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76, Report #278818
Oct 15 2007
12:29 PM
T-Mobile Dishonest liars thieves Bellevue Washington
In December of last year, we added more minutes to our T-mobile plan. We were going over and required more. A few months later, we started having overages again. When we reviewed our bill, we realized that mobile-to-mobile had been removed from our plan. We never asked for this to take place. When we called and asked about it, we were told that there was nothing they could do because we did not notice it within 60 days of the change. We never questioned the bill until we started getting overages again. They told us that they would add it from that point on. The following month we had the problem again. They still had not added it back on. This time they were willing to correct the mistake. We reported them to the Better Business Bureau. They then told us the same bull again that we didn't catch it within 60 days so they would not fix it. Then they had the nerve to claim we refused to have it added again when we called to question the first problem, but that they generously would let us keep the refund that we weren't really entitled to. We requested to hear the recording where we asked to have it removed in the first place and then when we refused to have it added later on. They would not cooperate. They won't show us any proof. All we get from them is what they say happened. They would not refund our money and they still had the nerve to act like they were doing us a favor. So basically, T-mobile has the right to add and remove services to your account, without permission. If you don't catch it within 60 days, you're screwed. DO NOT USE T-MOBILE. They are completely DISHONEST and will screw you over if they can. Mike New Braunfels, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
77, Report #313211
Feb 29 2008
12:57 AM
T-Mobile Replacement phone scam FOREST PARK Georgia
Blackberry curve for $500+. Got home with phone and had problems, after talking to customer support we found out on of the pins in the was broken, was told to take it back to the store to get a new one as I was under 14 days since purchase. Got new phone and well it was like this: Phone would drop calls, holding down 1 (for voice mail) brings up invalid phone number could only access internet with a wi-fi connection. Again back with customer support...After 4 different people having me change settings, doing resets both on the phone and using computer another bad phone, this time the 14 days was up and the phone was replaced by T-mobile. 3rd phone same issues as above. Customer service yet again, and you guessed it a another phone being sent out. New phone arrives and this time a new problem, every computer I plugged it into would not recognize the phone. Customer service yet again. I was told at this point that after trouble shooting my 3rd phone if it couldn't be fixed I could get a new and different phone. After going all the way through tech support again a bad phone. This is where after talking to many people that I needed to get one more blackberry through them as the first replacment phone didn't count as I exchanged it at an authorized dealer and not through them. So i stated at this point I needed to get this in writing and I would be more then happy to cancel my account, well here is where I then was told that they could not give me in writing that information. Hung up the home phone and went to talk to a friend on the bad device. This is when I found out my account had been canceled. Back on the phone again this time to find out what was going on with account. I explained what the problem was and the representative said yeah I see that it was disconnected less then 5 min. ago. Reactivated my account and was transfered on to get the replacement phone. New phone arrives, same problems yet again. Back on the phone yet again. This time I get now that you have returned us the phone 3 times you may now exchange it for a different phone...YAY. Almost I was given 2 options for phones the 1st phone didn't have a camera or wi-fi connections and was also still a blackberry, the 2nd phone while a T-mobile phone was retail valued at $100 less then the current phone I had and a camera with less Megapixels. While the phone I wanted was the same retail price had all the same features except the wi-fi connection. I was told this wasn't an option that I could only get the 2 above mentioned phones. Well as you can see either of my 2 options was no more then a downgrade to the current phone. Being stuck I figured after reading on website that if I didn't like my new phone I had 14 days to exchange it. Not the case at all. So I went with option #2. Now i received the phone today unopened and wanted to exchange it for the phone I wanted, no go can't be done. I can however spend another $387.00 a discounted price on the phone I do want. the way I see it less the 90 days ago I spent over $500 for a phone that hasn't worked, and to spend another $387 to get one I want and hopefully would have worked. Long and short of it I was promised that my next phone each time would work and didn't happen, I was told I could get the phone I wanted but when it came time to get it that was not an option, my account was canceled on me, all in less then 90 days. I wish that I could go back to 2003 when I first got T-mobile and could deal with the non red taped customer service who didn't lie to keep you backing into corners with no options but what they give you. Carl Norman, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #348132
Jul 07 2008
06:14 AM
T-Mobile I was hoodwinked! Trenton New Jersey
