted Sears Home Warranty.  Over the course of 48 minutes I sat on hold while he intermittently checked back in to assure me he was still on hold.  Finally, the representative came back on and said he could not get in touch with them but he could send a repairman out.  I agreed and told him that all I want is my refrigerator fixed.  At first he said I may have to pay a deductible.  I stated that I was not paying Sears another dime of my money.  At this point I had paid Sears $116 for the original repair, $110 for two months of the home warranty, and a $60 deductible.  He said that he would put it in as a no charge repair and so I agreed. We set up the appointment for two days later on Saturday June 27th.On Saturday June 27th, the same A&E Factory repairman that had come to my home the first two times, arrived.  I told him what the other repairmen had said and after taking it apart and looking at it he agreed that the evaporator fan was bad.  He said that he was supposed to collect $105 from me.  I told him I was not supposed to be charged.  He called Sears Home Warranty and explained that this was not an issue when I purchased the warranty from him in May.  To my knowledge he did not talk to anyone at the Sears Corporate Complaint department that day.  He said that the fan would be $350 and they told him to collect $105 from me at that time.  I explained that this visit was supposed to be free of charge and he said he understand and he left.
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #1293260
Mar 12 2016
07:24 PM
Sears Warranty Sears Warranty is a scam. Sunrise Florida
I called Sears to have an appliance tech come out to house to look at my oven. When I called, the female rep told me a way to save money would be to purchase a warranty with a one time price. Ok, I said. Big mistake. I paid the one time price, using my wife's credit card. They failed to mention to me the monthly fee.  When the tech came out, he charged me again for some other addtional fee. He said there was nothing wrong with my wife's oven. She begs to differ. Cooking a turkey is one thing, but when you are cooking cakes, it must be accurate in oven temps. My wife is so mad. Anyway, I just took it on the chin. Then one day, I am looking at my wife's credit card statement. I notice all these extra charges for the last three months from Sears. I called them up. and asked what were the charges? They informed me that it was my $39.00 monthly fee for warranty. So, I asked to be canceled. Oh, now that is an additional $79.00 fee. I felt like I was on Green Acres talking to Mr. Haney. These people are rip-offs. They know it. Maybe there is connection to the rise and fall of Sears, and this type of behavoir from them.
Entity: Nationwide
47, Report #1287149
Jul 23 2016
09:29 PM
Sears Customer Service Liars,  bottom line, new washer used for 2 weeks,  needed repair Maytag Maxima, this is a $1000 machine,  repair person was suppose to be out Friday Feb. 12th, got a call,  nope, they are not coming today, they will come now on Monday.  been waiting 10days, wet stuff I am sure now molded inside the machine.  Do not buy from this company, horrible customer service and Liars. 
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1258935
Oct 03 2015
02:43 PM
Sears Repairs Sears Service Smart Home Protection Agreement Internet
I was having problems with my refrigerator that I had purchased from Sears. I called them to get a repair person in. I was told I had to have an insurance plan in place to get services. They charged me $293.17, for a Service Smart Home Protection Agreement. I paid for this with an LL Bean Visa card on May 13, 2015. An appointment was established and a repair man came to the house. He took my refrigerator apart. He said there was nothing wrong with the cooling system. From over his shoulder, I could see frost on the cooling grills.He said the problem was the fan had died. He removed the fan to take it to get the proper and exact replacement fan. He said, I'd be contacted by the company to establish another appointment to install the replacement fan. I got a phone call but it was a message on my cell phone voicemail. It said that they could not find a replacement fan and therefore my whole refrigerator was not good. They said I was being given a $500.00, credit toward a new refrigerator at Sears and that I had 30 days (until August 20th, 2015,) in which to purchase my new refrigerator from Sears or lose this offering. I believe that this company is, yet another, Third Party type provider. I believe there never was any intention to repair my refrigerator but was a method to get me to buy (1) a repair agreement, and (2) a new refrigerator (starting at $2,500.) I believe they took my fan intentionally, so I could not get my refrigerator fixed elsewhere. The broken refrigerator was purchased at Sears only about five years ago. I am out my $293.17, and I am out my refrigerator. I did not have the $2500.00, to replace my refrigerator with a new refrigerator from Sears. Sears is not to be trusted any more. They have become scam artists.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1279105
Jan 09 2016
02:27 PM
sears sears roebuck non performance-poor telephone service Nationwide
I purchased a maintenance service agreement on a glass cooktop I purchased from Sears. I called a listed number to obtain needed service.   the number reached said they would have to forward me to another number (which was closed for the day.  The two hour window I was directed to use to contact them (through he same number I first called) was inconvenient (impossibe) due to the time difference (Pacific>Cenral).   Called a week later to a number advertised in the new phone book.  After an extensive hold got a very nice young lady (with a difficult foreign accent) who could not help me until I provided a model number and year purchased.  Neither of which I h could access at the time. I wouild suppose that Sears would have information needed by them to service the contract I paid for.  They have no problem finding my name, phone number, address, appliance model number, date purchased and cost when they call me to extend my service contract! They are obviiously more interested in selling warranties than in providing service!
Entity: Nationwide
50, Report #1277097
Dec 30 2015
02:15 PM
Sears Canada Sears Censorship of Reviews Montreal Nationwide
It looks like Sears Canada website doesn't like to publish negative reviews about its products. I had to post mine a couple of times before it got published on the site (it was rejected the first time), received an e-mail saying my review is live, and I confirmed this. Then I went back a couple of days later and the review was gone. I assume the same thing happens with Sears website for U.S. shoppers. Maybe it's a good idea for people to know they are seeing only the reviews Sears wants them to see, which is misleading. Here is the that Sears published and later removed from its website: Poor Quality The sheets softened up some after a wash, but are still pretty rough after three washings. Sometimes people say Egyptian cotton will soften up with washings, but that's just a way to discourage you from returning the product. I no longer buy from Sears website or catalogue - in my experience, too many merchants are using it as a place to dump stuff that wouldn't sell in the store. One pass of your hand on this fabric and you know it's no good. I was too busy to return these sheets within the one month they give you as a reward for paying cash (store card users get three months). As another reviewer mentioned, they did shrink a lot even though I dried them on the lowest heat setting, however they still almost fit my pillow top mattress though not very well due to the shrinkage. They do not appear to be sateen as advertised, and the thread count is questionable - very grainy. The fabric already has some pills, and the pillowcase is starting to come apart at the seams. The product is MALIBU 300-Thread Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set EARN CASH BACK I can prove I purchased the product from Sears. 
Entity: Nationwide

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