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51, Report #51775
Apr 06 2003
07:50 AM
Bank Of America ripoff Tucson Arizona
Another game Bank of America enjoys playing is when ever they choose to excercise their right to make chnges to your account or account status. They 1st make what ever transaction necessary then on the same day they mail you the information informing you of the change. Therefore, you are informed of a problem or situation after it already to late to do anything about it. What do you do when you are desperately in need of cash and B of A has frozen your account or they experience one of the many gliches the have in their system? If Bank of America was as good of an organization as they claim to be. They would inform customers of any problem immediatley and give the customer or themselves at LEAST 24hours to get it fixed. But they don't, they could care less how long you've been a member, how much money you've had in their accounts, what your account history is like, or what kind of hell they're putting people through. All bank of america is concerned about is how much money they can get out of your pocket and into their own! Rob Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Tucson, Arizona
52, Report #140211
Apr 25 2005
11:01 AM
Bank Of America Ripoff Excessive Fees Dallas Texas
Bank of America is now charging a 1% fee on all ATM transactions overseas. Although, they continue to advertise you can use over 14,000 ATM's worldwide free of charge, they neglect to advertise the 1% surcharge. David Carrollton, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Texas
53, Report #151545
Jul 27 2005
11:52 PM
Bank Of America ripoff Walnut Creek California
My Husband opened a account with B of A so he could cash his paychecks instead of going to check cashing places. Well since he has done this, he has gotten conterfeit $100.00, twice and a $50.00. Of course you know the banks the the bills and you, well you're out that money and nothing gets done. How well do they train their personnel? Thanks for reading this. Karen antioch, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Walnut Creek, California
54, Report #253726
Jun 11 2007
01:55 PM
Bank of America rip off Artists Reno Nevada
I am responding to the initial question of unearned fees. Outrageous fees charged to my checking account with B of A. I was overdrawn 1.42 got charged 35.00 for them to cover it. Then when my deposit did not hit the same day, (it hit the following day), they promptly returned it to the merchant, and charged me ANOTHER 35.00 Wayne Reno, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Reno, Nevada
55, Report #224655
Dec 10 2006
05:20 PM
Bank Of America MBNA Transfer MisTruths Internet
In October B of A switched MBNA to thier online system. I could no longer access payments through thier system. I called made a phone payment, and they said they would take care of all intrest, late fees, etc. Until it could get fixed. I called 2 Weeks later... 2 1/2 hours on the phone for them to say it would still be a while. @ more weeks and 2 1/2 hours later to get hung up on. Sent out 62 e-mails with no responses. Finally went to a branch to ask and they said I had late fees and intrest that needed to be taken care of? After talking to 10 people they were going to do me the COURTESY of waving the late fee, but nothing else as I was at fault. for not contacting them sooner? This really isn't a life or death thing, I am just tired of companies not caring, or saying one thing then doing something else. Howard Richardson, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
56, Report #229914
Jan 11 2007
08:20 AM
Bank Of America ripoff INSIDER FACTS Nationwide
I have been in the banking industry for many MANY years, currently i am employed with Bank of America and have been for over 8 years; my position is that of Team Manager in customer service. HERE ARE SOME FACTS YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW: - Did you know Bank of America intentionally abuses Regulation CC. (which establishes deposit hold lengths and reasons) because most customers are not aware of how it is applied?! Holds are constantly extended by an inexistent dept. called LRM (Liability Risk Management, which never seems to have any consumer contact) using this they can justify any and ALL OVERDRAFT fees that are caused due to the extended hold!! - Did you also know that Bank Of America is the only bank that postpones the release of holds (even after the verification of funds, stop payments, etc)until the business day after the scheduled date on the reciept given... {eg. Hold Release date 01/05/2006 the funds only become available on 01/08/2006 after 5pm!!!} We also claim that these holds CANNOT be released.....; oh yes they can: given certain criteria of course (mainly how much money you have and how often it was made!) -Remaining on the topic of Holds: Bank Of America is required to refund all overdraft fees caused by check deposits made though the ATM machine, as no hold notice is given at the exact time of the deposit....; guess what : they don't !! -Recently Bank Of America has introduced to it's associates the infamous now patented Refund Request Tool ..... this is a tool that gives an automated decision as to how much money the customer DESERVES to have refunded whether it be Overdraft Fees, Monthly Maintence fees, Stop Payment fee or any other fee; the decision is based on account history, past fees, AVERAGE BALANCES, etc. Which means that the more money and accounts you have, the better your chances for refund! The only problem with this tool though is that once one person makes