My son has a sidekick and his backlight went out. I called the customer service line and informed them of what was going on with his phone. They guided me through several steps to check for water damage and none was found. I was then instructed to send phone in to company and a new one would be issued seeing how the phone was under warranty. Of course shipping was at my expense but I sent the phone in only to have it returned to say that a new phone could not be issued because of water damage!! I was livid for the location of the supposedly water damage was not in the area the representative instructed me to check and in the area of the so called water damage happened it would have been impossible for the entire phone not to have or show signs of damage. I went to the area T-Mobile store to speak with a manager there and was given the run around. I was then connected to a representative via phone at the store and again recieved the run around. I was asked if I wanted to be transferred to a supervisor and when I said yes, the line went dead. I could not believe what had just transpired. I was given so many different reason's why the phone wasnt working, from my son probaly dropped the phone in the tub or sweat leaked through his jeans, through his cell phone case and damaged his phone and then hung up on?????? Something needs and should be done against this type of injustice against consumers. I'm sure I'm not the first nor will I be the last this happens to. Lmack Trenton, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
79, Report #256099
Jun 21 2007
08:50 PM
T-Mobile rude ripoff artists Internet
T-Mobile has the worst customer service, the worst phone service and they are incompetent and rude. I called to complain about being billed for text messages that were sent to me unsolicited, many from T-mobile. They admitted I was right but refused to credit my bill. Instead they offered me free minutes. I told I already had 400 minutes a month and never used all my minutes and I preferred they credit my bill. I was rudely told they would only credit me minutes. I told them to keep their minutes. My contract will soon be up and I will switch to Verizon. David Vineland, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
80, Report #241323
Mar 29 2007
07:08 AM
T-Mobile Customer Service rip-off! Internet
Yesterday I received my T-mobile To-Go phone that I had ordered on Sunday, March 25th. Pretty speedy delivery. Later in the evening, I decided to put my phone together. I opened up the back of the phone and found out that I had no battery included! I called customer service, was put on hold for several minutes three different times (which I expected). The last customer service rep I spoke with informed me that they needed my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to be able to send out a battery, which they forgot to do in the first place! I DID NOT and WILL NOT give them my social security number. A $50 phone is not worth getting my credit all screwed up. I have perfect credit and intend to keep it that way. Besides, I am using the To-Go phone, which does not require any more payments. I have paid for it. I'm done. The rep said she could get around not having my social security number but asked for my permission to call me and get it if the battery order didn't go through. They were overnighting it at no charge. Yeah, right. So, now I have wait and see whether my order for the battery, which should have been included in the first place, goes through. They will not get my social security number and if I have to send the phone back, I will and I will never use their phones again. She said my options were: 1.To give them my SS# and the order would go through, 2.not give them my SS# and the order might or might not go through, 3.send the entire phone back for a refund or 4.go to a T-mobile store and PURCHASE a battery. These don't sound like very good options to me. Will give updates as more information becomes available. I am giving them until Monday to send me a battery or I am writing them a very detailed letter explaining that they can not deny an order because of a refusal to give a SS#. Diane Belleville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #248201
May 11 2007
07:41 AM
T-Mobile FALSE Advertisement ripoff Nationwide
T-Mobile is offering a software upgrade to the T-Mobile Dash that does not work with Cox Communications outgoing SMTP Server!! After over two hours of phone support with T-Mobile they concluded that it was not their fault but Microsoft's. This upgrade was downloaded off the T-Mobile web site for a T-Mobile branded phone. The phone is advertised as Connect with all your e-mail easily. This software was obviously NOT fully tested and T-Mobile says there is no way to go back to the old software. Jason Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
82, Report #58431
May 26 2003
05:08 PM
T. MOBILE ripoff false promises CHICAGO Illinois
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
83, Report #93232
Jun 01 2004
02:02 PM
T Mobile ripoff Albuquerque New Mexico
I send back a phone that was not working right as I got the replacement now they can't find my old phone so they are charging me for it. I called and they are atemit that I didn't send it because they can't find it in their system Hey I am not in charge of the post office or their warehouse and I am tired of their bs but I can't get a supervisor WHY DO THEY HIDE !!!. I sold the car that I had at that time so I might have left the tracking slip in it. one thing for sure I am fed up and if they are going to idiots I will be dropping them I am a 2 year customer but willing to let them go !!! Jose 85009, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
84, Report #98922
Jul 14 2004
01:56 PM
