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51, Report #1078278
Aug 22 2013
07:53 PM Trade In Internet
My wife and I both traded our cell phones into amazon for trade in value. Their website says that if the phone is sent in and is in better condition than the one listed it will be upgraded. I sent in a flawless phone and was only given good status. (this isn't the main reason for the complaint). My wife's phone was denied and told it would be sent back to us. There is no reason it should have been denied. The complaint has to do with the customer service representatives we spoke with. We had to contact and speak with 9 different people at amazon to even find out the status of our trade in when it was sent in. The phone arrived and showed delivered from our tracking info on the 15th. As of the 21st it finally was processed. We couldn't find any kind of information on the phone. When we called in, we were lied to numerous times about when we would find out a status update on the phones. After they processed the phones and we were told that it was denied and would be sent back to us, we were told that they would try to expedite shipping to get the phone back to us as soon as possible. We were promised a call back to be told of the status of the phone being shipped back by TODAY. We never received a call back. We called back today and were told no notes were recorded on the call about the previous calls. Tyler was rude to my wife and had told her that she was wasting his time and made her feel like she was a horrible person for even calling in. We finally got a hold of someone tonight who said that they never expedite shipping and wouldn't be able to assist us at all, and it could be up to 2 additional weeks before we get our original phone back. Which will give me no time to even try to sell my iPhone to another vendor before they announce another iPhone. So I am screwed out of the value of my phone regardless. From the numerous lies and phone calls, I feel like that I can't even trust them to send the phone back at all and that it will even be in the same condition or have the accessories that I sent in. I feel that every person I spoke with told us a different story and really didn't care about customer service at all. We received confirmation from the last person that we were promised things that weren't true in order to get us off the phone. I feel this is a horrible business practice and needs to be looked into.
Entity: Internet, Internet
52, Report #1084572
Sep 14 2013
05:58 PM Rip Off Scam Artists Seattle Washington
I contacted Amazon about a order from Book Grove that was placed on August 28, 2013 and mailed from Milwaukee Wiscosnin to Ct Dodge Iowa. i proceeded to let them know how much trouble it has been and I have not recieved my order on Sept 12, 2013. I also let them know that I was being transferred out of town and it is strange that I have not received the order when it takes 6.5hrs to drive there. The Supervisor said that she seen the emails including one that was a complete lie stating USPS Media Website states 4-14 business days up to 21 business days. I went to that site and it clearly states 2-8 days with a asterisk on the 8 days as stating mail outside the US may take longer. Amazon is clearly defiant in acknowledging that the customer got ripped off and refuses help. They even went as far as saying that I will be charged a return fee and also re-shipping fee to send it back to them. How I never got the package!!! I WILL never shop Amazon and will procede to contact BBB and let them know about this. My Uncle is a Postmaster and he even agrees that from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Ft Dodge Iowa would at the most for standard delivery be 4 days not including Sunday.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
53, Report #1099794
Nov 16 2013
06:43 AM Amazon sells pirated/illegal software Seattle Washington
Amazon sells bootlegged, pirated software under the catagory of repair recovery discs. There are numerous sellers selling this software with Amazons blessing. I have tried to get Amazon to pull this illegal software but to no avail. The software involved are the Windows boot discs and/or freeware, GPL/GNU software. The boot discs are nothing more than copied Windows installation files put to a disc by sellers on Amazon. Amazon also sells software that is freely available on the internet at no cost. All these software titles are suppose to be against Amazon policy but they look the other way. Amazon knowinly does this as I have been trying to get them to stop for months.  Some of this software arrives with light-scribe labels produced in someones basement illegally all with Amazons blessings. I have all the documentation of the many times I have tried to have these software titles removed. Ultimate Boot CD-available as freeware GPL/GNU software sold when this software is free online.  All Windows boot discs-these are copied files from an installation disc illegally  
Entity: Seattle, Washington
54, Report #1215635
Mar 13 2015
07:38 PM PRIME is a scam Internet
Prime is supposed to provide free shipping without having to reach the $35 purchase amount. Prior to accepting PRIME, their employee confirmed this supposed free shipping, period. However, many items are labeled add-on items which can not be shipped without meeting the total required. So you pay $99 non-refundable (reguardless of what the written advert says) and you still have to reach a changing total.  Shame on Amazon, PRIME is a great advertizing tool to enhance the bottom line of the company. For the consumer, not much has changed. If you plan on saving the $99 on the remaining items per Amamzon policy, you will be buying enormous amounts per month and have no problem making their minimum purchase amount.
