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51, Report #67767
Sep 28 2003
07:34 PM
Capital One exploitation and pure greed Nationwide
this company is exploiting the unemployed and other low income people. they phone you at home tempting you into signing up for one of their credit cards offering you up to 2000,and say it dosn't matter your that your unemployed. i was foolish enough to fall into this trap,and was given a card with a limit of 200. i spent 184 on it and was late with a payment,so they added a late payment fee of 20 which put me over the 200 limit,so they added another 20. i fell into difficulties and wasn't able to get the account up to date. eventually i owed them 500 and offered to pay them 30 per month if they would stop the charges,buy they said they would not stop the charges,although they said i could pay 30 per month so what they were saying is i pay 30 per month,they add on 20 per plus interest so out of the 30 payment each month,the amount actually coming off my bill was around 3 to 4 i asked them how long it would take me to pay this off and what the final total was that i would end up paying but they said they couldn't. i then told them i was not prepared to pay 30 to them for what would be quite a few years and that it would be cheaper for me if they took me to the county court or handed the matter over to a collection agency and told them straight i had no intention of paying them another penny. they said they would do this when they choose to,they have now put the matter into the hands of an agency,but not before they added more monthly charges,total i now owe is 734. i know i only have myself to blame for this but do feel that capital one have been neglegent in allowing these charges to continue even knowing i was unemployed and would be unable to pay. they could have ended this matter a long time ago by agreeing to stop the charges and accepting my monthly payment of 30 but it seems they are greedy.. to anyone in the uk or anywhere being offered these cards designed for low income people,decline it. they will give you the lowest credit limit with the highest interest rate and even charge you around 20 admin costs. these cards are not designed to help you,they are simply a way of lining capitals ones pocket. Shaun liverpoolUnited Kingdom Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: Nationwide
52, Report #111948
Oct 07 2004
02:29 PM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
I have been a Capital One card holder for many years and in that time I have allways paid my monthly statement in full in order not to pay any finance charges.Once or twice a month they have been sending me checks to use against my account. Last August I decided to take advance of thier 2.99 APR. In reading the fine print of their terms I was concerned about a sentence that read(you can not avoid paying a finance charge on this amount). So before using this check I called and inquired about this loan and how it would be handled.I was told that I would only be charged interest on the loan portion as long as I kept paying off my purchases in full. The next statement I recieved after this they had both my loan amount and the purchases combined. The loan balance was on the bottom of the statement so that I could see what my purchases were. Still being cocerned about how my account was going to be handled I called a second time. I was told that as long as I paid the full balance of the purchases and a payment toward the loan that I would not be charged interest on my purchases.I sent a check for the amount of the purchases and a amount for more than the minimum to apply against the loan portion. This month's statement included a finance charge on the purchases that I made. Not only that, but by using creative book keeping they didn't apply enought of the payment to pay off my purchases from the previous month as I expected. Now I am being charged a finance charge on this months purchases part of last months. Why would anyone use a special transfer check so as to pay an added interest charge on current purchases. When I called I was told that it was foolish of me to think that these items should be separate in that they are in the same account. That is interesting in that they combine and separate the amounts paid to suite their creative booking. Franklin Bellmawr, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
53, Report #111848
Oct 07 2004
03:58 AM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
I was contacted for an old debt with Spiegel's. Owed around $250.00. Capital One wanted $471.00 (interest etc added). Advised them I would be willing to pay only the $250.00 which I legitally owed. They came back with an offer to pay it in 3 payments. I agreed to pay it because I owed it. Then I got a letter from them, that I could put it on one of their credit cards/pay payments/re-establish credit. So, I returned the form with my signature. When I received the credit card it was for the 'FULL AMOUNT OF $471.00'. I called and said I was only supposed to pay the $250.00. 'too bad', you signed for it and we can't change it or cancel it. I don't mind paying for something I owe, but feel 'cheated' because I didn't agree to pay for all the other charges, and was misled by their company. They have 2 different collection companies working on the same accounts. So, be careful what you sign. Patty Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
