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1, Report #1406067
Oct 13 2017
10:59 AM
Advanceable Technology llc Scottsdale, Arizona
 Ordered e-oil in sept as a sample. Was charged full price on that day. Was supposed to be a $5.97 and a $4.97 sample price. (Full prices were $69.99 and 79.99) automatically charged incorrectly from the beginning. Can't take e oil, makes me sick. The balm did nothing for me. Can't reach company through three different numbers. I want to cancel future orders but can't, due to non- reachable numbers. Can't find online address. This is a scam and want my money back. Do not have packaging for samples, and haven't received full size orders that I was originally charged for.
Entity: Scottsdale, , Arizona
2, Report #1405259
Oct 09 2017
08:37 PM
Advanceable Technology LLC Free cbl isolate pay shipping but charged 74.00 Scottsdale, Arizona
 Special offer of free CBL Isolate, just pay $5.35 s&h PayPal later sent $74.00 and was charged to my Visa card Bobby, Richmond Hill, Georgia
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1404319
Oct 05 2017
06:35 AM
Advanceable Technology LLC Total SCAM Scottsdale, AZ
 I submitted online for a trial order of CBD Hemp oil for did not work tried to call only to get a recording...then they charged me 79.99, again I tried to I just got charged another 79.99 and did not receive anything...furthermore it does not help is canola oil.
Entity: Scottsdale, AZ
4, Report #1406111
Oct 13 2017
01:27 PM
Advanceable Technology LLC Serenity Oil Fraud Scottsdale Arizona
 Read the ad on Facebook and decided to try it out as my best friend has tried a cbd oil. All I had to pay was shipping. The cbd oil caused my lips to swell and nothing more. After several days within stopping, my lips returned to normal. I don’t want to get caught in the financial scam that is about to follow and I won’t be able to get out of it.
Entity: Scottsdale , Arizona
5, Report #1402324
Sep 25 2017
06:38 PM
advanceable technology llc misled me with shipping only ,trial offer,and i cannot contact them, i sent email ,still charged me Nationwide
my story is same as many i have read , offered trial   pay shipping only,cancel anytime, i have not been able to get answer at number they gave me. i sent request to not receive anymore product, got email next day charging my card $79 for the cbd oil and another. next day $69 for the balm i will be contacting my card holder to deny payment if the try again hope that stops the scumbags
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #1401805
Sep 22 2017
03:19 PM
Advanceable Technology, LLC Essential Oils This company made an unauthorized charge on my credit card and will not answer the phone. Scottldale Arizona
A company using the name Essential Oils, aks Advanceable Technologies, LLC charged my credit card $79.99.  I do not know what this charge was for nor did I authorize it.  I have tried numerous times to contact this company and I get an answering service service that says Your call is important to us, please hold for the next representative but no one ever comes on the phone and the call eventually disconnects.
Entity: Scottldale, Arizona
7, Report #1401965
Sep 23 2017
07:43 PM
Advanceable Technology, llc Made unauthorized charge of 69.98 ro my card on Sept 23rd at 7:19 pm. Scottsdale AZ Arizona
 Unauthorized charge was made to my credit card and I do not know how or who this company is but they ripped me off of 69.98.
