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76, Report #12846
Jan 30 2002
12:00 AM
Sprint Canada not worth it
After Months of soliciting my business, I decided to give Sprint Canada a chance. I went with the long distance plan and the 1 800 service plan for my business. After 25 days, 15 business days I have recieved no information, yet according to their system I have these services. Upon contacting Sprint Canada's Cutsomer Care apparently outsourced to telemarketers, They cannot tell me anything much less forward me to supervisors. They will not call back nor will they provide any other contact numbers. It seems that once they have a chance to bill you they really dont care about providing the services. I am waiting for the bill so then I can report them to Consumer and Corporate Affairs.
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
77, Report #1302
Feb 21 2000
12:00 AM
Sprint Long distance uses Bait and Switch
Sprint Log Distance Service representative called me and offered me 10,000 AmerciaWest Frequent Flyer miles if I switched to Sprint. I told him no, then he offered me 15,000 miles - I asked him when they would be awarded, He told me after I made paid my first month service fee. When I received my first months bill, it showed that I would receive 1,250 miles a month for twelve months, not the 15,000 that the telephone sales person stated. I called the Sprint customer service department and talked to several representatives, ending with Carolyn Bell Manger of customer service in Dallas, Texas. She informed me that it was against AmericaWest policy to pay the milage all at once. I suggested that she listen to the sales person's recording of our conversation, but she refused. She basically told me to take a hike. I stopped my long distance service with Sprint. Is Sprint that desperate for business that they too use the bait and switch??
Entity: Irving, Texas
78, Report #1308
Feb 21 2000
12:00 AM
Sprint PCS ruined my credit
in june of 1998, i cancelled my 2 cellular accounts with sprint. i then double checked that both acounts were paid in full with the local dealer and was assured that they were. from that point on i received no statements until january of 1999 when i was contacted by a collection agency that i had an outstanding debt with sprint, which i immediately paid just to get it cleared up, figuring i would be reimbursed when the mess got cleared up. i applied for a credit card in sept of 1999 and with denied due to the writing off of the debt by sprint. upon finally getting in touch with a sprint representative, the person showed no understanding and would only follow their guidelines and not at all look further into the matter. until now i had given up due to the fact that they are a huge company and i had no chance of getting anywhere but more frustration. i also have been more recently frustrated by sprint pcs in that they seemed to knowingly have put me on a plan that i not only did not ask for but one that they knew they would profit more from. when i confronted them on it their response was that their system only shows the current plan and there is nothing they can do about previous plans.
Entity: london, Kentucky
79, Report #20739
May 13 2002
09:23 AM
Sprint Motorola Radio Ripoff Atlanta Georgia
In November 2001 I answered an unsolicited e-mail ad saying that I would get 2 Motorola FRS Radios, a $100 value for switching my Long Distance carrier to Sprint. I never received the radios in spite of making repeated calls inquiring about it. On May 9, 2002 I finally received a certificate for the radios, dated May 2, 2002....but the certificate EXPIRED May 6, 2002 which was three days before I got it. Also, my bill shows a heading of Sprint 7 cents a minute anytime. The next line shows the billing rate, which turns out to be 10 cents a minute. They were also charging me 6 or 7 bucks a month even if I didn't use their service. I have filed a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commision. Mark Muskegon, Michigan
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
80, Report #25152
Jul 23 2002
06:20 AM
Sprint slamming Woodstock Illinois
In 1997 I was slammed by Sprint. It all started when I received a phone call from my local cable company. They asked me if I would like to switch to Sprint and in return I would receive $5 off my cable bill every month. I said No thank you . About a month later, I received a bill from Sprint. I called Sprint and asked them why I have a bill from them, as I never requested their service. They told me they were authorized to switch my service through my cable company, due to the special promotion going on at that time. I told them I received a special promotion phone call from my cable company and that I had refused it. I was then told that I needed to call my cable company to dispute this. I called my cable company and was told that they had no authorization to switch my service and I needed to call Sprint to resolve the matter. Realizing I was