a decision it's FINAL: so if you get someone who is unpleasant or someone who doesn't even discuss the issue with you, even if you file a claim you probably won't get your money back!!!! -Bank of America is entitled (as it once stated in one of the older versions of the Deposit Agreement) to change your account type at any given notice...., which as we all know: the wrong account will cause Monthly Maintenance Fees. This includes setting up and disolving the Advantage Relationship, Overdraft Protection and completing various account maintenance at will all WITHOUT NOTIFICATION!! -Bank of America, as we all know covers most states in the US, therefore interstate deposits shouldn't be a problem, correct?! WRONG! Bank of America delays manually the processing of an out of state deposit (even if it is made before the cutoff time) an extra business day in most cases; and 2 extra business days in other cases [such as from California to another state and Vice-Versa; Washington state & Idaho the same!] This obviously causes MORE OVERDRAFT FEES!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't think this is unfair or don't believe me : try making the SAME deposit in an ATM machine.... the automated teller doesn't recognize {and doesn't care} what the state is, it will post the same day (in accordance with cutoff times, of course!) So it would make more sense to ALWAYS USE THE ATM FOR INTERSTATE DEPOSITS, right?! Well, these are just a few of the many ways Bank Of America, among many other financial institutions, uses it magnitude to push the 'smaller' customers around without them being aware of ANYTHING at all. BE CAREFUL & USE THIS INFORMATION WISELY Anonimo Rotten Apple, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
57, Report #181687
Mar 17 2006
03:32 AM
My name is Frankie. I do agree with many here that Bank of America reps are extremely friendly. I also agree that a customer should manage there account properly so they wont incur NSF charges. I have been a Bank of America customers for 9 years and I just don't understand how there are able to get away with some of the things they are doing to there customers. We need to fight them by all means because they have on ethical practices. I had no idea that so many people were experiencing the same NSF issue with this bank. The things they do to maximize ripping off there customers is just something that you would expect happening in smaller bank branches. It is interesting to note that many small bank branches do not engage in the same practices that this bank is involved in. Many small branches have the technology to post thing to an account in real time. Bank of America pride themselves in improving technology to make there customers banking experiences easier. These technologies includes there online banking, ATM, and other operations within the bank. There is absolutely no excuse for there reckless behavior, except for developing schemes to maximize their profit and apparently robbed there customers blind. I think they missed some of the rules on good business practices. For example every time they do wrong to one customer that customer tell as many people who listen to them. It hurts the Bank in the long run. People usually don't spread the good but they surely talk about the bad. Ok my problem with this bank. I once had over $170.00 in NSF fees, and I called them and I was told I needed to monitor my account more closely. The supervisor suggested I use the Online banking to monitor my account. The fees were my entire fault because I am a brain injured patient and the person who takes care of my account was on vacation. I started monitoring my account using the online banking which I found convenient and easy for me because of my disability. Friday March 10, I had a balance of 326.95. That same Friday I made two purchase totaling 201.00. It left a total in my account of 125.95. Monday morning I recheck my account and I had 125.95. I try to take out 130.00 and the ATM said insufficient funds. I remember that I had 125.95 so I took out 120.00. That left a total of 5.95 in my account. I recheck the on line banking after I arrived home and my account said the balance was 5.95. Tuesday morning my account was overdrawn and 3 NSF charges were applied. Ok what happen? A claim that I had a month ago was denied so Tuesday they toke the funds back for that claim. So, although this claim was not on the pending column on Friday nor on Monday. Bank of America decided that they will apply it to the account on Tuesday. They also decided that they will charge me 2 34.00 charge for the 2 transactions on Friday and one 34.00 charge for the ATM transaction on Monday. If this is not clearly robbing a customer then I really don't know what to call it. If this claim was pending Friday or Monday then there actions would have been justified. There explanation is the same BS they tell other customers who have posted here. There is absolutely no justification for what they have done to me. I am so frustrated that I am going to stop my SS direct deposits. Please forgive my grammar. I have tried my best to proofread it but as I mention above I am a brain injured patient. They probablly know that they will get away with this because of my disability and difficulties I have communicating on the phone. Thanks all for listening Frankie SECANE, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: SECANE, Pennsylvania
58, Report #197450
Jun 21 2006
11:18 AM
Bank Of America ripoff Rosemead California
