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1, Report #1238565
Jun 28 2015
08:47 PM
advertising web Internet
 This company offered free advertising for 14 days for $5 after 14 days it went to regular price. You were suppose to be able to cancel at anytime and not be charged. I cancelled on the 10th day and the following month I was charged $59 and I was just charged again on 6/26/15. Also there is no customer service number only a contact us on there website which is useless. I have sent two messages and have received no response at all.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1360967
Mar 10 2017
11:21 AM
YP Advertising Total Deception Nationwide
I have used YP advertising for 10+ years for my company, each year going through a nightmare of sales tricks and being subjected to charges for items I did not approve.  Their policy is to auto renew the contract which they claim notice is mailed prior to the renewal date.  In 10 years I never received any notice in the mail.  I contacted YP myself prior to the renewal dates for my products to insure only what I wanted to renew would renew, sometimes even adding products.  I specifically noted on each contract do not auto renew without written or verbal permission with my name, signing and initialling the document.  In November I sold my business.  In October I contacted YP to be sure nothing was going to auto renew and to provide alternative contact information.  At that time, I was told that some of my products had automatically renewed.  After lengthy discussion and proof of the signed contracts indicating no auto renewal, and their inability to produce a signed contract for the renewal period, $400+ in credits were issued including for internet advertizing that I had declined and had added to my account anyway.  I was told the final bill would be $54.35 through January 17 and once they verified that the phone had been disconnected, all billing would discontinue and the account would be closed.  I have received a bill in February for $194.60 and am now told I owe $339 for renewal advertizing.  Once again I have had to call them (India) and once again have had to provide copies of my signed contracts with the do not auto renew on them.  They insist that my advertizing was only cancelled for 2017 because I didn't notify them in advance of the autorenewals.  This is ridiculous.  I have friends who have been sent to collection and are continuously harrassed for advertizing they did not approve, which is why I had been so careful.  If you are going to use YP be sure not to auto renew and be sure to keep track of when your products are scheduled for auto renew - they never all renew at the same time, another trick they have.  What a rip off.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #3722
Oct 30 2000
12:00 AM
River City Advertising, Lawrenceburg, IN -advertising agency employee ripoff
This company bounced its employees' paychecks on a weekly basis. They have not paid at least one other former employee their wages due. I would not work for these people as their financial standing is very poor and they can't tell the time without lying. If you are approached by John Austin, owner and salesman, I would not buy an ad to appear in anything they are going to print. Their latest publication was several months late and may not be printed yet.
Entity: lawrenceburg, Indiana
4, Report #289472
Dec 06 2007
02:36 PM
Alliance Advertising Dirty Liars Gurnee Illinois
If it wasn't for the rip-off report!!!! I have recently moved up to this area to find a better career path. After weeks of searching, I came across this glorious ad about a great job opportunity, no experience, will train, marketing, sales, and oh all the money you will be making. I though, hey might as well try. Sent in my resume, via email, and to my amazement I get a phone call the very next day, they wanted to see me for an interview right away. I go for the interview, which they inform you on the phone to look and dress professional, make sure your appearance is nice which I thought was strange in itself, who tells you that, anyway, Everything they said seemed way too good to be true, they seemed fake to me, and by the end of it they wanted to see me again, they were so sure I would be such a wonderful candidate for this position. I went on my hunch and decided to do some research, Just as I suspected bam liars...I feel sorry for the people ahead of me who had to go through such an ordeal, thankfully for them though I see what this company is about and will not be furthering my advancement with them. Thank you so much for all the people who have guts to stand up and say something. I appreciate it and I hope the next victim will find out before they are too late. Thank you rip-off report. Nice antioch, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Gurnee, Illinois
5, Report #770571
Aug 29 2011
01:54 PM
bj advertising Marty Flyer Theif cumming, Georgia
He tells you he is putting out so many flyers. And he puts out a few and saves the rest for another time to hit you up for more money. Then he puts out the rest of what he has. You think your doing all these flyer and he isn't putting half of what he tell's you. He might have put out 1000 flyers. when he said he would put out 12000.
