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26, Report #358048
Aug 01 2008
06:41 AM
Tracfone stolen minutes Internet
A week ago we purchased a new car equipped with bluetooth technology, so having been a tracfone customer for 5 years, I contacted their customer service to ask which tracfone would pair to the car. They checked and told me that Motorola W376g is the phone I needed to purchase. They told me that my minutes would transfer. I went out and after searching many places finally found the phone. I charged the phone and took it with me when we picked up the new car. The salesman tried for an hour to pair the phone and the car and was unsuccessful. Later I spent an hour trying. I was unsuccessful as well. I called Tracfone customer service again and was told that no, they had no phones that would pair with the car, but that an update was due to be sent any minute. I didn't totally believe them, so called customer service again the next day. This time they told me that the Motorola Bluetooth phone that I purchased would not pair to the car as it is blocked by the Manufacturer, and that is why Tracfone gets the phones cheaper. They told me that an update would come eventually but they had no plans or time frame as of now. The phone is useless to me if I can't use it paired to the car as that is what I want to do. They did tell me I could purchase a bluetooth earpiece and use it that way, but I don't want to do that. From the time I first called them I made it clear that I wanted to Pair the phone to the car. I have several friends who have paired their phones to my car in just seconds, although their carriers are not Tracfone. Fortunately the store I purchased my new bluetooth phone from was willing to take it back, and I purchased a new AT &T phone and contract and was able to pair the phone to the car in seconds. Then I called Tracfone to tell them that I wanted my 1075 minutes put back on my old phone. The minutes are good till 12/23/08, but I was told that they could not be restored to the original phone unless I bought more minutes. I am not going to give them a dollar more of my money. I have called Tracfone 6 times now. I have emailed them. I am told to call their customer service, which I have done. I get people who speak minimal English. I can hardly understand them. I ask to speak with a manager, and they just give me another customer service person. I was connected with a manager one time, and was cut off in the middle of a sentence. I have been cut off during several of my conversations. I no longer want to speak to them. Now I want to report them for theft of minutes and incorrect information. They love to say that I am a valued customer and they appreciate my business. Well they no longer have me as a customer and I will never give them anymore business. I will do everything I can to let others know what poor customer service they have. This whole thing began when I called them to get direction as to which phone I needed in order to pair with my new car. Barks Punta Gorda, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
27, Report #412556
Jan 15 2009
04:04 PM
TracFone Finally Medley Florida
A couple of days ago I reported here on the lack of support I had received from this company over the last several weeks. I even mailed a not so nice letter to them yesterday. Well, today this phone works. I received a different SIM this morning and entered it into the phone. While it didn't work immediately, it eventually did later this PM. I had complained again yesterday to their corporate office and repeated my problems with their phone. I mentioned that I could call out, but not receive incoming calls. The lady felt that that this was not possible. I told her to try it herself. She did and got through to me immediately. I thanked her, hung up and called the line from my other cell phone. It worked. I don't know how or what happened, but now it works. I don't know whether ranting at AT&T who had cut off my line without permission, or something in the call to TracFone's Corporate office did it, either way it works. Here is the Corporate office's number for those of you who are still having problems: 800-876-5753. You may also want to write to their Corporate office and submit your problem. My case was satisfactorily resolved and I wanted to mention that on this sit. Gilla Marion, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Medley, Florida
28, Report #409806
Jan 08 2009
05:56 PM
Tracfone Terrible Customer Service! Miami Florida
My mother passed away last June and I wanted to keep her cell phone for sentimental reasons mainly. My husband has had a Tracfone for a long time with no problems, so I thought things would go well for me. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. We went out and bought the one-year air time card with double minutes and called Tracfone to change the phone number on my mother's phone. She lived in FL and I do not. If I could have understood the fellow's name who I talked to, I'd tell you. I couldn't understand him very well and he kept asking me to slow down as he couldn't understand me either. I explained that I wanted to change the account info and reactivate the phone with a new phone number in my area. The gentleman said fine, and proceeded to have me enter a billion codes on the phone. It took over 30 minutes because we couldn't understand each other, but finally the phone showed the air time minutes and new expiration date. THEN -- he started to give me my new phone number and it was the SAME area code as before! I was a little angry but kept my cool and explained to him that I needed a different area code as I had explained in the beginning. When I gave him my zip code he put me on hold. Came back on and said he had to speak to a supervisor. Then he came back and told me that my phone would not work in the zip code I'd provided, but