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76, Report #791510
Oct 23 2011
04:29 PM
University of Phoenix Rip Off and Lies Phoenix, Arizona
This is complaint 613 on  I am so sorry I ever trusted these people. I attend online. I went to Axia College and received my A.A. Degree in Psychology, and I did have a good experience with them. However, I transferred into the B.S. program in Business Management and this is a total joke! I am terrible at math so I asked if there were anymore math courses and I was told no. I was told the math is done. Low and behold I am in statistics and the academic advisors tell students that most of their students fail this course. Nice huh! First they say no more math courses and now they have a high failure rate in this course. Not to mention this so-called facilitator tries to fail everyone. He tells us a week after an assginment is due that other stuff needed to be turned in with the other assignment. I have a B in the course right now, but I am really struggling. All UOP does is lie, mislead, lie, mislead, and lie more. There should be a class action lawsuit agains them, and if there is one, count  me in. I was never told the people teaching were not professors. More and more I know I am in debt the rest of my life over this.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
77, Report #771471
Aug 31 2011
12:33 PM
University Of Phoenix lies stole Phoenix, Arizona
I was promised a degree in a course they dont even have and when I transfered to a school that offers the degree program non of the credits were transferable because the UOP is not creditable so I spent a year working on nothing and 1000's of $
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
78, Report #642379
Sep 20 2010
07:47 AM
University of Phoenix- Axia Withdraw Phoenix, Arizona
I am currently a student, and time is of the most importance for me now. I am halfway through my 2nd block of classes. I am planning to withdraw. First, a little background. I started in June at Axia Online. I was very excited to start due to the flexiblity of the program. ( I have 3 toddlers, I was out of options to return to school) I started on the recommendation from my enrollment counselor. Now, I had already filled out my FAFSA before even going through the enrollment process at Axia. I wanted to be ahead of the game. They were very thrilled with the fact that I was already set up with a FAFSA, I saved them a lot of extra walk through work. Being very new to the whole situation, I started before my financial aid was processed. They explained that it takes at least 90 days for all that to get finalized. Ok, fine. I went through the steps with UoP financial aid, sent and resent documents, multiple times, and made sure they didn't have to wait on anything. I am told by my financial aid counselor that she will keep me informed on the status of my financial aid. I don't hear a thing for weeks. By now I am starting to sweat. My husband and I live on his income alone. I was up front about that when enrolling. We DO NOT have the money they would try to come and get from us. Thus, my reasons for exploring financial aid. I started classes on June 21st, and did not hear anything on my financial aid status until I contacted THEM. By this time, it is mid- August. I emailed my counselor and asked, bottom line, what am I going to be responsible for out of pocket? I was assured that I would have no expense. My aid more than covered the amount due. Great! Things were going smoothly, until one day I am on the internet and I see a link with the title, Is University of Phoenix a legit school? I never click on random headings like this, about a month ago, I did. I freaked. It opened a flood gate of complaints about the school, it's practices, and the basic wrong doing toward students. I cried about this for 2 weeks. We are not financially able to go through anything like the claims I have read. I personally to date, have not been wronged by UoP. (please excuse my previous slang statement) I will say however, I want to leave it. With all the knoweledge I have gained as of late, I can not stay there. I am a smart person, but my actions with getting tangled up with UoP have been the acts of a moron. I can not continue with my education there. What if I am one of those individuals who has this happen down the road? I can't go forward knowing I had the chance to save myself from trouble later on and I did nothing. To bring you to the present. UoP currently disbursed my first installment of financial aid covering my first 12 credits. That's how they do it. I am currently halfway through my 2nd block. Once finished, I will have done 12 credits. My questions: 1. I have decide to go to another school, since I will have in the 12 credits, doesn't that mean I have fullfilled my financial aid obligation to them for my first installment? 2. I am planning to do the offical withdraw online the day after my block ends, am I doing this right? I am looking for serious help. Please give any suggestions you may have, if you would like more info, just let me know and I will fill you in if you can help. I am trying to not owe out of pocket to UoP. I DO NOT want to make them aware of my plans in any way to leave. It is my understanding that once they learn your idea to leave, it is a domino effect with them and things mysteriously start to go bad for you as a student. I just want to leave and start over. I know that my credit may not transfer, but I will cross that bridge later. In the end, I will have some out of pocket at the new school I choose. Thanks to all who respond.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
79, Report #438147
Mar 27 2009
06:33 AM
University Of Phoenix AXIA RIPOFF SCAMERS Phoenix Arizona
I started Axia about 2 years ago, I honestly wish I did more research before starting the actual classes. I have attended Community College and have 52 credits earned. I submitted my unofficial transcript signed bunch of papers and next thing you know they made me sign a waiver on my credit telling me that they need that in order for me to recive financial aid. What do I know?? I only been in the US for 7 years my english is a self tought english I do not understand much about this school grants loans etc. Next thig I was told was tht they will accept 27 credits from my 52 by that time I have allready started the classes because in order for me to get the financial aid per them, I have to be in class. by this time I have completed 18 credits with Axia everytime I asked about my transfered credit the answer was they were working on that and it takes time. However, after I have completed 18 credits with them they only accepted 6 credits from 52 telling me that they are not acceptable these are criminal justice credits these are all the classes I have taken and now they are making me take them again. But I have taken and pushed my self to stay in school because I work so much that going to class is next to imposible for me. Now my situation is: I have 6 more classes before I graduate from these 6 2 classes I have already taken at community college 2 classes I have taken and tehy want me to take them again. same classes INTRO TO JUVENILE JUSTICE and INTRO TO SECURITY. I am not going to. However, the issue is 4th week into the classes I have lost a baby, I contacted my councleor and told her that I am not able to complete these classes and i am so depressed and just out iof my mind last thing I want to do is going to class I did not even go to work for 2 weeks. The financial adviosor calles me and tells me that I have to finish the or I have to pay for them. I was like I just lost a baby I was pregnant and all you care about is money and me finishing the classes that by now we are in the 8th week I am going to fail regardless. They are a scam artists and they should pay for using other peoples money.I told him take the grant that I have and pay for the classes it is my money anyhow I have to pay it back regardless. Liz debary, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
