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26, Report #294988
Dec 27 2007
06:34 PM
Magazine City Not a legitimate company Charlottesville Virginia
I ordered an Anime magazine for my daughter on August 3, 2007 through Magazine City. The website said it could take up to 12 weeks for the magazine to be delivered. I waited until mid November but still had no magazine so I filed a complaint with their Customer Service department. They replied via email with the standard response seen by other Ripoff Report customers of Magazine City. So I waited a few days then called their Customer Support. Since mid-November I have spoken to Customer Support 8 times, each time with a similar answer that they would contact the Publisher and find out what the expected delivery date is, and each time I called a few days later to find out what the delivery date would be and always got the same answer - the Publisher was closed and they had no answer yet. It has now been almost 5 months (20 weeks) since I ordered and the ripoff company Magazine City took my money. And of course I'm told that they do not give refunds past the first 48 hours after ordering. Of course the scam is that by the time you have waited the suggested 12 weeks you have already paid your credit card bill and have no recourse such as disputing the charges. I am livid that companies can be so irresponsible and continue to get away with ripoffs like this. I plan to write my complaint on every available complaint website to warn as many consumers as possible if no one else puts an end to their scam. Ginny Boulder, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Charlottesville, Virginia
27, Report #290806
Dec 11 2007
08:47 PM
TWX Magazine Failure to Notify Stamford, Connecticut
I'm not disputing the fact that my wife ordered the magazines however, I am perturbed that TWX failed to contact us the time of renewal. How is it that a company can do this to a consumer ? After reading the reports on this site, I see that I am not the first one this has happened to. I did get in touch with a C/S manager and I was credited partially for our subscriptions. He stated that a postcard was sent out notifying us of our renewal amount. That I believe is a farce because we NEVER received one. Wouldn't it be nice to see if they have ever sent any post cards to any of their customers. I highly doubt it. I did indeed cancel all of my subscriptions and requested my account information be deleted from their system. The C/S manager assured me that this will happen....We'll have to wait and see i guess. Beware people of automatic withdrawals from your checking accounts. Effenbroke Payson, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
28, Report #140100
Apr 24 2005
10:37 AM
NBAF Magazine Subscriptions Ripoff scam Internet
I bought magazine subscriptioins through NBAF and never received the magazines. NBAF is now offline, and there is no physical address or phone number information provided in their receipt. It appears to have been a fraudulent, fly by night business. Don't buy magazine subscriptions from just any old service that appears on search engine results! Steve Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
29, Report #139823
Apr 22 2005
01:30 AM
Glamour Magazine ripoff Westbury New York
They say I owe them $12. But I never ordered any magazines. Cami Kenyon, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Westbury, New York
30, Report #329200
Apr 27 2008
05:53 PM
Cenco Magazine Rip Off Fresno California
Cenco has taken it upon themselves to open several accounts in my name that were not authorized by me and has charged my bank account for on several occations on these false accounts .Also throughout my original account they olny sent me a few of the magazines that I had ordered but they sent other magazines which were never ordered. Do not order anything from this company, C. goodman Meas,, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Fresno, California
31, Report #345459
Jun 28 2008
09:03 PM
Magazine Subscriptions - Deceptive Sales Tactics -Nationwide
Magazine subscriptions can save you lots of money off the cover price. What you have to be aware of is that many magazine companies, or companies representing the magazines, will continue to send great offers through out the year offering great renewal deals such as two years for the price of one (ect). This is to hopefully catch people who have no idea when their subscription expires to renew and get a great deal. Only problem. Before you know it, like I fell for with one magazine, you'll be a paid subscriber through 2012. I finally found out that the expiration date of your subscription is posted somewhere on the bill, but most people don't see that and think it's time to renew again, which is easy to overlook if you subscribe to several magazines, and every time you renew you're adding years to your already active subscription. Dave1978 Los Angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
32, Report #407461
Jan 03 2009
12:54 AM
Magazine Services Tamarac Florida False reports Tamarac Florida
They had called me many times before and i had told them to take me off of their list but then one day i received a call, listened to them and the offer didnt sound horrible so i agreed to it. they had told me they would be sending all my confirmation information in the mail and that they would be making one charge to my account. i have already had two charges to my account in the last two-three weeks. The amount that we had discussed earlier was also not correct. If they would have told me that it cost around sixty dollars a time i would have hung up. Jakej39 aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Tamarac, Florida
33, Report #582328
Mar 17 2010
09:51 PM
Travelhost Magazine : The Biggest Mistake I've ever Made Dallas, Texas
