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1, Report #500320
Sep 25 2009
09:25 AM
Sprint - Sprint PCS - Sprint Wireless Over Charges, Internet
I have only had Sprint service for a week and already am getting over charged.  I signed up for the 69.00 plan which I understand after taxes and whatnot it comes to about 70 maybe 80 dollars.  I was fine with that.  I get a call from them saying that its important that they speak with me about my bill.  When I first purchased the phone it was 54.95 I bought it online from thier site.  plus I had to pay a 100.00 deposit.  Which was fine.  So this morning I log onto thier site to look at my bill and it says its 260.00!!!  I was shocked...there's no way my bill could be that much in only a week.   So I am reading all the charges...yes I bought 10.00 worth of music. and they said they prorated the month I got it, and then they charge me a month in advanced the first month.  Now, I want to know why...when I was chatting with a representive they did not tell me this while I was making the purcahse online.  They told me that I wouldnt be billed until the next billing cycle for my phone which would have been October 19th.   So anyways I chat online with them again today to talk about my bill.  (some of you are probably like...Why dont you call them?) I dont call them because the chat transcripts get emailed to me so that way I have proof of what was said.  It took almost 20min for a rep to get to me.  Then she explained almost the whole bill to me.  Problem this time was they charged me for next month, and also charged me twice for the phone I ALREADY purchased.  Then they made it due on the 22nd of this month (september) without notifying me in anyway.  No paper bill, no email bill...NOTHING.  I am calling to cancel my account with them, this is rediculous that I am having this much trouble only a week in.  Oh before I forget...in the transcripts they email...they blocked out the number of days she said I had to cancel before they wouldnt give me my deposit. Is this also part of thier scam? Ya know to protect themselves, when they dont give the deposit back? I will keep you all updated as soon as I make the call to cancel.
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2, Report #1155784
Jun 19 2014
10:29 AM
Sprint Location | Sprint Wireless | Sprint Store Sprint.Com, Sprint Wireless, Sprint Store, Sprint Corporation, Sprint Phones, Sprint, Sprint, Sprint Sprint Wireless Fraud Company! Won't Let You Cancel Your Account, Runaround SCAM, SPRINT WIRELESS SCAM Overland Park, Kansas Nationwide
Sprint Store, Local Sprint Store, Local Sprint, Sprint Wireless Near Me, Sprint Cellular, Sprint Phones, Sprint Wireless WARNING!! ****READ THIS BEFORE BUYING FROM SPRINT!**** This company is a COMLETE RIP OFF! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SPRINT!! They will never let you cancel your account! Even if you ARE willing to pay the hefty $350 cancellation fee! You cannot cancel at any stores, or online. They make you call in. And when you do, they say a 'supervisor' must call you back to cancel, and THEN THEY NEVER DO! I have been trying to cancel my account for 6 whole god damn months! I am being charged every month, and I haven't turned on my phone in over 7-months. NOW the rep 'Juanita' (won't give me her last name, as I'd love to put it here) says that I also have an early termination fee of $150 on top of my $350 for my tablet! That I guess is considered as a 'separate line' WHAT FRICKIN CROCK!! It's not even a phone or a 'line'.   I have never in my 36 years of existence seen anything as ridiculous as Sprint wireless! DO NOT BUY FROM SPRINT! Dear Sprint: You SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!!!    
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #296548
Jan 03 2008
01:11 AM
Sprint Scam sprint scam Overland Park Kansas
my one year with sprint was up in january. my 250 deposit was credited into my account which i had no idea about. i did not recieve a bill for the month of nov. i called sprint and they said everything was okay and that my deposit was credited into my account. dec comes around and i get a bill for 136.00, i then called sprint and she explained to me that i had downloaded some games and used 75 dollars of internet usage. 9 months ago i called sprint and told them to cancel all internet access on my phone. for that 9 months i was not able to log online, how do i know? i did random checks to make sure i was not able to access the net. so i explained to her that i dont have internet usage on my phone and was not able to download games n go on the net. she put me on hold for 20 min and came back and she she'll refuned half the internet amount. i was angry so i said w/e and agreed. january bill came and i get the same bill with the same internet charges. confused, i called sprint again and the person said the same thing about the internet charges, i explained what happened and they bounced me around and eventually got disconnected from them. i know i didnt use the internet on my phone so i cant be charged with it, doesnt make any sense, and if i did download the games, where are the games on my phone? my games log is empty. Ksmiss stilwell, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas
4, Report #408983
Jan 06 2009
11:10 PM
Sprint Sprint Stinks!!!! National Illinois
Last Dec I decided to get my husband a new phone for Christmas so I called sprint which was his carrier and asked about the phone and they told me they had a special promotion the phone was 149.99 with a 50.00 rebate with with a two year contract. I asked if he could upgrade and they said yes. I told them the phone was a gift and I was using my credit card to send it under my name it had nothing to do with his account. a few days later I receive a box from them addressed to my husband I thought lucky I am home he did not see it. When I opened the box it was some internet adapter for WIfI on the computer. the next day I got the phone and again it was under my husbands name. I called them to explain that I did not order the WIFI card and that the phone should have been under my name. This person told me to send the card back and they would credit my acct. and that the reason the phone was addressed to my husband was because it was his name on the acct I tryed explaining that the other person said it would be under my name because it was my credit card. Well low and behold they charged both accounts my credit card and his sprint account plus they charge about 400 for the phone said he had to pay full price because his contract was not up yet and all this other nonsense. I was very upset told them I was sending the phone back and wanted a refund they agreed and said the would reverse the charges but instead charged me again by this time my credit card was charged about 1100. 00 and they could not expain what they had done. Then they said because the acct was under my husbands name they could not refund my money but would credit his phone acct. after months of back an forth we cancel the account they refunded us about 400 dollars and it was somehow put into my daughters acct. to this day we did not get fully paid and they are still billing us saying we owe them money Norma Carol stream, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #400383
