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26, Report #318798
Mar 17 2008
06:01 PM
Vonage Phone Service Vonage Customer Service (NOT) Internet
We have had Vonage phone service (I say service sparingly) and have had consistent billing and service issues with this company. As many have found, when you call their so called customer service line you get people who, instead of resolving your issues, they create more. They start by telling you how valuable you are to them and we all know by now that this is not true. If you are able to get them focused on the issues they very quickly reverse course back to a bunch of babble about how valuable you are. If we are in fact so Valuable to them, than why do they consistently lie to us and try and trick us into staying with them. My latest go around was back in January when I had had enough of their pathetic customer care and wanted to cancel the service, only to get the proverbial, you are so important to us farce and decided to go with the reduced service contract, like their service could be reduced any further, and went with what I was told was the $9.99 a month plan. This plan was not to be started until this month (March 2008) and January and February (2008) were to be with no charge. The other part of the agreement was that I would receive a $22.00 credit for the balance of my December (2007) payment. I was led to believe that this credit would be put back on my credit card. Instead, they gave me the equivalent to a store credit which they used as payment for January and February. In reality, I still had to pay for those two months. To add salt to the wound, they took $18.16 from our account instead of the $13 something that included the $9.99 plus all of their so called fees. The additional $5 or so was for taxes and fees for my January and February bills that, SUPPOSEDLY, I was not being billed for. I left them on the phone with a hard to believe $10.26 credit. Who knows if I will actually see it, or if they will try to charge me a $39.00 + fee that is only supposed to be for those who cancel with in a year (I will keep you informed how this goes). Reelyfedup Leola, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #372976
Sep 15 2008
09:00 AM
Vonage Know Vonage No Peace... Holmdel New Jersey
Vonage has consumer hostile business practices. From their TOS: 8.5 No Credit Allowances or Refunds for Prepaid Service Plan Customers. Subject to our money back guarantee and law, we will neither credit nor refund any service fees or any other amounts you pay for any prepaid service plans. During a plan change the site says that you can cancel within the grace period, but the grace period is from when you originally signed up for the service. Therefore, by the time you get things working and decide to change, the Grace Period for all future changes is immediately expired! I can't wait to get a refund or spend the service credit... Why you ask? Because in the words of Donald Trump... Vonage, You're Fired! Kindest Regards To All Of You Who Are Held Captive By This Company... Ken Bear, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
28, Report #261244
Jul 16 2007
06:21 PM
Vonage Account not Canceled after number ported out of vonage ripoff Internet
About 2 months ago I signed up for Comcast home phone service. I had Vonage as my provider at the time, however Comcast said they can transfer (Port) my number from Vonage and I would keep the same number. I was told by Comcast, as I was in the past when I ported my cell phone numbers to different carriers, DO NOT CALL VONAGE and Cancel you account. Vonage is required to cancel my account after the number is ported. Needless to say, the account was not canceled by Vonage, and I e-mailed them asking for a refund for the past 2 months as I was not using their services. This is the e-mail response I received: Dear xxxxxxxxxx, Thank you for contacting Customer Care. We understand from your email that you have transferred your number to another carrier and would like to cancel your account and get refund of the last invoice charges. We checked our records and found that your account is active and not canceled. Please note that Vonage billing is automated and as long as your account is active, billing will apply. Every month at the end of your billing cycle an invoice will automatically be generated and your card on account will be charged for the invoice amount. If you would like to cancel your account, please call our Customer Care toll free number and speak to the Account Management department. To cancel your account, we need to verbally verify the owner of the account. This is to protect you from having another person terminate your service without your knowledge. Please call our Account Management Department