Entity: cumming, Georgia
6, Report #851862
Mar 10 2012
05:16 PM
Alluring Advertising Manny; Master Manipulator Internet
I cant to begin to express how refreshing it is to know that Many along with his cohorts at Arrow Advertising are still ripping people off even after all the negative exposure they have gotten lately! Brandons posting in which he describes shady busness practices including illegal accounting practices should be the nail hitting the proverbial coffin! If you read this Brandon, please contact me @ 619-634-5038 or Thank you for having the balls to tell the truth. You mentioned shady accounting practices in your last posting and that you seemed to be talking to someone in the office who basically had no clue about financing! Brandon, this is no surprise considering their are no real certified accountants working at the office. In fact, After not receiving MY pay, I called the given office number. First, You will always get a recording no matter what time of day it may be, that no one is available to take your call. Then, the robot will instruct you to dial 1,2,3,4,or 5 on your phone depending on the service you are seeking. The only problem is that no matter what button you may push (customer service, design department, human resources, ect.) you will never be connected to a live agent. Why? Well simple. Wether you want to speak with accounting or payroll, your call is then diverted again and this time prompted to leave a message. Now on the outside, Alluring Advertising seems to be a successfully run company with a payroll department, human resources, a design team, and ect. In reality, none of these departments actually exist. Instead every message left is diverted to ... you guessed it... Many! Wether you leave a message for pay roll because you haven't recieved a pay check or your a potential client and want pricing information, every message is diverted to Many! Like yourself Brandon, I to was at my wits end. I had worked two 5 hour back breaking days and when it was all said and done, I got my money. What you dont know though and what Many not man enough to admit on his rebuttal to my Dec. 2012 posting, is that the only reason why I got my money was because I promised he would be sued in civil court for non-payment! Now, Many did send me a Western Union for the money owed, but I was forced to light a fire under his ass to do so! Like many others here, Many stopped calling, texting, or e-mailing as soon as my work was done on Sunday. Last month, Many called me and like a little bi*ch he pleaded that I take my original Dec. posting down. After all I did pay you he sniveled. It was truly pathetic. He went on and on about how my post really upset his wife. I told him that I would think about it considering the ONLY reason I saw my money is because I promised legal action. If anyone sees my posting, my e-mail is in the beginning. You see, in December, I worked for the same Many character with the promise of making $13 an hour for a 5 hour long weekend gig. Like mostly all who posted on this site along with five others reviewing Alluring Advertising from another site, I looked to for some quick cash. It was mid Dec. and I needed money in order to get my daughter a gift. I made this clear to Many who informed me that checks usually get sent out on fridays. Well Christmas was the following Sunday and too late for me to recieve a check by then. Many offered to send out the check the following Monday and assured me that I would recieve it in plenty of time for Christmas. After Thursday came and still no check arrived, I attempted to contact Many. First, I texted him. No response! Next, I called him. No response! Fu*k, I even e-mailed him. After I called his office number. It does not take a bright person long to know that Many has absolutely no infrastructure and cuts as many corners as possible! Remember, it took me promising civil action to get a response from him after he ignored my every effort to contact him. Look at Brandons situation. He posted about a time where he believed he was talking with someone in pay roll yet was unable to preform the most basic accounting practices. As a result, he recieved money that was not documented nor could it be traced to any gig he worked. in the end, he excepted what he believed to be more or less the correct amount. I really hope the people who have already been scammed or are in the process getting scammed by Many or any Alluring Advertising company to take a stand! However, this goes way beyond money! I have met ten people already who have in one way or another been schysted by Many. I need your help! If we want to disenfranchise Alluring Advertising we cut off what it needs. MONEY! Since most of us saw the ad on Craigslist, we need to go back to the site and flag Alluring Advertising as a scam. This is important because once Craigslist has red flagged them, it will prevent Alluring Advertising from posting adds and praying on the weak. After that, We need to contact the BBB. Also most of their business derives from contracts at Condos and the like. Also those of you who blog like myself are urged to give as much bad publicity as possible. We want potential Alluring Advertising Clients to pass them up because of all the negative feedback. Trust me! Potential clients who may be on the fence of signing a contract with Alluring Advertising Verses say ARROW ADVERTISING, will scour the internet for any reviews about the two companies. I guarantee that any potential client will be completely turned off by Alluring and sign a contract with ARROW. You may be asking what I stand to gain by posting this. I hope that people who read this may be empowered and stand up for what is right! Many has repeatedly lied to me . I hate liars with a passion and could only with Donates Inferno had ten circles instead of the nine we read about. If a tenth circle did exist, it would be dedicated soley for liars and people such as Many would have to endure what ever horrid sufferings awaited them. I was expecting to meet Many at a location sometime this week. There, he told me he would give me a sign to spin at a pre set time and duration. Many called me two weeks ago and promised he would contact me the next day to meet up. What I'm trying to say is that we are many and we need to rise up and wipe Alluring Advertising off the map. I've been a sign spinner for 8 years. ARROW ADVERTISING is far superior in every way. they dont steal your money! There is no arguments related to pay because they actually have an accountant AND a pay roll department. Please work for them or at least check them out! Our goal under my leadership should be to riddle/pepper the blog sites, rip off sites, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else you can think of to COMPLETELY and TOTALLY discredit Alluring Advertising! The best part though, is you would all be telling the truth! And thats whats most poignant.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1213900
Mar 06 2015
04:15 PM
Ellipsis Advertising It works for me!!!! Portland Oregon Nationwide
My name is Marie and Ive been in real estate for several years. I was contacted for advertising by Ellipsis over a year ago and was very scepticle. I said i would try it out and Im so glad I did! Ive had them running ads on google and Bing and I get clients from it all the time. I told them if it worked I would leave them reviews everywhere and so now Im following through with that promise. The entire team has been great, always responding to me and my needs.  If you are looking for real people who want you to be more sucessful you will love this company! I wouldnt go anywhere else for my search engine ads. 