they'd be happy to send me a different phone. Of course, he'd already activated the air time card, so the option to tell them to stick it was gone. I couldn't get a refund. He couldn't understand why I was upset. If he had told me from the beginning that my mother's cell phone would not work for Tracfone in my zip code, I would have tried a different provider. I wanted HER phone, not just any cell phone. I said fine, whatever, since I couldn't get my money back for the air time minutes and gave them the info to send my replacement phone. He then deactivated my mom's phone and asked if there was any other way he could help me. What a laugh. It turns out that deactivating the phone also cleared the phone book. Another thing that they didn't tell me beforehand. Upset doesn't begin to cover how I felt at that point. The new phone came, got it activated after three attempts at contacting them - all three times was disconnected after being placed on hold. Got the minutes put on the new phone. Three weeks later, it stopped working. Every time I tried to dial out it told me that I could only make credit card calls or collect calls. Any incoming callers were told that my number had been disconnected. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Customer Disservice only to finally be told that I had to be given a new phone number. It took another 20 minutes to get that taken care of. I was livid about the whole situation and they did compensate me 25 minutes of air time for my aggravation. Doesn't seem like a fair trade. NOW -- I've been getting advertising spam from them every week in my text inbox. It would seem that every time they spam me, my phone tries to text a five digit number which won't go through, and they deduct .30 units every time!! I called on Dec. 12th and spoke to 3 different reps, having to explain the situation over and over and over. Finally, the last rep told me that he would escalate the claim to the corporate office because this has never happened before and I should hear from them within 10 days. It turns out, I am NOT the only tracfone customer this has happened to. Googling those five digit numbers revealed this. I called back today because they never got back to me. There was no record of my complaint and the first rep hung up on me when he put me on hold to discuss this with his supervisor. What a load of hooey. I called a second time, same thing happened. I guess the third time really is the charm because I got ahold of a woman in Direct Sales who FINALLY was able to help me and didn't need me to speak s-l-o-w-l-y. She said she would take me off of their advertising list and that if I was still having the problem with the outgoing five digit texts after 10 days, to call back. She compensated me five minutes of airtime for all the aggravation. I promise you -- I will NEVER EVER use another tracfone. Once these minutes are gone, I'm going to burn the damn phones. I tell everyone I meet, even strangers in line at the grocery store, to never use tracfone. Sorry to see that so very many other people have had such bad experiences with them. What will it take for them to change their practices?? D Waupaca, WisconsinU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Tracfone
Entity: Miami, Florida
29, Report #375440
Sep 23 2008
02:03 PM
Tracfone Ripoff Internet
My Father purchased a Tracfone in June First unit was defective and after numerous telephone conversations with Tekkies, they replaced the phone which they said was defective 2nd phone they sent, charger was defective My Father then purchased another phone which we have been trying unsuccessfully for the past 45+ days to have the minutes transferred to the new unit At least 6 conversations with Techs to no avail Minutes have not been updated to new phone Tracfone is a ripoff and their techs have a hard time with English Boats Hickory, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
30, Report #884688
May 18 2012
12:15 PM
TRACFONE NET10 Prepaid Cell Phones Internet
TRACFONE which also IS NET10 is a total rip off.  They are just AT&T network's LOWEST QUALITY access with BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, FAULTY PHONES, INCOMPETENT PROCEDURE, and completely unable and unwilling to efficiently solve the problem.  My Samsung phone is not working, but they insist that I call them on my dime.  I have spent hours on the phone with them.  I have lost hundreds of prepay minutes, and they are complete THIEVES.  They have wasted MORE OF MY TIME then I can bear, and YOU WILL GET NOWHERE WITH THEM.  Technically I have never had worse coverage and service in my area when the phone was still working (which was about 5 weeks).  THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR MINUTES WHILE ON THE LINE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY ARE STUPID AND SLOW.  DO NOT WASTE ANY MONEY OR TIME ON TRACFONE OR NET10.  THEY ARE THE WORST.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #911808
Jul 13 2012
08:04 PM
Tracfone Holding my money hostage Internet
Never, ever purchase Tracfone airtime online! After seven failed attempts to purchase 60 minutes, I found that they had charged my back account seven times! Customer service told me that none of these charges were approved, and will be released by my bank in 24 to 48 hours. Ummm....this is Friday night, so I can kiss that $154 goodbye until at least Monday morning. When I asked if they would be fixing their website so that it wouldn't do this anymore, they said It is fixed. the 20 minutes I was talking to them, their IT department went and fixed it? I rather doubt that. I know how this works: The bank would tell me that since the charges are pending, nothing can be done until they are approved or denied. But until that happens, I don't have access to that money. In short, Tracfone's website will cause your money to be held hostage.