Dec 11 2008
03:00 PM
Sprint Sprint is ripping me off Nationwide
I purchased a contract through Sprint in Sept 08, for an LG cell phone. I activated the phone through there website. When I received the first bill a month later there were all kind of charges that I had no clue for what. It turned out they were charging me every time my daughter tried to access the internet through the phone. I called them, they told me they would turn off the access and credit my account. I get the next bill, the same exact thing, extra charges once again. I called Sprint and asked why is this happening? I thought this was turned off? Of course they had no answer but said they would turn it off once again. Guess what? The third bill was the same thing, the same extra charges. I called Sprint made as hell and finally the rep said he would turn it off and he sent me an email conformation for that. So I now have the phone for almost 4 months. The charger stopped working. I called. They said they would send a new phone and charger. I did get the phone but no charger. I called and they told me to go to a Sprint repair center and they would give me one. The Sprint repair said they do no such thing, they are not authorized to do this. I called Sprint again, they said they would have to charge me on my credit card for a charger but would take the money off the bill for the charger? I got ripped off. They are taking off a charge that didn't exist?? I gave them my credit card number and told them to send me a email conformation, of course they didn't. I want the charge taken off of my credit card. I have never been so disgusted with a company in my life. The charger ordeal happened yesterday 12/11/08. Jtp Oakville, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #915644
Jul 22 2012
07:06 AM
SPRINT SPRINT PCS Warranty, Insurance Internet
 I joined SPRINT in January 2012.  When I joined the service, I purchased two HTC phones with the service.  In July 2012, one of those phone would not boot.  All the boot options were exhausted and a Factory Reset was conducted, this shut the phone down completely.  I contacted Tech Support and they gave me a Report number and said I had to return the phone to a SPRINT Store, 60 miles away.  The phone was taken to a SPRINT Store in North Little Rock, AR where the staff confirmed the phone had crashed and needed to be replaced, yet they could not replace the phone.  I was also informed I would be charged a $35 Service Charge to warranty the phone.  The warranty was a factory warranty, but SPRINT collected the $35.  I was also informed that had I purchased insurance for $8/month, I would not have to pay the service charge and the phone would be replaced on the spot.  This is wrong! Insurance and warranty should not connect.  I purchased a $259 with the understanding it would outlast the 1-year warranty and if not it would be replaced by HTC.  The problem seems to be you cannot deal with HTC, but a middle man (SPRINT) who charges $35 to service that warranty. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #974717
Nov 27 2012
08:36 PM
Sprint Sprint bait and switch Internet
I wanted to let you know about the fraud perpetrated on me by sprint.  Where they gave me a contract to keep me has a customer for a hotspot with unlimited data for 29.99 and then after my 14 days was up to cancel me hot spot and phone they tell me that they will not honor the contract but will gladly give me a plan for 59.99 for 6 gig. Hear is the letter I sent to every corporate email I could find for Sprint I still have not got a response. Tress Chapin I walk in to your San Diego on Oct 30th to cancel my service. In order to keep me has a costumer the store employee offered me a overdrive hotspot with unlimited data for $29.99. It shows up in my account but it has never worked. I have taken it into stores all across the country and everyone has just blown me off. I call customer support and was told the network is having problems and will be fixed on the 16th still not working. Finally at the sprint store in Rochester NY Vince took the afternoon to dig into the problem and found out the my account was not right he put in his notes that the account would have to be deleted and set back up again.  I called customer support giving them this information and they keep telling me there was nothing wrong with the account. At the end of the first hour I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told to hold. A women came on the line and just started to go over the same garbage has the first guy. I get her to read the notes or so i think and she tells me that she has deleted the account and set up a new of course is still does not work. At the end of the hour I find out she is not the supervisor. And I demand to talk to a supervisor she puts me though to Johnathan Moore he tells me his employee number is jo697522. He informs me that no one could have deleted my account  and restarted it. That account services can not even do that without me giving up my plan with the unlimited data. He will however have account services call me. I ask for his information so I can call him back to make sure he was not lying to me also. He tells me I can call 866-556-7310 and give them his employee number and they will put me though to him. So I call right back and it's another lie.  The women I talk to this time tells me that I can't keep the plan I was contracted for that I now have to switch it to $59.99 for 6 gig. She put me though to Alvan Gray her supervisor he admits I have a unlimited contract for 29.99 on my contract but refuses to honor it and would be happy to set me up with the 59.99 plan. I told him to leave it just the way it is and I will be sending all this information to every tech blogger I can find and every newspaper because it is out and out fraud a classic bait and switch. I will also be forwarding this to the Atorney General for California. And he terminated the conversation. Every time I call you say the call will be recorded please review the tapes to see that I am telling the truth about everything. All I want is what I am contracted for. Tress Chapin Sent from my iPad The latest is that they would gladly cancel my hot spot that has never worked and because they are a kind company they will not even charge me a early termination fee. However they will not cancel my phone contract that I went in to close which prompted them to offer me the deal.
