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1, Report #786592
Oct 09 2011
06:39 AM
Mattern Automotive Mattern Automotive is incompetent. Internet
Mattern Automotive, like many other car dealers, utilizes Auto Trader for their online advertising.  For a couple of days I had been looking at particular truck on Auto Trader that was at Mattern Automotive.  The truck was specifically what I had been searching for so I called and spoke to an employee named Jake.  We spoke at length about the truck, then I ended the conversation by stating I would most likely be by to see the truck in person in a few hours.  Jake welcomed me to stop by.  This truck was specific enough as to what I was looking for I drove approximately two hours from my home to Mattern Automotive to see it.  Upon arrival, I walked over to the truck and had been looking it over for around ten minutes before any employee noticed me (most gas stations have a bigger lot than this place, I did not realize how tiny this used car dealer was before actually arriving).  The employee that approached me was Mike, who I believe is the owner of Mattern Automotive.  He immediately informed me that the truck was already sold.  I then asked when it was sold, as I could only imagine that it must have been within the two hours it took me to drive there.  Mike said it was sold to a Ford dealer, a deal that he'd been doing from last week.  I informed him that I had just called hours earlier and Jake did not mention that it had been sold during our lengthy conversation.  Mike then responded by saying he was sorry, and that he (Mike) must have been out to lunch.  In conclusion, Mike did apologize and it was simply a difficult situation for me, who spent four hours driving on a Saturday for incompetence.  Again, the place is so small, I believe that Mike and Jake were the only two workers there, so I can't figure out how such a communication break-down could occur.  Plus, the ad on Auto Trader was still up even as I checked it later that night.The moral of this story is beware, and talk to Mike directly if you call because he apparently doesn't always keep his employees informed.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1210618
Feb 20 2015
07:43 PM
Reseda Automotive Terrible! 
Terrible! It was my first time taking my car to get a smog check, I had no idea my engine light was on as the tech said. They checked the car and noticed the check engine light was on which apparently lets you know the car's not going to pass, YET this place took my car and charged me knowing it wouldn't pass. Sad part is I can barely afford it and just got ripped off by this place. If you ask me that's very shady. NEVER GOING TO THIS PLACE AGAIN!!
Entity: reseda, California
3, Report #147479
Jun 25 2005
10:15 AM
Eastern Automotive ripoff Woodbridge Virginia
This could of been the BMW that my son owned and he totaled it twice. He did let them repo it. He told me that when he had his first accident in it that the airbags didn't deploy so I knew somethng was up then. Please if you must purchase a vehicle from this dealer, have them pull up a carfax report on it. When you look the report over, make sure that the Vin #'s match on everything. Lori Manassas, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Woodbridge, Virginia
4, Report #142890
May 16 2005
10:57 AM
Briley Automotive ripoff Baytown Texas
I lived in Baytown Texas, from 1982-2001 I was coming home from work one morning, when my 1988 ford ranger overheated. I to (my later regret) called Briley Automotive. Surprizingly enough much like Linda's cause 'It was the thermostat'. Well guess what it was not the thermostat, or radiator, hose or several other things 'Wade and his top notch team thought it was'. Then I took it to Warren Automotive on Main st in Baytown. Mr. warren was great there were several things he showed me that Mr. wade charged for that were not done. To make a long story short I employed a Attorney to represent me in small claims court to no avail. Even though Mr. Wade's buisiness showed a different odometer reading by about 700-1000 miles more than that at the time of court. At which time I put a lien on the Buisiness. To the my best of knowledge this is what happened. Good luck Linda Kenneth Kenneth jeffersonville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #6616
Sep 17 2001
12:00 AM
I would just like everyone to know this company and how it operates first hand. And as a customer of this company for more than two years now I cant seem to understand the problem myself that has been established here today. This is an automotive repair business. I own a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria that had a sway problem and a loud squeaking sound in the front end. I put in the shop at Arnolds Automotive they called me the next day and said it was the steering box. And it would run $459.00 to fix it. Then they gave it back the next day. I drove it off and it still had a sway problem and it still made this noise. I took it back and told them it was not fixed and I wanted it fixed with no sway problems and no noise. So this time they kept my car for a week and kept saying they had to drive it and as I called every day they told me the owner was going to drive it again and check it out. Then today they called and talked to my wife and said it was ready and that we owed them $100.00 for parts and labor on it. Then my wife went by to pay them and they threw this ticket in front of her for $159.00 and as she confronted them about it they had nothing to say except we owe them this for parts and labor. I have visited the BBB page and cant even find a listing of them on it. I have sent request to them to please build on file on these crooks for this report I would love to file. So here I am posting this anywhere on the net I can find. If anyones knows of where else I can post or turn them over to please let me know.
