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76, Report #341703
Jun 18 2008
03:30 PM
Vonage Unauthorized charge Holmdel New Jersey
We have used Vonage for several years with only a few minor problems. We recently decided to bundle our phone in with our cable and internet to save some money. After canceling, my husband found that they had charged our credit card. When I called to question them, I was told that there was nothing they could do! Unbelievable! I got absolutely nowhere with the kid on the phone and after he continued to ignore the fact that I was trying to talk and kept on talking himself, I just said, forget it, I'll contact the attorney general. He just kept right on talking so I hung up. I called Discover who did not even question me, gave me a credit and said that they will deal with Vonage. When my daughter dropped Vonage last year, she went on for months with them to try to get them to stop charging their account. I will never recommend them to anyone again! Michele Green Bay, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: New Jersey
77, Report #380175
Oct 10 2008
03:31 PM
Vonage ripoff Cleveland Ohio
i am juanita xxxxxxx as of december,28,2007 i placed a order to vonage and then found out i needed internet to have vonage once i was aware i cancelled my order with vonage they took my telephone number from me and confirmed me that my account was cancelled. now it is october 10,2008 and i just found out for the last 11 months vonage has been taking $30.90 from my account every month the total is $339.90 as of now and when i called to ask why i was told my account is still open so i spoke with a account manager and he then closed my account today 10/10/08 and that they were going to take an additional $96.93 out my bank account for canceling with them and theres nothing they can do to refund my money that i have to write a letter to 23 main st. at holmdel,new jersey and make a report. i cant believe ive been charged for a phone line ive never had. when i have another phone company At&t. so now vonage owes me $436.83 as of right now so please help me with my problem. thank you Sincerly, Juanita Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
78, Report #360207
Aug 07 2008
04:13 AM
Vonage land line phone service Jesup Georgia
well vonage has hit the deep south. BEWARE! do not, i repeat do not, sighn up for their service even if you think you you know what your doing! i like many others was trying to find a cheaper phone service, well in the end it cost me 85.00 and i have to check my bank account everyday to make sure they dont debit more! and i never had service hooed up i was 8 days without a land line i had to go 10 miles one way to use a phone. i live in the piney woods of georgia, and i say BEWARE DO NOT USE VONAGE! Shellie jesup, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Georgia
79, Report #360334
Aug 07 2008
10:50 AM
Vonage Service 4 Ripoff 342,323,421 Austin Texas
It takes a minute to sign up. A lifetime to get what is promised. Three weeks to activate service (in my case). Customer service can't hear you, can't see you, haha. When you finally give up on them it takes 5 minutes for them to disconnect your line. Then 3 weeks for it to go back to the original carrier (in my case). No matter that you have had the phone number for 20 years, while their managment is laughing about their vendictive behavior -- your phone will simply have a recording on it that the number is no longer in service. They always pass the buck and blame the other carrier, but it doesn't take much to see they are an evil little group of business amateurs temporarilly milking a niche in internet technology. I should say abusing it. Their business will disappear as soon as their commercials do, unless they can force enough people to stay with them regardless of how they are treated. Their advertisements are simply lies. If someone has a good experience they are limited in their true use of a phone and probably very lucky as well. Jere Austin, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
80, Report #409731
Jan 08 2009
03:28 PM
Vonage Holds money hostage Internet
We have had service with Vonage almost two years. Dec 07 they contacted me and asked if I wanted to purchase a year's worth of service at a discounted price. I agreed and was assured it was a one time deal. This past Dec I was billed for another year. I just bought magicJack so I planned on discontinuing service in Jan. I have called over 15 times and every day I have been told my request for refund has been processed. Every day I have spoke to supervisors who apologize for the mistake and then insist they are filing a complaint on my behalf and requesting a refund. The extent of their lies is unknown at this time. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and am hoping they may help. I have had to put my account on hold so they won't charge me for another month. They were going to charge me for that but I have been told it has been taken care of at no additional fee. We will see if they are lieing again. At this point I do not think I will get any of my $303 back, they have promised to call me back with a decision by tomorrow. I am expecting to hear they find me at fault and will not refund any money. Just another thing to note: each time they said they requested refund a supervisor would say to give my bank at least ten days to process. They say they refund immediatly but then say your bank has the problem. This company has no principles, morals or values! I would never recommend them to anyone. Millsowv Marietta, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
