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51, Report #160090
Oct 09 2005
12:34 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
these advantage america criminals called with the promise of grant money. if sounded fishey so i didnt really give them a whole lot to go off of. however, they had my info already, banking info, and wanted me to read the numbers back to them so they could record my voice saying them. when i interuped the reording the one guy got mad at me! the thing is, i dont have checks through my bank. i am due to transfer this month and they took over $300 that i need to travel off the island. i want to castrate those rag heads!!!! Martha honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
52, Report #158976
Sep 30 2005
11:05 AM
Advantage America ripoff Albuquerque New Mexico
A woman called my husband saying that since he had been paying his taxes for so long and on time he was entitled to recieve a grant for 4,000 dollars but in order to recieve it he needed to pay thier fee of 50.00 so that they could complete the transaction. My husband then believed her and gave out our account number. Once he came home and told me I went straight to the internet and found other rip off reports. By this time our bank was already closed but as soon as they opened in the morning we froze our account and are currently changing it all together so that they can not use a different name to try and get our money. Thanks to others ripoff reports we were never charged even the inital 50.00 that they asked for but others beware. Erica los lunas, New MexicoU.S.A.
Entity: Albuquerque, New Mexico
53, Report #161420
Oct 20 2005
07:33 AM
Advantage America ripoff, fraudulent, conartists Winter Park Florida
I received a phone call saying that I was qualified for a $12,500 grant from the federal government. I gave them my account information, and just found oput that they paid themselves out of my account. I never received any other information from them other than a letter and the first phone call. Jason Gonzales, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
54, Report #161253
Oct 18 2005
10:09 PM
Advantage America Definite ripoff!! Fort Wayne Nationwide
Watch out for this definite scam. I was almost taken by them. They prey on mainly students, disabled, and poor people who are vulnerable to scams like this. They claim that the Federal Government is providing you with a grant for $12,500 to be used on anything of your choice and all that is needed is a one time fee of $49.95. The two times I was called the representatives have had very thick accents and there was a great deal of background noise so it was hard to hear them. I was lucky because I asked them to call back later to talk to my husband, which gave us time to call around and check out some reputable sources who advised us not to participate in this offer. They asked for my bank account number so they could deposit my grant money. When I asked them why I was chosen I was told that it was because I was over the age of 18, a US citizen, and that I was chosen at random according to a Congressional law that was past that required the government to give tax money back to the citizens. The second time I was called I asked for a phone number that I could verify that they were truly who they said they were and I got the run around. I kept asking questions and eventually the woman hung up on me. Please be careful and do not give them any information. I feel so bad for the people who were trustworthy and believed in these monsters. I hope that they will be brought to justice very soon. Be sure to read the other reports for more information about this scandalous company. Jennica Fort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
55, Report #162272
Oct 27 2005
02:48 AM
I have been receiving phone calls to my cell phone for three days. Always the same person starts the conversation, but then, after a while she calls somebody else to try to convince me to tell them my bank account number.She told me that I was in the list for receiving a grant of $12,000 plus a $500 in coupons. She got very angry, because I told her that I am not stupid. Also I ask her for her name and phone number, and she told me that I will not be able to call her because that was a private company that works for the goverment. Then I told her So, do you think that I am stupid? How can you think that I am going to give you my personal bank account number, when you don't want to give me a phone number and your name, and how do you probe me that you work for who you say?. They have all my information: phone number, address, etc... The only one that they don't have, and for them is the most important is my bank account number. They insist so many times during the day, and always they have been calling with a private number, or with a number like this +702, +703, +705, always diferent. Today is the third day that they have being calling me, and this time the oriental woman start talking, but later on start a man that sounds very mean, asking for me.This morning I hang up the phone two times to them. Then they called back at night. I am getting very tired of these people, and I hope that they don't keep calling me, like they have being doing for three days. They call me all the day, morning, evening and night. I wish if somebody know how to stop this. Please, if somebody read this, beware your friends, neighbors, etc... before this happens to them, Yolanda SAN DIEGO, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: WINTER PARK, Florida
56, Report #162648
Oct 30 2005
05:12 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