at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357). We are here to help you Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. We look forward to helping you. If you have any questions, your Vonage team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us whenever and however it suits you! - On-Line Help Center at http://www.vonage.com/help.php - Contact Us at http://www.vonage.com/help_contactus.php - Or call Toll-Free at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357) Thanks again for choosing Vonage, a better phone service for less! Sincerely, Vonage Customer Care It is obvious that Vonage does not follow the same guidlines that other phone companies do, and they apparently have no problem billing you even if you no longer use their service. I used to be an advocate of Vonage, until I had unresolved issues with call quality, and now their unethical business practice of billing a previous customer, because they didn't request to have the billing stopped. Wish me luck on getting my refund, and from me, I wish you good luck if you decide to use Vonage. Nick Algonquin, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #341282
Jun 17 2008
05:15 PM
VONAGE VONAGE - One of the World's Biggest Rip-offs Holmdel New Jersey
In January 2008 I spoke with a Vonage sales rep regarding the internet phone service. I was promised everything under the sun. (Maybe it was sun spots that caused all the terrible service I received! Since the beginning I had nothing but reception quality problems. First it was not Vonage's problem, it was my service provider. I provided my service provider all the guidelines for their service to work. Still terrible quality. I paid more to my service provider to increase the speed (broadband with, etc.). Still very bad service. I called Vonage Tech Support - Take two aspirins and go to bed. Too bad they don't speak English. Then they offered me free service. It might have been free from charges, but not free of aggravations - still poor quality service after they supposedly fixed the problem. Finally my account was assigned my own Account Representative with a Toll Free number and a direct extension. Hey that was good? Now I can call someone direct, leave a message and wait for them to call me back. Wow - what a surprise! Today I called again to speak with a technical rep. A service tech was supposed to contact me by 6:00PM. 6:30 PM, still no call. I called back - service tech had to go - will call me tomorrow. Well - I finally had it - I canceled the service. I was informed that there would be a $93 charge since it was past 30 days. I told them it was worth it just to get rid of the service. Once the account was terminated, it was less than one minute than the charge hit my bank. NOW THAT WAS SERVICE!!! Like the old saying says If it seems too good to be true - it propably is. Greg Howe, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
30, Report #428873
Feb 26 2009
05:31 PM
Vonage Vonage is HORRIBLE Holmdel New Jersey
Vonage is the worst telephone company...Do NOT sign up with them. They lie to you all the time. Their customer service people are insulting, give you the run around. And then give you a problem when you want to cancel. They even had the GAUL to ask which company was going to be providing new service to me...I couldn't believe that...It wasn't any of their business. I had other issues with their horrible service. INCLUDING not everyone can be connected with them..Varrious phone numbers don't work with vonage. You can't call them and they can't call you...Why would anyone need a phone carrier with HORRIBLE service. I also told vonage I am NOT paying them a disconnect fee. No where does it say there is one. I used them for over a year....One year yes I agreed to...I didn't agree to a disconnect fee. I asked them if there was one..>They said 'no' when I signed up...>Faulty advertizing yes...Lieing...Yes. They lied to me and I don't like it....I am NOT paying them an added dime. Kat yonkers, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
31, Report #516818
Oct 29 2009
11:25 AM
Vonage Vonage Home Phone Service Company Internet
adds fees when you cancel and you have to get into an argument for them to cancel they give you such hell for terrible service and ad unnecessary charges,please beware
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #994267
Jan 09 2013
06:40 PM
Vonage America Vonage will not refund credit balance Internet
I just cancelled my Vonage Account and two days ago they charged my account $33.30 They know there is a balance on my account that they owe me but said Per the Vonage Agreement, They provide NO refunds back the the customer for credit balances, I guess I am guilty of not reading the fine print. Vonage is a great Service but VERY DISHONEST!