Entity: Marietta, Georgia
6, Report #64985
Jul 30 2003
02:01 PM
Sears Automotive scam artists Niles Illinois
Sears automotive installed 4 brand new tires in my car, along with balancing and alignment. One month later my car had to be towed to the mechanic because one tire fell off! The lug nuts were improperly tightened and snapped off, causing considerable damage to my car. I am in the process of trying to get a refund from Sears for the damages that their incompetence caused. IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Niles, Illinois
7, Report #559452
Jan 24 2010
10:43 PM
Dave's Automotive, Misquote Carbondale, Illinois
Because Dave's Auto was recommended by my car dealer to use for any work or repairs that would be reimbursed by my warranty, I called them for help. My key would not turn in the ingnition. I didn't know if it had anything to do with the gear shift, or not. It had happened twice before, but I was able to jiggle it enough that the key would turn. Dave's Auto towed my car to their shop. They diagnosed the problem to be that there was a bad ignition unit. They would have to have it re-keyed at True Value, and hoped that they would have it fixed before the end of the day (Friday). At about 2 pm they called to give me a quote. After going over several things that weren't real clear, he told me that it would be $140. I repeated the figure to him, and said that I thought that was reasonable, but wanted the warranty to cover it. Upon calling them, I found that it was considered to be an electrical problem. No coverage. Well, at 4:30 pm, Dave called me and said the car was done. I asked if I could write him a check, and he said no. My new debit card hadn't come in the mail yet, so I would have to get cash for him. After much discussion, he agreed to pick me up, let me take the car to the ATM and return with the payment. So, I did that. When I returned, I laid out the $140 on the counter, and he looked at me like was I nuts. I said that was what he had quoted me on the phone. He said, oh's the bill...$307.30!!! We briefly argued about it, and I had no choice but to leave the car with him until I could get the money and close the deal on Monday. He took me home and drove off with my car. I don't understand how someone can provide a quote verbally and not stand by it. I have no grounds to have the bill revised, so I felt it important that anyone else who might use his services in the future know the problem I had. All I can say is good luck.  
Entity: Carbondale, Illinois
8, Report #1072831
Aug 04 2013
07:36 AM
2020 Automotive or Lifetime Automotive Robert located at 2020 E6th Ave Flagstaff AZ Fraud, gouging, extortion, scalping, harrasment, and distress, Flagstaff Arizona
Two college students made a trip to Flagstaff AZ in order to train at altitude over the summer. On the way here their vehicle broke down and it was towed the remainder of the way. Robert, the owner operator of 2020 Automotive, promised a he would fix their vehicle and provided a quote for the repairs of $2600. A towing company, who recommended the shop, dropped off the vehicle at his shop location. It was later found out that the tow company, catz towing, always recommended Roberts shop due to a business agreement. 2020 was highly recommended for the repair of the vehicle. Rober claimed that he was the best in town for engine rebuilds, he warrantied his work, and he was less expensive than anyone else. The quote provided a date and price for the repair. The college students Mother (who is almost broke from sending her son to college) managed to pay half down ahead so he would have money for the parts. Over the 3 week period before the date it was supposed to be repaired the price continued to increase. On the date the vehicle was promised to be finished the college students contacted Robert and Robert claimed he was having family problems and that it would be a few more days. In another phone conversation with the college students mother, Rober said that he had not touched the vehicle. This led to questions about why the cost had increased. The students had given Robert a date and told him that they needed to return home, which was over 2k miles away for the fall session of school. After several phone calls 10 days after the original date I took them over to the shop. The shop was very dirty, had oil all over the floor, and ROber was nowhere to be found. After several minutes of searching for the owner, there was no one to greet us at the door and the shop was nearly empty we found him in the back. It was not the place in the online photo. When asked when it would be done Robert became very hostile, claimed that there was alot of extra work that needed to be done, and that if the college student wasn't happy with the work or the price to pay him an additional $500 for the extra labor and he could have the vehicle back. The students expected to have the vehicle by the original date and to be on their way home. In anticipation of the move back they cancelled their jobs and no longer had any money or income. They had to vacate their apartment and had no place to stay. With no money, no place to stay, being from out of town the students were forced to live on the streets in cold weather, un sanitary and unsafe conditions for several days and rely on the generosity of friends for food, moral, and eventually a place to stay. At the time of this report the vehicle still was not finished and Rober refused to give up possession of the vehicle claiming a Mechanics lean on it.  