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26, Report #274850
Sep 16 2007
09:01 PM
Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, TWC Billing Error, Will Not Correct Issue... Stole $1,000 Canton Ohio
What can I say good about Time Warner? We own a business and when we moved into our location that is zoned residential and commercial (by the zoning department) they left us no choice, but to go with a commercial account. Then we pay $60 more a month for basic cable and slow road runner than a residential account would have to pay. On top of that at the end of our 2 year agreement we signed when we moved in, we wanted to change to change our plan, and all of sudden our 2 year became a 3 year. During the entire 2 years, we had to call time warner tech's out because the system kept going down (on their end). THEN our new bookkeeper discovers that we have been getting charged for cable boxes we dont have for the last 2 years (totaling over $1,000) so we called Time Warner and one lady said we would have a large credit coming, but the other lady refused to credit our account. Time Warner is only in business for the money. (((competitor's name redacted))) here we come! Larry Canton, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Time Warner Cable sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company, ..plus, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Canton, Ohio
27, Report #1104972
Dec 06 2013
03:07 PM
time warner cable time warner reward card internet new york
I signed up for Time Warner Cable after they advertised their triple play. After several months they refused to give me the card for a number of excuses. None of which were explained to me at the time of sign up. I signed up at the NY State state fair and the salesman said I would be getting it.
Entity: internet, Select State/Province
28, Report #1187210
Nov 06 2014
10:32 AM
time warner Cable Business class time warner internet phone service Nationwide
I reciently had to move our business location, we lost our lease. We had internet and phone service through Time warner. We contacted Time warner before our move and wished to have our service re located to out new building. we were asked to sign a new contract for service in our new location, which we did. We later were told that time warner could not provide service at our new location. I then ask for them to cancel our phone and internet service and I signed up for service with a new provider who could provide us service. we move from a rural location to a in town location. Now Time warner is demanding that we fufill our contract or pay a very large buy out fee. BUT THEY COULD NOT PROVIDE US SERVICE, so we still have to pay for service we are not recieving??? At this point it look like this is going to cost us $1500 to $2000 dollars. this is simply a scam, the replys from Time warner is simply you signed a contract and you should have had a laywer look at teh contract. It was a  contract for phone service, I sould not have to involve a lawyer for phone service . stay awat from time warner business class. by the way the business class service was the same as the home service, just at a much higher rate.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1019706
Feb 24 2013
09:09 PM
Time Warner Cable Mike Stanton, Gregory Magery, Andy Allocco Time Warner Rochester NY, Terrible Experience Time Warner Cable Rochester, New York
I am writing you through this channel as no one at your company will respond any other method. I have been having phone issues for over 2 years. When I originally signed up I was told the $79 plan and band width would work fine for my VoIP system. I have spent weeks, days and countless hours over the past couple years even upgrading 3-4 times taking my bill to $300 per month to still have issues. I have a two year long email trail showing the issues stem from time Warner not my VoIP provider putting Time Warner in violation of the contract for the entire term it existed. Being a small business this has already cost me an amount I do not dare put a number on in lost productivity and loss time of my own. In my line of work if I even verbally state that something is a certain way to a client I am obligated to stand behind it. It was clearly communicated to me that the bandwidth I had would not give me an issues. Even each time I upgraded this was again communicated to me. The emails I have clearly support this as well. The final solution was to try 2 modems which currently are finally working. It was my understanding at this point it was not the intention to charge more that sales would work out a pricing solution. I even have this in writing from a rep Greg Madgory and time warner is now refusing to stand behind this continuing to charge me for the modem that was just a test and if it turned out to work was going to be at no cost. It has been communicated to me multiple times due to the issues a solution would be provided without further increasing my bill which has happened 4 times now. I was told nothing could be done as far as adjusting pricing and quoted a price that was higher than the flyer offers you send in the mail which was completely unacceptable. At this point it is the sheer principle of the matter. I have escalated this to a manager Andy Alloco who needs a class in customer service training as he is condescending in every encounter. His boss Mike Stanton was supposed to call me over two weeks ago and I have sent 7 follow-up emails requesting his call. All I want is a solution in which I was promised that I do not have to pay more for. As I was promised. I have Internet and phone currently at 3 business locations as well as my home service so needless to say I have a lot of business with Time Warner.  I have been through so much and I have 63 emails back from 2010 supporting my case that if I do not have a resolution I am willing to take this as far as possible.  I will continue to take any actions needed as I feel very passionate about this issue that has taken a great deal of my time and money. 