getting the run around, I called my original phone service provider, (AT$T)and they told me to pay THEM ( NOT Sprint) and they would take care of the matter for me. AT$T,My original provider said I had been slammed and they would immediately switch me back over. I was immediately switched back to my original provider and I paid the amount owed. To this day, the bill is still on my credit report as delinquent. I now have attorneys sending me letters for collection. I have called the AT&T and they tell me they can't help me, because the account doesn't exsist anymore. I have tried to call Sprint, but cannot get hold of a live person. I have called the cable company, but they say they cannot help me. I have also called the attorney's office that is sending the collection letters. After relating the story to the young lady that only deals with Sprint collection accounts, she told me she just doesn't know. After asking her if there was anyone there that MIGHT KNOW SOMETHING, to HELP me resolve this matter, she replied Well, I am the only one here that deals with Sprint cases, and I just dont know...giggle giggle...I have never heard of this kind of thing before in my whole life. After several more I just don't know's and stupid giggles, I thanked her for her help and hung up. I AM AT MY WITS END WITH THIS SPRINT BS!!!! Andrea Woodstock, Illinois
Entity: Woodstock, Illinois
81, Report #38300
Dec 15 2002
02:21 PM
Sprint PCS ripoff Seattle Washington
I need someone to call me cause I don't know what to do about this thing cause someone called me and said I owed 362 something for a cell phone bill and I never got a cell phone but I know who used my name and where they live and how they got my ID and SSI. So someone please call me 253 473 1935 and please help me out cause I got enough things to worry about I don't need bad or worse credit. Michael Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: seattle, Washington
82, Report #893496
Jun 05 2012
11:01 PM
sprint rip offs sprint.com, Florida
We recently changed our sprint internet for our laptop we keep in our truck we had a plan with sprint that was unlimited they had been trying to get us off of forever,,,well finally had a problem with our blackberry and they convinced us to change our plan to a hotspot for our evo,,,,and they would save us some money,,,coool right,,,not exactly,,after getting on this UNLIMTED hotspot deal they decided to change there plan to 5 gigs,,,,,and out of the kindness of there heart charge me the same for 5 gigs as i was paying for unlimited,,,I called and the basically said too bad we did it so live with it then had the nerve to ask if there was anything else they could help me with,,,Why yes there is find me another carrier for my 7 lines I pay for,,,,,,,,And had nerve to ask did they do a good job helping me ,,,If that is sprint HELPING me then ive had all I can stand,,They lied to get me off a plan they didnt want me on anymore plain and simple
Entity: , Florida
83, Report #552571
Jan 11 2010
02:52 PM
I received the same letter today about the ASL (account spending limit) charge that Sprint decided they should start charging their customers because everybody else does it.  That was the response I received from the lady in the credit department after I asked that the account spending limit be removed from my phone. She then told me that after 18 months that they would re-run my credit and at that time the ASL might be removed.  The guy before her told me it was to help Sprint cover the customers that are running up their bills and not paying them. Heres an idea, don't give them spending limits to run up huge bills they can't pay. I haven't been late and pay my bill on time. If they can change the contracts at any time with out penalty, then why can't the customers? I thought the point of a contract was to protect all parties of the contract, not just one side.  
Entity: , Internet
84, Report #707427
Mar 17 2011
05:08 PM
Sprint rip off , Internet
I have an account with sprint and have had this account for about seven years. I have a shared plan-everything plan so I am already paying for data, well I added two lines to this already shared plan and now sprint is charging me and additional $10.00 per line for the data plan I already pay for. When I called Sprint to inquire about the bill I was told that all smart phones activated after 1/31/2011 will have this new charge. I was not informed of this when I purchased the phone and added them to my plan. I also Have a blackberry 8350I that has not worked in a week so I went to my local sprint store and was told the phone needed to be updated, now keep in mind my brother has the exact same phone with no problems, well I did the update as instructed because the store associate, she said it would take about an hour and a half but I could do this update at home, I did the update at home and two and a half hours later I still have the same problem. so thank you Sprint for ripping me off and giving me the run around.
