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51, Report #24013
Jul 05 2002
10:56 AM
First Capital ripoff business from hell Ontario
I also received the call...i fell into the plot.. I figured how fake could it be if they had my banking info... I am so happy i found this web site.... Now I am Paying it Forward... for some one else to see it Jasmine Long Island, New York
Entity: Ontario
52, Report #23504
Jun 26 2002
05:41 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Toronto Ontario
Was ripped off $199.00 from the Co. They offered me a Visa Mastercard with a limit of $2000.00. I not recieved anything, just a bunch of lies. Paul Longmont, Colorado
Entity: Toronta, Ontario
53, Report #23532
Jun 26 2002
11:05 PM
First Capital dishonest ripoffs Unk New York
I was called at my home and was told that I could get 2 credit cards 1 with a 2000.00 credit limit and 1 with a 1500.00 credit limit. i was told that if I would let them take 199.00 out of my checking account that they would send me the credit cards. they took the money out on 05/02/02 and i waited for 2 weeks and no cards. I called them back and ask about the cards they told me that they would be there in 2 weeks. I waited for those 2 weeks and nothin.I called back and talked to them and told them that i wanted my credit cards and they hungup on me. what i dont understand is WHY they are still in business. tony homestead, Florida
Entity: Unk, New York
54, Report #24333
Jul 10 2002
11:10 AM
First Capital - CFB SCAM Florida
I also fell victim to the First Capital credit card scam. Thank god I came across this website when I did. They only got $29.95 from me, hopefully I can stop them from getting any more! Dawn Delaware City, Delaware
Entity: Florida
55, Report #24341
Jul 10 2002
12:32 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff
I was called up on the phone and told that if I sent $199.00 I would recieve a Mastercard with a $2000.00 limit. I tried calling the number back after waiting for tthe two weeks and I was only able to leave a message with no return call as of yet. Renee Garfield Heights, Ohio
56, Report #24363
Jul 10 2002
03:45 PM
i recieved a call yesterday evening, and i spoke to a lady that had a very strong accent. She stated that she was from capital first and I have been approved for a mastercard. The limit was up to 2500. She stated that she needed my bank account number and everything else. The lady's name was Kamina Edwards, I.D.#1217ke.Then she trasnferred me to another lady named. lachelle salinas, i.d# 1629ls. These ladies made the offer sound so good, so I gave them all my info. They gave me that stupid 866#. Something told me to call today! I called and I spk to a overflow operator name Cedric, he did not give me his last name. He stated that all custermer service rep. are busy and he can take my name and number and they will call me back before 8pm. I called to find out what kind of company exactly I was calling. Then he said, I cannot tell you the name of this company because it is in our policy. I was so pissed off! I stayed on the phone and told him that I wanted tp speak to his manager. He stated again, There is no manager around, but I can take your name and number and have someone call you back. What company do you know, will not tell you what the name and /or type of company they are? Because he did not tell me his company name, I went on line nad checked for an address or a website for them, bou could not find one. I ran upon this site and read all entries. I took the advice! Well, I say that I was alomost ripped off, because once I got off the phone, I headed straight for my bank and closed my bank account, and thAT ripoff company CAPITAL FIRST will never get a penny from me. Effie Waukegan, Illinois
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
57, Report #24432
Jul 11 2002
03:47 PM
First Capital Credit ripoff Ontario Internet
I was called by a representative from First Capital Credit offering me a master card with a credit limit of $2500. I authorized them to withdraw the funds from my checking account and I have not heard from them since. I try calling the customer service department but all I get is an answering machine telling me that they are busy and to leave a message. They never return my calls I have filed a dispute with my bank and have had no response as of yet gilbert salt lake city, Utah
Entity: Ontario
58, Report #24557
Jul 13 2002
01:22 PM
First Capital Consumer ripoff Ontario Canada
In early June, 2002 I received a phone call from a company with a credit card offer. I mistakenly heard them to say Capital One which is a company I have had credit with before so I was not all that suspicious. The terms were my payment of $199 in exchange for two cards a Visa of $2500 and a MasterCard of $2000. Of course it sounded too good to be true and I should have known right then that it was. I waited the two weeks and there was no sign of the cards even though the money had been taken from my account. I tried calling the number they had given me but received only access to voicemail. I left several messages but got no response. Finally I got up the nerve to tell my boyfriend what I had done and he was able to find this site with other similiar tales. I have contacted my bank and they are going to try to get my money back but unlike an honest company there is no number for the bank to contact. Dawn Live Oak, Florida
