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76, Report #1166925
Aug 02 2014
01:12 PM
Verizon Wireless Verizon Wireless TWC deals Nationwide
I was due for an upgrade on my Verizon Wireless and was told about a joint venture Verizon Wireless have with TWC for a $300 gift card from Verizon Wireless and $100 from TWC,if I get TWC triple package. I upgraded one phone in Jan 2014 and one in May 2014 and i signed up for new service withTWC in April 29. I called both Verizon Wireless and TWC and I was told I was eligible for the two gift cards. Verizon Wireless have a scam going. In May 1st I recieved an e-mail from verizonwireless-timewarnercable@tristarfulfillment.comthanking me for registring for the rewards card. In June 10 i recieved a follow up email stating that its been 45 days and i should be recieving my rewards after the 90 day promotional period. TWC have sent me the $100 gift card but Verizon wirelss changed the status of the rebate to Not Eligible For This Promotion. Now im stuck with 2 years with Verizon Wireless and no response from anyone about the promotion. I hace sent multiple e-mails andmade multiple calls but no one is willing to give me an answer for why they are not honoring thier deal.
Entity: Nationwide
77, Report #1338072
Nov 14 2016
11:14 AM
verizon wireless Verizon Wireless 7Plus trade up SCAM Nationwide
I was told through the IPhone 7 promotion that I could trade in my IPhone 6plus cell phone and receive a new iPhone 7 plus phone by paying just the taxes. They now have told me that my phone - that could only be sent to them through the mail - was only worth $ 122.00, and that I will have to pay 39.00 a month for months in order to pay for this new 7plus phone. I told them that I wanted my old phone back and I would return this phone. They said that the 14 days were up so they cannot return my phone. I contacted them as soon as I received their email stating how little they would credit me for my 6plus. My 6plus was in excellent working condition. I was using it right up until the day I sent it to them. I had told them  there  was only a small 1/2 to 3/4' crack Above the screen, not even on the screen. I believe they deliberately waited to send me the email of how much they would credit me for my phone until it was too late to cancel my order. I received their email on Oct 28th. I responded immediately voicing my outrage, but they did not respond. I then spent 1 hour 21 minutes minutes on the phone November 3rd with Stacey rep explaining to her that I just wanted my old phone back and that I felt this was a scam and that is why they did not let me do the exchange in a store - in person. She said the best they can do is let me return the new phone and I won’t get charged for it, but I would not get my 6Plus back!!!! This is ridiculous. They said the fair market value of my new phone is $347, and fair market value of my 6plus is $245. Why are they trying to now charge me $36.24 for 24 months!!! I would like them to credit my bill for the 7 plus phone if they really cannot give me my old phone back - in the proper working condition it was in when it was sent to them. Nov 4, Matt called me and said he would decrease my data plan to offset my now increased bill, I said that does not help because I am still paying $850 for a phone I do not need. I said to either return my phone or give me a refurbished 6 plus. He said no. He then said he would give me another 300 off the cost of the phone. I said no because I would still be paying 500 for a phone I don’t need.
Entity: Nationwide
78, Report #1344138
Dec 19 2016
10:43 AM
Verizon Verizon Wireless Data out of control Nationwide Nationwide
We have always used 4gb max on our data. We switched to 6 to make sure to get no overages. Then Verizon did a promotion for 8gb free(extra 2gb) and we signed up/. NOW the last few months it is close to 8gb in usage and our cell habits have not changed. We have talked to them and get the same response. We are both on wifi 95% of the time. All the time at home and when she is at work. No explination from Verizon. I have chatted with them and made sure there areno games. no streaming and have went to bare min. on apps. They offer a tech and tell me it is not them. I am fed up and what is funny if everyone I talk to says they are having the same type problem.
Entity: Nationwide
79, Report #1379562
Jun 16 2017
02:16 PM
Verizon Verizon: data grabber and fraudulent billing Nationwide
I’m a cellphone illiterate old man who made a mistake signing up with verizon.  It seemed like no time at all that I got a message from them telling us our 6 gigs of data was used up so I bought 10 gigs more.  Then I started paying attention and saw to it that me and my wife used very little of anything.  That didn’t stop our data use. Lickedy split and 10 gigs were gone.  I had Safety Mode turned on after that so we wouldn’t go over our allowance.  Since it appeared to me that our data got used up so fast we wouldn’t have much to use ourselves, I had Consumer Cellular port our number away from Verizon on the 13th of September, even though we were paid up for the full month.  I owe Verizon $1498 for our 2 iPhone 6-S’s and 2 early termination fees.  Verizon, without charging us the early termination fees, billed us for $1907.xx.  The next month they billed us more for a total of $962.xx in fraudulent charges.  That was 9 months ago and I still haven’t paid them.  Oh, I almost forgot. The first bogus bill had an overcharge-use of $30.  How could that happen with Safety Mode turned on?  Only someone in Verizon can do that.  So to the person who posted on this site saying people need to find out about charges and quit blaming Verizon:  Hey Buster! You need to find out about Verizon.  You can bet that if they are stealing from one then they are stealing from many.
