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1, Report #1378012
Jun 09 2017
07:07 AM
Viking magazine
 Well they started off as a phone call telling me they had came across my name in a drawing to receive the $250 walmart gift card and asked if i was subscribe to any mags i said no the lady told me i would get some mags for free no upfront payment. Then patched me through to her so call boss who said the same and told me after the call to check my email for the $250 gift card codes which never came by the way. Then went on asking for my ssn i gave it because he said that would be one of the questions they asked at customer service. Luckily i cancel my card after 48hrs but they still have my ssn and im beyond pissed. Im pregnant and have 3 kids already thats why i thought it was a great deal i hope some catches these scammers asap..
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #992984
Jan 07 2013
06:35 PM
Magazine Publishers Service Wouldn't allow me to cancel subscribtion. Montreal, Quebec
received a phone call from this company giving me a very fast and confusing sales pitch for magazines. I don't even know why i fell for this hard sell tactic.  after receiving the first 4 magazines i realized that i really didn't want all these magazines and called them to cancel the subscriptions.  I also realized that I was paying an exorbitant price compared to the shelf prices you might pay at any store.  almost $60 a month for 12 months. i just paid the remainder of my account off via credit card just to stop them from calling me.  i couldn't afford this and now i feel sick that i let them talk me into such a rotten deal.
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
3, Report #105795
Aug 27 2004
07:46 PM
Nme Magazine ripoff Clearwater Florida
OKAY Now IM on to ya. I might not be a lawyer, but i'm not stupid. You people are selling my boys name and pickin his pockets. You should be very ashamed all of you. We are poor people and i know what your company is up too. You are scaming kaniving pick pockets who are not only selling your magazines but your selling his personal account information to other companies and im gonna sue. You put my son in financial dept and on antidepressants. You are giving his account number to mwi connections and mwi homeworks. you are uncaring and strip people of their right, and action will be filed against you. I'm so mad I could spit. Do you people know how much mental anguish you put us through, let alone the financial debt we are going through. Let me tell you something, I'm onto you and you will pay. I will be in touch with lawyer. Rhonda Monroeton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
4, Report #15816
Mar 04 2002
12:00 AM
I was charged $90 for a FREE 1 year subscription to 3 magazines I wanted to try. This charge MUST be removed. I find that there are many others that have been scammed the same way. I tried to call the phone number and got nowhere with the auto operator and was cut off while on hold for a real person. This was my reward for buying from Half.Com who i trusted would not be connected with a SCAM company. Edwin Kidron Ohio Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on NSS Magazines
Entity: Connecticut
5, Report #19962
May 01 2002
07:46 AM
nss magazine ripoff new jersey
I have been trying to track donw this charge on my credit card for two years now, and finally found this website and I think I will be abel to make some trouble now. They have been charging my card for 39.95 every four months for two years. I'm no the best with checking my statement, but on a few months when I did not use the card I was still getting bills, that when I realized I had been ripped off. this whole thing started when they told me I won a free subscription to Sports ill. when I got to the website they asked a whole bunch of infomation ad when i got to the point after entering my credit card I cancelled out. The charges are still hittim g ym card every four months. I will min this battle and if I can sue the heck out of them. jim newbrunswick, New Jersey
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #13965
Feb 12 2002
12:00 AM
NSS-Magazine - Legit Charges, Cancelled Easily
I also had a charge for NSS-Magazine, it was one of those trial offers I did over the internet but forgot about. I DID receive the magazines, but easily cancelled and was told that I would get a full refund in 1-2 billing cycles. I'll be sure to check for the refund, but this is just to say that in my case, the charges were legit (I did place the trial order). Don't jump to conclusions if you have this charge. Call the 800 number, but press 0 at the message until it gets you to a real person (only took about 30 seconds on hold) but had to do it twice. Person was very nice.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #33285
Oct 23 2002
08:32 PM
NSS Magazine ripoff Stamford Connecticut
Like many others, I got offered the free magazines after filling out a survey. Now I have all sorts of charges appearing on my credit card statement. David Syracuse, New York
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