Entity: Ontario
59, Report #24227
Jul 09 2002
06:58 AM
Capital First ripoff ripoff Miami Florida
I was told that I could get a master card for a one time fee.After recieving my package in the mail I've been trying to callthe customer service line and each time I get the line a young lady comes on and states that the call are at a high volume and she would have someone to call me. After trying and trying I got on the computer and look up Captial first only to find out that this is a rip off. I think that this company has miss lead me and I would like to see about getting my money back. I'm just glad that they only got $29.95 of my money. I've call my bank and stop all transactions. I'm going to talk to who ever to try and put a stop to this. Marc Savannah, Maryland
Entity: Miami, Florida
60, Report #23978
Jul 03 2002
10:09 PM
First Capital deceptive ripoff company Miami Florida
July 3, 2002. Approximately 11:00 am. I receive a phone call from a woman who I could hardly understand. She said that I had been looking for a credit card (which I was) so I thought maybe this was a reply from one of the companies or its affiliates. I was promised a credit line of $1,500 no interest rates and a yearly fee of $19.95, so I thought it sounded reasonable enough, considering I don't have a card. She promised I would get $500.00 worth of coupons, and $1,000 worth of coupons for airline tickets. I was also offered a 7 day trial in which I could cancel the card and keep the coupons, and not get billed. After I gave them all my information and ran through their barrage of questions I finally was finished talking to them, and was verified to get my card. After reviewing the notes I had taken it seemed king of fishy that the woman's name (who sounded like a chinese woman with 6 months of english class) was June Rogers and her ID# was 789456 (you see what I'm getting at here?)I immediately did a web search for Capital First and came up with nothing, seemed kind of odd that a company offering credit cards doesn't have a website..until I came to a report on this page from a woman who described everything that happened exactly to me. She would call customer service only to get we will call you back, our lines are busy and if I asked Is this Capital First? someone would reply I can't give you that information SO, at this point I'm really p'd off and feel like I had been taken advantage of (which I was) so I decided to get tough. These guys aren't taking my damn money without a fight. I immediatley called my bank to put a hold on my funds until I could go there and close the account and make a new one. I realise my story may be different than others possibly reading this, because they haven't taken my money, I just want to further inform you and others that this company is a SCAM! Review your notes and look for things that are odd such as the persons name or id# which is so obviously fake it would only be coincidence if it were real. If you have been taken advantage of this company call your bank immediately! And always if it wasn't for this website I'd be out at least 200$!!! THANK YOU! David Saint Louis, Missouri
Entity: Miami, Florida
61, Report #25111
Jul 22 2002
03:18 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
I was contacted on 6/23/02 to receive a mastercard credit card. I was charged $29.95 to get information on a no interest credit card & was told that I had 7 days to look it over. I was told that I should receive it by 7/03/02 which should of given me time to investigate & cancel if I wanted to. I noticed some unauthorized charges to my checking account one for $59.95 & a second one for $99.95 on July 17, 2002. When I called I was instructed to contact corporate headquarters to dispute these charges. The date on the envelope which I paid $29.95 for back on 6/23/02 came in with a post mark of July 10, 02. Now how can I get a free 7 day trial if they don't even send it out till after the 7 day trial period? Getting information from these people has not been very easy either. Teri Red Bluff, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
62, Report #25116
Jul 22 2002
04:38 PM
First Capital ripoff stole $199 fraudulent ripoff business Ontario
Get these people for stealing money and prayeing on people. They called me on the phone and said I had applied to them and I didn't. They said I would be debited for $199 then recieve two credit cards,,I didn't get them. I called their phone number and couldn't get through. I found their name of the scam lists. I want my money back. deborah tallmadge, Ohio
Entity: Ontario
63, Report #25122
Jul 22 2002
05:37 PM
Capital First is a ripoff. MIAMI, Florida
I was called by capital first and was told that I qualified to receive a credit card with a 2500.00 dollar limit. I asked if this was a traditional card and the rep told me yes you can use this card as so as you receive it in 2 to 4 weeks. Well I still don't have this card and they have taken a total of 179.85 dollars from my checking acct and they took it before they were supposed to which caused my acct to be negative and in the end the bank closed my acct because i was unable to rectify the problem in time. I appied for this card the first part of June and did not find out that i had to put money on the card myself until i called back a month later. They told me that i could not get my money back and as i stated before i still dont have a card. I pray there is justice for this and hopefully these complaints can get these people put out of business they are dishonest and they do not let you know the real situation with the card because if they did they know they would not have any customers. Who wants to get a card that they have to put 2500.00 dollars on. I lost a lot beccause of this company and i feel that i have to swallow it because i can't get my money back or my checking acct. Keisha summerville, South Carolina