Entity: Rochester, New York
30, Report #691574
Feb 06 2011
11:49 AM
How is it that an individual can pay a past bill have everything set up for installation have date and time even have the rep call back about showtime and HBO that would be David rep number 28189 . Then have some one call the next day (Robin from Audit) and tell you that you have to pay for past collection fees before u can have cable installed. Needless to say now I'm a little irritated. So I Pay the 81 dollars collection fee and was once again set up for instillation Tuesday at 10 - 12. Then for the second day in a row I received a phone call from Time Warner (Jennifer from Audit) stating once again they messed up and I needed to pay for a modem (6yr old account i might add). I HAVE NO DAMN MODEM FROM 6 YRS AGO . Now time warner will not install until i now pay 64 dollars to pay off the modem, Now I'm Pissed.. Why did these slip through so many people and why do they call and say OPPS we made a mistake and you need to give us more money. Are you guys serious? On principal reasons i will not pay the remainder 64 dollars. So I spoke to Mrs Walsh rep 61802 (suppose to be a supervisor) Tells me under no circumstances would the 64 dollars be wiped out. FOR REAL? Now i would of paid ALL THE BILLS THAT WERE WITH THE ACCOUNT had i been told up front. i had already paid for a bill that would of been wiped clean in 4 months had i waited. YES TIME WARNER WILL WIPE BILLS 6 YRS OLD  in a forgiven bill plan thing. So i only had to wait 4 months to have the damn bill wiped and it would of been free. AND THEY ARE HOUNDING ME ABOUT 64 DOLLARS THAT THEY FORGOT ABOUT TWICE. I will be calling MR HURD at 513-605-6723 to try to get something figured out. But is this how Time Warner has customer service? Y'all mess up twice I paid for one mess up why do i have to pay another? Take it up with the people who MESSED up not the one who is on the receiving end. Customer Service At its Finest at TIME WARNER CABLE                           Go Y'All 
Entity: cincinnati, Ohio
31, Report #1161982
Jul 14 2014
05:31 PM
Time Warner Cable Reward Card SCAM Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, Reward Card Palm Springs Nationwide
In February I had Time Warner Intelligent Home installed which included a $300.00 gift card 4-6 weeks afer 90 days of service. The 6 weeks was approximately July 8th. When I called this evening to follow up on not receiving it I was told that it wouldn't be sent until the 27th of July but that being a Sunday it wouldn't go out until the 28th. Roughly 9 weeks after the 90 day period. The rep then said oh well they are actually taking 8-10 weeks before they are sent out.   I escalated to a supervisor who then proceeded to tell me that I am not getting the card at all. He said that my account was not in good standing. However, I pay my bill within the grace period as I am on Social Security Disabilty and I get my money on the third Wednesday of the month so that can be anywhere from the 15th to the 25th depending on where the third Wednesday falls. I have never received a late notice, I have never been disconnected in the three years I have had TWC service.   I updgrated to Signature Home at the end of 2013 and paid within the grace period and received my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without any issues. The supervisor could not explain how I recieved the tablet.   I have had several TWC billing reps and Personal Solutions Advisors explain that an account is in good standing if paid within the grace period. Isn't that what a grace period is for - to keep your account in good standing and allow some flexibility in payment?   Also, other people I know have been shut off or very late in making payment and they still got their reward.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #1207826
Feb 09 2015
03:35 PM
Time Warner Cable Time Warner Cable, Time Warner, Promised me a laptop if i bought thier cable bundled with high speed internet Middleburg Heights Nationwide
This happed August-September 2014     the deal ended 10/19/2014 I recieved a promotional deal in the mail from Time Warner Cable, The deal was if you Bought thier high speed internet and bundled it with thier cable (and kept it for 90 days), you would get a FREE DELL inspirion 11 3000 series 2 in 1. ($450 value at the time) As a loyal customer to Time Warner Cable, I've been using their high-speed internet 5 or 6 years, I thought if I just add thier standard cable; I could get a much needed new 2 in 1 laptop. I mean $20/month + what i was spending on thier high speed internet already ($85-$90). They would make the money for the free laptop in a few months, (because of how long you have to keep the service before you get the laptop), and since i was loyal to Time Warner Cable; I had thought a free present from my favorite internet service provider would be nice. (Since Time Warners Cable's high-speed internet goes out quite frequently) So, to get a free awesome new laptop/tablet sounded like it'd be really nice, Especially if they gave back to the customers for all of thier constant service outages. Anyway, I didnt really even want thier cable, I really just wanted the laptop (as ive been trying to save up for one). It was football season and my father liked watching football so we thought well fine we will get it until football season ends. Even with multiple calls to Time Warner Cable due to faulty internet issues, i would mention and ask every Representitive and Technician about the deal and if there was anything else i needed to do. EVERY representitive/technition,etc, on the end of Time Warner Cable's call line had told me I will definately get the laptop. So, a couple months passed and i get a call from Time Waner Cable, They explain due to a day or two late payment,  I was unelible for the laptop, so we asked if we could just pay off all of our debt to them to get the laptop and they told us there was no possible way and i was completely ineligible to get the laptop. Meaning, i had spent money on cable i didn't even want and that Time Warner Cable's promotions/deals/savings/whatever you want to call them are only scams and that Time warner Cable only lives in their fine print. I will never recommend time warner cable to anyone ever again.I sincerely condemn Time Warner Cable and advise everyone to STAY AWAY FROM TIME WARNER CABLE no matter where you live.