Entity: Nationwide
80, Report #185286
Apr 06 2006
01:33 PM
Verizon Yahoo ripoff Lafayette Indiana
In November of 2005 I ordered verizon dsl service. The service is supposed to include Yahoo services (instant message, e-mail, pop-up blocker, virus/spyware protection etc.) for free. In December of 2005 verizon shut off the dsl signal and cancelled my verizon/yahoo account due to non-payment. Verizon said they thought they were supposed to be charging my credit card, but they didn't have a credit card # to charge. After they discovered that they were supposed to be billing me via snail mail they turned my dsl signal back on, however, I've haven't been able to access my Yahoo features since then. It's been 4 months and after MANY LONG (avg. 45 minutes) phone calls to tech support and numerous opened and closed trouble tickets, they still haven't got it fixed. I finally talked to a billing rep. today who is crediting my account for one month. This is very nice but doesn't fix the problem. BE WARNED, I've been told that the free stuff that verizon offers (Yahoo Premium Services; value $200.00) when you sign up, apparently is a promise they do not have to honor. Feel like cancelling? That'll cost you an early termination fee (you know, to cancel the services that they haven't provided). Feel like contacting Yahoo instead of Verizon to fix the problem, couldn't do it, Customer service is something Yahoo doesn't provide, unless you feel like calling long distance, because technically, you're not a Yahoo customer. Brian Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
81, Report #177948
Feb 24 2006
05:48 PM
Verizon Wireless rebate ripoff Internet
I bought a phone from the local verizon wireless store. Didn't really care for the phone, but it had a $35 rebate. I cut the UPC code, filled out the form, attached the original reciept as required. Double checked everything and sent it out. I received an unqualified letter several weeks later stating the rebate wouldn't be honored as I didn't attach the UPC code, but I could still get the rebate if I attached all the paperwork and also send in the UPC code. Firstly, they didn't return the paperwork. Secondly, my original UPC code was sent in and lost at the office at Verizon. There was no way I was getting that rebate at all. I called the 888 number and got a gal who denied that they lose anything in the office and stated that I should have made a copy of everything. I called the local office and got nowhere as well. I called customer service at Verizon and nothing. I sent an email to the company and got a rep who claimed she wanted to help. I explained the situation and never heard back, even though I emailed her several times. Michelle chesapeake,, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
82, Report #191451
May 14 2006
10:32 AM
Verizon 1000$ roaming charges Ripoff Nationwide
I went for a temporary job to florida first thing i did is go to a verizon shop and ask about roaming their exact answer was theres no roaming u can use the phone and it won't cost u roaming used my phone again and it was marking me roaming so i went to another verizon stand they told me the same thing. A month later i have a charge of 1000 dollars of roaming. Luis Malden, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #189485
May 01 2006
06:16 PM
Verizon Wireless ripoff Internet
It seems like every biil I receive from Verizon Wireless is never the stated bill per contract agreement. I was on the 1350 minutes plan and averaged about $115 bucks a month. Now I switched back to $39.99 a month and then they zap me with a delayed overage charge of $ 46 and some change. The new bill totaled $115. Is this a coincidence (the amount being the same) or a RIP-OFF. I think its a RIP-OFF!!! Whenever I call them its the same old story! I had trouble with my phone and had to go back to them for a 3rd phon before they got it right. I had to wait acouple hours each time I took it back, they had to test it and I had to wait. When I cam back they had not had a chance to look at the phon yet and I had to wait another hour. This kind of stuff pisss you off as well. I think they are a monopoly on the cell phone market and need better competition to make them more marketable. Signed, 1 pissed off customer Brian Halifax, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
84, Report #121468
Dec 06 2004
11:06 AM
Verizon ripoff Worcester Massachusetts
verizon collects profits from every customer whose modam is hi-jacked. i contacted verizon explaining the long dostence charges found on my phone bill and had a very interesting story to tell everyone.the hi-jacked modam calls wel to-wheatley ont-casnada exactly 2 min,the other hi-jacked call were to-taipie tw exactly 1 min each.the other hi-jacked calls were to-the united kingdom exactly 2 min,each and to england for 6 min. grab your phone bill and look down the list of calls made if you see any calls for exactly one min, or two min, each going to another country than your modam was hi-jacked. my phone bill was $213.71 total. when i was done talking with verizons specilist who in my opinion was not even close to being a specilist my bill went down to $83.67. if you dont call the phone co. you will have a big scam bill. what the phone co.will do is send the disputed call bills back to the company that billed verizon or who every you have for a phone co. is the company that tryed to bill you for the calls then will have to send you the bill them self insted of using the phone co. and if they do you will have the chance to tell them just what you think. Scott newport, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Worcester, Massachusetts
