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1, Report #1395585
Aug 25 2017
01:40 PM
 Robert Dececco Bob DeCecco set up an independant consulting job for me and 3 friends we paid him $1500 and then he disappeared with no contact since! Sarasota, Florida Internet
 Bob DeCecco reached out to me looking for some help in a transition to San Diego from Florida. We had done some previous work together, he worked for a website company that I was a client of and his knowledge was strong. So a couple years later when he reached out to me, I created a independant contractor job for him to help him make some income. Unfortunately, I got 3 of my friends involved in hiring Bob for the job, and 3 out of the 4 of us made our first payment to get Bob started. I had so many red flaggs that I dismissed over course hindsite is 20 20. Once Bob secured $1500 through all or our paypal accounts, the next week he said he got into a car crash and had a seasure. Then he said he would start for us after he finished this other accounting job on Monday. And here we are 1 month 1/2 later and he has not returned any calls or emails. Today, I want to make sure no one else gets taken advantage by Bob, he was very smart and savvy but as all recruiters say you have to call references!!! I didn't of course :(
Entity: Internet
2, Report #130891
Feb 21 2005
11:40 AM
Bob Lewis, Bob Lewis VW, Bob Lewis Volkswagen, Bob Lewis Volkswagen-Hyundai-Suzuki, Bob Lewis VW Fremont INSIDER REPORT: Alleged Deceptive Trade Practices. Ripoff! San Jose California
Bob Lewis VW-Hyundai-Suzuki sells many of their items in finace including the Safety Key, by giving customers a false or inflated payment quote during negotiations. I know, I worked as a new and used car salesman for Bob Lewis Volkswagen-Hyundai-Suzuki in San Jose, CA for 2 years. If you dare to go to Bob Lewis to purchase a vehicle beware! The company as a practice inflates the monthly payment which is quoted to you in the final negotiations. If you are financing through BLVW (acting as your broker), in the negotiation process you will be quoted a monthly payment written on a negotiating sheet called a 4 square. This monthly payment, based upon the quoted interest rate and the length of the loan should be an exact number, however BLVW as a practice, deliberately quotes you the buyer, a payment about 5% to 10% higher than it actually is. For example, if you are financing $10,000.00 dollars at 5.9% interest for 60 months your payment should be exactly $192.86 per month. The monthly payment that you will be quoted at BLVW will be around $213.86. That payment is $21.00 dollars higher than it should be. If you calculate $21.00 dollars times 60 months it comes to $1,260.00 dollars. Why does BLVW do this? So that when you go to finance to sign your loan contract, the finance sales person can sell you $1,260.00 dollars worth of extras without raising your payment. This is how so many of the Safety Keys were sold at such an incredibly inflated price. Bob Lewis calls this extra money they falsely build into the inflated monthly payment a Leg, or easy way for the finance department to sell you something you don't want or need or at the very least sell it to you for 10 times what its true value is. This is common practice at BLVW and (alledgedly) it is a DECEPTIVE AND UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICE and highly illegal. Bob Lewis has mark up's as high as $2,995.00 dollars over and above the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on many of its new vehicles. And will the company offer you true wholesale value for your trade-in should you decide to purchase one of its overpriced new or used vehicles? On the average you will be quoted a value approximately 20% below Kelly Blue Book's suggested wholesale trade-in value. If you finance your vehicle through BLVW (acting as your broker), expect to pay anywhere from one to four percent over what the company is actually buying the rate for from the lender, resulting in a kick back of hundreds of dollars to Bob Lewis from your new lien holder who gets to charge you an interest rate much higher than you really qualify for. 2nd photo here > ripoffreportphoto2.jpf Bob Lewis Volkswagen-Hyundai-Suzuki sold a gimmick called The Safety Key for many years. The product was installed on all new vehicles as a convienence system for the sales staff so that the ignition key could be left in the car for easy location. Every salesman was issued a universal Safety Key. The cheap item is easily installed by mounting a simple receiver under the dash of the vehicle which places a break in the hot wire. The gimmick is equipped with a universal key which is inserted into the receptical thus reconnecting the vehicles hot wire. The vehicle cannot be started once the Key is removed. That is unless you have any one of the tens of thousands of Safety Keys floating around the Bay area or a paper clip or its equivalent to by-pass this cheap system! Years ago Bob Lewis VW came up with the idea to introduce this Scam to consumers. Buyers puschasing a new vehicle were lead to believe by finance managers that this system had to be activated and is an expensive engine immobilizer. Over the past decade or more Bob Lewis Volkswagen sold tens of thousands of these Saftey Keys for an average of about $500.00 dollars. The actual cost including installation is around $30.00 dollars. The device is nothing but a mechanical connection and is not an electronic state of the art anti-theft device as it was portrayed to be. What unsuspecting consumers also did not and still do not know is that every single Safety Key is exactly the same as every other Safety Key that was sold. This means that tens of thousands of consumers who bought the Safety Key could use their Key to bypass the