Entity: Nationwide
33, Report #260271
Jul 11 2007
06:21 PM
Time Warner Cable Lunacy monopoly run around time wasting story changing Ripoff Chatsworth California
We moved from a location where we already had cable TV, and tried to acquire cable at our new location , one quarter of a mile away. 9 months later we are still waiting. That is 9 months, and at least 9 appointments... oh i am sorry 2 more were scheduled within the last half and hour, so that brings it to 9 appointments, with no joy and 2 more pending???!!!and lord knows how many job numbers, special calls from despatch that were supposed to come in, no shows no call, contractor call to check lines and call, also no show no call, then installers turning up with we need more than one person we need 2. We need more than one person we need 3, we just have to go up the pole, and adjust something, it's a simple situation, its a difficult situation, we need to re wire and any multi tude of elaborate stories in between. All we want to understand is that the people that had this location before had cable untill they moved out, no problem, so what exactly is the problem? Person in guest house on property has cable, uses same pole. We have taken names on the phone, of representatives, but have given up even after elaborate promises of compensation, and promises that THIS TIME we will have cable that they will personal ly see to it, only to call back and ask for the people concerned and be met with I don't know them. We don't have the facility to transfer I have fought to get supervisers on the phone. Today a very nice guy apparently went above and beyond, as many others supposedly have, but we still end up with a big fat NADA CABLE!!! I have waitied in several hours, a few hours, all day. I have taken time off work, come home early from work, telling my colleagues and manager the story of the cable. At this point they probably think I am making up stories.. .. We have a $400.00 cable box!!! Is that not an issue. ? Gathering dust in the closet for the possibility of at some time seeing light I wish we could just use another company but Time Warner have a monopoly in this area, and because of trees surrounding the location, Dish TV is not a possibility. What is going on in that office, that it takes this long to get organized???!! I could have conceived and had a child by now!! A Canoga park, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chatsworth., California
34, Report #145729
Jun 10 2005
02:38 PM
Time Warner Cable - TWC Ripoff making up rules and maximizing inconvenience Binghamton New York
Someone in my house called to set up cable & was told they would need to pay the company for a outstanding balance from 6 years ago at another address 1st. With the assumption that the debt is valid, shouldn't TW have sent collection notices for the last 6 years? Apparently they dont think that is necessary, not a one had been received. I try to get service in my name at the same address but was told- All debts owed by anyone else in the household to Time Warner must be settled first, or payment arrangements made, the 1st payment being due when the technician comes to hook up service. Or they said they'd settle for proof that the person is no longer in the household. Well if we allowed you to hook up service the person who owes us money will benefit from our service too What kind of bullsh** policy is that? At that point, any other person in the house is irrevelant. I am requesting service in MY name, therefore I will be responsible for the bill..nothing to do with anyone else. I have never heard of anything like that happening before at any other divisions of TWC, they must ad-lib in their own rules here as they go to maximize inconvenience to the customer. I found a way around their b.s. in the end, so it looks like I got the last word Nicole Northern, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Binghamton, New York
35, Report #79105
Feb 03 2004
04:54 PM
Time Warner Cable never resolved issue with collection agy and credit bureaus Memphis Tennessee
i wrote a letter to Dean Deyo, the head of TW in Memphis at that time to have a collection item on my credit report removed as i never owed anything to TW. not only did i write him a letter, I also wrote the officers of TW in New York. I mainly dealt with Elaine Richards in the Memphis office. I received a letter from Mr. Deyo apologizing for the mistake and that this would be removed from the collection agency and that all 3 credit bureaus would be notified. adding insult to injury he had the nerve to send me a coupon for $5 off my next TW Bill! the removal of the collection item NEVER HAPPENED. 2 years later and it's still on my credit report. this all happened under my maiden name. this was all caused b/c i moved from one apt to another and the TW technician changed out the RR modem instead of using the same one that was there to begin with and that's why TW reported me to a collection agency. evidently their tech was the one who didn't bring the previous modem back not me. Barbara Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Memphis, Tennessee
36, Report #22184
Jun 05 2002
02:09 PM
Time Warner Cable Consumer fraud ripoff false promises, overpriced SOB's Minneapolis Minnesota
