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76, Report #44444
Feb 06 2003
03:39 PM
Verizon Wireless rip-off Dublin Ohio
Signed contact for calling plan 200 on 10/16/00. Per contact, monthly plan was to be billed at 35.00 monthly but with a $15.00 discount per month the first year. I should have been billed 19.99 monthly the 1st year. I should have not had any roaming charges for any calls made within my area. I did not sign up for anything else. I never rec'd a bill for 19.99. I was over-charged every month from the time I got the phone. I called Verizon to try and fix the problem. They were very rude. Told me I signed up for mobile to mobile. I never did. It is not on my contract. The box is very clearly not marked. Billed me for voice-mail messages even though I never rec'd any messages. Added per call charges to my bill. I don't know what they were for. I hardly ever used the phone, let alone call from outside my service area. I was calling monthly to have them correct my bill. They didn't want to take the time to talk to me. They would not correct the bills. I paid my 19.99 monthly plus tax. They just tacked the balance on to my next bill. Finally in 4/01, I sent them a letter telling them to cancel my phone due to their breach in our contract. If they could not bill me correctly, I did not want their service. I even offered to return the phone to them. They didn't want the phone. They did cancel the service but continued to bill me. I rec'd bills every month for the next year, all for different amts. They called me numerous times at work and at home even after I told them what was going on. Funny how they couldn't talk to me before I canceled the service but they could call me 10 times a day after I refused to pay the excess charges. They finally turned it over to collection. I've had 3 collection agencies contact me. They all stopped collection when I sent them copies my contract and letters sent to Verizon. They all were trying to collect for different amts. The last bill I rec'd from Verizon said I owed the 295.00 for early termination. One collection agency said Verizon was willing to accept 80%,$495.00. I ask how 80% of 295.00 could be 495.00. Never heard from that one any more. Today, I have received yet another collection letter from yet another collection agency. This has been added to my credit report even though I have tried all attempts to fix the problem. I have sent copies of my contract and all communications to Experian to have this removed from my credit report. They refuse to do so. Where do you go from here? Obviously, $$ is the issue..Customer service is not.. Big Business can stick it to you and you have no recourse. Vicky Logan, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Dublin, Ohio
77, Report #34971
Nov 12 2002
05:57 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff business from hell Houston Dallas Texas
In June 2002 I added a cell phone 713 818 1412 to my account 713 818 2235 for 20.00 the cell phone was sharing 3000 anytime minutes with nights and weekend fee will they are charging me 40 cents for evrey minute on the 713 818 1412 cell phone the max minutes used were 1600 or so and in Oct I cancelled my service as I have spent days on the telephone trying to get this taken care of with no success. At this time they want 2408.14 from me and they gave me a credit for Sept for 1248.00 which is not added on they are very sad sad people and I hope that nobody has anything to do with these idoits.They are the most rotten of anybody I have dealt with in my life till this point I hope they go BROKE as they are not fit to be in any kind of business Roy Houston, Texas
Entity: Dallas, Texas
78, Report #35888
Nov 21 2002
10:53 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff, dishonest, misleading Brookfield Connecticut
Verizon Wireless, has 2 incidents recently causing me to terminate service. First, my old cellphone died, I asked for a Motorolla, I was sold something that loked like one, but was a LG. I complained about performance w/ no resolve. After many calls, I asked to split the difference of a new phone, reguest was denied. (I spent $200+ on LG). I cancelled service, they were almost proud of this. Received a call a month later asking if I wanted to reactivate ? Second, incident was to move a single phone (with contract expiration only 3 months away to) out of a master plan, and into it's own. Change billing address. Was told that this would not restart a contract. Took 2 mos, they restarted contract! Called and was told that I was not told this. I stated I had a certain number of days to cancel a new contract, and they asked if I had anything that said so! They played cat and mouse, trying to prevent me from terminating. They even tried to get me to admit that I understood that there would be a termination fee. I said I understand there is IF I actually signed for a new contract, she noted on account I agreed to Termination! These people will do anything to lock you in! Don't trust! Mike Danbury, Connecticut
Entity: Brookfield, Connecticut
79, Report #35944
Nov 21 2002
08:02 PM
Verizon Wireless rip-off fraud scam Decatur Illinois