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1305920
May 16 2016
07:01 PM
ELA advertising everything la ELA advertising everythingLA advertising unethical business irvine California
This company is not all what it claims to be.  Hires and fires quickly and cannot keep employees due to the ceo and his mother who really owns this business.  very small place and tells everyone they have 50 people but there are only really 12 that work here all cramped in one small room.  they only have a limited number of clients and the junior staff is taken advantage of and overworked and underpaid.  andre is deceptive and tells people what they want to hear to get his way, manipulates everyone and is very egotistical because of the relationship with his mom.  he operates for himself and his mother and uses the staff to carry out his wishes.  the directors are no better because they carry out his unethical behavior even though they pretend that they donot - there are sexual and inappropriate demeaning jokes, preferable treatment to his management team, and this agency does not pay their bills.  Do your research before you work for and with this company.
Entity: irvine, California
9, Report #1255216
Sep 16 2015
07:44 AM Internet
 When I initially signed up I did not know the contract was for a year. They allowed me to pick a zip code that was all PO Boxes, and when I called to see if I could get this zip code switched I was sent to a voicemail, never to get a call back. I am now getting emails saying 2 of my zip codes are expiring even though I have only been a member for 3 months. This is a very expensive site that gives you about 4 useless leads a week. Every Realtor under the sun is getting the same leads. I have called a lead back in minutes of receipt to be told they already got a call from someone else and are working w them. Most of the leads are from people not willing to spend more than 60,000 on a house. I asked to switch these to higher income zip codes but was told no. I am very disappointed.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #509315
Oct 14 2009
03:53 PM
Coast To Coast Advertising Now Nationwide Advertising Advertising Fraud! I was charged for advertising that does not exist! Internet
I received an unsolicited phone call from an Angela Goodwin in October of 2008.  She was selling advertising on placemats that were purportedly used at a chain of local restaurants.  The price was reasonable and I decided to place the ad.  Initially, she told me that it would be $69 for one year.  By the time I got the agreement the price had jumped to $199.95.  She told me that the increase was to put the ad in all 5 locations in the area.  She was a good sales woman and I ended up agreeing.I emailed her the ad I wanted placed and a charge showed up on my credit card.  In January 2009, I received a copy of ad proof that was not what I had submitted.  I contacted the company and was told that I'd missed the deadline and that they had to design the ad themselves. I argued with the very rude Bill and he said that if I sent the ad I wanted, he would get it in.  I did this and never got a confirmation.  I sent repeated emails and got nothing.  When I called, I got the run around.  I was told a print version would be sent to me.  It never was.  Meanwhile, another charge for 49.95 showed up on my credit card.  I called and was told that it was an ad set up fee.  I pointed out that I had designed the ad and that my agreement showed that set-up fees had been waived.  Bill said he would look into it and try and get me a credit.  I never got the credit.Frustrated, I let it go, thinking I would get some business off the ads.  Then, in September 2009, I was charged $229.90 from Nationwide Marketing in Springfield.  I immediately called and left a message and followed up with an email.  I explained that I had not authorized auto renewal.  I finally reached Bill by phone and he very rudely started a schpill about doing me a service to protect my advertising, blah, blah, blah.  He then told me I need to have sent a cancellation letter with a signature.  I said that I had no agreement stating this policy.  He insisted that I had signed such an agreement and that he couldn't be responsible for what I kept and what I didn't keep.  I told him I would send the letter immediately and to go ahead and credit my account.  He told me that he couldn't guarantee that I would get the money refunded as ads had already been printed.  This was patently false!  The ad I supposedly purchased was supposed to run for 12 months and 12 months had yet to expire.  No way that $229.90 was for ads already run.I told him not to concern himself as I had already disputed the charge with my bank.  I won't bore you with how ugly he got then.  Let's just say that I hung up in a rage.I got on-line and started doing a little research only to discover that I am not the first person to be duped.  I then called the restaurants that I supposedly had advertised with and they had no such placemats in their places of business.  The whole thing is a scam.I will be contacting a lawyer and would be interested in talking to others who have had similar experiences with Angela and Bill (not to mention their hag who answers the phone).  Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order.