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8, Report #1056979
Jun 06 2013
01:51 PM
Sprint Sprint is a RipOFF USA
What Can I said Have so many thing about this companie SPRINT SUCKS!!!!!! Don waist your money your are going to get BAD SERVICE, BAD COSTUMER SERVICE, is so BAD that I don't have words to said, I would LOVE to make A Class A againts them if you guys want to join email me patolucaz@hotmail.com we need to put a stop on this companies that they give really bad. My reason why I think Sprint SUCKS: 1. Drop Calls every day at my house, in the car, at my office and when you call the to complain you still get drop calls and the wrost part they don't call you back and you have to call again and tell them the hold story again. IS BAD. 2. The Costumer Service first you to talk to a dumb person from another country that dosen't know shit, you ask to trafer to a supervisor they ask you all the questions after waisting your time they just say let me transfer you a tech support they are the ones how can help you, you get transfer you need to star the story all over again then the tech support guy told me we are going to open a ticket to see the cover of your area we are going to call you in 24 to 48 hours is been months of this same bull shit I still have BAD service and I still dealing with this shit with sprint. 3. If you don't want to be like me waisting your time wrinting post and blogs DON'T GET SPRINT. 4. And if you guys want to joing me for a law suite Class A email me thx I have the Lawyer Ready  5. Like today 6/6/2013 I call them again talk almost 30 minutes I got the same drop call with a supervisor tech support and he never call me back.  Sprint is really Bad  
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1259261
Oct 05 2015
01:05 PM
Sprint Sprint Nationwide
So I got Sprint when I was in a pinch. I got the note 3 not knowing the note 4 was coming out shortly after I made my purchase. I did easy pay for the brand new $700 phone. I got my phone and took it home to sync it to my computer and get everything set up. When I synced it to my computer there was some really great pictures of an asian man with his beautiful family....on my brand new $700 phone. I called sprint to ask them if I was getting a NEW phone or a buy back or what. they had no answers for me. They said whatever and I just had to deal with it. worked ok at best for the first month ish. then I started having  really bad signal issues. no matter where I went I couldn't make or maintain a phone call. Called and complained and got a replacement. The second note 3 was really not much, if any, better. Fought with them about it for awhile to no avail. Moved cities and thought maybe the signal would get better. BOY WAS I WRONG! For the past month I have been trying to get THIS phone replaced and all they did was try to sell me more crap I didn't want. Now I could barely make or receive calls or texts, wouldn't stay connected to wifi, nothing really. went to a repair store to have the second one looked at and the man behind the counter (Derrick) said he could not recreate the issues so nothing they could do about it. Finally I called corporate office and took BACK to the repair center and told the same guy I spoke with the time before the issues and showed him that one certain text had been trying to send for days. the guy caved and ordered me ANOTHER note 3. came in the mail last week. worked for 4 hours ish. made and receive texts until about 5pm my time when all the sudden, NOTHING! I could make calls and get calls. but only from sprint! Everyone else it said they were on my blocked list and nothing no one could do about it. I just needed to buy a new phone. (when I had the 3rd note 3 for less than 24 hours) The person I spoke to on the phone said they put a $200 credit on my acct and just let the staff at my local sprint sotre know it was there to get new phone. Finally I was feeling some relief. Only to find out that the acct was not noted correctly. Me needing a phone for work, since I had taken the last 2 days off to figure this out and NEEDING  a phone FOR work. got one to get me by until I could get the acct noted correctly so I could go get the phone I could actually use for work more accurately. I get home, again, call srint, again. I get the I'm so sorry for everything youve had to go through! Let me place you on a brief hold while i get with my manager and supervisor and get everything figured out! So i sat on hold....for a solid 10 mins. The guy gets back to me stating the the acct has been noted properly and they decided it would be right to put ANOTHER $200 on my acct so I could FOR SURE get the phone I wanted when I went into the store the next day. The next day I didn't feel like something was right so I contacted sprint via *611 before I took the phon, which I HATED, back and got the phone I wanted and needed for more accurate work. *611 called the store only to find out that the store will under NO circumstanced do this. Doesn't matter who called them they could not to it. period. Again, I called corp and was sent back to the man I was speaking with before. but no answer. left a message and got nothing back. left 3 messages in a week. Called corp back and asked to speak to someone else and I got someone else. they reassured me that all will be taken care of, he would get ahold of the first corp guy I spoke with (Sean) and they will get with finance to see if anything can be done.  such as send me the phone and take it off the credit that was on my acct. should not take more than 3 days t hear back from someone. Perfect, right?? WRONG This takes me to this am! I hae not heard anything back from corp and it had been now 5 days...I called and spoke with Sean. He told me that he has not got any of the emails that the 2nd guy sent him regarding my phone and contacting financing. But there was nothing financing could  do cause they stopped doing what the 2nd guy suggested YEARS ago! But I should go get my note 3 back (and take it to samsung to get fixed) since they have to keep them in the store for 14 days since that is how long I had to return this LG hunk of crap I got. SO that's what I did...I went into the store only to find out they already sent my phone off but if I wanted to wait 2-3 weeks for it to be returned I could get it back with no problems. Also, there will be a restocking fee for the phone (and tablet) I got last week that just did not work well for me. (yes it functioned, but not for what I needed to to function for) and nothing they could do. SO While I am IN STORE, I called sean back. there was nothing anyone could do unless I just dug deeper into my pocket and got this that or the other thing. The only thing they could do is credit my acct. BUT first I had to dig deeper in my pocket to get something else.   Due to my kids, work, and life, I have to have a functioning phone. But no one there is willing to do anything to help! At all. I don't have a ton of money to just roll around in and throw around! I am now stuck with this phone until I can move companies. (and get the money TO move companies) I have been fighting with these phones for a year now and no one wants to do anything to help.   PLEASE AVOID SPRINT AT ALL COSTS!! I WISH I WOULD HAVE!!!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1190888
Nov 23 2014
01:03 PM
Sprint Sprint buyer beware!!!! Nationwide
Sprint buyers beware. Beware of Sprint's new 20G Family share plan. When I signed up for this plan, switching from another provider, I was told by the sales rep that the 15 month access charge per line/per month, waived through December 31, 2015 on 20GB and higher was what I was signing up for. Now 3 bills into my new coverage I have been told that in order to qualify for the 15 month access charge per line/per month, waived through December 31, 2015 on 20GB and higher price waver, the phones I purchased from Sprint, 2 iPhone 5s', would have to of been purchased using Sprint's Easy Pay phone purchase program. Even on their web site, it does not mention this at all:From their web site: sprint.com/landings/datashare/index.html?INTNAV=ATG:HE:DataShare* $100 Sprint offer available when you switch today. Family Share Pack includes a $15 month access charge per line/per month, waived through December 31, 2015 on 20GB and higher. High speed is 3G/4G subject to coverage and device. Sprint Double Data promotion available for a limited time. T-Mobile's Unlimited Simple choice customers are slowed up to 2G speeds after reaching allocated amount each month. For T-Mobile customers, addition of 7+ new lines is only available via Telesales or in-store. T-Mobile unlimited Simple Choice includes international text & data features and 5GB of tethering per month. Comparison is based on new smartphones on every line via installment plan, however comparison does not include actual price of smartphone from each carrier. Double Data promotion from ATT is included in this comparison and is valid for sign ups until November 15, 2014. Bonus 1GB of data per eligible line Verizon Wireless on More Everything plans last for 24 months on eligible lines. Does not include comparison to the T-Mobile 'refer a friend' promotion. For additional details on competitive plans please visit their respective websites. © 2014 Sprint. All rights reserved. Sprint and the logo are trademarks of Sprint. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.Nowhere does it say that. Sprint Customer Service said they cannot do anything. I have to go to the Sprint store I purchased my plan from. We will see. I have a 12:30pm appt with the store manager tomorrow 11/24/14. I will keep this updated. Stay tuned.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1408794
Oct 26 2017
01:27 PM
Sprint Buffiewallace Sprint Galesburg Illinois
 Sprint has a bill with my name on it, I did not do it and I wanted to get a phone throw them and it showed up.
