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26, Report #285973
Nov 21 2007
01:06 PM
USA CREDIT USA BAD CREDIT!!! Internet Internet
Well I was a scammer and now I have been scammed. Well my husband was. Which brought me to be scammed too. I used to work for Mediatel who some know as Credit plus rewards. I used to tell people that they were approved and that the money would be in their bank in less than 24 hours if they pay 179. and that they can pay back 50 a month. There is no such thing. When I worked there we were told that these people are dumb enough to go online for a loan then they want to be ripped off. My husband went to ameriloan and asked for a payday loan next thing we know no one even called to scam us. They just took the money and so did their affiliates. auto pay. 30 something dollars and and some get this ID Theft protection for another 30 something! so the ID protectors are the theives. I already know the game and I told my husband he has 1 option! call the bank and dispute you only have a short time to do this. Then when the money is back in take it out and close the account! I know these companies and they will not stop until they can't take anymore. In many ways I know I deserve whats happening because it is Kharmas way! I lied to SSI people and took their money to feed my own babies. Now my babies have no food and someone else is feeding theirs. By the way when I was a telemarketer I was a single mom and had no choice because it is the only thing that pays that good in Vegas without taking your clothes off. SO I have said sorry many times and I know I am not done. Many people lost homes I'm sure because of me. :( And to you credit usa. I will get my money back and I will close my account and I am sure that we can somehow make you pay as the thief you are. I have 4 kids and we have no food now. Christmas didn't happen last year and I hope that you have not ruined it this year! So heres to you scammer.... (middle finger way high) you can't bring me down you only slowed things and life goes on. Obla de Obla da! Ex-telemarketer Stacie carlin, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #147835
Jun 28 2005
04:33 PM
USA Credit Yet another USA Credit ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
I too have had my checking account debited my these scumbags! Matthew Bradenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
28, Report #43996
Feb 03 2003
05:51 PM
Like the other lady that I just read about I too have been taken in by this scam. I have had my account debited by over 200 they said that by adding another 30.00 to the start of fee ( that I could get back and use towards purchases) I would be able to view my credit report unlimited access. I came to the web site they listed and there was nothing there but the words RIP OFF REPORTS USA CREDIT Needless to say I will pursue this and becuase I am the CORPRATE COLLECTION BUSINESS I will be seeking and useing every means at my disposal to SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN from taking money illegally!!!!!!! Also one thing I would like to advise others to do is contact the BANK PLAINS COMMERCE and let them know that this company is using their name in this scam. Although the bank is real and they do extend credit to people. I don't think they would like the fact that they are actually part of an illegal operation. Christel newnan, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: UNIONTOWN, Pennsylvania
29, Report #688396
Jan 29 2011
12:07 PM
usa credit USA Credit scam $149.95, Internet
I recently got scammed by USA credit. I went online like most of the other people on here looking for a loan and then the next day I saw a charge of 149.95 on my debit card. I DID NOT authorize this transaction and was overdrafted with my bank because of it. There was a number on my statement so I called it. I spoke to someone that said they would refund my money but had to still charge me for the "application". Even though I received about $90 back from usa credit, they still kept some of my money which is a SCAM. I see on some of the other posters "employees" commenting that this is a legit company that does not scam people but lets be real here. YOU ARE SCAMMING TOO MANY PEOPLE USA CREDIT AND IT IS NOT RIGHT. And to all you employees of usa credit, GET A REAL JOB SCAMMERS.