On the visit mentioned above, Robert smelled of alcohol. In person Rober claimed that the parts were much more expensive than I was paying for the same parts on my engine rebuilds. Robert did not have a good technical understanding and used words and phrases about his work that were not industry terminology. Resizing instead of Milling etc.. . When I compared Roberts quote that he had sent to the students mother to what he was telling us in the shop, the quote was half of his statement. He also stated that he had to do work that was not in the quote, and didn’t need to done for the problem and wasn't approved either. It was apparent that the work had just been started only a couple of hours previous and he was claiming far more hours of labor (for the mechanics lien) than was possible for the complete job. If you choose to have work done by Robert, you should further understand that his former business name Lifetime Automotive is a name registered for a business in Tempe. Arizona does not allow multiple businesses with the same name to operate in the State. Request to see his insurance, request to see his business license, and request to see his mechanics qualifications. Know who you are dealing with ahead of time, do not rely on photos that are posted on the internet, nor the word of towing companies or anyone that could be in business with him.
Entity: Flagstaff, Arizona
9, Report #1383405
Jul 20 2017
04:54 PM
Autowerks Automotive Autowerks Automotive does not pay invoices, Autowerks Automotive is a thief, Autowerks Automotive steals money from people sydney Nationwide
Dhalia Duran, owner of autowerksa utomotive from Sydney, Australia, booked a cleaning service with no intention of paying.Despite our numerous phone calls, text messages and emails to get the debt settled he has refused to answer or respond.Dhalia Duran  is deceitful and a thief, do not under any circumstances credit him with anything. He is not to be trusted and will steal from you at a moments notice.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #280338
Oct 22 2007
11:48 PM
Larry Miller Automotive Group - Osborn Volkswagon Automotive Used car ripoff Lakewood Colorado
We purchased a 2004 Ford Ranger that is in the shop for the 3rd time and we were told by the owner after the first time that there was a chance of undoing the deal this was is response after I sent him an email after the 2nd shop visit: Ms. Swift, as we previously discussed, you own this truck and we will be happy to repair any problems you may have under your Extended Service Contract, and/or assist you with any remaining factory warranty with another franchised dealer if necessary. If you wish to purchase another vehicle, we will appraise yours and offer you the WHOLESALE value that we can sell it at the auction for (in this way we will not lose or make any $$ on your vehicle and price it according to market value). We will also sell you one of the vehicles in OUR inventory for $200 over OUR COST if you desire to do so. If you wish us to purchase a vehicle for you from an online source that you have located, we will perform AT A MINIMUM a Safety Check (Mr. Baldwin and/or Mr. Villanueba can give you approximate cost of this ONLY AFTER WE INSPECT THE VEHICLE) and/or a Landcar Comprehensive Inspection and Service (if you wish to have an Extended Service Contract as you do on your current vehicle again Mr. Baldwin and/or Mr. Villanueba will be able to give you an approximate cost for this ONLY AFTER WE INSPECT THE VEHICLE). We will insist that these services be done so we are able to support your service needs in the future. We also will need to charge our $399.00 Dealer Handling fee Another option is that you can sell your vehicle on your own in an attempt to receive a Retail amount for it and purchase another vehicle of your choosing from us or any other source you prefer. In any situation, we will not undo the deal as you suggest. As we have discussed at length we commiserate with your frustration by having 2 service issues in 16 weeks, yet we have no reason to believe that your vehicle unreliable or will be so for years to come as you repeatedly state. If you would like for our Used Car Manager to determine the Wholesale value that we would be able to pay you for your vehicle, we would be happy to do so. His name is James Park and I will forward him this email. To review the options are: 1) Keep your vehicle and expect no more problems than normal, and understand that most issues are covered by your Extended Service Contract and any additionally by any remaining factory warranty (Ford), 2) Attempt to sell the vehicle on your own in an attempt to receive a Retail amount, 3) Sell or Trade your vehicle to us for a Wholesale (auction) amount and either purchase another vehicle from our inventory for $200 over our cost plus any applicable fees including but not limited to the $399 Dealer Handling Fee or (POSSIBLY) have us purchase a vehicle and recondition it for you and sell it to you for $200 over our cost (including reconditioning) plus any applicable fees including but not limited to the $399 Dealer Handling Fee (and the amount for an Extended Service Contract for that specific vehicle). We will await your decision. Jimmy Osborn Osborn Automotive 303.237.1311 From: dawn Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 10:43 AM To: Cc: Subject: Dawn Swift 2004 Ranger Jimmy, We have had the truck in 2 times in 16 weeks. We feel that it is still having the same issues that we took it in for the last time if not worse. I have been in contact with Rob via phone and even talked to Kent once. I continually get I will call you by the end of the day. The end of the day rolls around and no phone calls. I get well I have a meeting with Jimmy and I will get back to you. I have had enough of the excuses. I also have gotten the well we have to apraise the truck. I have had the truck 16 weeks and you have had it 2 out of the 16. I am not understanding how it could have gone down in value that much. We have been lied to and sold a vehicle that in my mind is not reliable. We discussed with you when we met about you undoing the deal and finding us something that we would be happy with and that is reliable. To date I do not see this coming to light. I sent you several vehicles th at we would have been interested in that were in our price range right after our last meeting. Since I brought in the truck last week, I did a search and only found 1 truck that we would be interested in. In my mind it would be an even trade, they are asking $13,995 and we paid $14,995 for ours. We would ask that your dealership look into this truck and let us know. This has been drug on long enough. I would expect and appreciate an answer by the end of the day. Sincerely Dawn As I found on this website the larry miller automotive group is nothing but a bunch of crooks!!! Dawn Thornton, ColoradoU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Larry Miller Dealerships - Subaru, Toyota, and Dodge
Entity: Lakewood, Colorado
11, Report #377332
Sep 30 2008
12:19 PM
Anthony Underwood Automotive - Underwood Automotive Lemons for sale disquised as cars Bessemer Alabama
I co-signed for a car with Underwood and the car had to be returned three (3) times in 3months before we were told they dont work on transmissions. Then, I had to buy a new motor. First time we were told the car was fine. They put new brakes on it and they had to be broke in. Second time, with attitude we were given a rental until they could figure out what was wrong. Sorry I dont recall the excuse the borrower was givin, but she did get the car back. A few weeks later I was called by the borrower and told she wants to give the car back, because it takes 4 tries to start the car and it is too much of a hassle to keep taking it back to Underwood. I wont co-sign for her any more either (another story all together). So my Third and final attempt with Underwood, was when I repossed the car from Borrower and notice the straining on the transmission and took it back to Underwood. they told me they dont work on transmission. What were they looking at when it was brought in before, if they dont work on transmissions?So they gave me a name to a shop. Again, a whole nother issue. I paid over $900 to fix the transmission that went bad in March but sat in the shop til June (I was short on cash), because the warranty was used up in miles :( (from Nov of 2006 to March 2007)...oh well, expensive lesson learned. But, then comes the ignition problem. The $60 key (computer in the key??) kept getting stuck in the ignition, because it was getting hot when I drove the car. Underwood said bring it in and leave it. When? I work the same hours they do. so this went unchanged and cost me to buy a new key when the others broke. Finally in March of 2008 the motor went and there it sits in the shop. Of course Credit Acceptance is expecting their payments on time. maybe it is too much to ask for a used car to last longer than a few months before paying for major repairs. I did ask if Underwood would trade but they said I would have to have another down payment for lemon number two. Nay day birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Bessemer, Alabama
12, Report #973223
Nov 24 2012
04:27 PM
Global Automotive Bogus Life time warranty , Internet
I purchased a electric fuel pump for my jeep on Ebay. The pump failed four mounths later. Due to the life time warranty I contacted them. I received a return form, and I filled it out. I mailed the defective pump to them Priority mail (cost me $15.00). After almost one month, I called them to ask where's the replacement pump? They would not discuss the matter over the phone. I was told to email them. I received an email with a form letter declineing to honer the warranty. I am a certified mechanic for N.Y.C. transit surface division. I do all of my own repairs. They claimed fuel contamination, plugged strainer, no proof of professional instalation. None of their reasons were founded! Do NOT waste your money here! They do not honer the Life time Warranty!