Entity: Internet, Internet
85, Report #518953
Nov 03 2009
01:44 PM
SPRINT over billing small business Internet
Entity: , Internet
86, Report #421430
Feb 07 2009
01:35 PM
Sprint horrible customer service Nationwide
This morning brought me the straw that broke the camels back as far as my thoughts on Sprint. Where before I had nothing against them, although the service wasn't suitable for our personal needs, I wouldn't have advised anyone not to subscribe. That has now officially changed. I wouldn't recommend Sprint to anyone. In mid-December 2008, I purchased two Sprint phones and service through a local retailer. Upon getting home and trying the service, it was not what we wanted. The phones were returned in approximately 48 hours and the service cancelled - or so I thought. Several days later I received a phone call from the retailer. They had another customer who wanted to purchase both phones but one had not deactivated for some reason. I immediately went to the store and the manager called Sprint, with me standing there, to make sure everything was deactivated. I heard nothing else from Sprint until I received a bill dated 1-25-09 showing a past due balance of $92.05 and then a nasty little Collection Agency Alert dated 1-30-09. On 1-31-09 I called Sprint and spoke to 'Brandi.'. She made notes on the account then transferred me to another department where I spoke to 'Bobby', who told me they were adjusting the bill to where it would only be for the day or so that we used the service and that it should be corrected in the next billing cycle.* I asked for email confirming this was being done and was told by both that they couldn't do that. On 2-6-09 I received some kind of recorded message from Sprint about the account. I didn't listen to the message - it started asking me to input information and I had no intention of doing that. I immediately called Sprint and spoke to 'Chris'. He said they were crediting the entire $92.05 and it should show up in 24 hours, and *at my request he sent me an email confirming this. On 2-7-09, slightly more than 24 hours after the date on the email, I received yet another recorded message which I again hung up on. I responded to the email advising them that another call had been received and inquired as to whether this incorrect information had been sent to any credit bureaus. Keep in mind I did NOT ask for any changes to be made to the account, nor did I ask for any information which could have been considered a privacy issue anyway. In response to that email I received this: Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am sorry that I am unable to assist you regarding your concern as I need to verify the account first. Sprint is committed to protecting customer privacy and security. Therefore, to protect your account from unauthorized access and changes, it is important that we confirm following information: 1. Billing Account Number 2. Balance due on last invoice 3. Billing Name Please reply to this e-mail with the requested information and we will be happy to assist you further Thank you again for contacting Sprint. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, Steve C. Sprint The information this rep asked for was ON/IN the email I responded to. I will say the reps I've spoken to on the phone have been polite but that is all I can say for them. They have the worse customer service I've seen in a long time. From my experience I'd advise people to stay away from Sprint. Anonymous Lexington, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
87, Report #465687
Jun 28 2009
12:56 AM
SPRINT Broke Contract. OldFort Tennessee
I purchased a Sprint USB modem USB over 1 year ago. It came with unlimited internet. Now they say I have been changed to a 5GB plan? (not the contract I entered)And they are terminating my contract? I live in an area that has no other choice of internet except dial up and that Huges net crap that my neighbor is stuck with for 2 years. What really makes me mad is that I did my job in the contract and paid in full every month and they let the costumer down by ending the contract. If I had have known what an awful company this was I would have never purchased anything from them. Everyone should know,that is why I posted this to warn people. Keep people from the poison... Guess what else they are getting a hand out from government to provide internet to rural areas what a joke....Shows What the FCC is doing.... Eddy OldFort, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: OldFort, Tennessee
88, Report #452903
May 18 2009
10:26 AM
Sprint Deceptive practices Atlanta Georgia.