I was a customer of Bank of America in Rosemead CA, located on the corner of Kelburn/Garvey. In 1975 or 1976 I went on maternity cause at that time unemployment didn't apply.I opened a savings account in order to cash my welfare checks. For 31 years I have been searching for the $400.00 they kept. At the time I went to cash my check, I was advised that my account was closed due to the reason, that I didn't have $4,000 in the account. The supervisor in charge took my savings book & haven't been able to find out what happen to my money. No one can help me with name/address/social security number. Apparently they deleted my account from their system. I have checked with State Controller's office, wrote to main office of Bank of America & my letter returned, address unknown. Everybody tells me to quite searching, but I am not a quiter! Can anyone help me. Thank you for your time & cooperation. Manuela West Covina, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Rosemead, California
59, Report #197634
Jun 22 2006
02:38 PM
Bank Of America ripoff's legal thieves. Springfield Missouri
I was reading were another person was complaining about NSF fees from Bank of America. I have had the same problems with this bank. They charge you outragious fees for this. For one check they charged $31 for one day and then the next day charged $34 for the same check. I called to see why they did this and their excuse was we do not refund fees we charge. Second incident I have had with this bank is my husband lost his debt card and we reported it. After that we went to get a new card. They told us they are not allowed to give him another card since we did not open our account in this state. If we wanted a new card that day to go back to Florida. Third incident Stupid me ran out of checks before I realized that I was out. I ordered new ones and went to the bank to get temp ones. They told me we do not have such a thing. Go order new ones. Fourth incident My Mom gave me a check and I went to cash it. The bank told me I could not cash it and that it was going to be on hold for a week. I had to wait a week to get the money. How crazy is that? Fifth incident I deposited money into the ATM. A couple weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating there was no money in the envelope and they were going to take the money out of the account since there was no money there. I put cash in the envelope. Go figure. Could some dishonest person in the bank take the money and say there was nothing in there. As soon as we move closer to a military base we are cancelling this account. How can anyone stay in business being this crooked? Mrs. Springfield, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Springfield, Missouri
60, Report #188844
Apr 27 2006
09:15 AM
Bank Of America deception, false information Brandon Florida Internet
I am telling my story of Bank of America in the hopes that I can get advice and perhaps help on how to resolve this horrible issue. I've called several lawyers and spoken to several people and it seems that everyone is either afraid of helping or think that going against this institution is hopeless. No one wants to touch it. In May of 2002 my husband applied and received home Equity Line of Credit from BOFA so that he and his friend can start a business (which is another horrible story). I wanted no part of it. By September of the same year, after he had used a lot of this money to get the business up and running, he said that the bank wanted me to come in. I went along with him and a woman sat in an empty office and handed me a paper to sign. All the paper had was signature lines. I asked her what it was for and she informed me that it was just letting us know that you're aware that your husband took out this loan. I asked will this mean you'll come after me if he doesn't pay, she assured me that no that won't happen, I assure you it's all just to let us know that you know. She proceeded to go into the desk and take out a stamp and stamped the paper. I trusted and believed them. After all, a Bank wouldn't deceive anybody. WRONG! My husband died suddenly of a massive heart attack in April of 2005. I am still grieving. In the meantime while my life is turned upside down, I am assuming that his partner is paying his portion of this loan. Well, he wasn't and isn't. I called the bank several times and told each and every one I spoke to of my husband's death. I was given different stories. I told them to close all his account (checking, savings, etc.) and they said I couldn't do that because he had to. Okay, how? I went in there with papers from a judge proving I now had the right to close. They said I had to call here and there and do this and that. I got nowhere. I top of which I had no money. In September of 2005 I was served with foreclosure papers from BofA. I was devastated. What else could go wrong. Why are they doing this. Why is my name on these papers, I had nothing to do with it. I didn't borrow the money. I tried telling them what was going on, no one would help me. Oh my, what am I going to do? They were after me with a vengeance. I couldn't sell the house because it in my husband's name only, so how to pay them? What'll I do? I hired a probate lawyer. I gave him the foreclosure papers and explained to him what was happening. He was bewildered. I showed him all the statements and he wondered which one is for the line of credit. It's ambiguous. I never know what I'm paying. I had to come up with $7000. to re-instate everything. Tried working with them again, since they continue to charge for an insurance against the not yet closed checking account so charging fees for not having money to pay for the insurance that should have been cancelled a year ago, as requested. It's a vicious circle. Now the statements are saying that my minimum payment is $6000. and growing, WHY? I can't get answers, or anywhere. This is so unfair. I don't know what to do and am so scared that foreclosure is imminent. I don't know what to do. I'm going crazy. E. brandon, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
