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1, Report #1244633
Jul 27 2015
02:27 PM
Area Publications Magazine scam Balsam Lake Wisconsin
I ordered 4 magazines from Area Publiactions.  Instead of sending me 4 magazines they are sending me over 2 dozen magazines that I do not want nor read.  Now they are tryting to charge me $1288.80 for all the magazines they continue to send me.  I have contacted their office but, no one answers.  I can only leave a message but, they never return my call.  I will not pay them any money until this matter is corrected.  now they are threating me to take me to collections.  
Entity: Balsam Lake, Wisconsin
2, Report #215439
Oct 12 2006
01:21 PM
Area Circulation Premiere Publications ripoff scam using major credit cards companies names Virginia Beach Virginia
This is a SCAM! Just received a phone call from this number, guy named CHAD, saying this was my lucky day, and as a VISA/AMEX/ MASTERCARD user I was eligible for the big prise... After I confirmed that I had one amex, he said that I had won USD 1.000,00 for a shopping 4 magazines subscription... Nice magazines such as cosmopolitan, better homes and gardens, oprah, or any of his 250+ list... All that I had to do is pay for the TV guide for 2.99 per week. It sounded very good, for the $1.000,00 gift certificate plus 5 magazines delivered to my door... but then the guy told me I had to stick to the plan for 60 (60!!!!) months, and pay according to their payment plans... I asked how would that work, he told me to be able to see the payment options that my credit card carrier had given me, he needed my credit card number,expiration date and verification number... Before telling me exactly how much and how many times I would have to pay. I don't know how they got my cell number and my address, I am really new here, and my english is not the most perfect one, what I believe made the guy very happy, because he started saying a lot of things pretty fast and in the end asking am i being clear?... Of course he wasn't, and that was his goal. Anyway, I thought everything very, very weird and told him I did not have my amex here with me. He then told me I could use any other credit card... I didn't understand as he said all the time that AMEX was going to pay for the shopping certificate and the magazines subscription... So I asked if I could talk to my husband and call back, he started being even nicer and call me honey, sweetheart, I think to make me believe he was my big, big friend... Then I asked his company name, just to tell my husband when it appeared on the credit card statement, while I told him I was getting my visa... With he still on the line I searched on the inetrnet and found that many pepople had payed over $ 700.00 for them, that that's impossible to cancel the plan, that the website that you receive to redeem your coupon just has creepy cheap stuff... Avoid at any cost talking to these people, they're very good at what they do, trying to convince you... In the end, when I told him I wasn't interested anymore (cause I read on the web, and I think he realized, because he didn't stop talking and I was answering yes/no/aham), he was rude and told me You are giving away a very nice oportunity, my business is serious, that how I support my family for 15 years and hang up on me. I was relieved that I didn't have to hang up on him! Maria New York, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
3, Report #1141488
Apr 24 2014
06:16 PM
Area Publications Inc. claimed violation of agreement. Order no. 10098802. Threatened fees. I sent check for $199.00 Arden Hills Minnesota
 I was contacted by the company to renew magazine subscriptons.  I was told my subscriptions were running out.  I may hve renewed a couple.   I used a credit card to have monthly payments.  Soon I began to receive unwanted magazines that I had never ordered and did not want. I contacted my credit card and cancelled the payments.  Then I received a bill from Area Publicatons regarding Violation of Agreement.  The amount was for a past due amount of $98.80.  My son wrote a letter to the company demanding cancellation of the magazines and a refund.  I then had a phone call from the company and wa told that if I didn't send a check covering the current charges of $199, I would be contacted by a collection agency and this would affect my credit rating.  I then sent a check for the $199.  I have tried calling the listed number and the call doesn't go through.
Entity: Arden Hills, Minnesota
4, Report #1260670
Oct 11 2015
07:03 PM
Area Publications Taking Money out of my account without my permission and selling magazines I do not want Arden Hills Minnesota
I have been having unwanted magazine subscriptions sent to me from different Magazine publications and than the Area Publications company would take money out of my account for $ 49.90 each month. Area Publications has called me once before a few months ago and told me that they recognize that these Magazine Publication companies were sending magazines to me, and that they would have them stop sending me these magazines and close my account. Area Publications has reopened my account since the last time they called me with out my knowledge and taken money out of my account again and the different Magazine Publication companies continue to send me their magazines that I do not want. It is a waste of paper and my money and I would like to have my account with Area Publications closed permanently and the Magazine Publication companies stop sending me thier magazines immediatly. I would like to have a Lawyer look into this matter and contact me as soon as he or she sees this problem. Thank you for your time in this matter and I hope this gets resovled soon.  