80, Report #436428
Mar 22 2009
01:06 AM
University Of Phoenix is NOT worth the cost nor the time invested. Phoenix Arizona
I went to UOP from Aug 07 thru Feb 08. First and foremost, I feel a lot of sympathy reading these posts on this website about the horrific experience with UOP both academically and financially from former students. My experience with them is not as severe as others stated on this forum, but it's still proven as a disaster. I was both lethargic and miffed about the way the instructors handled the classroom sessions. They were not helpful at all with anything. There was a lab assignment that requires citrix download in order to complete the assignment. At the time, Windows Vista was still new and my computer is equipped with it. The system had problems downloading the program so I can't complete my assignment. Therefore, I recieved a 0 for the grade. The only way 2 contact the instructor is through email b/c they would not answer their phones. If your computer is broken, you can forget it unless you can access it through your friend's. I tried my public library when my computer has been sent off for repairs, but couldn't access the axia website because of security issues. So I missed almost half of my quarter. When it comes to help, the only person that helped was my academic advisor. That is a shame because the instructors are being lazy because they will not help you. They will not help you with your answer. Financially, I was ripped off, but wasn't in serious debt. Even though the financial aid was covered 100% it's still not worth the hassle. I took 4 classes before I quit, 3 out of 4 I passed, but it was a struggle. The class I failed, well, the financial advisor notified me that I had 2 pay $875.00 in order to proceed to the next course. I had plans to quit UOP before my last 2 classes begin, so it was time for me 2 move on; $3800.00 wasted for 4 classes. I had to pay about $60.00 a month for 3 years! That doesn't sound like much, but it's still a waste of money! Don't want that on my credit. Another thing about UOP that I did not investigate on was the accreditation, so if I obtained a degree, it would NOT honor my region. Even though they have campuses, (We have 2 in Raleigh, N.C) doesn't mean they are approved by the SACS (Which is our region). Please do your research for your region because if not, your degree from UOP doesn't hold any value. UOP is ONLY accredited through the Midwest/Southwest Regions (Not accredited in ANY states on the east coast from Maine down through Florida). There are a lot of online classes through your local area universities and even community colleges! They will provide you with more support from faculty and students and programs to help you succeed without a lot of B.S. My advice to students is to read your contracts, if you are withdrawing from UOP, do it before your classes begin and talk with your financial advisor so you won't end up with a big mess later. Thanks, Jerry Morrisville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
81, Report #384741
Oct 25 2008
10:53 AM
University Of Phoenix failed to complete my financial aid Phoenix Arizona
I just recently discovered this site, and I too would like to share my story concerning the University of Phoenix. I am a single mom that has two teenagers and a grand baby at home. We live off of social security that I receive for my girls from their father's death. I have always wanted to go back to school and get a degree so I could better provide for my family. After extensive research I choose to attend University of Phoenix through their online education program. Within a week of speaking with an admissions advisor my classes began. After completing my first two classes and getting prepared for the next two I received a letter stating that I owed them $1400. I had completed every financial aid form and faxed to them everything that they had asked for. I was qualified for complete financial aid due to my low income status. I immediately called them to try and get the issue resolved, but as you have probably already guessed, I got absolutely no where. They had told me that my aid information had not been forwarded to the proper agencies, therefore my aid was denied. This was of no fault of my own. The responsibility was with the financial aid department at the school, and there was nothing that I could do about it. I now have this reflected on my credit report. I don't want anything from them except for them to remove this from my credit report. It was there fault and in no way should I be held responsible for someone else's mistakes. Someone should have been fired for this. It has hard to tell how many other people they have screwed over like this. If someone would like to involve me in a lawsuit against them, I would be an eager and willing participant! Latisha alkol, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
82, Report #397074
Dec 02 2008
02:09 PM
University Of Phoenix Financial Headache and student nightmare Phoenix Arizona
I began attending the University of Phoenix online in Spring 2007. I loved the five week course's and the fact that I could get my four year Psychology degree online. It appeared to be a great place to finish my education, but appearances are deceiving. My troubles began when I had to put off starting a course in June of 2008 due to knee surgery. I was informed that my financial aid would be fine as long as I started my next class on or before July 1st. My next class did indeed start on July 1st. I received a bill for $1600 and sent an immediate email to my financial advisor asking why I received this bill that I was a financial aid student. I was told there was nothing to worry about, that finanicial aid was still in place. I finished this course and started a second course; again receiving a bill, this one for $3200. I sent a second email and was at this time told that my financial aid had been canceled due to not starting class prior to July 1st. When I questioned why I was not told this the first time the answer was, and I quote I'm sorry I must have missed it. I was told to go to a website and fill out the paperwork again and it would be recertified. I did this on August 15, by September 15 my paperwork had not even been looked at. In fact they told me it was not even submitted until September 5th. They assured me I could take my next classes without worry, but I refused to start classes again until I knew I had financial