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26, Report #897595
Jun 14 2012
01:05 PM
University of Phoenix UOP Disabled People BEWARE of University of Phoenix! Internet
In 2007/8 I contacted UOP inquiring about classes. I am 100% disabled and am on very low income.  I Specifically told him that I could not pay Any out of pocket expenses. The man I spoke to said that my income was so low that grants would pay for all of my classes. I signed up because I wanted to learn a skill I could do from home as my health allowed and get OFF low income disability. I attended online classes for one year and got straight A's. Just as I was preparing to start the second year I received a bill for over $10,000.00! They said I signed forms agreeing to it! I NEVER signed Any forms agreeing to pay Anything! They are Still hounding me 4 years later! I was contacted by U.S. Department of Education Direct Loans Servicing Center who said they were a Government Program that would pay off UOP and Fannie May and that my low income would qualify me for a Hardship Waiver They sent me the application which I filled out and returned. Last month they sent me their decision on the hardship waiver. I am to pay $97.00 per month until paid off. It might as well be $900. My total income is $1,300. a month. From that I pay rent, utilities, phone, medical insurance, medication co-pays and food. I am usually over-drawn at the end of the month by $10 to $20. I can't pay it. I Shouldn't HAVE to pay it. I will Not pay it!  Now they are threatening to attach my Social Security Disability. My only child died in 04, my husband died in 08.  I was trying to start over, find something to keep me moving forward, when I believed them and signed up for classes.  Now, I just want them to Leave Me Alone! The only proof I have of any of this would be in their records. But, since they doctored the forms to say that I signed them agreeing to pay they have probably already doctored the rest of the records too. I can prove my low income all the way back to 06 when I was first put on permanent disability. Why would any sane person agree to pay over $20,000 for a degree when they are barely scraping by on 1,300.00 on permanent disability??? I can also prove the death of my husband in 08 when I signed up for classes looking for a way to take care of myself and get a better quality of life than what disability provides. Now I am afraid to try anything. The stress of years of their hounding is unbelievable! I do not think this will end well for me but I hope it does end well for you.   If you are considering becoming a Phoenix...STOP! If you are low income and they have told you that grants will cover everything...STOP! They are LYING! If you are on permanent disability and are considering learning a new job skill-set that will get you off low income disability....STOP! It's hard surviving on disability, it's a crappy life...but Believe me it is so much better than the hell that the University of Phoenix and the US Department of Education; Direct Loan Servicing Center will put you through.  
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27, Report #477625
Aug 08 2009
06:54 AM
So this report should be a positive one right? Well let me tell you my story. I graduated from UOP in June of this year. Diploma states June 16, 2009 to be specific. I attended UOP for the last 2 years with no problem. No classes failed, no drop outs, etc. Since Feb., I have always had a credit balance (school owes me). I figured nothing of it as I thought they were just holding it in case I failed a class, so no big deal to me. During the final week of my final class, and cruising to the end with an A average, I decided to write my financial advisor about the excess funds left over from my student loan ($2,381). She advised me that it would be returned to its rightful owner (the student loan company or myself) when I finalized my diploma. I knew it would be returned to me as I have already started making payments on my loan because I wasn't strapped for cash and decided to start making payments and have been for the last year. I now hold this diploma in my hand and I even registered as a alumni at the UOP. People may consider the diploma useless, but to me it was an personal accomplishment as I can not even use it currently, but hope it opens up doors for me in the future by pursuing a Masters degree. Almost 2 months later, so I decided to write my financial advisor again yesterday to remind her of this credit balance and that I was no longer enrolled in the UOP because I am an Alumni. Notice I said write, because I want to keep a paper trail just in case. I will keep you inform of what happens as I do not see any similar case to mine yet. Eithier way the UOP even screwed up a potential success story and after reading all the complaints I am starting to wish I never got involved with this school. Andre Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
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28, Report #149467
Jul 12 2005
03:50 PM
University Of Phoenix Online Awful people to work for, ripoff! Phoenix Arizona
I have worked for UOP Online for almost 3 years and cannot believe the horiible way managers, and on up the food chain, treat people. I have worked extremely hard for the past 11 months in a new department here, and just learned that I am doing such a poor job that I have been placed on a Performance plan where I have to show my manager EVERYTHING I do each week. Also, because I am such a poor worker I was only given a 2% pay increase...2%? Thanks for nothing! Not once, was I told how to improve before this point, not once was I told that I was doing anything wrong. I cannot wait to get out of here! Don't ever work here or go to school here! Rachel Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
29, Report #139119
Apr 16 2005
08:04 PM
University Of Phoenix low quality education-ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I attended a University of Phoenix brick-and-mortar campus for almost three years and received my bachelor degree with a high GPA. Almost my entire curriculum was paid for with student loans. I have no complaints about heavy courseload. I completed my courses with a good attitude and work ethic. During my experience there, I saw things that bothered me. I saw students who did not complete the assignments or even comprehend the material. But they still received good grades. This irritated me because I always strived to learn the material thoroughly even if the instructor didn't care. After all, look at all the money I was paying. Too many of the classes were ridiculously easy with low workload, and seemed like nothing more than students and instructors rambling on or making commentaries about nothing relevant to the course material. One of the problems with this school is that they don't focus on teaching anything abstract or intellectual. This is what higher learning is all about. A few fellow students observed this too, and I remember one student saying, I don't know how this school obtained their accreditation. One the red flags I ignored in the beginning was the fact that all the admissions advisors have to have sales experience. University of Phoenix is all about making tons of money. The founder is a billionaire. This school is a business first, the students come second. UOP faculty and executives like to say University of Phoenix fills a niche in the adult education community. So what? This doesn't dispute the fact that it is still is a poor quality education. I regret earning my degree there, and it may be doing me more harm then good by listing it on my resume. If you are a prospective student, don't waste your money on this school. I learned a lot more from community college courses that were a fraction of the cost of UOP and required 3 times the workload. You're a lot better off getting a good education from a traditional state or private university too. I recent years I read of a multi-million dollar fine imposed on UOP. I predict that in the future University of Phoenix will get into more trouble with the government. Bill Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