81, Report #368194
Aug 29 2008
01:44 PM
Vonage Rip Off of Account Internet
After signing up for Vonage. It took three weeks to receive the equiipment. I never used their service since their is no existiing Internet service that excluded telephone service. Comcast is the only service in my area. Terrible service and equipment I have been told by customers. When i received my equipment I called Technical Support I would be returning it. I sent it back lUPS with a written message on it Cancel service. After two weeks, I called them I had received any response. I had been billed for two months, never receiving any service . I was charged 109.99. I would like to know if their is an existing Class Action Suit. Sarah Jane Stonewall, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
82, Report #368277
Aug 29 2008
06:01 PM
Vonage Communications Scam Internet
This internet based company will not let you terminate service. After receiving my cancellation instruction they have continued to debit my credit card account with no authority. This continues to date, and has being going on for a 10 month period. Vonage is a total scam internet company. The cusomter is a pon for dishonest scammers. Ann Manhattan Beach,, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
83, Report #415401
Jan 23 2009
03:34 PM
Vonage blackmail cutomers Internet
I requested vonage service on August 1st, 2008 and have to pay $79.99 for the adaptor and $29.99 for the activation fee. then I have to pay $24.95 monthly fee starting from the third month. Since magicjack only charge 19.95 per year and pay initially $19.95 for the jack. So I wanted to switch to magicjack. But then vonage told me I have to pay $70.00 again for the adaptor and $39.99 for the disconnect fee. I did not sign any contract with vonage, this ia almost blackmail customers. for the adaptor I have to pay totally $79.99+$70.00=$149.99, which now is useless for me. I remember that I read in some place about vonage: you can stop the service at any time. I tried to stop the service about a month ago, the account manager promised me to give me a month fee peroid. But then I realized in order for me to get this credit I have to continue with vonage for one more month. This is really a trick and a cheat. There are other tricks with vonage For example, they claimed to give you first three months with $9.95 monthly service fee, but acturally you can only get two months. This is a company I definitely will not recommend to anyone. I will tell my friends to leave vonage because they simply charge too much, they offer is not competitive at all. (((competitor's name redacted))) has much better deal. Customer troy, MichiganU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company, ..plus, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Internet
84, Report #373800
Sep 17 2008
11:32 AM
Vonage Would not cancel my service Internet
I had vonage for many years without much issues. Aside from the initial difficulty with set up (thank goodness for my cell), loss of service if the modem wasn't working, and occassional static on the line, thing were acceptable. The problem arose when I wanted to cut expenses and was given a decent deal by the cable company - internet, phone, and cable for a savings of $20.00 per month; also, with cable I could use the house jacks instead of a router - which would give me freedom to place phones wherever I wanted. I contacted vonage via email and told them I wanted to cancel, they responded by email saying I would have to call to cancel. I called and spoke to a rep. After about 15 minutes of his telling me how the deal with cable was not sensible, my politely saying, I understand and appreciate your efforts, however, I would like to cancel my service, as well as that I have been a customer for several years, he told me that since I had already been billed it would be pointless to cancel. I asked if I couldn't get a refund to which he replied that they do not give refunds; but he will give me a free month of service and reduce my cost to $10.00 per month so that I could keep the line. O.k. After a day or so it dawned on me that they would just bill my card again and I would have to go through the same headache, just a different day, so I went in and put in the number of a long defunct card as a payment update. At the end of the month I called them back to cancel. This time it was a woman. She began the spiehl again, I interrupted her telling her that I had already been through the whole thing and want to cancel. She tried to give me deals, I told her if I had been given these options I might not want to cxl but I already have phones and don't need additional lines. Get this!! She tells me they can't cxl my service because they can't bill me for the month!! I said you are kidding me, and repeated - in disbelief - what she said. She said yes, but she will speak with someone to see what she can do, would I hold. I said as long as she came back with the response that the service had been cancelled. After a few moments she did, to which I thanked her and got off the phone. Had enough! ypsilanti, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