anti-theft devise on anyone else's car equipped with the Safety Key. This product is an absolute Rip OFF and if consumers knew that they paid 400, 500 or as much as 700 or 800 dollars for this cheap break in their vehicles hot wire, which can easily be by-passed with a paper clip, they would be furious! Especially when they learn that it is not an exclusive Key but rather a univeral key that tens of thousands or consumers who purchased the Safety Key also have. Bob Lewis VW made millions of dollars ripping OFF consumers with this product. DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES? This will be up to a Judge to decide. We need your help in bringing this Rip OFF to justice. Legal action has been served against the employer in February of 2004. Bob Lewis stopped selling the Safety Key soon after they were served with notice of legal action in February 2004. We need more consumers who now know the truth and who want justice, to FILE A RIP OFF REPORT so that this case can be filed for certification as Class Action. If you yourself or anyone you know feels you have been ripped OFF by Bob Lewis VW in this Scam, please File a Rip OFF Report! INSIDER San Jose, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Volkswagen Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Suzuki Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Hyundai
Entity: San Jose, California
3, Report #424216
Feb 14 2009
04:54 PM
Bob Baker Mazda Bob Baker Carlsbad California
I purchased a used Mazda CX7 on Nov. 29 2008. The sales person told me that the vehicle was a Grand Touring and that it came with satellite radio and the car stereo would read mp3's. In my contract it states that the car is a grand touring model. When you run the VIN it is actually a Touring model that is the lower end model. I went back the next day and dealt with the sales person on some cosmetic issues the car had and asked him about the stereo and he said there would be no problem fixing it. This sales person no longer works there. I have been there no less than 5 times about this and the general manager has done nothing thus far. He told me that in the contract it was a typo. They miss represented the car they were selling me telling me it was something it was not. Rikki oceanside, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carlsbad, California
4, Report #560262
Feb 05 2010
12:43 PM
Omni Dual Saw Order the saw on the phone, they charged my account and I never receved the saw. Van Nuys, California
One of our employees was charged for a dual saw but never received it.  He has been on the phone with customer service many times only to me told his order never existed.. Well it did exist because he was charged for it but never received the product.  The reference number for the charge as it is listed on his bank statement is  2469216929900013218858 for $236.61 dated 10/26.  He has been trying to resolve this issue for months now and before we escalate this to Better Business Bureau.  I would like for someone in upper management to finally research this matter and get back to us ASAP.  Jim Frontino is your customer and our employee.  His contact info is below  or you can respond to this e-mail.. This has been going on too long and enough is enough. Please respond to this e-mail ASAP.  Thanks in advance for you prompt attention to this matter.   As of this time they have not contacted our employee or made any efforts to correct this problem.. So far a RIP OFF in every sence of the word!!   Greg , (For Jim ) Torrance, CA
Entity: Van Nuys, California
5, Report #436895
Mar 23 2009
05:47 PM
Bob Watson Liars! Harvey Illinois
I visited Bob Watson on 3/17/2009. Was in about 10 minutes and was told I was approved for a car. Then pops a Impala and was asked if I wanted to go for a test drive. I said sure. Came back and than was pressured to give them a down payment for the car up front, without knowing how much my down payment would be or my APR. Than here comes a supervisor where he starts placing x's on my collections. I look at him like Okay, I'm here to start over. He basically wanted me to accept whatever they had to offer. I firmly said NO! I need to know what I will be paying. So I go to financing, where I'm greated by Tammy. She comes up with this ridiculous rate of 24.99%. I said you must be crazy. In walks Mr. Supervisor again and puts some numbers in the system and BAM 19.99%. I thought WOW! Thays much better plus my payments would have been 284 a month. I figured I pay this for a year or two, get my credit score up and refinance. Long story short. The deal is made, I leave with my car. 3/18/2009 I get a voicemail from Tammy stating somethings wrong with my Liscense Plates. I call back, get in touch with her 3/19/2009, and she stated to just come in and switch it. I made it up there 3/20/2009 and I let this one rough looking guy know what the problem was, he immediately says where is the car repeatedly. I'm like hold your horses. Then Tammy takes me in the room and says I just forun out right this minute we couldn't get you financed, we need the car back. Moral of the story. Bob Watson is full of liars and you can tell by the way they look. All of their employees look like snakes. DO NOT TRUST THEM. I'm running out of space or I would say more. Peace Mjt harvey, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Harvey, Illinois
6, Report #1357760
Feb 22 2017
08:16 PM
Bob Trying to scam money
 Bob tried to get me to send money to a shipper by money gram for shipping he said he wanted to buy from me. He said that the money was in my paypal account, it was not in account. I contacted paypal and was advised that this was a scam . Someone needs to do something to stop this guy as I have found several people that this guy with the same number has also tried to scam.