T-Mobile ripoff force threaten Cincinnati Ohio
I had received a bill which should have been my last and final payment with T-Mobile as I was leaving the company for Verizon Wireless. I called a Representative (ID# XXXXXXXXX) and made my payment and asked NUMEROUS times if this was in fact the LAST charges on my account, there would be nothing else to follow (i.e. a termination fee, in the event I was in a contract) and she responded several times, No. I, knowing this would happen asked for some kind of re-assurance that this would be my final payment to T-Mobile, she offered me her Rep ID and told me if something were to happen to have the rep reference her ID in my account notes and it would be rectified. Ha. I received another bill with the due date of 6/27/04 for $213.00, a cancellation fee and service usage charges - but however, I, according to the rep, 'owed nothing further, your account is now and will be in a zero balance. I didnt want to pay this bill as I have filed complaints with the FCC and now here with the BBB, I am being mistreated due to one of their mistakes. If I didnt make a payment to my account by July 16th I would be reported to credit agencys and collections as well. Im being forced to pay for this bill though T-Mobile knows I am in the process of filing complaints outside their company because their supervisors were no help to me what so ever. I want to know a couple things: 1- Why am I paying for their mistake? 2- Why wasnt accurate notes kept in my account (hell they keep everything else there) to show I was told I didn't owe anything else. 3- Why did I have to ask for her Rep ID and it wasnt provided for me. I really wish I didnt have to pay this bill while im fighting it, just another reason why I left T-Mobile. -- I would like to: 1- Not pay the full price of this cancallation fee and service charges what I was told I wouldn't have to pay. 2- Pay a reduced price, I did break the contract, I'm not disputing that, however I was told I wouldn't have to pay I already made a payment of $50 to hold my account for 2 weeks from going to a collections agency while I wait for my complaints to be processed. Amount of credit/refund requested Robert Williamsport, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
85, Report #85159
Mar 24 2004
09:02 AM
T-Mobile No Reception - No Refund! Columbus Ohio
T-Mobile apparently has a policy for never allowing anyone out of a contract without paying the $200 cancellation fee. I had purchased 2 phones which worked satisfactorily. We built a house (5 miles away) and discovered after moving in that the phones would not work from the house. We did not have a landline put in the house because we had our cellphones. The reception was so bad you couldn't speak an entire sentence that anyone could understand. I actually had to drive several miles one day to place a call to my husband. I have a 13 year old daughter who comes home from school and would be there alone with no phone that works. I called to tell them about the reception problems and their response was I show you have reception in that zip code. Sure -- in parts of that zip code, but not where my house sits! Well, they said, we can't guarantee that you get reception in every square inch of an area. Sorry! They would not waive the cancellation fee. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and did get a call from some higher up. I explained the situation again and she AGAIN refused to refund the cancellation fee. I let it go to collection! What a ripoff! Johanna Cardington, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
86, Report #81057
Feb 19 2004
07:09 PM
T-MOBILE ripoff MESA Arizona
well i got a cellular from t-mobile on november 12 2003 i was promised by a representative of t-mobile (fiesta mall) that i wouldn't get charged an installation fee and that they would change my old cell number to the new one, but later when we got our bill we got charged the installation fee of $45.00 and we never got our old number changed so i got stuck with two billings one from my old cell number and one from the new one witch was t-mobile, when i went to complain they wouldn't listen to me or release me from my contract so now im stuck with a phone that i don't want Rosalinda PHOENIX, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: MESA, Arizona
87, Report #103360
Aug 12 2004
01:27 PM
T-Mobile ripoff misrepresented service Atlanta Georgia
We've all complained about T-Mobile. We all know how unprofessional they are about hooking you and then gutting you for money later. Here's something that'll help those still swimming free. They will give you a map at the booth-of-lies when you go to sign up. The map shows calling areas. This map actually shows the combined coverage of two fundamentally different types of calling areas. One is for full service, the other is for marginal/Outdoor only service. Who would ever sign up for this if they lived in the marginal areas? There is no difference between the two on the map. I am sure this is the case for all areas of the country. If someone has the means to start a class action suit, please contact me. Bryan Austell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
88, Report #290299
Dec 10 2007
11:43 AM
T Mobile service drops. phones suck Orlando Florida