I'm one the ones that fell for the whole, since you filed your taxes you qualify for this gov. grant of 12,500 dollars. Since my boyfriend and I have 4 kids and live pay check to pay check we both were eager to believe these foreign poeple! Christmas in just around the corner and it would make for a good day for the kids. Well, after a day thinking of how we were going to spend all that dough we got online to check this out a little more and found that we were SUCKERED too. Thanks for all heads up! They are suppose to wait until next Friday to take my money out so maybe I will be able to stop them from getting my 49.95. I'd like to kick those bastards right in the F*CKING mouth. Angie st. clair, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: WINTER PARK, Florida
57, Report #158593
Sep 27 2005
05:55 PM
Advantage America ripoff Atlanta Georgia
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
58, Report #158600
Sep 27 2005
06:32 PM
ADVANTAGE AMERICA ripoff They Called My Cell Phone Other
Entity: Other
59, Report #158565
Sep 27 2005
02:51 PM
Advantage America RIPOFF Miami Florida
I was trying to get information on government grants. I am planning to go to grad school. I assume that on a website link they contacted me. I was told that I would receive at least $12,000 in government grant money within 7 months of the offer. I would have to agree to $49.95 or so through my checking account to cover the cost of shipping and handling of the packet. Inside this packet there would be an offer as an option for health insurance benefits. You had to cancel within seven days of receiving the first mailings. I received the $500 in free coupons (not) and like a fool, I sent off for about $13.00 for clipped coupons. I got the coupon offer about 3 days ago and I've been trying to phone them and tell them that I do not wish to accept the health insurance offer, and I wanted all account information erased. So far, all I get is a recording! I did write a letter and mail it personally. I guess that I was naive and didn't think that there would be people doing government scams. I am single, and was looking for an honest way to finance my graduate school. Sheila Summerville, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
60, Report #158666
Sep 28 2005
10:30 AM
Advantage America government grant ripoff Miami Florida
Advantage America was calling me saying the Government owed me $12,500 and coupons. The only way I would get it is if I paid shipping and handling. The shipping and handling is $49.95. I have been trying to call the company but they won't answer. I have not received any money from them or any coupons. Jamie parma heights, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
61, Report #159792
Oct 06 2005
02:49 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
Advantage America is rip-off, scam. They told me that they would first deposit money into my account $12,000 then and only then would they take out money to pay for someone else's grant. This company is Advantage America 1900 Hollow Branch Rd. Winter Park FL. 32792 ph# 1-800-410-1682. Dawn Lafayette, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
62, Report #159826
Oct 06 2005
08:04 PM
Advantage America Unsuccessful RipOff Winterpark Florida
At about 4:30p.m. on Oct 6, 2005 I recieved a call from Christina Parker employee id #c1289 from Advantage America. She claimed that she worked for the Government locating individuals who paid taxes for the year 2004 and were selected to recieve grants totaling $5000.00. At first I thought it was a call regarding the information I submitted on line for loans and grants for school. But soon into the conversation, I realized that this had to be a scam, but decided to continue with the call to see what they wanted. This woman with a foreign accent called herself Christina Parker which did not seem appropriate since she had a hard time speaking clear English and I had hard time understanding her. She explained the whole story of how the Government had selected my name to recieve the grant 3 times before she voluntarly gave me her information and her companies info. To be quite honest I thought since she volunteered this info that this could be a true deal. She asked me what bank I had my checking account with. I told her what the name of my bank was and she began reading numbers to me. She was looking for the correct routing number of my bank. When she finally got the correct routing number after 4 tries, she then proceeded to try and obtain my checking account number. I explained to her that I do not give out my checking account number over the phone. She tried to explain to me that no one could obtain funds from my account without my permission. She explained that she needed the account number to send the money to my account. I again told her that I did not give out my account number over the phone and if there was a form she could send me via mail, I would be happy to fill out the info and mail it back to her. At this point, she said that she would transfer me to her supervisor. She transferred me to her supervisor who was also a woman who spoke broken English but called herself Jessica. Jessica tried to obtain my account number and when I told her that i did not give it out over the phone, she asked me ........are you ready for this........ Don't you trust your Govenment?. I laughed at her, told her to send my the info via mail, I would have my attorney look over the papers and mail them back. After a moment of silence, I heard the click. I am fortunate to have not given out my account number since they could have done a lot of damage. My concern is that they are a fraudulent compnay with the means to get personal informaion about me and probably anyone else. Also the ability to pull banking information from the simple name of the bank. Although, I did not get scammed, I just wanted to let others know, I sympathize with them because these people are good. I would like to see something done about this. Just BEWARE!!! Korene Newark, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Winterpark, Florida