Wrong Address & Fraudulent Billing the business that doesn't give a dam ..... After having been a customer of Ameritech & Verizon for over 10 years, I decided to change cellular phone companies. Our reception was very poor in our area. I checked the dates on my contract for the two phones I had and called customer services on 10-01-02 and told them I wanted to cancel my account effective 10-01-02. The lady expressed to me that they would like me to stay with Verizion. I declined and she thanked me for being a good customer. She said I was paid through 10-02-02. On 11-20-02 I had a message on my recorder from a collection agency which I called. They informed me that they had been contacted by Verizion to collect an over due account. I had never received a statement from them after closing my account. After an hour on the phone, A lady from payment services department informed me that they had sent a bill to an address that I had moved from almost five years ago. I explained that it was the wrong address and that I didn't believe I owed them anything. I have had this plan for two years and I know my calling area and call times. I had free nights & weekends. When I called customer service to obtain my current balance, I was told the date of my last payment and that my balance was zero. On 11-18-02 I recieved a check from Verizion for an overpayment of $6.14. I have never been a day late on any of my obligations and am trying to clear this matter up without affecting my credit reference. I requested a copy of the bill sent to me at my current address. They have never failed to send my statement to this address. I feel I have been screwed. William Herrick, Illinois
Entity: Decatur, Illinois
80, Report #201046
Jul 14 2006
09:47 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Silver Spring, Maryland
I am writing to express my outrage with your company. I have been a customer of VerizonWireless for numerous years. I will be the first to admit that I am late on paying my bill more than I am on time, but that was because I got use to paying 2 (two) bills at once and the amount wasn't that much. I have been contemplating changes services on many occasions because the quality of the phone is terrible. It should not matter if I pay $29.00 or $200.00 for a phone. It is a verizon product and you should stand behind your product. I have been with verizon for so long, because every time I go in for service on my phone, I'm told that the part I need is no longer available (charger or batteries), so I'm forced to go into another 2-year contract in order to have the proper service that I deserve to have as a verizon customer. My current phone, of course is falling apart. I can charge it up and use it once and the battery is completely dead. I have not turned the phone in because I want out of my contract, which is up in December. I now have a very large bill because of incoming calls that I assumed were free because it was not explained to me that FREE INCOMING MEANS ONLY FROM OTHER VERIZON CUSTOMERS. I assumed that free incoming meant just that. I have been with you for years and have been under this assumption until I spoke with someone a couple of days ago and asked them about my plan. When I asked them about the plan, again I was told You have the 500 anytime and free incoming. . . so on and so forth. It wasn't until I asked the customer service representative why is my bill so HIGH, IF I HAVE FREE INCOMING. I was told Oh, that's only VERIZON to VERIZON. That explains why my bill is so high but it is truly unfair that this is not explained to you in the beginning. I was under the assumption that when your customer service representatives are stating FREE INCOMING, it means just that. So, am I to assume that they are trained to mislead the customer because other services offer free incoming and it means just that? I guess I can assume that verizon has to go through such measures to keep there customers. Your company has faulty equipment and trained customer service people to misconstrue the truth. It's funny that your advertisement say, We are everywhere you are. I would rather have a dropped call with an honest company than a drop call with a company who isn't on the up and up. Also, a good company would be concerned about the customer and not the money. There should be a section of your company that monitors the bills and once they have noticed that a customer's bill is extremely high every month a consultant should call and suggest a change in the customers plan. This will also put them into another contract, but the customer wont mind because they are being treated like they are appreciated. THIS IS HOW YOU KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS FROM CROSSING OVER TO ANOTHER COMPANY. Because of the misconstrued information given and because I have been with verizon for several years, some type of agreement should be made concerning my phone bill. Some money should be taken off because of the misinformation and service given. Christina Fort Washington, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Silver Spring, Maryland
81, Report #201847
Jul 19 2006
08:20 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Oveido Florida
