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26, Report #593164
Apr 14 2010
11:44 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Deceptive Trade Practices Alpharetta, Georgia
I was a very happy Alltel customer.  I never once had a problem with Alltel that could not be resolved on the first call.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have rated Alltel at a 9.8.  My contract with Alltel was bought out by a company called Verizon Wireless.  Everything has gone downhill.  Their first correspondence with me was a letter stating that my service would not change or be interrupted.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.First, they started charging me for my mobile backup, which I got free with Alltel.  They said if I wanted it, that I had to pay for it.  So I did.  When I tried to use it, they told me I couldn't.  I had to manually enter over 400 numbers by hand.  Five phone calls later, the mobile backup was credited back to my bill and they still continue to charge me for it and I still call to dispute the charges.  Why are they charging me for something they wouldn't let me use?Then, they notify me that I will no longer get bonus numbers for being a loyal customer who has always paid their bill.  (This was a change to my plan that I did not consent to).  Next, I notice that we are way over our minutes and so I go look and I see this number: 777-000-0001 over and over and over on my bill.  Each one is for one minute only.  I am paying for unlimited texting.  I find out that this is airtime they charged me to receive the texts.  If I am paying for a text package, isn't this charging me twice?  I never experienced such crap in all my life.  I hated AT&T, but even they treated me better than this.  After repeated phone calls about it, I emailed them.  They replied in that email (and I have saved it for legal purposes) that it was their right to charge me twice for the same service.  They also told me that while they did not have to abide by the Alltel contract, that I did.  What hypocrites!  I will strongly advise anybody that reads this not to do business with this company.  You are better off on a prepaid plan such as Boost, straight talk or better yet, Cricket (if it is available).
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
27, Report #515018
Oct 26 2009
12:21 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless employee dishonest Clearwater, Florida
We were Alltel customers.  Alltel was very customer oriented.  Not perfect but not liars either.  Afte the switchover to Verizon we started dropping calls and losing voicemails.  We decided to research our options.  We visited the Verizon Store several times, did online research and called the customer service number. We visited the store in our local mall. Twice before making the switch.  We spoke with the same representative twice  and both times he told us the plan we wanted was available. My husband is very detail oriented and started checking our account status from the moment it was available.  As it turned out we were sold plans that don't exist and we were overcharged for phones.  We decided to visit the store.  At first the manger tried to make us think we misunderstood our plans.   Soon it became clear we didn't misunderstand we were just lied to.  Then the big pitch started.  We can't give you plans we don't have ---you have to compromise.  Why is this legal?  How can we be sold something they don't even have?  Why do we have to compromise?  Why isn't anyone ever accountable? I believe all phone salespeople located in malls should be relocated to the county fair.  They are no better than the crooked carney on the midway. Is it legal to sell what doesn't exist?  How can they charge us $100 for the 3rd phone when they told us it would be $10.  They won't discuss credits or anything that would help us make a decision about our  accounts. SOMEONE--PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
28, Report #508328
Oct 12 2009
10:09 PM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Another company that despises it's customers. Internet
Verizon advertises that their phones are bluetooth enabled. It's really a half truth which in my book is no different than an outright lie. Verizon has purposely disabled the transfer of photographs off of their phones by bluetooth.  Tech support acts clueless and won't tell you this, or that you can use a cable to get the photo's off. They will only tell you that you can upload them (one at a time) and for a cost to the Verizon server.The techie at the local store was a little more honest when he said that they purposely disable the bluetooth transfer of photos so that Verizon could rape the customer.Verizon does not stop there they do a plethora of other things that abuse their captive customers in the cell phone monopoly.  For one they refuse to advertise the sensetivity of their phones so that people in rural areas can not select an appropriate phone. Not including this info is similar to them not telling you the color of their phones, the resolution of the cameras in their phones etc. From the customers perspective it is insane and despicable behavior.Lastly have you ever asked yourself why NONE of the cell phone monopoly companies have an option to text you when you have used all of your free minutes?  Don't you think that in a true free market that someone would do this?  I could go on for pages but you get the idea...
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #614735
Jun 16 2010
11:17 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Verzion wireless cell phone Internet
I have filed several compliants about dropped calls to customer service never getting back to be on a dropped call issue.  I have filed a trouble ticket and they come up with a deadline and keep extending it.  All i want is thim to cancel the contract without early termination fees, and they wont do it until they get an answer.  There customer service from standard calls through directors is horrible.  We will never sign a contract with Verizon wireless again.