63, Report #159435
Oct 04 2005
12:18 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
This is a very dishonest company, they tell you that because you filed and received a tax return you are eligible for a 12,500.00 free grant, I took the bate, being that I am trying to buy my first home and could use the funds for a down payment. They told me that if I was not satisfied the 49.95 one time fee is fully refundable. After reading reports on this company today, I called them and told them I was aware of their scam and wanted the transaction stopped, keep in mind I spoke to them on Sunday 10/2/05 today is 10/4/05 I was told it was too late they could not stop the transaction, I said okay then please refund the monies and cancel any further mailings, the lady by the name of Ventura told me that it was not refundable. I said that is a lie they assured me that the 49.95 would be refunded if I was not happy, she said that is not true you listened to the recording, unfortuneately all the comments about the refund were made before the recorded message. Please do not buy into this company they are very dishonest and must be an advocate for Satan! Every one that I spoke to also spoke very broken english. My Pastor has always said be careful of things that seem too good to be true they probably are, well this is one that is a perfect example of that! Very Disturbed by this! Kathrine King City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
64, Report #169107
Dec 23 2005
02:11 PM
Advantage America grant ripoff Winter Park Florida
Got a phone call saying I was approved for a $10,000 grant. They had all kinds of info. on me. Said I would have my money in my bank the next day at 12:47 p.m. They were going to take out 299.95 for fees & other accomendations they were giving me. They said they were with the U.S. goverment & Bank of America. But , I had to close my account. My wife received a uninspected child support today with direct deposit & it open the closed account up & they tried to take out the $299.95 but, there wasn't enough so, they took out $49.95 instead. Jerry Bremen, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
65, Report #171065
Jan 09 2006
01:21 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
This company really screwed me over. Well since I never really had to check on my checking account I didnt really notice at first that I was getting taken advantage of. So I recieved a call one day and it was Advantage America they told me that I was approved for $12,500 grant and that I could receive it within 7 days into my account. So I was very happy and said ok and then they said that there was a fee of $49.95 and they needed my account number well I gave it to them and then realized that I never got the money into my account and instead they kept taking out money or trying to at least. So not only did they take the $49.95 but they took $19.95 for what I dont know. Then they tried to take out $299.99 Two times and failed because of insufficient funds. So now i have all these overages. I didnt really feel right after the first time I spoke to them and so I called the bank to put a stop on it and they charged me a $25.00 fee and didnt stop it so now Im screwed. I called avantage america and I told them I wanted to talk to someone above the person I was speaking to since she wasnt halping me. I wanted my refund they kept me on hold for 45 min until I finally hung up and called them later. When I spoke to a different person he said that they would send it to the refund dept and to call back in 2 days well I did and now they say that I cant get my refund. So now I have to talk to my bank hopefully I can still get it back through them im in the process of disputing this now. It sucks I had to change my account and everything. Camille san francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
66, Report #171210
Jan 10 2006
01:51 PM
Advantage America SCAM ripoff Winter Park Florida
This company called my husband and claimed to have a free grant. He gave our information, and two days later when we didn't hear anything, I called.FIrst and foremost everyone I spoke to had a middle eastern accent, when I asked where they were located they told me Florida. I asked for a physical address and was told that it wasn't necessarty to give that out to consumers. So I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was informed that I could not speak to anyone, they were in a managers meeting. I asked to hold, I was then informed that my hold time could be an hour or more, so I obliged and said I would hold. Then the persone told me that my information was being reviewed and to give them 48 more hours. So I knew that it was a scam, and upon some more investigation I found this website and THANK GOD! I called my bank immediately and spoke to the fraud department. They were well aware of this company and told me that I would have to close my account. But because I have outstanding checks and payroll coming that they COULD put a hold on my account while I cleared those matters up, and then I could close and open a new one. This company is BOGUS, BEWARE! Brad & rebecca Madison Heights, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
67, Report #171599
Jan 13 2006
07:08 AM
Advantage America ripoff Livonia Michigan