Personally, I wished I had found this site before investing in Travelhost.  It was the worst mistake I have made financially in my life.  The reason for my failure might have been me, but before investing, PLEASE talk to some of the MANY associate publishers that are no longer in business.  The one thing Travelhost does an excellent job of is cleaning up the web of any negative comments, and most people won't make any statements about them.  I'm not after anything from them, just trying to alert potential investors to definitely do due diligence and take your time, and talk to a lot of people.  They will tell you lots of people are after the market you are interested in, and believe me, if someone else buys it, they have done you the GREATEST FAVOR of your LIFE.  After getting into the business, and finding out just how few people were making money and had their markets for sale, I asked why they didn't let unsuspecting potential investors like me know about it, by posting comments on the web......know what they said...Are you kidding me?  We'd never sell our markets if people knew how bad it really is!!   Just check out the failure rate of the franchises throughout the United is amazingly high.  Again, if this information had been provided to me, it might have made me ask more questions.  Just know that the failure rate is excessively high and when you fail, it will be totally your fault.  They will tell you that in Dallas - the reason for failure is totally the Associate Publishers I failed - it was all my fault, and it was the most miserable job I have ever had.....I have nothing to gain from this, and want nothing.  It has been a few years for me now, and I just feel the responsibility to not see my mistake repeated by someone who really can't afford to do this.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
34, Report #609399
Jun 02 2010
06:43 AM
Atrevete Magazine Ms. Contreras Incompetent Allentown, Pennsylvania
I had contacted Ms. Conteras of Atrevete Magazine witn a possible story. Ms. Conteras advised me that my story could be published in a section of her magazine entitled Atrevete a decir la verdad which in english means dare to tell the truth. Since my story was about my negative experience with a well know entertainment company in Florida Ms. Conteras requested proof. She was provided with emails that backed up my story. This is where the problem starts. Upon receiving my emails she told me that she would be reviewing them with her partner and that together they would decide when my story would be published. After first being told that it was scheduled for an upcoming edition, Ms. Conteras then decided that they were not interested in doing my story. Fine. I simply requested that she return my package containing emails with sensative information. This is something I told her in the beginning. If for some reason you cannot do my story I will need my package and she gave me her word it would be returned. For many months Ms. Conteras promise to return my package. The excuses were endless. Deadlines, moving, rearranging the office, I can't find them. I spoke to her partner once and he told me my package was in the office and that he would speak with her about returning them. Two additional months passed. Upon once again contacting Ms. Conteras about returning my personal material, I was told that she did not know where it was. All I can say is....INCOMPETENT! Shame on you Ms. Conteras and ATREVETE MAGAZINE.  
Entity: Allentown, Pennsylvania
35, Report #641300
Sep 16 2010
04:44 PM
periodicals magazine Liars grand Bay, Alabama
First word of advice about these people is call a lawyer and block your bank account! I first ordered magazines through Periodicals because I was actually trying to get to a completely different deal online and somehow they got all of my information. The first woman that I spoke with told me that for the magazines I wanted for 4 years would only be 2 payments of $65.00. The first month came along and I was charged $99.00. I called and they said I was mistaken and that my payments would be $99.00 a month. I told them to cancel and they said ok. The next month came along and I found out that I was pregnant. They charged me AGAIN!!!! I called very upset and spoke with a woman again she sounded very concerned but of course they could not refund me my money and she stated that my account was cancelled. I had lost my debit card and ordered a new one. A month later I kept getting a call from a blocked number and finally I answered it... I was Periodicals wondering why they couldn't get into my account. I told them I had cancelled and changed my card. They then told me I couldn't cancel my account because I was in a binding contract. I told them about the other 2 people that I had Spoken with and they said I was mistaken. They kept calling me because I refused to give them my new debit card information. I finally got tired of them hassling me and paid everything in one payment. I paid over $600.00 and told the man on the phone to lose my debit card information and to cancel my account for good and I never wanted to hear from them again and he said that was fine and cancelled my account. I check the mail today and find a letter from PERIODICALS!!!! It says that I am such a valued customer and they know that my subscription isn't up yet but they want to get a jump start on my next $600.00 subscription!!! They want to get a jump start on stealing my money!!! $16.60 per month because I'm such a valued customer and they state in this letter that they will go ahead and charge my account by 09/24/10 if I do not contact them to say no. I tried to call the 800 number on this letter from Shelly Stephens and it had a busy signal. I call again later and the office is closed!!!! They don't have an e-mail address or a physical address, only a PO Box and phone number. I am so pissed. I am calling my bank account tomorrow and having them put a block on my account. My advice to anyone dealing with these people is to block your bank account as soon as they start charging change your number or block their number if at all possible and call a lawyer. Sue these people and get as much of our money back from them please.