8, Report #1407096
Oct 18 2017
01:04 PM
advanceable technology llc I ordered e-oil and agreed to pay $4.97 for postage .. the co. automatically added Ezzy Balm to my order for $5.97 postage
I ordered a free sample of E- Oil from the co. for $4.97 postage .  They automaticaly added Ezzzy Balm for an extra postage charge of $5.97.  I attemptd to cancel the balm with no success . The pkg. arrived with both items included in one small box.  It impossible to reach them .        I have already changed my bank account but don't want anyone else to get caught up in this scam .      There are no directions as to how to use thiis  oil or  what is is supposed to help.       They cannot be reached on line  or phone.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1407286
Oct 19 2017
12:01 PM
Advanceable Technology LLC misleading advertising on Facebook, deceptive practices to bilk the public, unauthorized credit card billing Scottsdale Arizona
A couple of months ago, my wife saw an ad on Facebook that touted a new cream/oil-based treatment for joint arthritis.  The ad led her to believe that she would receive a free introductory order of this cream/oil for only the cost of shipping and handling, which was approximately $10.00.  Without consulting me, she ordered the cream/oil with my credit card.  She did receive a small UNLABELED container of some kind of cream called Ezzzy Balm.  I would have thought that this container should contain a label of what is in the container!! I guess I am slow on the uptake and didn't monitor my credit card bills closely enough.  I didn't even realize what had happened until my credit card company sent me new credit cards.  I thought it strange that I was receiving these cards now because the old cards weren't due for renewal yet.  I also thought it was strange that these new cards had different credit card numbers.   When I called my credit card company, the customer service person was unable to verify my identity and would not activate the new credit cards.  She asked me a whole bunch of questions about did I know this person or did I know that company.  I didn't recognize any of the people or companies she asked about.  I got angry with this Customer Service person and told her that I didn't want their card any longer and hung up!  That's when this whole thing started to stink! When checking my last several credit card bills, there it was, several unauthorized deductions from my account.  There were 4 charges for ESNTOIL (one for $79.99, one for $69.99, one for $5.97 and one for $4.97).  Then on another credit card bill, there was a $79.99 charge for MAXIMUM FUSION, one charge to PURE ISOLATE for $5.97 and one charge to PURE ISOLATE for $4.97.  I suspect that the $5.97 and $4.97 charges are for shipping and handling, but none of the charges beyond the initial shipping and handling of the free sample, were ever authorized by me or my wife.   By my count, we were charged for 3 bottles of this oil.  We received two.  I don't know why my credit card bills reflect three different names for the same product (ESNTOIL, PURE ISOLATE, and MAXIMUM FUSION).  One of the bottles we received has Endo Oil as the name of the product and the other has E-Oil.  Everthing else on the bottles appears to be the same. If my math is correct, we have been ripped off to the tune of $253.85. As I said previously, I am a bit slow on the uptake.  I think most people figured out what was going on a lot faster than I did.  Regardless, this is a shameful example of one person preying upon others.  I don't see how they get away with this in America.  Not only have I lost money, which I want back, I have also had my credit card cancelled and I will have to work through the process to get them restored.   This whole thing makes me look really stupid, causes a high level of anxiety and mistrust, and makes me lose confidence in my fellow-man.  All this is done in the name of GREED.  I would hope that we find a way to get all of our money back.  We have tried calling this company, but we can't get through.  The line either goes dead, or goes to a busy signal.  I hope there is a prosecutor in Arizona who will take on this company and make them pay.          
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
10, Report #1406285
Oct 14 2017
07:19 PM
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1406527
Oct 16 2017
09:52 AM
Advanceable Technology LLC I had ordered 2 bottles of CBD. I cancelled my order but was charged 2 time in the amount of $69.99 and $79.99. Scottsdale Arizona
I ordered 2 bottles of CBD.  I cancelled my order but was charged twice for it. One time $69.99 and the 2nd time $79.99. I did not receive produce from them and can not get hold of them.  DeborahGreensboro, NC
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
12, Report #1416540
Dec 12 2017
03:15 PM
Advanceable Technology LLC Serenity Oil CBD Oil Charged me $85.96 for a trial size bottle of CBD Oil Scottsdale Arizona
This Company is a total RIP OFF!! I ordered a trial size bottle of CBD Oil for $4.97. I received the product but was then charged $85.96 because I didn’t cancel within 10 days of ordering. I ordered on 11/20/17 and received 12/06/17. I was charged the $85.96 on 12/10/17. I called the number provided to me by my bank 602-715-0921 and spoke to a very rude Victoria”. She tried to convince me that I agreed to the terms and conditions of ordering their product (which I did NOT). She also claimed that the emails sent to me confirming the order and the Order Shipped” notification also contained their terms and conditions, which they did NOT!! She refused to refund my money. What scam!! This Company is ripping people off and should be stopped!! I’m furious and now have to dispute the transaction with my bank and have a new debit card issued... what a pain in the butt!