Entity: Internet, Internet
11, Report #1102802
Nov 28 2013
06:11 AM
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
12, Report #209298
Sep 03 2006
01:58 PM
Nash's Advertising Advertising services, Guaranteed Paid Sign-ups, are a ripoff St. Louis Missouri
I purchased 50 Guaranteed Paid Sign-ups from Nash's Advertising service in April of 2006. At the time their website was: I did not receive any sign-ups, eventually they didn't even respond to my e-mails and then their website was no longer available. I just recently discovered that they are back in business under the following website: -- the website design is almost exactly the same with some changes in pricing and services, but the name and the address is the same. Please do not fall for their promises to advertise for you. Elizabeth Simsbury, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: St. Louis, Missouri
13, Report #197341
Jun 20 2006
03:50 PM
Americom - American Community Advertising ripoff Refrigerator magnet advertising scam Hazelwood Missouri
In December 2005 I was solicitated by phone by Americom, Mr. John Hovey 800-935-4576. He was selling a magnet ad with Amber Alert phone numbers and other emergency numbers of the City of Santa Rosa, California. He sold me a space on the magnet for a 3x2 advertisement. The cost was $245.00. I placed the order on my credit card. Then he called back and offered distribution to the entire Sonoma County for an additional $245.00. I agreed to purchase the additional distribution. A second charge was put through to my card for $245.00. The ad was supposed to be released in April. Since then, the company has been impossible to reach, no emails or phone calls are ever returned. I did reach a sales rep on June 1st who was supposed to ship me 40 sample magnets. It has been 20 days and nothing has arrived. Today I contacted one of the realtors in Northern California who was on a sample magnet that the company sent me in December. She said the company was a scam and that she and another realtor had been trying to get their money back from the company for a year and a half. She said the company delays the transaction long enough so that the credit card dispute date expires. Then the customer has no recourse and looses their money. Denise Sonoma, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Hazelwood, Missouri
14, Report #961064
Oct 27 2012
10:04 PM
Berry Advertising Th Berry Company Deceptive Trade Practice and False Advertising Dayton, Ohio
The Berry Company uses local yellow pages or phone companies to solicit their website services.  They ask you to authorize the Berry Company to build your website but promise that you will not pay unless, or until the website is to your satisfaction.  This is necessary because otherwise you would be paying for something unseen.   If, or I should say when, you are never satisfied they simply bill you anyway and say that you authorized it on the initial call.  Blatant false advertising on their sales team.   Then when you refuse to pay because the website is useless, the daily automated collection calls start coming.  If you contact customer service to complain they claim that the site can not be reversed or removed because of this bogus authorization and simply offer you gift certificates for future advertising with Berry.  I told them to give me gift certificates to pay the ridiculous bill they were trying to collect.   This has got to be criminal in nature as they are ripping off the public, businesses, etc and I can't believe this goes on.   I found 366 complaints on BBB and quickly added number 367.  Also checked with Ohio AG office and found complaints there as well.  Filing complaint with that office on Monday.  I will also contact the phone company who let them solicit me. I spent money on Business cards, letter head, etc based on this website they promised to deliver and all of it was useless because of how the Berry Company operates.   Please don't fall for this company's trap!