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #558542
Jan 22 2010
12:44 PM
Net10 / Tracfone Incompetent Customer No Service Internet
Net10 customer no service is among the worst I have seen even for cell companies. The number below yields poor connections NON english speaking reps. 1-877-TEN-CENT (1-877-836-2368) The other direct number,  Tracfone Wireless Inc. dnsbilling@TRACFONE.COM 9700 N.W. 112th StreetMiami, FL Phone: 305 640 2000   yields better english. BUT the contradictory info presented  isthe big problem. EX Is it possible to transfer minutes from a newphone to an existing activated phone ? If so what is the procedure ?I called 5 times and got a DIFFERENT ANSWER every time... !AVOID THIS COMPANY IF POSSIBLE. Their phones are crap, theircoverage is not bad, but they can not supply trained reps thatreally help. 
Entity: Internet, Internet
33, Report #565236
Feb 05 2010
07:40 PM
TracFone Airtime nightmare Internet
TracFone is such a rip off! My mom bought a Tracfone for her granddaughter after watching a commercial thinking this would be a great way to introduce her to using a cell phone and manage her minutes. She spent over $100 to get the 365 days of service plus minutes & promo codes to redeem. Her understanding was that by purchasing the most expensive service that the minutes were included, as well as the 1 yr of monthly promo codes to redeem. Wrong! Once the minutes ran out for the initial setup, regardless of how much time you have with the service, you have to continue to buy additional pin codes in order to access minutes AND then use the promo codes for that month.  Each new pin code is assigned a specific amount of minutes; the lowest being $20 for 60 min). However, the minutes are costly. The going rate is roughly $1.00 for every minute and $.30 for every text/call received or sent. To receive and respond to a call will cost you $2.00/min whereas using a retail calling plan from major carriers may cost you much less (i.e. $.02 to $.03/minute). Outrageous!! This should make most customers run to the hills and get service with a real carrier. The tracfone phones are very cheap and have very limited functionality. When I called the customer service number to redeem the promo codes since I had 1 yr of service, I was told I had to buy MORE service in order to get a new pin code (even though I already had 1 yr of service).  Found out the $100 spent was only good for keeping the phone number only for one year. However the new pin code is what gives you access to the assigned minutes AND gives you the chance to redeem the promo codes for that month. You can't use your original pin code to redeem the monthly promo minutes. The new pin code will give you access for the promo code of the month, thus $20 for the new pin code 60 min plus redemption of promo minutes. If I my mom knew the ripoff Traacfone game, she would have saved a bundle by buying the cheapest service and redeem the available minutes per month. When I called customer service to complain, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The rep Jean, #57988 (not sure if she gave me a bogus ID number or not) never transferred me to a supervisor and told me they would say the same thing. We discussed the service and the expense and she couldn't really explain the benefit of spending $100 for the service when in reality you have to buy new service each time you run out of minutes. I repeatedly asked for a supervisor and was denied. Customer service is horrible and the service plans are a ripoff.   DO NOT BUY A TRACFONE unless you like being RIPPED OFF!