85, Report #776134
Sep 13 2011
08:26 AM
Vonage LIes and Overcharge Internet
Contacted Vonage with switching my landline phone from Qwest.  I hesitated as I was unsure about doing so and porting my current number over.  So Vonage offered 3 months for free to try and issued me another phone number which would be temporary.  They also offered to give me a reduced monthly rate for three months after the trial period at 14.95 a month.  The monthly amount is normally 24.95 They mailed me the necessary equipment to hook up with vonage since you are required to have internet service also. Once agreed, they keep you on the phone to with a third party company to make sure you agree to terms and they wanted to port my current number over which I would not agree to since I was doing a trial period only.  It's sort of a bait and switch.  They tell you one thing and yet they say you must agree to the terms with a third party company.  I happened to listen to what they were getting me to agree with which of course I didn't.  Had I done that they would have cancelled my qwest service then and there and lock you up. Everything was hooked up and completed.  After 3 months Vonage contacted me to see if I was ready to switch and I agreed.  They were to port my current phone number over.  I don't personally sign my checks as they are completed by a member of my company staff.  So after 7 months I realized that I was paying two phone bills.  The one with Qwest and Vonage. I contacted Vonage and after looking into billing, they never gave me the 3 month reduced rate at 14.95 which was promised and they started charging me the regular rate from the start. They never gave me the reduced 3 month trial period.  They also never ported my phone number over as promised so I requested a refund from them for then entire period since they didn't give me the trial period reduced rate and never ported my number over as required.    I contacted their billing, which I had to wait on the phone for over 15 mins for customer service.  I was told they would credit me $30 dollars. I requested the full amount since it was their mistake and we start over now.  They told me basically to stuff it... So I cancelled the service immediately and I am now filing suit against them in court for the amount I 've paid fully. This company is deceiving and basically a bait and switch firm and their customer service is horrendous.  
Entity: , Internet
86, Report #623274
Jul 14 2010
07:21 PM
Vonage Misleading unlimited plan Internet
Entity: , Internet
87, Report #575841
Feb 28 2010
10:58 PM
VONAGE Ripping People Off. USA, Internet
!!!Warning Warning Warning Warning!!!!Please Before signing up read there terms. Since they are every where and they have a bad rep. Make sure you read over everything. They are making money to hurt people. They will tell you at first there is no late fees. Well now you know. Here is it. Starting on the date of your order or the date your payment is processed, whichever is later (order date), your payment method will be charged (charged) monthly (or annually, for annual pre-paid plan) in advance for all service plan charges, fees, taxes and surcharges. Usage based charges will be charged monthly as due or mid-cycle if they exceed $75.00. (See Sections 6.1 and 9.1). Before you receive your device or your number is transferred, you can log into your online account to set up various features such as voicemail and call forwarding. The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee period (MBG) starts on your Order Date. If you qualify, we will refund any paid activation fee, 1st month service charge, initial shipping charges, fees and certain taxes for the first ordered line per account. (See Section 4) If you cancel after MBG and before one (1) year from your Order Date, a per line disconnection fee of $39.99 and a rebate recovery fee equal to the amount of the rebate initially given to you for the equipment will be Charged. (See Sections 8.7 and 8.8). Our service may not be compatible with home security systems, TTY, and other systems. (See Section 5.7) Continue to Terms of Service So please watch out. They rip you off. Also if you have been ripped off people report it to everyone, even the press, the Gov. Lets stop these people from making money. I don't know if people know But with any Company you can turn you bill in and get money back on taxes. But you butt i did and I get more then I thought. I didn't know it was true tell I asked, and checked into it. SO EVERYONE TURN IN YOUR STATEMENTS AND BILLS YOU WILL GET MORE BACK IN TAXES. IF YOU DON'T THINK I AM RIGHT ASK THE IRS. WELL I HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE. ALSO DON'T USE VONAGE THEY SUCK.