Entity: Dayton, Ohio
15, Report #1403749
Oct 02 2017
06:30 PM
Vivial Advertising Messed Up my Internet Advertising for 6 months; still not fixed Dayton Ohio
I would like to file a complaint about the problems I have had with Vivial Internet Advertising for the last 6 months. I signed a contract with Vivial for telephone book advertising AND for Internet Advertising in late November 2016, for the Contract to Start March 2017 through March 2018.When the telephone book came out in mid March 2017, the Telephone Book Ad through Vivial was to my specifications.However, the telephone book ad listed a website, and when I typed on my website (if I put the name of the website you will know my name as I am an attorney and the website is my name), there was no website.  I started contacting Vivial to find out why.  I receive a telephone call back from a really rude woman who says I have to pay extra money for a website which is not true according to my contract.  I contact the advertising agent locally here in Lincoln to complain, and after a bunch of complaints and emails, I have a website in April, 2017 (1 month late), and it's WRONG.  It lists areas of practice in which I never practice, lists my hours wrong, lists a different telephone number, does not mirror the ad in the phone book like I had specifically requested, the wording is completely wrong etc.  When I call and email to complain I was told you're a woman, so you SHOULD do family law; which is completely sexist. I have sent multiple emails specifically outlining corrections to no avail.  I started getting lots of calls for family law, and had to keep telling each person, sorry I do not practice in that area of law.  I make continual emails and calls over the next 5 months to try to correct the problems; the 3 areas I do practice in: bankruptcy, tax negotiation, and criminal defense drug cases; the wording I desired; the fact I do evening and weekend hours, etc.  To date, MOST of the corrections have NOT been made (example: ad said we when I am a solo practitioner; clients would expect a large firm and support staff, which I do not have and do not want to mislead; example:  ad still says 8-5 Mon-Fri when I do evening/weekend; example: ad says I do Ch 11 bankruptcies when I said I do not; Debt Relief Agency verbage required in bankruptcy ads; not added for 3 months). Some of the corrections have now been made now that I threatened to write corporate headquarters (and it's coming up for renewal time, and they are pestering me to renew).  In addition, the really rude guy they assigned me to calls at odd times on my cell telephone and when I tell him I am in Court in front of a Judge who gets super angry about phone calls in Court and he needs to be courteous enough to schedule a time, he says he cannot do that; like his time is more important than mine, a paying customer.  Therefore, I have decided I am communicating via email as I need documentation that I have asked for work to be performed and it's not being done timely.I have had Vivial (or all of it's predecessors; name of company has changed); or Berry, or Dex, or whoever it was before) internet and phone book advertising for 15 years, and have not experienced this extent of problems in the past.  All they had to do was copy my prior internet ad and have simply refused to do so.  I will NEVER use internet advertising with Vivial again. As corporate headquarters will be receiving a letter from me (and I mean the CEOs; not the underlings) regarding my experience with Vivial, and why I am not renewing my internet advertising, I am willing to have my name used as my experience was and is awful.  They can sue me if they want; but I'm being truthful, and I can prove my case.  I have more problems already documented in a 3-page letter.  I have not had every day to pester an Internet Website Provider to fix my website for a website that is not producing due to the fault of Vivial not following my instructions.  I have paid money for advertising and it was not done to my specifications, nor fixed to my specifications.  I am the customer, and I am not getting what I requested be performed.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #368913
Sep 02 2008
08:12 AM
Coast To Coast Advertising, Nationwide Advertising Continues to bill credit card after cancellation, now under a new business name. Springfield Illinois
I paid to have advertising printed on placemats to be used at a local restaurant chain. The restaurants claim they never received them and never agreed to use any such placemats. I cancelled my order for any additional placemats to be printed. Coast to Coast cancelled my order and said I would not be charged for anything else. I continue to get charged by them every few months. Each time I call they apologize and promise it will never happen again and they promise to credit back my card, sometimes they do, sometimes they dont. They also say they are totally removing me from their system so that this can't ever happen again, but, it continues. And now the billings are showing up under the name of Nationwide Advertising. Djl Carthage, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Illinois
17, Report #1262347
Oct 19 2015
05:06 PM
Alluring Advertising/Precise Market Advertising No Full Payment, No Answered Calls, Scam Houston Texas Internet