30, Report #177001
Feb 19 2006
01:56 AM
University Of Phoenix Online, Axia College Online ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I am coming to you all as a former employee of the University of Phoenix and Axia College to tell you how much of a rip off this place truly is. The quality of education and accrediation, at least on the associates and bachelor level, is fine. What troubles me more is the way that the school pursues getting students. What will happen first, when you are contacted by the University for an online enrollment, is what is called a RAMOPSR conversation. This is a conversation that is created to attempt to make you tell the Enrollment Advisior (Sales Associate) all about yourself, as well as get comfortable. Basically, they don't want you to think of this as a business relationship but rather a friend relationship. R stands for Rapport. This is when your Sales Associate will ask you about your kids, your life, what you do. They don't actually want to get to know you--they just want your money. A is admissibility--not terrible, they just want to know if they can get you enrolled. Most counselors will lie to you and say that they have to meet with a Board of Academics and Finance Department to admit you to the school. News flash--the admission requirement is a GED/Diploma and a pulse. What REAL university doesn't measure your SAT/ACT scores? It's all about money, so in order to create urgency, they will make sure and lie to you about the admissions process. I was told blatently to do this by my manager. M-motivation. What makes you want to go to school...if you don't want to go now, it's the EC's job to motivate you to tell you why what's going on in your life is not important enough to put off school. I've been pressured to enroll individuals coming off surgerys, who are a month from being due, etc. O-online. Why the online format is so great. fine. P-payment. This is where we'll try to sell you on financial aid in about 5 minutes, and avoid any questions about how much getting an associates degree (16,000 dollars), will cost you, because it's about 5 times as expensive as a normal community college. Before enrolling, make sure and know about your FINANCIAL AID. What we'll tell you is blah blah, 100% coverage, etc, just so enrollment can happen. S-Start date. Know how you wanted to start college when you were comfortable to start? Doesn't matter. They'll make sure and lie and tell you that ONLY IF YOU START NEXT WEEK will the application fee be waived, even though for the last 8 months the application fee has been waived. R-referral...self-explanitory. Don't let the University of Phoenix fool you, they are not counselors, because legitimate counselors have to have bachelors degrees, etc, and actually want you to take the best path for your education. No, these are sales people. Legit university don't have high pressure sales tactics, calling you 10+ times per week, trying to close you on every call, or having enrollment goals for you to meet. The reason why you get so many calls is because the University has a requirment that you must have 120 outbound calls per day. Sound like a telemarkter to you? Also, after your enrollment, your counselor will attempt to guide you through class. Unfortunatley, don't count on them actually knowing anything about the classes. All they have is the syllabus, just what you have, sometimes less. Would you trust a used car salesman to help you through college? Ask yourself that question before enrolling at the University of Phoenix. Former UoP Employee Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
31, Report #1381305
Jun 26 2017
08:51 AM
University of Phoenix University of Phoenix On Line (Apollo Group) University of Phoenix Online charged double the cost of my degree phoenix Internet
The University of Phoenix collected over 114,000 for my associate of the atrs and bachekor's of science degrees! The total cost of those degrees according to the school was 60,000. According to the Department of Education the University of Phoenix collected more than double that amount leaving me stuck paying the 114,000 plus intrest! To make matters worse they claim to have sent me checks totaling 17,000 in grant money and stipens which I never recieved! I am stuck paying that back as well. If that were not enough they are still holding my degree and transcripts hostage claiming that I still owe them 480.00! How is it they can get away with not only robbing the government but leaving thier students to fit the bill?!      I have contacted the Department of Education, the Attorney General's office in both Arizona and my home state of Wyoming, as well as a number of other entities trying to get help; all to no avail! Does anybody have any suggestions??Or know of a law firm that handles these kinds of cases?Robert Schirmeremail - slade2372@yahoo.comadress: 321 N 4th StreetDouglas, Wyoming82633
Entity: Internet
32, Report #226156
Dec 18 2006
08:25 PM
University Of Phoenix mislead me about out of pocket fee Phoenix Arizona
I am attending UOP and it stinks. When I first applied to the University I was told that my out of pocket expense will not be no more than $900, which was a lie. I explained to the enrollment council that I did not want to get a student loan because I was a single parent and I would not be able to pay it back. He advised me that I would not have to get that much. Later on I told him that I wanted to cancel my enrollment, I also talked to the financial advisor and the academic counsel, they all persuade me to stay on. They trick you by using the term tuition, not knowing that you are paying $1482 for one class. I thought tuition was consist of at least 4 classes. How in the world do they expect a poor person to afford to pay $1482 per class. At that rate, by the time you finish taking 40 classes you will be out of 60,000. If I did continue to go there, by time I graduate and find a job, I will be working just to pay off that debt. I will not be profitting anything. Another thing, the school suppose to be for working adults, if so, why do they try to pile so much unneccessary work on people. Knowing you have an eight hour job, some people two, plus a family to take care of, how do they expect you to have time. After my first two classes were paid for, I had a credit of $2736, they would not send it to me. They are just holding it. I guest to make sure you continue the classes. You know, something need to be done by these people ripping people off like this. I want to quit after I finish this second class but I am afraid that they will send the loan money back and make me still pay the school. I just don't have any money to waste. I am a poor working mom, single that is, trying to make it from one pay check to another. Is there anything that can be done about this ridiculous mess. Donna Greenville, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
