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26, Report #1276799
Dec 29 2015
11:18 AM
Relocation Realty Relocation Realty Inc. Relocation Realty Ruined My Credit F***ed me over Roswell Georgia
I signed a lease with Relocation Realty in August 2012. I paid $3,150.00, first, last and security deposit. Unfortunately, a month later I lost my job, in September 2012. I subleased the home. They were screened by Relocation Realty, credit check and everything. The financial responsibilty was given to the new tenants, or so I thought. I moved out of the home in November when the new tenants took over possession of the property. Apparently, the tenants destroyed the house, damages, didn't pay rent, etc. RRI tried to evict them and the tenants tried to pay the rent due and RRI refused because they wanted the extra $900 or something. All the while they are saying I AM RESPONSIBLE for the monies owed even though I haven't lived in the home in months. They went to court, the Judge awarded RRI and issued a Judgment against the tenant. There is NO Judgment against me HOWEVER Equifax has decided to report a (Satisfied/Released) Judgment in the amount of 1 months rent & penalty on my credit. I have been disputing it now for over a year. The other 2 bureau's are not reporting the Judgment because it does NOT exist. I contacted the court and confirmed with the clerk that the Judge never issued any Judgment against me, in any amount, ever. Relocation Realty Inc screwed me over when they decided not to help me out by letting me sublease the house. I understand that it's not there fault I lost my job but I did my part in finding new tenants, they went through process of screening them. I feel that I was ripped off by them because they have put the tenants damages bill to the of $5,300 on my credit as a collections debt to be paid and after much debate, they refuse to remove it. They are scammers. They don't care that I didn't live there, that I am not responsible for the damages, that I am not responsible for anything that they are falsely accusing me of. If you have an option of where to lease, do NOT lease anything from Relocation Realty Inc, they are a rip-off!
Entity: Roswell, Georgia
27, Report #1284374
Feb 16 2016
02:00 PM
Kings Realty kings realty kings realty propoerty manager Brandon Florida
Oh wow cant beleive I not check on these crazy persons before our family and me rented our place. It easy to see how insane people feel when they have employees of king realty making there lives so tough. to be safe I always pay the rents with money order from a bank, not a cheap one, but from a real bank like Bank of America. 3 months in a row i'm told I know pay my rent on time or at all. One day a guy show up from the company or says he is from company, and says i need to move becuase rent not paid. My son is smart and tricky and when he heard this guy making me threats he goes to his truck and take picture of license plate. he also seen his wallet on the seat and took picture of his drivers lincense because he is yelling at me so loud. The guy name is Peter C Edwards Florida drivers license number (((REDACTED)))and he lives in tampa florida. why doesnt they try and have a good business and friendly manners to people living their? no one lives for free we pay and people talk nad yell to me late at night and on sunday when people can here them that we dont pay our rent when we do always pay it. 
Entity: Brandon, Florida
28, Report #1225138
Apr 27 2015
11:17 AM
Golden Realty realty trulia scam renting moving golden realty too goo to be true nationwide Internet
I have been using Trulia on my housing search and came across a scam.At first I thought it was just a scam on Trulia ( but I looked up the real estate company Golden Realty ( and it appears that there are many too good to be true housing rentals listed. The contact information for the company is just an email address. I believe this website is being used to support this scam, which could be large scale, given the number of houses listed and the numerous locations. I looked up the last owner of the house, and the real estate company listed is not Golden Realty. I have contacted them but have not heard back. The email I received from claimed owner Brian Gore:Hello ___,This is the owner of the property at 1950 29th Ave,Greeley, CO 80634 which you inquired about.Our home is still available for lease as we want responsible & decent  adults/family that possess qualities to manage our home as if it were theirs.The rental fee is at a very affordable price as i am not really  bothered about the rent rather my priority is your assurance in being able to keep our home in good condition always.We initially had the  property up for sale but changed  our mind and decided to lease it out because of my urgent transfer from my place of work to Rhode Island.The agent we previously put in charge over the property was asking  too much of an agent fee by inflating the rental fee thereby making it  difficult for people to afford the rent.For this reason, we decided to rent  it out ourselves and no longer want any third party,rather a direct  agreement between us and any interested tenant.If you drive by you  might still notice the sign post of the agent in-front of the house but  don't bother as I have instructed the agent to take off the sign post from  the property. I will be away with my family for the next couple of years or  more pending any new transfers from my company.I work as a  construction Engineer here in Rhode Island and i'm currently married.We  know there is no way we can be sure that you are the right person to live  in our home because we won't be able to see in person before rounding  up the rental process but we will be working by trust here with whatever  you tell us about yourself and previous rental experiences.You can get  back to us if you are truly interested by telling us more about yourself,your previous rental experience and at what time you wish to rent the home.I await your response in this regard. The following are the accurate details of my home and its fees.Bedrooms:3, Bathrooms:3,Rental fee (per month):$1200Security Deposit(Refundable):$1000Pet Fee(one-time payment):$200 Best Regards.I have sent an email report to Trulia but because they have so many scams, they will likely just take down the listing. This Golden Realty could operate through many different people if they claim to have decided to rent/sell the property personally after first working with a real estate company. 