Like other people I found out about the sign spinner job on craiglist. The pay was $12 an hour and Manny or Manuel Mendoza contacted me. I worked two weekends and only got paid for one weekend after he told me he would sent the next payment the following week. A couple days after he told me to stop going to the location untill further notice, but he never got back to me. After the week passed I contacted him by text message and called him but got no answer. I also tried emailing him and he didn't reply either. I researched the company name or whatever and alluring advertiseing came up and I realized that this is how this guy works. I want others to know about Alluring Advertising and Precise Market Advertising and specially about Manuel Mendoza so they won't go through the same thing. It's a waste of time and no one deserves to be out in the hot sun for five hours each day and then not get paid what they deserve for the work that they did.Dalia GarciaHouston, Texas 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #319301
Mar 19 2008
09:49 AM
Coast To Coast Advertising SPRINGFIELD Illinois
This company has contacted me to advertise on a place mat at a local Restaurant, El camino Real that I already advertise on now . They said the restaurant was changing companies so I agreed to advertise. to find out a few weeks later from the Manager of the restaurant they did not purchase place mates from Coast to coast Adv. I Then called Coast to Coast to tell Them there was a Mistake. Andrew from Coast to Coast he said there was no mistake he had Authorization from the District manager from the Toledo restaurant. I then Called The Toledo restaurant and they said they were not affiliated with Coast to Coast and had no Connection with my local restaurant. Andrew told me he did nothing wrong an he had a signed contract from the restaurant and they have to use them or they will git in trouble. there is at least 5 other companies in my town that has been scammed and has similar Story to mine. This company needs to be STOPED. They have charged my Credit card twice for a total of $119.90 so Far. But other companies in my area have had there checking account Debited 3 to 4 times Haw much money have they ripped off in the country? Glick's const. Greenville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: SPRINGFIELD, Illinois
19, Report #272721
Sep 06 2007
07:35 AM
Infinity Advertising Lies and deception, Its not worth it! Dallas Texas
Infinity Advertising is a dishonest company...who is no longer open and still has their website active, has their profile still open with Career Builder as if they are still employeeing people, and Have that they offer a BASE PAY to entry level when they dont, it is all commission.That is dishonesty right there. I went in for an interview July 20th and was hired on the spot and told to come back for the Observation Day and for Management position! I was so excited because the company works with the sports industry.Well here comes Observation Day i rode out with the Manager. He lied and cheated every person he talked to out in the field. Cutting deals on the price of the incentive packages. Well for the first week we did nothing with sports it was PIZZA, SPAS, MOVEIS. hello were are the SPORTS.Then i was told i would be doing B to B(business to business) well we started in D to D(door to door). Walking for hours no water, food, shelter from stroms. Mind you it was about 95 degrees every day and we had to dress professional out in the field!We ate luch at 3 or 4 when some people are winding down to go home! I was also told i would not work late but every night i would step in my Apartment at 10:30 or 11 p.m. at times. So imagine from 9 am to 10 pm. Some days you would make $20.00.Using your vehicle and paying for the newbies luches! Gas prices right now! You could imagine, then your boss asking you for a ride home! It was a awful day the second day we had to take new hires out with us in the field and give them the lie load down. Well Wes brought you back for Management. i was like in my mind, he told me that i was the only one, but for the next couple of days everyone was in for management. I was noticing the reeling in of everyone because the newbies seemed to all stay. Lie after Lie. So when i asked my trainer how long have they been working on these incentive packages with PIZZA, SPAS, and MOVIES...she said she has been there 2 months and some have been there for 6 months and they have not got to work with sports incentive packages. Those were for the managers(to make money) while the newbies had to work with crap, we were in neighbor hoods where people of a certian decent didnt eat pizza! So there goes 13 hrs with no pay! We were told we had city permits which we didnt. One of the girls was arrested in Flower Mound and called our BOSS WES to have him bring the city permit so they would not press charges and reless her, he didnt. WHY? because we didnt have permits to be out in every county, town or city! We were traspassing and doing this illegal. She had to call her parents to come bail her out! So now that is on her record. Solicitation. Only one person had a permit and that was from his previous sales job out of state, it was expired and not for Texas! All these toughts were going through my mind asking myself everyday is this worth getting in trouble i have a family mind you a 2 yr old. This is over a three day period mind you! So payday is comming up and we had to place our names on a list to get a paycheck on Friday. Well aparently he did not want to pay me. Because on payday i was owed for one weeks training of 300.00, half of every sale i made total of 150.00, what was in my security account(place where we put our money so we wouldnt walk out of the office every night with cash)so it was like a savings acct. 80.00. So i would say i had about 530.00 comming well i got cut a 50.00 check! WHAT THE HELL! At that point i was so scared i was wondering what happened to my