33, Report #382767
Oct 19 2008
09:02 PM
Axia College Of University Of Phoenix rip off? Phoenix Arizona
I enrolled in the Axia Online College back in April of 2007, to do the book work of my nursing degree online. My enrollment counselor, Toriano Scroggins, told me that since I had never taken any college courses before, that I would first have to take my basics and assured me that after two years of getting my basics that I could start my RN degree online. I received my first disbursement from a pell grant that May and was able to purchase my laptop so that I could do all my school work. I was told that I was to receive another disbursement shortly there after, yet I never received one. When I tried to contact my financial aid counselor, Rafael Quirarte, lets say I would have had better luck finding the needle in the hay stack. I called him several times, left emails, and voice messages on his message machine. I did not finally get a call back until August, only to be told that I was not going to be seeing another disbursement because I had not gotten enough credits or something like that. He told me that the money was not sent from the Government yet. Okay, so lets fast forward a bit. I noticed on my account that I had pell grants that were marked as credits. I once again tried to contact Rafael, and not one word. I ended up having to contact his manager, Jennifer something, and she informed me that I would be receiving one disbursement towards the middle of January 08, and another in February 08. She also confirmed that I was to receive yet another one this last May. I asked her several times if she was sure, and she told me she was looking at my file and it said it on there. I got the disbursements for January and February; however when May came around nothing came in the mail. I actually got a hold of Rafael this time and the told me that he had no idea why she would tell me that because it does not say anything like that on my file. One year later, from enrollment, I find out that I am not going to be able to take my degree because in order to take their RN course, you have to be a Registered Nurse for two years prior. Now why did these people not inform me of this before I started class? They new full well that I was not registered because I was practically fresh out of High School. So I decided to push forward, I was already half way through this so there was no reason for me to quit. I was/am just upset that I wasted my time with this when I could have already been licensed and working as a Nurse. Just recently I was told by Rafael that I was out of money because tuition rates increased but it was the perfect time for me to apply for more money because Title IV Loans had just increased. I went ahead and approved it for him to apply for the money because I did not have the cash to pay out of my pocket for the tuition costs because they are rather high. Just this last week I received two disbursement checks that were supposedly left over from the new funds. And yesterday (October 18, 2008) I received a bill in the mail for the amount that they disbursed to me. It really bothered me to see that they were trying to bill me for money they credited to me, so my husband did some research to see what it was all about and stumbled across this site and began to read all the problems that students have had with this school. It really worries me, because I can totally relate to everything that the students are saying. This has been the most stressful thing for me. The e-campus is the most annoying thing because it is always having problems and then when assignments are late because of it, they act like it is my fault. I also just had to get a new Master Promissory Note because College Loan Corporation, no longer gave Title IV loans. Correct me if I am wrong, however College Loan Corp. deals with nothing but Student Loans. Therefore, should that not include Title IV loans? Is it possible that they just refuse to send anymore money to UOP? I don't know, I am just so confused right now not to mention scared. My husband and I have worked our butts off to build my credit up. So far I have really good credit, no bad marks what so ever, and with this school, I am afraid that the Loan debt I have acquired is going to ruin that unless I am able to find a forgiveness loan or grant to pay it off. On another note, when I first started I was told that if ever I needed to take some time off from class for what ever reason, just to let my academic counselor know and they would work it out for me. No problem. Well last October of 07 my husband and I suffered a miscarriage and when I asked for some time off to get my head together, my counselor said that he could not do that because if he did I was going to be held financially responsible for the classes(that were already paid for by loans by the way). It upset me however, Bless God, we were able to get through it. My GPA has dropped from an A to a high C, and all because of a combination of their problems, and I have just shear lost my ambition to be doing this anymore. I want to transfer to Liberty University, however after reading all the problems that other students have had with that I am scared that I wont be able to. I am scheduled for graduation for April 04, 2009, and I am wondering if I should go ahead with it, or if I should protest now? I have had an odd feeling about these people for quite some time now, and after reading all the reports on here, especially the ones from the former employees, my suspicions are confirmed. It upsets me because they have wasted my time and put me about 15K in the hole. And over what? This is Nonsense! And I pray that God gives these people what is coming to them. If there is a Class Action Law suite against these people I would like to be notified please. God Bless you all. Marie somewhere, TexasU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
34, Report #417527
Jan 28 2009
08:37 PM
University Of Phoenix teacher discriminated me, and student code of conduct Phoenix Arizona