coverage. When I complained enough they put my paperwork on priority and a week later I was sent a letter denying me financial aid. I immediatley called my fincancial advisor and discovered they had made a mistake. They had to resend my paperwork and a week after that I had certification. Due to this long wait I decided to see if there was another school I could get into. I decided I would leave University of Phoenix due to their lack of intelligent information when it came to financial aid and academics. I discovered Southern New Hampshire University with at tuition that was half of what University of Phoenix charged and also offered my degree online. When I told University of Phoenix I was withdrawing and not taking another class, they told me they would take away my funds that I had just spent a month and a half waiting on and I would have to pay them what I owed for the previous two classes, unless I took one more class. I did. After completing this last class, I applied for financial aid at Southern New Hampshire University. They asked that University of Phoenix fill out a simple form confirming that I was no longer attending the University and no longer recieving funds for them. A simple form that would take two minutes to fill out. University of Phoenix replied that my last day of class was December 1st, and that was my withdrawal date as well. I was told they were instructed not to fill out this form and wished me luck at my new school. I question the motives behind University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group. I feel like I have been cheated. I also now fear that due to their refusal to fill out a simple form stating my withdrawal date that I will not be able to start classes at my new school until June instead of January. University of Phoenix looks good but when you get down to it, they are hard to work with and do not hesitate to misinform and misguide the students they rope in. I made a mistake in attending University of Phoenix. Stephanie Greensboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
83, Report #975723
Nov 29 2012
03:58 PM
University of Phoenix Buyer beware. UOP rip-off Phoenix, Arizona
I had the unfortunate experience of both attending and working at the University of Phoenix. As a student I recognized that the levels of teaching were very inconsistent. One class would have a very articulate and professional instructor and the next class would be the complete opposite. While I was attending school here, my advisor would send me updates telling me that my classes had changed or that we would have a different instructor. Finally one of our instructors tipped us off that many of the faculty members had taken teaching positions at Grand Canyon University or other universities. When the floodgates opened, they opened wide. Though faculty turnover is significant at the University of Phoenix, it pales in comparison to the staff turnover. Every week many of the enrollment, academic and financial advisors are shown the door. Some because they did not recruit enough new students. Others because they were singled out by the corrupt management at the school. In the department I worked in, there were so many discrepencies in the the way that employees were evaluated and how the work load was distributed. One of the academic advisors I used to work with shared with me the details of her managers unbelievable micromanagement and harrassment. Her manager Ernest Sears would always distribute his management responsibilities to his employees and then hold them accountable for work he was supposed to be doing. He is also well known for his womanizing at work and afterhours. The happiest day of my life was the day I transferred out of that department. Of course the University of Phoenix counts on being able to use smoke and mirrors to hide the deep seated problems that exist. They think that they can cover up the glaring lack of leadership and the fact that student enrollment continues it's downhill slide, but they can't. This is one for profit university that's all hat and no cowboy. I have happily moved on to another career field. For those who are reading the comments about University of Phoenix on this website, and contemplating attending school here, I have two words for you...Caveat Emptor. It's Latin for let the buyer beware. In the highly competitive world of for profit universities, it really does pay for you to do your homework.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
84, Report #1035027
Mar 15 2013
11:10 AM
University of Phoenix Cheating students one class at a time Phoenix, Arizona
I had the unfortunate experience of both attending and working at the University of Phoenix. As a student I recognized that the levels of teaching were very inconsistent. One class would have a very articulate and professional instructor and the next class would be the complete opposite. While I was attending school here, my advisor would send me updates telling me that my classes had changed or that we would have a different instructor. Finally one of our instructors tipped us off that many of the faculty members had taken teaching positions at Grand Canyon University or other universities. When the floodgates opened, they opened wide.  Though faculty turnover is significant at the University of Phoenix, it pales in comparison to the staff turnover. Every week many of the enrollment, academic and financial advisors are shown the door. Some because they did not recruit enough new students. Others because they were singled out by the corrupt management at the school. In the department I worked in, there were so many discrepencies in the the way that employees were evaluated and how the work load was distributed. One of the academic advisors I used to work with shared with me the details of her managers unbelievable micromanagement and harrassment. Her manager Ernest Sears would always distribute his management responsibilities to his employees and then hold them accountable for work he was supposed to be doing. He is also well known for his womanizing at work and afterhours. The happiest day of my life was the day I transferred out of that department. Of course the University of Phoenix counts on being able to use smoke and mirrors to hide the deep seated problems that exist. They think that they can cover up the glaring lack of leadership and the fact that student enrollment continues it's downhill slide, but they can't. This is one for profit university that's all hat and no cowboy. I have happily moved on to another career field.   For those who are reading the comments about University of Phoenix on this website, and contemplating attending school here, I have two words for you...Caveat Emptor. It's Latin for let the buyer beware. In the highly competitive world of for profit universities, it really does pay for you to do your homework.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
85, Report #1055636
Jun 01 2013
06:02 PM
University of Phoenix added more courses and cost for education Phoenix Internet