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
13, Report #1409399
Oct 30 2017
08:55 AM
Hathor Secrets LLC DBA Advanceable Technology FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD Scottsdale Arizona
There are so many ways this company is committing fraud. From the Terms and Conditions on thier website, scripted lies from Customer Service on the phone & through email correspondences, to the way Merchant Accounts are aquired. STAY AWAY from this company or see thousands of your dollars be taken out of your bank account. They are set up with Ghost Merchant accounts and care very little about the people who's names and credit they are destroying to aquire them. The owner, Timothy Isaac, has been in trouble like this before. Google it. I will be calling the Attorney General's office and the Better Business Breau to make report today & I highly encourage others do the same. If no one stops this, it will continue. I for one, will not have that guilt on my conscience. 
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
14, Report #1408365
Oct 24 2017
06:08 PM
Advanceable Technology Ordered free trial and ended up paying $150 for an ineffective product. Scottsdale Arizona
Like so many others, I ordered what I believed was a free trial of CBD oil from a Facebook ad.  I was only suppose to pay $5 for shipping costs.   I remember being asked if I also wished to purchase a CBD infused balm to which I clicked the no thanks button and the next thing I know, they are thanking me for ordering the balm.  I immediately sent them an email letting them know that I didn't want the balm.  I never got a reply to this email. I ended up getting the CBD oil and the unordered balm anyway.  Also, I don't remember seeing that this was a monthly subscription and was surprised when I was charged $150 for the products the next month.  If you try to call the provided number to cancel your subscription and to try and get your money back you are never able to talk to an adult who can cancel your subscription.  I finally was able to cancel my subscription by sending an email to them.  However, I am still out the $150 that I did not authorize to be taken from my checking account.     
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
15, Report #1408067
Oct 23 2017
02:18 PM
Advanceable Technology Unable to contact company, sending multiple orders Scottsdale Arizona
 Ordered free trial product for one time trial. Billed for product. Have been sent exact order x4. Tried to contact company to cancel account and to make sure i have not been billed multiple times. Both phone number and email are not valid.
Entity: Svottsdale, Arizona
16, Report #1417196
Dec 15 2017
02:25 PM
Advanceable Technology They charged me $79.99 for some trial sample of their product. Scottsdale Arizona
I ordered a FREE trial sample from this company, only had to pay shipping and I received the product. I didn’t care for it, so had no plans on reordering. I did call and tell them that I did not wish to receive anymore. I did not receive anymore, but was charged $79.99 on my account.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
17, Report #1399476
Sep 12 2017
09:39 AM
Advanceable Technolgy Llc Timothy Isaac CBD SCAM Scottsdale, AZ Internet
 Ordered trial $5.97 never recieved then got a charge for $79.95. Call number supplied on bank statement was assured of credit 7-10 days. 13th day called back was told by the same people there will be no credit, they were a Cust Service for alot of companies and the Dist RAN it was a SCAM took money and ran. Traced down the address was a locksmith but building has over 85 Buisnesses at that building. Reported to bank and local Law enforcement.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1399252
Sep 11 2017
12:59 PM
Endo Oil - Advanceable Tchnology LLC Advanceable Technology LLCEndo Oil - Hemp OilEndo Balm - Hemp Balmskinenchantment.comCell Pure IsolateMisc Food Stores - SpeciJohnston Isoway I never ordered any essential oils or Hemp oil from anyone. I found 2 small charges on my bank statement $4.97 & $5.97 on July 24th then over the next 4 weeks I was charged $69 & $79 charges multiple times from many different companies and from Arizona... Scottsdale Arizona