Entity: grand Bay, Alabama
36, Report #877175
May 02 2012
12:17 PM
Viking Magazine Abusive, Controling, Manipulative Liars burnsville, Minnesota
I was more than happy to sign up for the magazines I was offered at a great deal because I had won a sweepstake I entered. I provided my credit card and authorized the payments to be taken for 1 year. I then had to report my credit card lost/stolen with my bank and this is where the trobule begins. I got a call from VMS stating my account was past due. The VMS agent informed me they received a return code of card reported lost/stolen. I confirmed this and explained that I expected the card on the 20th, ten business days from the day I reported my card lost/stolen. He asked me which day I reported it and I told him the 6th. He then told me if I could count and look at a calendar, I would see than my new card should be there on the 19th. I told him not to count the 6th, which was a Friday, as the 1st business day. I found this to be really rude and I said what I am 2 days late and you are treating me like this. He went on about well I should just pay my bills and then I wouldn't be getting calls. They began calling me constantly asking if I had received my card. I did not receive my card when I anticpated it, so I checked with my bank. The bank was going through a banking software conversion and it is possible the card was delayed due to that. I wait a few more days, still no card. I then requested a 2nd replacement card. I have explained all of this to VMS and they are rude and vicious. They are telling me that I am not telling them the truth and start hounding me to do an electronic check. I am not comfortable do an electronic check with these people at this point. I tell them I will pay as soon as I get my card because I am provided my protection by using my card. They begin telling I should have more than one credit card. I said I didn't wish to have more than one and I like having my card attached to my checking account. He then want to tell me that I don't have a credit card, but a debit card and they are not the same. I explain the main difference is I don't pay interest and can only use the money I have already earned. I have gotten very irrate with these people telling me about my banking affairs. I have cussed them out and now they have sent me to their collections department. Now I they have told me that I just need to be honest and tell them I just don't want to pay my bill. At this point, I don't want to pay my bills. They tell me that I am the one that made this mess and I should act like a grown up. I said that I am a victim of circumstance and the guy told me that I was just making words up. He told there wasn't even a definition for victim of circumstance. And these people think I am an idiot.
Entity: burnsville, Minnesota
37, Report #912451
Jul 15 2012
03:47 PM
parents magazine scam Boon, Iowa
I'm getting parents magazine in the mail and I have not ordered it. I just got a bill for 7.99, sounds like a scam to me. I am 75 years old and I BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE TARGRTING OLDER SENIOR CITIZENS IN A SCAM. They must have gotten a new CEO and he is trying to increase sales. I believe this is not a mistake and I have ben targrtrd because of my age. these people should be delt with harshly
Entity: Boon, Iowa
38, Report #918652
Jul 27 2012
08:02 PM
Moviemaker Magazine BOGUS SUBSCRIPTION PROMISES Canoga Park, California
MovieMaker Magazine continually fails to deliver my magazines, despite a PRE-PAID LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION and the CORRECT ADDRESS ON FILE. I have repeatedly (like 4 times or more) had missed deliveries. The last time I complained, the customer service agent admitted her publisher was receiving NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS from other customers with the same problem. The latest runaround keeps asking me what was the last magazine I received and has me jumping through hoops to get them to deliver. Stay away from these guys if you can. I called the Editor to complain and she has yet to call me back. 
Entity: Canoga Park, California
39, Report #1041050
Apr 05 2013
03:57 PM
Associated Publishers Association Bogus magazine subscriptions. Henderson, Nevada
In January, 2013, I responded to a solicitation from APN to renew my subscription to the Economist magazine for one year for $179.95. I sent them a check for that amount plus their re-subscribe form. In March of 2013, I received a second solicitation from APN for the same re-subscription and decided to call their provided customer service phone number to inquire. The APN agent advisd me that they had never received my January payment and that I should check with my bank. I obtained a copy of my canceled check from my bank showing deposit in to a Wells Fargo bank in Arizona, presumably APN's account. I contacted Wells Fargo and they would give me no information re: the associated deposit number account. I then called the Economist subscription department and their agent explained that APN was not authorized to represent the Economst and that the Economist had an active case against the APN with the Federal Trade commission for fraud.   