8, Report #253357
Jun 09 2007
09:35 AM
TWX Magazine magazine subscriptions Internet
I originally purchased four magazine subscriptions from TWX to help support my granddaughter's Girl Scout troop. As each subscription expired I was charged for renewals that I did not authorize. I called TWX at 800-773-3142 and after several attempts, got through to a customer service representative. These charges were made to my account four times during the period 5/21/07 to 6/09/07 so I had to call numerous times to address each charge. The customer service representative told me it would take up to 72 business hours for my account to be credited. In fact, the 5/21 charge was credited on 5/23 and I am still waiting for credits to be made for the 5/31 and 6/9 charges. Pending debits will be removed within 24 business hours. TWX business days are Monday-Saturday each consisting of 12 business hours. The customer service representative said to stop any future charges, he would enter a do not solicit in to my account. John Ponte Vedra Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
9, Report #300930
Jan 17 2008
11:20 AM
Ebony Magazine Magazine received not ordered Boulder Colorado
On 1/11/08 I received an Ebony Magazine without requesting it. I questioned my husband about it and since we are both white, we couldn't figure out why I received it. Then yesterday I got home from work and there was an invoice for $15.00 stating that I had requested the invoice. I was planning on returning the invoice with my comment, but then decided I shouldn't have to waste a stamp on something that I didn't request, so when I got to work today, I looked up the information online how to get ahold of someone. I did find one number and called 1-800-999-5954 and called. I spoke with a woman and she showed where I owed the $15.00. I asked her how she go my name and address, she said I probably took some survey online and checked that I wanted to receive a magazine subscription. I told her that I had not completed any survey. She said she would take my name off the list and let them know if I received any further magazines or invoices. I am still a little worried this will end up on my credit report if I don't pay this invoice. The webpage shows the Publishing Company to be Johnson Publishing, 820 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago IL 60605. Sam Greenbrier, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Boulder, Colorado
10, Report #1190382
Nov 20 2014
06:52 PM
national magazine service scam magazine subscription Nationwide
I received a call from this national magazine service company after doing some couponing and they sounded totally legit and the prices seemed like a bargain. While I was hesitant from the beginning after the supervisor took the price from $49.99 to $29.90 for me and promised me $500 worth of gift cards/online rebates, which I was to begin receiving in about a week and haven't seen anything and this was on the 31st of October. I was charged the $29.90 on the 4th of November and have not heard or seen anything else from them. 
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #216376
Oct 18 2006
07:24 AM
MAYRAND PUBLISHERS ripoff Champlain New York
One of our managers got a call from this company stating that they were calling about a renewal to the White Pages - so our manager gets a call from Quality Assurance) and confirmed the information that they had and you know they got her on tape confirming the address and information for them - THEN arriving in the mail is a CD that she never requested (but on their tape she is being told all about it) and an invoice for $409.90 TOTAL dated 9/25 but not arriving until the second week in OCTOBER - conveniently AFTER the 14 day period stated on the invoice that you have to cancel and ship back the stupid thing. She called them and got a MARK in Accounts Receivable - who was a condescending jerk to her- he said he would check into it and call her back and NEVER did - at this point she sends it to me in Accounts Payable to handle. I called them on 10/16 and left a message with our company name, my phone # and the invoice #. Two days later this MARK person calls me back and is totally condescending to me and acting like we don't have any other option but to pay for this RIP-OFF that they pulled on us. ANYWAY, I got them to play the recording of our manager to me and taped it myself so I could play it for the manager in question - she says YEP it was her on the tape (I already knew that) BUT that the other person on the line is not the same person she talked to. HMMMM - so makes me assume that they are not only ripping off unsuspecting businesses they are tampering with the recordings of the conversations to justify the invoice sent out. Another thing - I went to the website that MARK told me we were supposedly listed on as part of this rip-off ( and low and behold this is what I got at the top of the page NOTICE:This Domain Name EXPIRED on 10/08/06 and is pending renewal or deletion talk about adding insult to injury. Needless to say we are NOT paying this invoice DeeDee Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