61, Report #173936
Jan 30 2006
02:58 PM
Bank Of America ripoff San Francisco California
Consumers beware! When checking our bill for our BofA VISA card this week-end I noticed a charge for $99.99 from a travel service. We immediately called customer service for B of A, and the girl said oh yes they know who they are. We asked if they could tell us, since this was an unauthorized charge on our account. The girl said you can call them, but they're not opened on the week-ends. How did this happen? You know all of the flyers you get when you open your credit card bills? Well, I for one throw them away as I am not interested in buying a diamond ring, or a pen set through this kind of crap. Well, apparently, they are one of the flyers and if you don't take a look at this flyer it says in small print that you need to return this flyer or they will charge your account. Bank of America is fully aware of this fraudulent act, in fact, they're probably making money off of it. The girl would not help us at all. I personally don't read all of the junk mail we get, didn't think I had to. So, everyone be careful, look at what you get from these crooks. I'll update you with the name of the company as soon as we find out. Lexi Concord, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Francisco, California
62, Report #206346
Aug 16 2006
04:08 AM
Bank Of America ripoff Phoenix Arizona
We have been banking with Bank of America since 1991 when it was Barnett Bank, then Nations Bank. We have had a mortgage, a boat, a car, three credit cards and three checking accouths with them. As long as we had money going into the bank they were happy as clams. When the market dropped in 2001 and we lost our jobs Bank of America has treated us like dirt. One ATM card was used over the weekend and it showed an overdraft of 34.19 Bank of America charged us 170.00 in over draft fees. I contacted the CEO and had it reduced. We were charged 34.00 five times when the overdraft was just 19 cents over one overdraft fee. We had two credit card accounts with them. We have been trying to pay down. The bank continuously sabotages our efforts. My husband finally quit paying, it went to lawyers we set up a payment plan and were suppose to get payment coupons before August 10th to pay by August 15th. To date we have not seen any payment coupons. I asked for a reduced interest rate because I lost my income. They put me on a payment plan of six months. It was suppose to be auto deduction. They did so for four months, then they requested an additional month or they would send it to a lawyer. I fought it because I had been put on a plan by them. In June they took out two months worth of payments, July nothing and August nothing. My six months are up in September, they are now going to say that I didn't pay. It was auto deduct. They dropped the ball. I have no address in which to send a payment and I can not transfer out of my checking into my credit card account because they closed the account. How am I suppose to pay when they do not offer me an address to send a payment to. They deliberately do this so that we can not reduce our balance and end up going to court or paying until we die. I have gone to the Attorney General in my state and the Federal Trade Commission and they do nothing. How is a customer suppose to get help when even their state won't back them up Theresa Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
63, Report #238584
Mar 08 2007
04:29 PM
Bank Of America fraudulent NSF charges Ripoff Internet
I was a loyal Bank of America customer. I had been with them for more than 7 years. I made a deposit and was given a deposit slip and was sent on my way. I look at my bank account everyday on line. I checked it the next day to make sure that the deposit was credited to my account (which I always do) and noticed about mid-week that checks and debits that I had made were being returned but the money was still in my account. On top of that I was getting NSF charges. I quickly called BOA and was told that the deposit I made was put on hold. I have NEVER in the 7 years that I had been with them, EVER had a check held. I was told that it was being held for 3 days. Aren't the tellers required to tell you if they are going to place a check on hold? The result of that was TEN NSF charges totaling $340.00. I called BOA and was told they would not reverse them. I asked why the check was held? It was from a hospital and down by the signature line it read for verification call 1-800-000-0000. There was absolutely no reason for them to hold the check. I quickly left BOA. Since I have left I have been told by friends and acquaintences that similar things have happened to them by BOA. Someone needs to stop this practice of stealing money from their clients. I wish I could find others that have been screwed over by BOA and band together and sue them! Thank you. Robin Disputanta, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
64, Report #262164
Jul 20 2007
03:18 PM
Bank Of America Need address for Bank of America Ripoff Internet