Entity: Internet, Internet
30, Report #587212
Mar 30 2010
04:55 AM
Verizon - Verizon Wireless Held $800 security deposit for ridiculous amount of time. Internet
     In November of 2009 while I was temporarily stationed at FT Leonard Wood, MO, I set up service with Verizon Wireless.  I figured I was safe in doing this since they claim to have the best coverage nationwide.     Well, after being permanently stationed at FT Polk, LA, I found this not to be the case.  This is one of the few places they don't have coverage, so they will let people out of contracts with no early termination fees. And with the lack of reliable service, I decided that shutting the phones my wife and I had off, and going with someone who provides better coverage in my area.     I called in and arranged for the lines to become inactive on February 1, 2010.  I knew I would have a refund coming from the 800 dollars that we had to pay for the 2 lines at the time of connection, but at the time the rep on the phone could not tell me how much of it I would get back due to the fact that balances would be applied to that before the remainder was returned.     Just after the first of February I called in, and was told that everything was in order, and that my money would be returned tome in very short order.  After 3 weeks of waiting I called back and was told that it takes 4-6 weeks to process and return refunds.  I thought that was crappy that I had not been told that in the first place, but it was only another week or two so no biggie.     At the end of 6 weeks I received a bill in the mail, showing a credit of 797 and change, that included interest paid.  But there was still no money.  I called in again, at which point I was told that i had been mis-informed, and that it takes 6-8 weeks for refunds to be reviewed, not returned.  After the review I was told the money would be released and sent to me.  They also told me that my refund was going to be reviewed the following day.     I was sure to call in the following day, to be sure that the refund had been reviewed and released and was told that it had been and I should be receiving it shortly. At 8 weeks I called back in and inquired about the refund.  It was a Thursday and I was told that my account balance was now zero, and that the refund had been released.  I asked if that meant it had been issued and was told that it had.  I asked the rep if they could tell me where the refunds were shipped from, but they could not.     You can get a letter cross country in a couple of days, so I figured I would see the money by that Saturday or the following Monday at the latest.  Wrong again.  I called back on Monday after the refund did not show up.  Guess what, the money has been released, but it still takes up to 3 weeks for the mystery Treasury Department to audit the refund and then issue the final check. And once it goes there, there is no more contacting anyone to check status.  Apparently they don't have any form of communication in that department, and there is no way to accelerate the process.       I am a soldier in the US Army.  I am not rich nor do I make some outlandish amount of money.  I need every penny that I have access to in order to provide for my family and myself.  When I asked why I had been strung along for so long, I was simply told that I had been informed incorrectly and there was nothing that could or would be done about it.  When asked how they were planning on paying me the remainder of my interest on the security deposit they are having such difficulty giving back, I was told that they wouldn't be paying anymore interest, because the money had been released.   My argument here is that the money is not in my hand, it has just been released to another of their mystery departments, so they should continue to pay me for the use of my money.       If you can avoid it don't pay them a deposit at all.  If you must and you are waiting for it to be returned, they have a hardship acceleration program, which I found after much research but was too late to use.    HORRID COMPANY! 
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #1076717
Jun 23 2014
10:04 AM
Verizon FIOS Verizon, Verizon Internet VERIZON SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE Tampa Florida
Entity: Tampa, Florida
32, Report #617446
Jun 25 2010
08:51 AM
Verizon Wireless, Verizon Verizon Verizon refuses to provide current figures on Internet usage, but charges overages EAGERLY Internet
Verizon Wireless Broadband is a fair-to-middling service, partly due to their flaky VZ Access Manager 3G modem interface. I often experience outages or signal drops that require me to disconnect and reconnect to restore functionality. One would think that if I weren't able to do anything online, I would be disconnected. Not so. Verizon's software self-cripples (except during large downloads, like the vampire file i mention below), so that it is possible to have no connectivity while still being connected.But that's not my gripe here. My complaint is that they have a contract in which the customer is expected to keep track of and limit their internet usage, or else they will be charged overages. This wouldn't be a bad thing, except that their system is typically 24-48 hours behind on usage figures. That's right, you could have a virus that could be pounding Gigabytes of data up and down your pipeline, and Verizon will not let you know about it for up to 2 days. Yet you WILL be held responsible for that bandwidth, even though you had no access to the information required to limit it.That's right. I was told that with a straight face by a Verizon Employee at the Customer Service desk. It was confirmed by several others on the phone, and later by my wallet.I was disgusted that a communications giant like Verizon Wireless cannot get your data usage to you in a timely manner. Updates on the hour would be trivially easy to implement, with a minimal man-hour investment in writing the necessary code. Verizon subcontracts bandwidth from other providers, and this was used as an excuse for the ridiculously slow update times. However, as a former IT pro, I know that the information is available, and is simply being sat-on by lazy contractors who aren't motivated to push the data on an hourly basis. Verizon has been offering 3G internet for years, and should have had this issue straightened out by now.And, certain websites seem to have vampire graphic files, that never stop loading. I have noticed this on Tiger Direct and a couple of other sites which i can't remember off the top of my head.