12, Report #115291
Oct 29 2004
06:26 PM
National Financial Publishers ripoff Riverside California
I placed an order with this company for some grant books using my credit card, but never received. Gary adelanto, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Riverside, California
13, Report #130794
Feb 09 2005
06:52 PM
Publishers Direct Services ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacte at my place of employment, and like another report I read, the magazines sounded like a great deal. I was not told that I would not be able to cancel my subscription at any time. After a couple of months, I decided to move and go to school. No longer being able to afford the subscription I asked to cancel. I was told that I would not be able to cancel the subscription, if I did, I would have to pay the remaining balance which at the time was over $1000.00. I was furious. Not having $1000.00 to pay I have kept paying the monthly fee. About 3 months after the initial phone call, I received another phone call offering an even better deal for only another $15 per month. I never actually agreed as I did not want the original subscription. So, not only am I paying the 24.90 a month I am paying another $15. As I was looking over the accout the payment is taken from, I noticed the the $15 was taken out 4 times. I tried to call the number but it was after hours, then I tried to get on their website, but it is constantly unavailable. I am furious about this company and would love for something to be done about the situation. Michelle lakewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
14, Report #280605
Oct 24 2007
11:02 AM
SEF Publishers Major Ripoff Bradenton Florida
I have been doing bussness with this company for over a yaer now. To begin with the charged me double a couple of months. I called to find out what the problem was I was told it was a mistake but the subscription will just be paid off all the sooner. So I said fine but it cant happen again cause $58.27 twice a month is gonna hurt me my budget.He said it wont happen again he was taking care of it will I was on the phone with him. It continued to happen and I called often to have it taken care of. I said if you cant get it taken care of I need to cancel my account the told me I couldn't. Then after I should have already been paid off they charged $582.70 Which caused my account to over draft. I called and was very upset. They did refund that amount right away. And said my account is paid in full. I told them I believed I was being over charged for months. So I double checked my account and I had to print out my personal bank statements as far back as I could and faxed it to them on in the end of September. They did send me a check for $306.00 and said the account is closed. They were suposed to send me a leter stating that a month ago I still havent recieved it and have been charged over $400.00 since the account was supposidly closed. I call every time I get charged and all I have to do is say my first name and they transfer my to a superviser. I asked what in the heck is causeing the problem and she said it is a computer error. I also asked if this is happening or has ever happened to other customers and they said NO>>>> Well that was a im waiting tfor a letter and another refund of $285.35 This company is very shady dont ever do busness with them!!!!!!! Faith Brodhead, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
15, Report #46715
Feb 24 2003
11:03 AM
National Publishers Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
this company started sending me different publications I never ordered, like Times, Fortune magazines among others. I would like to be taken off their list of clients, which I was never one to begin with. it is very difficult to cancel multiple subscriptions I never ordered, and it is impossible to contact this company so they can stop sending me these publications I do not want. Ruben Lawrenceville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
16, Report #820173
Jan 09 2012
02:50 PM
American Publishers Services Dishonest Morristown, Tennessee
I was contacted and told that I had won a $500 Wal-Mart gift card and a magazine subscription for five years.  I was told all I was going to have to do was pay the shipping for the magazines.  They then asked me if I was willing to pay the shipping which was going to be a one time fee of $49.90.  I said I agreed.They proceded to ask me for my credit card or debit card number for the $49.90 which I gave them.  I gave it to them thinking they were legit.  They took the $49.90 out, then told me it was going to be once a month.  I told them I could not afford that. They said I could not cancel because I had agreed to it earlier in the conversation.  I do feel they lyed to me about winning the gift card and the magazine subscription.  I have NEVER received anything in the mail from them. Not the gift card or a magazine.  Not even something to fill out about which magaines I wanted.  These people are a rip off.  DO NOT speak to them.  If they call you HANG UP!!!!!