Entity: USA, Internet
88, Report #433468
Mar 12 2009
12:08 PM
Vonage Cancellation Fees Holmdel New Jersey
Beware of Vonage, I signed up for VOIP service with them in June 2007. I signed NO contract at the time I signed up. I had NO minimum amount of time when I signed up. Later they changed there Terms of Service agreement so that an activation fee is charged, and a cancellation fee of $ 39.99 is NOW charged if you cancel prior to 2 years. I requested a copy of a signed contract with the fees clearly spelled out. Vonage could not produce a contract. Since there was no contract there should be no cancellation fee. Also, when there VOIP unit goes down it can take up to 2 hours for it to reset itself. During that time you will have no phone service and no internet service since your computer MUST go thru their VOIP unit. So when it goes down you have no access to the internet or phone service. Once they get your bank info they pump the well as much as they can. WATCH OUT. This company will rip you off at every chance it can. Steve s Miramar, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Holmdel, New Jersey, Nationwide
89, Report #451216
May 12 2009
05:24 PM
I sign up for VOIP in September 2007, In June I was told I cant cancel at that time and my payment was lowered to keep my business. They put you through the run a round to cancel your service each time I call. In June I was told to prevent the cancel fee I have to wait a year. Now in May I am told it is 2yrs or I will be change a 39.99 fee. I sign no contract and now here I am in a contract. It took 6 calls to find out this information. Customer service is bad. Phone keeping having drop call. Always losing internet service and it takes about 1-2hrs to get back connection. When internet goes you also lose phone services. This is the worst company I ever dealt with. They use hard to remember information to verify your account to disconnect but when call to add service they dont have a problem verifying my account. Vonage a rip off FAIRBURN, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
90, Report #447095
Apr 28 2009
08:42 AM
Vonage loves bad profits Internet
I'm afraid that my story is not any different than anyone else here except that I was stupid enough to read the rip-off reports first and then STILL purchase Vonage's service. To be fair, my issue also involves getting an AT&T dry loop installed, which they said they couldn't do because Vonage had taken up the line AT&T needed for the DSL. After some months of monkeying around with both companies and paying Vonage for a service I haven't been able to use for nearly a year, I decided to cancel. You would think that canceling would be easy, but after two runarounds, one disconnect and another conversation with the mysterious Maria, I was finally able to cancel. And - you guessed it! - the cancelation came with an early termination fee because I hadn't fulfilled my TWO year committment (my bad, I guess - I thought it was for one year) and I had to pay back the rebate on my equipment, which apparently was $74.90: As outlined in our Terms of Service, a disconnect fee of $39.99 per voice line is charged to all customers along with any applicable taxes. Your total debit of $114.89 includes this disconnect fee, all pending charges, credits, and applicable taxes. For more information about our return policy, please refer to our Terms of Service:http://www.vonage.com/features_terms_service.php. I told Maria that I would honor the terms of the contract, but she had the opportunity to salvage the customer relationship with me by waiving the fees. It costs companies about $50,000 to win new customers, so it was a deal for them to waive the $114.89 to keep goodwill and the possibility that I might return to them someday. OR, she could charge me and ensure that I will never, ever, ever use their services again. Of course, the negative word-of-mouth will be supplied at no cost. She stated that there was nothing she could do about the charges because they are automatically billed. Fine, I said, you've just lost a customer forever. Now, I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Fred Reichheld, however, he's right on when he talks about bad profits and Vonage is clearly a company addicted to bad profits: Too many companies are addicted to bad profitsprofits that come at customers' expense and drain the value out of customer relationships. Whenever a customer feels misled, mistreated, ignored, or coerced, then profits from that customer are bad. Bad profits come from unfair or misleading pricing. Bad profits arise when companies save money by delivering a lousy customer experience. Bad profits are about extracting value from customers, not creating value. (reference: http://www.theultimatequestion.com/theultimatequestion/good_profits.asp?groupCode=2) It's too bad. Vonage had the potential to be a very good company. Fed_up South Bend, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
91, Report #390228
Nov 11 2008
03:56 PM
Vonage Big trouble, false promises Internet