Entity: MIAMI, Florida
64, Report #25182
Jul 23 2002
10:19 AM
Capital First ripoff deceptive company Miami Florida
Hey: I just got home from the bank & filed a report with them. I also decided to close out my checking account & open a new one. If you don't, what's to stop them from coming in under a new name & cleaning you out again? After reading these reports of all the trouble this company has caused for people, I felt it was the smartest thing to do. Within 10 days I'll have my money returned to my account. That's $29.95 to get their information to me, $99.95 for membership fees & $59.95 for processing. Add it up, it's worth closing out my account to stop them from getting anymore of my money. I don't have to mail back anything to corporate headquarters that doesn't exist in the first place. Remember, you have only 30 days from when they debit your checking or savings to get your money back. Don't let them get away with it. We work to hard for our money to allow someone else to steal it from us. I got even, you can too. Good Luck Teri Red Bluff, California
Entity: Miami, Florida
65, Report #25551
Jul 28 2002
07:30 PM
first capital is a ripoff. Toronto, Ontario
First capital makes thier living by ripping you off; credit cards of 2k and 2,500 are a lie ..... I was contacted on the phone by first capital to recieve 2 credit cards , with no annual fee, no membership fee, and no apr for a year. It all sounded wonderful and the amount of the visa was 2k and mastercard was 2,500 sounds good huh? its not! The fee to process this was 199.00 and I gues I was stupid enough to fall for it. I don't have alot of money but being a new home owner I thought it would come in handy. The only thing handy was my bank account to them. I've learned a lesson and God Bless this company rip off report to let everyone else know about whats going on and to get our money back. May god bless you connie franklin, Indiana
Entity: toronto, Ontario
66, Report #25362
Jul 25 2002
05:18 PM
capital first ripoff miami Florida
Entity: miami, Florida
67, Report #25379
Jul 25 2002
09:48 PM
capital first mastercard ripoff miami Florida
I guess I am also like the others as I was reading on here riped of. I was called 5 weeks ago from frist capital saying we are offering a credit card for a limit of 2500 dollars and a first time one an only fee of 59.95 and 99.95 . To get your package sent to with all the special offers give us your checking account info we will deduct 29.95 from your account. We will then send your package with the application for approval for the credit card. I asked if all the the amount aboce could be taken off the phone the women told me yes it will all come off the card. Weeks wen tby no package so I called them twice and they said it would take 3-4weeks for the package then another 3-4 weeks to get your card. So I just got my package today and looking at the bottom of the application it says this credit card is a PAY AS YOU GO CARD. Not an actual visa. Which is far from what they said on the phone . So I will be calling my bank in the moring to tell them to not let anything come through from this company . So hopefully I can get my 30 bucks back from get a bunch of crap that I wont use. So I hope that this company can be stop this is a scam to people that dont have credit and they call you brigthen up your day thinking that you will be able to join the rest of the people in the world in having a chance at getting credit. So please tell everyone you know so that they dont get scamed. Chris Fairfield, Ohio
Entity: miami, Florida
68, Report #25392
Jul 26 2002
07:12 AM
capital first ripoff dishonest ripoffs miami Florida
people, you can charge back the money they stole from you if it's from your checking account. ask your bank to put a block on future transactions from this company. that's what i did ,and i got the 29.95 back from these crooks. joe columbia, Tennessee
Entity: miami, Florida
69, Report #26610
Aug 10 2002
04:24 PM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
my name is jared and i was notified by capital first and promised a mastercard with a $2500 credit. I asked if there was a catch and they said no. They said all i would is send a processing fee of $29.95 with no interest rate. They would send a package to me with how the card worked. Before recieving the package they withdrew $99.95 plus another $59.95 without my permission i was charged a fee of $50.00 from my bank because of it for inseficiant funds in my account . I did not authorize these transactions and would like somethingdone. Thankyou Jared central Falls, Rhode Island
Entity: Miami, Florida
70, Report #26588
Aug 10 2002
10:56 AM
Capital First ripoff Miami Florida