Entity: Internet
29, Report #187652
Apr 20 2006
08:54 AM
This letter of complaint is towards gca realty llc and Wonder home realty.I am not sure who is responsible for giving me back my one months rent for the simple fact that no one wants to claim fault for the game playing and lieing thats been consistantly happenning since late january.Wonder Home realty has recomended me to a building on the granconcourse that belonged to gca realty llc. I am at my wits and very livid at what they have me going through.It's been two 1/2 months and i still dont have an apt.Ther has been constant complaints about repairs getting done at the apt that i havent even moved into yet.I dont have time to be making sure that these people do their job.I work 6 days out the week and live on a fix income,have two kids one is 7 months and the other is 7 yrs old. This was surpose to be me and my family first apt.But due to the lack of work,communication and most of all truth i dont want this apt anymore and i want my money back.I dont feel it's right for who so ever is responsible for the money that was given to,stay with it.This has been an on going game of cat and mouse due to the fact that me and my social worker always had to be running back and forth to see if the repairs to the apt was been done,Me nor my social worker gets paid for the inspections of this apt.This company had us going back and forth every week checking to see if the repairs was done. It's not right that i would have to stain my record in the sense that i would have to take a landlord or realter to court when i've never moved in or had an apt of my own yet.I also dont think it's right that they give my social worker back her check but not mines.It's not my fault for this incompitance of these business arrangments. This is an on going complaint and i am tired,now that i opened my mouth and said enough is enough they tell me that i am being a problem.I told them it's a problem now because i want to take legal actions,none of this would have happen if everybody would have been telling me the truth.I also said that neigther the landlord nor the realty lady nor my social worker are gonna be resposible if a window that was'nt fixed falls on my son or the ceiling bathroom falls on my son or if when im not home i get robbed because the locks on the window was broken or my oldest catches an ashma attack due to the old broken floors,nobody but me is responsible for this,i am just looking out for the welfare of my kids. I just want my money back nothing more nothing less.i can't even look for another apt because of this problem.I just want advice and help in getting my money back.I would kindly appreciate it if some one would reach out and help me because i dont know what else to do.All of this could have been avoided if they would truthfully be honest with me and have done ther job. Miriam bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: FLUSHING, New York
30, Report #191437
May 14 2006
07:53 AM
Pittsley Realty Ripping Off College Students ripoff Dekalb Illinois
We rent off Pittlsey for two years while my husband when to college. We should have been tipped off that something was not right when they made us sign a lease two wmonths before we could move in and we had to paid rent for those two months even though we were not living there. Second, even though we moved in September, we had to resign a lease for the following September in Feburary. The letter that they sent told us if we did not they would start showing our apartment. Being college students, we were not sure six months in advance whether we would be there or not because of the possibilty of finding employment away form Dekalb. But when told we could lose our place to live, if we did not sign, we felt we had no choice. When we did decide to move, we gave notice in writing. Two months after we move out, we recieved a letter stating that Pittsley would find a tenant for the apartment. Then 8 months later we recieve a bill for damages to the apartment and back rent which was more then $4000. We have pictures of the apartment after we moved and there are not the damages he said. We have no idea what happen in that apartment since we have moved out and given him the keys. I also know that he has 45 days in which to give us the Security deposit back or the reason why. In Dekalb, it should not have taken him 7 months to find a new tenant for the apartment. I dont think he was looking too hard. College Students BEWARE, this Landlord is out to rip you off. You would be better living in a cardboard box then let him take advantage of you Jessica Aurora, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Dekalb, Illinois
31, Report #278277
Oct 10 2007
06:27 PM
Penn Oak Realty Lack of Advertising Wellsboro Pennsylvania
I chose Penn Oak because the realtor Kathy Doty assured me that she would place advertisements advertising my property. She never showed the property and when asked to produce documentation of the promised advertisements, she could not produce them. Anonymous Mansfield, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
32, Report #337774
Jun 06 2008
12:34 PM