I signed up for Vonage 39 days ago. My service never worked but for three days. I had service people at my house twice, the first one worked on my phone for 6 hours and when he left (after telling me he had almost no experience) I still had no phone service. Almost two weeks later (yes I had to wait that long)..a second service tech came out and after 4 hours everything worked and then 2 hours later everything went down, never to return. I have talked to Vonage over and over. They have promised to fix everything and when I asked if I should send my Vonage boxes back and go to a different service they hav said no they will fix everything. Today 39 days after this hell began and a cell phone bill for one month of $450.00 I called Vonage to let them know that I had to cancel, I could not continue without service any longer. They told me that I had gone 9 days past my 30 day cancellation period so they were going to charge me $98.00 to disconnect. I transfered to a vonage manager named Randall Corwin ID#56265. who told me it didn't matter that I had not had phone service for the last 39days, it didn't matter that I spent hours with them on the phone to see if they could help nor did it matter that I was told by Vonage reps that my billing would not start untill my problems ended..I had to pay $98.00 in disconnect fees. He said it was all my fault because it says in my contract that I have only 30 days to cancel. His approximate words were I don't care what we did or didn't do you are going to pay the $98.00. Vonage is a rip-off. Be careful. Sandy b. San Clemente, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
92, Report #383124
Oct 20 2008
06:59 PM
Vonage Lies, False Advertisements, Scams Holmdel, New Jersey
I accepted a promotional offer, which was the first two months of service free. I was told there was no contract or cancellation fee and if I didn't like the service I could cancel at anytime. There was never a question asked about putting me on Autopay and I DID NOT authorize any charge to my account. It has now been 2 months, I checked the emailed Vonage bill that I received on October 19th and saw they were claiming I owed them $31.07. I emailed them immediately and asked them why, because the 2 months were barely ending and I informed them I wanted to cancel the service. Today I checked my checking account balance and realized they had taken the liberty of helping themselves to $31.07, without my permission. I called the 800 number and spoke to several Phillipinos, who can barely speak English and only repeat over and over the words on the script provided by Vonage. There is no help, or customer service or any type of negotiation. The woman there said I had 2 months of free service and the 31.07 is for the upcoming month, I explained I cancelled the service on Sunday Oct. 19th. She said it was past the magic date of October 19th now and they could not do a refund. If I wanted my service cancelled there would be a fee of $128.00, plus the $31.07 they already took. I told her no, none of this matched what what I was promised on the phone, she said it didnt matter what the guy told me on the phone, she wasnt there and didnt know what he said, and this is the way it is. Period. That there is a one year requirement before service can be cancelled without charges. She kept rereading her script so I finally hung up so I could call back and hopefully get someone a little more fluent in English, and before I could call back I checked my bank balance and vonage had taken another $128.$% out of my checking account. I never told them I wanted autopay-I dont do autopay- EVER. They are liars and theives. Never give anyone your debit card number, even if you are led to believe it is only for defaulting on a bill, it gives a scam company like Vonage access to your account anytime they want it. Bob Artesia, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
93, Report #431623
Mar 06 2009
07:18 PM
Vonage Fraudalent Cancellation Practices Orlando Florida
Today, I cancelled my vonage account via telephone as per your Vonage Cancellation policies, which does not allow cancellation over the internet, fax or letter. After being question for more than 30 minutes, by this CSR from India, as to why I was cancelling my service, the CSR finally gave me confirmation cancellation # 179-335-86. I asked the CSR to repeat me the cancellation # as to avoid any error. However, when I logged on into my vonage web account it stated: Account Status: Active. Therefore, I immediately contacted via e-mail Vonage, requesting a a written confirmation, as opposed to a verbal one, that I have already cancelled my account. However, this is the e-mail I got from them: Thank you for contacting Vonage, the award winning digital phone service! I understand you need email confirmation stating that your Vonage account has been disconnected. I checked our records and found that your account is in active status. I am sorry to inform to you that I am unable to find any case notes which states that you have contacted us to disconnect your Vonage service. If you wish to cancel the service, please call our Account Management Department on the