85, Report #149937
Jul 15 2005
08:32 PM
BUSINESSES BE AWARE OF VERIZON SUPERPAGES (I KNOW) - I know all about verizon and how they work. First off, they decieve ppl by claiming they have current advertising that companies are paying for when they actually don't. Also, smaller companies tend to be ripped off more because of lack of knowledge that they know of what they really are paying for, such as sales reps make them believe that they are paying for their business listings, when actually it's a provided free listing in the yellow pg section as well as the white pages. And Verizon makes companies believe that it's an annual fee when in actuallity it's a monthly fee. Sometimes they will also sneak in a product that they will claim you have had in the past and have been paying for, when in again in actuallity you have never had, so that they can claim their quota's to meet their expectations. Supervisors are aware of this though they disregard this kind of activity because they too have to meet their own qoutas as well. Please be cautious. Sunshine Irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: IRVING, Texas
86, Report #286532
Nov 24 2007
10:33 PM
ESBI / VERIZON Scam ripoff Internet
ESBI ?? Appeared On Veizon Bill AS A Service To ESBI I Did Not Ask For This Or Got Notice From Verizon Of This Why Are We Paying For Service That Does Nothing At All And Heres One More ILD Teleservices Clearinghouse Agents The Same For ESBI Clearinghouse Are Wallet For The Phone co. Buckeye BLOOMINGTON, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
87, Report #304243
Jan 29 2008
03:46 AM
Verizon Deceptive Advertising Baltimore Maryland
Received an offer to get internet access and TV over FIOS, with the added inducement of a free 19 HDTV. Called to sign up and was given an installation date of 3/11/08. Was then told that I would not get the free TV as the small print disclaimer in the ad declared that the service must be installed by 3/1/08 to be eligible for the free TV. The large print in the ad says only that one must sign up by 2/3/08. I'll stick with Comcast. Nick Towson, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
88, Report #311806
Feb 25 2008
11:27 AM
Verizon Scam Business Princeton Illinois
In reference to account number12 3753276505931502 And Phone number (((REDACTED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES))) To witch was canceled several weeks ago Susan and I removed the service because of all the double billing we seen on our account' the above mentioned We originally asked for a private number. They published it We had people calling us at 2 in the morning asking if they would like to send us things We used the service say for about 11 calls total and paid them over 80 bucks the first month we asked for just the basic service's They gave us call waiting witch we did ask for but it did not work We tried to explain it to them and they started suggesting we where lying about it Why would I lie about our call waiting not working we where put on hold for say 2 hours 'Transfered to a specialist who asked us to get new batteries ;| UM Some specialist O.M.G We had new batteries in it We canceled and they still keep billing us and I am afraid they will send us to collections if i do not pay them' Is there a law against this kind of thing or do our lawless law just arrest women they can rape Innocent people that use drugs to forget the terrible world they are in! grr and old ladies they can push out of a wheel chair! TRY Pushing me! see what my god does err you bad bunnies;| Myst princeton, IllinoisU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Princeton, Illinois
89, Report #63221
Jul 09 2003
09:27 PM
Verizon scam ripoff HAMMOND Louisiana
Verizon Wireless Co. in Hammond, La. is a BIG ripoff. Everything was fine till 2 months later. My bill increased big time.They said that i went over my minutes knowing I didn't. I watched every little second I was on the phone. They tried to say that I owed $ 300 every time my billing statement came in. When I seen Bryan from Hammond's report it seemed just like mine??? What's up with that? Maybe that's what they charge everyone they mess over.. They need to be shut down or they need to repay us because there a Big Ripoffs. Thanks Verizon for being ripoffs. Brandi Hammond, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: HAMMOND, Louisiana
90, Report #87433
Apr 13 2004
09:02 AM
Verizon Management Ethics??!! Internet
Do you wonder why your Verizon bill is so high? Let me give you some insight. I am a retired employee after 28 years of service. I worked very hard as a first line supervisor and retired at a very young age. I was invited to many company functions that included extravagant dinners and overnight reservations that were not required for my job function. After retirement I was invited back as a contracted worker and made extremely good money. I met an Executive Director and we started a relationship. We did not use Company funds or time to further our relationship. But eventually we did buy a home together and I relocated to a different state. Unforunately I developed breast cancer and during my chemo and radiation this high paid executive began a relationship with one of his direct reports. They had many cross-country overnight trips paid for by Verizon. I have asked for this relationship to be investigated by Verizon ethics but I believe that they are sweeping their dirt under the rugs. If you continue to pay your Verizon bill guess what you are paying for!! m baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