Entity: Internet, Internet
34, Report #442554
Apr 10 2009
10:45 AM
Tracfone TERRIBLE SERVICE!!! Internet
After 4 days and NUMEROUS phone calls to their representatives (who ALL said the problem was resolved), it FINALLY is, for now! All I was requesting was that my minutes and telephone #, be transferred from my old tracfone to the new one! First of all, after waiting for 72 hours for those things to be transferred (as instructed) and nothing happened, I called Tracfone. After putting in all the #'s they gave me, again nothing happened! Then calling them several more times, and putting in #'s, I was finally able to get my minutes, but no phone #. Then after several more calls, they said they were not able to transfer my old #, and gave me a new one. Now my cell phone works, but who knows for how long? I was without a working cell phone for 4 days---just how long does it take to be able to use tracfone after activation???????? BEWARE OF TRACFONE!!!!! Anonymous Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #503124
Oct 02 2009
08:42 AM
TRACFONE Fraudulent customer service Miami, Florida
TracFone has given me the run-around since June 2009 when they sent me a defective replacement phone that either says no service or emergency only and will not make or receive calls.  I have spent over twenty hours trying to rectify the situation because I have over 800 minutes  remaining.  TracFone will not give me a refund.   The customer service reps have their script.  I have taken out and replaced  the battery and sim card repeatedly, spoken to supervisors, been told that the next level supervisor would call me back.  No one has ever called me back.  When  I suggest that they just send me a different replacement phone they say they must verify and the whole script goes around again. Their system will not permit going off script.  When  I call the corporate  offices no one is available to speak to.  All the numbers given by a previous filer of a complaint (A.C.L.) were just to the same central switchboard.  The number for the president F.J. Pollak rings at someone called Richardson's office and is not connected to TracFone. I feel I have been deliberately ripped off by TracFone and am sure they are doing this to many other innocent people.
Entity: Miami, Florida
36, Report #507410
Oct 10 2009
05:21 PM
TRACFONE Transfer, Service, Minutes, SIM, Internet
Purchased Tracfone for my father in 2006 and would purchase one $100 card per year and no problems UNTIL the phone needed to be replaced. Paid for a phone card in January 2009 and had to purchase a new phone April 2009. Had phone number and minutes transferred to new phone. New phone wouldnt make outgoing calls and minutes transferred didnt transfer Called Tracfone, and after an unreasonably long hold time and another 30 minutes trouble shooting I was told I needed a new SIM card. New SIM card arrived but I couldnt activate because I needed to purchase an airtime card in order to activate.called Tracfone, and waited about 20 minutes on holdI finally get a CSR and explained my issue, that I had purchased a $100 card a few months before and wont even use those before they expire, AND the phone problem was *their* issued not mine. I got no where and ended up purchasing a $25 airtime card, this card was supposed to extend my service from January 2010 to June 30, 2010 Phone was working but still did not show my transferred minutes and showed by end of service as August 28, 2009. I called and was assured by the CSR that despite what my phone was reading, my service was good until June 2010. July, unable to make long distance calls. Called Tracfone on several occasion over the next 10 days trying to get issue resolved. Never did and gave up. August 28, 2009 my phone would make or receive calls! Called Tracfone yet again. Was told phone would be working within the hournever did get an answer to my question about why this happened and how to keep it from happening again. Four hours later, phone still is not working. Called yet again. I kid you not; I spent 30 minutes waiting for a representative. Transferred to three different people to try and get phone issued resolved and phone workingwas now being told that they (Tracfone) put my phone on the wrong carrier (apparently they use GSM and CDMA carriers) and I need another new SIM card!? Not sure I buy this story. I ask if I am going to be required to purchase yet another airtime card and was told no , I guess not all I can do is wait.BTW, I spent an hour and 43 minutes on the phone trying to get this resolved. During my last phone call to Tracfone I asked for a refund on my minutes since they seemed to be unable to provide the services that I paid for and I have giving them multiple opportunities to correct the problem. They completely ignored my request. Defiantly will not be purchasing any more minutes or using Tracfone once this is over with and will tell anyone who asks to go with another company
Entity: , Internet
37, Report #942398
Sep 17 2012
11:28 AM
Tracfone Failure to honor refund Internet
I purchased a Tracfone bundle from on 9/8/12 to be given as a gift to a traveler. I also purchased, again from, a 60-minute airtime card to be delivered via email to be placed on the phone once delivered.  The travel plans were canceled the same day, so I determined that the physical phone would be returned to a Walmart store for refund once it was delivered, but the airtime card I was told had to be refunded by Tracfone.  I called their toll-free number and, after being told by a rep that no refunds were issued on airtime cards, I asked to speak to a manager.  A manager named Nicolette repeated the policy of no refunds (never shown anywhere in the sales information when purchasing this item), but after verifying the email delivery method and the unused PIN number of the card, told me that once the phone was returned to Walmart I could call her back and that--as a one-time courtesy--a refund would be issued for the unused email card.  She gave me a reference number to be used when I called back.  The phone was returned to Walmart on 9/17 for a refund, but when I called back to Tracfone I was told that no refund would be issued for the unused email card.  I repeated what I was told by Nicolette and gave the reference number I was given--and verified twice before hanging up my call with Nicolette--only to be told that the reference number had no relevence, since it was nine digits instead of ten.  I then spoke with a senior manager named Colette who verified that the PIN number of the email card indicated that it was, in fact, unused and not downloaded, but that there would be no refund issued to me, despite the previous statements from manager Nicolette. Beware this outfit.  They want to keep my $20 and deliver no service in return, despite their promises of service.