Entity: Galesburg, Illinois
12, Report #632467
Aug 17 2010
04:20 PM
Sprint - Sprint PCS - Sprint Wireless Sprint Deceptive trade practices, lies, poor customer service Overland Park, Kansas
 For a few years I have had Sprint cellular service. At first the service was good and I had no issues. My phones were always good and the billing process was also easy. This past fall, a relative purchased a Blackberry for me as a Christmas present that was replacing my Lg Rumor who had a failing battery. We got the phone at Best Buy and within a few days I had some glitches with the screen and it wouldn't fully project a picture. Since it was still under the 30 day guarantee, I took it back to Best Buy and got another one. The second one worked for a while, until it stopped ringing and gave me battery issues. It wouldn't take a charge or hold a charge and I spoke to Sprint who said to take it back and they would replace it again. They sent out the same model which worked fine. I was hopeful that this one was not a dud like the first two and was excited to finally have a working phone. Well, my excitement was short-lived as the third one began having trouble after a few months of use. I noticed that the phone would not take/hold a charge, did not ring on loud occasionally, had glitch lines across the screen, stuck trackball, and would reboot for HOURS and put up an hour glass, and wouldn't allow me to use it with the usb cord. Sprint said to take it into the repair center. The repair center stated that the port was bad and that I needed to contact Sprint for a replacement (would be #4). Otherwise, because I didn't have Asurion insurance I would have to pay $150.00. They refused to sell me a refurbished phone and even said they don't sell those. One day I spoke to a representative who finally agreed to send me another. I told them to stop sending me that same model because its evident that they are bad phones. I told him I'd even pay a little for another model, he refused and sent out another one of the same bad phones. I refused to use it and called back customer service and told them that to save my own sanity and their time with me having problems with this model, can I have another one? The man was able to promise me a model that was a step up. He said to send the one I had back and they would send the new model. I sent it back and they acknowledged receipt of it, but never sent the other one they promised. We called SEVERAL times and asked where it was and there are even notes on the account where they stated they were sending it (the store was able to give me the precise time and date this promise was made). Still, the imbeciles that work in customer service want to charge us full price and or/never send the phone they promised and is documented by THEM as promised. I am very unhappy with Sprint. I feel that they are liars and thrive on selling/sending faulty phones so customers will get upset and give up, then buy a higher priced phone to replace it. I filed a BBB report on them and a lady responded, but never did anything. I knew she was not going to fix the issue so I told her I would take it in to be repaired at the real Sprint repair store, as they called it. I made an online appointment and received confirmation of this. I took it in to my local repair center and was told that I didn't have an appointment on file. I was furious and once again called Sprint customer service (an on going thing, me having to call them and complain or ask questions). They didn't care. As far as I'm concerned, Sprint is NO good.   I've fought with them for months and months and they don't care about anyone but themselves and making a buck.
Entity: Overland Park, Kansas
13, Report #219073
Nov 04 2006
08:57 AM
Sprint Another Sprint Rip-off: Sprint Rebate Scandal Houston Texas
I purchased a cell phone with a $100.00 rebate from Sprint. The salesman printed out another receipt for me to mail in for the $100.00 rebate. He told me the exact procedure for mailing it in. Approximately 6 weeks later I get a postcard stating that they did not receive my receipt for my rebate. I telephoned the company and after being on hol for 30 minutes, the idiot gives me the canned answer, I am not saying that you did not send the receipt, I am saying that we did not receive it. I have since spoken to many people who had the exact same experience with their rebate. Sprint is the absolute worse cell phone company. Always finding a way to rip me off. Marilyn Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
14, Report #90647
May 07 2004
10:29 PM
Sprint - Sprint PCS - Sprint Wireless ripoff fraudulent billing poor customer service Cincinnati Ohio
Sprint now has my bill to $874.29. This is because at the advice of a customer service rep (unknown). I had the 2000 any time min, nights and weekends, PCS to PCS calling, and add a phone. My bill was averaging around $115.00. My phone actually broke, but with an agreement through the company that the phone was purchased from, I was able to get a new phone. My wife had the same phone that I had. When I got my new phone, I activated under my number. When I got home, I decided that my wife would benefit better with the phone that I received. I called a Sprint rep, and they told me that I would need to disable my number and activate the phone to my wife's number. They also proceeded to tell me that I would have to leave my number turned off for 24 hours. In the process of doing this my plan went from the above mentioned to 200 any time minutes only. Did not receive a bill from them for 3 months. By this time we thought that we still had the 2000 anytime min, and continued to talk like we did before. When I finally received a bill it was for $666.92. I called and talked to Regina, and she told me she would give me a credit of $453.00, but had to send an email to her Asst. Team Lead, and to call back the next day. I actually waited a couple of days, before calling back. When I did call back, I was told that there was no way of finding Regina and that I could have talk to any one at any of their call centers. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and they told me that a supervisor could only be talked to if it was an emergency. I then proceeded to ask about the credit Regina was putting back on the account, and they told me they were advised not to give any more credit on the account, which there was never any to begin with. I told them that if they could not credit the accout, then to cancel my service. I was told that I was in a contract for 2 years, and there would be a penalty for cancelling the account. My bill is showing month to month, and no contract. They proceeded to cancel the account, and charge me with a cancellation charge. The account is now in collections, ruining my credit, all because of them renigging on the statements from Regina. The account is now up to $874.29, including lawyer fees. Can anyone help me resolve this matter, or am I just going to have to sucumb to their poor service???? James Maryville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #317446
Mar 12 2008
10:31 PM
Sprint - Sprint PCS - Sprint Nextel Questionable Finance Office Kansas City Missouri
I have been Sprint for about five (5) years and was pleased with its service until the past year. I had autopay, in which they debit my credit card monthly for the amount due. I recently received a bill with a $3.00 late fee and a statement that my expenses would be processed on 3/13/2008. When I called Sprint, I learned that they have a new finance office, where everybody who I spoke with had a foreign accent that I had a hard time understanding. They asked me it I wanted to pay my bill then. I explained that I have auto pay and that it was impossible for me to have a late fee. They waived the ridicilious fee and I cancelled the auto pay; however, not without complications: they deleted my unlimited text, then told me that it was a good thing that I discovered it because my text messages were over the alloted amount. Last summer I got unlimited text because I owned them $400 for text messages and I did not find out about it sooner because of their delayed billing cycle. Now Sprint has moved their billing to God knows where.!! When I called customer service, the representative (a real American National) had no idea where they moved billing to and offered to connect me. Ronaldk Richmond Heights, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Missouri