Capital First called me and stated that i would receive a credit card for postage and handling fee of 29.95..I would receive my credit card in the mail.. I throughly made myself clear in the phone conversation that nothing is to be taken out of my checking account.. The representative then stated that it would be taken out of my credit card..She kept asking me if that was okay.. I told her NO that was not okay..She then asked me again is that okayI told her NO again it was not okay.. Now i find out they have taken 59.99 out of my checking as well as 99.00 out of my checking account.. I called and they said they could not refund any money until i send a package back to them..A package i have never received!!! Nor will I.I am very upset about this situation I was not mislead...But straight out lyed to.. Bobby Jo Junction City, Kansas
Entity: Miami, Florida
71, Report #26602
Aug 10 2002
02:42 PM
Capital First Cell Phone Harrassment Miami Florida
I am absolutley appauled at what I have read on the Rip Off Report about Capital First. I am one of the fortunate ones that did not give this person my information. Had they called my home phone I probably would have. But ironically they called me on a cell phone. And this cell phone that they called me on is not mine. It is in my mothers name, just has my first and last name listed as the user name. Now, I did not give these people any information, I asked them to stop calling. They call this phone 8 and 10 times a day (Day and Night). My husband could just not answer the calls.... Right? Wrong, he uses this phone for business and has to answer all calls. I am more concerned with how this company got my number. They said that I must have filled out a credit app and listed this number. WRONG! I would not have done this. I would have used my own cell number or home phone number. And I would have given my legal name, not my nick name (as is listed on this cell phone as User Name). I would like to know if they are calling anyone on their cell phone. Again, I feel for those of you who have lost countless dollars to these creeps. I have not lost any money, yet they have used minutes on the cell phone that the cellular company is not willing to reimburse me for. The only help THEY (the cellular company) is willing to do is charge me to have the number changed. I would love to join forces and help get this company closed. Our country is having enough trouble with Corporate Crime and Fraud. Let's stop this little one before it gets any bigger.! Mary Shreveport, Louisiana
Entity: Miami, Florida
72, Report #45103
Feb 11 2003
11:17 PM
Capital First ripoff ripoff artists fraud Miami Florida
I wascalled in june 2002 about a credit card an service package. a one time fee of $59.95 an $99.95 when i got my package they had already debit my account. Icalled and canceled was told my refund would be in 10 to 14 bus. days.I called every month and was told every time that they received the package back an my refund would be put back in my account. It was never put back. now when i call the line stay busy. ripoff. James cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
73, Report #49525
Mar 17 2003
12:46 PM
Capital First rip-off Miami Florida
I found this site looking for the crooks. I'm glad I did. It's been over 8 months since I found a charge on my bill. A $59.95 charge and a $99.95 charge. I called and mailed back the package they sent. I have talked to so many people. They like to switch you around so you feel they are doing something. I finally spoke with Scott in the Escalation Dept. He said the refund was on its way but that was in OCt of 2002 and I still have not received anything. The number is now non-working and I have no other recourse but to complain. I am a widow and now on only unemployment, since the company I was working for for years was sold. I cannot afford any charges like this. I had many checks bounce and it has stilled messed up everything. All I want is a refund of all my monies from them, like they promised. I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help????? Kathy Savannah, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
74, Report #6512
Sep 04 2001
12:00 AM
First Capital Card
What a scam! Sounded real good to me but smelled too fishy. LOOK this is what it reads on the letter... CALL NOW - By calling before your approval expires, we'll offset our standard membership fee of $200 by giving you $200 IN CREDIT with your first purchase over $300 giving you EASY SHOPPING AT NO EXTRA COST! We'll also give you another $100 IN CREDIT with any other purchase over $200 to offset our standard $99 annual fee..... sSo ,from what i understand, you either have to pay $299.00 in fees or spend $500.00 to wave the fees? What kind of deal is that?? SMELLS LIKE A SCAM!! Everyone dont do it!!
Entity: Nationwide
75, Report #6513
Sep 04 2001
12:00 AM
First Capital Card
What a scam! Sounded real good to me but smelled too fishy. LOOK this is what it reads on the letter... CALL NOW - By calling before your approval expires, we'll offset our standard membership fee of $200 by giving you $200 IN CREDIT with your first purchase over $300 giving you EASY SHOPPING AT NO EXTRA COST! We'll also give you another $100 IN CREDIT with any other purchase over $200 to offset our standard $99 annual fee..... sSo ,from what i understand, you either have to pay $299.00 in fees or spend $500.00 to wave the fees? What kind of deal is that?? SMELLS LIKE A SCAM!! Everyone dont do it!!
Entity: Nationwide

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