Drouin Realty FALSE ADVERTISEMENT TUstin California
The landlord of the property I currently reside in paid Drouin Realty to find a tenant for her vacant home. I saw an ad on craigslist that listed a 5 bedroom Townhome for rent for $1950. After seeing the ad I decided to contact them because I was considering renting it. So when we finally decided to to rent it out they send me a fax stating how much rent, down payment it is going to be and the name to make the money order out to. So on May 3rd, I made an initial deposit of $1000. I even received a receipt that stated that the total (rent $1950+deposit $1950 + pet deposit $300 =$4200 Total) remaining balance would be $3200. So on May 17th, when we went to the office to make the final payment and obtain the house keys, one of their employees says that I was $90 short. Having a very hectic behind me (my car broke down that day),I thought that I made a mistake with the calculations. When i saw the contract it said $1995 rent per month. I asked the employee whether it wasn't $1950 , but she kept pushing saying that the rent was $1995. Me believing that her statement was right, I signed the contract, thinking that i might have confused the numbers. So I signed the contract. Later that day when i came home, I found the paper she first wrote me out including the receipt. When I called them back that I was told that the rent is going to be $1950, she said that it was too late since I already signed the contract. Resolution Sought: When I called them to complain, all they had to say is that it as only $45 more per month and that is not a big deal. If that is not a big deal they should pick up the $45 extra every month for the remaining time of the contract.When I decided to rent this property I was told that the rent is going to be $1950. And on the final day,after the deposit was made and after I had already given the 30 days notice to my previous residence, they switch it to $1995 without even telling me and trying to convince me that it was $1995 from the beginning . That is scamming and false advertisement. Sarah Tustin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: TUstin, California
33, Report #328978
Apr 25 2008
07:38 PM
Macanthony Realty International Ripping Off Clients Marbella Internet
I also worked at this company and am ashamed to say it, slavery at best and the way they treat their clients once they get the money is so bad, they could not get away with this kind of thing if was based in UK. Spain needs to take action against this company for all the badly treated employees and their clients for being told inaccurate information which is illegal. I feel so sorry for the clients that have lost deposits with them, and only try to hope this does not get deleted so nobody else can fall for their lies. UK TV must shut down their overseas channel on Sky, and press releases or news articles about this company and what it is doing. Posted as anonymous, sorry but dont want macanthony knowing who I am. Anonymous LondonUnited Kingdom
Entity: Marbella, Internet
34, Report #330269
May 03 2008
05:13 AM
Realty Trac fraud extrodanaire Irvine California
Do not put your info on their site they are only out to ripp you off !!! They give you nothing they promise too and you never hear from the agent except when you see a $49.99 dollar withdraw on your bank statement for services never rendard!!! Sharon Loveland, ColoradoU.S.A. According to the majority of victims interviewed by Rip-off Report, those who immediately called their banks to dispute the charges did not get very far. Many victims got the following responses from their banks: we could not do anything for you or you waited too long; it has been more than 60 days. If the bank is says that you have waited too long, explain to them how you called their 800 number as soon as the charges were found, and were told by the bank that nothing could be done. Remind the bank that they failed to assist you properly at the 800 #, and instead, provided you with an inadequate explanation of your right to dispute. Tell the bank that it's their fault time has expired, and since they gave you the wrong info to begin with, they will just have to deal with it, take the loss and reverse the charges. Tell them the truth; this was unauthorized and your account was NOT to be charged! Keep emphasizing how you never authorized anything! Direct them to the hundreds of victims reports that were filed on Rip-off And if you're at the bank, walk them over to their computer and make them go to this site! If you are on the phone with them, tell them you will wait while they access this site! Either way, be persistent! DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER! Let them know nicely, that you were advised to Report them (the Bank) and this situation to the Banking Commission in your state. Since each state has a different name for the agency/controller over banks, find that name before you call or get to the bank so you can throw it in their face. The more knowledgeable you appear to be, the further you will get. And just continue to demand the Federal Regulation E form! The bank CAN, MUST and WILL reverse the charge! But, you must be persistent; ask to speak to the supervisor or the area manager for all the branches in the state. Let the bank personnel know you are meeting with the media later in the day, that you would much rather they do the right thing (as most other banks have) by looking at the complaints and immediately reversing the chargetruth. If you have to, be loud (but nice) in front of other customers. If you are just calling by phone, the above tactics s) to your account; no matter how long ago it was. Be sure to call the Media if necessary so you are telling the