money. So when i asked to speak with him the HR told me he was gone for the day. why was his office door closed,? he knew he was gonna have a lot of pissed off people cause i wasnt the only one! So i went in early the next day to catch him off gaurd and ask him about this! He got very definsive and turned red i guess he didnt think i was that type of person. I am like everyone else when it comes to money! So i told him fix the problem today and i wil continue to work for you or i am out! He wouldnt work with me by getting my money what he owed me so i told him i am out.He told me he would send my check to me through the mail. Week later i called one of my friends who stayed and asked how it was going and what was going on cause over night when i decided to call because my check had not arrived after 2 weeks, all the numbers were disconnected! She said WES told us 2 days ago he was closing down and moving to Orlando FL. They all lost their jobs and still have not recieved there paychecks and niether have I! The owner was 26 years old and supposivly had all this money but didnt have a vehicle. He would bum rides off of everyone and so did the ASSt MANAGER! Come to find out someone called his boss is Florida and we were told the company closed due to insifficient funds! So of course we all knew at that point no one was getting paid!I hope this doesnt happen to any one so please use cation. Dont be afraid to ask other co-workers things, do your own internal investigation. If i would have know half of the things i found out in one week i would have left sooner! Till this day i still call him everyday , even though he doesnt anwer. I just want him to man up and pick up the phone and say I am sorry but i can not pay you or say I will pay you! He must not have a heart or soul because alot of the men and women who worked for that company have bills and repos comming up! I feel sorry for Mark Cuban and Tom Hicks who paid this company to create these incentive packages to market the teams and fill the seats. Where is that money? With the owner and in the same pile with all of our checks! Jessica Red Oak, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
20, Report #307391
Feb 08 2008
03:00 PM
Premiere Advertising Is A Complete Rip Off!!! Completely unprofessional! HOUSTON Texas
I recently graduated college with a BA. I must have submitted my resume to several places when Premiere Advertising contacted me back with a professional email saying that had received my resume and wanted to set up an interview (which in my mind, I never remembered sending out a resume to them in the first place, but I agreed to go with an interview). When i got to the building, i was completely dressed professional and as i walked in, i noticed the front desk clerk loooked like she could have been in high school, playing loud hip hop music and was not really dressed appropriately. She was checking myspace and chatting with her friend sitting next to her about how her ex boyfriend was this and that. The others sitting in the room looked to be almost homeless. This should have given me a big sign right then and there but like an idiot, i continued to wait. As they called me in there, they told me, if i did well with the interview, they would call me back for a 2nd interview to spend the whole day with them. They wanted me to go to business to business trying to sell movie coupons and game tickets. I am sorry, but i did not spend four years and thousands of dollars in college to have a JOB where i go to business to business selling movie coupons. They call everyone back for a 2nd interview! The person interviewing me was completely unprofessional. He kept saying childish words such as cool and sweet and cool again over and over. PLease do not be fooled by this company. If you are just out of college or looking for a real not and i mean please do not waste your time on premier advertising or eventive promotions! these companies are all the same! Amanda bryan, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: HOUSTON, Texas
21, Report #323008
Apr 02 2008
12:17 AM
All American Advertising jgb scamed money from me Las Vegas Nevada
i am currently involved in a situation where i am promised a money prize but i must first order over price items like mangnets or t-shirts or pens. well i have 2 of the three items now but not going for the third sense i found this website. thanks for saving me some money, and sorry to hear about the many others who have lost lots mr. chris and miss marie will have other things to worry about besides who to get money from next Craig williston, North DakotaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
22, Report #332487
May 14 2008
02:59 PM
Surefire Advertising, Jim A. Ballas Ripped me off for $43,000 dollars Tampa Florida
I hired Surefire Advertising to promote, advertise, set up 1-800 number do back end fliers, ship product, website, and a commercial. Debby Evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
23, Report #339579
Jun 12 2008
09:04 AM
Shared Risk Advertising LIES and FALSE PROMISING Mesa Arizona