54, Report #106222
Aug 30 2004
09:45 PM
Capital One Grass Roots Justice Richmond Virginia
Businesses and in the area are now warning against the use of Capital One credit cards. Some have a few print-outs from this site. Signs with WARNING or BEWARE and an explination of the problems so many have with Capital One. It seem one store owners daughter got ripped-off by Capital One, and put up a sign. One started the trend and others followed as a Customer Service. Seem even some stores in Tucson AZ now display these warnings. If you have any in-put to local businesses spread this trend around the country. A few signs like these can negate millions of dollars spent on advertising by Capital One. Local papers like to pick-up on stories like this. Gary Hereford, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
55, Report #105243
Aug 24 2004
07:21 PM
Capital One ripoff false advertising Richmond Virginia
I received an offer from Capital One that said 2.99% fixed APR for life on balances transferred with this invitation. It didn't say up to 2.99% or maybe you'll get 2.99%. So, I guess, being the naive person I am, I applied. When I received my first statement, guess what the percentage rate was? 6.99%! How did that happen? I thought it was a mistake and told them so, but they won't change it to the 2.99% in my offer. I swear that there is no small print in the offer that says you may get 2.99%. Isn't this a case of false advertising? Is there an official agency that I can complain to? Kathy Huntington Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
56, Report #103556
Aug 13 2004
05:51 PM
Capital One membership annual fee ripoff Richmond Virginia
Their website clearly states ( that for their Platinum M/C there is no annual / membership fee. I applied online and received my card a week later (June 2004). It had only a $500 limit so I called and asked them to close the account since it wasn't enough to transfer the balance of another credit card with high interest. I did not activate the card. Two weeks later, I received a billing statement saying that I owed them a $59 membership fee. I sent two letters (one to their billing dept., and another to customer svc.) demanding they remove the fee and close the account... this was in July... yesterday, (8/12/04) I received a second billing statement saying I owed them the $59 PLUS a $29 late fee! I am sending them two more letters and have filed complaints with the FTC and BBB. These people are LIARS and FRAUDS! Scott Tustin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
57, Report #292395
Dec 17 2007
09:30 PM
Capital One Business Sent from the Devil! Nationwide
This company is so uncustomer oriented. I have made multiple payments on this accounts within months on numerous times. There was 2 major disasters in the area by hurricanes. I continue to contact the company until February, the next year. I never did receive a response. All they were stuck on was that they have my account. After that, I sent another letter. I did not get a response from any of the letters. I began after that disaster making multiple payments for some months. I was paying in all the payments more than the amount, I paid the next dollar amount. This should have brought credit to my account. Why would I pay more than I should on an account for your extreme profit? I had a hard time for a minute and still was making efforts toward the payment. They sent a charge off. I sent more certified letters. They was contacted by representation, out of all the certified letters, they are stating they only receive 1 and that was the last one. They claiming on a $10445 loan of 14.99APR, I still owe over $2200. I have paid in the range of $13000 on this account. I added the late fees. How will I have late payments, if you get multiple months paid in advance and on time payments. They charged the account off and still charging accrued interest. I sent letters of dispute. They whole thing is this is what you owe and this is the accrued interest. They are the worst business people I have ever done business. If I ever get the opportunity to bless a business in fairness, they were be in the scum bag recognition. That is what they are to consumers. Their business practice is ridiculous. If you care not about your customers, you will lose more than closing down one department but more. This is an add to the thousands plus on here, that have had this problem with this company. They are below an F for customer svc. They need special attention from the Federal Regulators. E-mail me if u have the same concern of this company. Yssen Somewhere, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
58, Report #146343
Jun 15 2005
06:28 PM
Capital One Ripoff fraudlent practices Unknown