Entity: Internet
55, Report #1236957
Jun 20 2015
07:58 PM Internet
 Amazon decided to review my account and hold my funds and won't pay me for a computer I sold nor a tablet. Three times I was told the funds would transfer and every week it's a new excuse why I am not getting paid despite no complaints and proof of delivered items
Entity: Internet
56, Report #1270065
Nov 24 2015
11:18 AM Sales Rip off via third party Internet
I went on to price a tablet. While there, a Voyager tablet went from $49.55 to $44.27. I attempted to order it at the lower price, but the higher price kept showing up. I chatted with one foreign rep, who couldn't understand the price had lowered after telling her four times. I then called and spoke with another foreign rep, who kept repeating the same thing over and over and also couldn't understand the price had lowered. By the time they got done messing around, and while I was speaking with an American supervisor, the price went UP to $49.99. He told me multiple times (like I am stupid) that they had no control over what a third party vendor did. Nowhere on the ad was a third-party vendor mentioned, only Amazon and their logo. Eventually, he said he would issue me a credit for the difference, which Amazon doesn't usually do with a third-party vendor. Again I told him there was no third-party vendor, only Amazon mentioned in the ad. He had me place my order, at $49.99 and he was to issue me a credit for the difference. Guess what showed up on the last page of my order? A THIRD PARTY vendor's name = Outlet. Surprise, surprise! After completing my order, thinking I was getting the price of $44.27 with the credit, I got an email from Wes W, the supervisor, stating he had given me a promotional credit of $6 toward my NEXT purchase! He did not give me the credit on my current purchase as he led me to believe. I sent in their survey and told them what happened. I got an email from Amazon telling me they were so sorry, but they could not issue me a credit. Now I don't know if I'll get the credited amount or not. I recently re-joined Amazon Prime. I will be cancelling that service and it will be some time, if ever, that I deal with again. That $6 meant more to them than this customer.  
Entity: Internet
57, Report #1357643
Feb 22 2017
11:57 AM Subscribe and Save Scam has recently adopted a Subscribe and Save feature which is total BS. As another user wrote, the Subscribe and Save feature is mainly available on everyday commodities like toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, deodorant etc. Items you will use and need to buy again at some frequency. The thought is that you purchase an item you typical buy often  and subscribe to have amazon send you the same order each month. You save a few cents and you don’t have to hassle with manually purchasing it each month. The Bait: Let say for example an 8lb bag of kitty litter is $8, if you Subscribe you will Save $1 on the order and they will send it to you for $7 and presumably you will save by paying $7 dollars for the same order each month thereafter.   The Switch: As the other use wrote, the terms and conditions state that amazon can charge you the price listed for the item the day it is shipped, not the price you originally agreed to when you set up the Subscribe and Save. So, you pay $7 for the first order instead of $8, then the next month amazon charges you $31 for an 8lb bag of kitty litter (nearly 4x the original cost) because they can.   The Results: If you’re a busy person and don’t check your bank statements, you will never know you're being ripped off. If you do happen to notice the over change, like the other reviewer noted, it might be too late as you might have already opened and used the product. And if you’re on a fix income, this can be devastating to your budget. As a result, millions are being ripped off as amazon baits you into a Subscribe and Save with the promise of saving a few cents, and then hikes the prices of these items to double, triple or more of the original value on subsequent auto orders. Personal examples: Sounds unrealistic right? Wrong. Many people have personal experience with this and there are numerous reports on this ripoff sceme. The kitty litter story above is true. I've never been keen on allowing any company repeat assess to my bank account without my knowledge and consent each time, so I never signed up for the Subscribe and Save feature. However I did purchase an 8lb bag of kitty litter for $8 buck a few months ago. When I logged back in to purchase another bag, I was shocked to see the list price at $31. I noted several reviews on the item complaining about the price hike, many stating they were Subscribe and Save customers who subscribe when the product was 8 dollars and had been charged double or triple on subsequent orders. Originally I though the seller must of exploited the system and hiked the prices, however another review pointed out all of these order were fulfilled and shipped by amazon. This isn’t a bad seller screwing people over, this is Amazon itself screwing its’ repeat customers over. The reviewers point about it being Amazon gouging people, garnered more proof for me when I attempted to update my review of this item to point out the dangers of the “Subscribe and Save” feature  and warn people against subscribing. My review was never updated or posted.  