Sprint is company that seems to foster a culture that lack integrity. My experience has been a series of unbelievable issues one after the other.First after signing up for a unlimeted line for myself, I called to inquire about a shared ulimited plan for my son and wife. I was told that for 25.00 per line I could add them both to my plan and share the unlimeted minutes amoung all 3 lines. After paying a cancellation fee with my previous provided I added their lines to my account. When I did this I reverfied the plan specifics and was again told all 3 lines would share the unlimited plan. Upon getting the first bill I was dismayed to find this was not how I was being billed. When I called I was credited for the charges, but was told I was told incorrectly about sharing the unlimited plan and they could not honor what i was told in error. This after paying cancellation fees and purchasing new phones. Next after several months, starting last month I am now seeing date and third party charges on my son and wife phones. 75.00 to 94.00s. After last months charge they said it was an error and gave me a credit. This month they say my wife and son have both used web internet off there phone for a total of 94.00. This is not accurate and insist the charges are valid. I also have unlimited air card for my lap top. This card has had software issues. crashes and very slow web access. I have spent hours on the line with there tech department fixing these issues. They have records of this. Now they want to charge me 200.00 to cancell the air card inspite of poor service. Also now i am cancelling all 3 cell phone lines. I do agree I have a contract on my primary line, however my wife and son's line I do not have a contract. I never signed anything or did an on line verbal recording. Although they do not have one they say that use of the cell phone constitues a two year agreement, and they want an additional 200.00 per line for cancelling them. Normally I would pay just to get away from such lack of integrity and move on. But enough is enough. Roger l Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia, Nationwide
89, Report #749828
Jul 06 2011
02:34 PM
Sprint Lynchburg, Virginia
sprint 4G network Unlimited scams  ad tv  4G network  Lynchburg,Va scams 3G network Unlimited and 4Gnetwork  scams $49.99 4G network off yes
Entity: Lynchburg, Virginia
90, Report #643864
Sep 23 2010
07:51 PM
Sprint lied broken phone contract , Internet
Let me start by saying that Sprint has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with!  It has only gotten worse since Dan Hesse took over!  I have been with Sprint for 5 years now, and as of May 1st I purchased my newest handset, the Samsung Moment.  At the time it was the most expensive android phone they had besides the HTC touch pro 2, which was slightly older.  Within the month the flash went out.  I took it back, my favorite rep just replaced it with a refurbished phone.  I get the second phone.  It starts freezing, locking up, calling the wrong numbers, etc.  I took it back and (after four hours of looking at it and diagnostic tests) they said nothing was wrong, but gave me a second refurbished phone.  This one was the worst of all!  The moment I got it, it was freezing before I installed any apps!  The screen would get covered in little lines and totally lock up!  Shortly thereafter, the phone started loosing contacts and phone numbers.  I took it into the store where (of course) they had to keep it for 4 hours for the techs to look at it.  After four hours I came back to the rep telling me that the diagnostic tests revealed NOTHING wrong with the phone, just like the other phone before.  As Im upset and walking out the door, the phone starts loosing contacts AGAIN!  I went back to the rep and PROVED to her what the phone was doing!  She showed the techs who were astounded that they couldnt reproduce the problem.  The rep took a BRAND NEW phone out the of box and gave it to me.  Within a week the phone does all the same things, as well as turning itself off and on.  I use this as my business line, and I cannot have my phone disconnect my calls with clients!  Once again I went to the sprint store, they kept the phone, came back with no problems.  They offered me an HTC hero, which I turned down. I used to have a business line on another account.  I chose the HTC hero and was totally dissatisfied.  I canceled the line and decided to just use the same phone for business and personal calls.  