Hi I have been a university of phoenix since Sept 2008. I decide to attend school to further my career, and job placement. I completed the first two block of classes. I recently had a class I felt discriminated in. I was caught with plagiarism, and received a zero for that assignment. I totally agree with that. My family member posted a assignment from a unauthorized information source. the family member has asperger's disease, and is under the age 16. I was also accused in week 5. I had nothing to do with week 5. I scored a 100% on that assignment, and received a zero for that. I take full creit of the one assignment, but not the other. So I received a plagiarism letter, received a warning. Now I am in the middle of a code of conduct vilation. I have tried explaining, but no one will listen. I don't know what to do. As far as trying to get the week 5 grade, I have talked to my academic advisor, and told to do the survery at the end of the class. Now I am on scholastic suspension unitl my commitee is over. I am being accused of releasing my password, and id. Even though I was cleared of the plagarism issue. I was told it was a snowball effect. I am very worried about my financial aid. Any advice? I would sure love some! Bostonbeagle SpringfieldU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
35, Report #294977
Dec 27 2007
05:43 PM
Axia University - University Of Phoenix Does this sound familiar to anyone? Phoenix Arizona
In mid-October I enrolled with Axia University after filling out an online interest form and talking to my enrollment counselor for at least an hour. During this conversation, we talked about FAFSA and the EFC code I received and how that would reflect on my out-of-pocket expenses. I was told specifically that if I came out-of-my-pocket more than $100 a year, he would be shocked, and that just by my EFC I not only qualified for pell grants but that I would qualify for other grants for housing since I am off campus and since my husband is active duty military. After filling out the FAFSA I was required to fax a copy of my 2006 W2's for verification purposes only which I did promptly. My first block of classes started November 1st. All was well until I received an email from FAFSA stating that my EFC code had been corrected by my school or institution. Am I missing something here? Wasn't I along with everyone else who applied for financial aid given a pin number to be specifically mine? I did not hear anything from Axia stating any discrepancies with my application that needed corrected yet somehow on 12/10/07 almost 2 months after my application was processed and I was sent my yellow official copy of my SAR, it was corrected? Anyway, this obviously made me suspicious. I then received two emails from Citibank stating that my stafford loans had been accepted. How could this be since I stated in the application that I did NOT want loans? I talked to my enrollment counselor on the 23rd of December and he assured me that all was well and that I would have a hefty check coming my way. Well, the 24th I received in the mail, not one but TWO statements from Citibank showing the two loans respectively for $3500 and $4000. I completely understand that my education was not going to be free. Per my original EFC code of 975 I knew I would be contributing. However that EFC was changed fraudulently on 12/10/07 to 1519. Unlike some of the others reporting on here, I decided to take action into my own hands. As of yesterday, 12/26/07, I called and canceled all loans with Citibank and was instructed to call the school to tell then to send the already disbursed funds back. I called my financial aid counselor, who I had yet to speak to, and left a message as he was unavailable for a chat. In my message I instructed him to send my monies back and to call me as soon as possible. He did however call me back about an hour ago. He was quite rude and to be perfectly honest, a jackass in every manner of the word. He didn't want to hear anything I said until I mentioned that FAFSA was looking into the corrected entry on 12/10/07 by the school without my knowledge. He also stated that they would not send the monies back to Citibank until I have sat out of classes for 29 days. Then, he changed. He said he was sorry that I felt this way and that I have aid in the form of a $4000 check coming to me. However, I had to complete the 26 credit hours before the money would technically be mine. WTF? Why not just apply it to my educational costs the way FAFSA intends? But, this also leaves the matter of the $3500 loan... even with my EFC code being their fraudulent change, I would still need an additional $2000 out of pocket for a year. After trying to argue this with him he told me that I would still have to pay back financial aid. How? Is he an idiot? I canceled my loans, therefore I owe nothing. I will simply send the $4000 check back to FAFSA certified. We'll see if the 29 day rule applies and what other shenanigan's they come up with to embezzle more money from those who just want to further their education and build better lives. My advice to anyone thinking about this University (uh hem JOKE) is to watch your FAFSA application status and check it frequently. They will change it and they will wait until you are almost done with your first block of classes before doing so. I caught mine quickly whereas others are not as fortunate. While this school may be working for some, I feel that they mislead you from the get-go. I had a great relationship with my enrollment counselor and feel ultimately betrayed by if anything his omission of what he should have told me. I really hope that his two daughters do not have a lying, manipulative counselor as I did. Misledinindiana Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
36, Report #661539
Nov 13 2010
10:27 AM
University of Phoenix Disertation run-around, delays cause drop-out Phoenix, Arizona
I enrolled with the University of Phoenix to get their on-line Ed D degree in Educational Management. Things went well in classes I admit, I enjoyed them. However, I had entered the program with a specific dissertation topic in mind. When we got to the classes that were suppose to help us develop our topic with the required APA areas, I was encouraged to work with my topic.  Even the added summer sessions that were devoted to this part of the degree were positive. My Dissertation Chairman, however, ultimately was not in agreement and said the topic did not meet the criteria for the degree. I was shaken but already had over $40,000 in loans by that time so I was determined to proceed. After a delay of a few months I came up with a topic he didn't exactly approve or disapprove. We worked on it and that summer while in residence in Phoenix, which was designed to specifically focus on the dissertation, I was NOT discouraged in my topic.Yet, again I had slow going with the Chairman who would not allow me to get feedback from the rest of the committee I had assembled. To make this long story short, I did not submit my required first three chapters to the university in the required time limit. Therefore, more costs were added. Again, both in slow response from the Chairman and massive re-writes delayed me to the point of frustration. Then came word that I had exceeded the Federal limit of five years and could not proceed. I am out over $60,000. both in loans and out of pocket. What advise does anyone have? Should I contact the Arizona Attorney General. Would that even do any good. Or do I need the go the great expense of a lawyer. I am already paying back the loans to Wells Fargo bank.  