16, Report #505621
Oct 07 2009
07:13 AM
Sprint - Sprint PCS - Sprint Wireless Nextel Purchased an unlimited no roaming charges plan...terminated my account due to excessive roaming Internet
I have been a Sprint customer for 6 years. I have 3 phone lines , on 2 accounts. I live in a rural  (roaming) area and work in a city . 6 years ago when I signed up with Sprint for the first time, I expressed my concern about expensive roaming charges because of where I live. The customer service agent who set me up with the accounts showed me in the plan pamphlet and explained to me that if I chose an all inclusive, unlimited talk, text plan that I would have no roaming charges...they were unlimited .A couple of contract renewals and upgraded phones later, I now have 3 Blackberry's. All you may know, it takes an upgraded unlimited  talk , text and data plan to keep these baby's going ,and my total monthly bill for all 3 phones is $250.00. I was ok with that. I DID NOT sign a new contract with the last upgrade due to my extensive history with the company. I proceeded as normal with the same phone activity's as always.On October 5th , out of nowhere, my daughter comes to me and says that her phone won't call out or receive calls. So I call Sprint, and they tell me the account, and phone number have been terminated. When I questioned it they explained that there were too many roaming minutes used in this billing cycle and that was grounds for account termination.They claim that they left a voicemail (1) to let us know that they were going to do it!  A voice mail....nothing in writing...no actual person to person interaction. So the people who dont have a voice mail box set up are really out of luck!They said that these terms were in the contract, which I did not sign, and that unlimited really didn't mean unlimited when it comes to roaming minutes , even though I have free roaming...I am SO confused.I am currently fighting to have the payment that I made on the account just days prior, refunded to me as well as an early termination fee , for an account that I have no contract on and I didn't personaly terminate.Horribly mean customer service agents , horrible business practices! 6 years and literally thousands of $ later...not very happy
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #44989
Feb 11 2003
11:09 AM
Sprint PCS, Sprint Spectrum rip-off Portland Oregon
I used to work for this awful company as an Assistan Manger at the Clackams store off of 82nd Ave. I exposed some of the employees for signing customers up under accounts belonging to friends and businesses that the rep had connections with. The customers usually had such bad credit or no credit that this was the only way for the consumer to get a phone and the rep would make some under the money dollars and tell the customer the computers were down so they couldn't give them a reciept. What really was happening was the sales rep would sign the customer up under a friend or business that qualified for a FREE phone and the rep would pocket the $$$ and give some kick back to the frined or business with good credit. The problem is when these customers had phone problems they had no receipt for proof of purchase. Most were hispanic or non english speaking clients that were easy to confuse. Since I chose to leave after realizing the company internal security was willing to do very little dispite my persistance and evidence things have gotten worse. I have been notified that they have no proof of me turning in my employee phone and never cancelled my service like I requested. I have a signed paper since I knew this could happen from the then Manager who was part of the problems, showing I did in fact turn it in with serial #'s and the whole bit. However she is no longer with the company. Imagine that if you can! Now the customer service people tell me I need her to let them know I turned in my equipment,ha.ha.ha..... so that they can reverse the charges. The next step in my mind was contact the District Manager with whome I have now left voicemails and e-mails with no responses? What the heck am I supposed to do? The may soon report me to collections for the unpaid bill I dispute owing. Mark Vancouver, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
18, Report #1178760
Sep 23 2014
01:22 PM
Sprint Sprint PCS, Sprint Wireless Sprint Service is not as good as Verizon Oklahoma City Nationwide
Marcel, from Oklahoma City , Account Manager tells me that Sprint Does not care if I have adiquate coverage, I signed a contract and that is that. I signed a contract and then found I was in a dead zone when i relocated.  They will not allow me out of my contract.  The federal regulations say that I have to have adiquate coverage where I work and where I live. Since reloating I have to work and live in the same location so now I have no available phone coverage when I live and Sprint insist that I use the airrave which requires me to have internet coverage and then the date will go over the internet and deduct from my Satelite usage.  So now I have to pay double just to get normal cell phone service that VERIZON can do without an air rave.I suggest DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Sprint unless you know 100% you will not be reocating and you do not need coverarage all the time.  Becuase with Sprint you will pay the same but get less service and less coverage.  In the exact location where I can't get Sprint my girlfriend gets 100% coverage all the time with V******. TAKE V****** OVER SPRINT.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #1199577
Jan 05 2015
06:49 PM
Sprint Sprint Nextel Sprint Corportation SPRINT FRAUD, RIP-OFF, FALSE ADVERTISING, LIES, AND MISREPRESENTATION Temecula, California Nationwide
I AM VERY, VERY UPSET, disgusted and appalled With Sprint Corporation, Sprint Service, Customer Service, Promo, Cell Coverage, Promo Departments, Promo Promises, and the Sprint Store in Temecula, CA! What they have done is fraudulent, misleading, false advertising and against consumer rights! I originally signed up with Sprint under a Promo that was to 'buy out' my AT&T plan and save me money.FIRST LIE - Temecula Store associate DEE told me that they would buy out my plan and I would owe AT&T nothing more - that I would ONLY be paying for service through Sprint.SECOND LIE - Sprint coverage was to be LTE in my areaTHIRD LIE - I would receive a VISA CARD for $350 to pay off AT&TFOURTH LIE - If I had any problems with my Sprint coverage, I would receive a Sprint Air Raid FREE OF CHARGEFIFTH LIE - I would pay a FLAT rate every month for service with unlimited text, calling, messaging and DATA ALL LIES!!! I sent to Sprint ALL of the documents they requested for the PROMO VISA - multiple TIMES!!!! Multiple ways - fax, email and ONLINE.TODAY - I checked status only to see that Sprint DENIED my request for NBO-20143161319655 - CLAIMING THAT CARRIER DID NOT HAVE AN ETF OR INSTALLMENT BILL BALANCE - WHEN right on the AT&T bills I SENT MULTIPLE TIMES - IT (the bill) shows my BALANCE BEING OVER $600!! NOT TO MENTION I HAVE MULTIPLE DROPPED CALL A DAY!I Have went into the Sprint store multiple times to solve the issue - including the first time when I wanted everything canceled IMMEDIATELY - They convinced me service would be better after I get an air raid - and that it would be coming to my home!!!!AFTER it did not come I went back to the store only for the manager to tell me WELL, TOO LATE TO CANCEL, YOU'RE STUCK WITH US NOW - and then to tell me that MY ACCOUNT did not qualify for an Air Raid - THIS IS THE SHORT STORY VERSION OF THIS SITUATION - I HAD BEEN TO THE SPRINT STORE 5 TIMES!!! HAD TO CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE MULTIPLE TIMES (OVER 20 HOURS OF TALK TIME!!!) TO DATE - I AM STILL DROPPING MULTIPLE CALLS A DAY!!I DO NOT HAVE AN AIR RAIDI DID NOT RECEIVE THE BUY OUT VISA AS PROMISEDMY BILLS ARE NOT AT A FLAT RATE Sprint Corporation committed Fraud and accounts of False Advertising, Misleading Information and Theft!THIS SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BY CONSUMER AFFAIRS AND HIGHER GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, along with a lawsuit to protect and reimburse the customers that were misled, lied to, abused and treated with extreme disregard!!!