I am having a lot of difficulty getting answers from Bank of Americas customer service staff and their supervisors. Customer Service seems to have no power to fix problems anymore. I get a lot of canned answers when I use their online message service too. I was wondering if anyone had a mailing address for someone at Bank of America who has real power to help me. I feel if someone in power heard my dilemma they would help me. Basically it's about having the abilty to transfer money into my checking account from outside the bank. I am an internet only customer of theirs who lives 500 miles from the nearest banking center (strangely, we do have BoA non-deposit ATMs in the area so I can get cash out with no fees). Why do I bank with them then you may ask? The banks in my area truly suck. BoA has services my local banks don't offer, a great website and I earn airline miles with my checking accounts debit card. Well, anyways, I keep a small account at a local bank just to have a place to take paper checks and cash to deposit. On BoA's website you can initiate a transfer from an outside bank. There is 3-day and next day delivery. For some reason you have to earn the right to have the abilty to transfer money in next day. Well, when I do initiate a transfer, the money is deducted from my local bank account the very next business day, but BoA does not credit me this money for another 2 business days. Every single one of my transfers goes through no prob. It's not like I am transfering money in thats not there. I have been using this transfer feature for years now and I never have fit the crazy complicated criteria for having next day transfer rights. I have gotten overdraft fees charged to me because of this. (Yes, overdrafts are my fault and before anyone harps on me about it, I keep a check register that I update daily, but I am human and have made mistakes, I see the overdraft before it will happen but am powerless to deposit money quickly to prevent.) Well, since so many people have dealt with BoA on this forum for various problems, I thought I would see if anyone had an address for someone at BoA who I could write to about my dilemma, who may actually have the power to help since customer service is powerless. I will probably get turned down but I would at least like to try. Shannon Elyria, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
65, Report #313796
Mar 01 2008
06:37 PM
Bank Of America Rip Off Interest Rates from Bank of America Willmington Delaware
I was informed by BOA that my interest rate on my credit card was going up to 27.99 %, so I called to find out what was going on. I was told that I was only making the minimium payment on cards,which is not true since my credit rating just went up to @ 680 for paying ahead of time and paying more than the minimum and that I had used my credit cards more often recently.I've had their card since 2003. I was told I could refuse to accept this ripoff in writing, but that I could no longer use the card or the 27.99 % would go into effect.Needless to say,I refused their offer and cut up the card. I recently read in Forbes that BOA is doing this to alot of their customers that pay on time to recoup all the cards they sent out to dead beats on their pre-approved offers.Don't let this happen to you. Hezakiah Philly, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Willmington, Delaware
66, Report #337458
Jun 05 2008
01:30 PM
Bank Of America Yet again Bank of America screws a loyal customer Hartwell Georgia
I checked my account online today and found that I have 4 overdraft fees.I always check my account before I make any purchases and I keep up with all of my checks that are out. I checked my account one day and 3 of these items had posted and cleared. They were not pending. Several days later I made a purchase that I knew would result in overdraft fees. I checked my account today and found that they rearranged all of my transactions high to low so that they would all result in overdraft fees. Please spare the don't spend money that's not in your account comments. First of all, sometimes as the only one working and 5 children to feed, this is a necessity. Not to mention if the bank considers this a courtesy, don't tell me not to take advantage of it. I completely agree that this one transaction should have resulted in an overdraft fee, but it is completely absurd that they would rearrange transactions in this way. I have heard their way of explaining why they do that, but since all of the transactions are paid, how can they justify clearing the larger ones first because of their importance? The smaller ones clear just the same, they just make sure to do it so that they can profit from the fees. Despite what anyone may say, I was NOT informed of this procedure when I opened the account and I DO read anything that is sent along with my statements and I have NEVER received any type of notice regarding high to low posting procedures. If that is the procedure why does it only apply to overdraft? Why do all transactions not post this way? Because they can't profit from that so why bother? When I contacted a CSR, she told me that she completely understands my point, but that she couldn't offer a refund. I actually had a good experience with the CSR as she was very understanding, but it wasn't getting me anywhere. I began to question how they notified customers of this change if it wasn't in place upon opening the account and she really had nothing to say except that we like our customers to be notified of changes. So I told her that there must be something I could do because it was not stated in my account agreement and I can prove that. And to that she replied that her manager just told her that she could refund 35.00. She also suggested as I'm sure many of you will, that I use my register to record transactions. My reply to that was (and is to anyone who suggests it) what good will it do if things are just going to be rearranged? Had I recorded my transactions would they not be in the order in which I made them? I still would have ended up with the last one as the only one that resulted in an overdraft fee, so how would that have helped? I certainly could not have known that I was going to have to make a purchase resulting in an overdraft fee and go back and rearrange the items myself. A register is useless if they rearrange transactions. And the CSR agreed fully. No this wouldn't have happened had I not made the last transaction, but come on, as I said before don't tell me bounce protection is a courtesy if you expect me not to use it. (And if you must know, it was for a sick child's medication) Pamw Hartwell, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Hartwell, Georgia