I have a two year contract with Verizon which is close to termination date. I went to the Verizon store to purchase a replacement phone using my insurace which I had purchased from Verizon. I purchased the phone and signed what I thought was my credit card receipt. When I call Verizon to find out when my contract expired I was told that when I purchased the new phone my contract was renewed for another 2years. I was not told this at that time . If I had been told then I would not have agreed to renew my contract as I have had problems with Verizon in the past. Keda winter springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Oveido, Florida
82, Report #205476
Aug 10 2006
01:09 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff of services Internet
Poor reception and dropped calls near my home promted me to drop them as a cell phone provider. All I wanted was for them to cancel the contract and we would part on good terms. I would pay what I owed, but no cancellation fee. Their claim was that they had excellent service throuout the area and I just made up the poor service to get out of the contract. I contacted the FCC and filed a complaint. I found the FCC to be Pro big business and anti individual. I got nowhere there except to get them to tell Verizon to come out to my home to check on the reception here. Verizon never came out and checked but told the FCC they did anyway. ALSO, while the complaint was open with the FCC Verizon was not allowed to take me to collection but they did anyway. Now I have their petty complaint on my credit history. Verizon was paid off but the credit history damage had been done out of sheer vindictiveness and revenge that I would file a complaint against them with the FCC. Dane Mint Hill, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
83, Report #204369
Aug 03 2006
12:36 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Orangeburg New York
We started using Verizon Wireless when we lived in Valparaiso, IN. In December of this year (2006) we moved to Live Oak, FL. We have made several calls to Verizon Wireless regarding a very poor signal. We need to drive about 2 miles to get a usable signal. We asked to be let out of our contract because opf a useless service. We have always been refused stating that we must complete our contract. Alfred Live Oak, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orangeburg, New York
84, Report #16577
Mar 12 2002
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless Robbed, Abused and Mistreated fraudulent ripoff business houston Texas
My cell phone bill has been incorrect for the past seven months. I have called and spoke with numerous representatives and no one is able to help nor do they care. I continuously pay my bill every month and the charges just roll over into the next month appearing that I had not paid, although my checks have in fact been cashed cleared and taken out of the bank. I have a contract that states there is no-roaming yet I've paid a total of $183.83, in roaming charges. On most occasions I kept a log of my calls and at the end of the day when I would call and confirm with Verizon to discover the minutes would often be doubled. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was transferred at least four times and then finally hung on. My plan is suppose to be $90.00 a month, yet the bill for this month is over $360.00. In January I was told that my bill had not been paid, and the day after my check cleared the bank my phone was turned off, and would not be turned back on unless, $200.00 was paid. Wait a minute ALL of my bills have been paid in full. I have the bills and the cleared checks. When I requested the two phones be turned off they told me it would cost $189.00 per phone an of course you pay for all your UNUSED minutes at .35 cent per min. So I'm forced to pay these crooks to save my credit. Does anyone know of any class action law suites, maybe I'll starte one. I'm tired of being mistreated and abused. STAY AWAY!!! FROM VERIZON WIRELESS Kim houston, Texas
Entity: houston, Texas
85, Report #8669
Dec 05 2001
12:00 AM
Verizon Wireless ripped me off
I have been a 10+ year customer with Verizon Wireless and recently they have been overcharging me. They promised me $154 credit in 10/01 and a rerated bill on 11/3/01, all which have not been done. I have been contacting them via phone, fax and email every other day w/no resolve. I will continue my fight until I get satisfaction. They have ripped me off and I want them to live up to their worry free guarantee and deliver what they promise! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Silver Spring, Maryland
86, Report #59912
Jun 07 2003
11:35 AM
Verizon Wireless will not answer a direct question Internet
We have been on Verizon Wireless since 2000, we were given Kerrville #s which is a town 22 miles from us the sales person told us when there were local #s available they would notify us so we found out this year 2003 when we added our kids to the family plan that they have Fredericksburg #s I asked how long and they said they could not tell us they didnt know they buy there numbers in blocks and have no record of when they were installed bullsh!! I told them I worked in telecommunications for years and I know they know when.So I asked for a credit for the times I have used my home phone to call my cell phone and was told sorry. I also was supposed to get a new phone every two well it has been 3 years and never have received a new phone, also we have to drive 75 miles to the closest store to get one, the third party stores they have cannot do anything but sell phones and plans Also I wanted credits for the times we have been roaming in our living room to call each other.Also, we were told after 3 years that your phone has to be updated, we were never notified of this either. all they want is money and no customer service, so I ask for the presidents phone number to his office, they said he doesnt have one. can you believe this they think we are idiots. Dave fredericksburg, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