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
37, Report #721653
Apr 25 2011
06:55 AM
University of Phoenix axia Theyr are a rip off phoenix, Arizona
If you are a College student in need of homework help join You can also answer questions with the work you already have and earn money! The site is free to join. I have passed a bunch of University Of Phoenix classes with this sites help. I have also earned money on the site and got paid in like less then an hour after withdrawing my money through Pay pal. This site is the bomb when it comes to getting an A in my classes. I love it and recommend it to every college student out there.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
38, Report #791510
Oct 23 2011
04:29 PM
University of Phoenix Rip Off and Lies Phoenix, Arizona
This is complaint 613 on  I am so sorry I ever trusted these people. I attend online. I went to Axia College and received my A.A. Degree in Psychology, and I did have a good experience with them. However, I transferred into the B.S. program in Business Management and this is a total joke! I am terrible at math so I asked if there were anymore math courses and I was told no. I was told the math is done. Low and behold I am in statistics and the academic advisors tell students that most of their students fail this course. Nice huh! First they say no more math courses and now they have a high failure rate in this course. Not to mention this so-called facilitator tries to fail everyone. He tells us a week after an assginment is due that other stuff needed to be turned in with the other assignment. I have a B in the course right now, but I am really struggling. All UOP does is lie, mislead, lie, mislead, and lie more. There should be a class action lawsuit agains them, and if there is one, count  me in. I was never told the people teaching were not professors. More and more I know I am in debt the rest of my life over this.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
39, Report #771471
Aug 31 2011
12:33 PM
University Of Phoenix lies stole Phoenix, Arizona
I was promised a degree in a course they dont even have and when I transfered to a school that offers the degree program non of the credits were transferable because the UOP is not creditable so I spent a year working on nothing and 1000's of $
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
40, Report #642379
Sep 20 2010
07:47 AM
University of Phoenix- Axia Withdraw Phoenix, Arizona
I am currently a student, and time is of the most importance for me now. I am halfway through my 2nd block of classes. I am planning to withdraw. First, a little background. I started in June at Axia Online. I was very excited to start due to the flexiblity of the program. ( I have 3 toddlers, I was out of options to return to school) I started on the recommendation from my enrollment counselor. Now, I had already filled out my FAFSA before even going through the enrollment process at Axia. I wanted to be ahead of the game. They were very thrilled with the fact that I was already set up with a FAFSA, I saved them a lot of extra walk through work. Being very new to the whole situation, I started before my financial aid was processed. They explained that it takes at least 90 days for all that to get finalized. Ok, fine. I went through the steps with UoP financial aid, sent and resent documents, multiple times, and made sure they didn't have to wait on anything. I am told by my financial aid counselor that she will keep me informed on the status of my financial aid. I don't hear a thing for weeks. By now I am starting to sweat. My husband and I live on his income alone. I was up front about that when enrolling. We DO NOT have the money they would try to come and get from us. Thus, my reasons for exploring financial aid. I started classes on June 21st, and did not hear anything on my financial aid status until I contacted THEM. By this time, it is mid- August. I emailed my counselor and asked, bottom line, what am I going to be responsible for out of pocket? I was assured that I would have no expense. My aid more than covered the amount due. Great! Things were going smoothly, until one day I am on the internet and I see a link with the title, Is University of Phoenix a legit school? I never click on random headings like this, about a month ago, I did. I freaked. It opened a flood gate of complaints about the school, it's practices, and the basic wrong doing toward students. I cried about this for 2 weeks. We are not financially able to go through anything like the claims I have read. I personally to date, have not been wronged by UoP. (please excuse my previous slang statement) I will say however, I want to leave it. With all the knoweledge I have gained as of late, I can not stay there. I am a smart person, but my actions with getting tangled up with UoP have been the acts of a moron. I can not continue with my education there. What if I am one of those individuals who has this happen down the road? I can't go forward knowing I had the chance to save myself from trouble later on and I did nothing. To bring you to the present. UoP currently disbursed my first installment of financial aid covering my first 12 credits. That's how they do it. I am currently halfway through my 2nd block. Once finished, I will have done 12 credits. My questions: 1. I have decide to go to another school, since I will have in the 12 credits, doesn't that mean I have fullfilled my financial aid obligation to them for my first installment? 2. I am planning to do the offical withdraw online the day after my block ends, am I doing this right? I am looking for serious help. Please give any suggestions you may have, if you would like more info, just let me know and I will fill you in if you can help. I am trying to not owe out of pocket to UoP. I DO NOT want to make them aware of my plans in any way to leave. It is my understanding that once they learn your idea to leave, it is a domino effect with them and things mysteriously start to go bad for you as a student. I just want to leave and start over. I know that my credit may not transfer, but I will cross that bridge later. In the end, I will have some out of pocket at the new school I choose. Thanks to all who respond.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
41, Report #1035027
Mar 15 2013
11:10 AM
University of Phoenix Cheating students one class at a time Phoenix, Arizona
I had the unfortunate experience of both attending and working at the University of Phoenix. As a student I recognized that the levels of teaching were very inconsistent. One class would have a very articulate and professional instructor and the next class would be the complete opposite. While I was attending school here, my advisor would send me updates telling me that my classes had changed or that we would have a different instructor. Finally one of our instructors tipped us off that many of the faculty members had taken teaching positions at Grand Canyon University or other universities. When the floodgates opened, they opened wide.  Though faculty turnover is significant at the University of Phoenix, it pales in comparison to the staff turnover. Every week many of the enrollment, academic and financial advisors are shown the door. Some because they did not recruit enough new students. Others because they were singled out by the corrupt management at the school. In the department I worked in, there were so many discrepencies in the the way that employees were evaluated and how the work load was distributed. One of the academic advisors I used to work with shared with me the details of her managers unbelievable micromanagement and harrassment. Her manager Ernest Sears would always distribute his management responsibilities to his employees and then hold them accountable for work he was supposed to be doing. He is also well known for his womanizing at work and afterhours. The happiest day of my life was the day I transferred out of that department. Of course the University of Phoenix counts on being able to use smoke and mirrors to hide the deep seated problems that exist. They think that they can cover up the glaring lack of leadership and the fact that student enrollment continues it's downhill slide, but they can't. This is one for profit university that's all hat and no cowboy. I have happily moved on to another career field.   For those who are reading the comments about University of Phoenix on this website, and contemplating attending school here, I have two words for you...Caveat Emptor. It's Latin for let the buyer beware. In the highly competitive world of for profit universities, it really does pay for you to do your homework.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