Entity: , Internet
38, Report #1075034
Aug 12 2013
09:32 AM
TRACFONE SCAM! Miami Florida
 Major SCAM operation.  Ripoff City!  Charged my bank acount twice but did not give me any additional minutes.  Deducted 54 minutes from my airtime for calling their so-called customer care service on a 1-800 number about a problem purchasing airtime on their website.  Called Coporate Office and transferred to an answering service.  None of the calls returned.  Never, ever buy or recommend TRACFONE to anyone.  Tell everyone you know it is a scam operation!
Entity: Miami, Florida
39, Report #973517
Nov 25 2012
06:53 PM
tracfone rip-off, Internet
 I had bought a celluar device Oct.3.2012, from Family Dollar Inc. The package had the celuar device in it, but the parts were used and stratch up. The celluar device cost $102.87 for the ZTE-Prevail I would never buy anything from Tracfone Inc. again.
Entity: , Internet
40, Report #1152913
Jun 07 2014
12:17 PM
Tracfone ripoff of minutes Nationwide
Sold me a new phone saying it would be possible to transfer minutes off old phone to new phone.  Then when I called back I had to activate old phone to transfer minutes.  After activating I was told that it was impossible to transfer minutes to new phone number.  Finally when talking to supervisor she transfered minutes but instead of the 2,224.4 minutes off my husbands phone she only transfered 224.4.  Sad waste of 2 hours!
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #1156467
Jun 21 2014
08:15 AM
Tracfone ripped me off Miami Florida
 This phone was purchased as a gift to my husband & me a few years ago. It was supposed to be for emergencies. The phone was activated, and we didn't even use all the free minutes (60) that came with the phone. I charged up the phone every six months. We are older than dirt, not tech saavy, and don't consider ourselves 'phone' people. I recently had an emergency. I ordered $25.83 worth of minutes online on 5/8/14, but the phone wouldn't work. It took them TWO WEEKS to inform me that the phone # now belonged to someone else, and I had purchased $25.83 worth of minutes for a stranger. OK, then just refund my money please, I said. They said NO. In fact, a dozen people, including 2 supervisors at Corporate said NO. Where I grew up, that is called stealing. Even banks, as bad as they can be, won't even try to get away with that nonsense. When people deposit money, in error, to an account that is one digit off from theirs, the bank doesn't ignore you and say 'NO'. The bank goes into the other account and gets your money and returns it to you. It happened more frequenly before computers, when people filled out paper deposit slips. Funnily enough, the customer who got the extra minutes never called customer service to find out where the minutes came from. Just your average lowlife American who figures that Tracfone made a mistake and he/she got away with something-for-nothing. In the meantime, I am out the money. It may sound like a small amount, and, believe me, I have eaten my share of sheet in life and just moved on. But this is different. It is not even in a grey area. I WILL get my money back and Tracfone will get another black mark against their name. But they don't really care, or they would have returned my money. Tracfone isn't the best or most affordable out there. There are alot of other options. Go get an unlocked phone of YOUR choice, then shop for a SIM card, with the features you want. Most have much better pay-as-you-go prices. No one has to rely on Tracfone...they are a dinosaur. Eventually, they will say NO to you, too, and steal your money. Oh, and the phone? I tossed it into the wood chipper yesterday, after the final word from the last supervisor I spoke with, which was NO! Then I filed my claim against that lowlife company.