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #206609
Aug 17 2006
02:47 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Rebate Ripoff! Portland Oregon
Do not rely on a rebate by mail.......Let me tell you what, I purchased two Razors in the local Verizon store. He handed me a couple of rebate forms and helped me fill this out. So, I mailed it.. and about 8-9 weeks later I call to follow up and this is what I was told. Sorry sir you didn't include your 12 digit number from the box's...I said check again I did all this at the store.....Guess what they told me I need to go back to the store have them print out my original receipt and hopefully it tracked my 12 digit codes for both phones. See here is my issue, Verizon tells me they discard the rebate forms if they feel it's not filled out correctly, this type of business is very poor and time consuming for the consumer. My issue is with Customer Service and today's environment. The money was never the issue for me, it was the simple fact that as large as Verizon they should be employing graduates not drop outs to lead their company. J.B. Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
34, Report #319858
Mar 21 2008
05:42 AM
Verizon Verizon Residential Refuses to Reimburse Fraudulent Charges Nationwide
Verizon has billed me for over a year of landline and internet service that were not provided, amounting to $2000. An outside contractor confirmed that the cable line run by Verizon to my condo when my building was built is faulty and that this is the reason I NEVER had a dial tone on a phone line Verizon insisted was fine and have NEVER had internet service for an account Verizon said was functioning. I called Verizon more than half a dozen times prior to my deployment to Baghdad in November 2006 and was told each time that the service was fine. At one point, an independent contractor confirmed that the phone line Verizon was charging me for was not even connected to my building. After pressure, Verizon reimbursed for the months of unprovided service for which I had been billed to that point. Verizon never sent someone to test the service in my condo. Verizon never responded to my written correspondence. Since then I tried to change my phone and internet service to another provider and Verizon held up the transfer of phone line without a reason. Even after the account was switched, I continue to be billed by Verizon for landline and internet service. I filed a complaint with the DC Public Service Commission that their staff eventually stopped pursuing after being slow rolled by Verizon for more than 6 months. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau that is still active. Verizon has outright lied to the BBB, stating that they have cleared up this complaint with me directly. It has taken three letters to the BBB to reply to this and keep the complaint active. Verizon wrote the BBB a letter saying that the fact that I paid the bills for service not provided was proof that I was receiving service. I then did not pay a bill. Verizon immediately put a negative mark on my credit report. Kirsten Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
35, Report #348749
Jul 08 2008
11:44 AM
Verizon California verizon suks Mission Hills California
verizon started sending me ever increasing bills and i realized there was something wrong! i had requested the lifeline service only. i qualified. then came a bill with 2 pages of .35 cent charges. then a verizon repair man appeared saying he was replacing the entire line to my address, he commented that he wondered how i could ever even make a call with all the static on the line. well, i never used the phone, it was for emergencies, my boss' pregnant daughter was staying with me in sept. 2004 when i first got the service, she was only there a month . the phone sat in the corner, i never used it. i have a tracfone. then i tried the verizon dsl, but my computer wouldnt run the program, too small a processor. they didnt want to discuss it, i paid all but the last 2 lease payments because one afternoon i talked to a nice verizon lady that said they should have cancelled the contract if i couldnt even use the service. i was billed for calls to oregon, i dont know anyone in oregon. at one point a rep took all of the 35 cent calls off of the bill, then a meadow olssen said i had to pay it and tacked the 135 or so amount back on. they say i owe 400.00 dollars and some odd cents. i thought i had the lifeline service at 5.65 per month. i even paid most of the dsl which i never once connected completely or used. verizons lack of attention to this detail tells of their mega corp malevolent attitude. now i have debt collectors calling me incessantly for this rip off bill. i refuse to pay a bill i did not incur. they ignore me. i ignore them. but i would like for the debt collection people to know that the account they keep calling me about is a fraud and they should leave me alone. Ellen ridgecrest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mission Hills, California
36, Report #354091
Jul 22 2008
07:58 AM
Verizon Major Verizon Ripoff Albany New York
I was charged $70.51 for an 11 minute international call. Verizonvictim Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Albany, New York
37, Report #296312
Jan 02 2008
11:32 AM
Verizon Wireless ,Verizon Wireless Scheme Monroeville, Pennsylvania Internet
I advise everyone reviewing this note to please consider other wireless companies before signing an agreement to Verizon Wireless. The agreement I signed 2 yrs ago was a family service plan with 700 minutes that would cost no more than $75 a month which included the taxes, however, the amount began to increase significantly. I intended to terminate my service with Verizon at the end of the contract, which was in August 2007. In July, I notified Verizon customer service several times that I did not want to renew my contract-I had been fed up with my monthly bill increasing, the dropped calls, the phone not working properly, rude customer service, etc. I was told several times by Verizon that I would have to pay an early termination fee $175--however, my contract was up in August, and I had already paid up to the end of the contract. Next thing you know, I found myself arguing with Verizon customer service countless times over the early termination fee, and I have been and is currently being harrassed by Miracle collection agency--they have even been calling me at my job, not to mention they have destroyed my good credit. I have decided to fight back. I contacted the better business bureau, sent them all my verification (thank God for personal checks as proof) and plan to contact the attorney general's office in my area. For those seeking a wireless service, please carefully view the incentives the company can offer you. I will say that my monthly bill has been consistent with Cingular, not to mention I have extra minutes of talk time if I need to use it. Tena East Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #325112