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #202367
Jul 22 2006
05:05 AM
Impossible to have a decent talk with real solutions w/ c.s.r. Sprint adds services and charges without customers consent. C.s.r. hungs up on customers with serious complaints. Hidden charges on bills are a constant event, double charges, if customer makes mistake of not keeping receipts. Decio lowell, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #64204
Jul 20 2003
10:02 PM
Sprint EXPLAIN YOURSELF SPRINT! false promises Dallas Texas
One year ago, after receiving my own line of credit, I decide I should pay my own bills and notify sprint that the responsibility is now mine. What does Sprint do? Cuts off my service, sticks me with a $125 phone bill, and refuses to reconnect my service until I pay it. After SEVERAL aggrevating phone calls, they still refuse to back down, but assure me that the $125 will be credited to my account in 11 months as long as I stay in good standing with sprint (i.e. pay my bills on time). I tell them I no longer want there business. They say that's fine, but since i have already claimed bill responsibility, I have miraculously signed another contract with them and it would result in a $150 cancellation fee. FRAUDULENT B*STARDS!!!! I was NEVER told this!! This is what an honest man gets for wanting to take care of his own responsibilities?! After cooling my anger, I decide to give in and pay my bills biblically. As soon as I got them, I payed them. 11 months rolls around, but I still receive a bill. I call customer service and tell them I should have been credited. The customer rep has never heard of such a thing. I'm furious. I go down to the Sprint store only to have the manager cop an attitude with me after I tell her my story. I ask her how she would feel if this was how her cell phone company treated her. Her response: I don't own a cell phone. THE MANAGER OF A SPRINT STORE DOESN'T EVEN OWN A FREAKING CELL PHONE! THE MANAGER!! Incompetence is inexcusable. I call the credit department. They assure me that if such a bill was payed, that it would show up and for me not to worry about it. So I don't. Three days ago I receive a call from Sprint telling me that I have a balance that is unpaid. I hang up on them a call the crdit department immediately. The rep tells me since I hadn't paid the bill on the 11th month, the month THEY PROMISED that my account would be credited, the agreement was void. THIS COMPANY HAS LIED, CHEATED, AND SCAMMED HARD WORKING PEOPLE FOR FAR TO LONG. It's impossible to read the fine print, when the words aren't even there to read! This company makes money through phantom contracts and false promises. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Threatining to ruin my credit; Shutting off my service which I can't even receive in my own house, by the way. Sprint is a wad a beuracratic sh*t wrapped up in a nice box and sold to an unknowing public. You pr*cks owe me $275 and about 30 hours of my life wasted dealing with your incompetent, mindless dumbsh*its you call employees. BOYCOTT SPRINT!! Keedan Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
22, Report #278477
Oct 11 2007
03:28 PM
Sprint Sprint is a rip off - scammers Temecula California
Have been ripped off every month by Sprint. Bogus charges appear on my bill for SH** that I can't even use. The 2 phones I have with sprint are really old phones which have no internet capability yet I get charged for using internet? Hillarious ................ Every month there is a different charge, if it's not internet it's picture mail. If it's not picture mail it's international calling, if it's not international calling it's roaming (which there is no charge for on my contract which I have read over 20 times and CLEARLY understand) I get billed for things I don't sign up for. THEY SUCK! 90% of the CSRs that I have spoken to speaks terrible english, most of them I can't even understand 1/2 of the things they say. Always blaming the customer for things that make no sense. Now let me tell you I'm not one of those BIT**ES who call up yelling at them, I am very calm and clearly explain to them what the problem is and politely ask them to PLEASE explain to me what is going on. FOR SOME REASON my plan got changed from 2100 minutes over to 400 minutes a month--- WHICH I NEVER AUTHORIZED. Then my child was being blamed by the person on the phone who said that she had done it, DO THEY MEAN TO TELL ME THAT A 1 YEAR OLD BABY WOULD BE ABLE TO CALL & SWITCH MY PLANS........... HOW STUPID!! Even if my kids were older (eventhough they are not) ............ how would they ever get a hold of my password and ss#? THEY HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER have access to that type of information. I am willing to be part of this class action law suit any day .............. Ng951 Murrieta, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #300831
Jan 17 2008
07:56 AM
Sprint PCS Sprint Customer Service Blues Internet
SPRINT CUSTOMER SERVICE BLUES DAY 1-1/02/08: I had decided that it was time for me to get out of the 'dark ages' and purchase newer (better) high technology phones with the camera and web/email access. I had a been a satisfied Nextel customer for years and upon searching the Internet, I had found phones for myself, husband and son. The M300 Samsung were 'free' w/plan and since it was the holidays it was agreed that we would get a more fancier Katana DLX by Sanyo phone for our son as his belated Christmas present. It had an web special price on it along with a $100.00 mail in rebate! So, upon calling in my order via toll free number. It was found that the phones I was interested in purchasing did not have the walkie-talkie Direct Connect features. And since I was a Nextel Customer, all I needed to do was to have my Nextel Account transferred into a Sprint PCS account which was all nicely arranged and done. I got an email confirmation order sent to me and the phones were in within the next business day! Wow! What services huh? Wasn't that easy enough to do? READ ON. DAY 2-1/03/08: Phones come in! Here you go everybody...charge them up! Read the instruction manual, take pictures and just basically play with it a little to get familiarize with it. And tomorrow when I get home from work I'll get them activated and working! Yippee! Nice phones! Camera, web, email! Wow! DAY 3-1/04/08: 6:00pm I call the Sprint Toll Free number to get the phones activated. Remember now...I have 3 phones. Which means 3 numbers will need to be transferred from the Nextel to the Sprint PCS account. Caller was kind courteous. I was placed on hold several times because they had found that I was Nextel customer and I needed to have the account transferred into a Sprint PCS account. HUH? I thought I already had that done when I ordered the phones? Oh, well...let's do it then...We then go through all three phones and the cell phone numbers that are to go with each phone. I was told that I will have to wait 4 hours before