While I was in school, the academic advisor sent me an e-mail, stating that I would now have to take 2 new courses - 590A and 590B.  This now extended the length of time  I would have to be in school, and it also added to the amount of money I would now have to borrow from FAFSA. I was told that if I did not agree to the additional courses, I would not be allowed to graduate. So, I took the 2 courses.  I completed 590A with an A.  Then, while I was enrolled in 590B, my dad became ill, and I had just recovered from a stroke.  I managed to complete the second part of 590.  However, when I first submitted my paper showing my work, I was informed by the professor that I had submitted my information a day ahead of schedule, and I  was basically ordered to call UoP Tech, and have them remove the paper. I did as I was told, and when  I re-submitted the paper, I inadvertently submitted an earlier version, which was not complete.  I was sent an e-mail by the professor, that I had an F on my final paper.   I was shocked, and I asked why. Professor Vicki Burns stated that I had numerous spelling and grammatical errors, as well as improper formatting in my bibliographies.  I checked all these areas BEFORE I submitted my work, and found there were absolutely NO errors of the type indicated by the professor. I had the distinct impression that she was look for a way to fail me.   I went through the appeals committee, and nothing I said mattered.  Now they want me to pay them an additional $3700+, and have told me that I must retake 590A and B, in order to complete my Master's in Nursing. I have worked extremely hard, and have numerous personal problems:  I had a stroke due to a fall in January 2013, and made a recoverey, which the neurosurgeon was surprised at.  I even sent the school the medical records, and they ignored this. My dad was ill with Alzheimer's, and died December 24th, 2012.  Through all this, I kept hoping I would be able to complete my MSN to go on and hopefully become a Nurse Practitioner student.   I feel that the school has been extremely cold, heartless, and dishonest in their interactions with me.   Joan M. Enering, R.N., BSN
Entity: Phoenix, Internet
86, Report #1134849
Mar 30 2014
11:55 AM
University of Phoenix, Inc. Apollo Group Fraud By Deception Phoenix Arizona
 I already possess an AAS degree from Youngstown State University where I graduated in 2002. I wanted to finish up my BAS in Information Technology being I had only 8 classes to go. I contacted the University of Phoenix online to finish up my degree because I have medical problems that doesn't allow me to walk to classes or sit for long periods of time in a classroom setting and was given a run around and placed in Chat Rooms which made no sense what-so-ever they would ask for personal information or another term I can use is Spoofed me. The class I thought I was attending I was told was only 5 weeks long, 3 weeks in I was advised via email to get out it was a scam so when I tried to unenroll from thier supposed University I was given a hard time. I filed FAFSA and have proof that it was accepted but was told I never signed any of the documents, well that was because they were not eligible to recieve my grants and loans. They harassed me constantly telling me I had to sign documents which I am glad I did not do. The advisor I would speak to was out of Akron, OH by the name of Charles when I asked to be unenrolled then I got sent to a lady by the name of Franchesca Fiero who was in Phoenix, AZ. It was a big mess but I never once put my signature on any paperwork for them. By advise I got away from them in the 3 week period and now they demand payment of $1590.00 from me and have gone to all three major credit bureaus to try to make me pay them. I refuse to and have contacted the Ohio Attorney General's Office about this matter. I get told that a lady by the name of Julie Kelly who claims she is from the Office of Dispute Management and has a Juris Doctorate Degree tells the Attorney General's Office that I refuse to sign FERPA forms for them to release information to the AG.  I did my research on this woman, she has no JD from Oklahoma as she claims she does, she misrepresents pertinent information to the  Ohio AG's office and continues to tell them that until they get my signature on documents that has nothing to do with my supposed records she refuses to send them anything. She told the Ohio AG's office that I finished my courses with the University of Phoenix which is a blatent lie because I was signed up with Strayer University during the time period I was suppose have been taking courses with them.The other day I recieved a letter from this woman claiming As stated in the most recent letter I sent to the Ohio Attorney General's office that I claim University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group falsely misrepresented itself as a State University. Yes I did becuse they are not a State University Distant learning facility as I had signed up for, they are a FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CENTER WHO ALSO GOES BY THE APOLLO GROUP. According to Ms. Kelly's statement and I quote Apollo Education Group aka Apollo Group is a PUBLICALLY TRADED CORPORATION, she goes on to say that they comply with all laws, rules and regulations governing such institutions. She also goes on to say that the ownership of UofP is clearly stated at the beginning of the student catalog (that I never recieved), reciept of which you acknowledged upon signing of your Enrollment Agreement. She goes on to say that the UofP is accredited by the Ohio Board of Regents to operate within the state, (blatent lie and misrepresentation of Information) but has never held itself out as a State Run INSTITUTION or in any matter withheld information regarding ownership AS QUOTED. This is a lie I went to the Ohio Board of Regents website the are not listed amongst those Universities or Independant Colleges in Ohio. Here is a list of those that are in the University catagory:Union Institute & UniversityUnited Theological SeminaryUniversity of DaytonUniversity of FindlayUniversity of Mount UnionUniversity of Northwestern OhioUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of Rio GrandeUniversity of ScrantonUniversity of Southern California 
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
87, Report #1208848
Feb 13 2015
08:07 AM
University of Phoenix Apollo Group Unsatisfied Ex-Student Online Phoenix, AZ Internet, AZ
 I started the college in 2006 till 2009. I withdrew from the program as high costs. In 2007 or 2008 they put me on a warning because I had upgraded my microsoft word and did not realize the university was not equipped and had to elect the 2003-2004 for send the document. I received a Fail for the course and had to fight it. It was a lenghthy process and eventually went in my favor. Every time I with drew from a course in the time frame allowed they reqeusted out of pocket mony and did not use the already thousands of dollars taken from my student loans. They did more than a few times and now. I am seriously fustrated and in over my head now with $50,000 plus in student loan debt because this supposed University withdrew the max and gave me less than average education. I feel take advantage of and I hope there will be the day that the ex-students for this supposed University receive justice for the misleading and misrepersentation this University has created and taken from the once student.