Capital One has refused to provide any evidence to support their claim of debt against me. I have been arguing with them for 5 years. They have ignored and refused my disputes since June of 2000 and have been charging 20.8% interest per month on an invalid balance. I had to pay them off to acquire a security clearance in the military. I look forward to filing a lawsuit against them and wish to find a way to file criminal charges against them. They have maliciously attacked my credit report and refuse to provide proof of any right to do so. Their representatives have falsified documents for their file on me and have outright lied to me not to mention yelling at me and calling me a liar at times when I called them to get it resolved. I am currently seeking legal representation to file a lawsuit against them. How can captal one still be in business? If I had done what they have done I would be in prison. Michael port huemene, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Point Mugu, California
59, Report #145783
Jun 11 2005
01:02 AM
Capital One Greedy Theives McLean Virginia
When I was 19 I got my first credit card. My husband and I were expecting our first child and I thought it would help us to have it. It was a 200.00 limit capital one gold card. We used it to buy tires for our car, and made the payments. While paying on the balance, my husband lost his job. I think our balance was around 40.00 at this point. I viewed the bill as one of least importance, because we were barely scraping by. One year later, after being turned over to collections for the amount owed, we got our tax return and I decided to pay it all off, as the balance had accumulated to nearly 450.00. I had learned the credit card lesson and so I paid it all and forgot about it. Keep in mind I was 20 years old and not NEARLY as experienced as I am now!(hahah) 2 years later I recieved a collection notice ( I don't even know the company) stating that my balance is 780.00. I was outraged! How could this be? I contacted them and they were totally unreasonable. Apparently there was a mysterious $3.45 balance that had not been paid when I sent in the full balance. Although I tried to argue it, the creditors were highly demanding and I felt so depressed after getting off of the phone with them that I didn't want to deal with the problem. I thought that because this was OBVIOUSLY not my fault, the problem would go away.(hahah!)Over the past 2 years I had only been contacted once about the balance of 780.00 stating that they would settle the account to 350.00. I refused, because I didn't owe them a penny. So, when my husband and I started looking for a house to buy, we obtained copies of our credit reports. When we saw it was still on there, I finally got up the nerve to resolve it. But now the balance was over 1,000.00!! Over the course of the past 6 months the creditors have called everyday at least once. He told me that because we had been late on our payment more than twice they were allowed to charge us more than 20% interest on the remaining balance. He said that Capital one has charged overlimit fees on top of late fees for the past 4 years, every month. When I told him my story, he told me to prove that I made payment. (Not that this is an excuse)BUT....I was 20 years old!!! What 20 year old keeps copies of money orders for 4 years???? I told him that I wanted to see documents and statements for the charges. He said he could not let me have access to my account. Does that seem weird to anyone but me? Before I realized that this man didn't have my best interests in mind, I told him that I really wanted to straighten out the matter and that if he could get it off of our credit report and if we could be done with the whole ordeal, I would pay 300.00 and no more. In my mind I considered this MORE than fair, after all they were out and out stealing my money. He agreed and (TRY NOT TO CRINGE)took down my bank account number, for a set date for a 50.00 withdrawl. BAD IDEA! I KNOW I KNOW! I called my husband, got scolded, and called back to tell him nevermind and that he was not authorized to take money out of our account after all. He was pissed! He cussed me out one side and down the other. Just to save our butts we spoke with a lady at our bank and told her the situation, just in case. She informed us that once I gave that information out to him it would be LEGAL regardless of whether I called back and said no. But if he did it more than the one time it would be fraud. Sure enough, he got his 50.00, but no more. He has called this week but I hung up on him and then when he called back I told him never to call me again because it's harrassment at this point. Hasn't called since, but I'm sure he will. I am really scared of what this is doing to our future. We have not been able to buy a home, have a car loan in our name or even have a cell phone without having a huge deposit because of this. I do have a question. It may be strange, but maybe someone knows the answer....when we got copies of our credit report there was a record at the bottom, which were of dates. It said : Aug. 2001 Sept. 2001 Oct. 2001, etc. and underneath it, it said Capital One under each month except one or two of the months. I was wondering if they were tapping in to bring down our credit score in any possible way or is that when they have tried to contact me??? I am clueless, but maybe someone can help. Holly Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Capital ONE CLICK HERE to read about Credit Card Scams... find out how to get your money back. Consumer makes harsh but accurate statements. *Rip-off Report Investigation follow-up provides valuable information.