Entity: Miami, Florida
42, Report #1151478
Jun 02 2014
12:02 PM
tracfone TOTAL RIPOFF!!! florida
I attempted to activate a new cell phone with my existing phone number.After numerous phone calls to customer disservice,  I was told the brand new tracfone was defective. If I wanted cell phone service,  I was told I had to order another phone.The new phone couldnt be activated either.  This time I was told they had to send me a new SIM card.After receiving the new card, I called to activate it. Techs didnt know how to activate it. After several phone calls, I reached a tech who was able to activate it.The following day, I learned she activated it with a different phone number.I called back and was told they could remove the new pjone number and add the correct number. They couldnt. Each call (over 30) was the same script. Power the phone off. Power the phone back on and make a call. As insane as it was, I followed their instructions each time.After 8 days without service, the manager told me I had to wait 24-48 hours for it to be reset.I gave them 70 hours. It still doesnt work. They want to send another SIM card. I dont give a crap what they do.Im getting a different company.  
Entity: Select State/Province
43, Report #1317268
Jul 16 2016
08:46 PM
Tracfone Missing minutes Nationwide
Had 865 minutes on phone at 5pm last night (7/15/16). Phone was turned off when we got home. Turned phone on this morning at 9am. Phone showed only 450 minutes, then while we were looking at it, it dropped to 207 minutes. I called Tracfone, and was told they could not see where the minutes went, only the current total. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was transferred to someone that told me I would have to wai for 72 hours for the system to update. I turned the phone off at 9:45am. At 1pm I turned the phone on, and it showed Inactivated. I called Tracfone again, and was told the phone was locked as being repoted stolen. I asked who did that & when was it done. Again I was told I had to wait for 72 hours for their system to update.
Entity: Nationwide
44, Report #1350213
Jan 16 2017
12:32 PM
Tracfone Sim Card Problem Internet
I switched my Tracfone from one model, to a smartphone.  I then, switched back. Now, the switchback has been a headache.  I had the previous phone listed with them, and it's sim card.   I was told that a new sim card is required.  So, during the chat I was told that it was coming via Fedex.  LIARS!! It was sent via US POST OFFICE.  It was one that was TOO SMALL. I then did another online chat with them, and again I was told that the Correct sim card would be sent via FEDEX.  Again they are Liars!  Again, it was sent via US Postal. This time the sim card was the right size, but it would not activate.  I found this out after called and speaking with someone in Tech Support.  It was NOT the Same Model sim card.  I was also told that I COULD NOT use the original sim card that I first had with that Tracfone.   So, AGAIN I am to get a different sim card.  They said it would not be sent until Monday, 1/16 and received 1/18. We shall see, as they would not tell me how it is being shipped this time.  Third time is a charm??  I doublt it. Tracfone is cheaper, but the customer service and tech support leave a customer with bad feelings.    