Entity: Internet
88, Report #213872
Oct 02 2006
08:24 PM
University Of Phoenix ripoff - university is complete fraud Nationwide
When UoP came out for a college day at my job, I told them that I wanted more info from them. I scheduled a meeting. While the recruiter was talking, she stated that my job would pay 100% of the tuition. In fact, she mentioned this several times. Once I signed all the forms, then she says that oops, that number was wrong. They'll only pay a small fraction of it. So I got stuck attending classes. The classes are a joke. They find any jerk off the street who will teach these classes. They have you purchase books that you will hardly use and policies change as often as weather changes in Kansas...every 5 minutes. Check out this email I received from their office. I was asking a question about formatting papers and this is the response I get! Now, tell me that they're not a worthless diploma factory out to scam students! I get charged $1050.00 for tuitition and 70.00 for books which is actually accessing their website to download locked pdf files. Inquiry: My team is needing some assistance. We are having a difference of opinion regarding APA formatting for headings. We need to know which example is correct: Example 1:Level One Heading (title)Level Three Heading (heading of paragraph/section) Level Four Heading (subheading of paragraph/section) OR Example 2: Level One Heading (title) Level One Heading (heading of paragraph/section)Level Three Heading (subheading of paragraph/section) Level Four Heading (sub-subheading of paragraph/section) The first example is following the formatting in the APA book, section 3.32. The second example is following the formatting of the APA sample from the Writing Center. This is confusing because the APA book says one thing, the Writing Center sample shows something different, and the instructors have their own spin on what they want on APA. There is no consistancy. Dear Deanna: This in a microcosm is what you should expect from a career. Most large corporations have standard formats for inter-office communications, but inevitably you will encounter a supervisor who wants them done slightly differently, or you will find yourself in a situation that is an exception to the rule. Rule #1 at UOP: the instructor has the last word in the course of the class, so the student must adhere to the instructor's requirement (as in any corporate situation) but return to the standard once the course is over. Regarding the difference between the CWE and the APA manual, the Boeing Corporation employee manual specifies standard security procedures throughout the company, but in certain locations in Southern California, those procedures are augmented slightly to increase security in certain aspects. The point is that the closest authority has the more immediate power. In this case, the APA manual specifies various aspects that the University of Phoenix, with its vast series of campuses and differences in student body, has amended, in most cases to make them simpler (easier). This is the point: the king tells you to wear red--you wear red. But outside the castle, the duke tells you to wear blue--you wear blue. In your village, the chieftain tells you to wear brown--you wear brown. The closest authority has the most immediate power. Regards, Tim Guymon, Project Manager University of Phoenix | Axia College of University of Phoenix phone (800) 366-9693 | email: Deanna Olathe, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
89, Report #187127
Apr 17 2006
06:10 PM
University Of Phoenix Online University of Phoenix Online - letter to management Phoenix Arizona
A letter I wrote to management as a UOP Mil Division EA: As a former service member and dealing with service members everyday at work. I am proud at what I can do for them because I am proud and grateful for what they do for my country. To provide a service member the ability to make themselves better, to educate them to provide them a basis of a better future because they are guaranteeing our future and freedom makes me very proud to be part of this division here. It is that pride and sense of duty that has carried me here in the military division. I find however, that is not what drives this division. It is the bottom line and that is to get as many students into the school in order to secure their money and funding for the benefit of the bottom line. It is definitively apparent that our funding, our tuition and financial aid is geared towards maximizing a return and pushing the envelope of acceptability and affordability. It is quizzical that we compare ourselves to other brick and mortar schools and their tuition costs. But I have not seen one not one graph that displays the our tuition costs compared to other ONLINE Universities, Colleges or Degrees. It is apparent that as a university that we seek to maintain two missions here, one is our accreditation in order to continue to secure the DOE funding from our students. And also to grow with as many students as possible and rewarding those individuals that do so. Education, knowledge and academic excellence is a secondary goal if tertiary goal in growth. Yet, in that growth we address the loss in reputation from low admissions hurdles with an ever larger marketing machine to say that we are premiere. This is totally different from other organization who let OUTSIDE organizations rate and rank them or who allow for the growth and acceptance of their institution show by their merits. It is apparent we do so more so by our banner ads and marketing campaigns. It is ironic that as a marketing major that I demean this process as it has been highly successful. But the marketing of the insinuation does not show the difficulty within which the future student must operate or enter this university. We have been told to set the right expectations. To do the students right. And we do so. But the minute they enter the university the services or the lack of services we provide become apparent. It is not the fault of the individuals who provide the service but it is the fault of the institution who rewards MONTHLY goal makers and overworks, inundates EAs, FAs, ACs to the point where we cannot provide satisfactory service but focus on one thing - THE NUMBERS. And the numbers are rewarded. It is interesting a colleague once told me that whoever drew up those numbers probably did so in a vacuum. There is no basis for the numbers and invariably 70% to 80% of the people in those positions do not make the numbers. It is also interesting that the rate of attrition is probably just as high. In a standard bell curve the numbers should be moved not the people. But the people are apparently the ones that are wrong and they are told so everyday. Everyday we focus on the monthly number because that is the most important number. At the cost of letting our students become numbers. If one examines the challenges to students entering this university and maintaining their status in this university it is not the student that challenges themselves but