91, Report #85526
Mar 26 2004
03:23 PM
Verizon ripoff Upstate Nationwide
The letters I have read on this web site sound exactly like my history with verizon. I have had numerous unauthorized charges on my verizon bill also. I have been belittled by their staff for my payment history also. I have been told that although verizon can put charges on my bill from other companys(i.e. AOL, integratel), they can not answer any questions about these charges. So, I am switching to MCI, whom has assured me they do not bill for other companies. I hope my quest for a simple phone line is over. It has been an awful experience to open my phone bill every month. I am on a plan for 63.00 a month, but have never actually received a bill that low. Wendy upstate, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Upstate, Nationwide
92, Report #111390
Oct 04 2004
03:14 PM
Verizon - OAN ripoff Tampa Florida
My Verizon bill reflects a charge from OAN on the 9/25/04 statement. We did not authorize this service and do not want it. We have an answering machine and do not need, nor did we request a voice mail service. The application of a service we did not request is a form of slamming and is not legal. I need to know who authorized this service and must be provided a complete history of the transaction(s) that established this charge/account . I will be in touch with Verizon as well as State and Local authorities if this charge and accompanying service, which we did not request and have not used is not removed from my 9/25/04 and all subsequent statements. Please contact me when your records are corrected and direct Verizon to send a corrected statement reflecting the deletion of the $23.58 for your unauthorized service. George Florida, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
93, Report #288395
Dec 02 2007
12:46 PM
VERIZON wireless Fresno California
cant pair my wireless phone & ordered over 100.00s form their advice tech support none accualy work. verizon doesnt inform customers about their service limitions before you enter into teir 2 year contract Joey Fresno, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fresno, California
94, Report #190490
May 08 2006
01:16 PM
Verizon ripoff, frauds, Elgin Illinois
They have the audacity to put down that I have a past due account with them. Not only have I NEVER had an account, they REFUSED to send me a copy of a SIGNED contract. (This is aparantly for cellular service?) I have a TracFone, and I have only ever had prepaids. The one I had before TracFone was the one that Dick Clark used to advertise. I have tried to get this off of my report now for 7 years! Good thing to know: check the statute of limitations for how long a bill can be collected in your state. They can't try and get anything after that date. you can find that at bank rate dot com Pam Stoughton, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Elgin, Illinois
95, Report #178382
Feb 27 2006
02:13 PM
Verizon ripoff Baltimore Maryland
in oct 05 i requested internet service from verizon, i was told it would be 20.00 per month. my first bill i was told i had to pay for 2 months so i paid that, next bill was 20.00 plus 2.75, which i paid. dec bill was upped to 25.93, feb bill is 32.70. i have called them at least 5 times today but cannot get them to call me back. i also emailed them, they emailed me back saying they would get back to me needless to say no email.people need to know about this business thank you Doris trappe, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
96, Report #123769
Dec 20 2004
07:39 PM
Verizon ripoff Tellis One Call Comm
Have 2 private listing phone lines. One phone line for computer use only with NO long distance. All of a sudden Verizon shows on my bill 8 months later how I switched from ATT long distance on both phone lines, not just one. Odd, I never had long distance on the computer line, I signed up for the cheapest service for the computer line, what was more frustrating is the fact I am now being billed for International calls to England, United Kingdom and Liechtenst LS 423633904033. Verizon states I have to at least pay for the Liechtenst because they paid for it and it's not showing a 3rd party billing. Hmmmmmmm but I did not have long distance on the second phone line and our modem dials up through another phone number through our server. Verizon insists I must of down-loaded permission off the net. Odd, when these calls were made nobody was at home to place such a call. Why is a phone line that has no long distance service attached to it to begin with is now being billed for long distance service and why is it now showing on my bill 8 months later as having such long distance service? Personally I feel Verizon screwed up and paid the long distance bill and their error now became mine and quickly showed I had long distance all along on my second line when they know for a fact that is not what I signed up for with the second phone line for computer purposes only to free up my main phone line from busy signals when the computer was on. It's the only reason I got a second phone line was to run a straight cord line on a new number to a computer, no phone attached to it, no long distance service let alone NO international calls and yet I'm being fraudulently billed by Verizon? The other 2 calls from England and United Kingdom are through some USBI that names a Telliss and One Call Comm 3rd party billing. When I called Verizon they stated a one time deal of 10% if I paid without a fuss and if I fussed the whole 100%. Later I got a bill for 100% anyways so go figure. Most people work hard for their money and it's erroneous to know others out there in the world are working harder to rip others off fraudulently and living off the sweat of many innocent people. Jen Titusville, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