42, Report #1055636
Jun 01 2013
06:02 PM
University of Phoenix added more courses and cost for education Phoenix Internet
While I was in school, the academic advisor sent me an e-mail, stating that I would now have to take 2 new courses - 590A and 590B.  This now extended the length of time  I would have to be in school, and it also added to the amount of money I would now have to borrow from FAFSA. I was told that if I did not agree to the additional courses, I would not be allowed to graduate. So, I took the 2 courses.  I completed 590A with an A.  Then, while I was enrolled in 590B, my dad became ill, and I had just recovered from a stroke.  I managed to complete the second part of 590.  However, when I first submitted my paper showing my work, I was informed by the professor that I had submitted my information a day ahead of schedule, and I  was basically ordered to call UoP Tech, and have them remove the paper. I did as I was told, and when  I re-submitted the paper, I inadvertently submitted an earlier version, which was not complete.  I was sent an e-mail by the professor, that I had an F on my final paper.   I was shocked, and I asked why. Professor Vicki Burns stated that I had numerous spelling and grammatical errors, as well as improper formatting in my bibliographies.  I checked all these areas BEFORE I submitted my work, and found there were absolutely NO errors of the type indicated by the professor. I had the distinct impression that she was look for a way to fail me.   I went through the appeals committee, and nothing I said mattered.  Now they want me to pay them an additional $3700+, and have told me that I must retake 590A and B, in order to complete my Master's in Nursing. I have worked extremely hard, and have numerous personal problems:  I had a stroke due to a fall in January 2013, and made a recoverey, which the neurosurgeon was surprised at.  I even sent the school the medical records, and they ignored this. My dad was ill with Alzheimer's, and died December 24th, 2012.  Through all this, I kept hoping I would be able to complete my MSN to go on and hopefully become a Nurse Practitioner student.   I feel that the school has been extremely cold, heartless, and dishonest in their interactions with me.   Joan M. Enering, R.N., BSN
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
43, Report #1134849
Mar 30 2014
11:55 AM
University of Phoenix, Inc. Apollo Group Fraud By Deception Phoenix Arizona
 I already possess an AAS degree from Youngstown State University where I graduated in 2002. I wanted to finish up my BAS in Information Technology being I had only 8 classes to go. I contacted the University of Phoenix online to finish up my degree because I have medical problems that doesn't allow me to walk to classes or sit for long periods of time in a classroom setting and was given a run around and placed in Chat Rooms which made no sense what-so-ever they would ask for personal information or another term I can use is Spoofed me. The class I thought I was attending I was told was only 5 weeks long, 3 weeks in I was advised via email to get out it was a scam so when I tried to unenroll from thier supposed University I was given a hard time. I filed FAFSA and have proof that it was accepted but was told I never signed any of the documents, well that was because they were not eligible to recieve my grants and loans. They harassed me constantly telling me I had to sign documents which I am glad I did not do. The advisor I would speak to was out of Akron, OH by the name of Charles when I asked to be unenrolled then I got sent to a lady by the name of Franchesca Fiero who was in Phoenix, AZ. It was a big mess but I never once put my signature on any paperwork for them. By advise I got away from them in the 3 week period and now they demand payment of $1590.00 from me and have gone to all three major credit bureaus to try to make me pay them. I refuse to and have contacted the Ohio Attorney General's Office about this matter. I get told that a lady by the name of Julie Kelly who claims she is from the Office of Dispute Management and has a Juris Doctorate Degree tells the Attorney General's Office that I refuse to sign FERPA forms for them to release information to the AG.  I did my research on this woman, she has no JD from Oklahoma as she claims she does, she misrepresents pertinent information to the  Ohio AG's office and continues to tell them that until they get my signature on documents that has nothing to do with my supposed records she refuses to send them anything. She told the Ohio AG's office that I finished my courses with the University of Phoenix which is a blatent lie because I was signed up with Strayer University during the time period I was suppose have been taking courses with them.The other day I recieved a letter from this woman claiming As stated in the most recent letter I sent to the Ohio Attorney General's office that I claim University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group falsely misrepresented itself as a State University. Yes I did becuse they are not a State University Distant learning facility as I had signed up for, they are a FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CENTER WHO ALSO GOES BY THE APOLLO GROUP. According to Ms. Kelly's statement and I quote Apollo Education Group aka Apollo Group is a PUBLICALLY TRADED CORPORATION, she goes on to say that they comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing such institutions. She also goes on to say that the ownership of UofP is clearly stated at the beginning of the student catalog (that I never recieved), reciept of which you acknowledged upon signing of your Enrollment Agreement. She goes on to say that the UofP is accredited by the Ohio Board of Regents to operate within the state, (blatent lie and misrepresentation of Information) but has never held itself out as a State Run INSTITUTION or in any matter withheld information regarding ownership AS QUOTED. This is a lie I went to the Ohio Board of Regents website the are not listed amongst those Universities or Independant Colleges in Ohio. Here is a list of those that are in the University catagory:Union Institute & UniversityUnited Theological SeminaryUniversity of DaytonUniversity of FindlayUniversity of Mount UnionUniversity of Northwestern OhioUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of Rio GrandeUniversity of ScrantonUniversity of Southern California 
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
44, Report #1208848
Feb 13 2015
08:07 AM
University of Phoenix Apollo Group Unsatisfied Ex-Student Online Phoenix, AZ Internet, AZ