customer service number given at the bottom of the email. Speaking to a live agent enables us to quickly validate the account owner, review the request and make a final determination. Please note that Account Management is available Monday to Friday (9.00am to 8.00pm EST). If you have any questions, your Vonage team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us whenever and however it suits you! - On-Line Support Center at http://www.vonage.com/support.php - Contact Us at http://www.vonage.com/help_contactus.php - Or call Toll-Free at 1-VONAGE-HELP (1-866-243-4357) If you call us for Technical Support, in order for our highly trained specialists to successfully assist you, it is highly recommended that you are near the Vonage phone adapter you are calling about and in the location you intend to use your Vonage service. Thanks again for choosing Vonage, a better phone service for less! Sincerely, Priya Abraham Vonage Customer Care Defrauded customer, 09-c00099027 Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
94, Report #423257
Feb 12 2009
07:06 AM
Vonage VOIP Phone Company Internet
Vonage's commercials depict this easy switch to their services. This is a complete lie. They take you through all sorts of hoops to get the service on and they do not disclose all of the hidden fees and charges. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like the service, but they don't tell you that the 30 days starts from the time you place the order and that it could possibly take 30 days or more for them to get your srevice on. This is the biggest rip off going. Deb Memphis, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
95, Report #393704
Nov 21 2008
01:47 PM
Vonage Trying to rip me off Internet
I canceled Vonage in March of 2008, they took the final bill out of my checking account. Now five months later they came back saying my account was never canceled and want to charge me over 200.00 dollars! They have turned me over to a collection agency. The email they sent me was a grammar slugpot. This company needs to go away. Decklyduck Price, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
96, Report #586414
Mar 28 2010
07:27 AM
VONAGE phone service RIp OFF bensalem, Pennsylvania
Vonage! WHAT a rip off!    I can't even BEGIN to tell you just how PISSED off I am about Vonage!    Several weeks ago I was PROMISED a REFUND of my 2 year renewal free of some $323, which NEVER took place! That charge is STILL on my Discover, DESPITE promises that this amount would be refunded within a few days. Sue
Entity: bensalem, Pennsylvania
97, Report #898807
Jun 17 2012
04:31 PM
Vonage Ripoff, Internet
Vonage TV commercials suggest that billing by other phone companies is high and untruthful. When I first started it was cool the first couple of months because I was paying about $23./mo. Then suddenly it went up to $25./mo and I was getting billed for $35+/mo. Then I had them correct it after about several months got tired of it and took action and got it reduced to $19/mo and then in another month it went back to $35+/mo. Scam is they charge you less than Qwest at the time I bought the Vonage. What a line of BS.
Entity: , Internet
98, Report #950870
Oct 04 2012
01:58 PM
Vonage unlimited Rip- off policy Internet
VONAGE RIP OFF NO UNLIMITED THING THERE WATCH OUT I have been a customer of Vonage since 2009 when we signed up we were told we have unlimited calling any were in USA and we can also make unlimited calls to India as we have family in India we call a lot there I have two lines and one line we use a lot and the other one we do not use at all to call India Vonage changed my contract and does not care. the line I do not use at all I pay the same amount as the one I use more they never contacted me and said they will reduce my payment as I use this line less but yes they want more money for the line I use
Entity: , Internet
99, Report #1038829
Mar 28 2013
12:29 PM
Vonage Fee Scam Internet
I signed up for a $9.99 Vonage account in June of last year.  The first charge was $16.28, meaning they tack on $6.29 in taxes and fees which is a ridiculous amount on a $9.99 billing.  Anyway, shortly thereafter (2 months) they tacked on another $1.00 in fees.  Then this month they tacked on another $3.00 in fees.  Today my bill is $20.62.  They are now charging me more in taxes and fees than I am paying for the service!  When I signed up with them, no one told me that they could arbitrarily tack on fees whenever they wanted to. I called today (after taking over 5 minutes trying to find a phone number, it's buried very deep) and talked to a representative who was singularly unhelpful.  Then he transferred me to Account Services.  When the representative there figured out that I was angry, she hung up on me!  The first representative told me that I would be charged an early cancellation fee if I cancel my account now. Don't sign up for a Vonage account unless you are willing to allow them to tack on new fees whenever they want.   I will soon be putting up a website called vonagescam.com.  I think the world needs to know what scammers these people are.