the institution. Which on a purely academic level is totally acceptable. But prior to acceptance the REAL measure of acceptance to this university is not a person's academic experience or ability to perform BUT their financial viability to pay or secure financing to pay tuition. Tuition that continues to rise. Why does UOP offer ground classes at less expensive tuition amount then the ONLINE? Is ONLINE not a less expensive business model since it is ONLINE? Yet we do so because we seek to push the envelope of financial viability for the sake of PROFITS. THIS IS WHERE THE MISSION AND THE PRIORITIES CLASH. Education by its truest nature and virtue is not about PROFITS its about the spread of knowledge and then secondarily to seek the monetary benefits of that knowledge. We seek the monetary benefits before we provide knowledge and additionally we hold that service of knowledge hostage to students who cannot provide that priority to us - i.e. tuition. Additionally, we provide not alternatives to help our students attain their education if only collections. Our relationships with our ground and sister campus is strained at best and our systems and transferal ability is stodgy. As a former service member serving other service members I am proud to do what I do here as an individual. But it shames to see that the drive of this division and most probably this institution is not to help people get an education but provide an alternative to education at the highest possible net gain to the institution at the cost of the individuals who work here and the student. Sometime perhaps someone should speak the truth and not spout the virtues of a mission that is not real. The mission is essentially all in the students head, we only provide that option and facilitate it. But I never think we ever truly support it. The future will be very difficult for this institution. Because we are lacking on that service side. It is good to have many options here, many schools, many colleges, alternatives etc. and I think that is what will continue to make this school grow in the short term. But eventually, the support or service side of this university will be outsourced to people with more knowledge, dedication and training or it will the Achilles heel Jon Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
90, Report #313245
Feb 29 2008
07:55 AM
University Of Phoenix,University Of Phoenix-- Axia College University of Phoenix has ruined my life! Troy Michigan
My company would pay for my classes at UOP. My enrollment counselor pressured me to not envolve my work funds and seek Financial Aid and geeked me up by telling me that I would get the maximum amount of money back from the government for free (approx 4,200.00). So I filled out my financial paperwork as she suggested using Fin Aid as my primary source of payment. The UOP FA department wanted info from me that even the IRS couldn't understand the reason for asking for such info. So, FA kept needing more info for about 45 days into my classes. I decided to utilize my company for pymt and since they were a secondary form of pymt at this point, they were awaiting pymt from FA and they would pay the rest. I couldn't switch my pymt options until my next block of courses, so now I have 1900.00 awaiting to go to collections. During my Finals, I was blocked out of courses and my grades dropped to failing grades. Now my employer wont pay at all. Is there a way a can get any help in this situation? Diva327 detroit, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Troy, Michigan
91, Report #307602
Feb 09 2008
12:20 PM
University Of Phoenix Axia College Of The University Of Phoenix com140 class, financial problem Phoenix Arizona
I started classes at Axia college in October of 2007. I was having problems in class for awhile because this is the first time I have gone to college and doing it online. After I got things ironed out, things started to go smoother for. I was getting good feed back from both my instructors, even to the point that my com 140 class instructor wanted to use one of my assisgnments in future classes. The instructor in my com 140 class was giving me good feed back and no mention of me failing. At the end of the first block I finally got my grades. Low and behold I got a B in my other class and an F in my com 140 class. I was shocked with the F. I did my final report, but I evidently sent it in the wrong format. SO she said she had to give me an F. I disagree. Yes if I sent in wrong format I should have some points taken off, but not to the extent of an F. I feel they did this so they could make more money. I was going to try and do that but the cost for me to do this is $755.00. That is a ripoff to me. I feel I did not deserve the F! I e-mailed dean jambon the enrollment counselor and told him I would have to withdraw from school. He said he would take care of it. Well he did not. Well now ROn Smith the academic counselor, states that I would have to pay financial aid, student loan, and pell grant back. I e-mailed him and told him I would pay the money back that I had received from the balance I had credited to my account and nothing else. I also told him that the university needs to send the money back to financial aid which I had not used and tolds them that money did not belong to them. I am really confused with their actions. I really do not know what my options are about the money Judy Cardington, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
92, Report #363920
Aug 17 2008
10:24 PM
University Phoenix - University of Phoneix Online Chargeback Scam Orlando Florida
I took a class online wit uop in May of 2007. Finished in June, then in August i get a phone call from stating that i or my bank requested a charge back of $75 to my debit card. I had no idea what they were talking about, i told them i never got a credit from them. So i called my bank and they confirmed that no credit had come from UoP. So i called Phoenix back and they said well there is one and if you don't pay it it will go onto your credit report as being unpaid since May. and true to their word, i have a collection on my credit report for something i never received. To this day i have yet to get a chargeback on my account. I guess its somewhere in cyberspace. Nichole Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
93, Report #136373
Mar 25 2005
10:35 AM
University Of Phoenix Ripoff Online Financial Aid Nightmare!! Phoenix Arizona online Internet