One month after I chose to just deal with this broken phone I was to the point I'd HAD ENOUGH!  It was an hourly occurance for the phone to turn on and off!  I called Customer Service who gave me to the advanced technical team.  After several failed attempts at walking me through programming the phone, due to it freezing, the tech gave up and sent me to the multiple device replacement department.  The wrote me up a ticket in the system to replace my handset with an android phone that wasnt the Moment or the Hero.  The rep assured me that I would walk out of the store with a different handset.  I went to the store, they pulled my ticket, and told me I had to leave my phone with them AGAIN for another 4 hours!  I reluctantly agreed, came back 4 hours later.  They had flashed my device and refused to replace it.  in addition, while it was there they said they had lost my phonebook and so, I walked out with the SAME crap phone, with no apps, no case, and now, no phonebook.  Needless to say, by this point I am ready to CANCEL!  I called the replacement dept. again and told them the store didnt honor their offer to replace the phone.  All they offered me was to put in a complaint.  I cannot keep doing this with sprint.  I am absolutely at the point of walking in and throwing a fit.  I have searched relentlessly for a corporate number to let them know about this store, but came up with nothing.  Please everyone, take my advice when I say, do not get wrapped in the tangled mess that is SPRINT!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
91, Report #986731
Dec 24 2012
11:04 PM
sprint cap on hotspot Internet
I have been with Sprint for over 15 years. 5 years ago i bought a wireless hotspot card for my laptop i use for work, home, and travel. I had a seperate contract and had unlimited service. When that broke and I went to replace it I was told I would be beter off getting a new phone and add it to my plan. then I would be able to run 10 devices instead of 1 for the same price. So i upgraded my flip phone for a evo and added the hotspot and loved it. they made me sign a 2 year contract witch I did not have for 5 years. Last month after only having the hotspot for 14 months I get 3 email warnings that i was about to go over my 5 gig limit. So i called sprint and they told me it is a add on and My conract dosn't include add ons that i will be charged extra if i go over. I think that is wrong and they should be investegated for this. They should give us back unlimited and new people that sign up can be charged for 5 gigs i bet not a lot of people would sign up.
Entity: , Internet
92, Report #1007857
Feb 02 2013
01:49 PM
Sprint Data Plan Overbilling Internet
I have been a Sprint customer for many years (over 10, believe it or not) but I am finally fed up.  I switched to an Android close to 3 years ago.  Sadly, I didn't notice that Sprint was charging me a $10/mo premium data add-on charge despite the fact that I was already paying $69.99 for an Everything Data plan that I was told at the Sprint Store would cover everything I needed (after all, EVERYTHING is in the title, isn't it?). Let the buyer beware, I know, but this seems like a classic case of bait and switch. There's also the fact that Sprint sold me a 4G phone but neglected to tell me (surprise, surprise) that they only offer 3G coverage in my area.  In other words, I paid an extra $100 for phone feature I can't use.  Still, I decided to keep the phone, thinking I'd use the 4G on business trips (though that obviously doesn't negate the questionable sales practice).  Unfortunately, I've learned by comparing my phone to others that my 3G in this area is actually comparatively unreliable, with lots of dropped calls, GPS apps that don't work even where the 3G does, etc. I should add that I considered getting a different free phone with Sprint but was informed that I'd have to re-purchase all the games and apps I've paid for.  Seems a bit unfair. Finally, after searching through my Inbox AND Spam folder, I noticed that Sprint did not email me a bill for January, then charged me a $4 late fee. This is not the first time this has happened.  Obviously, that's not nearly as important as the $200+ but still worth addressing as a matter of principle. I have looked into class action lawsuits and have also contacted the Better Business Bureau (and, of course, Sprint).  I want to be fair, honest, and reasonable about this so if the situation is equitably resolved, I will happily update my report.