Apr 10 2008
01:36 PM
In January of 2008 I heard of a promotion Verizon had going on where if you sign up for their bundle package you would receive a Free 19 Plasma HDTV. I signed up for the bundle I thought. I made an appointment for them to come set me up on January 10th but noone came. I called them and they said they hadn't seen that I even ordered their service. So I placed another order with another customer service representative at that time which was around January 14th. She said the order had been placed and they would come out and install my service on January 16th. January 16th came and still noone had came to set up my service. Raging mad I called back in on the 16th of January to tell them noone had shown up. They again told me they didnt show an ordered had been placed. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they told me to wait. A supervisor got on the line (from Texas) and I told her what was going on. She said she would get it taken care of and I told her I expected to have my service installed the next day, she told me there was no way this could happen. I proceeded to tell her I wanted to be signed up for their promotional package, the bundle package so I could get the free tv and that I know it had to be the 15/2 internet speed and it was fine. She said ok that she had set me up on all of that and they would hook my service up in 2 days. They did come to hook up my service but I still had problems. After the installation the tech couldnt get my verizon account to work (internet account). He called Fios Repair three times and noone knew what to do. He told me to call in the next day to agree to the terms of service and to get my internet account setup. A week later I called in and spoke with a Fios Tech and he while on the phone with me walked me through each step in getting my internet account created as well as agreeing to the TOS. This was in February, the first week of February. At the end of February I noticed I still hadnt received my postcard to fill out and send back for the TV. They told me in January that I would receive a postcard to fill out and send back 2-4 weeks after services were installed. I called Verizon at the end of Feb. to tell them I hadnt received the postcard. They told me it looks like im not setup on the plan to even be eligible for the tv. They said there were 2 problems, 1st problem was that I wasnt on the correct internet speed and 2nd that I hadnt agreed to the TOS (which I had already done!). I told them the superivsor Felicia in Texas said I was setup on that and that I had walked through agreeing to the TOS with a Fios Tech. They then said there was nothing they could do for me that I wasnt eligible. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor got on the line, rude as can be, and told me the same thing, I wasnt eligible for them two reasons. I said I didnt want to hear that because it wasnt true and that I expected my tv. She said she could offer me another promotion, I then told her I dont want to here about any other scams you have going on. She said it would be a $100 gift card, I said to where, she said, let me place you on hold. She then comes back and tells me that she could only give me a $100 credit on my next months bill. I tell her that she just said she could give me a $100 gift card..she said well in the system it read gift card but it is a credit. I told her I want the gift card she said there is no gift card, its a credit on the account. I asked to speak with a manager, she said she had no way of connecting me to one nor could she give me their number. She said one could give me a call back within 24 hours garaunteed. I was raging but said fine. The name of the manager who was suppost to call me back was Lupe in Dallas, Tx. I waited 26 hours and hadnt received a call. I then call back today and they said they showed a manager called my house three times and left messages....NOT TRUE! I never once received a call, and the manager trying to call wasnt even Lupe from Tx, it was someone from a call center in WA. I asked to be transferreed to them. Janice told me she would transfer me to them and so I waited. Well after waiting another Rep comes on the line, she is from the disconnect department, I never asked to speak with anyone from the disconnect department, she was suppost to transfer me to the WA manager who tried calling me. So I tell this Rep from the DC department that I want to speak with a manager. She puts one on the phone, this one is from CA. I tell her the whole process from step one until now. She tells me Im going to have to pay more money to get on the higher speed internet and I will also have to sign the TOS (that I had already signed by the way). If I do these two things she could send in an escalation and that skips the postcard being sent in and just has the tv sent to me directly in 8-10 weeks...(more waiting). I said okay lets just get thsi done. She said she placed the order but we were going to go on the line with a Fios Tech about signing the TOS. A Tech then comes on the line, asks for my info, pulls up my account and it shows that no TOS are even available for my account...what is going on??? The manager tells him that she placed a new order b/c of my internet speed and asks him if the TOS will be available after this order goes through, he said it should and that I need to visit the website in 24 hours to try and sign the TOS again. point is....Verizon is a HUGE RIPOFF and they scam all the time. Their customer service is horrible and they have many many unsatisfactory records with the BBB. I wouldnt recommend them to anyone. The reps, supervisors, and managers are not there to help you and they wont help you. You can never speak to anyone higher up than them, they say there is no way. So if you get ripped off, there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. Tired_of_being_scammed Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Verizon
Entity: Nationwide
39, Report #377088
Sep 29 2008
04:09 PM
Verizon Unauthorized Charges on Verizon FiOS Bill Annapolis Maryland
Beware of unauthorized chrages to your Verizon FiOS bill! I signed up for Verizon FiOS in July 2008, and on my September bill I was chraged $15.98 for services I had never ordered nor authorized. I was charged $7.99 for Security and Backup Bundle/5GB and $7.99 for Games on Demand/Family Place. I was e-mailed these offers three months in a row and never responded to those e-mails nor did I order the services over the phone. I called Verizon and asked for an explanation as to why these charges appeared on my statement. They had no explanation, but they credited my account very quickly. This is a blatant, outrageous scam. I am sure any class action attorney would be delighted to learn about such schemes. We all complain about lawyers until we are faced with such outrageous behavior by corporations. Fsafi Herndon, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