I transferred to UOP in June 2003 after my semester was over with University of Maryland University College. I decided to attend UOP-online because of the accelerated degree program. Five weeks sure did sound better that 15 weeks. Now I wish I would have stay with UMUC becuase they always notified me if there was some kind of mistake with my financial aid or any changes that could affect it. The nightmare began March 2004 and something told me to check to check to see if I could download my class folders. It was never a Tech Support issue so I called my advisor, left a message as usual, and called my financial aid advisor. I left message after message, email after email but to no avail did I receive another call until class was already under way. My sinancial aid advisor finally called back, but she was not Corinne, she was someone new. She couldn't find any new verifications for me that Corinne had received from me. Prior to Corinne been switched out or promoted, as I was told, she advised me that there was a network crashed and it affected some individuals aid and they would have to manually input it. I expressed my concerns but she reassured me that everything would be credited correctly. The new advisor told me that i had a break in attendance, and that is what affected my aid. I always spoke with my advisors prior to taking a break to make sure my aid would not be affected, therefore, I never had a break in attendance. I could not attend class until the issue was resolved and it is not until this day. I spoke with the corporate office and told them about the transactions between Corinne and I and they acted like Corinne never existed and that there was never a crash. In order to begin my next class (I was withdrawn from my previous class)I had to get my aid in order because they said I owed them $1050. How? My loans and aid covered my tuition. I cannot receive my transcript until I pay the bill in which I should not have a bill. I constantly receive statements and/or calls from them when I keep telling them over and over again what happened. i am going to speak with a lawyer because something is not right here. Something has to be done about the financial aid issues with UOP. Toya virginia beach, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
94, Report #243984
Apr 14 2007
09:16 AM
University Of Phoenix rip off, misinforming enrollment advisors Phoenix Arizona Internet
Entity: Internet
95, Report #109227
Sep 20 2004
10:50 AM
University Of Phoenix Online rip-off! Complete nightmare! Liars! Phoenix Arizona
My husband went to UOP online for one semester and it has been a complete nightmare. They lied about finacial aide by saying that all of it would be paid for in grants. We still have owe money on one class that was over $2500. It was one creative writing course that the teacher would never help him with. The books we got the first time were wrong. Then they took him out of the class because he didn't have his books and still want to charge us for the little bit he did do. They put him in another class with the right books and he got an A which was NEVER given to him and they still want money for a clas that they never gave him a grade for. This is the very short version of this but i can tell you to STAY AWAY FROM UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX. It is a rip off and they lie lie lie!! Christy Columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
96, Report #106161
Aug 30 2004
04:55 PM
University Of Phoenix Online ripoff Phoenix Arizona
My husband is taking courses with UOP and they continue to sign him up for the same type of courses. Nothing is being learned. I have read the other postings, a little late. But was wandering why none of the postings have also gone to the better business bureau website and posted their complaints. According to the BBB, this company is in good standing. We will be posting our complaints. Jennifer Dallas, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #124801
Dec 28 2004
09:26 PM
University Of Phoenix Online ripoff Phoenix Arizonia
I wanted to complete my college degree, and when I talked to the admission counsler at Phoenix, I thought it sounded like a good deal. The counsler did a good job at selling the University, and told me that even with my busy schedule Phoenix was a good fit for me. After 2 weeks I knew there were problems with the class, when I talked to my admissions counsler, and financial advisor they both told me that typically the first class is difficult because there are alot of students taking the class who really shouldn't be taking college classes. They encouraged me to stick it out and the next class would be better. My problems with the University, and their response to my complaint with the BBB are as follows: 1) There was no organization to the classroom, we were broken up into learning teams and got absolutly no direction from the instructor. UOP response was that there was assigned readings that dealt with the team environment. 2) The instructor did not respond to my concerns. UOP response was that the instructor responded to questions in the newsgroup as her contract required. I followed up with the instructor not answering my emails. UOP, no response 3)I complained that the subject matter had no practical application, there were only three assignments to get graded on, one individual and 2 team assignments. On the team assignments, the individual who submitted the work chose not to include all the members of the team as contributors to the project. UOP no response. I have more complaints, but I guess its useless to continue Dennis Eagle Pass, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
98, Report #466231
Jun 29 2009
09:57 PM
University of Phoenix Scammed Me Phoenix Arizona Internet
My name is Jodi and I am a former student at the online college University of Phoenix. I am writing today as a victim of fraud at the hands of this so-called University. Prior to enrollment, I noticed that the counselor, Clayton Preis, seemed all to eager for me to enroll. He started by promising me all this financial aid money ($5000.00) that I would receive from my first loan disbursement. I mean I did need the money since I only make about $810.00 a month so I went with it. The application process was a bit odd since all Clay worried about was getting my fafsa filled out. After all this was done I started my first set of classes. That's when red flags started to raise. I noticed that 90% of the students knowledge of academia were sub par to say the least. I mean I was starting to wonder if I was in a class with anyone that spoke english. Their grammar was bad and the speling was worse then a five year olds. I decided to do some research and found the website I looked up UOPX and found thousands of reports against this company, most, by people recommending to get out before it's too late and they ruin your credit PLUS your chances of ever going to another college. Not only that but their so-called diplomas aren't even accepted by any jobs in the United States. I called them immediately so I could withdraw and that's when everyone acted like they could not withdraw me or they would simply hang-up on me. When I finally got ahold of my financial advisor she said I would have a bill of $350.00 for only my first week of class. I feel this is unfair because I was mislead into believing that could receive a useable diploma from this institution. I believe the fact that I am a low-income single mother of 1 and I have a severe mental illness were taken advantage of. I believe that UOPX will enroll anyone with a pulse and financial aid thereby taking advantage of them. I believe their curricula are substandard to say the least and I also believe their lendor Sallie Mae are just as guilty for actually funding this money do a diploma mill. I hope you read my story and realize there are thousands if not millions of victims just like me. Thank you for your time. Joditurner85 Wellston, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #429308