Entity: , Internet
33, Report #433011
Mar 11 2009
10:03 AM
I recently order phone service with Vonage on March 9th 2009. Given that VONAGE is a digital phone service, I was told that they will hook me up with Comcast internet service, since we needed cable internet to use VONAGE. I was trnasferred to a department in VONAGE that will order my digital service with Vonage as well as place an order for internet with COMCAST. My husband and I we both particularly emphasized to the salesman of VONAGE that we never had cable before at our home. He assured us that COMCAST covered our area and that they will install the cable for us for $33. It was thus our understanding that it was sure that we are getting COMCAST cable internet to use VONAGE digital phone service with. We went ahead an placed both orders based on that assurance that we ARE getting internet service through Comcast placed by an order through VONAGE. The salesman told us that our credit card would be charged in a few days after the item is shipped, since we had to order the phone adapter to use with cable internet which we were suppose to get with COMCAST. And that it will be $31.05 inlcuding the UPS ground shipping, one monthe service in advace and for a refurbished phone adaptor. It was our understanding that we would be charged for services offered and that there was a guarantee for interenet and thus phone service. The salesman assured us that Comcast do provide internet services t our area and that he checked availability online. So we trusted him!!! He forwarded all our information to COMCAST for the order. He said that we had had nothing to do and that the order was placed for us with COMCAST through a Company called White Fence. Yesterday March 10th 2009, just a day after we placed the order, COMCAST emailed us to inform us that order was declined. This because COMCAST DOES NOT SERVE OUR AREA. We were surprised as the reason we signed with VONAGE and gave our credit card information, was because the salesman told us that we are guaranteed to get cable internet service with COMCAST through a complany called White Fence. We obtained that emailed yesterday evening. We immediately called VONAGE to let them know of the situation and we foun out that THEY HAVE ALREADY CHARGED OUR CREDIT CARD, this with them knowing that there was a possiblity that our order could be denied with COMCAST based on availability of cable internet in our area. We also called COMCAST and they told us that they do not even serve close to our area, they never did and that could be checked on their website. We even checked the white Fence website then and put our address and availability was not available too. The thing is that how could this VONAGE salesman who checked the availability suggested COMCAST and place and order with them, when they do not even provide cable internet service in aour area?!!! AND HOW COULD VONAGE CHARGED OUR CREDIT CARD BEFORE MAKING SURE WE COULD USE THEIR DIGITAL PHONE SERVICE. WE JUST CANNOT USE IT WITHOUT CABLE INTERNET AND THEY KNEW THAT!! THEY COULD EASILY FIND OUT ONLINE WITH COMCAST WEBSITE BEFORE FOOOLING US INTO GETTING PHONE SERVICE WITH THEM AND CHARGED US BEFOREHAND!!! I called them just after a day I placed the order on March 10th to cancel my order!!! YES NOT SERVICE, since I never had one, but my order!!! The Account Management girl from VONAGE told me that they will charged me cancellation FEE!!! YES FOR THEIR MISTAKE AND MISGUIDING US ABOUT COMCAST AND PLACING A BOGUS ORDER FOR US!!! I told her that I do not nor will I authorize us to charge the $39 cancellation fee since it was their mistake and not mine and that I NEVER HAD SERVICE, neither has received their phone adaptor yet. Last night when I called VONAGE they told me to refused the shipment of the phone adaptor as I DO NOT NEED IT WITHOUT HAVING COMCAST CABLE INTERNET. And that VONAGE was not supposed to charged my credit card before their was assurance that I would get service. It very logical to me that a company cannot charge someone before service starts or their is assurance of service. But VONAGE IS A BIG CHEAT AND THIEF that do not want to take responsibility and do their job. I asked to talked with a supervisor and told him that I wil not pay for the service nor authorize him to charge their bogus cancellation fee, since I never had serice due to their fault. He gave me the usual company procedure song. I told him we are talking of an immediate cancellation of order here not service, because I cannot use your phone service without the promised cable internet. I told him that I previously asked their agent alst night to cancel any shipment to my address since I want a refund. At that time they had only sent a bill to UPS. It did not leave their company yet. She told me they would in the morning and that she was putting a note regarding that. Apparently that was not done and the shipment just left VONAGE this morning and was in transit. I asked the supervisor to redirect the shipmen back since I did not