We used to have Paragon Cable and we almost shut it off but then were promised that things would be better when Time Warner took over. What a bunch of hooey! Now they not only provide the same unbelievably bad customer service but now it's coupled with outrageous prices! Before I had it shut off we went from $51 + rip-off fees to $64 + rip off fees in less than 1 year and this was FOR BASIC CABLE with no premium channels. They also somehow decided that that wasn't enough but sent us a bill for $115.00 and when we asked why they told us that it was for 2 months but couldn't give us a reason why they were billing for 2 months instead of 1 and if it was for 2 months why it wasn't double. What I can't figure out is why every one I know pays like $35 for their cable service and we were being charged so much. Maybe it's because they DON'T have TWC! After talking to their customer service people I decided to just shut it off and pay the balance over the next couple of months. Then they shut it off and started to harrass us weekly for the full balance! To add insult to injury they keep sending us their advertisements in the mail! I will NEVER use Time Warner Cable again and if I find out that ANYONE is affiliated with them (i.e. AOL) I will not use their service either. To TWC: TV is supposed to be ENTERTAINMENT! The last thing your customers need after WORKING all day is try to figure out one of your bills or talk to your customer service people. They don't care about your customers and are arrogant and just plain rude. I can't believe that you wonder why people STEAL cable! Everytime I hear about someone who's gotten over on you I feel like smiling. Catherine Minneapolis, Minnesota
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
37, Report #53903
Apr 22 2003
08:23 AM
Time Warner Cable ripoff Columbia South Carolina
I cant get local channels on satilight so i wanted cable so time warner said we will come out and they did but he said he had to run it from our next door nieghbors box and he had to make sure it was allright for him to do so fom time warner but he said it shouldent be no big deal and time warner told us on the phone that they would and now they wont and telling us that they cant but i know they dont wont to cause they dont wont to run the 500 ft of cable Linda elgin, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbia, South Carolina
38, Report #162462
Oct 28 2005
01:59 PM
Time Warner Cable deceptive telemarketer ripoff Minneapolis Minnesota
As a basic Time Warner cable subscriber, I was called by a Time Warner telemarketer asking me if I wished to receive premium cable at no extra charge for two months as a valued customer, with NO strings attached. I said yes. Afterwards, I received NO correspondence asking me if I wanted the premium service to continue, nor notification that any extra billing would apply. After ninety days, the premium charges showed up on by direct credit card billing. I called, and the charge was taken off. I consider Time Warner's telemarketing fraudulent. They should have called me and/or mailed me asking if I would have liked the premium service to continue. Jason edina, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
39, Report #188605
Apr 25 2006
07:18 PM
Time Warner Cable ripoff fraudulent billing San Antonio Texas
Many years ago I lived in New Braunfels and had cable service with a company that was bought by TWC. At the same time TWC was changing things I lost my job and had difficulty paying bills. Cable was low on my priority list but did eventually get paid for a few months. Finally I received a disconnection notice from TWC. I had no money to pay for the next month so I just paid the balance due and let it be turned off. I was almost always out looking for work and hardly watched it anyway. Sometime during that month, a few days after the threatened disconnection, I realized I had no cable TV. No problem I thought. The next month I got a bill for the FULL month. I figured out the amount of days used and paid the bill, I also included a note as to why I did this. Then I started to receive threatening letters to send me to colections. I called to ask but was told that actually they hadn't turned the cable off. So they instead agreed to send a repairman out. It turns out that the apartment complex remodelers had driven a nail through the cable and grounded it out so I had no signal the repairman stated. I called back to TWC to let them know about it but they still insited that I owed for the entire month. I said hogwash. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was refused. A few days later I went through the same thing at TWC but this time a super did get on the line and reiterated that it was my fault they didn't deliver- not her exact words. I wrote a letter to TWC but received no reply. I called a few more times and then gave up. Now, more than 7 years later, I still am fighting TWC. Their responsibility was to provide a service. They acknowledge in the contract that they must provide signal to my TV. I expected as per their letter that service would discontinue on a particular date. Why don't they honor their end of the contract? Now several years later, I gave them the opportunity to get my business once again but they insist on my repayment of this old debt. I talked to several of their people and just decided to go to a dish. I guess they feel their arrogance is ok as they are the only cable company in San Antonio. I sure am glad dish TV exists so that I don't get screwed by this company any more. BEWARE entering contracts with TWC... Mike San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
40, Report #16321
Mar 08 2002
12:00 AM
Time Warner Cable ripoff Cape Coral Florida
While purchasing a PPV Sports event I encountered an error message and was prompted to call customer service. When I called at 10:00pm, I got an answering service that told me Customer Service was only open from 09:00 - 5:00 Mon thru Fri. They told me to call back on Monday. How does this help purchase a PPV on Friday night? What customer service??? Hello! Mike Cape Coral, Florida Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Time Warner Cable
Entity: Cape Coral, Florida
41, Report #223264
Dec 01 2006
12:25 PM
Time Warner Cable worst customer service ever received Ripoff Kettering Ohio