Entity: Internet
45, Report #344968
Jul 15 2012
11:58 PM
Tracfone - Trashfone Tracfone -Trashfone (Report of a TRACFONE FORMER TECH SUPPORT) Miami Florida
Tracfone sucks ! Know why?The software we had on the system was (is) slow. That includes Net10 since we used the same software. I've heard reports of lost billing address and it's because of the poor facility that the company has provided. The agents are also from the Philippines and some Latin countries, perhaps the reason why, there are communication barriers. We had the headset there that totally sucked because the agents themselves couldn't barely hear the caller. There are lots of times when we arranged tickets for the billing address, and the software computer would encounter an error! Thus, the billing address is not saved in the system. On the other hand, the policies of the company about refunds of airtime is very strict and selfish, that we ourselves found unfair.Here's the thing too. If the agents offer a replacement phone, that means that the phone offered are RECONDITIONED / REFURBISHED! This will only makes things worse because of some phone software problems, signal problems (since we only depend on the zip code provided). They would replace your brand new phone with a reconditioned phone. And about the doubling of minutes, actually, the minutes will not be doubled if you add on the minutes first.They offer inconvenient services for customers. You buy minutes, and you'd only encounter problems. You would want to double your minutes, but it won't double it. You want to retain your number and change phones, but the computer software of the company is complicated and slow. You want signal, but you have to remain on the zip code you've had it activated. Wrong minute deduction. And worst of all, you would want refund from the dollars you've lost. But the number one rule of the company....NO ISSUING OF REFUNDS!Even us agents quited! I quited because of the bad management. We were only working offshore but the policy sucks. And of course, we had to follow some damn policies because of the f***in Quality Assurance officers who are dumb of not understanding the situation.POOR AGENTS. POOR CUSTOMERS.See? Don't you think the service sucks?Who's fault? The Administration.Tracfone is TRASHFONE!Ciicii miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
46, Report #201781
Jul 18 2006
07:16 PM
Tracfone ripoff take money out twice Internet
I went to purchse minutes online and tracfone double charged me. Which occured an overdraft in my account. Now they don't want to pay me bak the 2nd purchase or pay the overdraft charge was on phone with them for 4 hrs they were like hold on be back in 2 minutes and kept saying I need to speak with my supervisor. When I spoke to a SUPERVISOR he did the same. Anyone know what routes to go with this matter? Thanks CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Barbara lemont furnace, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #204578
Aug 04 2006
02:59 PM
TracFone Stole my money and cutoff my service Miami Florida
I've been a loyal TracFone customer for about 3 years. I've saved up about 529 hours of Airtime. I joined their AutoPay program to keep my phone alive. TracFone deducted $7.99 a month directly from my bank account. They disconnected my phone, alleging that they never received my AutoPay payments. The bank confirms the money was paid. I've spent several hours on the phone, over 3 days' time. TracFone refuses to acknowledge payment or to reinstate my phone. They want me to buy yet more airtime before they will reinstate the phone. I have 529 minutes saved up, and they have deducted the AutoPay money from my bank account. Ron Lewiston, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
48, Report #168502
Dec 19 2005
11:22 AM
Tracfone doesn't do what they say they will do, ripoff Internet
I purchased a tracfone in August, 2005. I used it for one week and the phone quit working . Because I didn't have all the packaging I had to leave it to tracfone to replace the phone. I call them at least once a week and more often if I can. They will tell me it will be delivered the next work day. I still don't have a new phone almost three months later. Walter Flintville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
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Nov 23 2005
08:00 PM
Tracfone Wireless ripoff Miami Florida
I purchased 2 reconditioned phones for my wife and I to use for emergencies. One phone works great, the other phone does not work at all. I went back and forth with customer service for 2 weeks with different customer service reps trying to reprogram my phone. Finally they said they would send me a new phone and I can return the one that doesn't work. They told me that I would receive me new phone in 24 hours. Well lets just say that it has been a long 24 hours because I have called back many times and have heard the same story about how my case has been escalated and that I will definately receive my phone. This has been going on for about a month now. I have tried to speak to someone who has some kind of authority and the highest level of management I was able to speak to was a supervisor. This has been the worst customer service experience that I have ever had. The people at customer service don't speak very good english and I have trouble understanding them, there is a lot of background noise and they seem to make excuses about why I havn't received my phone. One told me that there has been hurricanes but I told them that it has been a while since the hurricane and if it was going to affect shipping then don't tell me I will have the phone in 24 hours. My mother and my sister in law have tracfones and have not had any problems. I decided to get tracfone because both of them have been satisfied with the service. I feel that I am getting the runaround and will never receive my other phone. I would not recommend Tracfone to anyone, they are the worst. Seth Middletown, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
50, Report #144967
Jun 03 2005
12:45 PM
Tracfone ripoff, voicemail doesn't work, mostly doesn't work at all. Pittsburgh pennsylvania
i bought a reconditioned tracfone, none of the features they said i would have, will work. voicemail doesn't work, voice phone entries don't work, no text messaging, and most of the time the phone just won't work. whatever you do, don't buy your minutes from them, their charges are way high. the phone is a piece of junk. Pamela altoona, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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