Entity: Arden Hills, Minnesota
5, Report #1403291
Sep 30 2017
09:35 AM
Area Publications Just rec’d a call from collection agency. Said I owe over 1K when I paid off the balance a few months ago. Arden Hills Minnesota
 About 2 years ago I started receiving multiple magazine subscriptions that I did not recall ordering. I finally figured out that I had somehow been scammed into paying a monthly fee for all of these magazines that went right into the recycling bin. This past Spring, we were getting ready to PCS (we are a military family), when I got a call to extend. I wanted to cancel. The person I spoke to gave me an amount owed, and I paid it with a credit/debit card. This morning, I received a phone call from a collection agency and was told that I owed over $1,000 To this company. First I had any inclination at all that there was an issue. The only thing I can think of, is that this is just a scam to get more money out of me.
Entity: Arden Hills, Minnesota
6, Report #99545
Jul 19 2004
09:26 AM
KCPT Publications rip-off! Vista California
I am also a victim of this vicious person(s). I hope the law catches them and they suffer. I hope enough people read this and no one gets ripped off any more. Terra Oneill, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Vista, California
7, Report #35453
Nov 17 2002
10:30 PM
Lakeside Publications ripoff Troy Michigan
On 7/16/02, I enrolled in group 5 of this letter I received from Lakeside Publications, I sent a check for $159.00 in hopes of receiving what I paid for. I called and left messages at this business with no reply. I asked for my supplies or my money back. No one ever called me. Sincerely Paula Ingram Paula Catawba, South Carolina
Entity: Troy, Michigan
8, Report #965880
Nov 07 2012
10:00 AM
worldwide publications scammers-rip offs Internet
I also sent money to hazelpeppergood for the company reports and i recieved them but when i sent a money order to worldwide publications they took it and gave me nothing in return.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #274114
Sep 11 2007
10:01 PM
Progressive Business Publications - Business 21 Publications Sends invoices for goods not ordered then threatens collections. Malvern Pennsylvania
Progressive Business Publications has tried the same scam on my company several times. A sales person calls an unwitting office employee and under the guise of a survey (part of that survey includes obtaining their date of birth) gets them to agree to a free newsletter. Once the worthless and unwanted newsletters are sent an invoice for $399 follows. If you try to contest the invoice they will offer the employees DOB as proof the newsletters were ordered. They will also say you missed the 30 day cancellation window and offer to settle for half or the prorated portion of newsletters mailed. If you refuse to pay they will threaten to send you to collections. This company is a joke and has tried this same thing several times. Field employees who feel threatened and are afraid of being sent to a collections agency will often approve the invoice to get them to stop calling. The last time they called a collector tried to personally threaten the credit of one employee if she didnt pay from her own pocket, because her name was on the bill. My best suggestion is to contact them IN WRITING. They will try and respond on the phone, but insist on everything in writing. They will immediately drop it once you start talking about US Postmaster, PA State Attorney General and Better Business Bureau. Also, beware several former employees of Progressive Business Publication has started a new company called Business 21 Publications. The new company, while seemingly more legitimate, tried the same old tired routine to extort money from one of our employees. Livermorebrian Naperville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Malvern, Pennsylvania
10, Report #178007
Feb 24 2006
09:48 PM
Blue Whale Publications ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I received a call on 2/24/06, from a lady asking to verify my cc#, which I didn't so she insisted I ordered magazines, which I didn't and I told her I didn't want anything. So after several minutes on the phone with her she said no matter what I had to pay the bill in full since I ordered these magazines, which I didn't confim any order. Now she says that I will owe $900+/- in order to get our of this subscription. I put myself on the DoNotCallRegistry. And filed several complaints. Mario Saenz Pharr, TX Mario Pharr, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
11, Report #194385
Jun 01 2006
11:48 PM
Hbg Publications ripoff Diamond Bar California
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
12, Report #213609
Sep 30 2006
08:41 PM
KGLA Publications ripoff Canton Georgia
I recieved a letter last April 2006. Telling me my son was nominated for Who's Who Among Outstanding Middle School Students. I have not heard anything since then. I would advise everyone not to try to buy the book. Now I am wondering what is bieng done with my son's personal information I entered. I did this because Who's Who among High School Students is widely recognised. I thought this was the same thing except for middle school. What a shame to try to get money out of parents whos children work hard and achieve honors, then they scam you into this. What a joke. Jeanine Weaverville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Canton, Georgia