We have been subscribers for less than 2 billing cycles. Time Warner techs have been no call, no shows multiple times. The customer service reps have lied to me. They have been rude. The supervisors will not even come to the phone. The reps are obviously trained to refuse to let customers speak to supervisors. I was told by one rep that he did not know who his supervisor was. This rep also told me, he was the top dog there at that time when I complained about waiting 12 hours for a tech who never showed up. My husband was told by Anna (a rep) that we could not get our phone service repaired for over a month. I immediately called back and got another rep who scheduled us for the next day, Yesterday, (for another repair) Our appt time came and went, I called and was told the tech is running an hour behind. This tech called a while later and said he was on his way. My son saw him drive by our house and when I called to find out if he were lost. He had already put in the computer that he could not find our home. He had just spoke to my husband on the phone, so if he were lost why did'nt he call back for directions? These all took place after the techs were no call no shows. I have not been able to get their corporate address so that I can speak to someone with a little more power.The customer service rep say theuy do not know any of that information. A tech unhooked our security system from the modem the last time he was at our home With out even telling us. This disabled our security system. The tech was too lazy to run another wire or install another modem. I called customer service and they said they would send someone back out,No one ever showed up. This is the most disrespectful company that I have ever dealt with. If anyone knows the corporate address or phone number I would appreciate it, or is their someone else that I could report them to. Thank you Tammy Camden, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Kettering, Ohio
42, Report #115438
Oct 31 2004
08:13 AM
Time Warner Cable Continued billing after cancellation of service West Monroe Louisiana
I'm really mad at Time Warner Cable at the moment. Just got a letter today from a collection agency those dummies turned me into. I went to the local office and turned in their digital cable box on April 13th, and told them to disconnect me, since I was switching to Dish Network. The next month, I get another bill, for the package I had and rental on the converter box I returned. I call them, telling them I have the receipt showing I returned the box the previous month, and they were supposed to disconnect me. The person on the phone said they would have a supervisor call me back when he finished with a customer. Never heard back, so tossed the bill. The next month, I get another bill for two months service, for the package I dropped and converter box rental. I call again, get the same run-around. I try emailing them, no response there either. The following months, I keep getting bills, so I write Return to Sender on them and put them back in the mailbox, getting tired of dealing with them. On July 13, I come home, find a warning from them hanging on my doorknob, saying if I don't pay $434.99, they will disconnect me. I call AGAIN, tell them I returned their equipment on April 13, and they were supposed to disconnect me then. They then said they would make the proper adjustments. Then, the next month, I get a bill for April-July, with just the equipment rental price deducted, for $355. I call AGAIN, they give me the supervisor will get back to you. I never hear anything, so I just give up, since no one there has any sense. The collection agency thing is the last straw. I am heading to their office Monday, with the collection notice, the April 13th reciept, and the door hanger they left in July, and I feel like shoving all that stuff up their posteriors. Albert West Monroe, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: West Monroe, Louisiana
43, Report #282699
Nov 03 2007
09:41 AM
Time Warner Cable Rip-off cable contractors Austin Texas
Time Warner Cable has a policy of ripping-off cable contractors. I will state some of the things that they do. (1) if you have an installation appointment that is not home, they do not pay a trip charge. The time and expenses getting to the address and sitting on the phone waiting for their dispatch to answer pays nothing. You must call them to close the job as a not home, give a description of the house and tag the door. Phone wait times can be up to an hour.(2) You get a handheld device called a C-Cor to close your jobs. The job will not close without a customer signature, the C-Cor system loses signatures. If you did not make and keep a duplicate receipt that holds personal customer info such as their email username and password, TWC will bill you $10 which may be more than what you made on the installation appt.(3) In the C-Cor you must enter certain things in the comments section, one of which is signal levels. If there is no signal due to a problem with the feed and you enter NO SIGNAL in the comments section, you will be billed $10 for not writing in the signal level.(4) during the summer TWC offers customers 5-9pm appts. So after starting with your regular 8am appts you can end up working a 12-14 hr day because of these 5-9pm jobs. Of course these 5-9pm jobs do not pay anything extra.(5) TWC at times will schedule contractors to work sundays, which again true to form does not pay anything extra.(6) The biggest issue is wait times when you call TWC dispatch. On some jobs such as picking up equipment you need to call their dispatch. There is not a special number for contractors, you get put into a queue with regular customers. This is really a special treat on 5-9pm appointments when you can easily be on hold for an hour or more. ShortStop Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