I looked at another everyday item I purchased in the past few months, a 150 oz bottle of laundry detergent. I purchased this item at $7 , it was now listed at $21 (3x the original cost). I tried to post a review warning people the price has tripled and not to subscribe, and that review was also never posted. Amazon filtered my reviews because they warned about their  “Subscribe and Save” scam. I also note no reviews on the detergent complaining of the price hike as amazon must of deleted them. I’m sure the reviews complaining of the price hike and “Subscribe and Save” scam on the kitty litter will also be delete soon. It's important to note it is not that the prices of these commodities suddenly spiked in the market place either. I googled both these items and found them for their original respective prices at many places like Walmart and Target. This is an Amazon scam, since Amazon would not let me post the warning against their “Subscribe and Save” scam in the reviews, I’m posting it here. Bottom line: DO NOT “Subscribe and Save.” It may save you a buck in the beginning, but it will cost you way more in the long run. Just purchase your items as you need them and stay in control of your money. 
Entity: Internet
58, Report #1358244
Feb 25 2017
10:37 AM Does not deliver as promissed Internet
Amazon promissed delivery of a Brothers printer.  This arrived minus parts.  Called and they said they would pick-up and replace.  They had delivered the first one on UPS and had UPS pick up.  They stated the replacement would arrive by 3PM. Around 2:30PM they stated we would have it before 8PM.  After this we called and they stated it would be delived shortly.  After 9PM we called and they stated that a delivery was made in Phoenix.  We are located over 100 miles away.  They stated delivery would be made tomorrow.  I need this to send my customers' invoices.  Ended up going elsewhere to purchase printer.  They are not customer friendly and I will never consider them as a source they are not reliable.  
Entity: Internet
59, Report #1340844
Dec 01 2016
11:59 AM
Order a tv from AMAZOM.COM which was to be a 120 refresh rate instead they sent me a 60 and refuse to make write. They used the BAIT AND SWITCH . I have the box and order form and they just told me tough luck!
Entity: Nationwide
60, Report #1364669
Mar 29 2017
09:32 AM
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #1017599
Feb 20 2013
04:53 PM Gift Card Dept. sells fraudulent gift cards. Internet
I received an $50 gift card from my daughter on December 25th.  She purchased it online on 12/18/2012. On 2/4/2013, I scratched off the cover off the gift card claim code in order to use the value of the card.  Upon entering my claim code on Amazon's site, it was stated  that the card value had already been redeemed by a person not known to our family.  I immediately called Amazon's Customer Service. The representative took all of the pertinent information and said that she must forward it to the Gift Card Department and I would hear from them soon. Three additional lengthy phone conversations and two weeks later,  Amazon has done nothing to resolve the situation.  The Gift Card Department insists that it must talk to the purchaser of the card, even though they received all of the purchase data (date of purchase, order number and purchaser's name).  There has been no meaningful attempt to replace the gift card or find out why it was redeemed by another individual whose name and account information is known to them. In my opinion, this is a blatant rip-off and fraudulent business transaction done by   
Entity: Internet, Internet
62, Report #953165
Oct 10 2012
04:21 AM Warehouse Deals, Inc Warehouse Deals, Inc Amazon Fraud Alert! Warehouse Deals, Inc is a fraudulent Internet co. created by Hebron, Kentucky SCAM - DO NOT BUY FROM Warehouse Deals, Inc. on amazon.comPurchased item from Warehouse Deals, Inc via Amazon.con website. After receiving the wrong item, I called Amazon.con customer service. Amazon representative in India was making his best attempt to tell me that he can not replace the item. Also he said Amazon.con is not affiliated with Warehouse Deals, Inc.This is not true. Amazon.con owns Warehouse Deal, inc. and the domain name. I did a WHOIS look up on and it is registered to, when the call center boy in India says is not affiliated with Warehouse Deals, Inc and they connot send me the correct item as advertised, this is a owns Warehouse Deals, Inc. therefore they are the ones who posted the fraudulent ad on their own website. They should have made this right by sending me the correct item. They control the commerce on their website.