67, Report #327516
Apr 20 2008
04:13 PM
Bank Of America Bank of america overdraft fees are bullshit Tampa Florida
I have had the same problem with bank of america that I have read about from others, they are right they are crap. I resently have had customer service people hang up on me because I was pissed off about the fees. I look at my account online and theres money and everthing I used my card for was showing then all of a sudden I have four $35 dollar bank fees because their system is screw up and they of course take their money then show me as owing them more money because they took all my money that was suppost to go for a electric payment. I make a payment one day then they say it was done until another day but yet they charge me for using the card that day, if your confused so am I. None of this makes any sense at all and something is seriousely wrong, how can they do this when in all acuality I had the money until they took theres. I have recently sent them e-mails concerning this and have let them know that I will discourage others from using bank of america if they do not resolve this matter, I won't my money. If anyone else has had this happen to them I would love to hear from you. Bank of America doesn't care about their customers all they want to do is rip people off. Crazysteph28 tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Florida
68, Report #325259
Apr 11 2008
05:11 AM
Bank Of America Bank Of America Rips Its Customers Off With Know Respect Frisco Texas
Bank Of America has been my bank for over 5yrs and in the past 5 yrs it has been ripping me off with over draft fees and return fees. They post a pending traction and shows the money is avalibale and goes as far as to clear it and then comes back and charges you return check fees for not having enough funds. I am just really upset because we trust in a banking system that is trying to rip us off. We are better off in putting our money in a shoe box and hiding it. We allow them to use our money for a little of nothing and then rip us off to. The way to days world is we need to put our money were we can trust it will be there. I will soon be closing out 5 accounts with bank of america. I care not for them. I understand now why they are the number one lender they rip people off. I am better off with a nobody bank then a bank that is full of false hope. Angela allen, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Frisco, Texas
69, Report #853008
Mar 13 2012
06:53 AM
Bank Of America Bank of America unethical/unfair business practices Internet
Basically what happened is that last month I called to make a payment with my Chase bank account but had no checks so gave them my full account # which had 6 zeros in front since they said they needed FULL account#. Never came out of Chase account and came back as account not located with BofA. I called back and they didn't know what was wrong so I said well, I opened account in CA but now live in CO where I bank, do you think you might need CO routing #? They said, yes let's try that. 3 days go by, payment returned not locating account. Called Chase and they said do NOT use 6 zeros, give them other numbers though. Called BofA, and tried that..payment took. Called this month to make payment and they have closed my account (without notifying me) for previous 2 returned payments. They admitted it was account # keying error on part of their reps, transferred me to credit dept. Credit dept runs my credit and says due to my student loans in default (one paid off weeks ago & not updated on credit yet and the other deferred for a year) they won't re-open the account. They stated I have EXCELLENT payment history with them for over 5 years and they admit the closing was THEIR error (and last payment I made was reflecting in credit line) but can't reopen my line of credit. What makes it worse is that over that week or so I was calling them proactively trying to figure out what was wrong so I could pay THEM. This is how they treat me. It's just wrong.
Entity: , Internet
70, Report #823336
Jan 16 2012
07:23 AM
Bank of America Bank of America Modification rippoff Dallas, Texas
 I had got behind on my mortgage because of loss of wages and Bank of America said they would help me keep my house so for months i sent in pay stubs from my new job that i made much more at and bank statements and i called every week like they told me to, and one day i called them and they said the modification was stopped because they called me and left a message to call them i didn't  return their call so i asked what number did they call and it was a number for a business that was never associated with my account so a manager said he would have them reopen the account and call me back in an hour which never happened and this went on for a couple more weeks no one would help or even return calls. 