44, Report #303787
Jan 27 2008
11:59 AM
i called to set up service and make payment arraingements which i accomplished they came turned me on and took my m/o week later to see if i could get phone service and was informed they were turning me off because there was another bill after mine at my address and he would have to pay his off first before i could get service due to some kind of roommate clause they have and the m/o i gave them will be credited to my account made arraingements to pay that bill and mine and as it was over 300dollars i had to prepay the 21 dollars over the limit and first month before turn on which i did in advance over the phone so i could get it turned on. i set up the turn on arraingement and waited. no one showed up so i called again. was told they could not let me pay off both balances that he had to make the arraingements. i asked why it mattered who payed it off as they were still getting their money but they said no and of course they now have my prepayment of 50+dollars for a total of 75+ dollars now got ahold of genteleman to make arraingements and after setting up the arraingements they found another account he owed on but said it was for 500 dollars when he was at another address. after futher investgating most of it was for boxes not returned but had been returned and account was not updated so balance was only 88 dollars so the two bills were under the 300 dollar limit they set him up on arraingements and told him they would come mon morn. and he needed m/o for 28 dollars for first month which he went and got. they didn't come because he could not answer phone fast enough so i called that afternoon when i got there and they set him up for tues. on tues they called and came first to pick up the m/o and was informed it was not right amout so they could not turn it on. so i called when i got here to find out what it was about. and was informed he was suppose to pay 1st month in advance and 1st month payment arraingement in advance. so as we were trying to set up time to turn it on again she was reading the account summery and again the 500 dollar amount can up and we explained he had that checked out and it was only 88 dollars because of the equiptment charge. she said she had to review the account and would be right back. after more than 20 minutes on hold she came back and said he still owed the 400 dollars on the account as they deducted the month in advanced the had charged before he had it turnd off and due to the two bills which were now over 500 dollars there was no way they could help him at all and that until that bill is paid no one at this address could ever get cable again. of course they still have my money that will be credited to a bill that i will never even if paid off be able to cable at my address again. so after a week of trying to work out some kind of arraingements with time warner because i really wanted to get my cable back and more than 75 dollars and being misinformed but 4 reps i feel like i was treated unfairly and they took my money under false reasons and i want nothing to do with them any more. i now have dish network satillite Margie springfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Ohio
45, Report #215877
Oct 15 2006
10:10 AM
Time Warner Cable Billing Collections Scam Columbus Ohio
I had TW Cable service at one address (let's call it South St.) from about July 04 - July 05. At that time, I checked out -in person- at their office: returned all my equip; provided my forwarding address, and verbally confirmed several times that my acct balance was zero. A couple months later, my new place was ready and I, again, started up a new account with Time Warner cable for (let's call it) North St. I had service there from about Sept 05 to Feb. 06. I called TW to disconnect that account around Feb. 2, 2006. When the accounting on that was finished... I, eventually, received a pleasant refund (by mail in April 06) of $43.20 that I had overpaid on that account. Cut to July, 2006. A bill found its way to my new home... for $30-something dollars outstanding and past due to Time Warner Cable !!!!!! I called a couple times, spoke with different cust sv reps of theirs. At one point, a supervisor from accounting was to call me to explain the debt. Instead, I just learned last night that he dropped my case right into collections. Now the notices are coming from some outside bulldog firm. Supposedly, the debt is from my last bill from July 05 on South Street, even though I not only gave them my forwarding address over a year ago, but even restarted service with them in my own name...THEN received a refund... now they are all indignant about something that somehow only came to light a full year later... After this experience, I truly believe this organization knowingly benefits from a policy of exhausting and frustrating people until they just find it easier to pay. I have been given no reason to believe that I actually owe this money, or to put faith in their recordkeeping methods - and yet now my own credit is at risk. Not cool. Valerie Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
46, Report #263600
Jul 27 2007
11:33 PM
Time Warner Cable Employment Agencies And Civilian Life/Jobs ripoff Cincinnati Ohio