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
40, Report #1065186
Jul 08 2013
09:57 AM
Publishers Clearing House Doubled my magazine subscription Internet
 Every once in a while I succumb to playing in Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.  One of the items I ordered through them was a bargain subscription to Smithsonian magazine.  Several weeks after ordering through PCH I got a bill from Smithsonian, which I promptly paid.  Last week I received two issues each of the June and July issues.   I tried to find a way to report this through the PCH website and to get some advice on how to stop one of them, either PCH or Smithsonian, from continuing to send a magazine.  The PCH website is impenetrable except for numerous ways to get you back to playing their games.  You can't find a way to email them and there is no phone number.  Heaven knows what would happen if you tried to write to them.  So I took the easy way out and called Smithsonian, which mercifully prints a phone number to reach their subscription office right in their magazine.  Smithsonian promptly cancelled the subscription for me. I am just waiting to see what happens when PCH sends their bill.  If they charge me more than the $10 advertised price I will be right back to report to this rip-off site.  I will certainly never play in Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes again, simply to avoid the memory of having to deal with them.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #1290800
Feb 29 2016
07:38 PM
Associated Publishers Network Magazine renewal request scam Internet
On October 5, 2015 I wrote a check and mailed it to  Country Magazine. Talking to them today, it was confirmed that they had received that check and extended my subscription as expected. Further, I asked them about a check that I wrote on October 22, 2015 to Associated Publishers Network for the amount of $59.95 to subscribe to Country Magazine. They had no awareness of Associated Publishers Network and had never received any payment for my account from them. Looking at the BBB report on Associated Publishers Network, I realize that I've been scammed along with many others. Thankfully for ONLY $59.95. However, that is $59.95 of my hard earned money. Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1, 2016 I will file a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General.
Entity: Internet
42, Report #164661
Nov 15 2005
11:55 AM
Publishers Business Services RIPOFF! Deceptive phone scam! Magazine subscription ripoff! Henderson Nevada
I am writing for a co-worker, who was scammed into purchasing magazines, he actually had no interest in whatsoever! Apparently, Publishers Business Services (PBS) called him at our work, and asked him questions that led him into the purchase. He doesn't even know how it happened, except that he now has magazines coming to both work and home, of which he doesn't care to receive. He had no intention of purchasing magazines that day or any other day, and ended up with over $700 to be debited from his account over a period of two years! His wife tried to cancel and was told, it was a non cancellable contract, he agreed to, and it was recorded. I believe after talking to him, this recorded agreement has been spliced and questions asked are not the same that he answered. Very tricky and deceptive of PBS! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM! Debbie Lorton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
43, Report #93083
May 26 2004
03:11 PM
Publishers Renewal Service magazine subscription ripoff Kansas City Kansas
This a a telemarketing magazine subscription scam. They called, made it very confusing who they were (I thought they were my legitimate subscription people), and after I gave them the appropriate information, told me I would receive written confirmation within 10 days of April 2, 2004. Written confirmation only came on May 26. Armed with that information, I called to cancel my subscriptions-- but they told me the 15-day limit had expired, and could not honor my request. Never mind that they failed to keep up their end of the bargain by providing me with the required information in 10 days, or that they did not tell me about the 15 day period. When I called to cancel, they said they couldn't. I smell a scam, and am moving rapidly to address this problem. Joshua Little Neck, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Massachusetts
44, Report #315239
Mar 06 2008
08:36 AM
Southeastern Family Publishers Magazine Scam Bradenton Florida
Southeastern Family Publishers using telemarketing to prey on individuals. They offer you 2 magazines a month for a one time fee of $27.50. It sounded great until they started billing my credit card over $400.00. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and had to change my account number to block further charges. ' I did not receive a single magazine that I ordered. Southeaster Family Publishers sent me magazines that I had no interest in and continued to try to charge me for them. I went to the U.S. Post office and was instructed to write REFUSED on the cover of all the magazines and drop them back in the mail. Now I am being threatened in writing by the company to be taken to court and that it is going to cost me 3 times the original amount. When I tried to contact the company their response was that I had committed fraud and that the were going to take me to court and hung up on me. I called her back twice and she hung up on me every time saying see you in court. I counldn' believe that a professional would behave in such a manor. They obviously have issues with communication. They must know that this is the beginning of the end for them. I hope they all get jail time for this not to mention that they should be forced to pay restitution to all the people they scammed. We should all unite together and find an attorney to file a class action suite against this company and the individuals who own it. In the meantime I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and contact my credit card company to have any funds charged to my account reversed. This whole thing is pathetic.......shame on the people who have done this to innocent hard working Americans. K. Adams Merritt Island, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bradenton, Florida