Entity: , Internet
93, Report #387233
Nov 02 2008
01:57 PM
Sprint Bait and Hook Service deception Dallas Internet
I have been a Sprint customer since 1995 and have 2 other members of my family on the same contract. Until lately, the service and support have been more than I ever needed and the cost has been acceptable. That has all changed within the last 4 month. I purchased a new phone in June of 2008 after having ridden my last phone down 30 yards of pavment in a motorcycle accedent. When I got the new phone there were lots of new icon I never had on my old one. When I would push the button to see what it did a winow would pop up and tell me I was entering the internet or accessing some e-mail. I did'n need the service or knew how it worked so I quickly disonnected. When I got my first bill I noticed a $75 charge for date service so I called and got the line that is internet data download at $.03/Kb. Now first of all there is a huge difference between Kb and Mb and most data today is so large, they don't even bother measuring it in killobites. I could not have been on the service for more than 2 minutes and racked up $75.00 in charges which makes sense since at a 1.5M baud rate I had 2425 (1000 bit) blocks of date sant to me or 2,425,000 bits(2.425 meg) When I contested the charges I was asked if I would take the Internet service for only $15.00/month, they would waive the $75.00. I said I didn't need it and wanted the service blocked. They agreed (after speaking witha supervisor) to waive the fee and disconnect the internet access service. Keep in mind, I never requested this servive in the first place. Now, this month I get another data service charge for another $75.00. and when I call to ask what the deal was i'm told that I used the service again after been educated as to just what the service was and how much it cost and if I would sign up for the internet access service for only $15.00/month, they could reduce the $75.00 charge to $37.50. So...... if you try to see if the service is disconnected after 5 days of notifying them to disconnect it, and it isn't disconnected yet, you get billed with the access charge. This is clear rip-off designed to force you into accepting internet service you neither want or need. I will be looking for another phone service provider soon. Apparently it is easier for Spint to go out and get new customers than it is for them to hold onto the ones they have Beowulf Richardson, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
94, Report #435240
Mar 17 2009
10:11 PM
Sprint Rebate Fraud Austin Texas
I purchased a phone from Sprint on 05 May 2008. I properly filled out the paperwork to receive the $50.00 rebate. Fourteen weeks later and no rebate. I contacted Sprint and they claimed that they never received the rebate request. I mailed the paperwork again. Fourteen weeks later and no rebate. I contacted Sprint again and the claim was made again that the paperwork was never received. I was given a fax number and I faxed the paperwork in again. Fourteen weeks later and no rebate. I contacted Sprint yet again and I was informed that the rebate is still in processing. I will not stop pursuing this matter until I receive my rebate. On Sunday, 08 March 2009, I filed a complaint against the company with Planetfeedback. I was contacted on Monday, 09 March 2009 by Sprint to resolve this matter. The request was made to submit the sales receipt for this purchase. I fulfilled this request by supplying the documents in an email attachment and verified the account information (for security purposes). This matter still has not been resolved! This company has repeatedly wasted my time by requesting the same information over and over and over and over. This information has been supplied to them several times via mail, fax, and now email attachment. I was informed that the paperwork would be submitted to the rebate department and I would have to wait 30 - 45 days. This is unacceptable! I have been waiting almost one year for this rebate. I informed the company on Thursday, 12 March 2009 that if I do not receive the rebate check in 7 business days (Monday, 23 March 2009) I would file a fraud complaint with the following agencies and companies: 1. Attorney General's Office 2. Federal Trade Commission 3. Better Business Bureau 4. Another complaint will be filed with Planetfeedback 5. Ripoff.com 6. TheSqueakyWheel.com 7. MeasuredUp.com 8. ConsumerAffairs.com 9. Complaints.com 10.The Consumer Advocacy Group I have been waiting almost one year for this rebate and Sprint has done nothing but add to that time frame. I would think that a company that lost 1.3 million customers last quarter (it is projected that Sprint will lose even more customers in the coming financial quarters) would do absolutely any and everything to right this gross wrong that has occurred. After being informed that it has been almost one year and I have not received my rebate, Sprint insulted me by asking me to wait even longer. No! I will not. This matter needs to be resolved quickly with a rebate check and not an account credit. Sprint has lost another customer for the first quarter of 2009. Mr. Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
95, Report #396694
Dec 01 2008
06:19 PM
Sprint RipOff #1 cellular Internet
Sprint ripped me off with excessive charges. Then when my phone failed due to them not being able to change the number, I cancelled the contract early and was billed $200 for that. Sprint has over 1200 complaints here at RipOff. US Cellular hase only 28. Shows that another company than Sprint is a wise choice. If you want to hold onto some money, stay away from Sprint. The cellphone RipOff artists and anyone else is better. Ron Myrtle Creek, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #586392
Mar 28 2010
05:00 AM
SPRINT the thief, Internet
I was with sprint for almost two years. I lived in the same county the entire time. In January I got a letter saying they were going to disconnect my service for roaming. I called the company. They said under no circumstance would they disconnect my service. I called approximately five times and was told the same thing every time. At the end of February they disconnected my phone anyway. After my husband and I both calliing, they finally told us we should have never been sold the service because it was a roaming area. The roaming dept told me I was stupid and should have read my contract. This was three months after purchasing a palm pre. Why in the world would they wait almost two years if i was roaming. They also sold my husband a plan. The people from sprint were nice when I called but said they couldn't do anything because it was up to the roaming dept. The women working in roaming dept were extremely rude and disrespectful. They sold us these plans under false pretenses and we were charged  one hundred fifty dollars deposit for each line. I paid 150 for the palm pre. We switched to another company. I want to sue sprint and warn other people.  they will sell you a service plan and tell you whatever to get your money, then they will let the scum in the roaming dept cut you off. I am going to sue them for the loss of the money.