Entity: Irvine, California
35, Report #380611
Oct 12 2008
04:53 PM
they are horrible. they took my money and never provided the service they promised which was finding me an apartment. they are a total scam Anon BROOKLYN, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
36, Report #4745
Mar 22 2001
12:00 AM
Mid-Atlantic Realty False Advertising & Rip OFF
I was living in brand new apartments West Creek Village in Elkton MD. They are being managed by Mid-Atlantic Reality, one of the nations largest property management companies. These apartment had just been constructed and we were the first residents of our unit. We thought this would mean fewer problems. Wrong!! On our move in day my wife decided to run a load of laundry while we went out shopping for groceries. We come back to a flooded apartment! Aparently the hose was not connected properly in the back. Now I realize you have to deal with contractors when you build houses but you'd think they'd check the guys work! We were supposed to recieve mailbox keys to our mailbox. We never did, we eventually went to the Post Office and picked them up ourselves (we had to pay for them). According to our lease we were supposed to get them. Then we came to realize that the walls were paper thin, every morning had the joy of listening to our neighbors alarm and every so often her private bedroom antics. Then on the first heat wave of the year we found that our AC wasn't working properly. We called the office, they said they'd send someone over. Two day later, no AC. Called again, apparently most of their units were defective and the repairman would get there soon. Two more days later, no AC, they refused to do anything, said that he would get there when he'd get there. Further arguing brought about the comment, AC is not listed in the lease, it's an amenity that comes with the apartment in other words, it's not guaranteed. The guy finally came by and fixed the problem. Of course by then the heat wave was passed and we no longer needed the damn thing. The same thing happened on the next heat wave. Apparently he had never fixed the problem!! The final straw came when our apartment was broken into, the property sits right next to a bad neighborhood which is why they were supposed to have a fence and security guard around. None of which are there (maybe they are now). From the circumstances it was obvious that someone had been watching the house, the robbery happened in a 45 min window when no one was home. My wife didn't feel safe and wanted to leave. We asked to be released from the lease at no penalty, quoting all the problems as further bargaining chips. The response was the same it had always been it's not in the lease so we don't care So we sucked it up, paid the penalty and moved out. Come to find out several months later that a co worker who used to live there had the same experience. He had his apartment broken into and he tried the same thing, he got the same response. What he did differently is he contacted a lawyer who wrote them a letter and they immediatly let him off the hook with no penalty. In other words Mid-Atlantic will provide you with lousy apartments, give you problems fixing it all and hide behind their lease or use it against you, whichever suits their purpose even if they know it's wrong or has no legal merit.
Entity: Greenville, Delaware
37, Report #3336
Dec 19 2000
12:00 AM
Charles Burt Realty Joplin Missouri, lies, fraud, misrepresentation
Six years ago we purchased a home through this realtor. We went a little above our desired price range because the house had brand new central heat and air which was advertised in the newspaper and also told to us by our agent. Whem we inspected the home the unit was in the process of being installed. The day we moved in, a chilly November day, we turned on the heat and 20 minutes later the breaker tripped, and kept tripping each time we tried to turn it on. Turns out our new unit was in fact 12 years old, it was just new to the home! I contacted the listing agent the evening of our moving in to get an explanation and was totally blown off! She said the newspaper ad was a mistake and that no one should have told me it was brand new. I am hoping it is not too late to sue them, we delayed because my husband was trying to start a home inspection biz (because of our experience) and he feared it would hurt us to burn bridges. Maybe this will help someone avoid the terrible experience we have had. I have heard many similar stories since then of other people having problems with them. Please help us get our money back.