Entity: Hebron, Kentucky
63, Report #171744
Jan 14 2006
09:57 AM Fraud never paid me, No email, no phone Internet
I started selling on for extra money inbetween jobs. I sold all mys tuff to the sum of around $250.00 and when I went to transfer funds I got an email saying that I was under a merchant approval program where my funds would be held for 30 days. Well now after 30 days I have been getting more and more pissed everyday. I emailed many times to no avail. Today I got a message saying your account has been closed and my funds will be on a hold for 90 days. So im out the money for 120 days because why??? When I called the customer service they said that the merchant approval side doesnt have a phone number only email. hmm thats odd I thought was up on that good customer service thing. I just want my money amazon got theres and I want mine. Adam Champlin, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
64, Report #121606
Dec 06 2004
11:19 PM
I AM OUTRAGED. I ordered 2 ninetendo ds systems for my kids for Christmas. I placed these orders on 11/21/04, They said delivery date would be 11/30/04. They not only never shipped these items!!!!, but now they are telling me that they don't know if these orders will be filled. And to add insult to injury they are still taking orders for these with Christmas delivery but now they are charging twice as much money!!! This is bait and switch. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM IF YOU WANT YOUR ITEMS FOR CHRISTMAS.!!!!! They have really screwed up my kids Christmas. CAROLE CHARLOTTE, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: NEW YORK, New York
65, Report #264124
Jul 30 2007
10:49 AM - Babies-R-Us Wrong product Rip Off Internet
This reply is most advice for future orders, because they ripped you off good. Next time pay with a debit card or credit card, then if you have a problem with the company as you did. You could go to the credit card company or bank card and get a FULL REFUND the right way. If you have a problem paying with your debit card as you did, have patience look carefully at the card number you put in and go online and make sure you have the money in the bank to clear the transaction. If you use a credit card, when you have problems the bank will protect you. D HOUSTON, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
66, Report #343028
Jun 22 2008
10:24 PM
AMAZON.COM AMAZON unfair to their sellers and downright allow theft Seattle Washington
Hello, I was a seller on, i sold a few products, then one day out of nowhere i got an email stating my account was under review, and that my funds would be held for 45 days, when i signed up they said only 14 days, so when i emailed them about this alliance emailed me back and said my account was BLOCKED and i can't sell on there again, and that they would hold my funds for 90 days $2200, i had already shipped out my inventory and everything and they did this! I tried to find a phone number to contact them but there is NO PHONE NUMBER for Alliance with Amazon, you can only email them and you just get automated BS responces from them with no explanation! So finally i just gave up and decided i would wait the 90 days! About 2 weeks later a buyer contacted me and told me he has not recieved his set yet, but i had shipped it priority mail with tracking, and checked online and it said delivered!! I emailed this to the seller, and he told me he lived in an Apartment complex and maybe the set was stolen (HOW IS THIS MY FAULT) i told him i was sorry for him and i was willing to refund him part of the money he paid for the set (when your funds are held by Amazon you can use the refund button and refund people) He did not reply but filed an A-Z claim against me with Amazon saying he didn't recieve the set, I emailed Amazon the tracking info and they still simply refunded him the entire amount, This customer probably got the set and knew how their A-Z process works, its a liscense to steal! you can order anything from a seller and you have 90 days to file a claim and 95% of the time Amazon will refund the buyer and NOT REQUIRE THE BUYER TO SHIP THE PRODUCT BACK!!! This is blatent theft! So, Amazon holds my money for 90 days and they make interest on it then later on the are giving my money away! AND STILL NO EXPLANATION And NO CONTACT!! Stay away from Amazon or be very careful when selling for those sharks!! PS: I found out how to get back on the site and i am selling on there again, ofcourse under a different name, So AMAZON DON'T THINK YOU CAN BAN SOMEONE FOR LIFE!! If you have been banned from Ebay or Amazon THERE ARE WAYS TO GET BACK ON!!! SCREW YOU AMAZON!@ Jason_s scottsdale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
67, Report #357472
Jul 30 2008
02:43 PM stealing money and treating sellers like craps!! Internet