7, Report #1274705
Dec 21 2015
09:32 AM
Debello Digital Marketing Agency DebelloMaaS Debello LLChttp://www.debellomaas.comRobert Emanuel Userous Fees, Charged for services not rendered, late delivery, shoddy work, self admitted failure of service provided, Internet
Beware before doing business with Debello Digital Marketing Agency, a/k/a Debello LLC, owned and operated by a business consultant named Robert Emanuel. After accepting a consulting assignment to help a mutual client of Robert Emanuel raise capital for my clients business, I was asked to help, among other things, evaluate why his website project was not being delivered on time, and how hard it would be to get his website ready for launch. My client was very upset because Robert Emanuel was months late in delivery of this website, he was charging the customer for marketing the site before it was even completed (SEO/SEM, etc). The website design and branding was of poor quality, copywriting which was charged excessively for was poor at best, there was little to any proper QA to the site (other than my client being forced to do the work and identity problems with the functionality). Moreover, Robert Emanuel was charging the client for marketing services to an I completed, broken website as means to make advertising/marketing revenue out of sequence from the original agreement. Robert Emanuel also charged a onerous amount of money for certain services such a Quality Assurance testing. It was so overwhelmingly obvious how excessive the fees were that when confronted about this $20,000 one day QA event, Robert Emanuel of DebelloMaaS admitted it was excessive and credited my clients account the entire amount because essentially he was caught in a lie about services rendered and being charged for something that at worst never happened, at best was horrendous quality workmanship. In my opinion, onerous is being generous, in fact, many others may consider that behavior nothing short of white collar criminal activity worth investigation. To make matters worse, because I was the one pointing out to my client how bad the situation was and proved other vendors could have done the job, better, on time and for less than half the cost, Robert Emanuel has now taken it upon himself to attempt to discredit me personally by posting an arrest an I had for disorderly conduct, which by he way, was recently dismissed because I was falsely arrested and is in the process of being expunged. Regardless of the reason for my arrest at the time (life happens), why would Robert Emanuel make it his mission to defame my character and slander my name? I'll tell you why...because Robert Emanuel wants to use that data point to deflect from the real criminal activity. Taking clients money for underperforming and overcharging. As a matter of fact, I'll be following up this post with an email directly from Robert Emanuel to my client which, in Robert Emanuel's own words apologizes for everything I am posting in this report. If I had to report on all the inappropriate, misleading and outright lying Robert Emanuel did to me and my client, it would fill a volume. So I will leave the reader of this report with this final statement: Buyer Beware and keep your credit card information far away from Robert Emanuel and Debello Digital Marketing Agency, Debello LLC and Learn from my clients mistake of hiring him and find another vendor. Disclaimer: due to the slanderous nature and defamation of my character, It's my intention to sue Robert Emanuel and his company. I don't want or need the money. I just don't want anyone else damaged like me or my client ever again.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #209756
Sep 06 2006
01:45 PM
Bob Wilson Dodge ripoff Tampa Florida
I have a brand new 2007 Dodge Caliber that started with only 10 miles and now has 4500 miles and has a defect they say can't be fixed. The defect is a quarter inch gap on the driver's side front bumper by the headlight. Plus the driver's side front bumper is loose. They also stated that three of their employees have the same defect and I'm the only one that is complaining. I want everyone who purchased a Caliber from Dodge to check for that defect so we can fix this problem. Timothy Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
9, Report #148620
Jul 05 2005
08:22 PM
Bob Watson ripoff Harvey Illinois
hi my name is katina and i went on line to look for a car at bob watson motor sports and filled out an application and the next day i got a call and spoke to a young lady that was the intrenet manager and she got all my info and preaprroved me over the phone and i was garanted that i would drive off the lot with a car so i went on in the next day and sat while they ran my credit and i sat for about two hours and finally they told me i was aprroved but i needed a cosigner because i did not have enough income so i tried to add my husband and then tey said his credit was not good enough and did i have someone else so i said no so they told me that they could not do any thing unless i had a cosigner so i could not understand why i needed a cosigner if i was aprroved. Katina park forest, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Harvey, Illinois
10, Report #283168
Nov 05 2007
10:24 PM
Bob Lanphere KIA Beaverton Beaverton Oregon