want something that I cannot used! He told me that their procedure do not allow them to contact UPS ( a bogus claim). I tols him that they should take their responsibiities and give me an immediate refund. He said that I have to returned the phine adaptor!!! I said to him that VONAGE has already caused me a lot of hassle and that they should take the blame not me and pay for return shipping. I told him that I will refuse shipment and ask the UPS driver to return to sender. The VONAGE supervisor did not want to make an immediate refund nor contact UPS. He just wanted me to do HIS job and wai for 3 WEEK before I can get my money back. Apparently it will take 2 weeks for UPS to send it back and then YEAH, I have to call VONAGE to remind them of my refund and they will then manually refund it and it will take 5 days. He told me not ot cancel it now, for otherwise they will charged me the $39, like a blackmail. I have to call them when the phone adaptor return to them since they cannot keep up with it themselves and DO NOT HAVE A SENSE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE OR SEEM TO WANT TO HELP THE CUSTOMER BUT THEMSELVES. THEY GOT MY MONEY NOW, NOW THEY DON'T CARE. THEY MADE THE MISTAKE, I DID MY SHARE TO CANCEL THE ORDER AND NOW i HAVE TO WAIT 3 WEEKS TO GET MY MONEY AND WAIT TO GET A DIFFERENT PHONE SERVICE, SINCE THEY HAVE MY MONEY.!!!! I hpe that after the 3 weeks they won' t tell me that I DID NOT CANCEL ON TIME!!! FOR ELSE IT WILL BE A CLASS ACTION. We should all ally and give sue them for illegal business practice...I will also conatct Cosumer Affairs and report them. I called UPS and told them to returned their equipment to them. SO MUCH HASSLE JUST BECAUSE OF VONAGE INCOMPETENT SALESPERSON, SUPERVISOR AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! VONAGE IS A VERY FRAUDULENT COMPANY AND THEY HAVE VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Mary Edison, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
34, Report #1080665
Aug 30 2013
10:35 PM
Entity: EDISON, New Jersey
35, Report #1288768
Feb 19 2016
06:51 PM
VONAGE BUSINESS VONAGE VOIP phone company Atlanta Georgia
Elliot Campbell of Vonage promised simple easy non headache phone number move however it's been 6 months and stll not solve yet.Further he said credit should be given already as they charged my card for 4 months without having the phone # working and it's been 3 months waiting for credit and still nothing.Worst is they want to charge more and my phone got disconnected today.BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE & Elliot should be fired as he only nice when he wants to get the account and talk very sweet. He does not work on it once he gets your money. Bad business manner.Called & emailed him 3 times for the past 3 days as keep getting email phone will get disconnected if not pay by Feb 18 and it sure did get disconnect on Feb 19 after HE SAID DO NOT WORRY about the email as it's been taking care off...LOL sure...he is such a BULLS****ER...BTW, ELLIOT DID NOT RESPONSE TO MY PAST 3 EMAILS!Now, my business is jeopardized as can not receive phone call as my phone got disconnected as VONAGE put hostage for non payment.  
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
36, Report #1337955
Nov 13 2016
07:32 PM
Vonage Small Business users BEWARE of Vonage Internet
Some customers would come into our business and tell us they could not reach us. That our number was no longer in service and they thought we were out of business. We would call our number using our Verizon cell phone and the called worked fine. As it turned out, it was only AT&T cell phones that where told our number was out of service when they called us. Vonage service said it was AT&T's fault for not routing the calls, and there was nothing they could do until AT&T resolved the problem. The problem when on unresolved for about a week before Vonage released our phone number and we could switch off of Vonage. We believe it has occurred intermittently for over a year as customers had complained before.  We were unaware at how vulnerable we were to Vonage service.  What a flakey service Vonage is getting away with. If you sign up with Vonage a Monster lurks in the background and damages your business
Entity: Internet
37, Report #1326798
Sep 07 2016
10:58 AM
NOTICE OF VONAGE HOSTILE RIP-OFF OF PHONE NUMBERS   Vonage refused to allow my porting out a phone number that I had ported in years before from another carrier. The account payments were up to date with sufficient weeks to make the transfer. They repeatedly promised responses to my emails for an explanation, but never did. Phone calls to their customer service department revealed a disconnect between them and the internal operations department making decisions. There is a failure to communicate between departments that should have accurate information. There were those who claimed to understand the process, but only engaged in creative unresponsiveness. The constructive evidence shows that Vonage was attempting to exact continued payments for unwanted service. I refused the continued service which was eventually terminated without the release of the phone number.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #78490