Entity: , Internet
97, Report #940344
Sep 12 2012
06:04 PM
Sprint Ripoff artists and liars , Internet
I had decided to go with Sprint Wireless as they seemed like a good deal for the family plan I wanted. I couldn't have been more mistaken if I had tried. After receiving a phone that literally heated up so much it burned my hand, I was directed to order support to return the phone. That in and of itself was a 2 week battle with them. When finally they agreed to send me a new phone the lady I was speaking to lied to me no less than 6 times stating that the new device she was sending (the LG Optimus S) was just as good as the phone I was sending in (the LG Viper LTE4G). I was also told if there were any issues with the new phone that I had 14 days to return it from the day I received it. Another lie. After spending 4 hours being tossed around from one supervisor to the next I was informed that regardless of the statements made by their representative, they would not be honoring them nor sending me out a phone that was either the same model or comparable to the original phone I had ordered. It seems to me that Sprint should be liable for the recorded statements that it's representatives state. Do not go with Sprint if you want a good experience. There are plenty of other companies out there that will not lie to you and rip you off for fun.
Entity: Internet, Internet
98, Report #942479
Sep 17 2012
01:38 PM
Sprint Ripped us off and damaged our business Internet
For the last month we have been having serious problems maintaining an internet connection, except for a few minutes at a time, and then it will take  anywhere from a half hour to hour before we have service again. This goes on all day, every day. Not only did we call customer service  20+ times and spend hours upon hours on the phone over the course of two weeks, but we even visited the Sprint store to have our Overdrive Pro replaced. No one would admit there was anything wrong with the tower, OR the device. We were lied to, mocked, escalated, told they would call us back, you name it. When we decided we were good and done with Sprint, they absolutely refused to let us out of our contract without paying early termination fees, even though we haven't been getting service consistently for nearly a month. We both work from home, and can only get our internet to work for small stints of time (ten/fifteen minutes) and then lose it for  an hour, get it for ten fifteen minutes and then lose it for another hour etc. This is CRAZY, and has been the absolute WORST experience I have ever had with a business, either American or foreign, and I will NEVER do business with Sprint again!  I highly recommend that you read the fine print before signing any two year contract with a  business. So as it stands, we're paying $80 a month for high speed internet 24/7 that we get maybe a total of 2 hours a day if we're lucky, and that's IN BETWEEN the hours of absolutely no service at all. Even dial up is better, because there is still service...slow...but you still have service. Several of the customer service reps (4 total, including so-called Supervisors, when escalated) claimed that they would look into the issue, research etc. and call us back. They never did...it was a ploy to lie to, then get us off the phone.They refuse to give you their supervisor's name, you have no way to get through to someone who can actually do anything. I think we spent a total of ten to fifteen hours straight of talk-time, trying to get through someone's thick skull that we were paying through the nose for a service we could barely get anymore, and yet they would not let us cancel their service without paying the early termination fees of $320. Is there a sane business on the planet who would NOT provide the service they are UNDER CONTRACT to provide, and then charge their customers an early termination fee of $320 for unrendered services? We are self employed and conduct all our business online. I am currently using a loaner Verizon MiFi in order to write this complaint. To all those customers out there considering Sprint. Read carefully what they did to us. 