We had a airbag light go off while in Idaho so we took our car to a local Kia dealership in Idaho and got the problem diagnosed. The Kia dealership in Idaho said they could order it and have it installed and ready to go in 3 days the only problem was we were leaving in 2 days so we asked if they could give us the paperwork so we could take it our local dealership in Oregon (Beaverton Kia). We obtained the paperwork along with a assurance that Beaverton Kia would be able to order what they needed off the paperwork. We live about 2 hours from Beaverton Kia so when we got home I called and asked if they could order the part we needed and gave them the diagnostic code and the description of the problem. The service manager said that they have to get the code themselves and he will not order a part that any other dealership got the code for. I said ok and hung up. I called the Idaho dealership and asked him about this and he said it is beacuse they know this job is covered under the warranty and want to get paid for the service charge, diagnostic, and installing the new part. In other words they are scamming the people who pay them for the warranty work. I would not care much if we lived close but to drive 2 hours have them put it on a computer for 5 minutes then drive 2 hours home and wait a week for the part and do the trip over is ridiculous. Fearnofish bay city, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Beaverton, Oregon
11, Report #366056
Aug 23 2008
06:18 AM
Bob Hope Slander Hate Speech Los Angeles California
This so called 'man' has intruded into a social gathering I frequently attend and completely slandered everyone involved. I believe it is his intention to completely ruin our lives and fun (lulz, if you will). He has posted indecent, unfair, slanderous, and antagonistic comments about some kind of 'service we provide' although there is no such service. Many of us are emotionally shattered and are no longer able to lead on as before, when attending our gathering. Sometimes we even feel shame that others may believe this man's lies. I plead with anyone who knows this shameless troglodyte to join in our effort to put this man's words back right down his throat. He has violated many California laws over the past few days, invasion of privacy, libel slander and defamation laws, not to mention simple human decency. Franky, I'm afraid that his mindless and meaningless violent words may turn in to real mindless and meaningless violence. Thank you for listening Mitchell-C Internets, U.S.A. Mitchell-c Datastructure, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
12, Report #1074
Jan 05 2000
12:00 AM
$175 amp head rip-off by Bob Loar
Bob Loar who's e-mail is has ripped me off. I shipped him a tube amp head and got no trade or no $175 check, He also will not return any phone calls . he is the lowest of the lows!!!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #6112
Aug 10 2001
12:00 AM
Bob Adams Automotive Diagnosis ripoff
Hi glad your here! Aug 1 2001, Our 96 Ford Contour was overheating. My husband who is well versed in car care, put in thermostat. It still overheated. We made appt with Bob Adams Repair garage in Bedford, Ohio Aug 6th to diagnosis the problem. This was the closestplace to us, and sign said ASE, meaning (certified mechanic) so we thought. Man said it would cost $30 to diagnose. We left car there in morning and went shopping. We came back 2 hrs later, front hood was up on car, mechanic told us, radiator hose was crimped and all antifreeze leaked out, so he had to put on another hose and refill with antifreeze. He still didnt know what was causing it to overheat. He stated that he would check the thermostat next. He wasn't working just on our car but on several others he had in the shop. Dont really know how long he spent on our car, but if he spent 2 hours on it, a real mechanic would know what was wrong with it no? We asked him what the cost was at that time. He said right now the cost is $82 ($60 for labor and $16 for antifreeze). He would have to charge us another $30 to check thermostat. We said this is ridiculous. $60 and we still dont know the diagnosis?? We took the car home, still without a diagnosis. I called the pres. of Bob Adams Repair next day (Karan Adams) and asked her how couldwe be charged $60 for diagnosis, when we still didn't know what the problem was??? It would cost how much more money to find out??? She said she would look into it and call me back. She never did. On Aug 10 I called her again, asked for her decision. She argued that $60 was for the labor of putting on the belt and antifreeze. WHAT A BIG RIPOFF! We never told this mechanic to put the antifreeze in in the first place. I have already written to the BBB, writing to you and I will write to the Federal Trade next. We are in our 60's, dont need this kind of highway robbery to exist! T hank you for listening and being here for us. Frank
Entity: Bedford, Ohio
14, Report #905130
Jun 30 2012
05:48 PM
Bob Burch Rosanne Pace Internet design Ripoff Wyandotte, Michigan
Bob Burch is a cold calling scammer. I feel pretty stupid after falling for his web blog scam. After many emails and calls, I paid the $375 and then nothing. He responds sporadically to emails and calls but always has an excuse as to why he cannot deliver. I filed with the Michigan AG but they believed his BS story, I am trying to get the case against him re opened since it is obvious he lied to them. (blatantly). Please do NOT do any business with Bob Burch, he is a SCAMMER!!! He uses 248-904-0517 for his cold calling.