I received a phone call from a man with a heavy indian accent. He told me the reason for the grant money was because I had been paying my taxes on time for many years. He said that the grant funds of $5,000 would be deposited into my account and that there were several fees that would be charged to my account totalling the amount of $299.95. I asked him to give me their name, their address and phone number. Then he gave me his name which seemed odd -- Joseph Parker. I felt so bad after I hung up that I didn't sleep at all that night and immediately called the bank the next morning. No funds had been withdrawn. They offered me the option of closing that account and opening another account and to never give out that sort of information again. I have learned from this mistake and I just want anyone that is uneasy with giving their bank account information over the phone, your FIRST intuition is always the correct one -- DON'T DO IT. W. Livonia, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Livonia, Michigan
68, Report #171618
Jan 13 2006
11:01 AM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
My mother is on a fixed income. She received a call from these people stating she was going to get a grant from the government. She gave them her bank information ie: routing number account number etc. They withdrew $49.95 one time and then $299.95 another time. When inquired at the bank to send duplicate checks I telephoned this company. What a nightmare. They put you on hold and are told to check in every minute or so and the supervisor is never given the call. One guy named Mike Tan actually sang a song as he was mocking me. Asked me if I heard of Tom Jones, Goldilocks and the three bears, Peter Pan, Incredible Hulk and on an on. This lasted for two hours. Then he finally hung up on me when we had words. Don't Give these people any personal information. They ned to be investigated, prosecuted and put in prison. There scam is that they promise you a grant and as a consolation give you grocery coupons that cost money and are actually worthless. They also promise you telephone long distance minutes. Beware this is a huge scam. They employ many young individuals who basically have no conscience of participating in this theft. Gene Bend, OregonU.S.A. Gene Bend, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
69, Report #171639
Jan 13 2006
01:45 PM
Advantage America Grants ripoff Nationwide
I am frequesntly getting calls from this organisation saying that I was eligible to receive the grants 12500. I need to provide them the bank details where money will be directly credited. When I ask more details about this to the person who called me he could not tell answer. I asked what is the time over there. He was saying 4-30PM ,then 1-30PM etc. He disconnected the phone by himself. Please don't belive anyone if they are asking ur personal details over phone. These Bast..s should be killed without mercy. Pav Iselin, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Nevada
70, Report #170555
Jan 05 2006
10:44 AM
Advantage America Ripoff false misleading Dishonst Winter Parks Florida
I was called by an unavailable number, on the other end was a male with a very heavy foriegn accent.He proceeded to tell me I was chosen by the goverment to recieve a grant for $12,500 which I did not have to pay back. This was a consumer grant of some sort. The man kept wanting me to say okay or yes as he was explaining the so called grant. They promise $500 in grocery coupons along with some health plan for your whole family. They subtlely ask for what bank you bank with then further into the conversation they will attempt to confirm your routing number to pay for shiping and handling of the documents to claim your grant. I told the guy I was going to investigate them and when I googled the company I found it indeed was a scam.So do not fall for this some one needs to put a stop to these scam artist. Remain gaurded everyone Nadine Boise, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Parks, Florida
71, Report #170661
Jan 06 2006
03:15 AM
Advantage America ripoff, thank you ripoff report! Florida
Hi Got a phone call from Advantage America they told me they would help me get a grant and they would send me a package in the mail for as little as $50 to fill out the paper work i was lucky i have the internet or i wouldn't have never found out it was a fraud Thank You CHARLES Charles Tremont, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida, Florida
72, Report #168591
Dec 19 2005
08:29 PM
Advantage America ripoff- identity theft Winter Park Florida
I also have been invaded by this company and thought others should know the information I have found on them!! They told me they were registered with the BBB...they are not members as you will see below. Please read all the way at the bottom, I have also found where all their mail for addresses in the US is forwarded to! BBB of Central Florida, Inc. 151 S. Wymore Road, Ste. 100 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 BBB Reliability Report Advantage America 1900 Howell Branch Rd. Ste 4-7 Winter Park, FL 32792 Orange County MAP General Information Original Business Start Date unknown Registration or Incorporation Type of Entity not defined State unknown Date unknown BBB File Opened August 25, 2005 Principal Contact Ms. Erika Roberts Complaint Contact Ms. Crystal Brown Other Contacts Mr. Ken Gomes BBB Member This company is not a member Type of Business Telephone Solicitation Companies The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources. Nature of Business The company contacts consumers claiming that they are eligible for governement grant money. In some instances the company representatives claim they are with the U.S. government. Representatives request bank account numbers and social security