Jan 29 2004
08:04 AM
Vonage ripoff Edison new jersey
vonage would not hit my card. and would not turn on my phone back on. i was billed 107.00$ i paided. for jan 2004 service vonage would not let me make any out going calls. i was billed for min. they vonage would not let me use. they turn off service first and they would then email a bill. i called jan 27,28 2004 spent about 3hrs. on phone with them they never bill my card.vonage would not turn the service back or bill my card for the 78.00$ more they asked for. now i am without phone service for my business for about a week. i just got rip off. Willie staten island, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, Nationwide
39, Report #141084
Apr 30 2005
10:38 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
Im dealing with Bank of America right now concerning this. I disputed the charges because Vonage never transered my number I was paying for 2 phone services my current one and vonage the purpose was to get rid of Qwest and have only one to save money. Vonage credited my account twice but they never responded to when my number would transfer. So in order not to get dinged with the $40.00 dollar cancelation I canceled my automatic withdrawal with BofA. They waved the $30.00 fee for canceling my Vonage withdrawal and then credit the last 2 months. I then had to send in paperwork to them telling them why I didn't owe the money. I sent that in. About a month later I get a letter from them BofA saying that they were taking the money back out of my account because Vonage fullfilled their obligation even though I sent them the web page showing that as of August 4 2004 my number still had not been transfered. Vonage sent them a detailed billing and their comment was that I used the service alot. I went to the Vonage website and my account was still on there it showed that I used about 11 minutes in Feb but the statment they sent BofA show 424 minutes what a crock I will take your advice and take it to the media if I have to I will fight this to the end. Carl Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
40, Report #138741
Apr 13 2005
07:51 PM
Vonage ripoff miserable service Melbourne Florida
I signed-up with this miserable service over 6 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for my service to start! I just can't wait to see what happens if I need any customer support when (if?) this service ever starts! It's obvious this outfit cannot handle the customers they currently have. If I was you, I would avoid this place until they hire people that actually know what they are doing! We all heard you get what you pay for. Now that would apply in this case if this service cost less than 50 cents per month! John Melbourne, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
41, Report #158884
Sep 29 2005
04:04 PM
Vonage ripoff Edison New Jersey
When I recieved my vonage package ,the ethernet device would not install.I returned the device via registered mail,and ask for a refund. They never refunded my money and they continue to take money from my account.there are also no ways to contact an actuall person to dispute the matter. Melissa northvernon, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Edison, New Jersey
42, Report #183587
Mar 27 2006
07:25 PM
Vonage ripoff Internet
Vonage is awful. VERY bad static, dropped phone calls, cannot use wireless phones and have Dish TV, cannot accept collect calls, hard to reach a live person, and more. I just sent the following on 4 local news channels hoping they will investigate. I have never before contact any tv, radio, or other consumer watch group...but Vonage is ridiculous. It cost me a couple hundred dollars to try their FREE TRIAL! While trying to get refunds for an account that was supposed to be canceled 6 weeks ago, they now want to charge me a cancellation fee, and the CSR refused to escalate my call to a manager - we were mysteriously disconnected. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to reach someone and then they refuse to help. Now I'm trying again...been listening to music for 10 minutes so far...so decided to contact you. Hope you can investigate them!!!! My first attempt tonight was 1 hour they he hung up on me. My second try (45 minutes) I spoke to 2 different people and still was told it's not company policy over, and over again!!! Good luck! Tracy Eagan, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
43, Report #185093
Apr 05 2006
01:43 PM
Vonage ripoff Holmdel New Jersey