87, Report #103100
Aug 11 2004
06:48 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Greenwood South Carolina
I know verizon may be one of the best carriers for service, but for customer service they truly sux! I have two accounts with them and had contacted them about temporarily disconnecting one account because it would not be in use for the summer. I asked that when I wanted that line resumed would it be a problem. They said they could accomodate my request with no problem. When I called to had the line started again, they said that I had terminated the contract. When I said I didn't, they said they that they had and I would have to pay a deposit! Not only that, but they disconnected my other line which had a zero balance. I was bounced back and forth between the finance department and supervisers who each would tell me something different. Not only do they not care and are rude, but they don't know what the hell goes on within their on company! Before you respond, you may have had better luck with Verizon, but that just what it's been..luck. Ann Greenville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Greenwood, South Carolina
88, Report #94235
Jun 09 2004
09:05 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff, dishonest, questionable practices, Brownsville Texas
My wife and I signed up with Verizon during her pregnancy with our first child. I was transferred to Kansas shortly after the birth. After being in Kansas for a couple of months, we started to get these outragous cell phone bills. We called Verizon several times before to change names, addresses, plan, etc. and every time they told us our plan included all these things and that we had so many mobile-to-mobile minutes. After we got the second huge bill, we called and were informed that because Verizon did not own any towers in Kansas, we did not have mobile-to-mobile. Every single minute we used to call on our cells was being charged. They kept telling us that we should have known that Verizon did not have service in Kansas, even though when we called to change info, they told us that we did. We have not paid them a cent and I do not plan to. Kevin Helena, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Brownsville, Texas
89, Report #84675
Mar 20 2004
02:31 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Houston Texas
VERIZON WIRELESS sold a flip phone which broke in a very short period of time. They refused to replace this phone without additional charges. I would like contact from others who have been sold a faulty flip phone by VERIZON WIRELESS and then VERIZON WIRELESS refused to replce the phone that was not fit for the usage it was sold for. Barbara s.a., TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
90, Report #79894
Feb 10 2004
12:33 PM
Verizon Wireless dishonest, unscrupulous ripoff artists! McAllen Texas
I recently cancelled my phone service with Verizon and to my surprise they said I would be charged an early cancellation charge. Verizon claims that I renewed my contract with them for an additional two years. I absolutely did not ever renew my contract with them and certainly not for two years. They say there is nothing they can do for me and I owe them $175 Teresa McAllen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: McAllen, Texas
91, Report #288154
Nov 30 2007
11:59 PM
Verizon Wireless Sneaky Roaming Charges Los Angeles California
Just wanted to share an experice that I've had recently with Verizon.. Now I've never really had any major problems with them and they've mostly followed their motto being the first time it's my problem, it's there problem but not in this case. I went on a 5 day cruise to Mexico and made calls on my cell phone during the trip. When I received my cell phone bill approximately 3 weeks later, it stated that I owed them almost $200. Now, my bills never exceed $60 so I didn't understand what was going on. I called Verizon and was told by a representative that I was charged $2.49 a minute while using my cell phone on the cruise ship. Of course I was shocked. I asked the rep where this was listed and he directed me to look online under the international section. I advised him that I made some of those calls in America so why would I look under the international section? He informed me that they have a contract of some sort that with Carnival Cruise Line for using the satelite on the ship and that it was Carnival's responsibility to let their passengers know this. I then called Carnival who advised that it wasn't them but the cell phone company that is responsible. I then called Verizon back and spoke to the most annyoing person. First, he acted like a normal person should assume they would be charged $2.49 a minute. After apologizing (which was so unbelieveable) he advised there was nothing he could do but then he was so gracious (gag) to let me know that I can pay my bill online or by phone. If I could have