40, Report #366749
Aug 25 2008
04:09 PM
Had anyone experienced Verizon's customer service? They are REALLY SUCK...I got 2 issues with them. 1. When I subscribed for the DSL service, they told me the Modem is free, but they charged me the modem as an installment on the phone/dsl bill for $12.95/ month for 3 months. I called them and asked them to credit me back. It took me more than 2 hours before the refunded me . What they did is they will keep transferring your call to different department and the problem will never get solved. 2.Last 2 months I canceled the services for both DSL and Phone. I just found out now (after a month and a half) when I checked my credit card online and found I got charged for 2 months. I don't really use the credit card, so I didn't check the statement online frequently. I called them back and they did the same thing( keep transferring the call for 1 hours. First they didn't want to refund me back. I asked for the manager and they finally refunded me. This is the worst customer service I've ever experience. They are really SUCK and not nice the way they are talking. I will not go back to Verizon again. I just want to know Had anyone has the same experience with Verizon customer service? It's rip off to me. Owen El Segundo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: El Segundo, California
41, Report #754055
Jul 17 2011
08:57 AM
Verizon FIOS representatives have consistantly lied to us regarding services they are capable of performing.  BE ADVISED THEY CANNOT DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY CAN AND WILL LIE TO YOU TO GET THE MULTI YEAR CONTRACT SIGNED.. THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE.We were told we would have the lower (local) channels on cable without a set top box on additional TV's throughout our home.  They lied we no longer have those channels like we had with our prior service and were told we would need to install an external antennae or get a set top box even for local stations..We were told and given literature regarding the channels we could expect to receive.  They lied as many of those channels were replaced in weeks with Spanish speaking channels, or pre-recorded high school football games from several months ago.  No offense but I live in the United States of America and I do not want to learn Spanish what is the matter with English speaking programs..  We were told we could use our own recording devices for the programs we wanted to watch at a later time.  They lied as you can only record on the channel you are currently watching so if I am watching The Late Show on Channel 8 I cannot record another program on Channel 12 at the same time, I will only be recording The Late Show..The installer even tried to disconnect cables that I had installed when our home was built for TV and Internet service..We will be leaving Verizon as soon as our contract is up... A very dishonest company all around, please be careful..RayLewisville, Texas
Entity: , Internet
42, Report #784104
Oct 03 2011
08:07 AM
Verizon Verizon broke the contract! New York, New York
I had joined Verizon triple play package back in 2008 the three in one package was suppose to be $94.95 a month in which Verizon charged me $154.95 a month, and I was suppose to get a 19 inch high Definition TV after the first 6 weeks of service, By 8 weeks I call them and they told me I would receive it within a week. They broke my contract in which after 7 months, I had to call them because I never received the TV and I was still being over charged for my service plan! Well I have been on the phone for over thirty Hours trying to get Verizon to fix their mistake but it never was fixed! I canceled the contract! Then I was threatened that if I didnt pay what they said then they would put this on my credit report! They lied from day one about the service they would provide to me; and now they victimized me by ruining my credit standings. Verizon broke the contract! Dont use Verizon! 
Entity: New York, New York
43, Report #844826
Jul 14 2014
10:25 AM
Verizon Verizon - collection on former phone # owner Plano, Texas
1. You would think when you assign a new phone number to a new customer and address it would be a really smart idea to remove that phone # from the account record of the prior owner -- specifically the deadbeat who didn't pay their bill. That way your new customer -- you know, the one you're trying to impress (me) and more importantly keep as a customer - wouldn't have to be annoyed by collections calls for the a**-hat deadbeat that no longer has the number. Seriously how hard can this be. Move the phone # on the old account to a history field or something if you so desperately need to keep track of it. And, for GODs sake DON'T send the freaking phone number out to a third party collector. I mean really -- you disconnected service for the prior owner because they didn't pay their bill so what on earth makes you or any third party collector think they can still reach the deadbeat at that same phone number? What, you think I have a crystal ball and somehow know the former owner of the phone number and/or am best buddies with the deadbeat? Really? 2. I've said this a million times before. I already have your FioS TV service at my house. Just because I send the bill for my separate phone account to a PO box and not to my house does not mean I want or need your FioS TV service at my PO Box. I mean seriously, how would you propose to install FioS TV in a PO Box ? Do you really think there are people like 2 inches tall living in there that want FioS TV? 3. Please refer back to point #2. You should already know I have FioS TV at my house since, SURPRISE, both the phone account and the TV account have the same name and SSN attached to them. Apparently you are able to connect all kinds of complicated electronic equipment to send pictures to my TV and calls to my phone but you are clueless on how to connect two accounts belonging to the same person in your system. And therefore I, your valued customer, have to suffer through your idiocy. 4. I've asked repeatedly not to get advertisements mailed to my PO Box but do you listen? No, you send them to me anyway. Over and over again and again. Seriously I could build myself a vacation house with the sheer amount of paper you shove at me. And, of course you pass the cost of all that postage and printing for advertisements I don't even want, back onto me by way over inflated fees for your services. Thanks so much -- really. Way to go Verizon. Thanks for not listening to your customer -- again.