I never ordered any essential oils or Hemp oil from anyone. I found 2 small charges on my bank statement $4.97 & $5.97 on July 24th then over the next 4 weeks I was charged $69 & $79 charges multiple times from many different companies, all from Arizona...If you dial the phone numbers connected with the charges on my credit card statement the same automated answering message comes up  from Mary regardless which of the companies you call. I held for 22 minutes the first time before a live person answered. He was not shocked by/didn't care about my ridiculous wait time, at all. He said, their product was so popular it was to be expected. Funny thing though, the options provided through the automated system offered no options to purchase anything...only for credits, returns and refunds. This is a complete scam...I don't know how they got my debit card number but they charged me  $541 within 4 weeks. all of a sudden I received 3 bottles of  Endo Oil - Hemp Oil in the mail each arrived just days after the last. I called, they told me to ship them back and they would give me a $379.95 refund. I paid out of my pocket to ship it back and 10 days later...they are saying they still haven't received my packages. When I track the package using my tracking number provided by USPS it says my packages were delivered on Sept. 5th at 4:38pm to the address provided in Scottsdale, AZ. When I called back the girl who answered said she would have someone work on tracking the packages down and call me back. I have heard nothing.... Even if someone had legitimately ordered a bottle of their Hemp Oil and it automatically enrolled them into a subscription for more of their Hemp Oil what kind of subscription charges you for 8 of them in one month.... and ships you 3 bottles of the same product in one week, a month after your first charge and has already charged you for 8 of them! Crazy! I have no need for any Hemp Oils...inside the package there was a paper that claimed it was for sore muscles. I do not have sore muscles. :{} :/ If I hadn't experienced this myself I never would have believed con artists with go to such lengths to rip people off! There are fake websites for some of their fake company names/Alias's They have an automated phone service set up for all of their fake company phone numbers to be forwarded to and a fake product to ship to you all to delay the process so they can keep charging you. I had to shut down my debit card and start a fraud investigation case with my bank. This is creepy, horrifying and a huge inconvenience!
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
19, Report #1402399
Sep 26 2017
08:02 AM
Advanceable Technology Essential Oils Billing my account for oils that I didn't order or receive ! Sept. 15 and Sept 16 Scottsdal Arizona
 Essential Oil has billed my account for 79.00 on 9-15, 69.99 on 9-16. Then I was billed again on 9-26 for 5.97, 69.99, 79.99.. I didn't order from this company!
Entity: Scottsdal, Arizona
20, Report #1412222
Nov 16 2017
11:06 AM
Advanceable Technology Karisa CBD skin Cream PS Beauty Offered me a trial subscription and then charged my account almost $130 without my knowledge. Scottsdale Arizona
Someone posted a post on Facebook about CBD oil.  There was a superstar country music gentleman (can't remember his name) exployting his (new discovery). I clicked on the post and was taken to a website (which no longer exists)  The site said I could order a (trial offer) of their product. Nowhere on that site did it say that my account would be charged.  I understood it was a trial offer and that if I liked the product after the trial then I could pay for it. Within a short period I got an email saying my account had been charged almost $130. I called my bank and they gave me credit until I can further produce all the contacts I had with this company. The phone # is a non-person number, just recordings. I emailed the company and tried to explain to them that the order was not approved that it was a trial offer only. I immediately cancelled any future orders and received an email back that they would credit my account $30.  They have not done this yet.  This is a scam and this company should be checked into by the Attorney General.  