i am just over a year into my 2 year contract with t mobile. i purchased a samsung phone and began having issues with connecting to the network, and call quality. i called them they said it would take a few days and would be fixed.it didnt, they told me to go back to the store and have them verify. i did. then they said they refreshed the network. removed me. then readded me, reset my phone and that would fix it. give it a few days and see if that works.it didnt, and now the return policy had expired and i was locked in to my contract. i called them back after an hour of going through tech support they said the phone was defective and they would send me another. 10$ shipping charge the new samsung phone arrived. i mailed my old one back and had to call t mobile- the earpiece didnt work. they sent me another. another 10$ shipping. the 3rd samsung phone came and the call volume would go from whisper quite to screaming loud, on its own. after convincing the tmobile rep that my fingers were accidently increasing/decreasing the volume while i talked- and having a tmobile store employee get on the line and verify what was happening they told me that they would send me out a new phone, however their policy states that you cant get 4 of the same phones- and they would ship me a compariable phone. The compariable phone they were going to ship me was a basic phone- no myfaves (the plan i have) compatiable, no camera, no mp3 player- all of which are features i had on my samsung. i told them that the phone wasnt compatable and they told me they are doing me a favor because i signed a contract with tmobile for cell service not a cell phone and i had 3 options. 1) buy a phone at full cost from them, 2) take the free phone that they would give me that wouldnt work with my plan- then edit my plan-extending my contract for another 2 years, or 3) cancel and pay termination fee. I bought a new nokia phone. ( $200 + $10 shipping) a few weeks later people couldnt call me and i would get a network error when trying to make calls. they told me it was a sim card issue. go get a new sim card the problem kept happening. they shipped me out a new phone. ($10 shipping) i got the new phone. tried to change myfave contact and the phone froze. i called t mobile they told me to just dial the number- there was nothing they could do and they would realize a over the air update. i did that for 5 months- no update. i called back-they told me to take my sim card and put it in another activated phone without the myfaves plan when i told them i dont have another activated phone .they told me to drive up and down the street stopping in every tmobile store i saw and ask them. when i said that was outragous, the manager said i could pay $200 and cancel my contract.i finally found one after 7 stores.it didnt work. i called tmobile back and they sent me out a new phone. (another $10 shipping, but for my troubles they added 40txt messages for a month) the phone they shipped wouldnt connect to the network. they sent a tower engineer out to the tower and told me that several other people in the area were having a problem with connectivity when too many people were trying to use the tower- but it is not in the budget, or worth our investment at the present time and advised me to either port my number to another company if i was unhappy and pay $200 cancel fee. or try purchase another phone ($10shipping plus $50- they gave me the at the new line cost without extending contract) i got a new phone. it has the worst echo i have ever heard both inside and out. i call tmobile. they say its a sim card issue. i get a new sim card, doesnt fix the problem. while on the phone with them tech support places a test call to my cell and tell me to place the earpiece of the phone to the mouthpiece of the other phone so they could speak into it to see if they could hear the echo. they couldnt-of course and they tell me the work around fix is to shut the phone off in the middle of the call. wait. then turn it back on and try again. very inconvenient. they say the phone is like a computer you have to keep it off most of the time so it can refresh. i call back a month later. they say its a sim card issue and i get another new sim card. it still does it. i call them back and they say its a sim card issue and i need another new sim card. i tell them i just got a new sim card and they say its a phone issue and i need another new phone. after 1 hour of talking with the manager, i agree for another new phone to be shipped out. if this doesnt work then they are going to send the engineer back to the tower- or i can cancel my plan and pay $200. The phone reception sucks. i live in orlando fl, and have no coverage in most buildings. calls drop like crazy. cant connect to the towers. not enough towers for customers. customer service seems nice and helpful until you find out they just give you the run around. chris orlando, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on T-Mobil
Entity: Orlando, Florida
89, Report #277470
Oct 06 2007
02:46 PM
T-mobile overcharges Los Angeles California
tmobile has charged me $754.00 for charges i never made bit were put on my phone. i had the plan for 2 months when problems began. first they charged me for my fave, which the customer gets to put 5 favorite people they can call for no charge, on top of that they changed the names of my fave favorites. of course they claimed they can't do that only i can. they even spelled the names wrong. also they began charging me for some nights and weekends. this all happened after i had been on the $70.00amonth plan and then it jumped to $245 amonth and then the $754.00 came on the 4th bill. i have been trying to straightened this out for 4 months with no help. i even called their corp. office many times and finally i got someone who said they would like into it. 2 weeks later when i called her back she said they would not change anything and that i owed them $754.oo. the next bill came for $545.00. i refuse to pay only what i originally both and that was $70.00 amonth plan. now they put it on my credit reports. we as angry consumers with tmobile should file a class action against them for fraudelent charges and ruining our credit. any attorneys out there that wouls be interested in a class action suit please email me. Antionette upland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