reached thru the phone and punched this guy, I would have. I flat out told him that I don't need him to tell me how to pay my bill as I've been with Verizon for many years and now I agree with everyone who says that they suck. Immediately after disconnecting, I filed an online complaint with the BBB. I advised that I felt that since I was on the America's Choice Plan, any calls that I made on that ship while still in the United States should be included in my plan and, per the back of my bill, any calls made in Mexico should be charged at $.99 a minute and the total amount I was requesting back was $58.89. The next day, I called Verizon again as I'm not one to let things rest as these call center reps all have different answers. I asked to speak with a manager who advised me that I should have called to inquire but would give me a $25 credit. I thanked her but this was still not satisfactory. I received a call from a female at the executive offices of Verizon Wireless who advised that I'd be receiving a letter from them w/in 15 bus days. I recently received a letter from the BBB that was sent to them by Verizon who surprisingly issued me a credit of $53.94 and charged me the way I thought I should have been charged but as I was over my allowed minutes, some of them made in the US were subject the overage charge of $.45 a minute. For those of you who have a problem, file a complaint with the BBB as I've found that you get results from someone a little higher up on food chain, so to speak. Maggie Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: California
92, Report #304953
Jan 31 2008
03:19 PM
Verizon Wireless Ripoff Mission Hills California
Verizon Wireless is a ripoff. Back in September 2007 I started getting Data charges. I called to see what this was for. They stated it was for game downloads. I haven't ever downloaded any games. They did credit it them for me. So, the next month there were more Data charges. I contacted them again and stated that I've never downloaded games. They had me check my phone for these games. There were no games on my phone. They stated I must have taken them off. Like I'd know how to do this. I requested a block put on the phones so this would not happen again. The next month more data charges. I called again stating there was a block on the phones how could this happen. They stated they didn't know how this happened and they would look into it and call me back. I never received the call. So, I went with a new phone service because my two year contract was up December 16, 2007. I called Verizon on that day and stated I wanted to cancel my phone service. I then received another bill from verizon. I called and stated I had cancelled my service why was I getting a bill? They stated it was for November to December. So, I paid the bill. Now January 31st I receive another bill. I call Verizon and they stated that the phone service was still active. I stated I had called on December 16th to cancel my phone service. They stated that the phone call was disconnected before the service was disconnected. This is a bunch of bull! They also stated that my service would not be cancelled until February 15th the end of the billing cycle. So, they want me to pay for 2-months of service After I cancelled the phones. I have been upset and having to argue with verizon monthly since September 2007. I want everyone to know that Verizon will rip you off every chance they get. Angie Cory, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Mission Hills, California
93, Report #187317
Apr 18 2006
03:15 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Bellevue Washington
Verizon Wireless claims to have the best network, yet my family (3 phones) constantly suffers from bad connections and dropped calls. After three complaints, Verizon looked into the problem and stated that their system is overloaded and they need to put up another tower. They say the problem is that our local government will not allow the tower to be put up. Verizon's suggestion is that we press our local government to allow the tower. In the meantime, Verizon refuses to allow us to cancel our contract without penalty, because they know a tower will be erected sometime in the future, although they can't say when. The bottom line is they are forcing us to pay for service we aren't receiving, or pay an early termination fee of $175.00 per line. Scott Surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
94, Report #214497
Oct 06 2006
08:38 AM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Tucson Texas