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
21, Report #1396250
Aug 28 2017
03:09 PM
Bipedd LLC, Advanceable Technology LLC 6501 East Greenway Pkwy 103-648Scottsdale, AZ\Endo Oil Distributor Bipedd product Endo Oil. I saw the advertisement on the web. I ordered a trial size as advertised for $5.97. I received this order Distributor is in Scottsdale, Arizona Internet
Bipedd LLC is a company that produces Cannibus Oil.  The advertised price was 5.97 for the trial.  I did received the product.  Then on 8/24/2017 I received an email (no response available) stating that my order had been shipped.  I did not order this second product.  I was charged $79.97 for the new order.  I tried to email the company at but the email does not exist or is wrong.  I then called the number listed on the paperwork which was not a valid number,  Is there any way you can get information on this company?  I do not want any more product!
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1401099
Sep 19 2017
02:27 PM
Advanceable Techonology LLC These people are crooks, they scammed me for $79.99 for something I did not order Scottsdale, AZ Arizona
 I ordered a free sample of cbl oil for free shipping was $6.95 I received my free sample in about a week - three weeks later they took $79.99 out of my acct and said my next order is in process cans will be shipping soon- I never ordered anything more than the free sample I can't call them because they won't answer I tried to tx then and their mailbox is full it has been at almost a month now and still no next order they have my $79.99 dollars and I have nothing these people are crooks and should be arrested and should be made to pay back my money I also see I'm not the only one that has been ripped off with this scam
Entity: Scottsdale, AZ , Arizona
23, Report #1406294
Oct 14 2017
07:15 PM
Advanceable Techonology LLC Took money from my checking account and I didn't receive product. Scottsdale Arizona
 I ordered the trial size and before I knew they they had taken 79.99 and 69.99 out of my checking and I have never received a product. I need that money put back in my account. I had to go in and change cards and got a new number so they wouldn't take more. tried to call, phone not working, e-mail, it went no where. I need a product or the money.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
24, Report #1400961
Sep 19 2017
06:23 AM
Advanceable-technology, llc. SCAM of CBD Scottsdale Arizona
This is my review for this fradulent company. I know that your 'company' is just a scam front. I paid shipping for the 'free' sample. My order number is 9336593. The sample is cooking oil and does nothing. I want my account CANCELLED. I have tried calling the number provided-and the mailbox won't accept any messages. The email is bogus and returns all sent messages. My package came from Scottsdale, AZ 85260. I want this handled ASAP. I have reported you to Report Scams, and to my credit card company. I only gave 1 star because I had to. Zero minus would be more appropriate. I, like many other people, was just looking for something to ease pain. This company leads you on, and then when they have your information, you are stuck. I was suckered into doing the Facebook order for the sample by only paying the shipping/postage charges. On August 13, 2017 I was taken in. I entered my credit card number and then tried to back out, Evidently the website is set up to not let you out. My card was charged the $5.97 at the moment I entered my info, according to my statement. I tried calling the number 480-771-4580 to no avail. The recording came on and gave me a list of numbers then said something about Verizon. Dead end. I also sent emails expressing my desire to cancel any and all shipments and be removed from their lists. This too was a dead end. I received the product about 2 weeks after this. It only came in a plain box, with only instructions on how to use. The only paper included had the same phone number and address and email address that had been on everything else. Yesterday, September 18, I received an email from advanceable technology, saying that they thanked me for my order and my credit card was being billed 79.99 for my order. I proceeded to try calling again, to no avail. Same run around. I contacted my credit card, Citizens One- a mastercard company, anf the agent gave me a number to call today, as it was after working hours. I haven't called them as of yet, but I will shortly. I requested to stop payment to this company,and the agent told me it would be entered as a dispute. I am recently widowed, and am now on a fixed budget. This is not something that I want.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
25, Report #1401388
Sep 20 2017
03:22 PM
Advanceable technology Charged me 79.99 and said I placed an order when I didn't. I didn't set up an account with them only paid shipping and handling for a sample. Internet
 I ordered a sample by paying only s/h. Then I get an email stating thank you for my order and charged me $79.99. I do not have an account with them. I have tried several times to call and emailed them however cannot get ahold of anyone
Entity: Internet

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