Entity: Morristown, Tennessee
17, Report #1135152
Mar 31 2014
03:54 PM
Magazine Publishers Service False Advertising by Magazine Publishers Canada -- most listed titles not available!!!! Montreal Quebec
This company is a fierce fraudster! I only wish I had checked the complaints before I accepted their magazine subscription offer in August 2013. At that time the friendly telemarketer told me about the 5-year subscription package, and though unusual, I did understand paying for the 5 years in advance over the first twelve months. I accepted because I do like to read magazines and could see myself enjoying these for the coming 5 years. She signed me up for 3 titles initially which I had no interest in but she assured me that once processed I could easily arrange to swith any or all of the subscriptions to other titles -- we have sooooo many. So far, so good. I saw charges on my credit card start but no magazines. I contacted the company by email and had no answer. In November 2013 I contacted them through their website contact page to alert them that the PDF link to list of magazine titles was blank/broken. After no answer, I checked again on December 1st and found the list was there; at that point I emailed my request to change 2 titles, one to Flare and the other to Canadian Business, and I inquired about MacLean's which had a * next to it. I received a reply from Ashley Oneal on December 4th that both those titles were unavailable and MacLean's is a premium title but it was not available either. At that point I replied the same day, expressed my disappointment in the lack of titles as the telemarketer had said there were lots to choose from and asked for the CURRENT list of available titles... so I'm still dealing in good faith with them because I had received the personal email response. One month later, on January 4th 2014 I received Ms O'Neal's reply with only 8 print magazines (I did not own a tablet and had no interest in electronic versions). On January 5th I searched online and found complaints about the company for persistent billing and collections; one site recommended cancelling one's credit card to avoid further charges so I did that and then notified them in a reply email to Ms O'Neal that since I have no interest in the current list of titles and that the company was misleading in their telemarketing and website advertising (listing titles not available) that I was in my right to cancel the subscription agreement. I'm so glad that I cancelled my credit card straight away. I figured if they just accepted my cancellation they should be happy having got five months X 4 years' advance payments from me already! February 17th I re-sent my email cancellation message so that they could cease the deliveries. No reply emails to me this time, but the phone calls started and they called every day. In March the calls were coming twice a day, from two different phone numbers now, which I did my best to avoid answering. Mistakenly I answered on March 27th and I said I cancelled it -- I was told the period for cancellation had past but I corrected Gina and said that the advertising was misleading, there weren't any titles I wanted to switch my subscriptions to despite being assured there were lots to choose from and I hung up. Well, that stopped the calls for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but they were back calling me on Monday (today). I have now received a Statement notice in the mail and it says IT IS OUR INTENTION TO PROCEED WITH AN INVOLUNTARY PAY PROCEDURE. ONCE THIS ACTION HAS BEEN SCHEDULED WE WILL BE UNABLE TO STOP. Scary language, eh?! Searching online didn't give me much detail what an Involuntary Payment Procedure might be, especially applicable to this case, so I have come here to Ripoff Report to record my story. I expect they can try to take make a claim against me but I am prepared to dispute it in Court. I've learned my lesson, I will never agree to buy anything from a telemarketer again!!!! 
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
18, Report #213145
Sep 28 2006
04:40 AM
PC Magazine ripoff Stamford Connecticut Internet
Although I have cancelled my subscription for PC MAGAZINE some two years ago, I have discovered that this company has again renewed my subscription without my requesting them to do so. As a result, debit charges have been made on my Master card in the amount of U.S. 39.95. I wrote the company and I was referred to NSS CONT SERV who they claim is the agent responsible for the billing and distribution. Reference number to this transaction is : f193700ll000ixfrt dated Sept. 19th Transaction Number twxX89U99 PC MAGAZINE 800 205 9198 N.Y. I wish to categorically state atht i did not request this subscription and I have no desire to do so. It is rather strange how they got hold of my Credit Card number since I had my number changed after I stopped my subscription a few years ago. I thank you for your kind assistance. Rowell Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut,Internet
19, Report #140100
Apr 24 2005
10:37 AM
NBAF Magazine Subscriptions Ripoff scam Internet
I bought magazine subscriptioins through NBAF and never received the magazines. NBAF is now offline, and there is no physical address or phone number information provided in their receipt. It appears to have been a fraudulent, fly by night business. Don't buy magazine subscriptions from just any old service that appears on search engine results! Steve Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #139823
Apr 22 2005
01:30 AM
Glamour Magazine ripoff Westbury New York