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #935611
Aug 31 2012
09:39 PM
Waynes Automotive price gouging poor service ontario, California
        I called and was give a fair price over the phone i asked if they were good with the Mazda Miata, i was told they were factory trained Mazda specialist, so i used there towing service and had my car towed their. after the mechanic spent 3 hours looking at the engine he said it was out of time and needed a new timing belt ? ok i said do it ? then they gave me the estimate for a new timing belt install ? 960.00 plus 60.00 for the towing i was completely floored to hear this price ! i asked why it was so high ? they said it would need a new water pump, that is was customary to change wile replacing the timing belt ? so i asked what the price would be if i elected to not replace the water pump 800.00 ? i responded, i would not be doing the repair, i was then told there a 175.00 estimate fee and a 100.00 towing fee !! double shocked !! this was not explained to me ? i told them i would not pay the estimate, they told me, I would not get my car back until it was paid ? so i paid and left very angry, so it get's better, wile i was sitting in the office i noticed that they were buying parts from NAPA auto, i decided to call NAPA  and find out how much a water pump was, I was quoted over the phone. the part was 24.00 ? will 160.00 for a 24.00 part i believe if you do the math it is a 600 % mark up ? OUCH           now after learning about this i took the car to a mechanic who was on the Mazda dealer approved repair center list, this mechanic, said open the hood ? crank it over ? ok the lower cam belt gear is bad it's common in the year and model, in 5 min's he pulled the bolt and looked at the crank shaft and told me he could not do the repair with out replacing the engine at a cost of 1080.00 installed ? because of Madza's policy on that engine with a scored crank shaft ? i asked what am i to do ? he told me to do it your self ? and explained in 15 min's every detail i need to do and what parts i needed to replace and where to get them ? i asked how much for the estimate to my surprise ? FREE               i went home and ordered the parts on line water pump kit including cam belt, tension roller and gaskets 75.00 on ebay new ? lower cam belt gear 39.00 crank shaft bolt 7.00 wood-ruff key 1.00 ? for a total of 142.00 now i'm in no way considered a mechanic ? i put my daughters bike cycle together for X-mas  ? but work on car's is a new experience for me ? but the amateur mechanic i am was able to repair this car in 2 hours with a 64.00 tool kit i bought from home depot ? for a total cost of 206.00            now the story gets even better, i called Wayne's automotive and told them how he had miss diagnosed my engine problem and i was thinking about filling a complaint with the state attorney general about his business practices, in retaliation Wayne's auto called the state of Arizona and said i Tampered with the ignition interlock device, which is a complete lie, and as punishment the state of Arizona extended my interlock commit for six months, now i did not figure this out until to day, but seeking advice from my attorney and chase bank, i was told to return to Wayne's automotive, and simply ask for my money back, so after a heated discussion, Wayne told me that if i pres-sued this matter he was going to call my probation officer and have me arrested for tampering with the interlock !!!            so in a nut shell if you do business with Mr. Wayne remember he is a thief, lire and extortionist and will do what ever it takes to robb you of your hard earned cash. and the biggest thing ? if you piss him off he will call your probation or parole officer  to make trouble for you ? i wonder what other business he discusses about his clients, i mean lets say you have a joint in your car ? will he call the FBI and report you ? scary ? 