Entity: McLean, Virginia
60, Report #113497
Oct 18 2004
02:41 PM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
Previous had Capital One Credit Card with a maximum balance of around $350.00 about four or five years. Could not pay. Reported to Credit Bureau as Written Off. Received offer to repay with new credit card. Somehow balance is now $950.00. What is this. It can't be legal. Where did the additional money come from? They also want me to pay minimum payments of $85. Carolyn inglewood, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
61, Report #87095
Apr 08 2004
01:42 PM
Capital One ripoff Seatlle Washington
My husband paid in full and cancelled his account with capital one in January 2004. After he closed account they then charged membership fees and finance charges on said fee. We called they said they would take off membership fee. they then left the finance charges from membership fee and added more fees(late charges,finance on new balance etc...). We called again they said they would remove all charges and after one billing cycle they would close account?! Next month same thing. We are now on the 4th month of their (mistake) and still waiting for them to correct it. Any ideas of what we can do to get them to do their jobs correctly?! Liz bartlett, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
62, Report #53060
Apr 15 2003
08:45 PM
Capital One ripoff scam Richmond Virginia
In July 1998 I opened a Capital One Account. I made charges and paid MY charged off in full. However, there were unauthorized charged to the account. As per the disputing procedure, I telephoned Capital One and informed them of the situation after receiving my first statement. I was informed to write a letter stating the disputed charges. Of which I did immediately. When I received the following months statement, additional unauthorized charges had occured. I again telephone Capital One to inform them of the situation. Again, I was told to write a letter. Being that all the representative where extremely rude and I was afraid of fraud, I cancelled the account in September 1998 so as to not inccur anymore charges. Well, I was wrong. Capital One NEVER closed my account, NEVER investigated the unauthorized charges. As a result, unauthorized charges continued to be charged to my account. As a result, my credit limit was maxed. Then started the over-thelimit fees and late-fees totally around $50-75 per month. I continued to call and write Capital One on a monthly basis. I finally spoke with a decent representative in August 1999 who informed me that all charges would be removed and my account was closed. Much not to my suprise, it never was. It was eventually turned over to a collection agency who harassed me on a daily basis. (NCO Financial Group, Inc.) I was threatened, legally, on several occassions by a Charles that if I did not pay, I would be sued and everything would be taken away from me including my child. He would also scream at me that I was a loser who couldn't pay my bills, as well has many other degrating statements. I telephoned Capital One again and explained to them the harassing phone calls and the situation. They told me o-well it was too late to do anything about the account now. My balance at this point had sky-rocketed to $979.78. Mind you my credit linmit was $200, of which I charged around $50.00 and paid in full. I finally got fed up with the harassment and non-compliance of Capital One and paid the full amount of $979.78 in May 2002. However, to this day, Capital One is still reporting that I owe them over $1100.00. I wish that something could be done about this. The money I paid NCO was hard-earned money for a debt that I was NOT responsible for!! I pay all of my debts on time every month. Then I had to get involved with this company. I sincerely hope that there is someone out there that can help me. If so, please let me know. Thank You!! Bridgette Tobyhanna, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
63, Report #55346
May 01 2003
09:59 PM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
Unbelievable that so many people are also unhappy with this company!!! I had 2 credit cards with Cap1 the first was a low balance which I paid off and closed..thte 2nd has been the thorn in my side. I pay every month with an original balance of 200.00 I am only financially able to pay the minimum but with finance charges and some late fees I am now up over $500.00! HOW DOES THIS COMPANY GET AWAY WITH IT!! I mean they should have figured it out by now, that if a person is having a hard time paying off the 200.00 what the hell makes 500.00 easier!!! Hopefully soon a class action lawsuit will get going and get these suckers off our backs!!! M San francisco, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
64, Report #28002
Aug 26 2002
10:45 AM
Capital One ripoff Richmond Virginia
1 had paid off my capital one account on july 18 2002 and was billed for insurance policies that i did not agree too and a monthly service fee to a cancelled account also i was told that i had to personaly call all the companies and get cancellation numbers for the accounts that i was billed for .... am i an idiot or is it common practice to charge things on an account that doesnt exist? as all these charges were incured after july 18th when they claimed to have cancelled my account. i was billed 73.85 on a card that i cut up over 10 months ago!the ony activity that card has seen are the fee's that capital one and their affiliates see fit to harrass me with continually making it impossible for me to pay off the bill.... so if you are thinking of doing bussiness with them i wouldnt ,because there is no end to monthly bills paul pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
65, Report #332068
May 12 2008
01:03 AM
Capital One charged fees on unopened account Nationwide Nationwide