I'm a seller on amazon for many years now, until recently I closed all my listings and took my business elsewhere. A buyer complaint about not receiving his item and filed a chargeback with his credit card company, of course amazon always hold sellers money (they also never fail to suck commissions from all sellers out of every sales) and refunded the buyer (no question ask) in this kind of situation. Although I provided the tracking and showed it was delivered a month ago, greedy dishonest buyers can lie about anything and get away with everything since amazon supported many thieves and liars with their A-Z buyers satisfaction guarantee and protection. Under this A-Z, basically sellers have no rights whatsoever, and buyers can say and get away w/ everything, they can also give you negative feedbacks to ruin your business/reputation and as a seller you cant give neg. feed or do anything about it. It doesn't really matter what sellers do or say, or the fact you ship it out, or if you provided the tracking or follow amazon's selling guidelines etc. as long as the buyers dissatisfied, they can KEEP the item AND get their money back the same time, NO need to ship it back to sellers. And if you complain to amazon about chargebacks, they'll just ignore you as if you're not even exists, sometimes they'll send you automated email w/ BS messages just trying to keep you wait and quite for a while. I read hundreds of sellers complaining about amazon holding/stolen their money, being unfair and treating their sellers like dirt etc. but I wonder if many of them are brave and angry enough to take actions and file lawsuits against amazon. They certainly keep stealing money and treating their sellers like craps, even now, maybe if more people give them problems and sue them, then theyll start paying more attention and treating their sellers better!!! Angry seller Chino Hill, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
68, Report #223671
Dec 04 2006
11:04 AM ripoff False advertsing Bait and switch Advertising Seattle Washington
On December 4th, I ran a price comparison search for a Panini Maker on My intent was to purchase the gift for my wife for Christmas as many millions of Americans do this time of year. I came to a final decision that I was interested in the Cuisinart GR4 Panini Maker found at 13 stores/merchants. I proceeded to the comparison and claimed that they had the product in Stock for a price of $99.95, with no sales tax and free shipping. First Search Second Search When I was directed to the, I learned that free shipping was far from the truth. Utilizing a bait and switch tactic they directed me to one of their vendors who was trying to sell the product for $99.95 as claimed and proceeded to a shipping & handling charge of $40.85. $140.80 is a far cry from $99.95 advertised on your site. Extremely upset, I called's customer service line and was directed to New Deli India. The customer service representative and his supervisor Sumnit S. Area Manager for customer service did not have the authority to resolve my complaint. Their answer was for me to buy the item for $129 as listed on their site with no shipping charges. I am proceeding to file my complaint with the and the Better Business Bureau to warn other retail consumers of Amazon's deceptive retail trade and advertising practices. I am personally shocked that a company with such an image and reputation as would stoop so low to advertise with such unethical advertising practices. The last time I checked, false advertising is against the law, especially bait and switch advertising. It would be interesting to see if a law firm would like to take on a class action law suit with Maybe I will get a few calls after I share my story. A concerned consumer! Jim ****** ((( ROR REDACTED LAST NAME FOR SECURITY PURPOSES ))) Jim Bedford, TexasU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
69, Report #64584
Jul 24 2003
01:57 PM Gift Certificate Rip Off My Experience Internet
This is my experience with Amazon Gift Certificates and I know for a fact that this has happened to many others. In 2002 I was give a $ 50.00 gift certificate for Christmas. I wanted to use the money for something I really wanted. I needed a new photo editing software. Micrografx picture publisher was offered on the Web Site of Amazon and I was thrilled to be able to get this and use my gift certificate. 3 months went by and when I finally found a phone number to call about the order I was told that it was not available. After waiting all that time I had to order it from Yahoo sales and received it right away. Well again I still had a gift certificate that I had to use and I needed a new sweeper. I order a Bissell and was very thrilled that it did arrive to my house ok. I was very pleased until I turned it on to use it and it caught on fire. It had to be repackaged and returned as defective. Well I still had a gift certificate to use and I was doing genealogy research on Native Americans so I decided to use my gift certificate to order books (How could they miss on this). The books I wanted came to over 100.00 and when I tried to use my 50.00 gift certificate it had disappeared in my account. Could not find a telephone number this time to call about it so I did send an email and I was told it had expired. Well I did have another gift certificte of 35.00 sent to me by my brother that was only 2 months old. I ordered a 35.00 book on April 29, 2003 using that gift certificate. Well guess what, that order has been delayed 3 times and finally cancelled by Amazon. I suppose that they delay orders on gift certificates and send defective products so that they can collect the gift certificate money. I will tell my brother please no Amazon gift certificates. The book I ordered I could get at my local bookstore and walk out with it the same day. Bad Business Amazon!!!!! Peggy Springfield, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