we can use the phones. So I look at the clock and it's after 6:30pm. Okay...I told my son & husband we have to wait 4 hours to use it. 4 HOURS PASS: So, I try calling my husband's cell phone number and I get a message about not having access or authorization to this number and something about the something & I hang up. The call didn't go through. I call the Sprint Toll Free number again. Come to find out....the representative didn't show that I had an existing Sprint PCS Account and that I was still showing that I was a NEXTEL customer. So, once again...I'm placed on hold, transferred, placed on hold...we then go through ALL THREE PHONES TO GET THEM ACTIVATED READING OFF THE LONG-LONG NUMBER ON THE BACK BEHIND THE BATTERY. And then I'm told again that I have to wait 4 more hours before I can use the phones....By that time after the 4-hours it will be way pass midnight and I was exhausted and going to bed! Before dozing off, I think to myself how great it will be to FINALLY be able to use our NEW CELL PHONES! DAY 4-1/05/08: I wake up, grab my cell phone and dial our home telephone number. It rings! It works! But after a few checking in voicemail and calling the number on the other two cell phones. I found out that my M300 had been assigned my husband's cell phone number! And the other phones had not been activated! So, again...I look up the Sprint Toll Free number to call them. I get a really cheery and courteous young man. He spoke clearly, I understood him, and he understood me. He found out that the account had not been transferred from the Nextel account into a Sprint PCS account. He managed to straighten that out. Then we corrected my phone and got that to work. He then very accurately and efficiently got my husband's M300 and number activated. My son's Katana DLX took a little longer to activate but he successfully got that activated! All the frustration in the past days of being placed on hold for minutes and the hours of waiting and then calling again to be placed on hold and transferred was FINALLY over! But we have to wait 2 to 4 hours to use our phones... I found out later on Day 3 that my son's Katana DLX the ear piece was defective. He has to place his callers on speaker to be able to hear them! We turned up the volume and I checked through the instructions. We were doing every thing correctly...and still we couldn't hear the caller on the other end unless they were placed on speaker! DAY 3 continued...Katana DLX saga: I call the SPRINT PCS Toll Free number...like I should have the number memorized right? NOT! Believe me...this is one number I DO NOT WANT TO REMEMBER! I tell the rep about the Katana DLX earpiece. She has me go through the prompts, turn the volume up...nothing...Then she has me turn it off and on. Nothing. Then she has me hang up and told me that she was going to call me back. She does. Nothing. So her advice to me was to go to the nearest SPRINT store to repair or have it replaced. She graciously offers her assistance in helping me to find the closest SPRINT retail store or provider after I give her my zip code. She directs me to ROE-Comm Inc. located at 2932 Niles Avenue in St Joseph, Michigan 49085. I hang up to look up the number so that I could find out what time they close and where exactly they are located. I get that info, box up the phone and tell my son to get in the car. We drive approximately 25 miles to ROE-Comm Inc to find that they do not take trade ins for replacement especially since the phone was ordered online directly through SPRINT. I will need to contact the TOLL FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER to have them send me a NEW KATANA DLX PHONE. THIS WAS WHAT I WANTED TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE! So, I get home....I call the SPRINT TOLL FREE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER. I explain what I'm calling about. The defective ear piece on the Katana DLX. They tell me that I have to take the phone to the nearest Sprint Store or retail Sprint provider. I told them NO. I already did that and told them that I have to get the phone replaced through them. They place me on hold several times...transfers me several times...each time I get someone I have to repeat myself. FINALLY...I get TO THE RIGHT PERSON. The phone is ordered...BUT he needs to put me on HOLD to get authorization for OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. I wait for several minutes...maybe 10 minutes....then I GET DISCONNECTED. I call the TOLL FREE NUMBER AGAIN. And get placed on hold, transferred and again, explaining myself about what happened only to get DISCONNECTED AFTER BEING PLACED ON HOLD. Then I call the TOLL FREE NUMBER AGAIN, PLACED ON HOLD/TRANSFERRED, EXPLAINING MYSELF TO 5 different customer reps when I am placed on hold again and this time, I hang up before getting disconnected. I'm exhausted. I'm stressed. I'M JUST BASICALLY OVERALL FRUSTRATED OVER THE WHOLE THING. I've been repeating myself and the problem for an unknown amount of times and this time I'm tired. My weekend was wasted...all I wanted was to get the defected phone replaced... DAY 5-1/06/08: REST. DON'T WANT THE HASSLE or DISTRESS. NEEDED TO TAKE A DAY OFF TO COOL DOWN. DAY 6-1/07/08: ATTEMPT TO REORDER NEW KATANA DLX: It's lunch time at work and I go into one the empty offices to use the phone and CALL THE SPRINT TOLL FREE NUMBER. I explain my weekend dilemma and the frustration and problems. They process the order. Then I was asked if I wanted to have a bubble package kit sent to me? I told her yes since I didn't have anything to place the defective KATANA DLX in. She orders my son's new Katana DLX in silver color. Transfers me to another person so that I could get the bubble package kit ordered. Everything is fine...I'm sort of...okay. But worried that I may have more problems. 1/08/08 TO 1/12/08 FIVE-DAYS PASS, NO KATANA DLX. BUT THE BUBBLE PACKAGE KIT CAME IN!!! 1/12/08: I called the TOLL FREE NUMBER to let them know that I got the Bubble Package Kit but no REPLACEMENT KATANA DLX PHONE. She places me on hold and then comes back to say that she found that the bubble kit order was placed but no KATANA DLX. She then told me that the people in that department only work Monday through Fridays and since this is a Saturday I will need to call back on Monday. She then promised me that she will PERSONALLY call me ON MONDAY 1/14/08 to process the replacement order for my son's Katana DLX. I told her...okay and hung up. I HATE MONDAYS 1/14/08: NO CALL FROM REP WHO PROMISED SHE WOULD PERSONALLY CALL ME AND HELP GET THE KATANA DLX ORDERED. 1/15/08 TO 1/16/08: DECIDED TO WAIT AND SEE IF I WOULD GET A CALL. NO CALL. 1/17/08: Searched on Internet related or similar complaints and/or existing law suits against Sprint PCS. Located Cory from Texas on Rippoff Report Website. Signed on as new customer and filed report. Iris Sawyer, MichiganU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Sprint
Entity: Internet
24, Report #359469