They say I owe them $12. But I never ordered any magazines. Cami Kenyon, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Westbury, New York
21, Report #92644
May 23 2004
04:43 PM
NME Magazine ripoff Westville Oklahoma
I recieved a call, one to to renew a magazine order over the phone. I was to use my credit card and the payments would be set up in thirds throughout the year. They have been taking out every month since then and it should already be paid off. Stephanie westville, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Westville, Oklahoma
22, Report #290806
Dec 11 2007
08:47 PM
TWX Magazine Failure to Notify Stamford, Connecticut
I'm not disputing the fact that my wife ordered the magazines however, I am perturbed that TWX failed to contact us the time of renewal. How is it that a company can do this to a consumer ? After reading the reports on this site, I see that I am not the first one this has happened to. I did get in touch with a C/S manager and I was credited partially for our subscriptions. He stated that a postcard was sent out notifying us of our renewal amount. That I believe is a farce because we NEVER received one. Wouldn't it be nice to see if they have ever sent any post cards to any of their customers. I highly doubt it. I did indeed cancel all of my subscriptions and requested my account information be deleted from their system. The C/S manager assured me that this will happen....We'll have to wait and see i guess. Beware people of automatic withdrawals from your checking accounts. Effenbroke Payson, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
23, Report #289410
Dec 06 2007
12:03 PM
Mailbox Magazine Don't allow cancellation Tamarac Florida
Mailbox magazine called me and said that I had been place in a finalist bracket to win a prize. I asked them if this was a publisher clearing house thing and they said it was. I figured I could trust them because publishers clearing house was a well known company. They went on to tell me I would recieve a watch with a diamond in it and 3 free magazine subscriptions. They also told me I could order another magazine for $2.95 per week. I did not have a calculator at the time and did not realize that over the five year period (which is the length of the subscription) the cost comes out to about $767. I asked them at the time if I could cancel this magazine at anytime and they said yes. The next day I recieved another call from them to confirm the order. I was going through an elevator and did not hear them say that I could not cancel the order once it was placed. (the night before they said I could). When I returned to my desk I did the calculation and relized it was a rediculous price. I called back to cancel and they would not allow me to. I asked for their street address and they would only give me their PO Box. (this is illegal under Florida law... A telemarketer must give their street address). I called my bank and changed my card number so they could not charge my debit card. They now call me every couple of days to ask for a payment and threaten to send me to collections. Another Florida Telemarketing law is that any phone sale is not final unless they send a written contract and it is signed by the purchaser. This has never happened. If this affects my credit score I am going to sue. I am already speaking to a lawyer in Florida to check my options. Bear and anyone else lets join up and fight these scam artists. They need to loose their telemarketing license and be shut down. Drew Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Tamarac, Florida
24, Report #294988
Dec 27 2007
06:34 PM
Magazine City Not a legitimate company Charlottesville Virginia
I ordered an Anime magazine for my daughter on August 3, 2007 through Magazine City. The website said it could take up to 12 weeks for the magazine to be delivered. I waited until mid November but still had no magazine so I filed a complaint with their Customer Service department. They replied via email with the standard response seen by other Ripoff Report customers of Magazine City. So I waited a few days then called their Customer Support. Since mid-November I have spoken to Customer Support 8 times, each time with a similar answer that they would contact the Publisher and find out what the expected delivery date is, and each time I called a few days later to find out what the delivery date would be and always got the same answer - the Publisher was closed and they had no answer yet. It has now been almost 5 months (20 weeks) since I ordered and the ripoff company Magazine City took my money. And of course I'm told that they do not give refunds past the first 48 hours after ordering. Of course the scam is that by the time you have waited the suggested 12 weeks you have already paid your credit card bill and have no recourse such as disputing the charges. I am livid that companies can be so irresponsible and continue to get away with ripoffs like this. I plan to write my complaint on every available complaint website to warn as many consumers as possible if no one else puts an end to their scam. Ginny Boulder, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Charlottesville, Virginia
25, Report #153963
Aug 17 2005
08:27 AM
Magazine Wall ripoff Brooklyn New York
I was billed for two different subscriptions and never got the magazines. No phone number that worked. No email that worked. Filed a report with the BBB and they got no response therefore, no refund!! RIPOFF! Kathy Bedford, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: New York

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