number claiming the grant money will be deposited directly to the consumer's bank account and that there is a processing fee of $49.95. The company's website also includes information on health program. Customer Experience Based on BBB filed this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to a pattern of complaints of misrepresentation in selling practices. Complaints concern grants were never received and advance fees that were withdrawn from consumers' bank accounts allegedly for application or processing fees. Customer Complaint Data The company's size, volume of business and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company has handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgement on the validity of complaints filed. Number of complaints processed by the BBB since the firm's BBB file was opened in August 2005: 284 Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 12 months: 284 Complaints Concerned: Selling Practices (90 complaints) 47 Resolved 4 Unresolved 11 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve 28 Company did not respond Advertising Issues (33 complaints) 21 Resolved 2 Unresolved 5 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve 5 Company did not respond Service Issues (6 complaints) 3 Resolved 1 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve 2 Company did not respond Credit or Billing Disputes (37 complaints) 22 Resolved 1 Unresolved 5 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve 9 Company did not respond Delivery Issues (8 complaints) 3 Resolved 2 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve 3 Company did not respond Refund Practices (35 complaints) 19 Resolved 1 Unresolved 10 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve 5 Company did not respond Contract Disputes (9 complaints) 8 Resolved 1 Company did not respond Guarantee or Warranty Issues (9 complaints) 7 Resolved 2 Company made every reasonable effort to resolve Additional File Information The Howell Branch Rd., Winter Park, FL address is an empty suite. Post Global, who leased the suite has told the BBBB that mail sent to that address is forwarded offshore to a West Indies address on the island of St. Lucia. The company's website registration gives the company's address as British Colonial, 1 Bay Street, Suite 303, Nassau, BAHAMAS. The company does not have an office in Poland, NY. Addresses listed in other cities nationwide may also be mail drops with all mail going off-shore. The BBB has also received information that the phone number the consumer may see on their caller ID could appear to be from a local area code , but the number is acutually spoofed. Government Actions North Dakota - On November 10, 2005 the Attorney General issued a Cease & Desist Order against aka Advantage America aka First National Benefits aka First Government Grants aka First National HEalth Care aka Titan Financial aka First National Government Grants aka AIG Limited aka Premier Health Benefits aka First National Health Care Limited aka First National Benefits and others including, Ken Anthony Gomes, Individually and d/b/a Bespin Trust, d/b/a Managment Network; Helen Television System, d/b/a Helen IT; Callworx, Inc.; Lakeshore Media Group., Inc. d/b/a, d/b/a d/b/a; Jody Robert Overland, individualy; Nancy Purcell individually aka Nancy A. Mangiacotti; and Kathy Spencer, individually d/b/a Global Strategies and David Yamin, individually, Respondents. According to the Order the Respondents are in violation of North Dakota's Consumer Fraud Law and Do Not Call Law by (1) engaging in telephone solicitiations to North Dakota telephone subscribers who have registered for the Do Not Call list; and (2) engaging in deceptive acts or practices during telephone solicitations to the state's consumers. Educational/General Comments Consumers are now being targeted by companies offering to assist them in obtaining large amounts of government money. This potential scam is initiated by email or by a telemarketer, who claiming that the consumer is eligible for up to $8,000 in grant money from the United States Government. The company then offers to assist the consumer in obtaining the money in exchange for allowing his/her company to withdraw money from the consumer's bank account. Some consumers have also received direct mail solicitations offering to assist them in obtaining government grants in exchange for payment. Consumers who send money to these programs only received information booklets, containing minimal assistance, if they receive anything at all. This is contrary to the promise that the consumer will get actual money, rather than a list of grants. Although there are a variety of sources within the government and private sector that offer grants to eligible applicants, individuals do not need to enlist the services of a separate company to learn about such funding sources. The application procedures for a wide variety of public and private grants can be obtained free of charge as public information. In addition, consumers should never give their bank account information to unknown telemarketers. Government Grants Program Since many of its departments offer grants, the United States Federal Government has created the program as a resource for parties seeking information about grants. is managed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and may be contacted as follows: Program Management Office 200 Independence Avenue SW HHH Building, Room 739F Washington, DC 20201 1-800-518-4726 Consumers may also contact the United States General Services Administration's Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at: The person or company that called you will most likely drain your bank