Entity: ontario, California
14, Report #1053819
May 25 2013
11:57 AM
APS Automotive RUDE RIPOFF Auburn Massachusetts
Purchased a Mustang GT from these guys two years ago. Took it for a test drive. Seemed fine, not perfect but pretty good for a 1994. Purchased it. On way home the car ran out of gas. Didn't realize it was low. Appearntly it was my fault. It took about an hour for them to come 10 minutes up the street to give me gas. Took it to get an inspection and it FAILED for so many basic underlying things that were rigged says my mechanic to look and work ok for a little while. About a week after the transmission started lagging out 1st and 2nd gear. Talked to them about it and they said it wasn't their problem. The owner seemed extreme cool and laid back but then when I talked to him about issues after buying the car he seemed to have a oh screw off and get over it kind of attitude. I'd stay away from these people. There are much better used car dealerships out there. I give these guys an F- as well as another F word. COUNTRYDUDE101
Entity: Auburn , Massachusetts
15, Report #1050831
May 14 2013
08:57 AM
milstead automotive unethical behavior and arrogants spring Texas
I love how they portray themselves as great contributors to the community. The facts are the opposite though. I asked for a tow truck, they told me it would take 1 hours, and it took 2 hours. I kept on calling them, and instead of being honest about it and tell me they could not make it in 1 hours, the dispatcher wanted to keep me on the hook and lied to me. Even the sheriff stopped and told me I didnt have to wait, there were plenty of wreckers available. Anyway I asked later for a discount, I even called the owner, Dick Milstead, and he just told me he could not give me any discount despite the bad service. He couldnt or his greediness would not allow him?I am sure he is on Sunday at the front row of church!
Entity: spring, Texas
16, Report #1057012
Jun 06 2013
02:54 PM
Automotive Electronic Solutions Screwed Jacksonville Florida
My '97 Nissan pick up acted as though it was starved for gasoline. Had mechanic check fuel pump and filter. Pump o.k., filter dirty. Still barely running. Next replaced air flow sensor, still barely running. Sent ECM to AES. They took my credit card info and charged me $ 326 before even receiving the module. Called them about this and they said they would credit me back and only charge me $85 if the module check out o.k. No credit back. Two weeks later when I got the module back, the mechanic installed the module per their directions. The truck wouldn't even run! Had truck towed 20 miles to an automotive electronic specialist. Several days later they called and said the truck had been successfully repaired. They said the module appeared to be o.k. and that the cause of the problem was wiring in the wire harness that had shorted due to wire coating worn from vibration over time. My take: AES found nothing wrong with the module and instead of charging me the $ 85 gave me the full monty of $ 326.. Lesson learned: read the reviews before making a final decision about AES...hope you are read this far !!!
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
17, Report #1056212
Jun 04 2013
07:33 AM
Plattner Automotive ANOTHER Plattner unpaid EXemployee Quincy Florida
 I worked for the Quincy dealership for 4 weeks and when everyone else received their checks MINE WAS MISSING. The GM understood my frustration and told me to take the weekend off and come back in Monday - my check would be overnighted to me - Come Monday my check was not in with the Security Officers checks - I packed up and my office and left. After reading all of the comments on line I have gone to the Chevrolet and made a complaint. I was told that anyone that has been paid for their time has to file a seperate complaint. The web site is Click on click to chat. Explain your situation and tell them you want to file your complaint about a Chevy GMC owner..... He needs to be stopped and I don't think Chevrolet/GMC wants their name tarnished by such a con artist!   Good luck to you.  
Entity: Quincy , Florida
18, Report #1075526
Aug 13 2013
01:58 PM
Beste Automotive Ruined my truck...terrible mechanics Cockeysville Maryland
Took my truck to Beste Auto because it was leaking coolant.  They said there was a leak in the radiator and replaced it.  Not a couple weeks later my engine blow because there was no coolant in the engine.  They do shoddy work and cost me almost $4,000 because of it.  They are not good mechanics.   