Entity: Wyandotte, Michigan
15, Report #622041
Jul 10 2010
02:57 PM
Bob Kilgore Seamus Dills, Mystery Shopper Scam, Internet
I received an eMail invitation to apply to be a Mystery Shopper, which I did.  I received four money orders; two from the USPS, two from CVS MoneyGram, totalling $3,640.60.  I was instructed to cash them, but my bank wouldn't so I deposited them to my checking account.  When the first two (total $1,800.00) cleared, I withdraw $1,450.00 ($1800.00 - $350.00, my pay).  I mystery shopped at WalMart as instructed (spending $53.00 of my pay) and wired $1,335.00 to a man in the Dominican Republic.  The next day, I learned that the two money orders which had not cleared had been returned to my bank.  And two days later, the other two money orders were returned.  This basically wiped out all the money I had in my checking and savings accounts. All four money orders appeared to be perfectly legitimate; in my naievete, I didn't even realize that it was possible to counterfeit money orders.  
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #600257
May 05 2010
10:39 PM
To all people out there dealing with Bob Yao, Please be cautioned this man is not to be trusted. He is very greedy and can harm your organization.This man does not pay his employees and he harms customers by entering them into bad energy contracts.Do not trust your business or work with him 
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
17, Report #993551
Jan 08 2013
04:58 PM
Bob Law Do not hire this man Portland , Oregon
Bob law is a hard money lender. He lends to people who are down on their luck and charges huge interest rates. Leaving the borrower to figure out how they will pay it back...He also has a shady personal life
Entity: Portland, Oregon
18, Report #991660
Jan 05 2013
06:54 AM
Bob Law Is a bad person portland , Oregon
Bob Law hired me. I am a 17 year old escort for a weekend in Vegas filled with sex and gambling. He agreed to pay me $1000. While there he hired a couple more escorts, young male escorts. He only paid me 500 and hasn't paid me the rest.
Entity: portland, Oregon
19, Report #1004272
Jan 27 2013
11:34 AM
Bob Law Portland Do not hire this realtor Tigard , Oregon
Bob Law should never be used by anyone for anything. What he does in his professional and personal life is disgusting. I would advise people to find another realtor.