Customer service was the worst I have ever experienced. I was on hold for 15, 20, nand 30 minutes or more, then hung up on numerous times. They are outsourced to India so it is hard to understand what they are saying, but most likely it was unplug your phone adapter and plug it back in, as they read from a book. After 27 days I called to cancel and they said (after 3 trys and 45 minutes later to get thru to a CSR) they told me that it was past 30 days and the so called free stuff to get me started with them was non refundable and that I needed to pay them $150.00 to cancel with them. I tried and tried to explain to them that it was not past 30 days and they said that they were counting from the day I called to inquire about changing phone companys and not the day that the equpiment actually arrived. So they pulled a quick one on me and I fell like it is extortion, I have to pay to get them to quit charging my debit account. I will never ever go back and I feel sorry for those that try them like I did and then get trapped. Francisca Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey
44, Report #183899
Mar 29 2006
08:56 AM
Vonage ripoff Royse City, Texas Internet
Vonage. I had hardly say that name. My office telephones have supposedly been with Vonage since I first called them, 2/2/06. I was billed for the first month & equipment that same day. According to Vonage, my telephone #s weren't released by my previous provider until 3/21/06, yet they continued to bill my credit card (the ONLY way they will give you service is to bill your credit card). I haven't had phone service since the previous provider cut me off, until yesterday when I called to cancel Vonage. When I called to cancel yesterday (on my cell phone), they put me through to a tech (the only good one they have...obviously reserved for cancellations only) who put me through a contortion of running back & forth from office to office, doing this, then that. After an hour & a half, I was ready to throw the phone against the wall, quit, cry or kill myself (maybe all 4). Just about the time, the phones actually got a dial tone, I lost him & couldn't get him back (I think it was his quitting time). After that, the office phones rang, but I couldn't answer them. The fax works, but I'm not sure if it's Vonage (972-635-3455) or AT&T (972-635-9679). Both lines go to 1108 voice mail after 2 rings (1109 is the main #). My own vm greeting is somewhere in cyberspace (or Vonage just doesn't like it), 'cause it's never been used. I can call out on 1108 but the connection is spotty. Sometimes I can hear, sometimes I can't (which was a problem talking with Vonage but to their advantage, since they couldn't understand everything I said). I came in 3 hours early today to cancel, whether they liked it or not. I was told I'd be charged a cancellation fee for not cancelling within 30 days (even though it took a month & a half for NII to release my #s). I told them to release my #s to AT&T. They said if I cancelled today, before AT&T requests the #s, I'd lose them, so I have to call them back when AT&T actually takes over. I demanded a refund of all charges since 2/2 (automatically charged to Mastercard) & to discontinue charging more. They again said I'd be charged $39.99 cancellation fee. I told them I'd report them to the BBB. (I was firm but kept my cool. It was hard to do since my connection with them kept cutting in & out). I called Mastercard dispute department & filed a dispute for March & future charges but couldn't file for February. I was told if Vonage charged my account, they couldn't stop them, I could only dispute the charges. The only way to stop them is to change my card to another #. Just another way of being bitten on the butt by Vonage. Since I have to use my cell phone bill in place of my office, that bill will be through the roof I just want a phone & fax that work & to never have to talk with Vonage again. Marty Royse City, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
45, Report #170476
Jan 04 2006
07:24 PM
Vonage ripoff Green Cove Springs Florida Nationwide
On 9 December 2005 I decided to try Vonage. If I would have known now, what I know now, I would never have done it. I have forked over $83 and have not received my phone adapter. I would advise everyone to put this company out of business due to the fact that they are not hiring english speaking People. I have spent several days on the phone, on hold with Customer Care with no one answering listening to their stupid ads. I finally call Sales because I figured there would be a live person there. Live person, yes, English speaking.... definitly not. I asked to speak to a supervisor 3 times and was absolutely refused on 2 occasions. I finally got in touch with the supervisor who again could only speak broken English and relaying to him that I wanted my account cancelled and my money returned...his answer was Well when you return the equipment, we'll refund your money. I asked him...how do I do that when I never received it. Do you not have a record of it being shipped. All he could repear was a script, please send your equipment in and we'll refund your $$. What imbicels!!! Debi Green Cove Springs, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #190657
May 09 2006
10:05 AM
Vonage ripoff Internet