 I started the college in 2006 till 2009. I withdrew from the program as high costs. In 2007 or 2008 they put me on a warning because I had upgraded my microsoft word and did not realize the university was not equipped and had to elect the 2003-2004 for send the document. I received a Fail for the course and had to fight it. It was a lenghthy process and eventually went in my favor. Every time I with drew from a course in the time frame allowed they reqeusted out of pocket mony and did not use the already thousands of dollars taken from my student loans. They did more than a few times and now. I am seriously fustrated and in over my head now with $50,000 plus in student loan debt because this supposed University withdrew the max and gave me less than average education. I feel take advantage of and I hope there will be the day that the ex-students for this supposed University receive justice for the misleading and misrepersentation this University has created and taken from the once student.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #975723
Nov 29 2012
03:58 PM
University of Phoenix Buyer beware. UOP rip-off Phoenix, Arizona
I had the unfortunate experience of both attending and working at the University of Phoenix. As a student I recognized that the levels of teaching were very inconsistent. One class would have a very articulate and professional instructor and the next class would be the complete opposite. While I was attending school here, my advisor would send me updates telling me that my classes had changed or that we would have a different instructor. Finally one of our instructors tipped us off that many of the faculty members had taken teaching positions at Grand Canyon University or other universities. When the floodgates opened, they opened wide. Though faculty turnover is significant at the University of Phoenix, it pales in comparison to the staff turnover. Every week many of the enrollment, academic and financial advisors are shown the door. Some because they did not recruit enough new students. Others because they were singled out by the corrupt management at the school. In the department I worked in, there were so many discrepencies in the the way that employees were evaluated and how the work load was distributed. One of the academic advisors I used to work with shared with me the details of her managers unbelievable micromanagement and harrassment. Her manager Ernest Sears would always distribute his management responsibilities to his employees and then hold them accountable for work he was supposed to be doing. He is also well known for his womanizing at work and afterhours. The happiest day of my life was the day I transferred out of that department. Of course the University of Phoenix counts on being able to use smoke and mirrors to hide the deep seated problems that exist. They think that they can cover up the glaring lack of leadership and the fact that student enrollment continues it's downhill slide, but they can't. This is one for profit university that's all hat and no cowboy. I have happily moved on to another career field. For those who are reading the comments about University of Phoenix on this website, and contemplating attending school here, I have two words for you...Caveat Emptor. It's Latin for let the buyer beware. In the highly competitive world of for profit universities, it really does pay for you to do your homework.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
46, Report #109317
Sep 20 2004
06:19 PM
University Of Phoenix - OnlineUOP ripoff Fishers Phoenix Internet
There have been many complaints about UOP. There is a post that feels UOP is a good university. I am currently enrolled in the MSCIS program at UOP, and in my third to last class for my Masters. I have learned absolutely nothing within my classes, which I did not already know. My undergrad provided me with all the skills that I have. The Masters program has not improved my knowledge or my skill set. Part of this is because the instructors do not help with the classes. I am able to respond to other students and talk about things that do not even pertain to the course of study. Yes, I have to have 2 posts 5 out of 7 days a week. The classes do not take up much time because all I have to do is answer questions. There are no exams; there is not any real work. My wife tried to obtain her BS through UOP. She had a completely different experience. She had non-stop work. Papers, posts, and more. The work would not have been a problem, but after further research it was discovered that the classes that she was enrolled in and scheduled to be enrolled in did not even pertain towards the degree she was after. She was told that she would graduate in 2 years by her first advisor. Her fifth advisor told her that she would not graduate in 2005, but 2007. The online website where one can see their courses completed and future classes, even said that she would be done by the end of 2005. Where was the other 2 years coming from? Why was my wife enrolled in classes and scheduled to be enrolled in classes that were not going towards her degree? UOP is after one thing MONEY!. They are a waste of time and energy. They are expensive. My wife has switched to a local college and is paying 7k less than what one year at UOP would have cost her and she will have completed her degree with this one time payment. She and I have had numerous academic advisors and financial advisors. None have the same story and none of them seem to have a clue. I am completing my degree because my work is paying for it. I have told my work to never pay for someone to take a class through UOP. They are not worth the money nor are they worth the accreditation that they have. Who in their right mind accredited this university? If there is any ground for a class action suit against UOP, please let, as many people know as you can. I would love to get my company's money and my time back from UOP. Ben Fishers, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
47, Report #130694
Feb 09 2005
08:06 AM
University Of Phoenix ripoff criminals con artists credit killers Phoenix Arizona
Unfortunately, I am one of the MANY people in this world that was also sucked into the blatent scam that this University is dishing out to the masses. When you first hear the program, it sounds almost heavenly and the excitement that builds awaiting your first course is like that of a child on Christmas Eve. Once it all begins, each course sinks you deeper into the pit of hell. I was first assigned a financial advisor that was amazing, but he was taken from me and I was assigned another and another and another. The last one I has actually called and threatened me if I did not call him back within a day of his call. I took 6 courses through UOP and received all A's and B's, with one of my B's that was supposed to have been changed to an A. After I had received this grade, I contacted the joke of an instructor and after 9 emails and 5 phone calls, he told me that yes I had earned an A in the course, but he just gave me the B+ and had no other reasoning. I was told by my also large turn over rate of counselors that the grade would be changed. NEVER happened. That was the kicker in my dissatisfaction with this business. I was intructed upon admission that I would have my expenses paid and after my third course, I received an email from the finance office saying that I owed approximately 3 grand, and this was after they had charged my financial aid over 3 grand as well. It is very interesting that if you look at all the complaints on the web, that the government is suing to get millions of dollars back for their deception. I am also in no way shape or form a rocket scientist, but I can honestly tell you that I never once opened a book or spent any real effort on my studies and I can honestly tell you that I NEVER LEARNED a thing!! The instructors are not the most intelligent people either. I had 3 courses where I was teaching them certain things about what we were supposed to be learning. This business is at the bottom of the barrel. The only way to describe them is to say that they are below a puppy mill and call them an educational mill. Please save your comments UOP, because I also know that you pay people to reply to these postings as well. We have all posted on here for a reason, to let the world know how bad you are and your meaningless comments are nothing to myself and I am sure a large mass of others. Michelle North East, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