My husband was going to open an account with them so he went online to request a card. we received the card and called to activate it but he was sent to the fraud department to confirm his identity. they told him that the information about his life was not what was on his credit report. he told them he did not want the card and they told him fine. i ran his credit report and everything he told them was on his report but they said he was a liar. they froze his account and sent him a bill for activation fees when the card was never activated. we have called them but everytime he calls they say he is not who he claims he is. we have sent letters and included a copy of his drivers license and household bills with his name and address to confirm his identity but have received no response. every month they tack on late fees for the activation fee and will not allow him any access to that account or close it like he asked. not sure what else we can do. he was trying to build his credit and they are ruining it. Angel waycross, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #405301
Dec 27 2008
02:10 PM
Capital One Fraudulently Selling Payment Protection Plan Richmond Virginia
We were recently looking over our capital one credit card statement and came across what cap-one calls payment protection, along with it came a charge for $18.15, which looking into we found they charge 1% of your total balance. We went into investigating this, first, we called the number listed along side the charge on our statement. We first spoke to a capitol one representative who said we need to speak with the people at Payment Protection, who apparently is it's own entity outside of Capital One. We spoke with a representative at PPI who apologize for being unknowingly sold the product on behalf of Capital One, we ask the representative how long I've been being charged the Payment Protection Plan and she said it had been since November of 2007! We were blown away, we had never noticed this charge but we didn't expect it to be there in the first place, so we fought with the representative at PPI and after getting forwarded through 4 stages of management we finally got someone who agreed to refund us $100 and that was the maximum they would refund. We appreciated that since the responsibility should be placed on Capital One's shoulder for unknowingly charging for me a product. Our next step was to go back to Capital One to reclaim the remaining charges owed to us, which we feel is in the neighborhood of $235 BEFORE interest. After speaking at length with two representatives we were forwarded to the dispute department, and after speaking at length with three stages of representatives and managers, one decided to tell me they WOULD NOT refund the money and continued to try to send us back to the Payment Protection Company, which we would not allow them to do. After a heated conversation in which he refused to send us to someone higher or cooperate with us he decided to hang-up! A Capital One representative fraudulently sold us this product for a profit and a commission I'm sure and it is NOT the the fault of the people at the Payment Protection Company since they only provide a product for Capital One the sell and make a profit from, therefore it is Capital One's responsibility to refund us back the remaining balance of what we've been charged. We've done a lot of research on this and it seems we are not alone, the search engines turned up hundreds of similar cases where Capital has either unknowingly sold or outright mis-sold this product to consumers and refused to take responsibility or properly service it's customers. We've managed to cancel the Payment Protection Plan and as soon as the balances on these cards are paid we intend to cut all ties with Capital One and in the mean time we intend to do as much damage to Capital One's reputation as possible, it sounds like the $135 Capital One stole from me is more important than them retaining me as a customer. I feel more people need to know about this and should warned about dealing with a company like Capital One who takes advantage of it's customers and then refuses to offer any type of customer services when it comes to handling disputes. Anything the BBB can do to arbitrate this matter we would sincerely appreciate since the last thing Capital One did for us was hang up the phone on us. Since the amount charges for the Payment Protection Plan is based on 1% of our total balance there is no way to calculate exactly what should be refunded to us. We estimate ATLEAST $235 PLUS INTERESTED paid on the plan has been charges to us, we aren't looking to pursue the interest paid be we feel $235 is the right number, the Payment Protection Plan company has allready refunded us $100 of the money, so the remaining $135 is Cap One's responsibility. William Gilbert, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
67, Report #400290
Dec 11 2008
11:23 AM
Capital One Auto Deceptive Plano Texas
I applied for captial one auto loan gat sent a congratsulations pre approval and was sent a blank check. I sent in required information and was sent another email saying conratsulations you have met the required stipulations and you are ready to shop. I found a car the dealer log ined and saw the apprival and filled everything out. the nex day after i had purchased the cr Capital one called and tolled me they are un able to approve me at this time and i would be sent a letter stating why in 7-10 business days. this is after i had supposedly met all there requirements according to the email they sent and the dealer foolong the directions. Bad business Anony Riverton, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
68, Report #355080
Jul 24 2008
09:08 AM
Capital One Unwanted CreditInform charge North Brunswick Internet
This is my 2nd month with Capital One credit card and I noticed that at the start of the monthly cycle they have put a charge for CreditInform (on 18th July and I've contacted them promptly on 20th July). When I wrote them a message asking what is this for they replied saying I should call them up for explanations. When I called them up they transfered the line to CreditInform customer service and by telling they can't do anything as this dispute should be resolved by CreditInform. The CreditInform representative told me that they can only cancel the service (after quite a good amount of discussion) and can't return the payment. They acknowledged that I haven't registered on their site but they will still charge me because they seemingly sent me something in mail in the month of June. I guess, I threw that brochure away without reading as one of those junks that come in the mail. I don't understand how that confirms my enrollment in their program. I will keep contacting them to get the refund (though the amount is not huge but they should mark me as a problem customer when it comes to charging my account with something that is not required). The problem with such things is that these entities are faceless and it's hard to get in touch with somebody who takes action outside the script. I hope if this report can make them take action and withdraw the charge. Rajeev North Brunswick, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