Entity: Joplin, Missouri
38, Report #5792
Jul 18 2001
12:00 AM
Goodloe Realty Automatic Contract Renewal despite Cancellation, unprofessional & dishonest
Goodloe Realty in Dallas, TX managed my property for 2 years while I lived (and still do) in Sweden. It is known to Goodloe that I live abroad and have all my belongings in storage. During the 2 years we had a good tenant, but decided to sell the property. Our mistake was to not use Goodloe, but rather a friend, as our realtor. And this made Tom Sewell, the clerk working for Goodloe, angry. During January 2001 I called Goodloe, saying that we would sell the house. No problem, they said. In February, I put it in an email. In March, I sold the house. The sale closed March 31. Still Goodloe had not removed their signs or key lock boxes. So I called and asked for a 3rd time for them to remove these. In June I received a bill for 80% of one full years management fee, saying 'thank you for notifying us of the sale of your house on March 31.' (a lie) After receiving no response, I finally got them to fax a copy of the contract, as mine was in storage, and they twisted the words of the contract to say that I owed them the penalty. The fine print did include an automatic renewal clause with a stiff penalty, but I read it differently (of course). The problem is that I was relying on the professional courtesy of the goodloe contact (tom sewell), when I called him in January, to tell me what I needed to do. He screwed me and he knows it! The problem is that I have a relocation company acting as my agent (they chose Goodloe) and they have paid the penalty and refuse to revert it. To summarize, there was an onerous burden on me to know that I had to give notice in writing by certified mail (from a foreign country!) and Goodloe did not act in a professional manner when I called in January, emailed in February or called again in March. Furthermore, they refuse to acknowledge that they should send out renewal notices to the clients they have living abroad (with belongings in storage). They are disorganized, unprofessional, mean spirited and altogether dishonest. I just want to spread the word!!
Entity: Dallas, Texas
39, Report #762601
Aug 08 2011
05:16 PM
HY Realty Castle Shannon Slumlord Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
In December of 2010, I signed a lease to rent an apartment is Castle Shannon. The apartment building is located at 934-936 Baldwin Street. When I came to look at the apartment it seemed like a quiet dwelling, and the neighborhood seemed nice as well. After moving into the apartment I found out quite the contrary about the apartment its tenants, the landlord and the the overall neighborhood. Shortly after I moved in the tenants above me made noise and continue to make noise on a regular basis. The man that lives above is nutty as fruitcake, and is addicted to narcotics, and alcohol. He and his wife fight and argue all the time over things constantly, and I have to be the one who hear this nonsense all the way down to the last word. I tell my landlord about this only to be ignored. The police do the same. The lady that lives above is asian and so is the landlord; I suppose this is the reason that she gets preferential treatment even though this is cleary a form of housing discrmination. If would have known that this area was drug infested, and that the tenants in my building were intellectually disabled, I would have never moved here. Its funny that I heard no noise the day I viewed the apartment, I guess the landlord told them to be quiet long enough for me to move in . To make a long story short, don't move here, and do not do business with HY Realty, its owners, etc. You'll sorry if you do. I can't wait until my lease is up!  
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
40, Report #862316
Apr 01 2012
04:33 PM
realty bargans forclosure bargans Real estate leads ripoff, Internet
I received a phone call from Andrea George saying  she was from Realty Bargains and was offering buyer for the zip code for $60.00 per month. She promised as soon I signed in she would send those buyers they have for that area code, and they need a realtor to work with those buyers. I sign in and she sent me this well come e-mail. According to our conversation a while ago we have created your account with You will be the exclusive agent for the zip codes 33432 and 33487 .Your price will be locked at $60 per month till the time you are continuing with us. You can use this User name and Password to log in to the website. Thank you for joining our Agent Network Program. This is another e-mail. This is Kate Smith your agent coordinator with At this point they got my money, and start to send me all kind of listings; the buyer promised for that zip code was nowhere to be found. I sent her an e-mails telling her that I do not need listing because I pay MLS for that propose and there I have all the listing I need to do my work.  Andrea was calling me from 561-684-9759 at the beguinning, when I start to ask for the buyer she starts to call me from unavailable number. On the third day I asked them for my money back and report it to my credit card.