70, Report #301239
Jan 18 2008
10:32 AM - Amazon is a market place ripoff Internet
I hope someone can help. I started selling on Amazon on Dec 8th 2007 for some extra money. I read about amazon that they would hold funds for 14 days and after that it would be released. I started on dec 8th and on Dec 10th I received a email from merchant approval that they need to hold funds up to 30 days because Im a new seller and to make Amazon a better and safer market place. That was hard because xmas was in a couple of days and I had to ship packages with my own money and buy xmas gifts for my kids when times are hard now. I waited for the whole 30 days and finally on Jan 8th they look the block off and I could start receiving my money. On Jan 16th I received an email from amazon merchant account again and stated that they was going to hold funds for 30 days. I received this same letter the first time I started selling so i had to think this is some sort of mistake. so I emailed them and they emailed me with a automated response and stated hold of funds for up to 45 days. So now I am confused. I am not a new seller. i have 100% feedback rating. So I emailed then again and asked if this is 45 days from when I started on amazon from Dec 8th or this is another extra 45 days from present day. i havent gotten any emails yet from them. I cannot afford to ship out any more items with my own money and have to wait over a month. I dont get Amazon at all. I just feel that they are unfair and they dont give direct answers. I have over 500 dollars in my account that they are holding and I need this for school. The same email they wrote me the first time is the same email I received the scecond time about being new. I dont know if this is a mistake or they doing this to find something out which i have no clue of what. In the email to them they wanted to know what other ways im selling online and my pyscial inventory. I dont get this extra delay in my funds. Amazon been a headache from the start and I cannot lose merchandise and money this time. I waited the 30 days and I started receiving my money and within 8 days they hold me again. Can someone help me on this matter so I can get this resolved. Yen flushing, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
71, Report #186894
Apr 16 2006
12:28 PM No Delivery or the Rubbermaid Streach Seattle Washington
A outside storage shead was ordered from on March 25, 2006. Amazon said it shipped on March 27, 2006 as scheduled. Estimated delivery was March 29 to March 30, 2006. My credit card was billed for the full cost including a $50.00 charge for shipping. My order has not arrived. I contacted Amazon repeately and finally requested they cancel my order. They have refused to refund my purchase charges. Amazon claims that their shipper in Phoenix, ABF Freightways has my order. This is probably a Teamster Union organization who conviently lost the order when it fell off the truck. However; Amazon says that the order will be returned to them and I will be charged $211.60 for shipping the order back to them. That's $211.60 to return an order that was never delivered in the first place. This is not only a Rip-Off, it is attempted fraud on the part of and ABF Freightways. Paul Prescott Valley, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
72, Report #147619
Jun 27 2005
07:02 AM, outrageous shipping offsets discount prices Internet
Consumers beware! I ordered several toys from for this upcoming Christmas. I've done this for several years, so didn't read through my invoice carefully (my bad!). When I checked my checking account for charges, I realized that I paid nearly as much for shipping as I did for the toys, and that they were all being shipped out seperately (including duplicates that I had ordered for nieces and nephews), which means that I was charged even more! I purchased $108.00 in toys, and was charged $80.00 in shipping charges. I've shopped in this manner (internet) for several years, since with 6 children under the age of 12, it's often more convenient, and I've always gotten better prices. However, given the new shipping policy, I would have been farther ahead to hire the babysitter, driven 45 miles to the mall, went shopping and even gotten lunch! Don't waste your time on this year if you're trying to make your money stretch, because while they have some wonderful prices on toys, they more than make up the savings with their shipping. (total 13 toys, being sent in 6 shipments, with eight seperate charges to my account). Guess you just can't trust anyone these days....... Lori Kalkaska, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