Entity: , Internet
99, Report #942657
Sep 17 2012
06:57 PM
Sprint loss of discount Internet
In June of 2012 i bought 2 new Sprint phones & renewed my agreement. I did this based on the plan's pricing at that time. This was based on what my future bills would be. In July 2012 they took a 25% business discount away that i was not entitled to. I agree but it was a discount they were giving me so i didn't question it. In July they say they did a audit & did away with multiple discounts. I did not receive any notice of this until i inquired. Their mistake, not mine. Now they won't offset the loss of the discount and now my bill is more than i can afford. I can sell them my phones back EVO LTE's but i take a loss and buy new nonsmart phones. That is moving backwards, not forward. I can also cancel my insurance but between me & my wife we are on our 6th phones since the 1st 4 had to be replaced. I don't think it's wise to cancel the insurance since these seem to be non dependable phones. My state ATTY General Office can't help, Sprint Executive Offices told them no as well. I think this is a breach of agreement.
Entity: , Internet
100, Report #1095167
Oct 28 2013
02:23 PM
Sprint Unethical Business Practices Nationwide
Sprint Wireless has proved to me that it is a disfunctional company with indecent business practices.  I made the decision to switch to Sprint because their coverage map showed that I would receive perfect voice reception and 4G LTE data coverage at my home.  I ordered new service on September 20th.  The new iPhone 5S was on backorder at the time, and I was aware that my service would not be activated immediately.  Sprint charged me for the phone immediately, even though they were not scheduled to send it for another 6 weeks.  I called them after I saw the charge, and I was told that my phone was scheduled to be delivered the enxt day.  It was delivered on November 12th - almost a month later.  When I activated my phone I was receiving only 1 bar of reception, and at times was roaming because I wasn't receiving a Sprint signal.  I called customer service numerous times, and the agent couldn't give me an explanation.  I was told that my phone was most likely dysfunctional, and I should bring it to a store to be repaired.  I schedule time to visit a store location and they told me the problem was their service not my phone.  They assured me that the service should get better any day, but I could cancel the plan and return the phone without penalty.  I transferred my phone number to another provider.  I called Sprint again about returning my phone and they could not give me any information because the website was down - apparently phone agents don't know how to return the phones.  I went to a store location to return the phone and officially cancel service.  I was charged a $35 restocking fee.  I argued that I should not have to pay a restocking fee since I would never have purchased the phone if their coverage map had not been lies.  They asked me to call an agent, who told me I should be patient since they are trying to update all of the Sprint towers.  The store agent asked for my credit card to refund me the price of the phone - minus the activation charge.  Today I called up Sprint to ask when I should expect to receive my refund for my phone.  They told me 30 to 60 days!  I was reasonably upset!  I am not being refunded the $30 activation fee (which I would never have had to pay if I had known I would have no reliable service), I had to pay another $35 to cancel the service and return the phone (which is insulting since I would never have purchased a phone from them if I knew there was no reliable coverage), and now they are keeping my money for at least another month.  I stayed on the phone for 20 minutes.  The agent finally told me that they can file a request for a refund when my monthly cycle would have ended (I say would have because I no loner have an account with them).  I have to wait another 15 days to FILE FOR A REQUEST!  It is not enough that I returned the phone and a refund was charged to my credit card.  Now I need to wait for an extended period of time to kindly ask to please get my money back.  Sprint will sucessfully keep my money for at least 2 full months for a phone that I only used for 12 days.  AND I had to pay $65 for the priviledge of having them for 12 days.  I asked repeatedly to speak to a manager, and she would put me on hold for several minutes and come back with some lame explanation.  Finally I literally broke down crying on the phone, because I can't upgrade my phone on another plan because this company is holding onto my money for as long as they possibly can.  She offered to give me a call back on November 13th to request my refund - every agent has scheduled a call back with my to check on my service and never actually called.  
Entity: Nationwide

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