Entity: Cockeysville, Maryland
19, Report #1089833
Oct 06 2013
07:31 AM
Trymark Automotive Keeping Car Illegally Austin Texas
Trymark Automotive has literally stolen my car. I had hired a mechanic to fix my car and after a long period of time he gave it to Mark Hatfield, owner of Trymark. It took 2 1/2 years to get the first mechanic in court which was last month and I won the case. The car is still in posession of Mark and he refuses to release it. A detective has informed me that back in March of this year Mark made a report that some of the cars behind his fence, which one of them was mine had been broken into. This is neglegence on his part. I do not know what the details are. My lawyer has sent Mark a letter explaining that he has no legal right to keep my car under the Texas Property Code 70. He has 30 days until the 12th of October to respond. If he does not release it we will take him to court. He claims he had a verbal agreement with me to fix the car( no mechanic in his right mind would make an agreement like that ). This is a lie and I believe he testified and lied under oath. I did not even know where my car was for almost a year when the first mechanic took it off his property. This mechanic was found guilty of 4 counts and one was a fraudulent lien which gave him no legal right to take my car anywhere. For some insane reason Mark thinks he has a right to my car. After winning my case my son and I went to get the car and he refused saying he had worked on it and if I gave him over 6000.00 then changed his mind and said 800.00 he would release it ?! During preparation for trial we had contacted him to allow my mechanic to drive the car so that we could use this in my case. At one point he wouldnt allow us to take it off his proerty until I got insurance, which I did, then we set up a time for him to drive it and he was not allowed? We tried again a second time and still not allowed. I had to pay for my mechanic to go there. The total is around 6000.00 that I am out. This guy is a crook.
Entity: Austin, Texas
20, Report #1124631
Feb 18 2014
07:40 PM
Valley Automotive Casey Duped and Cheated Henderson Nevada
In January 2014 my truck broke down and had to be towed to my home in Henderson Nevada.Because of tight financial situation  I could not have it immediately repaired so I had to wait a few weeks until I could save some money to have it towed and repaired,I had previously had the vehicle diagnosed as an issue with the Idle Control Module and was told by 3 shops that the price for the repair would be around $200 parts and labor which I was prepared to pay.On February 17, 2014 I retained a towing company and had my truck transported to Valley Automotive Service.255 Elliott Road in Henderson and owned by Casey ?My wife and I had used their service before with acceptable results so I felt I would be treated honestly and decided to use them.Anyway, I told Casey the issue with my truck and  it was checked out.  On February 18, 2014 I was contacted by Casey, owner of Valley Automotive and told that the the issue was not the idle controle module but the fuel pump and the cost of the pump alone was $400 this was in addition to labor $200, diagnostic check $100. For a total of nearly $700. I am not an expert mechanic but I can do a LOT of repairs myself and I have a very extensive knowledge of mechanics.After being told the cost of the pump I decided to check out a few things.   I went to a O'Rielly Auto Parts store near my home on South Boulder Highway and Palo Verde and found out that a fuel pump for my 1996 Dodge  was $191 retail, and NOT the $394 tht Casey quoted me. So I called Casey and told him the price of the pump.At this point Casey became quite angry and began disparaging me for questioning his prices  and then feeding me a story about how if I ever have a problem with the new pump I would receive free towing, and thet the pump I priced at O'Rielly's  was inferior to the parts he uses.This is absolute B*******.  After I called him and listened to his lies, I hung up, planning to have my truck towed back to my home again and find someone else to repair my truck.Half an hour later Casey called me again and told me he found a pump for $300 and would install it for $300 saying it would take approximately 2 hours and I still owed him for the diagnostic, which had been previously done and did not cost anything.In fact most garages and auto parts stores will run a diagnostic for free, but Valley was charging me $100, claiming it took almost an hour to find the problem.  This too is BULLSHIT as  the truck has a computer and a diagnostic device is plugged into the computer port and a code appears and the code  determines what the issue is.  That is how I know what the problem was initially.  Almos every auto parts will read the code and tell you the issue FREE I also know that auto parts stores have commercial customers which they recieve parts at a discount and the commercial customers (garages) then mark up the price to make a profit.  I have no issue with this, but when I am lied to about the quality of a part from one reputable supplier over another and the cost I am angry.I had little choice but to go ahead and use Valley Automotive to repair my truck, but a part that costs retail $191 and is available to a garage for $150, and I am charged nearly $300 plus labor and installation is a total ripoff and dishonest.I will NEVER use Valley Automotive again and reccomend that no one else use the company either.  