Aug 05 2008
01:08 PM
My husband and I decided to sign a 2 year contract with Sprint four months ago. We looked into several dfferent cellular carriers however decided to opt into the simply everything plan with Sprint. We were initially told that with the two phones one for each of us on that plan would give us unlimited everything, you name it we had it. We were elated to get such a wonderful service. We were told $99.95 for each phone. Great deal right? Wrong! It started off that for a month our phones didn't even work properly. We both had to get our phone numbers changed from our old carrier to a sprint number even though we were told otherwise. Finally after the first month the phones seemed to work properly. Dropping of calls was something we continued to deal with...even though we live in the city. Okay so here is where we start running into problems. Let's add up the amount that we have already spent on these phones. Sign uped and clerk at the sprint store told us we had to buy the phone for $100.00/phone, then we also put our first month and sign up fee down. That total was approx $500.00. Second bill on 5/12/08 was $272.47. We paid it, didn't even ask any questions because we were told that the first bill would be a little higher anyway. Second bill 6/20/08 $91.74, we were jumping up in down with excitement of this low bill, were told that we were over charged the first time...made sence right. Third bill 7/29/08 $427.79...NO WAY! Yeah, called and spoke with a manager who told me well mamm the reason for this is because they didn't charge you the security deposit in the beginning. So my husband standing next to me said you make sure you ask this guy how much our bill is going to be every month from here on out b.c we were initially told it would run approx $212.00 with tax. We were not up for making anymore $400.00 payments for our cell phones. So I asked the manager, he told me I promise your bill will never again be more than $225.00 with tax on a months bill. I repeated, can you garantee me that or we are going to get out of this contract? Yes mamm I can. Okay great, so we paid. Ten days later I receive a bill due now for $699.44......WHAT IN THE H>>> IS THIS?????? Yeah of course I called, husband by my side. What we find out is that the new bill is in the amoiunt of another $271.65, okay we know that's not what we were told right? Yeah and they also charged us a late fee on the last payment in which we knew for a fact was not late. Sent last pmt 7/25/08 due date 7/29/08 we live in Pittsburgh, Sprint's billing on statement is in GA common folks not that far away by US mail. Like my hubby said to the lady on the phone last night what about that grace period anyway. Okay so here is everything we are cancelling service but to do so we have to cxl on their terms which means that we have to complete August service which we will be charged apparently $271.65 and we pay a $600.00 charge to end contract plus all of the money we have already given them and pay current bill. Oh and on the simply everything plan even though we were told it was included 411 calls are not! Let's add this up shall we? Alright consumers here we go...we have a grand total for four months of service with sprint at a total of $2,163.65. Sounds like a great simply everything plan now doesn't it. Hmm..sounds like something is so wrong with this picture. BE WARE of SPRINT... terrible service, terrible customer service, faulty advertisement and liars. Oh and by the way we may end up spending even more than this total considering the manager we spoke with last night would not b/c she said she could not because they never know what the taxes are going to be on a cancelation. Isn't that nice! RUN RUN RUN from Sprint!!!! DONT BE FOOLED LIKE US!!!!! Vonn Bethel Park, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Sprint
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
25, Report #360729
Aug 08 2008
09:36 AM
Sprint ,Sprint still trying to screw me, post contract... Internet
I have been with Sprint for 7 years. I never had a single problem with Sprint before renewing my last contract. I started receiving bills with add-ons I never wanted or requested. One of many bills had the sprint TV fees, and data usage fees of $400(I never used the TV app on the phone or got on the internet!)! So I called and complained. They said they removed it and credited my account and my new balance would be refelcted with in 24 hours or something to that effect. The following month, I had the internet add-on and still had the TV fees. Once again I called and complained and told them to remove it, credit my account and not to put it on there again. I was told they could not remove the fees. I asked to speak with the person they reported to, or a manager. I was then told they didn't have a manager. This took me over a 2 hours just to get to this point, most of it on hold. Long story short, I spoke with someone else and they dealt with it, CORRECTLY. The following month my bill was correct. Fast forward about 6 months. Once again, I am charged for additional services. This time - INTERNET AIR CARD! My bill had an additional $60+ taxes for an internet usb type card. I have one....only it's through Verizon. I called managed to only be on the phone for 20 minutes and had it taken care of. I had enough. By this time I've spent many HOURS on the phone and much money to have the same problems keep popping up. If it was isolated to me, I wouldn't have a problem, mistakes happen and I get that but my spouse had the same problems as me with Sprint. (phones were on seperate bills due to us both having them before we met). I called them to tell them I had moved to Canada. I faxed them my most recent bank statement with a Canadian address. I was told I would not be receiving Early Termination Fees and given confirmation numbers. I received my last bill from them, and low and behold, there was a $375 ETF charged to me. I called and was told that I would not be charged it, and since I had direct pay, only the $15 + change that was used on the billing period would be taken out of my account. I requested a confirmation number and was told there was not one. I got my bank statement, guess what, I was charged $411 by sprint. I called and was once again told I'd have the money in the bank in 3-5 business days. It's been nearly 2 weeks, since that call and nearly 2 months since I switched to Verizon and my money is still not in my bank. I called once again today and was told they could not refund the money because my final bill has not been sent on my account and when it was sent, they would send me a check for $219. My ETF on my bill was $375 plus tax and they were only showing $200 ETF. HMMMMMMM. I'm at the end of my rope with them, I can not imagine how they have gotten away with it for so long. I am at the end of my rope with them. Crystal Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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