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #382553
Oct 18 2008
03:00 PM
USA Credit USA Credit, Internet Con Artists Austin Internet
USA Credit automatically debited $149.95 without my consent while I was searching for PayDay loans. Anybody wish to join in a class action lawsuit???!!!. Robby Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
31, Report #208204
Aug 27 2006
10:42 PM
USA Gold Credit Card - USA Platinum ripoff internet
I got ripped off by USA Gold for $159.00. I was suppose to have a $7500.00 credit limit. I never even got to use the card. Everything is priced to high for anyone to buy. Now I can't even find their store site on the web. Thomas Hickory, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #120492
Nov 30 2004
02:07 PM
USA Credit, Usa Benefits ripoff Union Town Pennsylvania
Offer was for a credit card. Filled out the app on line it said there would be a one time fee of $14.95 for checks. What drafted from my bank account was $179.90 Come to find out it is a on line credit shopping not a actual credit card. Angelia Fort Worth, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Union Town, Pennsylvania
33, Report #53462
Apr 18 2003
10:12 AM
USA Credit, USA Platinum ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
Pretty much the same story as all the other complaints I saw on the site. They charged me $180.00, with a 'voucher'. Luckily I'm just trying to build my credit and bought a few little things for which I was charged a down payment of $30.00 and then sent in my voucher. I recieved one of the items, then, when I went to check site for status of other items I found this site instead. I want my money back, of course, should say, I NEED it back, because I was only willing to pay the money in the first place out of desperation to build my credit and really don't have $180.00 to throw away. Even more important to me, though, is that they have my financial information, I need to find out to make sure they don't use it again in the future. I am amazed by the breadth of the scam, I always thoght such things would be easy to detect, but the site was totally legit in appearance. I don't mean to include non-topic specific information but the inability to build credit when you are an independent person who always lived by the motto 'if you don't have the money don't buy it' and don't have a mom or dad to co-sign creates the kind of tension and eventual desperation that leads to making such a stupid mistake as this. Jeffery Clarks Summit, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
34, Report #147800
Jun 28 2005
11:14 AM
USA Credit - USA Platinum ripoff dishonest fraudulent billings Internet
usa credit disguised as usa platinum offerd me a credit card with a 7,500 credit limit. Took account imformation for electronic withdraw of a one time processing fee and never received card. Timothy davenport, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
35, Report #146354
Jun 15 2005
07:26 PM
USA Credit - USA Shopping Club Ripoff SCAM ARTISTS!! Internet
My husband and I were thrilled to find out that we got this new credit card with a $5,000 limit. We were trying to rebuild our credit, so this was a huge deal for us.WRONG!!!!!. We never did get our card so they just gave us our account number. Thats when we found out that we could only use this on_line at a bull-$%^* shopping club on-line. Everything was over-priced and just rediculously outdated. Example the new movie Tarzan 2 was originally fifty some dollars.There price was Tenty something dollars. Very disappointed. Shannon Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
36, Report #81642
Feb 24 2004
11:56 AM
USA Credit/USA Platinum ripoff! Thieves! Union Town Pennsylvania
My friend tells me about a deal for a free dvd player. I look into it and come across a credit card offer for a free dvd player. I fill out the form and they tell me I am approved for a card to purchase merchandise and that $149.95 will be deducted from my bank account. It had an option to accept or decline. Of course I declined; not interested in a card that just gets me merchandise. I had a feeling that wasn't the end of my experience. Of course I checked my account today and the money was pending to be taken out. I called Shirley... ext(2072) with USA Credit and she told me what I declined was an extension of credit. Either way, I told her I didn't want the card and to put my money back in my account. I was informed this could not happen until March 1, 2004 and that it will take 3 to 5 business days from there. I'm not counting on ever seeing that money again, but I will go through whatever steps I can to try and accomplish this. Just be careful and trust no one... Bret Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Union Town, Pennsylvania
37, Report #81371
Feb 22 2004
10:04 AM
This company did ripped me off too, it is been 2 months and I am going to try to get my money back. I hope the other people could too. We have to stop these people from playing with peoples lifes and money (hard earned money). I had to file bankrupcy and the offer sound it to good to be true. This is the way we learn in live when some SOB'S take advantage of you. I hope this company get so caught that we see it all over the news and they feel emmbarrasement like we feel to know that some one out there took our privacy,our money and our trust and sweept the floors with everything. This web site has been very helpfull to me and I hope some of you out there use it to stop the fraud. Ivette Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: UNIONTOWN, Pennsylvania
38, Report #80763
Feb 17 2004
07:25 PM
USA Credit - USA Platinum ripoff Unionstown Pennsylvania