Entity: Plano, Texas
44, Report #855124
Mar 16 2012
08:07 PM
Verizon DSL Verizon DSL not what agreed on, Internet
I bought Verizon DSL service because it came with MSN premium e-mail and it also came with included  anti virus software and MSN tech support.  Recently they announced they are parting with MSN and I had two options.  One, I could buy an economy plan from MSN which did not include tech support or anti virus software, or I could buy MSN's premium plan at a cost prohibitive price.  I can understand corporations discountinuing their relationships, however I am still paying exactly the same amount to Verizon as I did when these were included.  There has been no price reduction for this reduced service.
Entity: , Internet
45, Report #881783
May 12 2012
10:12 AM
This was in response to one bill ripoff and agree and is also my own personal ongoing never ending nightmare, which now has a new chapter:  The Moore vs. Verizon class action lawsuit...right... First, in response to one bill ripoff and agree-- Yes, it has happened to me as well.  They lie and they don't keep their notes or records straight. They also tried to push me into the one bill and I refused, however, they still managed to royally screw up my account so badly that they sent my account to 3 collection agencies anyway, and I owe them nothing, which they even admitted because they sent me a revised bill which stated zero balance. So, so you are probably wondering how they can still claim after over one year of no service (I am no longer a Verizon customer), that they can still claim that I owe them money?... oh, in their warped deceitful minds, they are claiming that when a storm knocked out my service last April 2011, and Verizon and I were testing the phone and then it was intermittingly working with static for a few minutes and was out and then they ultimately gave up and stated they could not help me without coming to my home-- (they scheduled a tech visit-- insisted that I be at home, thus I took off from work-- and then they cancelled that visit, after they confirmed it that am, without telling me, so I sat at home all day waiting....losing a days wages...)--THAT is why I cancelled Verizon, and that is why they are billing me, they are billing me for testing the static calls!  And, they apparently lost all the notes and the records of what really happened.  hmmmmm.  Regarding the Moore vs. Verizon class action lawsuit:  they have NO record of me in their system.  hmmmmm.  They have me in their system to bill me and to harrass me via landline, cell, mail and 3 collection agencies, but I have now apparently disappeared from the database.
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #903788
Jun 27 2012
03:29 PM
verizon verizon is a rip-off dallas, Texas
contracted verizon in ca. to have their FIOS bundle installed. I was told I would need a 250.00 deposit which would be refunded when I no longer had their service. Almost a year later I was transferred to arizona. I called to cancell but was told to just take equipment with me and I could use it at the new address and just transfer service. They assured me they serviced my part of az.  They didnt have service in my city so I called and stopped service and asked for a return box to return the equipment. Two months later I get a bill for over 800.00 for their equipment charges. After numerous calls and 6 weeks later I finally received the boxes which I promptly returned the next day. A week later I get a closing bill saying I owe 7.63 which I paid that day with a credit card. To date, I have not received my 250.00 back. One call alone I was transferred 6 times and put on hold and then disconnected. I have written the CEO of Verizon inn new york 2 x, called verizon at least 10 x, wrote letters and not one reply. Today, 6/27/12 I caleld and was told 3 different stories:  your final bill is taken from the deposit, so if that was true and my monthly bill of 120.00 had been owed, which it wasnt, where is the rest of the deposit?  Or it is put back onto the card it was charged from, except they were told that I no longer had that card. and last deposit is given back only in certain circumstances, no suspended account, account closed before 6 months, none applied to me. All I know is they have 250.00 of my money and i want it back.