Entity: Tigard, Oregon
20, Report #958999
Oct 23 2012
04:29 PM
Bob Smetana Buckeye Machinery Misrepresents Products Cleveland, Ohio
Bob Smetana, the self-described President of Buckeye Machinery is about the worst vendor I have even been around. In a business where a person's representations and honest word is vital to a solid business relationship, Smetana is the most dangerous type of business owner. I felt immediately that something was not right about the way he approaches his work, but unfortunately, I continued down the path with him.  I learned the hard way, once again, that your gut is often the most important part of a buying process. Whether Smetana is representing his own personal integrity or that of the products that he sells, he is consistent in his lies. Details that he provided me about his products were inaccurate at best and outright lies at their worst. If you find yourself in the market for the types of products that he sells, I would strongly suggest that you look elsewhere immediately. Don't get sucked in by his assurances and relatively slick tongue. He is to salespeople, what ambulance chasers are to the insurance profession and I would never work with this man again. Finally, and for what its worth, his worst trait is by far his payment history. If you are relying on Bob Smetana to pay you for your products or services, I suggest that you get cash in-hand before you work with him. And if you are on the buying side, get the product before you send payment.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
21, Report #957066
Oct 19 2012
07:34 AM
Bob Rohrman The walmart of car sales lafayette, Indiana
We bought a 2010 KIA soul from your used lot on 52 by 26 from a car sales man brandon Williams. When we bought the car the starter made a grinding sound he told us that all KIAs do that to save battery power. Also when we bought the car the driver side front turn signal did not work and the head lights had c condensation in it. Brandon told us that the water was from the heat and the way to car was parked facing the sun. He also said he would get us a key fob for the car, he just had to find it first. A month later we find out that the starter had to be replaced and the both head lights had to be replaced because they where holding a huge amount of water. Our back speakers do not work our wiper blades are junk and our car was NEVER detailed not when we bought it. And now for the second!! Time I have sat in the little service room for three hours with my new born to figure out what is wrong with my car!! Not only did I buy your extremely expensive extended warranty which clearly states a rental will be provided I asked many people to please give us a loner vehicle so our son doesn't have to sit her with doors slamming and car horns honking! Needless to say I never got ny loner vehicle!!! I never got my car washed and I never got a key fob for my car! I will never ever buy another vehicle from bob ror hman I will never tell a soul to buy a vehicle from this walmart of an auto group and I will be contacting the BBB and filling out every review online as possible. Brandon Williams and bob rohman auto group ripped me off for 17,000$ dollars and provide horrendous customer service and I will be letting everyone know about this!
Entity: lafayette, Indiana
22, Report #1117747
Jan 22 2014
05:33 PM
Bob Kirby Scam artist Heyward California
He had purchased a boom box and also sent me a bad check
Entity: Heyward, California
23, Report #307784
Feb 10 2008
01:26 PM
Bob Brown The Other Bob Brown, Chicago Con Man, Low Life Business Predetor Oaklawn Illinois
Better known as Bob the Clown, this con-atrist is up to his wife's fake eyebrows in pending litigations. Recently he has back stabbed our company in linen/party rentals so he can make some money to pay his lawyers to keep him from going to prison. We delivered the goods at the last moment and went out of our way to help this pathetic low life, in return he never paid us and lost many of the linens. $1032.00 + $450 in missing merchandise. This jerk then tried to shmooze our affiliated banquet facilty on a 1 year lease/with option to buy in which we discovered he already destroyed another similiar business (lost their liquor license, their clientel, owes them many months back rent and took off leaving the poor owners practically bankrupt. This creep could not afford an outhouse let alone stock it with toliet paper! Being also a crybaby on the telephone this shameless subhuman has an aquintance his wife Constance who has various credit cards in different names. Like a Bonnie/Clyde Trailor Trash Business Couple they go around pretending they have banquet halls, catering services and are looking to expand. They look for pre-occupied hard working business owners to suck their life savings out of. Instead he works for Northern Gas & Electric.The good news is he recently lost his home in foreclosuer (probably from one of the litigations). Bad news is he's probably more desperate then ever to screw someone! If you run into this clown and/or his bimbo wife telling you sympathetic B.S. run as fast as you can. Better yet, call the police! Chances are he's got warrants out for his arrest and has been reprted to the Attorney General and should be put in a outhouse he can afford . . Jail! Stan Willow Springs, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Oaklawn, Illinois
24, Report #824401
Jan 18 2012
06:58 AM
Bob Miller/Adcenters Billboards Electronic Billboards Internet Scam,Bob Miller Internet
Bob Miller of Adcenters Billboards has created a fictitious company with fictitios employees, He lures people in by lying to them about his relationship with Microsoft. He has been doing this since 2008,I have filed a report with the FBI,and have contacted numerous people that have been cheated by thim,they have agreed to file also. This guy has to be stopped .
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #841706
Feb 19 2012
10:29 AM
PT Bob Bob Cohen paid in advance for custom parts; never sent grill or tail lights $720.00 Internet
Paid for parts in advance, wired money to bank as asked.  Paid in advance in good faith since custom parts were ordered and is typical procedure for most places. Over a year has passed.  Still owed $790.00 in parts. I filed report with Attorney General's Office. (2010) This man is unethical.  His numbers and emails have been disconnected.
Entity: , Internet

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