Vonage does everything it can NOT to be fair with credit. I had switched back to AT&T on Jan 12, 2006 and kept my phone number since the high speed service was not good enough to use Vonage in our office. I even called them and told them even though they had to release the number. Like who wants to call them anyway and wait 45 min to tell them you are canceling! If you have switched to another phone company and taken your number they should know this. Funny when I went from AT&T to them, I didn't do anything. I switched my number to Vonage and AT&T prorated my bill the day of the switch, I did not even call anyone. AT&T new the number was no longer theirs since they released it!. On March 28th we were still getting billed. How can they bill for a phone number that was switched back, they had to release it? After hours of waiting and speaking with someone in India, I was told to call another number,after another hour I was told I would be credited. Totally aggravated I accepted it. Well on May 6th I called to say nothing had happened. Again another couple of call each 45 minutes waits to get through. First the woman who answered the phone said I made a call in April! But then she found the ticket from March 28 and said she would credit me from March 28. I said I had not had the number even with them since Jan 26. She was an idiot and said there was nothing she could do since she had not record I had ever cancelled it until today. I said How can you bill for a phone number that AT&T is billing me for. She just kept saying sorry. So I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Then I get some woman who would only say her name was T.C. would not give me her name. She had strong ebonics and sound poorly educated who said she would send me back to the first woman and OK it. Then I am on the phone for another 15 minutes while the woman tried write up a ticket that will be reviewed and I should get an answer in about 3-5 days. Of course I will probably end up having to call again and suspect no one will have a record of this. I did get a generic follow up email that had no specifics, just that they were charging me 39.95 for early termination. John Waterford, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #190578
May 08 2006
08:32 PM
Vonage ripoff,dishonest, fraud billing Internet
I entered the trial period after calling the customer service number and finding out all these great things that they do. Now that the service is working, those features dont even work. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!! I had the service 2 days and hated it. When I signed up they told me that my phone service would never go down. It was down for about 48 hours. Had to call and call to get it to work. The customer service dept must be in India, everytime you call you always get someone that you can understand. Now after its working, its horrible, the sound quality is horrible, they say that they can hear me fine, as Im sure they can, like they are really going to say your right its bad. Everyone that I am on the phone with someone they can never hear me, I end up having to call them back on my cell phone to have a conversation. I have called now 3 times to cancel the service while in the grace period, every time I do they either put me on hold till my phone goes dead or they will just hang up on me. My trial is ending soon and I can never get ahold of anyone. Now that my number has been transfered I really am upset because according to the original carrier they say that Vonage takes forever to transfer the number back or they just wont do it. If there is anyone out there that has contacted the attoney general or the FCC and is looking to for people to join a class action please let me know, oklahomasoonersnorman@yahoo.com. BUYER BEWARE...............DONT SIGN UP FOR IT, ITS A SCAM!! Please listen to the rest of these reports and pass it to your friends and family....... Lets put them out of service!! Josh Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
48, Report #201888
Jul 19 2006
11:06 AM
Vonage ripoff Nationwide
I signed up for Vontage Phone Service on 4/25/06 and paid 45.84 for the phone adaptor. This was to include the adaptor and 1 month of service. I paid for the 2 day express dilivery of the adaptor. Needless to say that I never recieved the adaptor. I had called Vonage 2 different times spending over 2.5 hours on the phone trying to correct this problem. The first time I called Vonage said that there had been no delivery of the adaptor and that they would make a note and the adaptor would be sent that day. Well I waited again for almost 2 weeks before I called again. I would have called sooner but the time wait to talk to a rep was unbelievable! When I did finally get a rep on the phone they told me that the adaptor had been dilivered and I reasure then that it hadn't. Vontage offered to send another one and by this point I had had enough! I told them just to cancel the account and credit my card for the return!Before I could finish the request for cancelation