account of all your hard-earned money and take off....never to be heard from again. Here are some easy ways to spot this scam and others like it: Beware of callers who claim that you have been awarded a government grant. grants are only provided to people and organizations that meet specific guidelines and complete the application process. Remember that people generally will not call to offer you money. Never send money to verify, guarantee, or process your alleged grant request for up-front fees are a sure sign of a scam. Never provide personal financial information or your Social Security Number. This type of information, when in the wrong hands, can be used to steal your identity and your money. Always ask for information in writing. If the grant is legitimate, the caller will not have a problem sending you the information in writing. Always trust your instincts like the old saying goes: if an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Additional Information This Business Operates under the Names 1st National Government Grant Benefits Advantage America Advantage America Benefits American Advantage American Advantage Benefits Easy Step Solution First National Benefits Addresses 300 N. Corporate Dr., Suite 350, Brookfield, WI 56045-5865 MAP Union Industrial Estate, Castries, St. Lucia - West Indies 15720 John J. Delaney Dr., Charlotte, NC 28277, Mecklenburg County MAP 24 Main St., Poland, NY 13431, Herkimer County MAP 1900 Howell Branch Rd. Ste 4-7, Winter Park, FL 32792, Orange County MAP Phones (800) 410-1682 (800) 503-7345 (866) 503-7345 (877) 851-3466 (877) 851-4366 Here is the information for the Nassau, Bahamas's a hotel!! British Colonial Hilton Nassau Number One Bay Street P.O. Box N-7148 Nassau, N.P. The Bahamas Telephone: 1-242-322-3301 Fax: 1-242-302-9009 Email: There has got to be a way to stop this company from ripping us all off!!!! Someone has to take attention to this!!! L Kansas City, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
73, Report #168605
Dec 19 2005
10:31 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
A man called me and said that I was to get 12,500 from the irs. The company's name was Advantage America and they were located in Winterpark, Florida. I asked the man, who sounded foreign, if this is for real, he said yes, this is from the government every year we choose someone to give away free money to. When I asked how do I get my check, the man stated all I need to do is give him my checking account number and he'll put it in my account wihtin 24 hours. So then I asked if he need my routing number? He said oh-no all we need is your account number and your money will be available in 24 hours. That's when alarms went off in my mind, not wanting the routing number seemed very strange to me, most legit companies ask for your routing number. This is when I told the man NO, sorry sir, I can not give my information over the phone, I also told him I was afraid that this was a scam. The man very convincingly said that they have one more option for me, that was to drive down to Winterpark, Florida from Michigan and pick up the check that has my name on it, all I had to bring was my phone bill and proper identification. I was very excited until I decided to check on google to see if this was legit or not and before I made a stupid trip all the way down to Florida, and that's when I saw that it was a scam on the Rip-off report, I was shocked. So please people don't give them or any one your information. Something should seriously be done about this, the authorities should step in here somewhere. Look at the rest of these reports, I feel for everyone who fell for this scam, the way I almost did, and lost christmas money for their kids and everything, I truely feel for them. Well I am truely mad now and need to get off of here. I hope these reports help you the way they helped me. Frank ypsilanti, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
74, Report #169685
Dec 29 2005
12:31 PM
Advantage America ripoff Winter Park Florida
My kids father got the call and decided he would take the chance in thinking this would be a deal and legal. He was wrong. His account was withdrawn 49.95 about and never recieved the information or the grant money he was suppose to receive. Now they have taken 299.95 and he is trying to get the bank to stop payment. If any one gets a similar phone call about a grant and the people don't sound american don't believe them. Wwe have not seen anything from these people. If any one knows of a way to get repayment please post. Thank you Clara new bedford, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida
75, Report #168462
Dec 19 2005
06:06 AM
Advantage America ripoff, stole christmas Winter Park Florida
These people called and said we were approved for a grant for $12,000. THey said after the money went into our account they would take $300 for a fee. My husband thought this was a good idea and gave them our bank account number. They now have my $300 and I DO NOT have their $12,000. After these people called and my husband told their tall tail, I made him call them back and tell them we were not interested, apparently that ment nothing! I called these people (that do not speek english very well) and wanted to speak to a supervisor. I was told that all supervisors were out to lunch (at 9:30am). I hope these people feel good about themselves! The money that they took from me was to be used to buy my kids their Christmas. This has also caused quite a bit of stress in my marraige. THANK YOU ADVANTAGE AMERICA FOR RUINING MY YEAR!!!! Angie Iola, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Winter Park, Florida

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