I am making this report because I feel like I was misled by this company. I already have bad credit from past situations and I figured I would apply for the card thinking it would give me the opportunity to re-establish my credit. Since applying for this card I have had my checking account debited for the $19.95 membership fee three times. I feel like one time should have been sufficient, but USA Credit thought otherwise. I am upset about this because I feel like in the midst of trying to make better decisions there are companies who take advantage of people at their lowest times in their life. Angela McKinney, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Unionstown, Pennsylvania
39, Report #206007
Aug 14 2006
08:27 AM
USA Credit ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
USA Credit debited my account $149.95 on 6/21/06 when I repeatedly tried to cancel the account online. I realized unfortunately what a ripoff the account was after I entered my information. I did file a report with my bank and received a credit on 6/28. But I had over $200 in overdraft charges which the bank nor USA Credit would reimburse me. USA credit also credited me $149.95 on 6/29, but the bank immediately removed the funds on 7/3/06. Somehow, USA never received their funsds from the bank, the original credit from the bank was charged to USA credit. USA credit has been calling me daily to get the funds from the bank. Thrreatening me that my credit will be ruined. I have co-operated and stayed on the phone with USA credit and my bank for an hour at a time. This is a bank to bank error and should not involve me at all. I am tired of the harrassing phone calls and will also make a compalint to the BBB in Cleveland. Isla Chesterland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
40, Report #274330
Jul 16 2012
01:00 AM
USA Credit Scam Internet Internet
Ok so just like everyone else on here, I also got ripped off by this company. I contacted my bank, filed a frad dispute, and then descovered a few phone numbers that I could call...for USA Credit. You can call 1-888-570-9823, but chances are you wont get through. Also you can call 1-800-634-6730...I got through with them. They told me that they would cancel my account and refund me all my money minus the 35 dollar applacation fee. I told them NO!!!! I want all of my money and If i dont get it I will contact my back and make a frad dispute, which I already had done. So I got put on hold and then she told me she would refund all my money, but asked if I was still going to make a claim with my bank? I told her have to lie!!! So she told me I would get my money back within 3-5 days after it clears. So I called my back back to get some input and they told me to keep my dispute open with the back and whoever gives me my money back first would cancel out the other one!!!I hope this helps out anyone else that got f***ed over!!!!Mirbrink Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #273169
Sep 07 2007
05:45 PM
USA CREDIT Theives!! Ripoff Internet
This company is a rip off. They withdrew money from my bank account without my permission. I know, that I am not the only one that this has happened to. I demand my money back now!!! They took 149.95 the first time and 49.95 the second. Amy UNION CITY, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #305251
Feb 01 2008
12:32 PM
I don't where these people are at. I don't even know how they got hold of my information. All I know I was applying for a small payday loan on the web and was bombarded with offers but they all except this one gave me an opt out or confirmation. They welcomed me and announced they would hold out 149.00 from my account the next business day. I found a number in another consumer complaint list and called and told them to leave me and my account alone, that I did not want their stupid card. My God I needed a loan, not more money taken away from me. They persist that I chose this and I told them they were a scam and at least need to change their way of doing things so people would not be confused about their service. They left my account alone for that time being but yesterday my account was shorted 149.00 right on pay day and has definitely wrecked my budget for the next two weeks. The email I have is or but can't seem to find the website. Karen Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
43, Report #255175
Jun 18 2007
10:10 AM
USA Credit dishonest fradulent billing Internet
I applied for a payday line and then lo and behold i get 150 dollars taken from my account. These people are totally stupid because if I am applying for a payday loan then do they really think that I have 150 dollars to spend on a damn credit card. this is totally freaking ridiculous. I am totally agreement with everybody else and I think that this is a crock of crap.We all need to get together and fix this problem. Loy bethany, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
44, Report #256259
Jun 22 2007
03:45 PM
USA Credit Ripoff frau Unknown Internet
USA Credit tried to take me for 149.95. Luckly I didn't have that much in the bank, but I did receive a 20.00 charge from my bank. This company needs to be dealt with. I never authorized theme to take any money from my account. Jennifer Leadwood, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Unknown, Internet
45, Report #217981
Oct 27 2006
01:28 PM
USA CREDIT fradulent billing Internet