73, Report #324436
Apr 07 2008
09:49 PM Bait and switch not in stock scam Seatle Washington
I searched the net for Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom the best price I got was $229.95 from so I naturally placed the order, received a confirmation and thought I was going to get my order in a few days. Well the next day I received this email: Greetings from, We're sorry, but the following order from Ace Photo Digital has been canceled because the items you purchased were out of stock. Please return and attempt to purchase again at a later time. We apologize for any inconvenience. ================================================== ORDER DETAILS ================================================== 1 of Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom Your credit card was not charged for the order. To view your transaction status online, please visit: Thank you for shopping at well as you can see is claiming that the vendor Ace Photo Digital does not have the camera in stock, what I did was go to and searched for the same item, they had it in stock, then proceeded to check out, now granted the price was $399.00 almost $200 more than it was on I printed the page where I had to pay the $399.00 price it's on PDF I have proof that this is a bait and switch scam and I cant believe a company like is willing to take a big risk and opening themselves up to a big class action suit. It is illegal to advertise something at a price then offer a higher price, it's called bait and switch Gary Pacoima, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
74, Report #326443
Apr 16 2008
07:17 AM Sorry our rep. lied to you...but tough cookies. Internet
I made a purchase last year at, the check was mailed, but an unexpected medical expense came up. The medical costs wiped out my checking account, to the point where I could not even afford the stop payment fee. So I called and explained the situation. I asked their customer service representative what the policy was and if there were anything I could do to prevent the overdraft from occuring. He looked up my information and infromed me that he could see on his computer that I had cancelled the order and that since I cancelled before the check was recieved it would be held until I placed another order. I was so nervous about overdrawing that I asked him twice more. So you're certain that the check will NOT be cashed until I order something else? He assured me, adamantly, that this was the case. The following week Amazon did, of course, attempt to cash the check. Twice. Resulting in overdraft fees in excess of one-hundred dollars. When you're on a fixed income $100 may as well be $1,000. I tried to work it out with them, and when that failed I contacted the Better Business Bureau. I spent an additional $30 repeatedly faxing the same infromation to the same number. Five months later informed me that they had no such hold policy and that they were sorry for the misunderstanding. If I were to walk into any department store and be mislead by one of their staff the store would attempt to 'make things right' I worked for over two decades in such jobs. I find it reprehensible that is unaccountable for the assurances made by their staff. If you have an issue with which an associate of theirs assures YOU will be handled appropriately/resolved. I urge you to demand this in writing, and get a name and employee number. I had a name, a date, and a time for the call in my case, and they were never even asked for. I had to agressively keep the communication open and insist on giving the information to I find it doubtful that this information was even noted. Ruth Indiana, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
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Mar 05 2008
03:46 PM Sells refurbished/ USED products as NEW Seattle Washington
Purchased Sony Playstation 3 for kids gift DIRECT from Amazon LLC. Please note that this was a DIRECT order from Amazon, NOT a reseller on Amazon. Charged my card $403, item delivered a week or so later from Amazon's Fernley, Nevada Distribution Center. PS-3's come from Sony with a one year guarantee and can easily be replaced by Sony if item is NEW. In my case, PS-3 quit after 2 months of use. Contacted Sony (USA) who informed that by using serial number on unit, that I had received a USED or REFURBISHED PS-3. Not a NEW one as advertised and shown on Amazon. Amazon denies everything (even after talking to Sony rep.). But the proof is quite clear as their is no warranty decal on hard drive door. Amazon, after many phone calls only wants to refund $140.00 I USED to trust Amazon, but not after this. Item was listed as NEW, not used or refurbished.... Amazon's customer service is overseas and they do not do anything for you. Avoid... Blair Hesperia, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington

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