Entity: dallas, Texas
47, Report #499720
Sep 24 2009
07:37 AM
VERIZON WIRELESS Verizon Wireless are scam artist. Internet
My contract was almost up so I decided to renew my contract with Verizon Wireless. Needless to say this was a big mistake. I have had some issues with Verizon with my previous contract, however those issues were resolved in a timely manner. When I renewed my contract is when I had a real problem. I have a family share plan, that I upgraded to included text messaging on both lines and added mobile web to both phones my bill was suppose to be $148.00 with my discount. We ordered new phones, they arrived via fed ex. One of the phones we didn't like it so we returned it. I tracked the phone through the Fed ex website and it showed delivered two days later. A week later reviewed my bill I was charged $80.00 for the phone. Went through rep after rep. All telling me something different so finally on September 1st a rep explained to me it was just an oversight and allow a few days and I should see a credit on my bill. I waited and waited no credit. Called again the rep told me it was still pending. Called again on September 23rd and it was still pending. This rep told me he didn't know why is was still in a pending status but he would push it through, I should see an update within 24 hours. Again I don't see a credit, so I called again. Spoke to a rep who explained it was still in a pending status and there was nothing she could do, that only a supervisor could override the pending status. So I asked to speak with a supervisor, who kindly informed me she could not override the pending status because the request was issued by a Texas call center, I asked her to give me the number so I could contact the Texas center I was told no. At Verizon they don't give customers call center numbers and that credit could take up to two billing cycles before it is added to my account.Then my other line was charged $10.00 for accessing a website with ring tones mind you no ring tones were purchased, but the rep at Verizon explained we were being billed just to access the website.  How ridiculous is that. On top of all this I received a bill for $566.00 the highest bill I've ever had from Verizon and so far I am owed almost 150.00 in credits I have yet to receive. I went on my Verizon to check my bill and supposedly I am over my minutes. I have been arguing with them over that because majority of the people are in my fav 10 or are Verizon customers that I and the other line talk to.I would not recommend Verizon Wireless. I suggest everyone go through your bill line by line every couple of days because you don't know what Verizon Wireless is charging you.
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #581625
Mar 16 2010
01:01 PM
Verizon Unauthorized Charges on Verizon FiOS Bill Annapolis, Maryland
I signed up for a Triple-Play bundle after being an existing FIOS customer for over a year.  4 months later when I checked my bill I noticed I was being charged for:Verizon Broadband EssentialsSecurity and Backup Bundle/25 GB Jan 8 - Feb 7 $8.99Verizon Broadband ExtrasGames on Demand/Family Place Dec 23 - Jan 22 $7.99Starz Play Dec 23 - Jan 22 5.99None of which I signed up for!  I made a quick phone call to complain and request a refund which they gave me instantly.  (Just goes to show they know they are wrong for this one.)
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
49, Report #538443
Dec 12 2009
06:48 PM
Verizon Verizon SRC's Hidden Unreasonable FiOS International Charges ANNAPOLIS, Maryland
To Whom It May Concern,I am requesting a modification of the amount due on my February bill for two international calls made on January 27th of this year.The Events.I signed up for FIOS towards the end of 2008 and, to the best of my knowledge, was not told anything about international calls.  I received installation on January 19th.  The installer, Shelly, explained Verizon's services and the contract in great detail.  I asked Shelly at that point about our international calls, in particular, about maintaining our current international provider.  I was told that Verizon would be my long-distance carrier but that I could retain my separate international service.On January 27th, my wife made two calls to Russia, for a total of approximately 120 minutes.Approximately January 30th, I received a letter from Verizon from the Fraud unit stating that my international service was being blocked because of some questionable charges.  I called the Fraud unit to find out about this matter and was told that they were blocking my international access because there were two telephone calls to Russia for about 120 minutes for a total charge of approximately $800.  I asked how that could be since I had an international calling service.  I was informed that once I had switched to FIOS that my international carrier had been dropped and that I was paying the Verizon Long-Distance rates.A few days later, I called Verizon to try and sort this matter out.  After speaking to several people and being transferred several times, I was pretty much told that there was nothing that anybody could do until the bill had been posted.  While waiting for the bill to be posted, I explored some other options for international calling.  My wife and I finally settled on Verizon's 300 minute plan.  I signed up for this service approximately February 14th.Having received the bill, I called Verizon customer support and, again, being transferred numerous times, I found out that (a) this matter couldn't be resolved over the telephone, (2) I would have to write a letter of appeal to Verizon Annapolis SRC and (2) I could get a hold placed on $900 ($800 base + $100 taxes) of my current bill until this matter had been resolved.The Analysis.I believe that, in the order of fairness, my bill should be adjusted.  I believe so for the following reasons:(1).  It was never made clear to me by any Verizon Representative that my current international provider would be dropped.  If I had received that information, I would have found out about my options for international calling and arranged for some kind of international service.(2).  Verizon Long-Distance's rates are exorbitant in comparison to the international plan.  Verizon Long Distance is billing me approximately $900 (approximately $800 in LD charges plus another $100 in related taxes) for two calls totaling approximately 120 minutes.  That comes out to an effective rate of $7.50 per minute.  Compare that with market rate international calling plans which typically offer Russia (non-Moscow) for $0.05 to $0.10 per.  Even the international calling companies that don't focus on Russia are usually billing less than $0.25 per minute.  