48, Report #134925
Mar 14 2005
12:30 PM
University Of Phoenix ripoff Deceptive Admissions Promises and Practices Phoenix Arizona
Beware of the unscrupulous business practices employed by the University of Phoenix. They are masters at the crafts of deception! I was promised financial aide in the form of a low interest loan. As I entered class I was called to the front of the classroom by the professor and handed a letter which stated I had been notified*(which I had not been) that I was being administratively removed from the class and the instructor was to accept no assisgnments from me. I had prepared a paper, as assigned. I went down to student services and was treated like a criminal. The representative there could give me no information other than I would have to pay cash. The security guard was made available to make the situation more embarrassing and demeaning. Requests for information from the financial aide offfice were treated with refusal to provicde answers. The business people at the University of Phoenix treat students with callous disregard and prove that they are solely interested in filling their coffers. When money becomes the most important entity students suffer. Kileen peoria, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
49, Report #21322
May 22 2002
09:59 AM
UOP University of Phoenix Disorganized, rude, fraud abused & mistreated ripped off Phoenix Arizona
I attended the University of Phoenix in 1997 and it was the worst experience of my life. First of all they lost all of my paperwork 3 times. Then once they finally had it all in front of them they failed to run my student aid, so I got a bill for the cost of the class that I had just taken. I found out I had several parts of my application that were just missing and that is why my financial aid did not get processed. So we played the back and forth game with more paperwork, then apparently it was too late for them to file my student aid reports. So I got a bill every week for the next couple of months. I had their henchmen calling my house every other day, not verifying who they were speaking to (a couple of times they were giving private info to my friend) yelling at me how I need to take responsibility for my school payment. I changed my number shortly after, then they called my parents (when I was an independent student.) It drove me crazy! They put negative info on my credit report. They should have taken responsibility for the mistakes they made. I filled out all of the papers that they asked me to, and they lost it multiple times it is not my fault that they are disorganized. Michelle Spencer, West Virginia
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
50, Report #162444
Oct 28 2005
12:34 PM
University Of Phoenix Misrepresented Financial Funding, Ripoff Phoenix Arizona
I enrolled at UOP in early April of 2005 to pursue BS in Business Management. I was allowed to enter class under the auspices of prior credits and degrees, which determined the amount of financial funding I was eligible to receive. I received a statement for the financial advisor of the amount that would be granted and the maximum amount annual out-of-pocket I should expect to pay direct to UOP. I was lead to believe that financing had been established and I was ready to proceed to class. At the beginning of my fourth on-line class, August, 2005, I received notice of matriculation of transfer credits. UOP explained I would not receive over 1/2 of my prior educational credits nor the prior technical degree, as it was not essential to my degree path. This revelation of lack of credits affected the original amount of financial availability. This caused an unexpected reduction in the financial distribution previously stated. I immediately received a bill from UOP in the amount of 2600.00 at the end of August, 2005. I contacted and asked the financial advisor (this was the third advisor replacement within three months) if further funding was to be distributed and I was told yes but only in the amount of 3300 until March of 2006. I then realized that I would be responsible to pay any class taken before March 2006 would be paid out-of-pocket which could be potentially 11,250.00. I decided to delay enrollment of fifth class for I had no means to come up with that amount. I feel that I was duped into enrolling in class before financing was finalized. I had no idea this would happen. I knew I would have some out-of-pocket expenses but not at this high amount. I explained to UOP financial that I would pay the amount not covered by loan. I set up an agreed payment plan with advisors. Soon after, about one week, I was advised that my account was sent to collections for being in default. How could it be in default when we had agreed to a payment plan and the initial billing was only sent within 30 days? When I contacted the university advisor, she told me UOP would not accept the payment plan and demanded the 2600.00 payment immediately, or else I would be contacted by national reporting agencies. I feel that UOP's encouraging me to enter class without the benefit of confirmed financial backing, and then expect me to pull dollars out of the air on demand is simply the most open act of unethical behavior I have ever experienced. I was led to believe original loan expectation was a done deal. If I had known to begin with, I would have withdrawn sooner, or better, never enrolled at UOP. I have no complaints with the quality of lecture or instructor guidance. I valued the content and presentation of the courses. I learned a great deal with the courses. I was always the leader in the projects and was appreciated by all my classmates. I only wish I had performed research on UOP prior to selecting them to complete my degree. I feel stupid that I was un-informed, or that I allowed myself to believe all was OK. Further, I planned to attend another university but I cannot complete enrollment process due to UOP holding my transcripts until the unexpected fees are paid in full. This episode has cost me more than unexpected expenses but has forced me to further delay my educational desires. I hope they realize the harm they do to unsuspecting students. I believe the negative notices posted here would diminish if they took hold and reevaluated their ethics policies. Shame on you, UOP for leading me to expect I could continue my education; a dream I thought I could finally accomplish. My transcripts are being held hostage all because of an error made that I had no control or ability to foresee. I will learn to do better research in the future. I advise anyone if they are about to enroll at UOP to make sure you know exactly what your financial needs will cover. Do not be assured that communication given by UOP staff is accurate. Please have all details in writting prior to accepting admission to any class. I learned the hard way. Terry Oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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