97, Report #126795
Jan 10 2005
09:04 PM
Verizon ripoff Annapolis Maryland
I recently requested an extra phone line for my internet service from verizon phone company. I called and told them I wanted it for my internet only and I gave them my internet number for dialup. I plainly told the representative that I wanted something that wouldn't be too expensive and he said he would fix it. He fixed it that everytime I would dial in on the internet, it was long distance and was charged what time I was on line 226 dollars for one month service. I have not received my other bill yet. It's hard to say how much it will be. I called in to have the problem fixed, and I spoke to the superviser and she told me that I would have to pay the bill for their mistake. I asked them to go back on their records to listen at the conversation I had with the representative about the line she said she didn't have any records. Would someone tell me why they tell you that your conversation may be recorded? Vickie amigo, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Annapolis, Maryland
98, Report #152673
Aug 05 2005
02:32 PM
Verizon ripoff Norristown Pennsylvania
What a RIPOFF from Verizon. The put a phone in my apartment without my approval and billed me. I talked to them several times and they said I wanted a phone. How could I want a phone in Pennsylvania when I was living in Florida at the time. Be very careful about the internet services and promises they make because they will RIP YOU OFF! Richard norristown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Norristown, Pennsylvania
99, Report #153391
Aug 11 2005
09:46 PM
Verizon ripoff Irving Texas
Verizon Yellow Pgs does have their own tactics. Such as misleading customers who have mom-pop businesses.. this is their easy target. And as far as the last memo posted they are correct... Verizon leaves no option if a business is not contacted they will either cancel your advertising OR renew AS IS and CHARGE you on a monthly basis DISREGARDING if your phone# address is up-to-date SOOOO please dont fall into this mind-game its nothing but lies because they will put your business into a credit issue but even if they do they will continue renewing your business advertising. Its ashame that this business is associated with #1411 and still information is never or it seems to be never updated with the advertising aspect point of view. I recommend to be cautious because this isnt fair to businesses that have no idea how the system works. it is rather more important for verizon to either renew businesses. not for business recognition but rather for monthly expenses. Once again I stand for business advertising in yellow pgs in self-defense not as a tactic to pursue in depth expenses. Sunshine Irving, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas
100, Report #82219
Feb 28 2004
10:49 AM
Verizon ripoff Irving Texas
Our company Dunning Quality Painting had a Verizon Add put in the Verizon Yellow pages. We were told by one of there sales repts that on an average a month to expect 55 calls from this Add. Our company has not received only 13 calls from this Add this last year. We have tried to call the 800 number they give you to try and talk to some one or to make a claim against this problem. We had made a claim against Verizon Yellow Pages and still have not been satisfied with the resaults. We have paid out 8,560.00 dollars for the Add to help build our business and our company hasn't done anything but suffered because they will not refund my money or help us come to a reasonable price to pay off this deabt. We were even asked by the Sales rept would you like a bigger crew and company vans and ect. Well this is the Add you need to go with in order for you to expand and get more clients. We have even called the Manager at the office where we were sold on this Add and he told us what every one else told us call the 800 number and talk to them. We have now 8,560.00 on our credit because they will not assist us with this problem. We are now thinking about going a little futher with this to get better resaults and our money back also to get justice. Verizon's sales repts will tell you what you need to hear and try to sell you the biggest Add to get you to sign a contract. We are so disappointed with there perfomance if our comapany suffers even more from this we will go under. We think that Verizon should be investigated for misinformed infomation. So if you are looking to Addvertise with this comapny before you sign any contracts get every thing they say in writting first because they will not back up what they promised and they will get you too! We even called our sales rept and explained to her we were not happy with what she promised our company this Add would do for us. She then told us to give it one more month and if we were still not getting calls she would help us get this resolved or the contract voided. We waited one more month after having it for Six month's,we decided to call her back and we couldn't get her to call us back on this issue. This company is so overrated with what sounds good and not what can help you. All they care about is how can we make our money and bind you or your company to a contact. Debbie Cedar Hill, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Irving, Texas

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