90, Report #176800
Feb 17 2006
03:41 PM
Wirefly.com - T-Mobile Rebate ripoff Internet
Wirefly is a reseller for TMobile. When I signed up I was offered a $40 Customer Loyalty Rebate for each phone. I thought it would be applied to my bill as it was in the past. Later I found 1) I had to apply more than 120 days but less than I forget how many days after service began, 2) send in the rebate form 3) send in a copy of my paid TMobile bill 4) send in the UPC code from the box the phones came in and 5)send in a receipt for the payment to Wirefly. Since no receipt came with the phones, I sent in a copy of the email confirmation. I received a reply that I mailed the stuff in too early, and I didn't send a receipt, so ....no rebate. I contacted TMobile and they said tough luck. Wirefly also sold us a portable charger. It turned out to be exactly the same charger that came with each phone, not a charger for your car cigarette lighter like we thought it would be. Margot Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
91, Report #200408
Jul 11 2006
09:41 AM
T Mobile ripoff CINCINNATI, OHIO
TMobile claims in their billboard ads that they give their customers more satisfaction, that's an out right lie. My contract expired with this company in June 06. Prior to my expiration that I was told that i could go month to until I agreed to a new contract. My cell phone stopped working, so i went on line to one of their subcontractors to upgrade my contract. However I realized that I was charged for two separate contracts . I called and informed them of this.The response was that I needed to cancel the service that they gave me and pay a $200.00 cancellation fee. I called again told them that I only needed an upgrade. I was placed on hold and spoke to Tanisha, who informed me, that I went to a T-mobile store and purchased a new line, and my old line converted to a new contract so I need to pay the cancellation fee. No address for corporate. Who does this? Hyacinth Powder Springs, GeorgiaU.S.A.
92, Report #177558
Feb 22 2006
03:32 PM
T-mobile Cellular ripoff Martinsville Virginia
received poor service from t-mobile, phone cuts off when talking on it of goes dead. called customer service many times with no result. Linda martinsville, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Martinsville, Virginia
93, Report #196848
Jun 17 2006
07:21 AM
Entity: NAPLES, Florida
94, Report #197529
Jun 21 2006
08:59 PM
T Mobile Rebates ripoff Internet
sent in two upc stickers with forms for two phones purchased only got one rebate back and denial of payment on the other rebate saying that they never recieved it and i had to prove that it was sent which is impossible because you have to cut out the card board box to get the one upc code to send it to them. they are also very rude and not willing to accomadate you in any way. t mobile knows we bought the phones as they were paid for and we use them every day plus the fact that there seems to be an ongoing trend here with other websites of the same complaint as mine and obvious scam. Fran Venice, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
95, Report #187166
Apr 17 2006
08:56 PM
T-mobile ripoff Axton Virginia
poor transmission service, dropped calls, hang ups while talking on cell phone. samsung cells phones are crappy, junk. bob axton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Axton, Virginia
96, Report #153574
Aug 13 2005
03:06 PM
T-Mobile ripoff Saint Louis Missouri
This is not going to be my first stop I am also going to report this to the BBB of Saint Louis. I have been a paying customer since March 2005, I dropped my phone and it quit working so when I called them they had informed me that the phone was not insured. So I bought another phone and they put it on my bill but what they failed to tell me is that it would count against my spending min and thats BS. So I sent my bill like normal the first part of the month so they turned my phone back on. And when they turned it back on I go this message saying that I am nearly over my min again. They must have been charging me while the phone was off. I got to hand it to them they snowed me good. They must not have a billing cycle because I bought a $70 dollar phone and all of a sudden I am behind on my bill. So I called a them and I told them that I wasnt infomred about this causing me to loose my service because I put the phone on my bill. And all he can do is say he is sorry there is nothing he can do after they set this crap up. So now that I want to cancel my service I have to fork out $200 dollars and I can rest assure you I will tell all the T-mobile customers what this outfit is all about. T-moble is a joke once I get out of this contract I never want to be assiociated with this company again. Reggie Independence, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Independence, Missouri
97, Report #113051
Oct 14 2004
11:39 PM
T-Mobile Sidekick return rip off LaGrange Georgia