Feb 28 2009
12:03 AM
University Of Phoenix Online LIARS AND SCAMMERS Phoenix Arizona Internet
I wish I had read this website before enrolling in this preposterous so-called university. I truly feel blessed that my situation is a little better but I am sure that I'm not quite out of the woods yet. Early this year, I decided to pursue my bachelors degree and with my schedule, online classes will be the most logical and convenient means to my goal. I researched a handful of universities specializing in my particular field of interest and I requested additional information on University of Phoenix. My admissions counselor was nice at first, she sure made everything sounds so easy and that everything is entirely in the hands of the student, with complete control of your own time, etc. However, the moment I said Let me think it over was when she started becoming more aggressive in her approach. She would literally call me almost everyday, sometimes just to say hi or see if you have any questions and it was becoming rather a harassment than assistance. After some thinking, I decided to give it a shot but still have plenty of concerns. My number one concern is my financial situation. I told my counselor specifically that I DO NOT want student loans -- I only want federal financial aid grant, like what was given to me when I studied for my Associates degree. She promised me that I will qualify for financial aid. She said that I have nothing to worry about and even to quote what she said, If you don't qualify for the pell grant, you will only pay $500 out of pocket for the remainder of the year and that is exactly what she told me. At the time, I didn't think it made very much sense but she found a way to explain it to me through a web of confusing lies that I eventually became entangled in the whole thing. It wasn't until I filled out the FAFSA paperwork (with her constant promise that I will NOT have to pay out of pocket or be signed up for loans) that I found out, I was given a Stafford Loan. That's not what I wanted and I very specifically told her that I DO NOT want student loans of ANY kind. I do not care to put myself in a situation where I owe large amounts of money upon graduation. I can wait another year to go to school, I'm only 21...I have the time. In fact, the first thing I told my counselor is that I was browsing their programs to see what interests me and that I am getting my financial situation together so I can put myself through school again next year. That's when she started practically stalking me on the phone. To put fuel to the fire, I was then contacted by the financial aid advisor who informed me that I will be required to pay $500 for the remainder of the quarter (not the year, like my counselor said) and then another $5,500 over the remainder three quarters. NO ONE ever said anything about $5,500!! My counselor never mentioned it ONCE. I was very outraged by this unpleasant little detail my counselor had manage to completely leave out, so I called my counselor about it...NO ANSWER...two calls and an email later...still no response. I told the financial aid advisor that I want to withdraw. By that time it was day seven of my first week. She told me that she will work with enrollment so that I will not be charged anything for the week I attended. Then I received two things in the mail. One informing me that my financial aid status did not qualify me to defer my tuition and another mail informing me that my $515 is due NOW. So imagine my anger upon finding out that I am being expected to pay that amount after I was promised that I would not have to. I emailed the financial aid advisor back and I used her words against her, I had her own words, in writing that I will not be charged so fortunately, she is writing off the charges and she promised me that everything is taken care of. However, I am severely doubtful since all they have given me are EMPTY PROMISES. I have read horror stories online of people being sent to credit collections by this bogus university. I do not want this to happen to me and I am highly concerned that it will. That is why I have to get everything in writing from them, so I can prove my case. I have them all documented in case I (or anyone) ever decide to file a class action lawsuit against this awful university. I have yet to hear from my admissions counselor, and I do not wish to hear back from her. I wish she was fired so she can't scam another prospective student. It is very challenging to get ahold of admissions counselor used to harass me daily into enrolling and the moment I said withdrawal, it was as if she disappeared. The customer service from this university is disgusting, even non-existent. Classes are ridiculous, I spent more time online than I did when I took on-campus classes. Convenience? I don't think so! most of the time, the students are participating by being forced to respond to classmates, the class felt ridiculous to me. This is not my first time taking online classes, yet this definitely felt like the most disorganized and unprofessional altogether. I certainly do hope someone will file a class action lawsuit, this university must be stopped! Personally, I am thinking of referring this case to a consumer investigator on my local news channel and I will write to him about this scam. I will refer him to this website for more evidence. Thank you all, and if you're interested in helping me write to him also, please let me know and I'll send you his email address so hopefully we can get something done to stop this scam. Thank you Christina Seattle, WashingtonU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on University Of Phoenix
Entity: Internet
100, Report #1296672
Mar 29 2016
06:24 PM
University of Phoenix, apollo group, uop, uopx Scare tactics for more money Phoenix Internet
I was hesitant about this university and now im three classes from being done and i just want out already. This school is putting me in debt and i dont feel like i can get out. I was recently given funds for excess funding. Which means that excess funds from my student loan was given to me. The counselor had informed me of this a day prior to it happening. The money has been sitting in my account and now the school wants it back. What started out as a little over $1500 that i owe back to them has since turned into them saying that i owe almost $9000 from a return to lender fee. I have never heard of this. I tried to pay the 1500 today since my class was supposed to start but they withdrew me from the class. Now the process is starting and the school says i have to pay. What do i do???
Entity: Internet

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