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
21, Report #1155344
Jun 17 2014
05:49 AM
Koons automotive Jim koons Beware of KOONS Vienna,va Nationwide
Koons dealership and auto purchasing is to be avoided. if you purchase a vehicle there and have issues, you will not be able to talk to a manager. Jim Koons and his staff have NO publically listed contact information anywhere. The customer service reps will not call you back, the general manager will not respond to any requests. They will take your money, but if you have questions or problems they will simply ignor you. They allow there service personelle to be rude and refuse to answer questions. your car will be in service for extended periods, and they will tell you to go to another dealership if you don't like the service they are giving you. They will refuse to fix common warentee items preferring to bill the customer for a larger profit margin. I placed an order for a vehicle there some years ago and instead of ordering the vehicle i paid for they pawned off a vehicle from another dealer (forgetting to remove the other dealers sticker).  This is fraud. On two separate occasions, two different employees drive my vehicle over 400 miles (damaging the wheels) and to and from work In the other case. i witnessed a couple trying to get their chrome wheels back which had been sold by this same employee. Selling customer property is fraud. The employee was fired Later. I have bought numerous cars from Koons since they have a monopolistic domination geographically, and have been treated rudely by sales and service staff and have been denied warentee work, they pretend to take a picture of your vehicle and send it off to their warentee department but refuse to give yiu copies of the pictures. if you have problems with this dealer you have no recourse and no one to contact. You will be treated rudely, over charged, your car will be in service fir months and you will be told to go elsewhere if you don't like it. If after writing dozens if letters, you try to see the general manager, the secretary will not allow you up to his office. If you try to walk past her, she threatens to call the piolice.  you can write letters but you will get no response. several years ago my credit card was used by a firmer employee to purchase an on line game!  the service directors and staff have a high turnover. Stay clear of KOONS. 
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1147223
May 16 2014
09:07 AM
priceless automotive TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE uniontown pennsylvania
whatever you not buy or lease a car from priceless automotive. why you ask, because they will annoy you with there constant phone calls and they will try to put you in a car you do not want so your payment can be high and they talk to you any type of way. they will hang up on you when your trying understand things and one manager there will cuss you out so do not go there they are very unprofessional. they do not treat ther customer with respect.
Entity: Select State/Province
23, Report #1179837
Sep 29 2014
05:54 AM
Entity: Rogersville, Tennessee
24, Report #1241347
Jul 12 2015
10:21 AM
Berman Automotive Rip Off Baltimore Maryland
 Just purchased a car from here and the engine light is on. I keep taking the car to them to fix and still the engine, light is one. They are rip offs and they cantvor just won't fix the issue.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
25, Report #1245618
Jul 31 2015
09:42 PM
Maag's Automotive Dishonest, Taken Advantage of Sandusky Ohio
 We went on a family vacation to Cedar Point and on the day we were going to leave our car wouldn't start.  We called our auto club and they called Maag's to tow the vehicle.  We had looked on Google for garages with high ratings and told the auto club that is where we wanted it delivered.  The driver told us that the garage we wanted it towed to was no good and they could fix it.  That was the biggest mistake. They looked the car over and said it needed a main computer and that they couldn't get the part until the next day or Monday.  If we wanted the car faster it would cost more.  We chose to pay more if we could get the car on Friday.  Unfortunately because it is a four hour drive we picked up the car after hours but after they charged us $1046.  Not 5 miles from the shop the check engine light went on and it started to sputter.  The same problem we had prior to the repairs.  Obviously they took advantage of a family with three young children on a 95 degree day.  We now have to have the car repaired in New York.
Entity: Sandusky, Ohio

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