13, Report #105491
Aug 26 2004
05:59 AM
Mnc Publications dishonest Champlain New York
we own a small business in maine and i take care of the affairs of the office. one morning before i arrived at work, mnc publications phoned our office and my husband answered. the guy on the other end told my husband i had ordered the list of nationwide businesses the year before, which i hadn't, so my husband agreed to have the new one sent. when i saw the disk on my desk and an invoice for over $400.00, i took the unopened disc to the post office and sent it back all insured, but the package was refused on the other end. Michelle hampden, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
14, Report #106922
Sep 03 2004
07:26 PM
KCPT Publications ripoff scam users Vista California
I have recieved the at home business letter today to stuff envelopes. Unfortunately, I have mailed my $20 today.(Trying to find my money order receipt to call and cancel) I have 5 kids and cannot afford to just hand out money! Please to anyone else who receives this letter throw it in the trash!!!!!!! I was also curious to the previous complaints as to where their return address sticker says on the envelope? Mine is as follows:Kele Ding Idah State University Reed Gym 105 Bx 8109 Pocatello, ID Is this an individual who was scammed as well or somebody in on the joke? Leaetta 64735, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Vista, California
15, Report #121648
Dec 07 2004
09:21 AM
MNC Publications Relentless Criminals Ripoff TMR Quebec Canada
MNC Publications is the most aggressive of these scam companies I have encountered. Their tactics are the same as everyone else: tell you they are renewing a previous listing, record your conversation, trick you into saying yes to authorising the shipment/purchase (which means you are requesting their service) and then harassing you to pay the invoice, threatening collections and to call your CEO personally. They have tried all of this with our company. Fortunately, we have little tolerance of this type of behaviour. I filed a report with the Canadian Competition Bureau, and with RECOL (Reporting Economic Crime On-Line) which goes directly to the RCMP. MNC is now under investigation, and should not be around much longer. They cannot force you to pay anything, as their business practices are illegal. Jordan from MNC (earlier article) - I hope you are looking for another job. The company that you are defending is in a lot of trouble, and you will be personally liable for lies that you tell and the general misleading of consumers. There are lawsuit all over the States against companies just like yours, and Canada is following suit. This website has been very helpful for me, and has been a great resource for our company to research other scam companies. We have saved a lot of money and time because of the information contained here. Thank you to everyone for their contribution. May MNC die quickly and painfully. Kirstyn Calgary, AlbertaCanada
Entity: TMR, Quebec
16, Report #121405
Dec 05 2004
11:26 PM
KCPT Publications work at home ripoff Vista, California
This one sounded real and I bit on the scam. If I didn't need home based work so bad I would never have fallen for this before I sent for it with out checking it out. I think something should be done about money scams. If I can help without embrassing my family please let me know. Beverly Boonville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #120646
Dec 01 2004
12:18 PM
I was foolish enough to send a money order to this company so i just lost. Really feel stupid now. It cost me $29.00 but was a lesson well learned. Now i try to check all such offers out on the internet. If they have no phone # or if i don't find info on internet i don't bother. Mary glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
18, Report #163913
Nov 09 2005
10:53 AM
HBG Publications ripoff Diamond Bar California
I wish I would have checked this website BEFORE I sent my money. I thought I did all of the right things in order to not get ripped off. I even called their number and left a message. I sent in my $40 and hoped to make enough money to help pay some bills. I can't believe I fell for such a stupid scam. I will NEVER do anything like this again. One tip - NEVER send a money order or cash, there is no way to recoop your money!!! HopelesslyTrustingNOMORE Lyndhurst, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
19, Report #156715
Sep 11 2005
04:25 PM
Coastal Publications RIPOFF SCAMERS! Ormond Beach Florida
I signed up for this work at home making as much money as you want to ad. which had a fee of $35.00 to sign up. When I recieved the sign up form, I made sure I read all the info. given to me. I mean I read and read and made sure I understood it very carefully. After sending in a money order and my sign up form I recieved more info. about this work at home job. After reading these papers, it FAILED to mention in the sign up form that I would have to purchase ads in order to recieve money. In my efforts to send them a letter in which I asked them why I had to purchase ads, when all I did and made SURE i signed up for was just to stuff there ads. In which I knew I had to send them envelopes, but thats after i placed my ads (in which it was NEVER stated in the sign up form!!!} and people replied back to them.... I believe this was a SCAM!!!! Please help me get my sign up fee of $35 back, in which i know i CAN get back people have told me they have got there's back for the Better Buro!!! ( but not sure of how to do it tho'} Kerrie Alba, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Ormond Beach, Florida