69, Report #2795
Jul 30 2000
12:00 AM
Capital One the ripoff credit card company
My roommate was sent a credit card without requesting one. It came with a bill for a $59.00 membership fee. He immediately sent a letter canceling the card and stating he never authorized the card. He just received another bill today. I tried calling the company but all I do is get placed on hold. My story is worse.. In May I recieved my Capital One statement with a $59.00 charge for the annual membership fee. On the reverse side of the statement it stated that I could close my account by paying off the balance and sending a letter to cancel the account within 30 days to avoid the membership charge. Thirty days would have been May 19. On May 11 I wrote a letter to close the account and enclosed my cut-up credit card. The payment to close the account was sent separately. The final payment $1.99 to close the account was posted May 17. On April 22 I recieved a letter that my account could not be closed because of the $59.00 balance on my account which now included interest. I wrote back advising them that the balance was for the mebership fee and that I had conformed to thier instructions for closing the account which read the balance excluding the mebership fee must be paid prior to the end of the 30 day period. The next letter I recieved said they would honor the request to close the account but membership fees were not refundable and to continue to make timely payments to avoid a late charge. Of course by this time the next statement had come out and is overdue. I have written # more letters and I am still waiting for a response.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
70, Report #2835
Aug 04 2000
12:00 AM
Capital One Credit Card
We had a credit card with Capital One with $5000 limit. During the course of a year tragedy struck my family in a very big way with 9 deaths and an auto accident which totaled my car. This resulted in using the credit card to the limit. Then I missed 2 payments. I called them and told them of the hardship and they said nothing they would do. I sent them what I could. The end result was they raised my interest to 26.99, charged me late fees every month because I wasnt sending the minimum payment they wanted which started at $400 and grew over a period of a year to a minimum payment of $1609.00. My balance on the card when this started was $4800. After a year my balance was $6109.00 (interest and late fees they tacked on every month) even though I was sending them a minimum of $160-$220 every month. They harrased me by calling 14 times a day at times. I would talk with them, one time they said I should file bankruptcy, another the guy suggested I commit suicide so my insurance would pay it off. Bottom line they would never work with me, even though I sent letters, made phone calls. I tried. They totally destroyed our credit. We received some monies last month from one of the deaths in the family and we called to pay off the account. They said the payoff would be $4800 (back to what the card was a year ago). We sent them the check. We received a letter stating the account was settled with them, BUT they will continue to report us to the credit reports that we defaulted and a bad credit risk. I agree that we ran into some problems, but they would never work with us, we were not trying to run from our debt, but we needed a way to work through the account. We had other credit cards and they all work with us during this horrific period. But as a result of Capital One's wonderful customer service, our credit is totally destroyed and other credit cards we have are no longer any good.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
71, Report #2929
Aug 26 2000
12:00 AM
Capital One Rip-Off Credit Card Consumer service ripoff
OVER 23 Consumer Complaints on this web site as of 8-26-00 Capital One is a credit card company that exploits those with Credit circumstances. They send you a Pre-approved offer targeted at those who are slow Pay' (not no pay credt deadbeats) and mislead you in regards to their 25 day grace period then mislead lead you in what amount to pay if your near your limit to avoid an overlimit fee. Capital One's 25 day grace period is misleading compared to those of other companies. Other companies will bill you and state a due date of 25 days past the billing date as the date to pay prior to being charged interest. Capital ONE states their due date on their cycle date, therefore if you pay your payment by it's due date you're already late. Furthermore their stating that the overlimit fee is $29 is misleading. If your card goes over limit in one period, you will receive your bill stating that then be charged a 2nd overlimit because it went into the next cycle. So the real overlimit fee is $58. Also, they have designed their billing proceedures to add a late charge after the cycle date, that way if you pay the minimum due on a bill, the late charge may set you over your limit thereby adding an additional $58 to your account. I have been disputed incidence like these since July of 1999, I have yet to receive a timely response that addresses the issue. I have 5 documented breaches of the Fair Credit and Billing Act and tape recorded coversations of their customer service representitive purposely (or directed by their managers policy) to mistate the correct amount due to incurr additional late charges. STAY CLEAR OF CAPITAL ONE PERIOD. ....Thank you Letter From: Mark S. Etters [] To: Subject: Capital Credit ripoff Sent: 1/1/97 12:01 AM Thank you for having this forum. I recently received approval for Gold Card 15,000 with no interest the first year. I thought it sounded too good to be true, checked the web, sure enough, listed here as a rip off and no where else. Thanks! Capital Credit 20331 Irvine Avenue E3 Santa Ana Heights, CA. 92707 M.E. TN.