Entity: , Internet
41, Report #568104
Feb 11 2010
01:59 PM
Realty Trac, TRIAL SUBSCRIPTITON RIP-OFF Internet, California
called to inquire why I was charged a regular monthly rate of $49.99 was told I missed the rial ending period, then was offered $10.00 to stay. Asked why would you charge me $49.99 then reduce it to $10.00? Asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and was continuosly transferred round and round and never got anyone of that nature. Finally a regular rep asnswered and I advised would be contacting bbb and rip off report.  This is unreal!!
Entity: Irvine, California 92618, California
42, Report #510950
Oct 17 2009
03:38 PM
realty store is a ripoff company, Internet
realty store let me try a 7 day trial. I could not get into the site so I canceled my trial on day two. Two months later they charged my account 39.80. I am still trying to get my money back
Entity: , Internet
43, Report #577509
Mar 03 2010
03:30 PM
GILLIN REALTY Will not give you your deposit back!!! Keene, Texas
In February of 2009 we moved into a apartment In Keene, TX. We went through Gillin Realty, payed our 500 dollar deposit and first months rent and were handed our keys.  When we got to the first apartment, the key they gave to us was the wrong key. We went back to Gillin told them, they apologized and moved us to another apartment and gave us another key. We went to this apartment and it looked like people were still in the process of moving out. Trash and bugs everywhere, the apartment was obviously not ready for move in. We went back for a third time to Gillin, were given yet another key and another apartment. This one had stained carpets, a rectangular cut in the kitchen floor, messed up drywall in the bathrooms, and the master bedroom door stuck and was cracked down the side of it.  Sick of going back and forth, we just started moving in and wrote down all damages on out lease as requested from Gillin. We were there for a year and had so many bugs. They did send exterminators twice but this never did any good. In January of 2010 we got a letter from Gillin stating that we must be out by the 1st of February or we would have to sign another year long lease.  Seeing as this is NOT something we wanted to do, we scrambled to find a new place and found one then moved out 2 weeks later. When we contacted Gillin to get our deposit back they said they were waiting on maintenance to let them know the pricing for the carpet (which was gross when we moved in) to get us a check cut. They said they'd call us back. Since them we have called at least 20 times and every time we hear the same thing. We were told today actually to come get a check after two o'clock. We called at 3 and they said once again they were still waiting on maintenance and would call us back...yea right!  Bottom line, DONT go through Gillin Realty to buy or rent a home, you will have to fight like hell to get your deposit back. We will not stop calling until we get the money that is rightfully ours!!! 