I was working at Time Warner Cable as a Temporary from Accountants to You/Consultants to You Staffing Firm and was told that the company was looking to hire me on. There were a total of 5 of us. 4 girls and myself, and it ended up that after working for about 4 to 5 weeks, all but myself was selected to go through the company's training program which would last about 5 weeks. I had served 4 years in the US Navy, based out in San Diego where it is Every persons American Dream. It is different because it is truly an American originality, and the way people operated was totally different than any way of life in Cincinnati, OH. or in regular civilian life. I was a StoreKeeper 3rd Class, which a Civilian job in otherwords government job, you are not only well taken care of, but the laws, ethics, morale, and respectfulness is given despite what age, color, race, education, financial status, credit worthiness, e.t.c. you are or have, and because it is a Team-Oriented environment, I didn't have to deal with the humiliation and/or idioticism, wreckfulness, disrespect, unlawful hard to catch illegal activities in the US Navy like I have to deal with in Cincinnati, OH. I have been looking for a job for 5 years now in areas surrounding Cincinnati, OH. When returning back to my hometown in West Chester, OH., it is a regular routine thing to be welcomed back by the government. When I returned, it seemed like nothing really was noticed. I came back pretty much to a Dead hometown. It was a total change in the way things was being with the US Navy. The Navy Way of Life was a lot better than regular civilian life, I had a lot more friends, respect, definite path to lead on, and plenty of assistance and adventure. It was what I would call the Real Thing. The problem that I have is that it is just to hard to have to translate US Navy life to American Citizens. It is hard for them to understand the Other American world. You see, after High School, that is when I new that it would start. I was completely Brain Washed in regular American civilian life, because that is what it was because of the way my parents raised me. This is not to say that I didn't have a good life, but what I am saying is that I was only respected because of what my parents had done. There wasn't nothing I did in which most of the respect had went to my parents for what I did. Everyone will probably wonder what the heck were the respected about for what I had did or done before I went in the US Navy. Well when I decided to enter into the US Navy, it was funny because it was like Well, we won't have any more control on the success of our son. Well that didn't end up to be true. Now it is back to the regular way of life because every freaking time I want to talk about what I did, and try to scope what I did in order to try to narrow down a good Career field to get into so that I can get into a good category within a career field that will let me be able to transition and be on my own and also put together a Protection Plan, my father and mother, friends, and rest of family (which seem to have it going pretty well), cannot stand to not have a Say So , and also want to have control over me financially and also in a Tangible/intangible way, which deals in many different areas which if noticed would not be a good thing. The problem I have is, is that every time I try to come up with a way to get through their hard heads, it seems that every little thing I do, that they are doing something unlawful basically because they think they now what is Right , when actually is completly a big Illegality in regular government terms. Yes, I do live in their house. Yes, I am provided which necessities. Yes, I do have it pretty good, but please get a grip. It is not what is best for me, and it definitely does not work in my best interest as far as career, financially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually (which my father/mother/family mostly try to take credit for). Is there anything that anybody can do to assist or help? Is there any agreements about what I said in which happens to government employees, especially today? It is an extremely hard job to do and I believe not only myself, but plenty of other veterans and members need to have recognition and to be rewarded a lot better than they are. Dave West Chester, OhioU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Time Warner Cable
Entity: Cincinnati, Ohio
47, Report #257972
Jun 30 2007
06:35 PM
Time Warner Cable Installation Madness!! Ripoff Chatsworth California
I received a promotional offer in the mail through Time Warner Cable. It offered three services and one bill. This includes Digital Cable, High Speed Online & Digital Phone. I called & requested installation. The new customer representative was able to get an appointment scheduled for the Cable portion in two weeks between the hours of 10 - 12pm. I was able to make arrangements for someone to be here at the address to accomodate the installer. I had a very important meeting that could not be re-scheduled. Upon my return, my dauther had informed me that the Cable installer had been there, but left without installing the cable because of a previous balance at the same address. He left no paperwork for reference. I immediately called the customer service number provided and spoke to a customer service rep who tried to help me to re-route the installer back to the location. However, after talking to her supervisor, the first availability would be the following day. At this point, one night without television reception wouldn't kill me. Twenty minutes later, I noticed a Time Warner Cable installation person on the telephone pole in the back alley of my house. I immediately checked reception --- all snow!! He disconnected the service!! As I ran around the corner to catch him, he sped off down the alley. I called the customer service line and spoke now to a different rep who informed me of three reasons why the service line was disconnected. First, because of a due balance ($41.77), The second reason was because the former customer had coincidentally called (during this interval) and voluntarily disconnected the service himself, and the third and final reason was insinuated that service had been received illegally and the address