45, Report #274551
Sep 13 2007
05:13 PM
PUBLISHERS CLEARIN HOUSE I paid for a magazine and never got it Canada nationwide
I paid for Country weekly a month ago and never recieved it. They cashed my cheque but I still haven't recieved it Cbara Kamloops, British ColumbiaCanada
Entity: Nationwide
46, Report #361960
Aug 12 2008
08:00 AM
Several requests sent to me to renew magazines I never ordered through this service. Slick, tricky writing makes you think its legitmate. Glad I looked carefully at my real subscriptions to my business to see the real deal. This company makes you think they have dealt with you previously when in fact their request for payment is independent from any other company (that I know of) and are not directly related to the magazine itself. The cost is MUCH more than any other offer. Larger businesses may not realize this is not the best deal out there or that it is the reorder form from the original orders placed. Be careful! Questionable business practices--the billing notices state how you are receiving one of the lowest available rates they can give you...the trick is in the they......They even tell you by sending in payment now you will lock in at lowest rates--Fraud...smells just like fraud..... trustnoone fairlesshills, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: LA HABRA, California
47, Report #581696
Mar 16 2010
03:25 PM
Publishers Guide numerous names Deceptive sales practices selling magazine subscriptions , Internet
In late September 2009 a very high pressure salesperson called me about signing up for reduced rate magazines.  The sales pitch was very fast and sounded like a good deal.  When they told me I needed to speak with another person ( and this was recorded)to verify my information, she spoke as fast as an auctioneer and you can barely make out that the lady said it would be a total of 1477.  It sounded like $14.77, NOT $1,477!  When I came home from college in November I noticed on my bank statements that there had been several charges for $57 for October and November.  I immediately called the number on my bank statement and was told this was my contractural agreement.  I am an 18 year old college student without the income to pay this.  I tried to cancel and even got my parents involved.  They kept saying they would have a manager talk to me but they just kept passing me to other sales people and refused to refund my money.  I cancelled payment from my bank account but now they are hounding me for continued payments.  I have tried everything!  I recently filed a BBB report but Publishers Guide has over 100 outstanding complaints and a D- rating for non-resolution of complaints.  I also filed a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office in Florida.  This is very easy to do online and I am waiting to hear back from them.  If enough people file complaints for deceptive sales practises, they may be able to shut them down.  However, I am sure this company has operated under several other names and could care less if they need to start over.
Entity: Internet, Internet
48, Report #539597
Dec 15 2009
07:57 AM
I subscribe to Just Cross Stitch magazine.  Recently, I received a bill from Publishers Billing Association, AKA Magazine Subscription Service.  I subscribe directly to this magazine and did not use this service to subscribe.  I was alarmed at the amount they were charging for a subscription, and became suspicious.  The normal subscription rate for this magazine is approx $20/yr, but they were offering two years for $65.95! I alerted the magazine publisher, and received a response that they are not affiliated with this service company and they recommended I contact the BBB.  What this company is attempting to do is collect outrageously inflated fees (theft) and they are fraudulently representing themselves as being affiliated with the publisher of this magazine!
Entity: LAS VEGAS, Nevada
49, Report #987635
Dec 27 2012
11:28 AM Mystery Magazine Ripoff Internet
I have been fighting this company for at least 2 years now.  Out of nowhere I start getting billed for Mainline magazine, a magazine about Philadelphia.  Funny, I've never been to Philadelphia and am not in the least bit interested in the city. First I contacted my credit card company. They removed the charge.  PLUS they closed down that account and opened a new one.  Last month, the charge for the subscription shows up again - on the new account!  How is this company getting my account numbers!
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #941314
Sep 14 2012
02:29 PM
Received US Weekly in mail, but did not subscribe to the magazine. When I attempted to contact US Weekly to inquire about subscription I was informed that the subscription was processed by SUBCO and that I would have to go through them to cancel the subscription.  I attempted to contact SUBCO by telephone; but only got to leave a message.   Think that this is a scam to get people to pay for unsolicited subscriptions to magazines.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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