Entity: Keene, Texas
44, Report #538329
Dec 12 2009
02:08 PM
Atlas Realty Slumlords with a Smile Chicago, Illinois
I am fed-up with complaining to slumlord to turn the heat on - or up. Always turns into having to call 311. Last year Building Inspector saw none of my windows have storm windows. They've been like that since I moved in Spring 2003. Up until last year, it had always been warm in my apartment. No more. My kitchen faucet developed a leak & kept getting worse. I complained 6 times in a 4 month period. Nothing happened. I called 311 and 2 weeks later the slumlord installed a new faucet. 30 March 2006, I came home & saw buckets of water flowing down my wall. The (former) upstairs tenant left his bathroom faucet on all day. Marko (building manager) said he needed to wait til it all dries before he can repair it. As of this writing (12 Dec 2009), he has done NOTHING. Nor has he done anything about other water damamge that tenant has caused. I wonder how much mold I'm being subjected to. Btw, shortly after the flood, I had a problem with waterbugs, obviously a result of that flood. Marko passed it off as an annual event & did nothing. In Dec 2006, I had a problem with a mouse. Marko said nobody else complained about one - - that was a lie. He told me to buy steel wool to stuff in any openings. I did that & deducted cost from rent - - and did the same with buying roach traps. (Would've been nice if he sprayed the building at least every 2-3 months!)  I wish other present (and former) tenants would complain! Those who are lucky moved out. Those of us who are unlucky - - and can't afford to move - - are still stuck with this garbage.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
45, Report #420770
Feb 05 2009
05:43 PM
RnR Realty Ripoff, Rent, Real Estate, overcharge Phoenix Arizona
Hi, first off, I am the guy who wrote about the poor quality and low standards of Collins College previously. This is a sort of continuation but in a new report. When you come to Tempe to go to school at Collins you can either get your own apartment or you can sign up with RnR Realty. You're better off not attending Collins to begin with, but if you do decide to, make sure you have enough money to rent a place on your own. RnR will room you with three other people who really don't share the same interests as you, or match any description of roommates who you prefer (that's in the application for RnR). They charge you about $350 as a security deposit and then $400 a month for rent. This covers your electricity and your water and they furnish the place with the bare minimum (and really crappy) furniture and outdated appliances. That means they are charging $1600 a month for your rent where you could have the same place for $800 if you weren't with RnR. You would be better off getting your own place with two other people and you'd still be paying less after you pay for utilities. On top of that, they do a thing called 'consolidation'. This is where they relocate roommates because there are only three people in some apartments and they want to make as much money as possible so they quit their lease and put as many people as they can together and overcharge you for it. Also, if you have a car, watch out. They will try to put one person with a car into an apartment with three people who don't have cars. So you will be expected to drive your roommates around. And bring lots of money and some good references because you'll need to get a job to pay for over priced housing and the roommates who mooch off you. And now to consolidation. They will give you a couple weeks notice but if you're working that fulltime job and going to school like you're supposed to, you're not gonna have time to look for a new apartment with roommates you'll potentially like, let alone time to move your stuff. So if you don't have a car, stay away because your roommate with a car will move himself first and next he would move the highest bidder. So you're left to your own devices to move all of your stuff 2 miles away on the busline. Also, for your inconvenience if you want to break your lease, they take your security deposit and charge you an extra $350 to break your lease, just because it's gets in their way because they need you to move from a place that they put you in to begin with. And that's with a 30-day notice of breaking lease. Stay away from collins college and RnR realty and you'll probably have a good life. I promise. Charlie Tempe, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
46, Report #419479
Feb 03 2009
06:18 AM
MacAnthony Realty Guaranteed rental rip off Marbella Spain
I BELIEVE MY STAFF ARE TRAINED TO OFFER THE BEST SERVICE AND IF ANYBODY FEELS DIFFERENTLY, I ASK THEM TO E-MAIL OR WRITE TO ME PERSONALLY Darragh MacAnthony. Anyone who disagrees with Mr MacAnthony please sign my petition below. Bill derbyEurope
Entity: Marbella, Spain
47, Report #787827
Oct 12 2011
08:43 AM
Rosewood Realty Dishonest and inaccurate reporting of rental history Internet
My first impression of Rosewood Realty was one of professionalism and honesty. I was extremely impressed with one of the realtors. She was patient and showed us multiple properties. She was genuinely dedicated to helping us find the perfect home. After we moved into the property, I was also very please when repairs were needed they were fixed within 48 hours. This was the case for about the first six months. However, I noticed that after the in-home inspection was conducted, there was a change in the level of customer service. We did recieve one condescending and poorly written letter explaining that the owners were not going to pay for lawn care. This letter about lawn care was the only derogatory coorespondence ever communicated or received. We extended all efforts to be in accordance with the rental aggreement. We were always cordial with office staff and communicated any problems in a timely manner. We also provided a greater than 30 day advance notice of our intention to not renew the lease. I was completely shocked when, after listing Rosewood Realty as a reference for another property, the application was denied due to multiple negative evaluations. The office reported  that we paid rent late multiple times and had several yard violations. This was  untrue and inaccurate reporting. Rosewood seems to be unable to give positive rental references. Also, there were also a few times when I spoke with office staff, they were very rude.  Having lies told about your payment history is a substandard and damaging business practice.  I would not waste my time renting from this company. Especially if your are military.