I checked my account early in the morning to find I was charged an overdraft fee of $25.00 from USA CREDIT. I do not use this account to pay bills or buy anything with, so I knew right away this was going to be a big issue. So who are they? The name sounded familiar but I didn't know why. I tried to find them on the website and what I found instead was with USA CREDIT's name all in it. I read the reports and BAM!, I remembered where I saw there name. It tried to get me to sign up with them about 2 weeks ago online. They popped up a few times while I was applying for payday loans. Then I started getting emails from them. I got USA CREDIT's phone number from the reports about them here. I called them and all I said was my name and the employee there was able to tell me my, SS#, address, and phone number. Now we all know when we call a place of business we are the ones that have to verify that kind of information. Not the other way around. They did not know I was who I said I was. They claimed that I authorized them to withdraw money from my account. Ofcourse I told them no I didn't. I told her to give me the website that had a copy of the application that I suppose to have filled out. She had the nerve to give me a bogus website. The address she gave me jumped to an address in the UK. I don't know how they did it but they got my information from the other websites that I did give information to, even my bank account info. A few hours after I saw this I was at my credit union's front door with a copy of one of these reports from another victim and what happened to me. I hope this gets resolved soon. I will post my results from my credit union here soon after they do ther own investigation. There are pages and pages of fradulent reports about them here. It's really hard to believe they are still in business and able to steel from so many people. The last thing I have to say is keep track of what is taken out of your account, and DONOT hesitate to question it with your bank. Layla philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #66757
Sep 09 2003
10:11 PM
USA Credit ripoff Uniontown Pennsylvania
I paid $79.00 for a computer shopping card, with a rebate of $80.00 good towards payment on my first order not to be used as the 25% down payment. I didn't try to use the card until now, months after recieving the card. Upon typing in the address I came to your site and found the bad news. I am new to computer ordering and feel very much the victim. They also offerded an unsecured major credit card WITH A $5000 credit line. This should have been a clue but as I said I was new to computer buying and trusted them without merit. People in the business of ripping off the unaware are worse than any other crimanals that do it to your face. I am out $79.00 but have learned a valuable lesson. If I have any questions in the future I will check them out first. Keep up the good work. Candy Trenton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Uniontown, Pennsylvania
47, Report #290671
Dec 11 2007
02:28 PM
USA Credit Ripoff, Scam, Fraud Internet Internet
I was checking my bank account and I seen these charges on my account 2 times for 149.95 and I don't know who they are or how they got my account information. The bank has no phone number for them and the two numbers that came in the email i leave messages on and they dont reply to them there is no way to contact them My bank wont reverse the charges that this company has charged me. What do I do!? Heatherb07 nashua, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #197128
Jun 19 2006
02:16 PM
USA Credit ripoff Internet
I have read where this so-called company has ripped off lots of people. I, too, am one of those people. About 2 weeks ago, I got on-line to check my bank statement, and I seen where there was $149.95 withdrawn from my account by USA Credit. I never authorized it. So, I called them ,and talked to a Jacqualine and was told how I have to file a police report, and do all this other stuff , so they can review it,and decide if I should get my money back. Well, that same day I went to my bank and told them what happen. and lo, and behold, within 5 days my bank had my money back, and blocked USA Credit from taking money out of my account. I was thrilled. I guess there is justice in this world after all. Just had to tell my story. Thank You!! Cheryl Bloomington, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
49, Report #369075
Sep 02 2008
03:08 PM
USA CREDIT thieves Internet Nationwide
I was applying for a payday loan and somehow this company got my info and tried to deduct 149.50 from my account. Luckly I didn't have this amount in my account at the time, bit I was still charged an NSF fee, that i am currently disputing! ANy suggestion on how to go about this feel free to contact me! Ebony xxxxxxx Columbus, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
50, Report #369376
Sep 03 2008
12:17 PM
USA Credit Scammers!! Internet
This company is absolutely horrible. I applied for a loan, and received an email stating that I was enrolled in their club, and that a fee of $149.95 would be deducted from my checking account for a membership fee. I never authorized this and was not interested in this membership whatsoever. I found two phone numbers for USA Credit. The first, 1-800-683-9354, got me nowhere. I was on hold for a good 10-15 minutes. I found another number, 1-800-262-8052. I spoke to a representative immediately. This woman was very persistent and it was down right annoying. I repeatedly told her that I was not interested in this membership and I did not want any money debited from my bank account. She kept trying to get me to join, and thought she would entice me by lowering the membership fee. FINALLY she told me that she would cancel my account, and gave me an authorization code. I am hoping that they do not withdraw any money from my checking account as this just happened this afternoon. I am going to keep a close eye on my bank account from now on. A J Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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