In December of 2005 I switched cellphone carriers from Cingular to Verizon because of the problems I was having with my signal and not receiving calls. With Cingular I had a plan for 149.95 a month that included 4,000 roll over minutes and all the bells and whistles. Since I never went over 2,000 minutes with Cingular I decided when I signed up with Verizon to go with a lower plan, which was 99 dollar a month for 2,000 minutes. In March of 2006 I noticed my bills were well over what my planed called for (about 400- 500 a month) so I called Verizon to find out what was going on. I was advised (that day) that I was going over my minutes and it would make sense to switch to a different plan (4,000 minutes @ 149.90) that should reduce my bills by almost 400 dollars a month. I accepted over the phone and moved on. Why notit made sense for over 8 years I made plan changes with Cingular over the phone. Needless to say Verizon never changed my plan and continued to bill me at the original plan. It wasn't until August, when I knew I hadn't made many calls, that I realized something was wrong. I called Verizon to find out why my bill was still so high and they informed me that it was because I was well over my minutes again. I explained to them that I couldn't be over my minutes because of the plan I had. I was told (in August of 2006) that my plan never changed back in March and that (in March) I needed to sign another agreement acknowledging the change. When I spoke with the rep in March I was never told that in order for my new plan to take effect I needed to sign a new agreement. I was told You're new plan will be reflected in your next billing there anything else I can do for you today? Since March of 2006, I have been overpaid my bill by almost 1,600 dollars since. According to Verizon's notes they see that I was advised (back in March) to change my plan but declined to do so. Which doesn't make sense? Why would anyone refuse to pay 50 dollars more a month to avoid paying 400- 500 a month in phone charges..? Verizon is lying to cover their representative's mistake. Had I been told in March of 2006 that I needed to sign a new agreement to decrease my plan I would have gladly done so. No one in their right mind would continue to pay higher phone bills knowing they could easily pay less. Yet, that is what Verizon seems to believe. Verizon's only excuse was that it would be against the law to make any changes to a plan without getting it in writing. Yet, in January of 2006 I had to get another phone and as a condition of getting that phone (at a lower price) Verizon made me add monthly phone insurance which changed my plan and I never signed anything adding the insurance. How can changing my plan be against the law if Verizon did it once already? I guess I can have them arrested for breaking the law. I'm a Realtor so as a result of their error I lost clients and potential business because they either get a hold of me. The monetary value is at least 75,000 in Brokerage Fees and Commissions. Brian Timonium, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Texas
95, Report #380809
Oct 13 2008
12:53 PM
Verizon Wireless Complicated & deceptive rebate practices Nationwide
I purchased a new phone, eligible for a rebate, through Verizon. I was told that I would need to return a completed rebate form and my original receipt. I was *not* told that I would also need the part of the large, unwieldy box that had the bar-code on it, nor that my rebate would be good for store credit only. I acknowledge that these details *were* in the fine-print on the rebate form, however I found the process unduly complicated, inflexible, and somewhat deceptive. I think that most people would have recycled the box automatically, as I did. Christie Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
96, Report #365896
Aug 22 2008
03:21 PM
Verizon Wireless unethical business practices & harrassment Niles Ohio
In 2001 I purchased a 2 year service contract and phone from Verizon Wireless. Service was a bit spotty, but otherwise most of the 2 years were fine. Three months before my contract was up (March 2003), my phone showed nothing but no service. I spent 3 weeks on the phone and in Verizon wireless stores trying to find our why I was getting no service when my account was current and everyone was telling me my phone worked fine. After 3weeks, I finally got hold of some one who knew what was going on and was told that verizon had decided to no longer support my type of phone. So they just arbitrarily shut off my service because they decided to not allow the type of phone I had purchased FROM THEM! When I pitched a fit, they said they would give me a new phone IF I extended my contract another 2 years, OR I would have to buy a supported phone at $200 plus to finish out the last 2 months of my contract OR pay the $175 early termination fee! NONE of those were acceptable, so I fought with Verizon for almost a year and EVENTUALLY they did clear the account. According to Verizon, I do NOT have an account with them from that point on. Ahhhh, but it's NOT over! In 2005, I suddenly start getting collection notices from collection agencies about a defaulted Verizon Wireless account. I ASSUMED that they were talking about what happened as described above. I sent them a written notice that this was not a legit debt and they demanded I PROVE I don't owe anything to Verizon wireless by getting a statement from Verizon wireless. I contact Verizon Wireless and get told that I DO NOT have an account with them and they will NOT give me anything saying I don't have an account with them or that I don't owe them money since I don't have an account! So, EVERY 4 MONTHS from mid-2005 to present I get a new collection agency harrassing me for a debt to Verizon Wireless demanding anything from $84 to $350! Each time, I send them a letter, deal with harrassing phone calls and explain to them I don't owe Verizon anything. Last week, August 2008, I discovered that the debt these collection agencies are trying to collect on belongs to someone else with the SAME NAME AS ME! Who ever they are with the same name, the debt origionated in Washington state. I have never lived in Washington! Apparently this other person owes Verizon wireless and since they don't have a social security number associtated with the debt they are trying to collect from anyone with the same name. Verizon still refuses to give me anything saying I do NOT owe them a debt, the collection agencies continue to harrass me for some one else's debt demanding I PROVE I don't owe the debt by having something from verizon. The collection agencies are also screwing up MY credit with this other person's debts!!!!!!!! I need this to stop! Tory Sharon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Niles, Ohio