I had purchase a Sidekick online from T-mobile. Keep in mind I have been a customer for a 1 year. You have so many days to return something that you don't like or feel you can't get alone with. The Sidekick was horrible. It had it's good points but it just wasn't fitting what I wish for it to fit for. So I sent it back before the so called 14 day period was up. I had it about a week and sent it back express mail and it got there in one day. Someone did sign for it. Well I had called them for them to credit my account back for the merchandise, and they say it has never reached their warehouse, that they would have to write up a report for it to be found in their warehouse. I have called them from July to to Oct about crediting my $299.00 back to me and they refuse to do so. One of their customer service agent said oh I don't doubt you have sent it, but we need the proof that you did? What kind of an answer is that? One other agent told me I would need proof to fax to them, I asked for the fax number and he would go well, I don't want to give that to you right now. It would not benefit you when you get the proof and it would end up faxed in another state cause the next time you get a hold of a customer service, you would be talking to someone in another state. Just run you around. T-MOBILE YOU BIG FAT RIP OFF!!! GIVE ME MY $299.00 That you OWE ME!!!!!! You not only stole money from me but you done everything under fraud!!! Teresa DeSoto, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: LaGrange, Georgia
98, Report #326414
Apr 15 2008
11:10 PM
T-Mobile Fradulent cancellation fees Bellvue Washington
I was formerly a t-mobile Sales Support Agent. My job entailed fixing the mistakes of other sales representatives. I worked for the t-mobile client for a year and a half, most of which I hated both my own tmobile service and the service our customers received. There were times when I KNEW the company was pulling one over on people and there was nothing we were able to do about it. Now that I have moved on from that job I find myself as many other customers are; SOL. I had a dealer line of service that was supposed to be cancelled, which it was, however as it was a dealer line of service I should not have had a contract. T-mobile itself acknowledges this but they have already sent it off to a collection agency! No contract, no cancellation fee, right? Wrong. T-mobile tells me they can't touch it because it's been bought by a collection agency, the collection agency tells me that it's not possible that I had T-mobile service without a contract. I was a rep that would do anything in my power to help out a customer, no matter who was at fault, I only wish I could run into another agent like myself. The sales group for t-mobile over the phone reps were encouraged to sell it and twist what you need to if it gets you a sale. Reps get credit for sales even if the customer cancels it out so they don't care about letting you in on all the details of trial periods, that gets too lengthy and messy. Sell, sell, sell! We were held to standards of minimizing call times for Sales SUPPORT calls but we were to do whatever we could to keep SALES calls going. As a former T-Mobile employee (I left the company on my own) and a current T-mobile customer I would NOT recommend this provider. Good luck to all those who suffer T-Mobile. Sarbear_19 Fort Collins, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Bellvue, Washington
99, Report #82310
Feb 29 2004
12:41 PM
T-Mobile poor customer service Nationwide
After reciving poor customer service from Verizon Wireless, we made the mistake of changing to T-Mobile. After about a yearrvice, I went to the mall location to pay our bill. When I handed my check for the bill, I was told that we have 2 account numbers, and that I had to pay for each account number separate. I asked why 2 account #'s. They couldn't tell me. They called the 800 #. Again, they didn't know why. No one could tell me why after a year of service, I had 2 acccount #'s. Anyway, the 2 account #'s added up to the correct bill amount, so I tried to pay with my debit card. It declined. I had more than enough in the bank to cover the bill. Now I had to drive back home to get 2 more checks to pay the bill. On the way home, I got to thinking more about the situation, and got mad. When I returned, I asked when my contract was up, and they told me that I was already out of my contract. I said good! Withing the next 3 or 4 days, I called CS several times and they told me each time that I was out of my contract. I proceded to Sprint and opened an account with 2 phones. The following day, I called T-Mobile to cancel and I was informed that I still had a month left on my contract. I explained that I was told several times, by different sources that I was out of my contract. After she researched she informed me that because I had 2 account numbers, the CS reps I had talked to were looking at the wrong account. All I could get T-Mobile to do is lower my plan from $65.00 per month to $19 per month for the last month. In other words, I was paying for 4 cell phones, with 2 different carriers, eventhough I didn't need 4 phones and I was told that I was out of my contract with T-Mobile. Everytime that we had ever called T-Mobile CS, we got the runaround. They never knew what was going on. They could never give a straight answer. You could call 5 different times with the same question and get 5 different answers. Chuck Benbrook, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
100, Report #94653
Jun 12 2004
03:20 PM
T-Mobile ripoff Tacoma Washington
I signed up for the T-Mobile Family Plan with three lines. One for my mother, one for my son and one for myself. This account was supposed to include FREE roaming and NO charge between TMobile phones listed on my family plan. TMobile failed to inform me that if I call my son, who is on our plan, or he calls me, and the SIGNAL accessed is an AT&T Signal, our call WILL BE CHARGED against our MINUTES. Talk about your DECEPTIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES! I will NOT be continuing with TMobile when this plan expire in EIGHT months. Oh joy. Mary Tacoma, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Tacoma, Washington

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