Entity: Richmond, Virginia
72, Report #18232
Apr 05 2002
07:54 AM
Capital One ripoff New Wark New Jersey
I opened a Capital One account before a vacation to have for emergencies. It sounded like a pretty good deal, no annual fees low APR, and since I had spotty credit the $200 limit was a good way for me to establish new good credit. This all started May of 2000. In June I received the card. Just in time. I had no problems the first 3 or 4 months I didn't charge anything over $60 and paid it in full each month. In Jan 2001 I charged maybe $75 on the card and couldn't send the full amount so I made a Payment...bigger than requested. The next month I got my bill and had a late charge...though my payment was sent in plenty of time. I called in Feb 2001 to have the account closed. They told me the account would be closed but interest and charges would continue until the account is paid in full. I agreed to this and cut up my card. The following months I made my payments, which they told me were never on time. Soon with all these charges my account sky rocketed over the $200 limit, and started to get additional charges for going over the limit. Soon my $50 monthly payment was not even covering the charges they were tacking on. According to them, my payments were always late... even though month after month the checks I wrote before and after there's were cashed with-in a reasonable amount of time. In Sep 2001 I paid the account in full $381. I still continue to get bills from them. I have tried disputing these charges I have even received guidance from a Lawyer. It seems there is nothing I can do. Now 6 months after I paid my account in full, they state that I owe another $380. I am refusing to pay this amount again. The only way this is going to end is if we all get together a fight this rip off Company. This is ridiculous! Please refuse any unknown charges, send back any prepaid envelopes empty, and help fight this company's unlawful ways! We have to get together and fight as an Army not as individuals! Leann Port Huron, Minnesota
Entity: New Wark, Pennsylvania
73, Report #6447
Aug 31 2001
12:00 AM
Capital One Employees Allowed to Violate the Law
Capital One Employees are allowed to use their system to invade individual credit files for personal purposes. One individual's particular problems resulted from a vindictive ex-wife who has made multiple inquiries into his credit, raising his ISAAC score and locating his place of work to harrass him. She also made several harrassing calls from Capital One in Fredericksburg, VA for over two years. Why? Because calls made from the Capital One trunk line can not be traced to an individual. More disturbing is the fact that when Capital One was approached about the problem, they did nothing about it. SO JUST REMEMBER THIS. IF THEY ARE WILLING TO SHELTER LAW BREAKERS, WHAT MIGHT THEY DO TO YOU! BOYCOTT CAPITAL ONE!
Entity: Nationwide
74, Report #15933
Mar 05 2002
12:00 AM
Capital One Hates to Admit Their Error
I had a secured card with Captial One. In March of 1997 I sent a letter telling them I was closing my account, asked that my savings account be transfered to pay off the balance, and I enclosed a check for the remaining balance. Capital One didn't process the check that I sent for six weeks or more. They charged me interest and everything else. They finally agreed, I do not owe them. They made false reports to the Credit Bureaus. They never reported my actual high. They reported that my account was closed by THEM when I CLOSED my account. They have yet to correct the way it is reading on my credit. I would really like to get a lawyer to sue them, but I have come to the conclusion they are not worth put someone through all the agravation. I would just like a letter correcting the way it reads sent to all the credit agencies and one to me. Stay away from CAPITAL ONE.
Entity: Nationwide
75, Report #6045
Aug 06 2001
12:00 AM
Credit Card Scams from CAPITAL ONE
I submitted an application for a credit card which stated it was no annual fee and 9.9%fixed APR. It even states this in the terms of agreement form that must be signed by the individual. I accepted it and submitted all of my information. They say they can check for approval within 60 seconds. Then they returned to tell me that I am only approved for a 19%+ fixed rate and I have to pay an annual fee. This is a total lie and a scam. There is no way to unsubmit the application. There is no contact information on this website.
Entity: Falls Church, Virginia

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