When I first started calling Russia without a rate plan back in 1995, the most I ever paid was $1.10 per minute.  Lastly, the 300-minute plan that I signed up for is $15.00 per month or the equivalent of $0.05 per minute.  In short, the rate charged by Verizon Long-Distance is 75 to 150 times higher than market rate international calling plans, and even 150 times higher than Verizon's marketed international calling plan.The RequestI would request, then, that my February bill be adjusted to reflect market rates of $0.05 per minute with a corresponding reduction in the taxes and fees associated with these two calls.  I would also offer that we could make the international calling plan that I have with Verizon be retroactively assigned to my account effective January 19th and billed accordingly in lieu of the entire approximately $900 for the two calls.  I believe that either of these options are fare because (1) I have suffered undue stress over this situation because I had to wait so long from the time that I was informed of this matter until I received adequate instructions about how I could resolve it, (2) it was never made clear to me that my international calling plan was going to be dropped, (3) Verizon Long Distance's non-calling plan international rates are excessive in comparison to market rate calling plans and even Verizon's own marketed international calling plan rates, (4) I have made significant efforts to clear this matter up, including calling Verizon about this a couple of times and (5) I have made arrangements to prevent this from happening in the future by securing one of Verizon's international calling plans.If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me either by mail at the above address or by telephone at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.NOTE: The AftermathAfter sending the above text to Verizon SRC, I recieved a rather ugly call late one evening from a Verizon rep saying that SRC had decided that the charges were legitimate and to either pay up or have my telephone service cut off and be sent to collections.  I never recieved a form letter stating such.  About 4 months from the initial call, I wound up paying because I can't have this kind of black mark on credit history as it could adversely effect me at my job.  (I work in banking.I no longer give a rat's butt about FiOS technical advantages over Comcast.  At least Comcast never levied any unreasonable charges.  At the end of my contract with Verizon in January, I fully intend to dump them and return to Comcast.Do you hear me, Verizon?  Your petty demands and lack of concern for what was an honest mistake ON YOUR PART is going to cost you my $150/month.  I hope that you're satisfied.RoniReston, Va.
Entity: ANNAPOLIS, Maryland
50, Report #532955
Dec 03 2009
11:18 AM
VERIZON WIRELESS Financial Services Verizon Wireless strikes again. Internet
I had long been a Verizon Wireless customer since 2004, but in 2009 when it came time for me to renew my contract and get a new phone, I had been told inaccurately what that plan was, being to include friends and family at 700 minutes, that was my catch between doing either verizon or ATT, and when I was told I couldn't do friends and family at 700 minutes, I dropped service and returned my phone (which I verified first with a sales rep from Verizon Wireless directly that I have 30 days to terminate when I was attempted to set up the friends and family and was furious that I'd have to add another 20 dollars to my monthly to get it! I don't need friends and family if I have 700 monthly minutes! Unless of course Verizon is calling me EVERY day and using up all my minutes by having me on hold and calling me for this bill that I am not liable for as a customer since I returned the phone by their 30 day contract termination agreement!). When I returned my phone to Best Buy, they terminated my Verizon services and transferred my number to my new ATT phone I had just received, as I had requested, and I asked if there was anything else, and the answer was no. I have spent countless hours on the phone with Verizon, as they force me to start over at the beginning of the entire situation at EVERY call because they have not once read the remarks, or if they had, not one prior representative recorded any... I have had NO difficulties returning the phone, I handed it directly to the very man I bought the phone from! Within 12 days of purchase! Not even half of the 30 day agreement!So now I am being charged for an early contract termination fee by Verizon because they claim I have not returned the phone, while the phone was returned to Best Buy, they sent it to a supply center or something, which then sent it to manufacturer, so at this point, Best Buy only has the receipt that I returned it, which is all they retain! So as such, Verizon Wireless is STILL calling me, EVERY day, at either 9 am or at 8 pm, eating up my ATT minutes like a rabid starving pack of wolves, costing me additional money, causing me undue stress, in a time of my life that everything has fallen apart with deaths in the family, my failing health, my studies being affected greatly, I simply don't have the time or the energy to be dealing with this COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE SITUATION! My part as the customer ended as soon as that phone left my hands into Best Buy's possession! I am NOT the customer anymore, Best Buy is! They should be calling them every day, NOT ME!They even had us on hold for almost 2 hours discussing with the man that I bought my phone from, they provided the dates of return, they said that I returned it to them directly, and the Verizon supervisor just stupidly, and yes, I mean stupidly, as if she lacked the mental cognizance to even be able to answer hello, what is your name? without 5 minutes of thought, that's how slow she was to answer my questions when the manager at Best Buy gave me the phone! She told me that one remarks said I had difficulty returning the phone! I said, I had NONE, I handed it directly to the person that I purchased the phone from! There is no difficulty in that! Why did it take this supervisor 5 minutes pause before saying ummm, well, ummm... the remarks... uh... said that... ummmm.... you had... ummmm... difficulty.... uhhh.... returning it... ummm.... so.... ummmm... uh.... I can't... uh.... ummmm.... uh... That was the conversation! I had to hand the phone back to the manager at Best Buy before I started screaming at her or just threw the phone across the store... I have been dealing with these phone calls for over 2 months now. This is completely unacceptable.
Entity: , Internet

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