my phone battery died! So I figured that since they had the request that things would be taken care of, that's what I get for thinking! I recieved my bank statement the next month and Vonage had charged $29.40 on 5/26/06! I tried to call Vonage once again and as before the wait was terrible and I had things to do.Time went by and I forgot about it and on 6/26/06 Vonage showed up on my statement again, this time for $28.59. I called Vonage once again on 7/7/07 and explained the problem and did finally get a confirm on the cancelation but then they charged me $124.78 for the cancelation. So all in all this is a total of $228.61 for a service that I was never able to use.I filed for a credit the day the cancelation was confirmed. The rep told me that it would take 3 business days for the credit to be reviewed. I gave Vontage 8 business days before I had to call again! I was told that the credit had to go through supervision. I agreed and just wanted this settled. Since then I have recieved numerous emails telling me that I need to call. I replied and asked what seemed to be the problem. Vonage replied that I needed to speak to billing. So I did just that and was on the phone yet another 50 minutes trying to get this resolved. Vonage was only willing to credit me $153.37!! Vontage quoted that they would only credit me this amount because I didn't cancel the account in the required 20 days. I further explained that I tried to cancel but Vonage says that they have no record of the call.I also asked Vontage why I should have to pay for a service that I was never able to use do to their mistakes. Vontage just gave me the run around. I sugested that Vonage pull the account activity and they said there was none in wich I can prove with print outs from Vontage service.So all in all I am still out $95.24 for a service that I could'nt use do to mistakes made by Vontage. Should I just be happy with what I did get back ? I'm thinking not but would like some help and advice on this matter. Yes I would like to report Voange a RIP OFF!!!!!!!!! Brian Grandville, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
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Jul 18 2006
05:13 PM
So I signed up for Vonage (www.vonage.com) on July 15, 2005. Although I was MOVING in May/June 2006, I didn't want to end service before a year was up so I paid for an ENTIRE MONTH OF SERVICE THAT I DID NOT USE. According to my understanding of billing cycles, I was PAID THROUGH JULY 14, 2006. STILL THEY DISCONNECTED SERVICE THE MINUTE I CALLED ON JULY 12, 2006 AND SAID I WAS NOT ACTIVE FOR A TOTAL OF ONE YEAR. IF I WOULD HAVE WAITED, THEY WOULD HAVE BILLED ME FOR ANOTHER MONTH OF SERVICE SO EITHER WAY THEY WOULD GET MONEY. Because I didn't want to get charged for another month of service on July 15, 2006, I called on July 12, 2006 to cancel my account and was informed that I would be charged $39.99 as my account was not active for a year. Regardless that I WAS PAID TO THE END OF MY YEAR; THEY STILL DISCONNECTED SERVICE THE MINUTE I CALLED, rather than schedule disconnection for the END OF THE PERIOD ALREADY PAID! They also don't tell you that when you're being charged the $39.99 that it is taken out INSTANTLY of your account. If I didn't have money in my account they would have over drafted my bank account. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Kelli Oakland, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
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Aug 14 2006
09:41 PM
Vonage damaging scam ripoff nationwide
I've recently inquired about using Vontage for my home office communications - to no avail. Question: Has it difficult for anyone else besides me to get their phone number (if you were without internet access at the time being)? I am personally finding Vontage to be particularly frightening due to: -No advertised phone number(s) that I can find via telephone inquiries -Reading complaints largely of victims being charged for services/equipment that they could NEVER use -Reading complaints largely of victims having to be on the phone for hours to resolve their reported issues (Not a comfortable feeling, whew!) Oh, I accidentally found a phone number for Vontage (866) 243-4353 but I have been trying to call ALL DAY and is has been nothing but busy, busy, busy. (I wonder why I seem to never get through) I understand that the Radio Shack store district I consulted is NOT crazy about selling the Vontage service due to the Ocean of complaints of reported Vontage employees' criminal like behavior, and Radio Shack not wanting to be in the middle if a Class Action Lawsuit and/or Criminal Indictment(s) begins against Vontage owning partners. If I can't even reach them to give them my money then what is telling me I can trust them if their services/products/billing goes wrong costing me my precious time or my whole business? NO THANK YOU VONTAGE. Tony LA, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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