Entity: Internet, Internet
100, Report #1042341
Apr 10 2013
08:48 PM
Vonage cancellation scam Internet
   On April 10, 2013 I called Vonage about a $100 restaurant gift certificate that had been offered to us at the time we signed up for service on December 29, 2012. I had called them twice before the first time to find out at what date we would get the gift card. At this point we were told it would arrive at the end of March. When It did not show up we called once again, this time the agent told us it would arrive by April 6, 2013. We called them back once again on the 10 at which time I was told that after re-searching it we would not qualify for the gift certificate until we had been with them for five months rather than the three we had previously been told. At this time I truly became upset, not some much about the gift certificate but about all the different stories I was being told. I was extremely frustrated about getting so many different stories and told the agent I had never had such bad customer service and that I would be contacting the BBB and several other watch group agencies and maybe I should just cancel my service with them. I did not at this point ask for my service to be canceled, and the agent did not ask me if I wanted to cancel my service at this time or explain what the consequences would be of canceling the service. Nothing more was mentioned instead I asked to speak to a manager and was placed on hold. After about 15 minutes on hold someone picked up and when I said hello they hung up. So I called back and demanded to talk to the manager and once again had to go through the entire story before they would connect me to the manager. Let me point out that at this point they said nothing about me having canceled my account. Once again I was put on hold to wait and after about ten minutes someone once again picked up the other end and hung up. This is when my husband noticed that we had been sent an email from Vonage telling us that our account with them had been canceled. Our phone service was cut off instantly. We also then noticed that they had charged our card $115.63 So I called back on my cell and for the third time went through the entire story at this point I was sent straight to a manager. After telling her the situation that our account had been canceled and we had not made that request she told me there was nothing she could do, I asked to talk to the person above her. The phone was answered by another woman who told me  she was at the corporate office that the account should not have been canceled and that they would get the situation taken care of. She told me she would go over everything with her supervisor and call back in about an hour. She called back and told me her supervisor would call me back in half an hour. I waited for the call for almost two hours at which point my husband called Vonage back. The agent he spoke with told him that we had canceled our account because we could not afford it anymore. We have no idea where that came from, as my husband tried to explain the situation she said it was noted in our account history that we had asked for it to be canceled. So he asked her to prove it by letting us listen to the recorded phone conversation where we asked for it to be canceled. Of course this was not possible because they do not allow customers to hear those. Once again nothing was solved.  I once again called back and after going over the story again they transferred me to another department. To speak with Bonie Surnam (not sure how to spell it) whose ID # is 58863.  I told the story once more at which point he told me there was no need to call corporate because he could take care of the problem. He said that they would refund the $115.63 and get us a new account set up. According to him they cannot re-open the previous account. So we would have to pay the $19.96 to join again but of course they would reimburse us that amount in 3 to 5 days. At this point I asked to just be transferred back to corporate so I could deal with them. He informed me that it was impossible for him to do that because they do not even have corporate number. As matter of fact according to him he did not believe that I had even talked with them because the agents would not have their number either. At this point I was becoming more and more frustrated with the continuous lies and varying stories. This is when he starts pushing me to open a new account, we have to act fast or your old number will be reassigned. He continued to reassure me that all the money including the 19.96 and the 115.63 would be refunded to us. I told him I did not believe him and wanted to talk with my husband first to see what he wanted me to do. I finally told him to just refund the 115.63, for canceling when we were not the ones to cancel the account. He tells me at this point that he cannot because it is company policy that if a person asks to speak to a manger and does not connect with them their account is canceled automatically. What a scam you ask to be transferred they hang up on you and collect cancellation fees. The only way for us to avoid the fee was to sign up and pay them more money. So I just hung up. We just want them to refund the 115.63 they charged because they canceled our account. As well as the rest of the money that we paid to have service through the month of April about $13.00 which we got by dividing the amount we paid by 30 days and then times that amount with the 20 days we will not have service. They should give us the gift certificate as well that started this whole mess but we will settle for the refund of our money.
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