Entity: , Internet
48, Report #654677
Oct 24 2010
04:51 PM
Realty Trade RipOff Scam Orlando, Florida
Don't believe a word that comes from the keyboards of Virtual Group AKA Realty Properties AKA Realty Trade, etc.  They are professional liars and thieves.  They continue to rip people off of their hard earned money without a conscience.   One settled lawsuit has not ended their scam.  They just say they have a new business model.  Equate that to mean we have learned our lesson and we have fine tuned the ways in which we can legally steal your money with no chance of ever recovering it.  Karma is the ultimate truth serum that all scammers will one day face.  God have mercy on them.  Keep reporting your complaints here, to the Florida BBB and to the Florida Attorney General's Office.  One party is trying to organize a class action suit against this scam operation.  Join that group as soon as you can.  Get the local media involved.  I am working on this in Florida right now.  Please stay tuned, this story is taking shape and will be made public once all the pieces are in their legal place.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
49, Report #999128
Jan 18 2013
10:52 AM
Linneman Realty Unprofessional and Rude staff, Internet
Two words = RIP OFF! This property management company is unprofessional and rude. My apartment was burglurized and I didn't find out until I arrived home to find police tape around my windows. The property management company knew, boarded my window, and police informed me that they contacted the company; however, the staff told me sorry, we didn't know. This is very unprofessional and the owner of this company should fire these employees. This could be a lawsuit; however, court fees and attorney costs would be outweigh my claim. If anyone knows an attorney that is willing to hear my case, then let me know.On another note, the staff is rude. They are friendly when they want you to move in, but are rude when you need repairs. I lived here for 2 years, I was late once because I was hospitalized for my stillborn daughter. The staff was uncaring and rude and could not wave charges. Another situation is where they're bank encoded my check incorrectly when they deposited it. My bank wrote a letter and provided documentation that their bank encoded the check incorrectly. Did they refund the late charge and returned check charge? NO they didn't. They said it was my fault when it was their bank that made the discrepancy. I am doing better now. These employees seriously need to reevaluate their customer service skills. The owner needs to reconsider his employees and provide better training. I am posting this review so that everyone will know that this company has a bad reputation.
Entity: Killeen, Texas, Internet
50, Report #990916
Jan 03 2013
07:23 PM
linnemann realty Poor Service as Property Managers, Internet
This review should serve as a warning to all prospective customers who may be considering using this company either as a property manager or those who may be looking for a place to rent. I own a house in Copperas Cove, TX and have used Linnemann to manage my property. I bought this property while serving as a soldier stationed at Fort Hood. When I relocated I was recommended to this company to manage my property during my absence. During this time I have dealt with many problems, a few of which I am listing here. I have had numerous email confirmations and statements sent to me reflecting payment of monthly rent to my account through direct deposit to my bank but when confirming my bank information the money never was deposited. I emailed numerous times each time with a copy of my statement as proof and was finally awarded the payments. Tenants are continuously put into my house for 3 to 4 months where they live without paying rent. They are taken to court and evicted but not before doing considerable damage to my house. All repairs are extremely overpriced. I continuously deny approval of these inflated repairs costs but Linnemann keeps doing the repairs anyway and charging my account the seriously inflated prices. A couple examples of this include: replacement of the breaker box for $600.00. This item is sold at Lowes and Home Depot for under $130 complete with breakers. It takes maybe an hour to replace. Another would be replacement of the 4 pipe boots on the roof for $350.00. These items are sold at Home Depot for $18.00 each and take maybe 30 minutes to replace. The list goes on and on but I think you get the picture. They continuously ignore my emails and attempted contacts. The tenants who do attempt to honestly rent the property are shown the house in a completely trashed state. They are told the house will be available for move in on a certain date with all repairs completed and fresh paint but that is not the case. Tenants are expected to move in with the house in very poor, filthy condition and except it the way it is. They are not given their deposits back and requests for support in maintaining the property are continuously ignored.I am a soldier who has trusted my property to these folks and have simply been taken advantage of while being stationed abroad and while being deployed fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan for several years. I am currently researching avenues of recourse to have this business removed as my property managers. I hope this review can save others from having the headache of dealing with this business.
Entity: , Internet

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