Entity: Dallas, Texas
71, Report #564471
Feb 04 2010
11:02 AM
Bank Of America - BofA BofA Bank of America is a complete rip off Internet
This is to all customers of B of A which I will never be part of. Good News the Attorney General of NY is suing B of A. Hope they get investigated and shut down as needs to be done to Regions and Wachovia which is now part of Wells Fargo another rip off company.New York AG filing civil charges against BofA
Entity: , Internet
72, Report #461083
Jun 12 2009
10:54 AM
Bank Of America Bank of america - Steals money from your account Tampa Florida
Bank of america is not a bank that looks out for the consumers best interest. They will find any way that they can to take money out of your account without permission and any notification. I opened my account over 4 years ago with Bank of ameica. They never onced charged me a monthly maintenance fee. All of the sudden they decided to start charging me a fee for the 1st to months they charged me $5.95. This month they decided that they needed more money and raised the fee to $8.95 per month. I was not notifed in any way that one- they were going to charge me a fee and two- that once they started charging me a fee that they were going to increase the amount that they were charging. I will be closing this account and I suggest that if you want to work with a ETHICAL BANK, DON'T BANK WITH BANK OF AMERICA!!! GEORGE P Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
73, Report #526120
Nov 19 2009
08:48 PM
BANK OF AMERICA Private Assist Bank of America Private Assist, No registration record, but ongoing deductions Internet
I opened a new checking account with Bank of America in 1st week of Sept. As part of the card activation I apparently applied for Private Assist and I had no clue when it happened till I got hit by a 12.99 hit on my account in mid Oct.I called up the Private Assist and the associate told me that they did not have any records of my registration and told me to fax my drivers license and proof of address. When I asked how the deductions happened without having my registration record, they said they cannot verify till I send the docs. I faxed the docs and and a cancellation request and also went and spoke to the Bank manager but she couldn't help me much other than giving me the deduction reference number and customer service number of Private Assist. 4 weeks later,last week, I got a letter confirming the receipt of my cancellation letter and was asked to call again for more information as they needed more information.In the mean time, I was charged again. I called today and believe it or not, first they had no record, but after I persisted, they found my record, but could not access it as they couldn't not verify me and was asked to fax my drivers license (again) and the bank statement to prove the deduction, to prove my identity so that they can access their records to cancel the account they had...when again I questioned the logic of deductions happening inspite of my ghost record, they wanted the docs to be faxed. Long story short, i went back to the bank manager and she was helpful enough to call up the same agent and presto!, now they could access my records and as per the bank manager has canceled it with full refund. The refund will happen in another 15 business days. Is there any official reporting agency to investigate this non-registration but real deductions happening?
Entity: Internet, Internet
74, Report #673842
Dec 21 2010
06:29 AM
Bank of America Bank of America Home Loans Bait and switch , Internet
My local branch told me I would have to take out $4,000 from my account to refinance my mortgage. After 3 1/2 months, the refi was to close on a Monday. Then the people involved told me to re fax some of the papers already faxed and the closing would not take place that day. (Did they lose them)? The next Monday the refi was to close again, but this time they said I needed closer to $8,000 from my account to close. I complained and they lowered it to $6,000 plus, but it is still a lot more than they first said when I started to process. They had me waiting all day on both Monday's when I could have been working. They never returned my calls. I left messages on their voice mail, but they were ignored. To me, this was a bait and switch. $4,000 would have been alright with me, but not $6,000 or 8K.
Entity: Internet, Internet
75, Report #527053
Nov 21 2009
09:15 PM
bank of america Bank of america Trashes Fallen Marine Hero gaffney, South Carolina
The Bank of america in Gaffney South Carolina refused to allow the american flag be placed in front of there bank during the Fallen Heros funeral procession.  To those who dont know what this means,  Its just where small flags are placed on the street or route where the funeral is going to be driving to the burial site.  Very simple and very patriotic.  This soldier selflessly gave his life for his Town, his state and his  country.    The bible states there is no greater love than for those that lay down there life.  This Bank should  not be called Bank of America, it is one of the worst Banks in ripping off people in fees  and credit card interest rates.   I say to every United states veteran who reads this go down to the bank of america  that you have your checking account in and remove your money and close the acccount.  Every veteran shoulld boycot this bank of america.   They are greedy crooks thats running this bank and I am ashamed of my self having opened an account 19 years ago when they were called nations bank.  I call upon everyone to boycot this bank of america and go to a bank that doesnt charge a lot  in overdraft fees or these perdatory fees as it is called.    Sincerely Cournal Abrams
Entity: gaffney, South Carolina

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