was receiving the reception for free. I was assured that the installer would be coming out the following day to install the cable. I received a call from the installer the following day. The heavily accented gentlemen had informed me that he could not install the service due to a power outage, and also that the computer was down. I would have to call and make another installation date. I immediately called customer service once again. I had the rep check to see if there were any power outages or computer failures in the vicinity of my zip code. The rep confirmed that there were none. I explained now for the third time what had happened. She was able to get in touch with dispatch to amend the situation. I was tranferred to a dispatch number to reach a particular dispatch rep. Of course I reached voice mail. He did however call me back to let me know that he was able to get someone out that day. After all of this, I had decided that I would cancel the Digital Phone and the Internet Connection since I had such a bad experience with the Cable portion. Well -- guess what happened? Because I made a change to the work order (completely separate from each other), the Cable installation was cancelled. Well, to make a long story short, I still have no reception, can't get anyone on the phone, and it will probably be this way for the next couple of weeks. I have a plane flight out early in the morning and will not be returning for several weeks.... How's this for customer service? I can't wait for another provider to come available so that I can once and for all get rid of this monopolizing company who play conspiracy games between their customer service reps and installers. It was out of spite that the reception was disconnected. It was also very unprofessional to outright lie to me. Much less three lies within the same conversation. Anyone???? GINA West Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
48, Report #238111
Mar 04 2007
06:59 PM
Time Warner Cable Bill for services not provided New York New York
Time Warner bill consumers for service that are provided 24/7 whether they are use or not. BUT when they know that there system is down do the give credit to those affected. No they do not unless you call. Of course when you call they automated system tells you that they are aware of the problem so you don't need to stay on the phone. If you do stay on the phone you will be on hold for hours and of course they do this deliberately. Today my internet service did not work. For 4 hours the denied the system was down. Then they determined that my cable modem was bad and made an appointment for a technician to change this in 4 days. Would they give me credit for 4 days. No, not unless I called again after the technician came even though they determined that I would not have service for 4 days. I think we need a law that requires them to automatically credit for system outages. Yes they know when their system is down and yes they know who is affected. Where are our politicians when they are needed to protect the consumers from this type of abuse. George Oxnard, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
49, Report #238156
Mar 05 2007
06:59 AM
Time Warner Cable Deliberate Overcharging ripoff Jackson Mississippi
I called Time Warner Cable after a divorce and was paying all the bills with one income. I told them that I wanted the most basic service they have; not only from a money standpoint, but I do not watch TV a lot, so there was no need to get anything but the most basic service. An appointment to install was made and the installer showed up on time. He came in the house and did not say a word. He threw a lot of cable on the floor, and tossed 2 electronic boxes of some sort on top of the TV. This to me did not appear to be basic hookup equipment, so I asked if he was putting in the basic stuff only or what was he installing. He refused to answer my questions, and in fact never opened his mouth. About 40 minutes later he was done, and he threw the remote on the couch and stated theres your remote and he took off out the door. When the bill got in, I see they billed me for the most expensive hookup you can get. I called the company and told them what happened, and told them to come over here and take back all the equipment the guy put in. They came over and took it back. They absolutely insist that I pay for the expensive setup, despite the fact that I never wanted it and never ordered it. I had to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy later on, and saw that Time Warner Cable was included on that filing. If you want to get good service for a reasonable amount of money, DO NOT CALL TIME WARNER OR THEY MAY DO TO YOU WHAT THEY DID TO ME!! I will never call them again, and I am wanting to make sure other people do not go through what I went through with them. Bob maimi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Jackson, Mississippi
50, Report #415220
Jan 23 2009
09:20 AM
Time Warner Cable Refuse to send reimbursement payment Columbus Ohio
After moving, I accidently paid my old Time Warner Account instead of the new one. This occurred in July 2008. Since then I have tried and tried to get a reimbursement check sent. I have called them since July and each time hanging up believing that a check was on it's way. I have since started calling monthly and each time there is another reason why they can't send me a refund. I have sent bank statements etc and they still refuse to reimburse me. If I owed them money, they would have shut off service and came after me. I have now been waiting over 7 months for a reimbursement of $200 and cannot get anywhere on receiving my money. 327heaven Dayton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Ohio

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