97, Report #261594
Jul 18 2007
01:12 PM
Verizon Wireless Billing Payment Problems ripoff Elgin Illinois
Verizon posted a payment to a diffrent account that I had with them. I made my check out to Verizon Wireless. They posted the payment to a land line account that I had in the past. I have been trying to get the payment applied to my wireless account for the last 4 months. I still has not been done. When I have contacted them I have been told to fax a copy of the cancelled check to them which I have done 3 diffrent times. Because the mistake was on there part I feel that I should be able to break my contract with them and get a final billing minus the paymnet that has been made. They told me I would have to pay a fee to break my contract. I know because of this situation my credit is going to get a negative report and that is not fair. When I call and talk to them they do tell that it is noted that a payment situation is being tracked but they keep billing me for that lost payment. All I want to do is get out of my contract make a final payment and take my wireless business to another company. I have also had billing/payment problems in the past with Verizon. One was 9 years ago. I lost my cell phone and I was still charged for calls after I had reported it. The other has been within the last 2 years. I had all my billing for intrenet, phone and Direct TV on one bill. They would not pay the direct TV bill in a timely matter or they would not pay it all some months. I was always on the phone trying to get things straighted out. Lisa Goshen, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Elgin, Illinois
98, Report #250853
May 28 2007
04:38 PM
Verizon Wireless Ripoff and fraudulent charges New York Internet
Having fulfilled my contractual agreement I contacted them to discontinue and deactivate my account. They agreed but they still continued to bill me. I called them again with the same resolve. This happed 2 to 3 more times before they deactivated my account. I did check the phone occasionally during this time to see if they had followed through with their promise to cancel my account but it took over three months or more for them to complete the deactivation. They say since I USED the phone (turned it on) this constitutes network time and I am held resposible. Over three months billing charges after canceling and what added up to 2 minutes I owe them $147.00. They eventually wrote it off and sent me to collections which further damaged my credit. What should I do.? Jeff Georgetown, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
99, Report #250644
May 27 2007
12:30 AM
Verizon Wireless fradulent billing Albany New York
First my contract expired, so I called to cancel. I paid my last bill, later they sent me a cheek due to an overpayment. Almost two months after the fact I recieve another bill, now stating that I owe twice as much. This is enough information on grounds that verizon wireless has a jacked up billing system. I also was getting billed for a phone number that I did not sign up for, but I paid this anyway just to get rid of the contract. I guess it is thier way of a non-judicial form of punishment for switching carriers. James owosso, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York
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Jan 09 2009
06:02 PM
Verizon Wireless Premium Text Message Scam Bellevue Washington
Verizon Wireless is billing $9.99 per month for a Premium Text Message sent to my son's phone, which is part of a family plan. When I called customer service they said they could block Premium Text from my account, but that the $9.99 would continue to accrue each month regardless. The ONLY way to prevent the charge would be to text-message the third party requesting them to stop. BUT... if I block Premium Text from my account, then that would also PREVENT unsubscribing! They said if the phone was lost or broken, the ONLY way to unsubscribe would be to purchase another phone, move the account to that phone, then send the unsubscribe text message. This is ridiculous! If they are billing me on behalf of the third party, they should be able to tell the third party to cease all further activity. I will speak to my son in the next few days to find out how this charge was added. I have read several on line reports about people getting these charges without ever having signed up. I find it hard to believe that my 24-year-old son would have any interest in signing up for a monthly psychic reading. That's about the last thing he would care about. Kendall Tualatin, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington

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