Shared Risk Advertising has been offering partnership opportunities and Proven methods to people nationwide that are gullible enough to fall for it. This company has never even landed a real client and has no proven methods for successful advertising campaigns. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THESE GUYS!!!!! Trust me, the owners, are more than willing to take your hard earned money without giving you ANYTHING in return. The staff is being screwed as much as the outsiders that trust and believe in the false promises they will feed you. The worse part is, they seem to have absolutely no shame when doing so as they have been involved in such partnerships and ponzi schemes in the past. They have no problem being dishonest with their employees, which means they won't even think twice about lying to clients. The point is, do NOT fall for this people. If you do contact them for partnership opportunities - ask them to give you specific DETAILED examples of the franchises and partnerships they have had success with through Shared Risk Advertising in the past; ask them for references of past partners and investors so you can check up on them- if they give you any answer at all - they are NOT telling you the truth- BECAUSE THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN ANY PARTNERS OR EVEN ANY LEGIT CLIENTS FOR THAT MATTER. Hopefully karma will take care of this, but hopefully this helps to save some poor souls a bit of pain and trouble with this advertising company and the family that owns it. Annonymous Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Mesa, Arizona
24, Report #341217
Jun 17 2008
03:08 PM
CW2 Advertising/Rich Tortorigi Low-life crooks St.Pete Beach, Florida
I did $800 worth of work for this scum which was never paid. His office personnel will just lie and string you along. Rip t. off mesquite, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: St.Pete Beach, Florida
25, Report #341864
Jun 19 2008
01:25 AM
Global Advertising Pulled the old switch-a-roo!!!! Addison Illinois
After reading these reports on this company, I feel much better about the terrible experience I had. I had no idea that they were a scam, though...I just thought they were a really crappy company. I got the usual email-We have received your resume, congratulations, you have been selected for an interview with our manager, blah, blah, blah... I went for my first round of interviewing, and like everyone else, was surprised at how small, crummy, cheap, and stuffy their office was. It looked to me like they had just moved in! After reading these reports, though, now I know they have been there for about two to three years! As I was told, they only had one bathroom, and it, unfortunately, was out of service. I discovered this when I went in to use it and found it clogged. Now, I had just done an hour long drive there and had, like several others, had coffee to jump start my day. With that combination, an out of service bathroom was not what I wanted facing me. I sat down, after filling out the top of my application and handing the receptionist my resume. Here is where the switch comes in. I had applied for and was supposed to be interviewing (or so I thought) for the receptionist position! Turns out, I was being considered for one of their Marketing positions! I have no background in marketing, but I figured What the heck! Like most everyone who has posted about this company, I too was amazed at how short, informal, and all around lacking in information my interview was. I was given the basic explaination about who they are and what they do. I suppose I threw a wrench into the obviously-rehearsed monologue by asking What other companies do you represent? I couldn't help it....I was curious. I got the run-down of the list-3 charities!- I had just gotten, and was treated like I hadn't been listening. Here comes the fun part. So, I was called back the same day to come in the next day for the second round of interviews. Well, apparently, someone was misinformed, because I sat in their crappy waiting room on a chair while everyone else around me was called back and came out in one minute with a rep (now I know they were going out on the road for an exercise in futility...). I waited for about 20 minutes, then was finally called. When I was finally called, though, I was told that someone along the way had called me BY MISTAKE! I remained composed and told them who had called me. Here's where their famous lying to your face comes in. The woman who gave me this news informed me that the woman who had called me could not possibly be the one who called me because she does not do phone calls. I told them Thank you for your time and headed out the door. Now, I had had a family situation that made it impossible for me to drive myself to this interview, so I had to wait for my ride to come back. It was raining pretty steadily and HARD, so I went back in and asked them if I could wait inside. They got all nervous and told me to go into the conference room and wait. As it turns out, they had more interviews lined up for the day and wanted me out of the way. I went into the conference room, and, lo and behold, there was the woman who had called me by mistake. I listened to her phone at least 20 people by the time I left, and each time she said her name, I got a bit more peeved. They had told me that no one by her name made phone calls, and here I was listening to her call people and tell them that they were wanted for their second interview! By this time, I was fed up and wanted nothing more than to go home and take a cold shower, since their air conditioning was, once again, not on. The temperature was 80 degrees outside, the doors were closed because it was raining like crazy outside, and I was dressed up. I was ready to get out of there. As a matter of fact, I was so ready to get out that I did not even stop to tell them that I was leaving and to thank them for letting me stay inside. All in all, my entire experience with this company peaked when I was contacted for my initial interview, and went downhill from there. Lauren Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Addison, Illinois

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