20, Report #139593
Apr 20 2005
02:29 PM
Raxman Publications ripoff Champlain New York
received a bill for 388.00, no one at our business ordered anything from them. unable to contact them only get a recorder when called. Allan Morrilton, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
21, Report #168110
Dec 16 2005
06:04 AM
HGB Publications almost ripoff Diamond Bar California
I too was also almost rippedoff by this company. I decided to check it out befor I went ahead and sent them the $40 and these reports are what I found. I ultimately decided not to send the money and look for a reputable company before I sent any money to any one. Dana merritt, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Diamond Bar, California
22, Report #310549
Feb 20 2008
03:02 PM
Progressive Business Publications Newsletter Scam Malvern Pennsylvania
Progressive Business Publications is a scam artist company. I work for a non-profit agency and apparently PBP called and spoke with our grants writer. They obtained her DOB with a free trial offer to a fund raising newsletter. However, our organization never received any confirmation email or letter documenting that we agreed to a free trial offer. This was last year in July that we received a free August issue of their newsletter. We received what looked like an invoice from them in October stating that we owed them $240 dollars for their newsletter. Assuming this was like all the other JUNK offers our organization receives in the mail we ignored the offer. This year we received a letter from the collection agency that PBP works with stating that our account was past due for five months and that we owed $240 dollars. Seeing as how we NEVER, EVER ordered anything from PBP we are fighting this ridicules and fraudulent charge. We did some research on this company and have found that we are not the only organizations out there that have been sucked into PBP's scam. I hope that others see this and become aware that there are companies out there that will do anything and I mean ANYTHING to make money. Be careful who you talk to over the phone and be aware that NOTHING is free. Shelly Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Malvern, Pennsylvania
23, Report #51865
Apr 07 2003
08:40 AM
Research Publications ripoff business from hell Cedar Park, Texas
I took a stuff envelopes job at home. Well, for $30.00 they sent me a pink piece of paper telling me how I could make $3.00 from each person. I had to get people to send me their name with $3 in cash. Well on that Pink paper there was no address to send it to or anything. The company also said they would send me the stuff to send to the people, and then they would pay me .25 cents for every envelope that I sent to the people and I could keep their three dollars. It is a scam don't do it. Bryan, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Cedar Park, Texas
24, Report #101447
Jul 30 2004
06:30 PM
Kcpt Publications ripoff Vista California
MY husband and I recieved this offer in the mail saying how we can make $800.00 dollars or more a week stuffing envelopes from home We thought this would be a great opportunity since my husband is disabled we sent out a 20.00 dollar money order that was for a rush delivery that would come in 3-5 days instead it came a week and a half later. The material finally arrives there wasnt any envelopes or stamps affixed to the enevlopes nor mailing labels already printed on the envelopes. Just a bunch of sales letters that had to be copied we had to buy stamps and envelopes and spent money also on copying the letters. This was a big ripp off because in there letter orginally said All envelopes will be sent to you with the addresses already typed on and postage stamps already affixed the only thing that came was 120 name and address labels and directions what you should do with them. My husband who is on a limited income because of his disablity spent money on copying the letters and the stamps and envelopes we feel very victimized by this we feel no one should be victimized by this company. Sincerly, Loraine SHICKSHINNY, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Vista, California
25, Report #92700
May 24 2004
08:41 AM
Pro Business Publications fraudster Edinburgh Other
The quality of this CD-ROM is beyond the pale: you get more information for 1.99 if you buy a Health & Safety book at WH Smith. Actually, you get better quality info. free of charge from the HSE. I promptly returned this worthless CD after I received an invoice; this does not prevent this firm from chasing you. In the end you realise that they are a firm of debt collectors, with no interest in providing a good service. Belinda CarlisleUnited Kingdom
Entity: Edinburgh, Other

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